Rangers at Capitals tonight


Interesting hockey day.

First, the holiday roster freeze is now over, which means the Rangers could be shedding some bodies soon. And one of those is probably going to be pretty controversial.

This afternoon at 3:30, Team USA plays Finland in the World Junior Championships on NHL Network.

Your boys start a three-game trip in D.C. against Dale Hunter’s spiraling Capitals at 7:30.

And then at 10 p.m. comes HBO’s “24/7” episode 3, the one that will focus largely, if not almost exclusively, on the Rangers-Flyers Festivus game on Friday.

And in case the Rangers game and post-game aren’t over by 10, HBO will show the episode again at 11.


By the way, this thing where the Empire State Building is going to be lit up in Rangers colors on two sides and Flyers colors on the other two sides … do the powers that be realize that in New York City the Flyers are kind of, you know, hated, despised, loathed?

I mean, I get that this is all one big giant jersey/paraphernalia sell, that the one and only reason they’re playing this game next Monday is $$$$$$$$$$$$s — so much so, in fact, that I am really going to consider no longer typing the name of the event other than Rangers vs. Flyers in Philadelphia Monday afternoon.

But how could somebody think, hey, here’s a good idea: Let’s take Manhattan’s iconic landmark and dress it up halfway in Flyers orange crud? And from what we’ve already heard from Rangers fans here, that’s a despicable idea, and Rangers fans like it almost as much as they liked Donald Brashear signing here.

I’m relatively certain the City of Brotherly Love would feel even more disgusted about old Ben Franklin wearing a big Rangers jersey up there on the skyline.


Hope to have the pre-game notes later on.

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  1. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    anyone else notice a lessening of update reports on skid? Maybe its just me, but I dont feel nearly as informed of his status as i did a month ago…. yay me! unless you count the team changing its name to the “Pittsburg Penguinsstillwithoutcrosby” as an update…

  2. I thought they were known as the “Crosby-less Penguins”?

    Makes a change from the previous compulsory use of the name “Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins” anyway.

  3. We’ll just have to wait for tonight’s MSG *Crosby update* to find out. If they can squeeze it in between all the *Knickerbocker updates* that is.

  4. Jan 2nd is as you say just a regular season game and in one week everyone will forgetaboutit except Bettman who thinks this is his legacy to hockey.

  5. Carp, I love the points you make!!! They are usually all RIGHT ON! It is unbelievable that that building would be displayed with the colors of the hated Flyers! I mean, who’s idea was this; Bettman?

  6. Ok. So I was really angry when I saw the Winter Classic merchandise and it had the Rangers AND the Phlyers Logo but it was being marketed as “Rangers Gear.” That stuff is for people who are into the EVENT itself and not one of the teams. Which brings me to the Empire State Building being lit up…

    I was really angry at first when I heard there would be disgusting -Halloween- Phlyers colors on one side. Then I remembered when the Colts played the Saints and the Empire State Building lit up one side Black/Gold and one side Blue/White for the game. That tempered my anger. As long as, from here on out, the Winter Classic colors are worn by the Empire State Building I am OK with it. If it is only this year, and only because the New York Rangers are in it, then it’s worth getting upset over.

    My wife works for the City so I can make her figure out who made this call.

  7. Does anyone know where to find that Dubinsky song (to the tune of Alley Cat)? I’ve been looking for aboot an hour.

  8. In China they don’t understand the Ranger/Flyer thing…that’s why they agreed to the colors.

  9. Good morning, Carp!

    I am very upset about this Empire State Building business. Like losing-the-playoff-beard-competition angry.

  10. Yeah, it was rough. I hope we go deep in the playoffs this year… I wanna see some wizard beards.

  11. Yea. I usually have facial hair but I really love growing it for a reason. I will keep my head start this year and dominate you, Sally. I will be using my beard as a belt by the time this is over!

  12. Ever since the Empire State Bldg refused to show the blue and white colors for Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday, I am really annoyed with them. No matter what your religion, Mother Teresa worked tirelessly to help the poor. Now for them to fly (pun intended) Filthy colors when NYC isn’t even the host of the game (one could argue that they should show both team’s colors if the game was being held in Yankee Stadium)! I don’t know who makes their decisions but it needs review.

  13. Well, as I said above Marji, it could be more about the “event” than the teams in it. They do light up for the SuperBowl and the NBA championships. Might be nice to get Hockey in that mix!

