Post-game notes


From the Rangers:

December 28, 2011 (Game 35, Away Game 19)
Verizon Center – Washington, D.C.

                                                 1st   2nd   3rd   OT   Final
New York Rangers                1      0        0       –      1
Washington Capitals            1      2        1       –      4

Team Notes:

– The Rangers were defeated by the Washington Capitals, 4-1, tonight at Verizon Center to snap their five-game winning streak.  The Blueshirts are 7-3-0 in their last 10 contests.

– New York is now 22-9-4 (48 pts) on the season, including an 11-6-2 mark on the road.

– The Rangers held the Capitals scoreless in two shorthanded situations (4:00), and have now held their opponent scoreless in eight of their last 11 games (30-34, 88.2% over the span) while tallying four shorthanded goals during the stretch.

Player Notes:

– Brandon Dubinsky notched the Rangers’ lone goal at 17:16 of the first period, registered three shots on goal and won 3-3 face-offs (100%).  He has tallied four points (two goals, two assists) in the last four games, and is now four points shy of 200 career NHL points.

– Ryan Callahan tallied an assist to extend his point streak to three games (one goal, three assists over the span), led all skaters with five hits and tied for the game-high with four shots on goal in 19:16 of ice time.  He has recorded 16 points (five goals, 11 assists) in the last 17 games, and now ranks second on the team in scoring with 27 points.  Callahan also led the Rangers with four blocked shots, and is now tied for third among NHL forwards with 40 blocked shots on the season.

– Martin Biron stopped 19 of 23 shots and is now 7-2-0 overall, including a 4-2-0 mark on the road.  The loss snapped his four-game winning streak, and is only the second time this season he allowed more than three goals in a contest.

– Jeff Woywitka was credited with one blocked shot in 9:13 of ice time while making his return to the lineup after missing the previous four games due to injury.

– New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Tim Erixon has been assigned to the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).  He posted a plus-two rating in four games following his emergency recall from Connecticut on Dec. 19.  Erixon has registered a plus or even rating in 10 of his 13 games this season as a rookie.  He returns to Connecticut where he has recorded one goal and 11 assists for 12 points, along with 12 penalty minutes in 14 AHL games this season.  Erixon led all Whale defensemen and was tied for third on the team in assists, and was tied for first among team defensemen and seventh on Connecticut in points at the time of his recall.

Team Schedule:

– The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Florida Panthers on Friday, December 30, at BankAtlantic Center (7:30 p.m.), in their final game of 2011.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. Carped…. But here ya go with a weird stat.
    HWirth December 28th, 2011 at 11:48 pm
    I know all the hate will be over the PP and that’s understandable. But here’s a weird one. It’s a road game thing. They are the 11th best PP at 20% and 28th on the road at 10.4%.

  2. Drew Remenda just quoted JD during Sharks broadcast.
    didn’t say his name but mentioned famous broadcaster used to say…

  3. >>>Jimbo – Felt that same way! Nothing really good on the scoreboard today.

    Yeah, HW – today was a stinker – no good news for us at all!

  4. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hey Wirth, Fedo got the 23rd star in a shinny game vs. six-year old midgets, too. You forgot to include that observation.

  5. again Carp I did not use bad language, I am confident about that.

    to the game, richards not playing well offensively. That would be acceptable if he was better defensively. the whole team looks for him all the time, to much.

    rangers did have many chances just could not put it in the net.

    stralman was very avg at best. staal will help a ton especially getting the ouck up the ice.

  6. Things have been going FAR too good for the Rangers to allow me to feel even minutely upset about tonight’s game. Can’t win them all, and the Caps seemed to be playing for their lives as opposed to the Rangers who looked tentative at times.

    So be it. At this point let’s get the “Winter Classic” over with.

    I WILL be happy if Dubinsky starts putting his offensive game together. That would be a great boost to the team.

    We sucked tonight, but the Rangers were bound to have a stinker. Last one was against the Blues. A 5 game winning streak ago. :-)

    24/7 was GREAT tonight. Highlights being:

    – Stepan’s girlfriend (Hello!)
    – Whomever the model was on Prust’s arm
    – Mr. Universe’s family life
    – The ugly sweater party
    – Richards ripping on Sestito of the Flyers “This is a fantasy camp for you”
    – Rupp on Jody Shelly “You’re fucking irrelevant”

    One more episode to go…which will be all about the Rangers BEATING the Flyers outdoors.

