Rangers-Islanders in review


First place in the East. Five straight wins. Top two or three in team defense. Fewest losses in the whole freakin’ National Hockey League. And your New York Rangers really haven’t nearly hit their stride or been nearly 100 percent healthy yet. ‘Nuff  said.


1) Seven goals allowed in the five-game winning streak. Fabulous goaltending, fabulous defensive play — well, not fabulous for all of the game last night, but for a lot of it. Oh, and seven goals in five games, that’s the same number for Marian Gaborik over that stretch.

2) You could tell both teams hadn’t been on skates for two days. Well, you could tell the Rangers hadn’t been.

3) You could read Stu Bickel’s lips after his fight with that clown Michael Haley. He said to the officials: “He jumped me.” And he was right and the officials got it right and handed Haley the instigator penalty. Plus Bickel hurt Haley’s hand with his face (which is a mess), and turned around and did quite well considering he was at a terrible disadvantage at the start of the fracas. Bickel lost his four-game point streak. He’ll have to start a new one once his eye reopens.

4) I don’t like to brag, and I don’t like to say “told ya so” too much, and God only knows that I haven’t had the opportunity to be right all that often, and many times I’ve had to say I was wrong. But I was right about Michael Del Zotto. Kid is a player. Both ends. And if the Rangers ever have all their D-men healthy they’re going to have to find a way to keep giving Del Zotto minutes, because they don’t have another D-man on the roster or in the system who does what Del Zaster does.

5) When Anton Stralman crashed into the boards and appeard to be kneed in the back of the head and lay there for a minute, I actually thought, “They can’t afford to lose him. He’s one of their top eight or nine defensemen.”

6) Once again, Henrik Lundqvist leaves me without words. He had to be great during short stretches in this game, and he was better than great in those stretches. You know what I really like about him? He gets it. He gets how good his team might be, and how they haven’t accomplished anything yet, but they’ve shown us and themselves an awful lot.

7) The NHL’s holiday roster freeze unfreezes at midnight tonight, meaning that in short order I think the Rangers are going to make some roster moves, and that one of those is going to cause a lot of controversy to erupt again. I don’t think Sean Avery is ever going to get back into the lineup unless one of the Rangers’ rugged players gets hurt. So I imagine he’s going back to Connecticut. And Erik Christensen might not be far behind, though he could stay if he’s the only extra healthy forward until Wojtek Wolski comes back. But honestly, I don’t see how John Tortorella introduces a soft player into this lineup with the way it is playing, and has played, for most of the season.

8) That sequence when Brian Boyle blocked the two shots, after being hurt by the first one, and then went down to try to block the third, which was blocked by Stralman, says all you need to know about the Rangers, doesn’t it? And I loved that Tortorella pointed out that he hasn’t always been happy with Boyle’s play this year, and that he’s told Boyle so. But that Tortorella also pointed out that when the Rangers needed to change some momentum to start the third, it was Boyle vs. John Tavares that pinned the Isles deep and got it done.

9) I was trying to add up all the goals that Ilya Kovalchuk, Claude Giroux and John Tavares have scored these last four games against Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh. But I couldn’t find any.

10) I thought, even as his two wingers, Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin, combined for two goals and two assists, it was another struggle for Brad Richards last night. Ditto for Artem Anisimov.

11) Man, the Islanders are getting worse. And, yes, I was the idiot who once praised their young talent, and even once might have said they have better young skilled forwards than the Rangers … and I stress the word “idiot” as I remember writing that. Now even John Tavares looks bad, Matt Moulson and Kyle Okposo have regressed, and Marty Reasoner might be the worst forward in the NHL. You know what else? There’s a portion of Islanders fans that feel the same way about that clown Haley as the fringe group of Rangers fans feel about Avery … and how about those Avery chants during the fifth straight win last night? Holy mackeral. Just wow.

12) Stunning stat of which I was not aware until MSG posted it last night: The Rangers lead the NHL in fighting majors with 30, or almost one per game!? What in Holy Hell? And that’s after more than a few fights (Dubinsky, Bickel) were called double-minors for roughing … in other words, not fights.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brian Boyle.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Michael Del Zotto.
(Ed. Note: tough to not include the kid with two goals).


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  1. I wonder if Haley jumped Bickel like that because Bickel did the same thing to the Islanders in the last game…

    Bickel is a tough SOB.

    A little crazy too.

  2. The Rangers are on fire right now, but how in the worls are the Isles so bad?!? Wasn’t the salary cap meant to keep competitive balance in the NHL? The Isles are either moving or being sold. There is no way that this organization can continue like this. They are in Golden Seal territory right now.

  3. Haley obviously gets the win, but what you saw here was the reason why fighting will be banned in the NHL.This is merely an unskilled idiot assaulting someone. The Islanders are an EMBARRASSMENT to the NHL. When the Isles move to Kansas City and the Islander fans come crawling out of their Mom’s basement, they can look to moments like this as great milestones in their illustrious history.

    I hope you guys like BBQ.

  4. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    since Avery is a valuable member off this team, they could keep him here and during tv timeouts he can skate out with water and orange slices for the players.

  5. EC would fit right in with the Isles, only a couple guys have to try each game. maybe they’ll claim him off waivers (when that happens)

    and teams better than the islanders have fired better coaches this season. isles are content with where they are. i’d take Okposo if they haven’t completely ruined him yet.

  6. Good morning Heads from the top of the Eastern Conference (for now).

    I hope HBO got the Avery and Torterella chants and plays them back to Torts. That would be hilarious.

  7. The coaches have to be praised because every D-man they bring in here is asked to play with their heads on straight and keep it simple. They have all bought into it. When you win it makes a whole lot easier to get your message across, but the Rangers resiliency was there last year with all the injuries on the forward side.

    Usually I’m pretty skeptical like we all are about the Rangers and winning streaks. But this is not ma streak it’s becoming an identity and that is very unusual in these parts.

    The youth is what it does it for me and knowing that guys like Kreider, J.T Miller and Christian Thomas are on the horizon makes me hopefully we will have a shot at make this team a team we can be proud of for their on ice performance.

    Which frankly we rarely have had.

  8. Good morning all! LMAO, is this for real from last night? Found this on FB…

    “When the (hartnell) would I have time to visit the statue of liberty and why would you ask such an asinine question?” – John Tortorella in response to Larry Brooks

  9. Theres few who see the game better than you Carp, but this team is so good that even the blind can recognize it. While your positive critiques don’t offer great press, it’s more than welcome here. We are witnessing something special.

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    Newspaper, mama! Big time!

    I looked at some posts last night. We can disagree, sure, but can we please stop with all the personal stuff? I’ll tell you, since the Islanders fans have no other place to go and read this blog, our bickering is the only positive thing they can find these days. Ditto Devils fans. Please don’t give them anything to hang on to….Kidding aside, it just doesn’t sound very intelligent….

  11. As for the team. Carp pretty much summarized it well. Funny how they all bought into it. If someone struggles, there is always someone who can pick their game up.

    Would be very interesting to see how the management responds to what transpired so far. Do they go for a rental and give up some serious assets, or do they wait and see how the next 6-8 weeks unfold, and add someone who can make a little difference and preserve the core? Boston is the team to beat at the moment. Do we have enough to beat them? Who should we add? Or do we keep building for the long term considering Thomas and Chara are close to being done?

  12. By the way, this the first time in a long time when we can say that Hank had to be spectacular to win the game….

  13. Wow! That move by Del Zotto was a thing of BEAUTY. Not only does he have offensive skill, but he is turning into a solid defensive defenseman. And, only 21 years of age.

    Dare I say it? With a healthy Staal and Sauer, the NY Rangers have the BEST defensive corp in the NHL.

    THERE, I said it!


  14. Found a nice fedora this weekend. Made by a company called BILLYKIRK. Could BillyKirk be the new Borsalino?

    I also had a double whoah moment when Erixon hit the boards. I also have no idea how you reduce Del Zaster’s minutes when Staal and Sauer Pauer come back. The kid has been flippin’ GOOD.

  15. Just shy of the halfway mark now, about a week + worth of games.
    If you compare some of the goal production from last year to where guys pro-rate this year, you can see where the Rangers aren’t scoring as they can or where they’re off, even if only slightly.

    They’ve been making up the difference with the great year by Gaborik,
    excellent team D, the added production from Richards, and guys like MDZ and Hagelin.
    And there have been more timely goals this year, without a doubt.
    First number is goal total from last year, then approximate pro-rated goals (basically doubled) goals from this year.