  14. Manny, I don’t think it’s for hockey at all. I think it’s because the Rangers are in it. We’ll see in June.

  15. Yea, sadly you’re right and my positivity is tempered by the gnawing at my stomach that makes me realize the Phlyers colors will be adorning the Empire Flippin’ State Building! Ugh. Makes me mad. But, in the end, it’s just a silly thing they are looking for to promote stuff. Maybe we can file a petition to change it?

  16. That’s what I’m saying! Call the Empire State Building! Call the mayor! Something has to be done!

  17. I gotta give my 2 cents on this Winter Classic topic. First off, I understood long long ago that sports is a business 1st so I don’t normally get worked up over the publicity machine. Like Knicks commercials on MSG during NYR games etc.

    As for the WC, there are lots of things I like about it. I like the Event aspect of it. I think the NHL does need the signature event to promote the game (I know we die hards don’t care but it does matter when the salary cap is able to go up). I also love that it’s just ONE regular season game early in the season. Sorry Canada, but the Heritage Classic last year was overkill. It doesn’t really affect the standings. 2 of them have gone into OT so the charity pt. was given out.

    Most of all, it’s not the Super Bowl. 1 of about the 90 things I hate abt. the NFL is that their Championship game is decided under false pretenses. A neutral site (no false starts for crowd noise) where 90% of the people in the building are not fans of either team and are mostly not season ticket holders. The half time is extended. The fact that’s the championship of the sport is being decided in usually LAST on people’s mind. It’s about the anthem, commercials, half time show etc. than the actual game. That to me is a joke. This is one measly game early in the year before even the All-Star Break and then it goes right back to hockey.

  18. I think we should get Fozzy to put a Rangers sweater on the Rocky statue before she heads to safety in NYC.

  19. Agree with all you said Wirth.

    Thing is, though the NHL game may be ‘purer’ right now, how many at league headquarters would love to achieve the level of success of Super Bowls, even if it meant similarly “falsifying” the game?

    Cause I’m afraid it’d be unanimous.

  20. The NHL is not purer. How many players are using performance enhancing drugs in hockey? What are the preventative measures that NHL take against drug use?

  21. He was saying the Winter Classic is presented in a purer format, rather than the Super Bowl with all it’s bells, whistles, concerts, fireworks and bull……

    Funny you should mention PEDs today……

  22. I cant even say the ice surface is changed because as I think it was Max Talbot last year told Pierre between the benches about the rain softening the ice, it’s still better than MSG’s ice.

  23. Funny coincidence I guess, considering where we’re playing tonight..

    Lots of skepticism out there regarding certain players.

  24. I probably posted it last year, but I don’t really get the hype over the winter classic. Despite the fact that they can get 50-60 thousand fans instead of 18-20 for an indoor game what is the attraction? For people that go to the game they are farther away than they would be for an indoor game. And, of course, they have to sit out in the elements for 3 to 4 hours.
    “Hey, I’m freezing my aasen off! Isn’t this great?”

    For the person that does not attend the game, what is the difference between watching a game on TV that is played indoor vs outdoor? It doesn’t affect me one bit.

    So, I don’t get it. Why is it supposed to be such a great thing? It’s the same as watching a football game in an outdoor stadium vs a domed stadium. Big deal.

  25. So Semin should be dealt soon. I am sure they want to get rid of that Contract down in Washington. I would assume he will end up somewhere with a coach that can motivate and a place with a big time Russian star. Not saying the Rangers are interested (I am not) but maybe Detroit or Pittsburgh takes a flier on him.

    Milan Michalek should be back soon…and speaking of Ottawa…..That Kyle Turris trade sure seems to be working out with his Point-Per-Game streak.

  26. CCC, I enjoy the WC because it brings back memories of playing pond hockey from dawn to dark as a kid. The cold air, snow and cracked ice, good times.

  27. Manny – It would not shock me to see Semin on Detroit by the trade deadline. Perfect fit for them. They have a good Euro culture within that lockerroom and might be able to pull something out of him.

  28. Yea – the Euro culture is my big time assumption of why he might end up there. But I heard that they have made 9 trades since the lockout that have included players (not counting draft pick moves).