    If they get the game in, that is. Isn’t rain in the forecast? LOL!

    G’night all!!

  7. BBB – Richards and Hagelin were -3 and played their worst games of the year and you are worried about Fedotenko’s 10 minutes as the 4th line center and I’m supposed to take you seriously.

  8. Every team has a lousy game now and then – hopefully, this one was ours for the next couple of weeks!

  9. stuart, the first word of your comment was a four-letter word with a ty at the end. why are you making such a stink about this?

  10. Jimbo – Have no fear. They have yet to go 3 games this season without getting a point. I’d say that’s being pretty consistent.

  11. Paul in sunrise on

    Total clunker.

    Worried about Staal. Crosby has not skated in three weeks. One good check and then inadvertent teammate collision and it’s game over. Staal played while concussed. Same a Skid. Worried.

    Richards has had a few bad games. Need some bounce back.

    Can’t win them all. Let’s go Rangers. Start a new five game winning streak here in Fla.

  12. So! MickeyM was at our last 2 losses – she definitely needs to stay away for any more NYR road games!

  13. Paul in sunrise on

    CJP – life must be tough for the 22 year old #1 center for the new york rangers.

    The audio was great. Fantasy camp. Awesome.

  14. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Dubi, thank goodness, and at long last, is warming up. Over the last five games he shows the way of all forwards, combining goals and primary assists.

    On the other hand, what’s with McD and Girardi, both completely off the board for goals and primary assists since Bickel arrived, five games ago. What gives with them?

  15. Errrrrrrrrrrr………….I don’t think so, Mickey – you’ve been a bad influence on the team – we may have to send you to Hartford!

  16. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    That’s more than merely desperate, in debate league circles, to dump on Hags for his first really poor effort in his time here, Wirth. Pathetic, I would say.

    Maybe you can rationalize for us why EVERY GAME for, what is this, six weeks now (?), Fedo stinks up the joint on a range from “no show” to “terrible.” I forgot to add that he didn’t record any hits last night, either.

    So that you have zero hits, zero shots on goal, zero takeaways, one giveaway, plus he lost all four face offs, on the night, to go with his one positive – the blocked shot.

    At what point do you (and others) start to see the cost to this club for carrying this Ice Follies clown, to its detriment, before you hold him accountable for his lazy arse work ethic? If there is still some talent in his arsenal, it is even worse than if he has just lost it, as a professional athlete, which no one can be blamed for. The Reaper takes us all down physically before the final curtain rings down.

    Dumping on Hags as your defense of Fedo ain’t gonna cut it. Damn if he ain’t lookin’ more and more like Dreary, redux, with each outing. That clown was an invisible sideshow, too.

  17. BBB – WOW! First off, pointing out a fact that Hags and Brich had a bad game and were -3 is not dumping on them. It’s a fact of the scoresheet and the game. I reposted a stat before the game about the Rangers record since he was called up and how his speed has improved the whole team’s speed. But ok.

    Then this “On the other hand, what’s with McD and Girardi, both completely off the board for goals and primary assists since Bickel arrived, five games ago. What gives with them?”

    You are taking shots at McDonagh and Girardi who are on the ice all games including a stretch where they allowed a mere 7 goals in 5 games. You are kidding with this right? And by the way the clown as you put him has 5 goals and as I pointed out with facts that last time you went through this nonsense is on par with all the players in his role.

  18. Here are some of the names of players with 5 goals.

    Wheeler, Tanguay, Voracek, Hanzal, Antropov, Langkow, Koivu, kopecky, Kopecky, Kostitsyn, Winnik, Downie, Lapierre, A. Stewart.

    That’s not exactly bad company. Some of those names are being to carry some heavy offense load for their teams while Feds is a role player for us.

  19. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Role Player – Smole Player. Role player = journeyman = clubhouse mentor type. In other words, guys who are on their way out the door, but who still have a contract.