    Stepan (21/16)
    Anisimov (18/14)
    Boyle (21/4)
    Prust (13/4)
    Dubinsky (24/4)
    Richards (_/24)
    Callahan (23/13)
    Gaborik (22/44)

    So you can see where 5 of their top forwards are off pace – a few of them dramatically, obviously – in terms of goals. But said the other day, one can often make the numbers say whatever they want, so holding myself to the same rule, there’s a lot not taken into account here; assists, overall point totals, etc.

  16. Oop. Callahan is obviously on pace for 26, not 13.

    Also pretty sure they’re getting better overall scoring from the D, though that’s hard to track down. Plenty of other factors too; no Prospal, no Zuccarello, though he was just coming up around this time, if memory serves.

    So the scoring this year is just…..different.

  17. MOUTH good to see you. I’m with you 100%…always hesitant to get excited about this team, but they can’t be denied right now, and the future looks solid.

  18. MDZ was given a green light by Torts to join the rush last night, no doubt. The Islanders clearly resorted to the typical left wing….er…neutral zone trap, and were very effective at it…

  19. If Chris Kreider and JT Miller are legitimate NHL impact players, then indeed the future is VERY bright for the Rangers. Unfortunately, a key will be the health of Marc Staal. I am very worried about his long term prospects. We have had a bad history on this team with concussions. (See richter, Beuk, LaFontaine et al)

    What happened to sid the kid is a warning sign about Marc I fear. A NY Ranger defensive corp with a healthy Sauer and Staal would be the best in the league!

  20. Well done carp. Agree with the star selections, voted the same way on HF…its not about the guys who tuck in the goals sometimes …boyle had his best game of the season.

  21. PP can still use a bomb shot from the back line. That Jurcina kid has a shot, damn.

    AND does anyone think Girardi should be on the PP unit with the minutes he is already logging?

  22. Staal – Great idea on the orange slices idea. It would really get the crowd going too.

    Haley has a rep for jumping into fights before the other guy’s ready. Didn’t he do that to Avery last year when # 16 was harrassing someone else to fight and then had no choice when confronted by Haley and took a shot to the eye immediately?

    Would like to see a heavyweight knock Haley out cold.

  23. Rod: IMO, 3 factors are different:

    1) Gabbie’s totals are way up

    2) The scoring is better distributed

    3) The defense is contributing more

  24. I know Avery sometimes gets the jump on people too in fights but his punches are like love taps. I don’t think he’s ever really hurt anyone, he’s like a gnat.

  25. Yev: Let’s hope Staal’s issues were more related to the fact that he never really treated his injury properly.

    Don’t forget he was concussed in February and only missed a handful of games, then proceeded to lead the league in minutes per regular season game only to see that ramped up for the POs.

    Then in the off-season he suffered through symptoms during workouts. Not until he arrived at the start of training camp did he apparently actually report the symptoms.

    In other words, his concussion wasn’t severe – what was really stupid of him was not properly reporting it.

    The symptoms disappeared after he finally responded to proper way to such an injury to let it (ie his brain’s bruising) heal via being shut down for a month. In retrospect, he should have been shutdown last February, probably for at least 2 weeks before starting up again (and gauging the reaction).

    Crosby, meanwhile, suffered far worse symptoms – it’s my understanding he had to go the blacked-out room treatment. The fact that he lasted but 2 weeks after being off for 8 months is indeed worrisome for the game, the Penguins and most importantly, himself. It’s quite possible he may never play again.

    My point is the severity of the injuries between the 2 men appear to be quite significant and Staal’s problems are more his own doing (ie not reporting it and trying to play through it). There are lots of examples of players getting a concussion, being off the ice for 2 weeks then returning and not having further issues – more a result of the severity of the brain bruising I suspect, than a susceptibility to re-injury.

    I hope!

  26. CARP,
    Is that Larry Brooks / Torts thing for real?

    Great write-up … you even used “clown”, which just happens to be a personal favorite.

  27. Erica Christensen on

    Hey guys!

    No worries, I’m still here. In fact, Torts asked me to come in to his office early so that we could grab a few mimosas and remisnisce about my glorious shootout goals …

  28. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Re D scoring, I can give you a comparison with the opposition for December. In the E.S. goal scoring department, I have the team credited with 288 Fib. points to 233 for the bad guys. Really impressive is the D even-strength assist department, where they have logged 479 Fib. points, to just 267 for the opposition. Can’t continue to be that dominant, but obviously there is a decided skill advantage in the Rangers favor.

    You look at a team like Minnesota, which has regressed sharply over the last two weeks. They are just the opposite of the Rangers in that their D can be blamed for their struggles. They show just 34 Fib. points in the D even strength goal scoring department, to 356 Fib. points in this category for their opposition. In the e.s. D assist column it is just as bad, a deficit of 267-521.

    So that if the Rangers, at some point, want to unload a solid D from their wealth of depth in this area, for another scoring forward, Minnesota just has to know that their season is coming unraveled because of blue line miseries, and they figure to be open to trade talk which could help both clubs.

  29. *Cam Ward*, G: 32 Games Played, 1 Goal

    Scott Gomez, Montreal Canadiens: 13 games, 0 goals.
    Marty Reasoner, New York Islanders: 31 games, 0 goals.
    Magnus Paajarvi, Edmonton Oilers: 25 games, 0 goals, demoted to AHL.
    Philippe Dupuis, Toronto Maple Leafs: 30 games, 0 goals.
    Colton Gillies, Minnesota Wild: 32 games, 0 goals.
    Tim Jackman, Calgary Flames: 36 games, 0 goals.
    Chris Thorburn, Winnipeg Jets: 35 games, 0 goals.
    Zach Boychuk, Carolina Hurricanes: 13 games, 0 goals, demoted to AHL.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    A couple of non game-related things from last night:

    1) Huge fight in the stands during the 3rd period behind the Islanders goal. Wonder what it was about.

    2) Saw eric outside of the bathroom. I swear, I see that guy at Rangers games more than I see my brother (Doody) that I share tickets with.

    3) Doodie Machetto, Doodie Machetto Sr., and Doody Machetto were all featured on the jumbotron last night during the first period. We never get to all go to a game together because we only have two tickets, but we bought the ticket to this game from the guy who normally sits next to us as a Christmas present for the old man.

    4) The two seats next to where Doodie Machetto Sr. was sitting are not held by a season ticket holder, so it is someone different every time. This time it was a young dad with his about 8-9 year old girl. It was her first game. She had a blast. When they did the t-shirt toss I flagged down one of the “Blue Crew” and told her it was the girl’s first game so they handed her a shirt. She was also on the jumbotron with the Machetto family as mentioned above. Her father said that he had been coming to games for 25 years and it was the first time he ever got on the screen. So in her first game she got to see the Rangers shut out the Islanders, a free t-shirt, and she was on the jumbotron. I think she’s going to be True Blue for life.

    5) My brother picked up his Winter Classic package before the game. The hats on the inside are nice, but there are some pretty fatal flaws. They are reversible, with different color schemes/logos on each side. One side has the Rangers logo, one side has the Winter Classic logo. On the Rangers side, the color scheme is a blue background with lots of red and white stripes, as well as a grey stripe. Why the hell is there a grey stripe? On the Winter Classic side, the color scheme is identical to that of the Heritage jersey: dark navy background, one thick red stripe with a thin cream border. But no Rangers logo on that side makes it useless!

    6) Where the hell does Wojtek Wolski go once he is cleared to play?

    7) I hate how stupid some of our fans are. The Avery chant was ridiculous. At first I thought they were chanting for Lundqvist, but I was in denial. I can’t wait until he gets Whaled again.

  31. the ranger d scores alot more than last year.
    the forwards producing much less this year in relative terms are; dubi, prust, and boyle.

    they have added richards and hagelin who are producing at a nice rate.

    the rangers do have the best 1-6 d in the NHL when healthy or Pittsburgh…the rangers probably have the best 1 – 8 d in the NHL if healthy but only 6 play at a time…

    staal, girardi, sauer, mcdonagh, MDZ, and take your choice.. that is a very nice group…..

  32. Cool story, Doodie. Glad you boys got to share the moment like that. I am sure it meant a lot to Pops Doodie.

  33. Just for the record, I didn’t say say it, I was quoting Torts, but forgot to edit the quote after the cut and paste. My sincerest apologies!