  29. Manny – I’m just waiting for WW to be cleared to return so the next shoe drops and you know who is out of the NHL for good. The Anna Kournikova of hockey will then have plenty of time to model and be famous for being famous.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    For my birthday my wife got me an XBox 360. Add me on XBox Live if you have it. My ID is Doodie Machetto.

  31. Empire State of Amateur-Hour.

    Damn it, I’m flying to DC today, but getting there too late for the start of the game. You guys and gals will have to suffer without me as our clowns assuredly stink up the Verizon joint.

    Can’t stand the Copitols.

  32. AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    Woywitka in for Erixon, Biron in for Lundqvist when Rangers face Capitals tonight.

    A little surprised. Thought Hank tonight and Marty for Friday.

  33. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Cross Check Charlie:

    When there are good questions without obvious answers such as you pose, just look to TV as the master-mind behind it all. Bettman and TV cut a deal, simple as that. This is a television event, not the slightest bit concerned with the distant sightlines and discomfort of the fans who have been manipulated into thinking this is more than just a National Hockey Leauge game.

    This idiocy has become hockey’s version of the Super Bowl or Breeders Cup – “larger than life” for the fans, and a marketing windfall for the network, the ad agencies and the league wherein the ads share top billing with the game, itself.

    We really don’t need a presidential election in this country when TV controls our entire culture from the news to politics to sports to entertainment to the values and belief system they want to dump on the up and coming airhead generation – which is not to have values or a belief system of any substance other than spending money and looking “sexy.”

  34. Matty – “CCC, I enjoy the WC because it brings back memories of playing pond hockey from dawn to dark as a kid. ”

    If that’s what they intend then don’t use boards. Make it really pond-hockey like.

  35. Unprovoked what?

    One of the Steigerwald’s made a fairly well publicised and incredibly badly researched accusation of steroid use against Ovechkin a few weeks ago.

    My weak, one-line comparison to that clearly has identified my true colours as Ed Snider’s personal shoe-licker, I see. I’ll return to my toolbox now. At least I will when ddebened returns my Overreaction Orange crayon to me.

  36. I’m excited about the WC cause it reminds me of the time the Rangers went to Alaska to beat that adorable team of locals and Russell Crowe. Remember that, guys?

  37. I never specifically mentioned AO and I don’t like being compared to such people.

    Got it?

    cause I HAD IT with some of you long ago!

  38. CCC – BBB

    Yeah it’s really stupid to create an event that will generate loads of tourism dollars for local hotels and restaurants while giving positive exposure for the City. You are right it’s a spectacle. They should cancel the Macy’s Day Parade in NYC, the ball drop ceremony in Times Square. Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena.

  39. Good morning, Sally!

    I was just thinking yesterday, should we do a beard contest this year? Last year we only had like seven entries. It’s a lot of work for our tech guys to do if that’s the total interest.

  40. Jeez, there you go again Carp.

    You EVER reprimand these people who ALWAYS attack me first?

    Out, operative word.

  41. Good for you, Latona. Glad to see you didn’t end his career. That’s his 3rd serious concussion though, right?

    How about that Kyle Turris?

  42. And the other “many other NHL players are PED users” brilliant post is based on the masterpiece written by Georges Laraque. Even better substantiated and well researched statement.

  43. Carp, it’s probably too early to tell. If it’s too much to have RR do it then we can figure out something easier. The Annual/Bi-Annual Paul Mara Playoff Beard Competition must live on!

  44. Ilb – Don’t let good ole fashioned facts get in the way of unproven self attention grabbing opinions. You know like selling a book of your opinions.

  45. Never said you did specifically mention AO. And what you implied drew the comparison to “those people” – didn’t need me to point it out, whether or not I should know or give a damn whether you like it.

    I’m perfectly happy for you to expand on what you know about the Capitals’ links to PEDs that hasn’t already been in the public domain. I’m all ears.

    Wire a few thousand dollars to my Nigerian bank account and I’ll fly over for the next game and I’ll permit you to whup my posterior with Willie Mitchell’s medical papers too.

  46. Rod, you were reprimanded for first using a word that is not allowed here, second for threatening somebody. don’t like it? too bad.

  47. ILB – Oh and when asked to name names he’ll just say “I’m a journalist now and don’t have to reveal sources” which is a good cop-out expect any respected journalist doesn’t write that without the needed proof to go with it.

