It’s Go Time!


Game 34.

Rematch of Thursday’s 4-2 Rangers win.

Ya boys on a four-game winning streak. With Boston idle tonight, the Rangers could move into first place in the East with a victory.

Same lineup, other than Henrik Lundqvist in goal (Martin Biron beat the Islanders Thursday) and probably Jeff Woywitka (back from a foot injury) in place of Tim Erixon.

Marc Staal has been cleared for contact, but there is no timetable yet set for his return. He likely (speculative word) will need to have contact for a while and not have symptoms before being cleared to play, and then there is a matter of conditioning since he hasn’t really skated in game conditions since the playoffs in April.

Wojtek Wolski is also getting close to returning. The Rangers will have to make some roster decisions regarding him and/or Sean Avery and/or Erik Christensen soon. Avery and Erik Christensen will be prucha’d again tonight, Avery for the eighth game in a row, Christensen for the 12th time in the last 16 games. Woywitka’s return almost certainly means Erixon goes back to Connecticut.

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  1. I saw “Frodo is back” on my Twitter timeline close to the update for this post and I was thinking MZA. No, it’s the real Frodo on a Tweet from somebody else. :(

  2. Greetings ‘heads. Hope all had a nice Festivus & your feats of strength were memorable.

    Time for another fish fliet!!


  3. Hell yeah boy’s and girl’s. Let’s get this done tonight. Take the Islanders serious,but beat them. End of story. Stay out of the box, get it “screwed on straight” and win.

  4. They might touch on that later, ilb. Along with the first-place future-NBA champion Knicks.

    And, no Woywitka in warmups. So Erixon stays in.

  5. That may have been a smart penalty actually – looks there would have been a two on one otherwise.

  6. The Isles should know that Tavares’ knee isn’t connected to his foot. That would be DiPietro, Wang-kenstein’s monster.

  7. hey CCCP!!!!!
    and Sally
    and happy bday again to ilb

    and happy birthday to Carp!! (?)

    …..i’m tired now.

  8. anybody taping game?
    if so,
    look at Gabby’s breakaway.

    it looked as if his wrist/forearm was yanked by isle
    as he was about to shoot

  9. Hey jpg!

    Yeah I got a Sabres hat. Figured they deserved a *small* fraction of my love, too. New hat = four first period goals.

    Hold on though… I’m gonna go put my humongous big Dubi gloves on.

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




    Yeah baby , FIRST PLACE is comminggg!!!



  11. Strange period….The Isles seem to pressure them in the middle zone, tough to get any flow. Like their set plays….

  12. Hello, fellow ‘Heads….

    I still think PAP needs to be introduced to the House of Pain sometime during this game – he’s acting just entirely too cocky, the little carcillo…..

    Challenging Cally and Girardi – who does he think he is!?

  13. there you go Carp

    replay showed Gabby’s stick lifted
    no slash.

    i am content
    (as much i can be today)

    be more content with a goal or two
    and a Rangers victory

  14. Manny, I’m gonna do it. Lemme just get the extra 200 smackers I got lyin around here somewhere…

  15. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Because Milbury was a worse GM than Sather. And that’s the nicest thing I’ve said about Sather this year.

  16. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yeah, Knicks won a game. Dolan wants to cancel the rest of the season, before they play again.

  17. I know the Rangers are charitable and whatnot, but why do they feel like they need to make the Islanders look like an actual NHL team?

  18. Carp, that should be their new motto. 2010: It’s Just Pain. 2011: Balls as big as this building.

    Aaaand.. I’m off. Talk to you later, ‘heads!

  19. Good thing that period ended when it did – 30 seconds more, and I think they get scored upon.

    Too much puck possession in our zone by the fishies in that period – gotta play more in the other end in the 3rd!

    Bickel looks like he ran face-first into a truck! Holy cow!

  20. ok with the mentions of
    gainey and gomez
    it reminded of something i saw tweeted today

    there’s a column wanting montreal to fire its gm

    i’m just hoping the Sather can get him to take
    on wolski and ec in a trade before that happens.

  21. Bickel looks like his head was being used as a wrecking ball to knock down skyscapers! I missed that fight – did he get beaten that badly!?!

  22. There is a lot of stuff going in Montreal, jpg…I’m sure you heard, the mayor of Montreal wants French speaking coach….imagine Bloomberg insisting on Spanish speaking NYR coach. Or Yiddish? Hey, it’s NY

  23. ilb2001 a different one on

    Yes James. Anybody can block shots. Not many can duplicate the production of Gaborik at his best.

  24. 22 shots? Maybe 3 good ones. Maybe.

    Not a championship caliber offense, to say the least.