  34. avery plays if prust, rup, or maybe even mitchell get hurt or demoted.

    avery should be around longer then EC, at this point his value is non existent.

    I assume Wolski will be his usual. a gret game and then dissapear for games if that is true they should move him also before the deadline. the days of ex, wolski, and other softies are near the end..

  35. I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m not an Avery supporter because I am.

    Mitchell played well yesterday even though he was not on the scoresheet, but Avery brings more to our team then he does. Mitchell was great for the first 5 games, but he hasn’t been anything special since. Avery does have offense and a pretty decent shot and always creates behind the net and sets people up.

    I don’t know why some of you are totally ANTI-AVERY. He sticks up for our team although his stupid penalties once in a while can be uncalled for.

  36. Good morning, Carp!

    Mama, LMAO…

    YAY the Rangers are never going to lose another hockey game EVER! Yay!

  37. stranger nation on

    Save for Kreider and Miller, the team has recently drafted some pure skill forwards with little size recently (McColgan, Borque, Thomas). Not saying all need to be 6’3″ 230lbs, but the under 5’10” below 180 lbs top line forwards are the exception more than the rule in this league. Hags has proved speed combined with hustle will generate offense, but PO hockey requires the bangers as the refs stop calling the interference and charging.

    Should we consider trading for some size given depth on back line. If the top 4 were all healthy (incl. staal & sauer), would you trade any of them for a legit top 20 forward (Ryan…) or take a shot at Iginla with different NYR assets (NOT kreider and miller)? Or even getting both (see ya dubi…).

    Not advocating breaking up the team, but making the smart deal to fill some gaps.

  38. Olga (I think it was you who asked?), the Sabres are alright this year, but just alright. Not a whole lot of personality or heart, but enough talent to not be terrible. I’m a big fan of Gaustad & Gerbe, I like Gragnani too. Miller’s had a rough year, but Enroth has been pretty reliable. And I still hate Kaleta for breaking Mara’s jaw.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    stranger, the answer to that is Dubinsky. He is supposed to be that bigger scoring forward. But one word to describe how he has performed in that role this season: FAIL.

  40. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    morning ILB and all!!

    great write up carp, and thanks!!

    This team is playing really well.

    All I can think o after the mama quote is the little boy on jerry maquire “you said (insert f bomb here)”!!! LMFAO!!!

  41. stranger nation on

    Doodie – def. true on Dubi. They have him listed at 6’1″, 210 but he plays much smaller. Must be from all the knee hockey he plays.

  42. Stranger I would trade nothing at the moment. I think if you do anything you see how a team like this responds going through the playoffs. Why trade any part of what looks to be one hell of a defense corp?
    There are players who are 5’10” who play, then there are 5’10” players who play like Callahan. Borque from what I understand is cut from the same cloth as Callahan.
    I think if you do anything you pick up a missing piece at the deadline.
    This team baring any major injuries can be a force in the playoffs…

  43. I agree Staal and like you mentioned Stranger, we do have 2 highly touted prospects in Kreider and Miller with some decent size.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Kreider has been a man among boys this season. It’s about time he took that next step. I’ll be interested to see if he goes back for his senior year. It seems like he wants to finish school, but it seemed that way for McDonagh too before he passed on his senior year to sign.

  45. If you are expecting them to make a big splash trade you are wasting your time and energy thinking about it because it is not happening. Why would they change the chemistry in the locker room? Bringing in a top 6 forward at the expense of anyone from the core which is what it will take would not make sense. They are building this as a team from scratch.

    Like I’ve said before, if you are looking for scoring help – I’d be thinking more on the lines of Prospal coming back or Ray Whitney from PHX for conditional draft picks type stuff.

  46. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Interesting questions for sure (about player acquisitions)…Now four games does not make a career, but has bickel made sauer expendable in a way? I mean I like sauer A LOT and IMHO two “crease clearing” d men should be a must especially in the POs, but with mcilrath coming up next year or the year after, when sauer is healthy is he a trading chip? Sauer does get injured a lot (wasn’t that a big knock on him when he was in the sysytem?)

    As far as the forwards go, I think there are two spots (mitchell’s and dubi’s) that could be improved upon realistically. Mitchell can be the 13th forward and do well at it, but if the hype about that kreider kid is legit (I have never really seen him play so, not sure), then he takes mitchell’s spot in the top 12, so you trade for a top six guy perhaps with dubi (and other players/picks)….the usual suspects..iggy, ryan, doan (who I think mario maloney mentioned on HNL the other night as a get for the rangers) or someone not as talked about like nash (pipe dream IMHO) or ruutu in carolina who skates fast, hits hard, forechecks like crazy and has 12 or 13 goals I think.

    Just musing and of course injuries and such have a huge impact on this

  47. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Sather should return Wolski back to Walmart where he belongs..

    And you have to give Torts credit for keeping the team focused during the holidays , the HBO filming and the winter classic hoopla.

    Ranger D seems fine without Staal.. his future status concussion wise puts him at a disadvantage.. maybe move him in a package.

  48. I don’t see the Torts/Sather getting rid of Dubi.
    Torts likes him and he has ability (see last season)
    Also he is not detrimental to the team, he’s not a liability, doesn’t consistently make stupid plays..he’s just not scoring…in other words, he’s not Avery.
    Unless you can get an upgrade over Dubi, for Dubi, I don’t think you move him. Plus he has scored some big playoff goals.

  49. Again – Bringing in a Jerome Iginla does not make sense and is a big risk at 7 mil for next year. If he comes in, is he expected to be a team leader or a role player? Torts wants the Stepan, Cally’s, Dubi’s, Staal’s, Girardi’s to be the leadership of the team. Bringing in Jerome changes that. Whose minutes does he take away? Part of making a team is realizing it’s impact on the lockerroom, chemistry of the group and not just stats.

  50. Mama, role reversal — I edited you.

    And, no, that exchange between Tortorella and Brooks never happened.

    gibble, you’re on very thin ice, buddy.

    Doodie, the brawl started with a few guys having words. Then, as the perps were being escorted out of the building, an Islanders fan (I’m pretty sure) in the seats high fived one of the perps. Then he tried to high five one of the Rangers fan perps, who took exception. And since emotions were already boiling over, he threw a punch, then beer started flying and the puncher got loose from the security guard and pummeled the punchee, and one of the other guys started fighting with a guard, and all hell broke loose. It was a really good retro Rangers-Islanders fan fight.

    Otherwise, glad you and the Machettos enjoyed the night.

    cw, I forgot how Bickel bullied that kid Wallace, then jumped him, in the meeting last week.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  51. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I also don’t think this team is in the “need scoring help” department like some seem to think. top 10 in the league folks..I would not want whitney or prospal back at this point, but things may change as I said.

    I also think if some of the guys that are always brought up become available for the right cost, slats will make a move for them…he would almost have to.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    onecup: nobody bites on Staal until he plays for a while. Could be just like Crosby in that he returns and goes right back on the shelf. Damaged goods.

  53. Carp — Yeah I guess the MSG transformation forget to include improved security detail as that nonsense went on for at least 4-5 minutes of play before 1 MSG employee arrived and it was an older usher who wasn’t going to be able to do anything.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    “and the puncher got loose from the security guard and pummeled the punchee,”

    Yeah, we definitely saw that part.

  55. I wonder if Christensen, Avery and Wolski are developing some nice chemistry on the 5th line. Maybe they are even bunking together.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    HW, how could security respond quickly? It’s like a Byfuglien maze now to get around the arena.

  57. Everyone keeps throwing out names like Bobby Ryan. What do you think Anaheim might want back for him? Because I can tell you their list is starting with Del Zotto and probably Stepan. Do you think they are just going to give away a young star?

  58. Doodie. I was thinking that exact point as well as everyone in my section. What happens when a fight starts in the middle of those 23 seat rows. It’s going to take forever to get to the problem.

  59. Feels good to be a Ranger fan!!!

    I’m hoping Kreider graduates early…because he said he wants his degree and we don’t want to wait another year. I remember hearing that he took an accelerated course load so he could finish early…

    Kreider and Zuccarello (if he’s tendered) should be on the Rangers beginning next season, at the latest….they both dominated at the levels they are playing this season…

    I think Miller, Bourque, Thomas, McColgan, McIlrath, etc. need more development before they could make the jump to the NHL…

  60. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I agree with staal wart on the dubi thing, if the player isn’t an upgrade over dubi (including last year dubi), then I don’t deal him. I wouldn’t deal him for prospal or whitney obviously, I would for iggy or ryan and probably doan.

    salary cap is a non issue also.