  48. Did Avery get demoted yet? Did Wolski get waived?

    Are the Sabres trading Miller to the Ducks for Bobby Ryan?

  49. Speaking of Nigerian accounts. Does anyone remember the link Doodie posted a few years ago about his friend having fun with one of those guys? It was hilarious, I lost the link

  50. this is going to be a good pajama-wearing, hockey-watching day.

    Some vacations are meant for us to do nothing, and love it.

    Go Rangers!

  51. Fine. But I got Haleyed.

    Just ONCE I luv to see you crack one of your regulars, who contribute nothing and start everything.

    You wouldn’t be laughing LW.

  52. Interesting choice of keeping Bickel (Half Sauer and/or Bread & Butter) over Erixon. Guess his eye/face is ok?

  53. Tomb – Here’s your Erixon answer.

    NYDNRangers Pat Leonard
    Tortorella says Erixon would be sent down if they weren’t on road, in need of another D just in case. Wants him to keep playing

  54. Carp being exceptionally blogfather-ish today. I hope he doesn’t invite any of you to Rocco’s for a veal dinner…

    A VERY big waiver move coming today kids. Get your prozac ready!

  55. I don’t think Erixon was sent down. He’s just a healthy scratch while Bickel is an unhealthy play.

  56. People, people this should be a happy occasion, let’s not Bickel and Avery about who Haleyed who.

  57. Bickel has bickels. And as I believe cw said yesterday he’s tough AND a little nuts. Just one man’s opinion but I think that’s exactly what we need in a dman so I’d keep him over Erixon too. Woywitka is ready and Stralman hasn’t been bad..should be ok

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    We are here today to witness the joining of two depth forwards, in the bonding of AHL whalelock.

  59. James G – I happen to agree with you guys on this one. I like it when the 6th defensemen, who may not be as talented as the next guy in line per se, brings a little something in terms of toughness and intensity, even a little fear factor if you will. And Bickel hasn’t done anything yet to prove he can’t handle playing 11-15 NHL minutes. Should the guy be tough and give up a goal a game and take a bad penalty, no but all things being equal go with the toughness.

  60. Philadelphia is a cesspool and its denizens are nothing more than cheese steak eating proletariat. I find them appalling.

  61. LW contributes more humor to this place than any three other Boneheads combined. He’d pretty much have to kidnap my pets to get in trouble here. There, I said it.

  62. Doodie – Don’t know if it will happen today but as soon as WW is cleared to be the 13th forward, wedding bells will ring :)

  63. I’m clearly on the verge of being banned here. If I contribute some incredibly vague trade rumours with a sprinkling of idle threats, can I stick around please, Carp?

  64. Yea. LW is funny. I pride myself on being funny but I can only be funny in real life. LW has a talent for being funny here, in a blogosphere, typewritten forum. That is a talent I envy.

    Man. I wonder what the Whale are preparing for the return of their superstar. Does Avery even play on the first line there?

  65. Oh? Well then I guess LW can beat the hell outta me whenever he pleases.

    The ‘Blogfather’ just said so.


  66. Stranger Nation on

    Bickel is just what the team needed. Like Em’s desire to hit, yet he rarely , if ever, drops the gloves. Bickel plays smart, moves the puck, and has the fighting style of Captain Caveman.

    Once staal and sauer come back, leave Bickel in mix and play Stralman as PP specialist while double shifting Artie or Gabby at ES om 4th line.

    More D will allow Staal and Sauer to transition in without having to play top 4 minutes out of the gate and hopefully reduce Girardi and McD TOI. Too much depth, not a problem until very recently.

  67. Manny – That happens to be a very true and funny point. It’s pretty talented to get your tone of voice across over a blog.

  68. Carp – Oh so it’s not Boomer? Not as many Liam Neeson sightings on the Screen this year? I did see Spike Lee a couple of times walking through. Wanted to say “please don’t bring Knicks luck over here while they aren’t playing”

  69. Oh look….more ferocious language. Charlie once called me stupid. It stung but I got over it. HWirth, you too will overcome this attack!

