Rangers-Flyers in review


Merry Christmas Eve!

The lead to my story in The Journal News and LoHud.com today was this:

“Laughing all the way.”

Because the Rangers go into the holiday break dancing, off four straight wins, three fairly decisive divisional victories in four nights, and in first place in the Patrick Division.


1) Anton Stralman. That was a Gilles Marotte hip check right out of the 1970s. Then a TD pass to Marian Gaborik (for his NHL-leading 21st goal). Liked the way John Tortorella said that when Stralman got here, he didn’t know him, and that when he first saw him, he didn’t like him. Kid’s been good. Like all the defensemen who’ve subbed in here, including Steve Eminger and Jeff Woywitka, and down through Stu Bickel and Tim Erixon, and am I forgetting anybody?

2) What’s a Rangers-Flyers game without some hate? Although, I must admit, I think this whole Winter Classic/HBO thing is creating a bit of a kinship between the teams. Not that the bad blood is turning good, and that was pretty evident with Scott Hartnell taking whacks at everybody going off the ice, and Jody Shelley trying to get at John Mitchell, who had squashed him, and Brandon Prust buckling that big Bourdon fella, and even Brian Boyle grappling with Sestito.

3) I was kidding during the game that Sestito told Boyle that it was Festivus and time for the feats of strength, and that Festivus “is not over until you pin me.” So Boyle went for the takedown.

4) Speaking of Boyle and Prust, I got a clarification about “24/7.” I had questioned whether they were actually sleeping with the cameras and cameramen in their hotel room. Well, it turns out, HBO cleared everything with them and the Rangers, asked them what time they want to be awakened, had a key to the room, and literally went in and woke them up with the cameras. Wow. That is reality TV.

5) But I do think it’s a bit too much of a sell when the players come out to start the game in wool Winter Classic hats. Are you kidding me?

6) Stu Bickel, now 48 games away from Wayne Gretzky’s record point streak. Met the kid last night. Man, is he big. Seemed a little overwhelmed by the attention. But he sure isn’t overwhelmed on the ice.

7) Brandon Dubinsky’s getting there. He really is. Boyle too.

8) I wasn’t sure how Jaromir Jagr would be treated. Well, he was booed. I respect that.

9) I thought this was a really good bounce-back game out of Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin, and to a lesser degree Brad Richards.

10) In the third period, the whole place was chanting “Flyers suck!” It reminded me of my late great aunt Clare, who was a high school English teacher, an absolute die-hard Yankees/Rangers fan who took me to many, many games as a kid. I got her tickets to a game against the Flyers back in the 1980s, and she’d had a couple of pops during the game, and she was probably in her 60s back then, maybe 5-foot-1. And I was told that she got all caught up in the game and ended up standing on her chair screaming “Flyers suck!” So, when the chant went up last night, I thought of her and had a good laugh. Which was really nice at Christmas time.

11) Thank you to all of you Boneheads — the loud and loyal, the silent, and even the trolls. Last night we hit 10 million views. Not sure over what period of time, but since we started counting, I guess. Whatever that means, I won’t see a dime. But I appreciate it, and Sam Weinman I’m sure appreciates it, and your numbers ensure that I’ll be able to continue to do this (along with my other job). You guys rule!

12) I also heard, again, that at the college level, Chris Kreider continues to be a man against boys, and that his game and his skating are going to translate better in the NHL than in college. And I wonder if he will be coming and adding to this young team soon.

13) I always want to say something new or clever about Henrik Lundqvist (or Martin Biron). But it’s the same story every night. Excellence. You guy must be getting spoiled. Ditto for Block Ness Monster Girardi. Did Claude Giroux do anything against him and Ryan McMonster in this game?


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Stu Bickel.
3) Dan Girardi. 


AP photos, above.

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  1. Missed the game due to this thing they call Christmas. Really happy for the win and the bits NHL decided to show on the highlights.

    We’re not far away from being contenders for the big price, kind of scary… In a good way

    @Merry Christmas Boneheads!@

  2. Stralman led both teams in even strength time on ice. Bickel-boom led both teams in hits in just over 9 minutes ice time. Who are these guys?!??! (I know who they are but still!)

  3. Stranger Nation on

    Bickel is a keeper! Ideal D pairing once all healthy


    McIlrath can take time to develop with Pack. Auntie Em, willy wonka, Strahlman will have to work for TOI

  4. I thought the booing of Jagr was weak. he did not force his way out, and he did nothing but produce for the Rangers. they were a laughing stock when he came, and he changed that. booing was very weak.