    I agree that chemistry is extremely important, I do not think iggy or doan would present any chemistry issues whatsoever, ryan I am not so sure about.

    I’ll try and find the link for you re maloney and doan!

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    HW, MDZ isn’t on their list. They have Fowler. But Girardi is probably on it. Realistically, they probably want an NHL player (preferably a top 4 defenseman who is good at defense), a top prospect, and a 1st. So figure they want Girardi, one of Stepan, Miller, or Kreider, and a 1st. Maybe even a depth forward too like Boyle.

    I’d pay it if I thought the trade would be enough to get us a Cup. If we had more depth on the right side of defense it would be a lot easier.

    In any event, I wouldn’t pull the trigger at that price.

  62. Right. Cause the last time the Rangers had a terrific young team on the rise and brought in

    an ‘older power forward’, who was still near the top of his game and was a feared & respected

    presence it worked out terribly.

  63. Wicky.. I would never argue that Doan and Iggy are two class acts, leaders, winners (you don’t need a Stanley Cup to be considered a winner by the way) the whole deal of what you are looking for. The questions are: Is Iggy worth 7 mil next year (I say no). Will Doan who loves it in PHX want to leave his family for a playoff drive? And what are you giving up for a rental who’s most likely to go right back to PHX?

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    “Kreider and Zuccarello (if he’s tendered) should be on the Rangers beginning next season, at the latest….they both dominated at the levels they are playing this season…”

    I’m not so sure about either guy. Kreider is dominating college, which is nice, but it’s still college. To me, it’s the lowest level of competition for players outside of European Juniors. He should get a shot to make the team, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    As for Zucc, just because he dominates the AHL, it does not mean he is an NHL-caliber player. Just look at Jason Krog. Dude has put up a 112 point season in the AHL and he sucks in the NHL.

  65. But I would think at this stage, with this team and how it plays, its depth is more important than a single star player. Not saying I wouldn’t do it for Ryan. I’m saying it’s not a no-brainer.

    and I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if the Rangers continue on anything close to this pace, if they simply add a character veteran rental for second- or third-round draft picks around the deadline. Especially if Dubinsky ever figures it out.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    “Will Doan who loves it in PHX want to leave his family for a playoff drive? And what are you giving up for a rental who’s most likely to go right back to PHX?”

    He might, simply because next year, there might not BE a phoenix.

  67. I do not think I would give up too much from our roster, but we can certainly afford to lose a few picks at the moment. That makes Ryan conversation obsolete. But I wouldn’t worry about Iginla, or Doan for that matter to be an issue in the locker room.

  68. With Doan… These were comments when the topic of the team moving was brought up…

    Doan echoes that sentiment. With four children between the ages of 12 and three, the forward wants to keep his family rooted right here in the desert.

    “As a dad it’s always tough,” he said. “Every parent is always worrying about them.”

    Can’t see him excepting a trade when he has a NMC.

  69. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    couldn’t find the link, but it was the HNL show from the other night when the guys were talking about how the teams were doing and what they might want for xmas and maloney was going over the rangers and said that they might want to get a guy like doan from the yotes….(paraphrasing a bit, but I’m sure others here heard it and the more internet search savvy might find the link)

  70. Iginla isn’t worth $7M next year? Most likely not. But if you can afford it (and the Rangers can for one year, there are not too many players to resign), he can give you a little bridge until Kreider and Co. are truly ready. Let me put it this way- if he goes to any other contender in EC, that certainly changes the playoff picture, doesn’t it?

  71. Doodie,

    Just try to be optimistic about the unknown :) I go by what I read and watch.

    Zuccarello has a already showed he can play a solid third line depth role as a PP and shootout specialist, as he did last season. Hasn’t reached his ceiling. He will be in the NHL and the Rangers may or may not give him another opportunity.

    Kreider is a man among boys in college. He is a power forward with size and speed and a heavy shot. A true thoroughbred. Scouts are high on him across the league. The Rangers haven’t had a player built like him…like ever. So, I think he’ll work an NHL’er. Whether it’s as a 1st liner or 3rd liner…remains to be seen…

  72. I don’t think this team really needs to add anything aside from getting some of our D-Men back from the hospital. Our Defensive core is absurdly good and absurdly deep. I could see the team trading one or two of them (Erixon and WoyWitka or something like that) for a player that can give a push to the scoring on the 2nd or 3rd line but I don’t really see it as a necessity.

    We are currently 2nd in Goals Against and 9th in Goals scored. Still 4th in the differential.

    Girardi – McBust
    Staal – Del Zaster
    Saeru – Bickel/Eminger/WoyWhatever/Erixon/Strahlman

    Looks pretty good right?

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    character veteran rental? Did anyone say “CABER?”

    In all seriousness, I think Carp is probably right. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Prospal is a Ranger again by the end of the season. I think if they are looking to bringing in some veteran scoring presence, he is the obvious choice: already familiar with the team and coach, already respected by the locker room, has chemistry with our best player, can play center or wing, has won the Cup and gone deep in the playoffs as a rental before, expiring contract, and orange.

    As for defense, I think it’s tough to say who it will be, but I figure it will be a right handed guy since Staal-McDonagh-MDZ would be an impressive left side if they all are healthy. Girardi-Sauer-Eminger isn’t too shabby either, but figure they would like to add some depth there for sure. Maybe Hal Gill?

  74. Doodie – As almost always I’m in total agreement with you, especially about Krieder and Zucc. With Krieder, it all sounds great and I am optimistic but when it comes to college players, when I see it I’ll believe it. It’s a big time jump in competition and schedule and everything else.

    As for Zucc, I don’t think he has the physical ability to sustain in the NHL for any long stretches of time. He’s even having trouble staying healthy in the AHL. I think he’s an NHLer on a bad team and a depth call up on a good team at best.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    “Can’t see him excepting a trade when he has a NMC.”

    For two reasons:

    1) As I joked above, there might not be a Phoenix next year.
    2) As a UFA, he can always resign with Phoenix at the end of the season. Like Keith Tkachuk and Doug Weight both did in St. Louis.

  76. Doodie – Which is why I said. How much are you willing to give up for a guy that’s not probably not going to re-sign and is he even willing to leave home for a playoff run?

  77. As for Iggy – If you do that. You are talking about 28 mil of cap space in 4 players and depending on what happens with the CBA stuff in off-season that could be a lot of money.

  78. Oh and Del Zotto is a RFA who made $1 mil this year. Think he might ask for a little bit of a raise? Like a multiple million dollar one. Considering what defense go for these days. I’m thinking like the new number start with a 3.

  79. Any decrease in salary cap would mean a rollback, they will have to accommodate the current contracts, HWirth…

  80. As a Ranger fan, this is the happiest I’ve been since 1994. What I like even more is that this team was built by the organization through good draft picks, trades for young players like McD…
    We watched Gabby struggle last season along with MDZ…but thankfully the organization didn’t make stupid moves they stayed committed to the core. This season, Dubi and Boyle aren’t scoring but they are playing solid defensively.
    Stepan is unbelievably fun to watch…this kid can thread a needle with the puck and is sooo young.
    MDZ plays like a pit-bull and can also thread the needle
    This kid Hagelin has been impressive and adds another threat, but will he stay consistent?
    Every player including those brought up, plays a hard game…it seems that starts in Hartford.

    I love the thought of the roster with Sauer, Staal, Eminger. If/when they return this defense would be “stout-EST” to stay the least…

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    Sally, draft pick only. Or maybe an RFA that doesn’t fit into the team’s future plans, like Gilroy last year. Say… MZA?

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Sorry, wrong about Tkachuk, he did win a few at the turn of the century. He was 3 for 16 in his career.

  83. HWirth- counting Drury’s buy out drop off, and not taking into account who the may want to resign, the Rangers will have over $12M cap space freed next year.

  84. Doodie – This is why I say I’d expect more of a Prospal. Whitney. Ruutu type move.
    If they want some skill as a rental that would cost a little but not break the bank it’s Hemsky from Edmonton.

    But the guy I’d love to get my hands on if the Caps really fall apart is Knuble.

  85. Knuble is a GREAT player and a great teammate. He would really fit in well. That’s interesting, HWirth

  86. Hahaha. I missed the “orange” remark.

    I don’t think Hal Gill is an upgrade over anybody if all the top six D-men are healthy … and I’m not sure who No. 6 is if they’re all healthy.