  70. That’s right @CCCP@ you better watch yourself! I am coming for you! Mwahahahaha Mwahahahaha Mwahahahahahahahah

  71. Going to put up the pre-game notes later. But this item is in there today:

    * 2nd in win% (.706)
    * 1st in fewest regulation losses (eight)
    * T-4th in wins (22)
    * T-2nd in regulation/overtime wins (21)
    * 2nd in fewest goals against (69)
    * 2nd in GAA (2.03)
    * 3rd in hits (909)
    * 3rd in +/- rating (plus-29)
    * 4th in goal differential (plus-30)

  72. “Munn isn’t the real good-luck charm at MSG this year. It’s DMC from Run DMC. He’s there almost every night.”

    I was sitting next to him on opening night. The guy took more pictures with fans than anyone else in the building. Seemed like a really nice (and patient) guy.

  73. Hey, he is a hockey player. With bickels bigger than Liberty Bell! The eye is half open? I’m good to go. Someone better cover his right side though…

  74. Carp – Looking at those rankings.. If only they had a Coach with a plan or strategy? Where would they be? :)

  75. Those numbers are impressive, Carp. You forgot to end it with:”Still talking about Sean Avery; Priceless!”

  76. You can manipulate stats all day but what’s interesting about this one is the Coach feeling they were slow in the losses before the Washington win.

    thenyrangers New York Rangers
    Did you know #NYR are 12-3-1 since Carl Hagelin made #NHL debut vs. Caps 11/25? same 2 teams meet tonight; read more: bit.ly/vM2TXY

  77. Remember that time the Capitals refused to allow Dale Hunter to remove the “C” from Alex Ovechkin’s chest? Remember how that team is absolutely imploding?

  78. Manny – I’ll go one better. Remember when the Caps thought they stole Thomas Vokoun when no one else wanted him?

  79. Remember the time that the Caps team just didn’t care about playing hockey? Remember that time when I went to Uniondale to see the Islanders absolutely ROUT the Capitals who played completely pathetic and uninspired hockey?

  80. I’m thinking about why Biron tonight and Hank Friday? So, might as well as write them out here and see if people want to give their thoughts.

    I guess he didn’t want Hank off 4 days rest for Winter Classic. Plus, Friday has potential to be a letdown game with all the hype coming after that they might need Hank to bail them out of a game. And I guess Florida is now the better team than Washington.

  81. Doodie – I think tonight is still Washington and Ovie that it’ll keep their attention. It’s Friday that I’d think could be the issue, especially after the rout last time.

  82. HWirth – I think it’s because Vokoun usually let’s in at least 4 goals a game. Biron has been spectacular and the plan is to get Hank 60-65 Games in net which leaves about 20 for Marty. I like Biron in this game. I think the Caps team is just a weak team right now. Not saying it’s an easy win or anything. Just saying that they are playing uninspired hockey right now and Vokoun has been worse than Neuvirth.

  83. Funny how many more potential trap or let down games there seem to be when you have a team that keeps having long winning streaks.

  84. Does anyone have a list of our win streaks? I want to see like a “Win 3, Lose 1, Win 2, Lose 1” type list.

  85. OTL, SOL, L, 2 W’s, L, W, L, OTL, 7 W’s, 2 L’s, 5 W’s, L, SOL, 2 W’s, 2 L’s, 5 W’s

    Meaning they have not had 3 regulation losses in a row all year.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    From Halloween:

    Win 8 (one was SO), Lose 2, Win 5, Lose 2 (one SO), Win 2, Lose 2, Win 5.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    HW, how is his team doing, and him in particular? I can’t see them from the top of the standings.

  88. Real good idea lighting up the Empire State Bldg in orange. Almost as good as signing Erica Lindros, or Hiring Bryan Trottier to coach, or Brashear, or Igor Ulanov, or……

  89. Back from lunch! Grilled cheddar w/ tomato on multigrain, greens on the side. The healthy grilled cheese.

  90. I haven’t read the article yet, HWirth but I did mean to say that I have to assume some of these guys (Kruger, Giroux) don’t have concussions. I think back in the day (even a few years ago) it would just be getting your bell rung or some other term for being hit in the head and getting right back out there. I think a lot of this hoopla and keeping guys off the ice is for their own safety, and that’s great, but we can’t get all crazy about it and call it an epidemic. I think it’s about 3% of NHL players suffer from a concussion at any given time.

  91. Guess I should have read it first. It pretty much sums up much of what I feel about concussions and this “epidemic.”

  92. Doodie – My New Year’s resolution is to A.) Not get a concussion; 2.) Treat my wife with the utmost respect; and D.) believe in this team more.

