It’s Go Time!


Game 35.

First of three in a row on the road for your first-place boys, on a five-game winning streak.

A 7:30 start for Versus (exclusive telecast). Followed by episode 3 of “24/7” at 10, and replayed at 11, on HBO. (Nine more days before I can cancel my HBO!).

Martin Biron starts in goal, vs. Tomas Vokoun.

Jeff Woywitka is expected to return from a foot injury, and Stu Bickel is expected to play despite his facial injuries.

So Sean Avery, Erik Christensen and Tim Erixon will be prucha’d. Erixon will be sent to Connecticut (AHL) if all the D-men come out of this game healthy. Who knows if Avery, Christensen or Wojtek Wolski (who’s almost ready to return) will be joining him in the Nutmeg State?


As for my (and your) complaints earlier about the Empire State Building being lit on two sides with Flyers orange crud — could you think of something more despicable? — the NHL sent along this today:

In Philadelphia, the PECO Main Office Building’s iconic Crown Lights,
which display scrolling text around the top of the 23rd and Market Street
building, also will celebrate the Rangers, Flyers and 2012 NHL Bridgestone
Winter Classic on Dec. 28 with scrolling text in recognition of the outdoor
match-up between the two storied teams. The Crown Lights will also display
2012 NHL Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic text on Thursday, Dec. 29 and
Monday, Jan. 1.”

So, in Philly, the cruddy fans don’t have to be subjected to Rangers colors on their building (Iconic? the PECO Main Office Building? Yeah, exactly like the Empire State Building. Give me a freakin’ break).

Somebody who works for the Rangers told me they’re going to stick the NYR alternate Liberty logo on the Liberty Bell. He laughed when he said it.

Oh, did you also see the story where the ticket dispersal went something like 20,000 to Flyers season ticket holders, 10,000 to Rangers season ticket holders, and the rest (more than 10,000) to the NHL, sponsors (legal scalpers) and no doubt NBC TV stars and quasi-celebrities? The funny part is that in order to get tix for Monday’s game, the Flyers’ season ticket holders also were forced to buy tickets for the Alumni game on Saturday and a Phantoms game Sunday. Suckers.



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  1. I know that they holler, unbearably, that “the Flyers are going on the PECO POWWWWWERRRR PLAAAAAAYYYYY!” at that god-awful arena that changes names every five minutes.

    Re-post from Fozzy earlier:

    Fozzy December 28th, 2011 at 6:29 pm e

    Sally, mission accomplished! Rocky is ready for the WC!

  2. lol, CARP …

    I’m liking the tone of your entries more and more … very “pimp” like recently.

  3. Ugggg. The PECO building isn’t even the biggest building in Philly. That honor goes to the Comcast building. What a joke. PECO is the Phila Electric Co building Izzy. No comparison to the Empire State Building

  4. can’t believe Versus is actually doing a pre-game show focused on Rangers … oh, right, Versus is owned by NBC (and will be named NBC Sports Monday) and NBC has the Hyper Bowl Monday, hence they’re paying attention to the Rangers.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers at Caps!!! Yeah baby , ov , is goinnnnn DOWN!!!


  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    GO GABORIK!! Stamkos got 22 now , time to break the tie , 5 goals should do tonight!??


  8. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did ya know that a giant Rainbow appeared over DC yesterday when the Rangers arrived?

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Ilb im ready!!!! BTW , that Tshirt ya got me fits now!!!! Sweeeeet!!!


  10. Carp, he tweeted a portion. The thing was HUGE. The picture on the news tonite was amazing. Arties rainbow was inferior.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    drop the puck drop the puck drop the puck drop the puck …Are we there yet?


    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Chicago Blackhawks suck!!!!! First place?? Whaa? its a FLUKE , they’ll prob trade ’em all anyways at the end of the year.

    GO RANGERSSSSS , oh yeah Lets Trade Dubinsky for Hemsky …maybe we’ll have to scoop Souray in that deal and giv’em one of our good Dmen ..ugh!! sorry Dubi but yer on da block!!

  12. >>…Are we there yet?

    I was on a flight recently and the kid next to me wouldn’t shut up with, “Mammy, mammy, mom, how many more minutes?”

  13. Mitchell has been solid and has helped Dubi get his groove back somewhat…that line has had opposition pinned in for two or three games now

  14. Why does Emirick keep saying that people are “burrowing”? Everyone is burrowing into the zone!

  15. Another good point, LW. Good thing we didn’t send down Erixon. Maybe we could bring up Redden to take his spot. Send a message. That kind of non-burrowing play will not stand.