  87. CARP,

    I don’t even have to say it … you already know that your blog posting was utter bush-league.

    It’s Mickey-Mouse, amateur-hour writing only rivaled by Erica Christensen’s drive for an NHL
    roster spot.

  88. According to capgeek. They have 16 players locked up at 50 mil not including DZ’s raise. A backup goalie. Prust re-signed. A 7th defensemen (no biggie there). There is some money there but it’s too early to tell with the CBA stuff. I’m curious to see how that plays out.

  89. Today’s daily dreaded C-word alert.

    FriedgeHNIC Elliotte Friedman
    NASH PR RT @KWilsonPreds Shea Weber out with a concussion sustained at Dallas. Will be evaluated on daily basis. No timetable on return

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’m not sure he is either, but they brought in McCabe last year, and I KNOW he wasn’t an upgrade.

  91. Rod: The Rangers have their 2nd rounder this year – they traded 2 current 2nds last year to get Erixon (their own and the one they got from the Canes for Sanguinetti)….

  92. .

    Rangers trade for defense prospect Tim Erixon

    BY Jesse Spector
    the picks were from the past draft


    With a pair of second-round picks in this June’s draft, the Rangers were primed to make a trade. The deal came a little bit earlier than expected.

    Glen Sather shipped those second-rounders, as well as left wing prospect Roman Horak, to the Calgary Flames, for 2009 first-round pick Tim Erixon – the son of ex-Ranger Jan Erixon – and a fifth-round choice in this year’s draft.

  93. Man…The Winnipeg Jets are above the Caps in the standings. Great job by the Caps turning it around after firing Bodreu. That worked out really well. Maybe they should consider ripping that “C” off of OvechCant’s Jersey and give it to someone that deserves it, like Knuble.

  94. I guess one of the arguments for/against a defenseman is, do you give up defensive play to get a shot from the point? because you’re probably not going to get a PP guy who’s any good defensively. and I’m not sure a big shot (Caber!) is worth sacrificing the backbone of this team.

  95. after all Kreider can be a college player like; stepan, hagelin, or mcdonagh…. Kreider is not Jason Krog. Kredier is 4 inches taller, 30 pounds heavier, and a great skater..

    Kreider is a pro no doubt as others posted just a question of how good he is.. Is he dustin penner or Bobby ryan…………

    staal and the concussion yep he can have another concussion like marc savard and Crosby or be like Giroux and Bergeron from Boston…..You never know and no they will not trade him under any circumstances unless a team wants to give up 3 or more good players…

    If Staal is on philly right now they are stanley cup favorites… he is legit 25 + minute a game stud….

  96. So we had 3 twos? Hmm. Ok, happy to hear it.

    Guys can play the off wing, especially the talented types youse have been talking about.

    So could Callahan.

  97. Just hoping everything stays on track here going into the later months of the season. They’re going to have to be much better than they were last night over the next two games and hopefully get through the Winter Classic without too much drama. After that they just need to continue to get healthy and keep up with the consistency. I feel like the majority of the season has been one long win streak. It’s almost at the point where when they lose you’re surprised. When’s the last time you felt like that about this team??

    quick thoughts:

    Del Zotto will still get minutes because once a couple people come back on D, it would make sense to try to cut down Girardi’s minutes so the guy can walk by March, let alone skate.

    Gaborik has been amazing. Was worried that after everything he went through during the summer he wouldn’t have him head and heart in it 100%. Actually he turned around and been that much better after it all. Great to see.

    Maybe the fighting major stat proves once and for all that they dont need to trade for a guy like Village people Gilles..

  98. Speaking of NYR 2012 draft. According every possible source out there. The NYR have their 1st through 5th round picks. Traded 6th to Nashville for to move up last year and 7th for Mitchell.

  99. We now have a good enough RH’d point shot in Stralman.

    Torts just needs till early March to realize it.

  100. To clear up the Erixon deal. The 2nd round picks took place already.

    # 45 and #57 – Calgary receives NY Rangers 2 2011 2nd Round Picks and Roman Horak for the rights to Tim Erixon and a 5th Round Pick.

    Markus Granlund
    Ht/Wt:5.09/154 lbs
    Team: HIFK (FIN)

    Tyler Wotherspoon
    Ht/Wt:6.01/200 lbs
    Team: Portland (WHL)

  101. Rod- “One can often make the numbers say whatever they want.”

    You sure can, especially when you eliminate 17% of the season (14 games) by “basically doubling” after 34 games making a 68 game season.

    You’ve got:
    Step 16 goals
    Cally 26 goals
    Gabby 44 goals

    Over 82 games:

    Stepan- 19 goals
    Cally – 31 goals
    Gabby – 53 goals

  102. Grachev.
    # 72 – NY Rangers receive St. Louis’s 2011 3rd round pick for Evgeny Grachev.

    Steven Fogarty
    Ht/Wt:6.02/195 lbs
    Team: Edina HS (Minn)

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    “So we had 3 twos? Hmm. Ok, happy to hear it.”

    No, you’re looking at this wrong. We traded 2 picks from the 2011 draft. We have not traded any from 2012 other than our 6th and 7th (BFD on both).

  104. The Rangers have all of their 1st through 5th rounders. They moved their 6th to nashville last draft to move up and their 7th for John Mitchell. (A steal)

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    2012 being the draft that is upcoming, 2011 being the draft that just occurred, where we took JT Miller in the 1st round, then didn’t have another pick until the 4th (2nds traded for Erixon, 3rd for McCabe).

  106. DD,

    I’m not sure…… was thinking 7 more games to halfway point.
    We played No. 34 last night. 41 is half.

    I dont see Boyle or Dubi or even Prust heating up so much in the next week they turn around their disappointing totals.

    But hey, if Im wrong and it pro rates to more goals, good!

  107. Carp December 27th, 2011 at 1:14 pm
    I guess one of the arguments for/against a defenseman is, do you give up defensive play to get a shot from the point? because you’re probably not going to get a PP guy who’s any good defensively. and I’m not sure a big shot (Caber!) is worth sacrificing the backbone of this team.

    Honestly I think we’re better off with what we have on D provided they finally get healthy. I think it’s worked out with all these guys stepping in because they can all play defense to some extent. None of them are defensive liabilities like McCabe was when he came over here last season. Really depends on Staal and Sauer. Because getting those two back into the lineup is better than any trade they can realistically make this year.

  108. thenyrangers New York Rangers
    Torts on John Mitchell: “he has played really well…he has pushed some people out of the lineup”

    Ummm. wonder who that could be?? Oh and this is good to hear…

    KatieStrangESPN Katie Strang
    #NYR When asked about the plan for Wolski once he returns, Torts said it’s not a given he will be back in lineup.

  109. “2012 being the draft that is upcoming, 2011 being the draft that just occurred, ”

    Haha. okay. got it. So we’re in good shape.

    Cause those rentals always seem to net a 2nd.

    Mitchell was a good deal for a 7.

  110. HWirth brought up a good point earlier about the Caps needing to make some moves. I assume they want to move that Semin contract (I have no interest) but maybe they want to move some useful people? Ward, Knuble, Laich, etc…

  111. From the Tweets going on this afternoon, it looks like Bickel may be out if his eye doesn’t open up enough by tomorrow. However, Woywitka is ready to go so the two may be swapped.

    And so we’re adding “future Rangers all-star” Shea Weber to the ‘out indefinitely with a concussion’ list…As if there wasn’t already something to be said about the concussion epidemic this season now the NHL is without the best forward AND the best defenseman they have in the league..

  112. Yup! Good call James. I will take Staal and Sauer and even Eminger over what’s realistically available and affordable.

  113. Looking at the draft… something new and different to discuss.. There has only been 1 traded 1st rounder and that’s Lanche to Caps for Vlramy.

    But there have been 8 trades involving 2nd rounders. 1st rounders = gold. 2nd rounders = Value? Or is it just a coincidence?

  114. This concussion list can never be too long (Sigh!)

    gregmillen Greg Millen
    John Michael Liles on IR. Concussion symptoms.

    TSN_Sports TSN
    Kings forward Gagne sidelined with concussion: Go to TSN.ca for details. #TSN bit.ly/vXDPRc

    This is worst one because Gagne has a history already with this.

  115. I doubt Bread & Butter (Bickel) has a concussion. He probably does have some face issues. He got pounded.

  116. If Bickel’s eye had any light go through this am, I’d be very surprised…However, he might be better by tomorrow.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    If you took all of the players with concussions and made one team out of them, they would dominate the league.