  93. Sally- A,2,D is from Home Alone! (See quote below)

    Buzz McCallister: No, for three reasons: A, I’m not that lucky. Two, we use smoke detectors and D, we live on the most boring street in the whole United States of America, where nothing even remotely dangerous will ever happen. Period.

  94. Anybody listen to, or read, the Backhand Shelf or it’s Podcast? Can they harp on Ron Wilson a bit more? They are so upset with his attempts to annoy the media. It’s really annoying.

  95. Manny, I haven’t seen that movie in for-ev-er! I’m just glad you’re not that bad at making lists.

  96. “I know doctors will say every concussion is “significant”, but let’s face it, there are times when a pro has to play at less than 100 percent, be it a knee, a shoulder, or, dare I say it, a head.”

    Just my opinion but I think this is perhaps the dumbest thing Kypreos has ever said. Knee injuries do not cause long term brain damage that can lead to debilitating conditions and considerably shorten a person’s life span. Alzheimer’s, depression, memory loss and dementia can all be linked to multiple concussions.

    So, no, Nick. When it comes to their heads, a pro should not play at less then 100 percent. Go ask some ex-NFL players how they feel about this.

  97. Thanks Latona! Maybe my resolution should be to eat more grilled cheese sandwiches. Or maybe to eat more of any kind of lunch worth mentioning.

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Kypreos makes a good point until the end where he states that sometimes you must play with an injured head (brain) if not too serious (paraphrasing). Sorry but that is sheer lunacy comparing a to a minor head injury to another body part.

  99. Stranger Nation on

    1940 – you beat me to it. What an asinine comment from Kypreos. Maybe his brain wasn’t functioning properly as a result of playing with a minor head injury.

  100. I agree that playing through a head injury could have dire consequences but I don’t think Kypreos is saying anything crazy. From the perspective of a player, you want to be out there as much as you can or else you might fear for your job. Everything in life has consequences but at some point you have to just do something even if it might be the wrong thing. I think players, if allowed to diagnose themselves, would play through really serious head injuries. I think that mentality is part of what makes sports great. Players go into hockey knowing that concussions and head injuries are a reality and a part of the sport and they accept that.

  101. Maybe Kypreos said that because he is talking from experience? I don’t have a problem with what he said. I agree with it.

    Do you all think every single concussion (minor and major) is diagnosed in the NHL? I don’t.

  102. Hahaha. Its too bad because if it wasn’t for one or two completely insane statements, it wasn’t a bad read.

  103. Do you all think every single concussion (minor and major) is diagnosed in the NHL? I don’t.


    Well put. Are we surprised that all the concussed players that are missing long stretches are marquis players? Is it a surprise that a player like Colby Armstrong was hiding his concussion from his team?

    Also, many, many, many players played through concussions. Many. That is important. The majority of them are OK. Being not OK is an exception to the rule. Before these advances in medical diagnosis began (and they are still young and they don’t answer many questions yet)most players just “got their bell rung.” Those guys played. They didn’t take months off. They are usually, A-OK nowadays.

  104. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Morning ILB and all!

    I don’t understand why you think everyone is going to be so upset or controversial when erixon goes down?

    also, you think LW is funny? Clearly you still have a pic of him then (kidding folks, just kidding, LW knows I love him)!!

    I will let your pets go Carp!

    Did you guys hear that due to pressure from manhattan and NYC as a whole they are removing half of the flyers side (1/4 of the empire state bldg) and supplanting it with a continually scrolling marquee of sidney crosby updates!?

  105. Sally, you’re still in the lead with 403. Jimbo’s got 401, and NYR’s at 400. ilb is in fourth with seven.

  106. Right, Manny. Vibin’ on a Wednesday! (What else is new?)

    Players definitely hide injuries. One would think that a head injury is easier to disguise and harder for the trainers to catch. Is this really that controversial? I really don’t know how you would stop that, short of mandatory concussion testing for all NHL Players…

  107. I was thinking of a resolution to gain weight in 2012. that might be an easier goal to attain.

    and to not get any taller. maybe even shed some more hair.

  108. Just got this from the NHL:

    “In Philadelphia, the PECO Main Office Building’s iconic Crown Lights,
    which display scrolling text around the top of the 23rd and Market Street
    building, also will celebrate the Rangers, Flyers and 2012 NHL Bridgestone
    Winter Classic on Dec. 28 with scrolling text in recognition of the outdoor
    match-up between the two storied teams. The Crown Lights will also display
    2012 NHL Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic text on Thursday, Dec. 29 and
    Monday, Jan. 1.”