  16. Ryan Miller can’t focus because he knows he is being traded to Anaheim. He is excited to be near his girlfriend.

  17. Ill say one thing. Whether it’s artificial or whatever, that Phone Booth always seems loud even with the team being lousy this year.

  18. That might be true, HWirth but I find this tweet thing hilarious:

    @NYDNRangers@ Internet at Verizon Center is horrendous. So probably will be light on the in-game tweeting tonight FYI @#NYR@

    How can the internet be bad at *Verizon* center? Isn’t that a bad advertisement for Verizon?

  19. Someone just got killed there blocking that shot…who was it?

    Dubi! That’s 3! Take that Cam Ward!

  20. That was one shot.

    Haha. Good one, LW. I wonder what kind of bionic leg Cally will get. I also wonder how many periods he will miss as a result. My guess is that Ryan comes back in the third with a titanium leg.

  21. Man, HWirth, those are some huge balls. Cally just burrowed in there to block that shot. And another one. Burrow boys! Burrow!

  22. We need Dubi to excel against the Capitals.

    Richards needs to step up tonight too.

    Bad break for Del Zotto, but he made another mistake right after that to leave the guy free.

  23. It is actually scientifically impossible to dislike Callahan. I think we are predisposed, as humans, to LOVE him, Doodie. The guy is an absolute hero among heroes. A man among men. Blah Blah Blah.

    That guy has serious Character.

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    Anybody see the end of Milbury’s nose? It looks like a little assen right in the middle of his face.

  25. Carp

    Doc is awful. Im sure he’s a great guy and all but he never shuts up. He just blabs on and on and with that whiny voice its terrible.

  26. Doc’s line of the night was “Just when it seemed safe for me to talk…”

    That and the whole “burrowing” thing. Like we have a team of groundhogs.

  27. That’s the difference between people at home or in the stands and the professionals. Cally doesn’t worry about “what if i get hurt?” but rather “what do I have to do to help my team win?”

  28. Carp – There are A LOT worse out there. As for Milbury, I think he’s pretty tame so far tonight. I like when he says crazy things better than boring ole repeat cliche’ analysis. Whether people agree or not at least he says something.

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    What helps more, blocking a shot that Biron should stop anyway, or taking a chance on sitting out with a broken hand/ankle/face?

  30. Beninati is the worst announcer by far but he’s not irritating like Doc but definitely worse.

    “waffleboarding”, “angles the puck geometrically” Just so unnecessarily annoying…

  31. CTB is going to CBP on

    Cally also makes more than most of us will see in our lifetimes and has access to elite medical care and therapy.

  32. Carp – But I think he knows and embraces it too. I’ll give him credit for that. Gets him paid by multiple outlets. It’s the old saying. It’s when they don’t have an opinion of you, you should be worried.

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Keep it up boyss , who said trade Dubi earlier …geeezeee.

    Gaborik needs a goallllll!! GO GO Gaborik Goal!!!


  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    In Saskatoon ….ahhh sweeeet!!!


  35. From what I’ve seen of Milbury on Bruins broadcasts, he hams it up far less there, so it does seem as though he ramps up the asshattery for a national audience. Still doesn’t make the junk he comes out with any more palatable or disguise the fact that he has to get jobs through his act rather than his colossal lack of credibility as a failure of a GM.

  36. ilb2001

    luckily Ovechkin didnt score there or else he just might have been or at least sent to Prucha land

  37. Versus is making a huge deal out of the positioning of the Rangers bench and their ability to change Defenseman.

  38. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    ilb, you shouldn’t give up so quickly on Don Bickels he can’t get a point every 10minutes…just impossible given number of goals scored per game divisble by his ice time..patience, grasshoppers

  39. Hi Carp!!!
    It’s almost a Stockholm reunion! Anyone seen Ranger Kiwi? ;)

  40. That is entirely Mitchell’s fault for not dumping the puck there and allowing them to change. His fancy move to turnover hurt.

  41. Pierre made an excellent point without really making it but you knew what he meant. Dale Hunter is too inexperienced as a coach to get this Ovechkin line away from Dubi-Boyle and Mitchell

  42. Ughhh, the once a game shift where they get pinned for a long shift finally burns them as Mitchell and Boyle both blew opportunities to get the puck out and get a change or at least an icing.