  118. I don’t see the NYR making a splash for a rental this year. The culture on this team has changed. And there seems to be a unity this team hasn’t had in years. I think adding a rental would be the last thing this team needs. Injuries may prove me wrong, but there is something special here. Every player that has been called up has played an effective role. How likely was that? I was worried about Avery getting scratched, but you can’t argue with the results.

    This team is special.

  119. Speaking of games, the NHL season is way too long.

    I’d love if they could play every night, but man……..

    34 games in means we have almost 50 to go before starting the playoffs.

    Kinda crazy….

  120. Doodie…. It’s not even the amount because I like that they are taking no chances and calling even the slightest ding a concussion. Good. It’s the amount of guys out long-term with them meaning they got ding felt bad at first but haven’t been able to bounce back. And the amazing one is Giroux is back and I thought he took one of the uglier ones I’ve seen.

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    Rod, but it allows for teams to have bad stretches and rebound, and it limits the possibility that one hot stretch of play allows some fluke team to make it in.

  122. I doubt there is an epidemic of concussions this year…It’s just better, more cautious, and early means they diagnose it this year. Perhaps even somewhat over-diagnose. Not a bad thing at all. It’s expected that the pendulum would swing that direction while they are working on all other ways to prevent it.

  123. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Philly with Staal on their D would be Stanley Cup Favorites? Really doubtful anyone, other than Vancouver getting revenge, will be able to stay with Boston at the end, the way things stack up right now. Just my ratings, I know, and just for December, but the focus is getting clearer with each passing week…

    1. Boston 70% share
    2. Vancouver 63 %
    3. NY Rangers 59 %
    4. Chicago 58 %
    4. Detroit 58 %

    6. Phila 57%
    7. Pitts 54%
    8. San Jose 51 %
    9. Minn 49 %

    These are not my top-nine ranked teams in the league, these are just the nine teams I started keeping track of on December 1st. So that San Jose and Minn no longer deserve top-contender status, off their play this month.

    As for Staal on the Philly blue line making them Cup favorites, hard to see how that would be the case. Philly’s strength is in its scoring forwards, their D could use more scoring output in the even strength area. Staal, we remember, is not an offensive defenseman. He is hard-pressed to approach 10 goals in any given healthy year.

    Now if you want to speculate what MDZ would add to the Philly D from the standpoint of offense and what they need, maybe I could go along with you, although going against Boston to win it all right now looks like folly. The Bruins are going to have to get critically injured or unlucky from this point forward to screw it up.

  124. If the treatment of concussions continues like this the league will have to expand the rosters to 350 players per team because everyone will be under observation at all times

  125. Ilb – I agree with you there. What they call a concussion today not even 5 years ago you wouldn’t even miss a shift let alone the 90’s and before.

  126. HWirth & Ilb – I heard Bobby Holik talking about concussions and he was saying that as the league learns more about concussions he learns more about his history with the game of Hockey. He said he remembered 2 times in his career that he blacked out after a hit, felt woozy but got out there because he didn’t want to miss a shift. Nowadays they are taking every precaution and that’s good but still something has to be done before this gets completely overboard.

  127. Manny – ILB – I would think what they used to call in hockey the flu. You know – the guy came in the locker room feeling sick or not himself and they said “oh you probably have the flu” wasn’t the flu.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    There are still plenty of guys playing through them. Star players are reporting them more because they know their roster spot is secure. But look at a guy like Colby Armstrong, who was caught lying to his team about it. There’s no guarantee he has a job when he gets healthy. I think that’s why there is such a disproportionate number of “star” players with concussions.

  129. I believe that “epidemic” will eventually settle down….And the players will benefit at the end…

  130. Doodie – You are a smart one! I totally agree that every player has to make that choice and it’s not as easy as people think. If I say I have a concussion 1. I could lose my spot. 2. I don’t have a long term deal – how does this effect my value? vs. What about my health when I’m no longer playing? Not as easy and simple as people think.

  131. Doodie Machetto on

    I think the most interesting theory I’ve seen as to the rise of the number of concussions was the crackdown on obstruction. The game is so much faster that the collisions are so much more violent than they used to be.

  132. Yea that probably is it HWirth. The Flu. Now they think that every player has a concussion. It’s like how any girl in college goes to the infirmary with any illness and they immediately assume she’s pregnant. Stereotyping. Maybe the analogy is bad but…you know.

    That’s my point, Doodie. Obstruction. Bring it back in certain areas of the ice, make the ice slightly bigger and maybe bring back the two-line pass rule. The game can be fast east-west just not north-south. It’s too dangerous

  133. That’s a big part Doodie.

    Don’t discount the equipment, elbow & shoulder pads almost made of steel.

    And a lot is headhunting, or chin-hunting, at 30 mph.

    and some guys are really good at it.

  134. Doodie – You are on a roll. I think the new rules have caused a lot of the problems. Yes. The players do need to respect each other more today. But, two simple on ice fixes would help a lot. 1. Let the goalies play the puck again. That would eliminate the free runs on defensemen. 2. Allow the bear hug back in hockey which is around the boards instead of pushing the guy to get him off the puck you literally bear hug him and turn him so he looses the puck.

  135. Philly would not need Staal to score they need d men who can defend and get the puck out of there own zone quickly and efficiently and that is what Staal does best. Staal would be the FLyers best 5 on 5 d man day 1… yep….Coburn is not better then Staal defensively, is Lilja(he is awful). Timmonen on a big strong stud forward, nope.

    Staal would make the FLyers a very tough out, the FLyers do not nee doffense they need defense..

    I only trade Kreider for a stud who is a few years older, I do not trade Kreider for Iginla a Tony Amonte rental situation all over again Nope.. Again Kreider is making the NHL the only question is how good he will be Dustin Penner or Bobby Ryan…

  136. Yes – that was another part I was complaining about. Equipment. The human body is built to withstand impact from other humans. Not to withstand the impact from a rock hard, jagged piece of plastic flying at 35mph. That is dangerous

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    Rod, I hear you, but some of the recent ones have just been collisions with teammates. How do you prevent that?

    I think a few things might help. #1 is mandatory mouthguards. #2 is no hard plastic on shoulder or elbow pads. #3 is a mandatory chin strap tightness. None of the loose hanging crap like what Sauer had.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    “I do not trade Kreider for Iginla a Tony Amonte rental situation all over again”

    If I could guarantee you that trading Kreider for Iginla wins us a Cup, you wouldn’t make that deal? Obviously I can’t make any such guarantee. I’m just curious what you think.

    I hated the Amonte trade, but we won a Cup afterwards. It’s really hard to question a Cup.

  139. You can’t. I agree on all your other ideas, but the NHLPA almost certainly won’t agree on mouthguards. I’m not sure how much weight they’d have if push came to shove, but players (myself included) absolutely hate them.

    It is strange how many concussed guys crash into teammates though, isn’t it?
    I can remember before Lindros went down for us he crashed into Mike York, that started the ball rolling again for him. And LaFontaine ran into Mike Keane, bad.

    Simmons got Giroux with the knee.

    Tough game out there.

  140. I just want you guys to know, that I’ve invented my own formula to rate how good every team in the NHL is. Despite my lack of credibility I believe the NHL will be using this within the next 8-900 years.

    Take the amount of goals for and divide it by the amount of wins the team has. Then multiply that by the regulation losses and add overtime wins. Once you do that you have to multiply by .8 because that’s the legal limit for drinking and driving. Take 18 percent of that number and add it to the amount of points the team has. Throw Pi in there somehow preferably 3.14 as opposed to 22/7 just so that we can simplify things and whatever you come up with is the actual amount of “REAL ACTUAL NHL WINNING POINTS” each team has. By my calculations we aren’t that good, but we’re close…

  141. I like the way Stralman has been playing, I feel he will get better. He will stay I think even when or should I say if everyone gets healthy. Erixon will be sent down mainly because of his age. It won’t hurt him to get some more experience. Other than that I have no idea what happens. Bickel certainly hasn’t hurt the team and he brings some nasty, which they have needed. DZ is a given he has been the player Gord Clark has been saying he would be, this season for sure. I am more worried about Sauer’s recovery I read somewhere there is a history of concussions in his family, I think it was his brother that had to stop playing because of a concussion. I could be way off base on that though. Hopefully he comes back soon, he has been a rock on D since he has come up. That leaves Eminger and woywitka, both have been pretty good filling in when they are needed. What happens there?