    And wtf is it with Richards?

    Some night he looks like he can barely skate.

  25. Bickel was the victim of a premeditated attack, then they fought.

    Guy got like an extra 12 mins I think.

  26. jpg’s sister
    is a witness to this statement
    MDZ is the best player on the ice.
    followed by Hags for finishing up
    and scoring those goals

    right now i’m peeved at Richards and DUBI
    for BAD decisions tonight!!!!!

  27. very pretty passing as Haelin’s hair flowed nicely across the ice and his strong, muscular, and youthful legs kept moving!

  28. Wow, just saw the Rangers shuttle dropping Avery and Christensen at the Hartford Megabus stop.

  29. Michael Del Zotto is showing what most of us thought we saw in his Freshman year. NYC got to him last year and coach Torts brought him down to real life again, got him away from Avery, and look what is going on!

    A lot of us said we would play well this year, but not this much~!

  30. i thought that there would be a security method
    where each name would have to be different
    and distinguished by email address.

  31. watching Cally before game went to commercial
    just makes me smile BIG that he’s our

    fire in the belly kinda guy!

  32. Rod – “Bickel was the victim of a premeditated attack, then they fought.”

    I was ready to post something very similar which actually used the same word – “premeditated”.
    However, I decided to get another look before posting.

  33. look, we have rules against imposters here and I’m serious about that. so cut it out. find a different name, and not slightly different.

  34. Now a bigger “Avery” chant and somebody yelled “You suck Tortorella.” Could you even imagine what’s going on in these people’s heads?

  35. Carp

    must be trolls in the crowd too
    who aren’t paying attention to the score
    and just want to see their Man play

  36. Do we really have to have Sam interrupt the game to announce the Foxwoods Final Five _and_ for him to interrupt the game to announce that he will soon be interrupting the game to announce the Foxwoods Final Five?

  37. ya know Avery would have
    blocket that shot,
    then went for a breakaway goal
    that would have been pretty
    that it would have counted as 2

  38. Anyone else see that MSG put the delayed penalty caption up when Nabokov got pulled?

    Gaborik stealing all Dubinsky’s empty netters this year.

  39. They play strong third periods because they are well conditioned, folks….Torts with no strategy.

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers first in the East. Black Hawks first in the West.

    What a Finals THAT would make!

  41. Keeping players conditioned is not strategy, it is coaching. The set plays that lead to Gaborik breakaways are strategy. 1st in the East!

  42. Rangers won this one with their “C” game. and made it look pretty easy thanks to Hank. I’ll take it.

  43. And that is a shutout.  Hey can you tell me who is in first place on the Eastern Conference with 48 points?

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Were Number ONE!!!!

    First Place in da East…who’s da boss ’round here,,,,


  45. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Nice win, but dammit, coach, anyway – Hags has to score ALL his goals at E.S? Talking about his getting an insulting – 15 SECONDS – on the Power Play. What the puck does it take – what, he can’t score with more open ice? Really?

    Wake up Torts!

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Na naaa naaa naa heyy heyyy Numberrr oneeeeee!!

    were #1!!!!

    RANGERS rule!!!!

    Yeah baby , oh yeah Carp I knewwwww what ya were gonna sayyyy!!


    Next game is Capital , Pound ’em down to the ground!!

  47. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Olga – The Black Hawks are going to have to get beyond Detroit and Vancouver to get to the Cup finals; the Rangers have a monster-team from Boston to contend with, an infinitely tougher assignment, as of right now.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Chicago sucks , who caressss aboutt sum dumb azz western team…really now.

  49. did not read the comments above. Erixon played good tonight. rangers played bad but still won, good sign.

    Boyle has the slowest release in hockey. they kept most of the traffic to the outside and let Henrik do his thing. hagman should rent a apat. he is spending the season in NY. Del Zotto another very good game….

    good teams win when they play avg or poor……..

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers win Rangers win Rangers win!!!

    Rangers won Rangers won Rangers won!!!

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    Boom Boom- it depends on who eliminates who first. Someone may do each team a big favor in the early rounds.

  52. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Chicago sucks, there are 29 teams that suck worse.

    Chicago is the best in the NHL right now. I don’t want them any better than that.

  53. guys if you haven’t noticed the Broadway hat gets passed by whomever gets it the night before. Since Henrik got his last game, he cant pick himself…

  54. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The Invisible Man, Fedostinko takes another game off: in 12 Minutes “action” he notches 1 shot on goal, and 1 giveaway.

    Can we get this bum on the road, please? He has other things on his mind besides playing hockey – like FAKING playing hockey.