    So, in Philly, the cruddy fans don’t have to be subjected to Rangers colors on their building (iconic? the PECO Main Office Building? Yeah, exactly like the Empire State Building).

    Somebody who works for the Rangers told me they’re going to put the NYR alternate Liberty logo on the Liberty Bell. He laughed when he said it.

  109. I agree with 1940. Even though Nick said exactly what we’ve been saying about the “epidemic” of concussions in NHL, there is a big difference between playing on a knee that isn’t a 100% and the headaches stemming from the concussion, even if it’s Grade I. Nick should perhaps consult with doctors about something called second impact syndrome.

    Congrats, Tony!

    I need to take it up a notch on my lunch points I see.

  110. Stranger Nation on

    Agree Ilb – Even though players are not reporting does not make it a smart decision. This is a brain injury we are discussing, right? Not a bruised shoulder or some lower body injury.

    Not sure why one would deduce they are OK afterwards.

  111. It is the long term you are concerned with when it comes to concussions. CTE is a very serious concern. Look at all of the ex-NFL players that have been diagnosed. I’d be willing to bet you that guys like Richter, Lindros, Lafontaine etc. have some concerns about what their lives will be like when they reach their 60s-70s. I see absolutely nothing wrong with being precautious. Again, you are talking about peoples lives. Yes, they willingly take the risk before stepping on the ice but taking the risk before and taking the risk after the fact is a completely different situation.

    Not to mention the more obvious fact(imo) that playing through concussion symptoms has got to be much more difficult and detrimental to their play then most other injuries. A players head is their most vital weapon/tool and if it isn’t functioning properly I would think the team would be better off with a healthy replacement out there. I know after my 2 concussions, I was pretty much useless for quite some time afterwards.

  112. “Even though players are not reporting does not make it a smart decision. This is a brain injury we are discussing, right? Not a bruised shoulder or some lower body injury.”

    Right on. But, Kypreos was being honest and saying that players don’t treat these head injuries as significant until the symptoms start to get significant….and they play through them…that’s how I interpreted it, at least…

  113. What the NHL is doing is right. Not perfect, but it’s a right step. The fact that it’s overdiagnosed at the moment is expected and isn’t bad. Let doctors deal with it. Not every cocussion is easy do diagnose, even if it’s done by a pro.That macho approach isn’t healthy. Ad for your information, Grade I may lead to SIS as well as to PCS. The recovery time is different, but the player should be fully recovered.

  114. Stranger Nation on

    There was a piece done on Tom McHale, lineman with TB Bucs amongst other teams, done a few years back that was eye opening regarding long term brain injury from repetitive impacts. Wife had researchers examine his brain after his death at an early age. Crazy stuff.

  115. Yes, NYR_FAN, he was being honest. That is what was, and probably still is, the culture within the locker room. His message should be to stop that culture as opposed to promote it.

  116. Stranger Nation on

    Kypreos is the perfect representation of the prevailing attitude of players past and present which is part of the challenge the league AND the player has now. No easy answers but to err on the side of caution unlike the NFL which is a disaster on this issue.

  117. “Not every cocussion is easy do diagnose, even if it’s done by a pro.”

    ilb, I think that is precisely why many players are playing with minor brain injuries/concussions and are going undiagnosed…

  118. “His message should be to stop that culture as opposed to promote it.”

    No argument there….not sure how he can do that, though….

  119. NYR_FAN- that’s why I think the NHL is on the right track. It’s very typical for a disease to be underdiagnosed and missed in medical field until physicians come up with some new guidelines and new measurements. During the first phase of implementation process the large amount of falsely positive diagnoses is expected.

  120. >>>Jimbo and his damn Pastrami sandwiches!! (jk…lol)

    Say What!?!? ;-D

    I may be meeting Mickey tomorrow afternoon to regale her with a pastrami sandwich lunch! Do I get qany further lunch points for that act of Bonehead magnanimity? ;-P

  121. I agree, ilb that the NHL is moving in the right direction. I think limiting the armor-like padding these guys wear (and throw at each other’s heads) would be another step as would an increase in helmet technology. I want to stop concussions but I don’t want to ruin hockey in the process attacking a brain injury that no one seems to clearly understand yet.