  142. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It is highly doubtful there is a rental deal that will bring any team not named Boston Bruins the Cup this year. The best deals are the ones GM’s don’t make.

    Here’s the deal. You can trade a kid for an ace vet and maybe get lucky and win a Cup. Or you can keep your young, skilled, maturing nucleus together and win multiple Cups. Winning multiple Cups is where the focus should be, right now, for the Rangers but with an aging GM coming up on retirement, he may opt for the short-term winning of one Cup legacy they all want when they are almost gone.

    It is hard not to be selfish and self-serving when the tempation to go out in a blaze of glory is right in front of you. Imagine if he trades Hagelin or Kreider or MDZ for an Iginla-type? What a black day that would be. Worse than December 23, 2012, IMO.

  143. LMAO, JamesG…

    Eddie is on sabbatical since his semester is over. I should’ve taken one too, that’s the only 2 week break I have from students the whole year….I miss eddier3 though.

  144. Hockeymon: Here is what I think should happen there – dress 7 D-Men. I wanted it to happen last year and I will still want it to happen. It would be great to lighten the load on Girardi and have 7 guys ready to go at every game. It’s not like our 4th line guys see a ton of minutes.

    Noah: Isn’t that pathetic? Nothing on Lokomotiv. NOTHING. Boogard, Rypien and Belak.

  145. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hey Jimmy Big Mouth –

    Maybe you would like to share with us how and why the Boston Bruins are not the best team in hockey, right now?

    We know it won’t be mathematical, because you get Pi mixed up with apple strudel, but we do know it will surely give the expression “shooting from the hip” a superficial spin not previously detonated upon the hockey intelligentsia.

  146. Glad to hear it Sally … I mean about the reloading. But I also think we can count on some outdoor retro fisticuffs in the ballpark.

  147. Lindros would probably get the concussion … and probably get slashed and highsticked by Clarke … then beaten up by Schultz.

  148. Manny…I agree with you, but Torts doesn’t seem to think like that plan. To me it makes sense though. Girardi and McD need a rest. Girardi for sure needs a break he’s been playing to many tough min. to long.
    As far as trading young guys for a vet like Iggy, I am totally against it. I have seenthis outfit do that to many times, and get nowhere. I preach patience, and I also have a good feeling about the young talent with the Rangers now, and the future guys that are in the system. Gordie Clark knows what he’s doing. It’s great to see the changes that have been made since he has come to NewYork. To see them trade any of the core of this team would be a disaster. I’m sure there will be trades made, but keep the guys that are going to get you there, unless there is an abundance of good players of one position. Then sure every player deserves a chance to make it.

  149. “The Rangers lead the NHL in fighting majors with 30, or almost one per game!? What in Holy Hell?”

    haha. love it. the Broadway Bullies. and it works, as they are winning more than they have in a long time.

    Beat em’ in the alley, and on the scoreboard.

  150. That’s not true! ESPN did a story about Clint Malarchuk getting his throat cut. They like it when it’s sensational.

  151. The fighting majors stat is kind of hard to believe, especially when I think of the game they played the Blues. They certainly didn’t look very tough that game.

  152. Geez, read the first half of the comments and theres a lot of hating going on towards Avery. I’m pretty sure when he was called up back from the Whale and played the 5 or 6 games (or whatever it was) he didn’t do anything to hurt the team with the minimal ice time he got. No stupid penalties, and actually put a few in the net. I get there are other guys in the lineup doing more for the team which obviously takes him out of the mix, but you guys act like he’s the one who concussed Staal…wtf?

  153. Espn had a one yr. option at $60 million coming out of the lockout, and they DECLINED it. they said they did not want the NHL, and the Versus contract came out of that situation

  154. Me too, Sally. I am laughing pretty hard. So many things I want to say…..but won’t! I am way too mature for that! Right, ilb?

  155. I’m waiting for Mama to nosepaper everyone.

    This conversation goes really well with Carp’s suggestion for the Rangers new motto. What was it? “Balls as big as this building”?

  156. I just looked at Gagne’s concussion history. He’s had multiple concussions diagnosed since 2003. Including one pinched nerve in his neck.

  157. John Tortorella, April 18, 2011, on Dan Girardi:

    “When I first came here, I was calling him Joe Girardi, no lie, for a whole meeting. … but he is one of the more underrated players in this league, I’ll tell you that right now. With Staal and him, I think Marc sometimes gets a lot of the notoriety. Danny wasn’t drafted and all that stuff. But he’s a good player. He continued to get better.

    “He’s got balls as big as the building as far as what he does—the shot he blocked on that 3-on-2 and the guy came in late, that’s a huge play. And he moved the puck very well. He is one of the most underrated players in this league.”

  158. Okay, that DEFINITELY sounds more Tortorella-y than Carpy. Whatever I’d totally buy a shirt with that on it.

  159. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Smalls –

    Thanks for your right on the mark input re Aves. Never in my time as a sports fan have I seen a coach or a manager biased against a player who comes to play. It’s like Sparky Anderson putting Pete Rose in the doghouse over a personality clash, or something. Not that Avery is/was on that level of stardom, but you get my point. This type of athlete used to be highly respected and well-treated for his intangibles as well as his production added to the cause.

    All the time we hear about his one or that one who is all washed up having value as a clubhouse “mentor.” That sounds like Aves to me, except for the washed up part. Yet, he is despised by so many. Guess you have to be a sweetheart personality to qualitfy to mentor the kids.

    The guys who bring a lunch pail and pull their weight are vastly outnumbered, these days by the snorters and cop-out mercenaries who dog it and fake it and who grudingly give back as little as they have to. All Aves ever wanted to do was give his best. I never saw him dog it on the ice for one minute. Never saw him back down from a challange, one time. And now I don’t hear him complaining, although this has to be quite painful for him.

    Have a nice evening.


  160. Well, Boom Boom, we finally got to the heart of Tortarella’s coaching. He ranks his players, and give them ice time, based on ball size. That explains the hatred of Avery I guess. It also explains the “buffalo incident.”

  161. a wicky (of course)

    oh, well, this makes it all so much better don’t you think…(from FB link)

    In ESPN’s defense, both Erik Johnson and Victor Hedman‘s goals on their own nets shared the No. 6 spot for this year’s goofs, while Zdeno Chara and Tim Thomas were featured kissing the Stanley Cup. (writer was being sarcastic, fyi…..)

  162. Just finished my first concerto for the theremin. My plane leaves in a few hours as I’m performing on New Year’s Eve with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra- pretty nervous, but excited as well. Stinks, I’ll probably miss Weds and Friday’s games but Mjinga assures me the Winter Classic will be viewable via satellite TV link because I’ll be off on safari the following day — Tanzania. Should be pretty cool watching the Blueshirts under a the magnificent starlit sky in the middle of some remote savanna of the Serengeti. My Swahili is a little rusty, but I should get by. See youse soon!!

  163. billybleedsblue on

    dde that’s really amazing. be careful though, the Radio Frequencies created by the Theremin may affect ball size.

  164. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Speaking of Pete Rose, and no one else is, but of his many insightful quotes, one of my favorites is the time a reporter asked him if he was tired, following a game. Pete said “I should be tired after a game. If I’m not tired after a game or after a shift at work I haven’t done my job.”

  165. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Manny are you bi-polar? Because you surely blow hot to cold to hot to cold from day to day. Might be time to pull those meds down from the shelf.

  166. and I just learned what a theremin is….who knew? Manny, you and ddeb should get together and start a band :)

  167. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    That’s exciting DDEB – Checking the Vienna Philharmonic web site, I see they are offering CD’s and DVD’s for this upcoming New Year’s Strauss program. Maybe you can share something with us, here.

  168. billybleedsblue on

    It’s funny how you’ve no doubt heard a theremin being played but wasn’t sure what it is. It’s really obscure as far as instruments go. There’s a bit of shady spy-world stuff involved with it too.

  169. dde, that is awesome. I had no idea …

    Good luck and enjoy it! Just make sure you can get onto your favorite hockey site while there.

    Boom Boom, I can think of a few … Billy Martin-Reggie Jackson (and others), Bill Parcells and many, Ted Sator-Pierre Larouche, Mike Keenan-Doug Lidster, Mike Gartner, James Patrick, et al., Tom Renney-Petr Prucha. I think Larry Brown had it in for somebody, but I can’t remember who, with the Knicks.