    You know we had someone else here, the other day, come to Fedo’s defense by saying that he is a “Two-way player.” I had to point out that to be a two-way player you have to SCORE as well as defend. You have to justify his being here by, in effect, excusing him for being deficient in a critical area, offense.

    Not cutting any ice with me, Wirth. Wish you could do better to make it at least interesting, rather than a default debate league verdict. lol.

  20. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hey, I’m not taking shots at McD and Girardi, I love them both as much as you or anyone here, outside of their families. I just made the observation that they are both in a slump, at the moment. And I hope they pick up the pace, soon.

    My observation simply comes under the category of: “Who’s hot and who’s not.” Dubi is hot. Would anyone here take him over McD or Girardi as a main cog in this team’s success, so far this season?

    Please don’t take my comments out of context, although I give you the benefit, this time, and take the position that it was not intentional.

  21. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hey Wirth, my friend, you want to laud Fedo for his five goals? Fair enough, although that still just translates to 12 goals over the course of a full season, even below journeyman country.

    I, on the other hand, with every game now, point to the fact that he is not picking up his deficient scoring game with his all-around game which is even WORSE, if that’s possible, than his default offensive contribution.

    You are selling me a banged up Pinto as fully-loaded Cadillac merchandize and I ain’t buying.

  22. Bradley Richards is a negative player……

    2 regualrs are negative and Brad is 1 of them… scoring comes and goes but his softness with the puck is a joke….

    not overreacting, he plays PP all day long, plays top line and ton of minutes and this is his peak, WOW. Long term issues in about 2 years with this guy…………

  23. prust and richards only negative regulars. prust’s game has slipped. he is a tunrover machine like Avery and offensively he cannot receive a pass. I think they can upgrade the 4th line. rupp is doing zilch, same for prust and everyones favorite Fedetenko is a avg player in all ways…

    I know saying something bad about Prust the fighter is sacriligous but it is the fact. Has he become a better Jody Shelley?

  24. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    VANCOUVER! 3-2 winner in O.T., although too close for comfort. But the price was outstanding relative to the risk, win or lose.

  25. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Stuart –

    Fedo should send you some New Year’s bubbly for even suggesting he is “average.” That probably gets him an extra year on Broadway.

  26. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Not even sure if it’s worth evaluating this late, but what the hell.

    They lost a game 4 to 1 on a bad play by boyle, two bad plays by michael busto, and a bad play by mcdonut. Michael busto has been playing well for the most part this season and mcdonut has been nothing short of very good for the season and boyle has played better lately.

    This game reminded me a whole helluva lot like the st louis game. A team that seems to thrive on rough games and fighting majors and such seems to just not have it when the other team is bringing it to them.

    Just like the blues game I kept waiting for a scrap or something to get some life into the team and one just never happened…not sure why that is.

    I am going against the grain here for sure, but I think the 4th line needs more time not less, but just my opinion.

    In the end, a not so great game by our boys, but just ONE game.

    Night aasens!!

  27. Fedotenko is not average in all areas. He doesnt have an offensive instinct in him. Every time he touches the puck I just cringe. Which isn’t very often, so I don’t worry about it too much. Somebody with more hockey knowledge thatn I will ever have want him there. OK .

    I liked the way Dubi was making some things happen out there tonight. Reminds me of the playoffs against thje CVaps where Dubi was the only one who could do anything.

    Richards did not have agreat game tonight.

    Biron was not sensational tonight.

    We had some defensive lapses for sure, but we also got outplayed in a lot of areas tonight.

    I’m sure the Rangers will come out fired up next game. I wonder if there will be any roster moves before then………………………..


  28. In what world is the lack of points from a defensive tandem whose primary purpose is to play against the opposition’s top line for 25+ minutes a night over a statistically insignificant five game stretch any concern whatsoever?

  29. So Fedotenko is everyone’s whipping boy this year? The guy makes 1.4 million to contribute 20-25 points a year and play 3rd/4th line minutes as a defensive forward who blocks shots and helps on the PK. The fact that people seem to want him to be Wayne Gretzky just makes me laugh.

    This reminds me why I hate coming around here after losses. One loss after winning 5 in a row and everyone wants half the team to be cut or traded and Torts to be fired. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think most of those people know absolutely nothing about hockey.

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