  43. N.CountryNYRFan on

    wasn’t Dale Hunter the player that basically killed Pierre Turgeon after Turgeon scored a goal

  44. Hey Krisy! You’re able to stay up tonight!

    Now we only need a puck to hit Pierre whatshisface in the mouth and a couple of goals and this will be a good night…

  45. >>Dale Hunter is too inexperienced as a coach…

    Um, is this his very first match? Wasn’t he coaching in the minors?

  46. I think Dale was in the OHL. That basically doesn’t count as a league…what great players come from that place!?

  47. Richards with a stupid play there. Get that puck below the red line! Lazy neutral play there. Another turnover.

  48. JBytes

    you don’t really have the mindset with matchups since there aren’t top checking lines in the minors…

  49. Rupp better get on the ice and pound Erskine (by pound I mean lazily throw a few punches and then hug him for a while)

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, what would make that amazing is if he actually used the word “Byfuglien” instead of the word we use it as a placeholder for.

  51. Del Zaster’s move there to reach for the puck was totally reminiscent of George Costanza’s leap across the puddle.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    I could read the “MERDE!” expression on Biron’s body language after he played that puck around the board to an onrushing Cap.

  53. It’s true, Doodie. He looks slow on his ability to turn. He has done it a fea times this year where he skates backwards and gets beaten. Tonight he looks like he’s lagging. Hope he’s not under the weather

  54. It’s not a concern but it’s a game similar to St. Louis where they stop playing their game and get lazy with the puck and that’s when they get in trouble. Turnover and soft neutral zone/end board play.

  55. I hate to lose to a slidding team, especially the Caps, but if we have to lose one in the next couple days, I’d rather tonight than Monday…..Prust saying.

  56. MickeyM is at this game tonight – and it is looking like the last NYR game she attended in St. Louis not so long ago……

  57. Jimbo – Yup! They got away from their game for a stretch of the period and it burnt them again.

  58. The Caps are not really doing anything defensively to beat us, but they’ve capitalized on each mistake we’ve made.

  59. visited a friend with a leftovers care package
    cause he wasn’t feeling well enough to come over
    been watching the game

    we looked good at times
    but just not stiff enough

    have we traded everyone yet?

  60. Why so keen for taking credit for calling it a trap game? Any team on a winning streak will end up losing one. And someone posts “trap game” before just about every game that follows any win.

  61. As great as it would be, they are not going to win every game. Like to see a solid 3rd period though and try to get back in this and force Vokoun to be good at the end.

  62. Damn it, I just landed at Dulles and I see this crap score …

    WTF are these clowns doing?!


  63. The lack of any semblance of a power play is not helping… they are having big problems gaining the zone and keeping the puck.

    I think in general they are skating… just looks like the D got caught at the end of a long shift 2x, and they paid for it.

    The Caps will fold in the third.

  64. >>>Oh, poor Mickey…looks like she has to be banned from live games :)

    I’m afraid that this may be necessary!

  65. I’m hoping that they come out strong in the 3rd – maybe we can get the game into OT and get at least a point out of it…

  66. Staal tells Maloney he feels good…his description of the post-concussion feelings are awful. I can’t wait til he gets back, and hope he doesn’t experience Crosbyitis.

    “I have a whole new respect for the injury and what it can do to you”

    “I think respect from player to play has a lot to do with it….”

    yet, “it’s hockey, you’re going to get hit.”

  67. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    The extended number of minutes Girardi is getting looks to be wearing McD down. He ain’t been spit for two weeks.

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Tonight , were holding out for a herooooo !!!

    Down by two , it’s not really a “must” win so ahhh what the heck , lets just pop in a few and win this thang and go home!!! ( well back to the hotel)

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Olga isn’t there a CHICAGO BLACKHAWK SITE !!??? Why do WE care? Chicago sucks!!! We like you here because the only thing cool ’bout you is you like Rangers and Linda …thats it!!!

  70. The Short Happy Life of Rangers on a shaking top of Conference pedestal. Sloppy, slippery sloppy today. Boston leading. So are horned debbies. No love lost, though.

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hellooooooo Momma !!!! Rangers are first place in da East!!!!


  72. In a month where the team is 9-3-1 and might go to 9-4-1 what will the negative nancies or trolls or whatever be trolling about tonight.

    1. The Coach?
    2. You know who?
    3. The record is a myth?
    4. Biron shouldn’t have played?
    5. Too Much TOI?

  73. Rangers site tweeted Rangers 2-5-1 when trailing after two. Which is really, really good compared to the rest of the league.