  170. i do not trade Kreider for Iginla under any circumstances.

    I trade Kreider for Bobby Ryan because Ryan is about 3 or 4 years older not 13 years.

    I trade Erixon(obviously he is not going back to Calgary) but someone like him, a 1st , and another good not great prospect for Iginla because he has this year and next on his deal…That is it…

    MDZ I do not trade under any circumstances……The rangers D corps has had a ton of injuries but up front they have lost no one of importance for anytime. cally, gabby, richards, stepan, aa, dubi, etc, 1 game missed.. this team does not have enough scoring depth to absorb one of there key offensive guys going down that leads me to think they need at least 1 more legit forward who can score 20+ in his sleep……..

  171. Boom Boom, I hate it every year at this time when I have to submit my baseball Hall of Fame ballot and see all the guys who couldn’t carry Pete Rose’s jock getting votes. and some getting inducted.

  172. dde – is it April 1st already!? Theremins are pretty cool though.

    Boom Boom – Just because I said something disparaging about Mr. Sean Avery doesn’t mean that I need to be medicated. What kind of police state are you trying to create here!?

  173. Manny – Thought it was pretty obvious, maybe not. I’d better ‘fess up before BBB spends $15 on a DVD and exposes me as a fraud.
    Theremin > Cowbell

  174. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Good examples, Carp –

    Maybe I should qualify on the basis of: justification. I will agree Reggie was a gamer, and how, but his attitude was all wrong for a Billy Martin ball club. When Reggie failed to hustle that day in Boston, he was, in effect, challenging his manager and trying to take control of the club from the manager. That was one of the dumbest maneuvers I have ever seen any athlete make.

    Couple more examples, how about Magic Johnson getting Paul Westhead fired? I like Magic but that was over the top. Also, I recall Vince Lombardi, and this is classic Lombardi, getting all over LB Dave Robinson, who had just made the game-saving interception vs. Dallas to get Green Bay into the Super Bowl, for – Being out of position – on that interception. This is fascinating because if Robinson had been where he was supposed to be, Dandy Don and the Cowboys would have gone to that Super Bowl.

    So that some, like Martin and Lombardi, and that great manager John McGraw, have a compulsive need to be in control which is at least the equal of their compelling need to win. Ah, yes, Leo The Lip, too, I don’t think his ballplayers talked back to him, either. I think we can add John Tortorella to this group of prideful, control-freak leaders of men.

    My point re Avery is that he is a team-first player and leader, not a rebel or maverick, like some, but not all of the examples you cite.

  175. I thought it screamed of obvious. But it was awesome nonetheless. The people around here just love and support you so much….

  176. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    What was it John Lennon penned about “plasticine people?” Tell us, DDE, as I assume you played the cowbell on Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, too. lol.

  177. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Reminds me of a conversation I overheard in the Old Garden, one night. Someone was talking about a friend of his who liked both Opera and hockey, and observing how rare that is.

    A Ranger fan playing with the Vienna Philharmonic is akin to a Teamsters trucker performing with the Bolshoi Ballet in Swan Lake, if you know what I mean, for credibility.

    You boys are making a my night a panic!

  178. You’re not winning this one, Manny…

    Lev Termen, the guy was brilliant. Some say in Russia certain things he invented we will never know, KGB put ’em under big secret and still uses some of it.

  179. James G (Jimmy big mouth) on

    Well, I can’t comment on Avery, but I’ll say this…I’m kind of offended over the Pi and apple strudel remarks. I worked extra hard in 8th grade math. In fact a couple more months and I will have graduated. Plus I don’t care for strudel. I’m more of a chocolate chip walnut cookie guy. Prust sayin’

  180. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Funny you say that, ilb2001 –

    the Three things I miss most about NYC, (and I live 300 miles upstate from the city), is The Metropolian Opera, The Rangers, of course, and Belmont Park. And they all need my support, I’m told. lol.

  181. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hey Jimmy, if you prefer popcorn I can always put you in my popcorn machine – when the mustard’s off the hot dog. lol

  182. James G (Jimmy big mouth) on

    -39 game seasons

    -international rinks

    -Real actualy percentage winning points to determine playoff seeding.

    Take it to the bank. With apple strudel on the side.

  183. ilb with the new thing you learn every day! :) actually, that’s two things for me…the instrument and its inventor…

    Only here folks, only here….:)

  184. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    You are right Jimmy, at least this family is not as disfunctional as my own. Love you bro. lol

  185. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The “progression” of NHL season length goes: 36-50-60-70-74-78-82. Dammit, anyway, should have quit at 16 teams and 70 games, and TWO teams making the playoffs. lol.

  186. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Anyone need tickets to the Jimmy Hoffa / Bolshoi Ballet fundraiser? Jimmy plays the swan, owing to his considerable swimming agility. Let’s just hope he doesn’t “tank.”

  187. Boom Boom- looks like NHL tried to use Fibonacci numbers to recreate their schedule over the years. Except they got it mixed up with Tiramisu….:-)

  188. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    That would work for me – a Fib. schedule whereby the Rangers play on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 13th, 21st, and 34th of the month.

  189. “Higgins, who ranks fifth in team scoring with 10 goals and 12 assists, has enjoyed a career renaissance since joining the Canucks at last season’s trade deadline.”

  190. Mama, I just had this feeling that you would really like that one. And I get to see you in less than a week and I’m super excited!!!

  191. No seriously, like, really excited. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow’s 24/7 so I downloaded all the episodes from last year’s. Man, Cooke is such a turdmuffin.

  192. Dreger came out again the other night and said Calgary isn’t entertaining offers for Iggy,
    for what it’s worth.

    They’ve climbed back in the race – 2 pts out – and don’t have to move him, he’s a ufa next year. Seems to be the same situation every year, the races are so tight its hard for teams to sell off.

    And I’m not sure how it affects teams like Columbus (18 pts out) Anaheim (14 pts) and Edmonton (7 pts). Do they wait and get a better return closer to the deadline?

    What if their guys get hurt? Hmmm.

  193. Blech….waste of a side, I say.

    NEW YORK – As the countdown to the 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic continues, the Empire State Building will celebrate the much-anticipated outdoor match-up between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers by shining its world-famous tower lights in Rangers and Flyers colors on Wednesday, Dec. 28. The east/west sides of the building, with west facing Madison Square Garden, will be lit in the Rangers’ Blue, Red and White, while its north/south sides, with south facing the City of Philadelphia, will be lit in the Flyers’ Orange and White.

  194. Think Sather makes a run at Parise on July 1 with next year’s available cap space if he doesn’t re-sign by then? Rather spend that money on Parise than Iginla.

  195. Mama, they’re probably doing blue and orange for the Knicks, and the NHL front office thought they could glom onto it for more WC hype … as if that’s possible.

  196. And if there is a remote possibility of Parise signing here next year, I wouldn’t spend a penny on anyone else this year except an expiring contract. I, too, doubt he will become available.

  197. with south facing the City of Philadelphia, will be lit in the Flyers’ Orange and White. That will look nice.

  198. >>>The Empire State Building is a traitor.

    I agree! Let them light up some crummy building in Philthydelphia with orange lights! We’re in New York, and our colors are red, white and blue!!

  199. I think you guys should tweet your dissatisfaction with this Empire State Building disgrace directly to the NHL and all of its twitter addresses.

  200. Evening gang!

    Getting ready to leave for DC really early tomorrow. I will send you all a shoutout in the 30 minutes I will be in NYC at 7am tomorrow.

  201. Anytime Latona!

    My trip means I will not be on the blog for the game tomorrow and instead will be the arena at the game. :) I hope they play better than the last time I saw them live!

  202. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Safe travels

    Do we need professor Langdon to interpret the NHL schedule?

    I thought after Gomez and Holik we all decided no more former devils?

  203. Sorry, Mick – I’ll still be awake when you’re getting up! Goodnight!

    Yes, Latona – I’ll be creeping around for thee rest of the night/morning! ;-/

  204. @Doodie wrote:

    Carl Hagelin was an impressive college player as captain of the Univ of Michigan team. He SURE looks like a SOLID NHL player, don’t you think? I think Kreider has a MUCH bigger upside than hagelin. He has the soft hands and speed of hagelin in a 6’3″ 225lb body!

    When you watch you tube highlights of Kreider, it is very hard not to get excited. Personally, I think the Rangers hit the jackpot with this kid. I think he is going to be an impact NHL forward! I think he will be on the rangers next year.


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