  55. I do not think Rosen or Micheletti mentioned the name Fedotenko once this evening. Rangers in 1st…

  56. I love how this team is playing so well that all people can do is nitpick the foot soldiers who do everything asked of them and salivate over borderline 4th liners who no other team wants.

    Pretty damn funny if you ask me. And impressive at the same time.

  57. fedetenko will not be on the team next year. they will ad addtl high end talent on offense enxt year and no room for feds or wolski and others.

    kreider will make the team next year if not in March of this year.

  58. I think Hank had the hat from last win against Philthy, so he’s not getting it. IIRC Hank gave it to Hags last time he had it, maybe he didn’t want it to look like a “Swedish’ thing. Not a bad idea giving one of your Dmen some props either.

  59. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Of course, Olga, the Black Hawks could beat one of those two teams and not have to face the other. Boston is light years the best team in the NHL right now. The job for the Rangers, Black Hawks and the other contenders is to close that enormous gap between now and playoff time.

    A dose of reality is hard to take when your team is good but not quite good enough.

  60. Boom Boom

    what are you talking about? Fedotenko is a very good player who has done an excellent job here. He kills penalties, is strong on the boards and can put the puck in the net. You are just looking for more excuses to complain.

    How anyone can be complaining about Fedotenko of all people is beyond me. The guy is a role player and does it extremely well..

  61. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    How to you like JAM, stuart? Do you see him getting a shot at the expense of the Wolski’s and Fedo’s of the world, this year?

  62. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Oleo, after a slow start Fedo has gone into the tank, lately, just when the rest of the team has been beset with injuries, but yet, stepped up impressively. We need something more than just clocking in from Fedo and Dubi, to take that next step forward.

  63. Great win tonight!- I was anticipating the game being tied, but Hagelin put it out of reach of the fishies….

    This team is special.

  64. Another game another strong game defensively. They just comtinue to limit chances and score timely goals. Always a winning combo. Dz played terrific but the hat should go to Boyle for his efforts all game long. His block party to end 2nd was a symbol of this team.

  65. Boom Boom
    nice you’re excited
    but it’s late december
    with soooooooooooooooooooooo much more
    to play and soooooooooooooooooo much more that can happen
    the possibility that we do
    enter the playoffs

    just enjoy the moment.
    i’m trying
    and trying
    really hard!!

  66. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Dammit, Man, a “roleplayer” by definition, is a journeyman with marginal and limited skills. His goal scoring production is just above “bottom feeder” and maybe you can tell us why he has quit on himself and the team, lately, because I want to know.

  67. Fedotenko is LAST of the Rangers problems. Boom Boom is only complaining b/c he wants Mitchell and Fedotenko out in favor of someone younger so the average age of the team can go down. He believes that younger = better for some ridiculous reason.

  68. One thing to say Eurostinko is not “producing” (I’ll leave the argument about how much production is expected of him) but how exactly do we determine that he has quit on himself, whatever that means?

  69. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hey Mickey – The one who is here now is the one who is hurting this team, the one who is on the sidelines would have done better than one SOG and one giveaway on the night. The one on the sidelines is short on talent, and a hothead, ok we can agree there. But l;ong on courage and spirit and leadership qualities – you bet.

    You hang onto a soft vanilla ice cream cone on a hot summer day like Fedo all you want, because this guy has melted down.

  70. sean avery is terrible. why would ANYBODY want him in the lineup

    unless they root for another team

  71. ‘But l;ong on courage and spirit and leadership qualities’


    Funniest thing I’ve read all month Boom Boom. Thanks for the laugh.

    All Feds has to do is flash his TWO Cup Rings to said someone’s NONE and it’s Feds who has the last laugh.

  72. when is the holiday freeze on transactions over so we can wave goodbye to sean avery once and for all

  73. There IS no problem in DC, ilb. That they have no character doesn’t matter! It’a ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about the star offensive power.

  74. Evaluating anybody on the basis of the giveaway stat, especially over the course of 12 minutes of play in a single game, is as close to meaningless as it gets.

  75. Fedex-tenko is the kinda player you want on your team in the playoffs. The Rangers are lucky to have the kind of depth they do now.

  76. LW3H

    or SOG for that matter since he’s plays with Rupp and Prust who are both offensively challenged…

  77. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Oh Crap, Bob – Tonight’s game was typical of what we have been getting lately from The Invisible Man.

    Look, the team recorded 31 hits, he had none. The team recorded 19 blocked shots, he had none. The team recorded 9 takeaways, he had none. The team committed seven giveaways and he was charged with one.

    The team scored two even-strength goals, nothing to do with him. Better, it would seem, to come to his defense following a game in which he displayed some skill and desire, because he was on holiday, tonight, and has been for most of this month.

    Thank you.

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