  74. I’ve got nothing against college hockey at all, but Emrick _never_ stops making references between anything or anyone in the game to college hockey or just colleges in general, as if it’s the only way the many tens of casual American fans watching on Versus can relate to the game.

  75. Yes, it is Carp. But Caps are 9-0-0 when leading after two. Then again, I generally don’t buy into such stats and go game by game. Then again, I may catch 24/7 at 10, or have to rely on DVR tomorrow.

  76. I have two questions for you Carp

    1. How many hookers have you attempted to solicit?

    2. How man hookers have you successfully solicited?

    The difference is probably vast.

  77. Yes, Carp – good thing she relocated to Missouri – but we’ve gotta keep her from attending NYR road games anywhere else in the league!

  78. Funny you should mention blood tests in light of the Rangers’ opponents in this game, Doc…

    (Ducks for cover in anticipation of heinous “unprovoked attacks”.)

  79. Stay classy, gibble….And the only one you’ve outsmarted so far was you. I’m sure youllbe back under different name, but your general intellect wouldn’t allow you to be unnoticed for long.

  80. Manny – I agree. The more desperate team is playing like it and the other is up to their usual level of intensity.

  81. Yeah, and explain to me why the colors and “text” are up tonight?? who the heck is going to notice, or get that? why not Monday…..dumb aasens.

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ahhhhh finally !!!! sweeet goallll!!


    oh nooooooooooo no kick!!!!!!

  83. the idea was trying to turn skate to “kick” it
    forward so he could put it in with his stick
    but it went in goal

  84. HWirth: To answer your question, the blame is clearly on this bum of a backup who is only 8-2. He’s only better than like Ryan Miller and Roberto Luongo. You gotta be better than that!

  85. Indeed Manny. I asked if he was bringing Little Mis CT, cause she’s got such a good record…but figure that trip may be a tad much for a tadpole :)

    Game over….

  86. Well, I guess this just wasn’t our night…..I hate that Semin and Ovie had a pretty good game against us, though…

  87. Well, Caps tried to give us this game with the penalty box parade, but since our PP was non-existent yet again (Perry Pearn?), we wind up with a loss.

    As good as this team has been playing, the PP is going to be our Achilles heel.

  88. rupp adds zero.. mitchell can handle the puck but needs to shoot the puck more also……….

    again richards play has been bad.. he gets all the prime time on the ice and has done zippo and is soft on D, big time soft……..

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Biron with anutha bad one ….

    Carp , not you tooo!!! You can’t say , gameover , season over…can you?

  90. Vokoun has done well to only concede one given it’s looked like he hasn’t had a clue where the puck is all evening.

  91. Got to lose some, eh? :-)

    It sets up a good one for Friday. And Monday, of course….Oh, yeah, and fire Torts!

  92. Not Biron’s fault at all, and I don’t think we really played all that bad. A couple of miscues on D and the puck wound up in our net.


  93. Night Swede! Always impressed when you and LW are here for games….Krisy called it quits at start of third, but props to her too!

    Niters all! Off for 24/7 … too tired to chat for it tonight…Carp, how will you balance post-game notes etc and show go time??!!! You need two blogs, like MSG :)


  94. So since they played a pretty carcilo game I guess Tortarella is going to insert Christensen into the lineup next game?

  95. PP was *very* bad tonight, and they couldn’t hit the net very much at all – lots of blocked shots by the defense – Vokoun really didn’t look to have a tough job tonight at all.

  96. Haha!! ilb, it’s border line insanity….(doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results)….you know what i mean?

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We lost …..Capitals are happy they beat the top team in the east. Closest they will ever get to the Stanley Cup.

  98. Meh. Despite all we’ll no doubt hear about which player(s) would’ve given the team a “spark”, I think that was the least flat they’ve been in a loss for a while.

    Had enough scoring chances, but no timely scoring on the PP (!) and punished for bad giveaways.

  99. power play got no traffic in front of VOkoun. They until the last PP did not even really get the puck in the zone….

  100. carp again I got a warning for what? My posts for many moons have had zero profanity and nothing innapropriate..

  101. LW – I agree. Three bad turnovers/bounces all went in net. DZ puck bounced on him. Boyle didn’t get the clear when they needed one and Brich with a really soft dump in. Otherwise, it was a pretty even game. The Caps did look a little more desperate than us tonight which is unfortunate but it happens. Same way the Flyers got smoke last night by TB on road.