  122. For those who have the network or the time to watch. JT Miller and Team USA abt. to play on NHL Network vs. the Fins. Miller is wearing number 11 (had to throw that in for obvious reason)

  123. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    What I am looking for tonight and near-term:

    1. Significant power play minutes for Hagelin. Almost no PP time for Hags should be driving every here nuts because it is insane. Has anyone in the media put this to the coach?

    2. Some offensive output, either E.S. primary assists, or a goal over the next few games from McD who has suddenly gone quiet, for almost two weeks now, on the score sheet.

    3. Got this one tonight – yet even more time in net for Biron. Love Hank, and love even more the rest he is now getting on a regular basis. This is long-term extremely promising for Hank’s playoff physical and mental readiness and sharpness.

    4. Girardi’s minutes getting knocked down to low 20’s per game, instead of high 20’s, and how nice it would be to see him given a game or two of rest, per month. Don’t need him burned out by the regular season grind.

    5. Dubi getting his wake up call by adding offense to the impressive number of hits he has been recording, lately. Scoring game plus physical game forwards we cannot have too much of.

    6. Fedo making a contribution beyond “mentoring” and “clocking in.” I dump on him all the time, now, but his breaking out offensively and finding a new lease on his hockey life would be thrilling for all of us.

    7. Getting JAM or whoever is the number one depth-chart forward in the minor leagues up here for a trial in the search for another Hagelin-type nugget. We still have some forwards adding little by their presence we could easily sit for a few games and never miss, starting with Boyle, Fedo, Prust, Mitchell, and Rupp, who is not getting many minutes.

  124. Jimbo, I don’t like that you’re so close in the lunch point standings, and now I’m jealous that you get to hang out with Mickey. I’m definitely gonna step up my game.

    Carp, I fully support your goal to not get any taller. You can do it!

  125. Sally, you’re in line for the same treatment – just come to NYC and we’ll make it happen!

  126. I actually lied about the lunch point standings, I got all mixed up!

    Sally, you have 405, it’s Jimbo with 403, and NYR with 401. Oops.

    ilb is still in fourth with seven, though. wicky, ORR tied you on Christmas by claiming a free lunch point. You both have six!

  127. That Puck Daddy article made my heart swell with pride! Or maybe I just drank too much coffee? No, no it was the pride.

  128. From what I understand about this CTE, it is caused by repeated trauma to the head, which could be from multiple diagnosed and undiagnosed concussions, to a linesman in the NFL or midget leagues constantly bumping heads resulting in no diagnosable concussions, to just banging your head against the wall with all the Avery talk.
    Either way, I also agree with ilb that the league is on the right track, however usually this causes a knee jerk reaction. I agree with the argument that pads shouldn’t be built like armor with plastic pieces on the shoulders. While the clutching and grabbing slowed the game, there were still hits that resulted in ended careers and other concussions…so I’m not sure that allowing some of hooks and holds would do that much to reverse the trend. I’d love to see the game played on a larger ice surface but because everything boils down to money…it won’t happen.
    With all the attention on concussions you would think that players would think twice about dropping the gloves but I’m convinced that most really don’t care at this stage of there careers. When I was in my 20’s I felt invincible…lol

  129. Boom Boom, people in the media aren’t angry fans who ask questions like, “Torts, how come you haven’t put Hagelin on the PP?” We don’t try to coach, and we don’t pretend that we know more about the personnel than the coach who sees his players every day, every minute they are on the ice. And we sure don’t want to come off as the jackwagon who asks the jackwagon question.

    And there is no way in hell Girardi is taking a game off just because some people think he’s playing too much. You’d have to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart to get him to sit out a game healthy. Or, for that matter, injured. Remember, the two games he missed in his entire NHL career, he had a severe ribcage injury … and still wanted to play.

  130. I think they are waiting until after the game because Erixon will be sent down too, I’d imagine…

  131. Manny, maybe they figure they’ll hold onto him in case somebody gets hurt before Philly Monday, because they don’t want one of the softies in that game.

    Really, there’s no reason to rush the move. And no reason to not just do it. Rather insignificant, actually.

  132. Good afternoon all! Hey, Latona, where’s my points!!!! I should have gotten a free one, too!!!!

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