World Juniors underway


No John Tortorella pre-game presser. He spoke to the media masses after the morning skate today.

Meant to post this, you know, before the World Junior championships actually began.

But I didn’t.

It started today. Team USA plays Denmark tonight at 8 (your focus might be elsewhere, but you could theoretically skip MSG 150 to watch some of that game).

Sam Rosen’s kid, Matt, does the play by play on NHL Network, and my friend Dave Starman does color commentary.

Here’s the schedule from






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  1. Man, I know it’s slow around here when I carp myself, then come here a while later and get a first.

    Carp December 26th, 2011 at 5:33 pm e
    1850s, ilb?

    “Not funny.”

    Soft as warm vanilla gelato

  2. Stranger Nation on

    They should put Starman on MSG/Ranger telecast as color man and retire Joe to Versus to take Crazy Mike’s spot. Brooklyn in the House!

  3. Carp, wrong attitude. You’re not bringing that trash into my house.

    Of course you’re all right about WW. Soft as vanilla ice cream, doesn’t play physical. May I add his $3.8M cap hit and no place on this team next year? Except that it’s hard to deny that he can score, is only 25 and is playing for his place on the team, if not NHL next year. I expect them giving him a look on the L with Richards and if he doesn’t produce and back check, he will be done for good.

  4. Rod, you could look at it this way, though: Whomever is sitting in that seat is going to be under Dolan-rule. Or, at least until he sells.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Did someone reference Pavel Brendl and Jamie Lundmark today? Throw Hugh jessiman on that line for an all time BUST draft pick special.

    At is up with Rupper? Quickly read Brooksie’s piece on his lack of TOI in 3rd Period vs the filth.

    How bout sitting Wolski and putting in Aves or even Devo with Rupper for a real fourth line.

  6. Twas I who referenced Brendl/Lundmark – hardly think they would rather be in the NHL than showcasing heir abundant skills in the Spengler Cup right now.

    Update: Rico Fata’s powerhouse Team Canada squeaked past Marek Malik’s powercardboardbox Vitkovice 7-1 tonight.

  7. Do the Fishsticks need showing, ilb? They should be familiar with where they belong by now, having been there for several years.

  8. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Nuts, I had Trump down for buying the Dodgers and doing a franchise switch with the Mets, you know, as in reviving the Brooklyn Dodgers. No one has ever thought of that all the time Brooklyn has suffered its unbearable franchise loss.

    What would be wrong with having two MLB franchises named Brooklyn Dodgers and Los Angeles Mercedes, or whatever tinseltown moniker they come up with? Stadiums are named for corporations, teams going that way is next. You heard it here, first. lol.

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