  102. Stralman was pedestrian on defense, but he has a good R handed shot from the point. Maybe he should be used on PP more often?

  103. Rangers fans hockey life is just back to normal…No tragedy, not even a big drama. I even felt before kind of a little bit uncomfortable, like “blue collar” in a high society …

  104. boxcareddiehospodar on

    I hope all the ice time Boyle got in the 3rd was to show he cannot play at this level.

    Any other Ranger has the same number of flubs tonight as Boyle and they are banished.

    We have no one better than Boyle in the system? hard to believe!!!

  105. Was that not a dandy? They got out worked, pretty much the entire game. I knew the caps were due to have a good one, but the Rangers were a poor excuse for a good team tonight.

  106. It still hurts to lose, 5 game winning streak and all…….you expect better results than we got tonight, especially against a defensively-suspect team like the Craps.

  107. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Stuart – Just be a “lady” at a tea party in your language and your approach to life and you will stay out of trouble. That’s what “manhood” is down to these days, anyway, so you are not alone.

  108. agree that it would have been much better
    if there would have been a better effort

    didn’t click on all cylinders
    and there you go

  109. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Rash prediction: Torts over-reacts to tonight’s debacle by replacing Hags with E.C. and by putting E.C. on the point on the power play to jack up the offense.

  110. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Not to be lost in the shuffle: Dubi scored a game-tying goal (early) at even strength. Hopefully a harbinger of more contributions under pressure to come.

  111. The worse in this game IMO, was that Caps really started this game visibly nervous and unconfident, and, as it frequently happened in emotional game of hockey, their first goal – our giveaway “gift”, changed psychology and fabric of entire game.
    I’m not blaming Biron at all, just my point in previous post was that against the teams with higher offensive, “finishing” skills, Hank, as we know him, statistically would have a higher probability to make a “miracle save” and give an opportunity to team to score first and destroy Caps psycho, changing totally game scenario. But all this of course are from “If” Dreamland.

  112. I vaguely suspect who is cowardly behind this butchered name…ORR hater. I just want to remind that this phrase in public place is borderline to death threat and that would be a punishable crime.

  113. am i on the wrong thread or
    is everyone so busy with other
    matters that no one bothered to watch 24/7
    and commented?

  114. Everybody calm down in the room

    You won’t have to worry about long losing streaks with this club

    Goaltending is too good – overall defensive play is too good – leadership is too good

    Couple of bad mistakes/minutes cost em a game they could have won

    Back to it on Friday night in Sunrise

    Then we get to play the Filth outside

    Bring ’em on

  115. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Vancouver leads San Jose 1-0, after one period. Anyone here who did not get down on Vancouver, per my earlier post, should be “pistol whipped,” providing it is not borderline “criminal” to say that. jajajajaja.

  116. Vancouver is a paper tiger

    Showed how heartless and gutless they were in laying down at home in game 7 of the stanley cup finals against the B’s

    how do you do that?

    Plus they have the most overrated goalie in the entire league in Luongo – he couldn’t hold a candle to Hank

    Rangers would absolutely grind them into the ice in a finals matchup

  117. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Fedostinko Nightly Chronicle:

    10 minutes playing time; ZERO shots on goal; lost all four face offs he took, one giveaway, zero takeaways. BUT, bless my soul “Our Man From Vanilla” logged ONE blocked shot. Kind of makes it all ok, some how, right Fedostinko Fan Club charter members. jajajajaja.

    Where can I pick up my Fedo HOF (Hall of Fakers) ballot?

  118. Isn’t it amazing that all haters or phony Rangers fan or trolls whatever seem to come out of the woodwork after 1 loss yet they’re no where to be found when they win 5 in a Row. This guy stinks. That guy stinks. Yeah Yeah. Alarm me when they have a 3 game losing streak before I even blink about this team.

  119. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Vancouver just scored on the PP, and without Hags on the point! Up now, 2-0. Hey, making money in this world is easy, when you know what you are doing. lol.

  120. I know all the hate will be over the PP and that’s understandable. But here’s a weird one. It’s a road game thing. They are the 11th best PP at 20% and 28th on the road at 10.4%.

  121. Another episode of Flyers 24 Rangers 7…the ugly sweater party at Richards’ was good but could have used more, some decent on ice stuff from philly game(Sestito should replace Carcillo in RR slang), not enough from isles games, cally coaching torts=gold, but I nearly shut it off when I had to see the brzgolov family christmas.
    Oh yea the game, tough loss, bad bounces, big game friday.

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