  5. I’ve been a Ranger fan for over 40 years, had season tickets for 20 of them and consider myself very aware of everything that goes on. However, for the life of me, I could not explain to my son why Jagr was booed. He was a great Ranger and didn’t want to leave. He’s never said a bad word about the Rangers. I understand he is on the Flyers but saw no reason to boo him just for that. Is there something I’m forgetting?

    Great week to be a Ranger fan! Merry Christmas everyone.

  6. I can understand Jagr getting the kind of good-natured “he’s a Flyer now” booing, if that’s what it was (rather than the idiotic reception he still gets in Pittsburgh). He deserved some kind of brief acknowledgement though – would flashing up “Welcome back Jaromir” on the big screen during the first TV timeout have killed anybody (apart from wicky)?

    I thought Strålman was in his late 20s for some reason, not just 25. He’s been much better than advertised.

    Apparently, the coach is giving the players two days off now rather than strategising anything on his whiteboard. Unbelievable.

  7. Merry christmas to everybody, boneheads…I enjoyed last night first the great dinner at Zenzakan and the Game at Madison Square Garden….It took me until 4 even 5 in the morning but I dont care…..I dont understand the booing of Jaromir Jagr as well as he played great for the Rangers…

    Wonderful look on the standings Rangers first in the Division and 2nd in the East….

    once again happy holidays,


  8. Rockin game I thought Jagr was flying out there . Let’s go for 11 million views to reach the captain level…Gaborik did some flying of his own and it counted !!!!

  9. Great win against the evil empire!
    Will never understand Shelley’s complacency when playing the Rangers, he can demolish anyone on the ice, but gives a free pass every time.
    Lost count of how many chances Dubi had, missed some momentum.
    Erixon looked like a child being bullied on the playground.
    Bickle won’t see the Whale again this year..

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas. I watched the game with my son, priceless, but I’m pulling my hair out (whats left) trying to get him skating lessons. This sport is just so expensive, and we don’t have access to ice except thru the rinks.

  11. Carp,

    Heard the very same on Kreider’s game, that it’ll ‘translate’.

    That he has Dvorak’s speed inside Bertuzzi’s body.

    Most important, because physical advantages get mitigated somewhat in the pros,
    that the mental part of his game has matured (he was drafted as a high schooler),
    that he’s playing a complete game. Just remember, even if BC gets knocked out and he makes it here, and even if he makes an impact, he’s a lefty.

    Meaning Rangers still won’t have a one-timer for their power play, either from the point or down low. (the former may change as Torts finally sees fit to use Stralman at the point on the 1st unit). And without a good PP in the playoffs, you go nowhere.
    And that’s not me saying it, though it’s obvious enough.
    Messier said it again the other day.

    Be happy with the streak and all, they’ve earned it and played really well.
    Closer to their potential last night, which I didn’t think they were doing, even when they were winning.

    But this is not a championship offense. Overall, they play a playoff style, which should help a lot. But they’ll need a bit more scoring.

  12. Happy Holidays to all!!

    very nice way to go into the mini break…

    Anyone see Jagr’s quote from Last Night?

    “We had all of our skill guys out,” Flyers forward Jaromir Jagr said.

    Yeah and we are missing 3 of our top 5 d-men…your point???

    Nice to see the Rangers “take divison lead” as a top story on ESPN

  13. Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve Day all!!

    Carp, that review made me smile all the way through.

    I’m actually off to Philly today….think I’ll chant LGR all along South Street this afternoon :)

    Enjoy the weekend all!

  14. Gift of GAB-orik on

    HAPPY FESTIVUS AND CHRISTMAS EVE TO ALL!!! I’m really excited for the holiday… And the Rangers have brought me much holiday joy! Christmas spelled backwards is Crosby dives. Weird. Best wishes to all this holiday season!!

  15. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Thanks for providing this great forum for Rangers fans.

    Happy Christmas to you and all !!!

  16. merry christmas to all.

    i have had season tix for about 5 years now go to plenty of games but last night atmosphere being a friday holidays this weekend big game was as loud and it felt like a game 3 or 4 of a playoff series when the rangers would return home.

    as for jagr he did get cheered in warmups as I made sure i got there early but once puck drop came it turned to boos. two woman sitting in front of me had 68 painted on there faces both from czech republic. jagr is a hero over there and for me when he was a ranger he was great.


  17. Atta boy, eric!

    First place feels pretty good. I just like having a legit team. It’s pretty awesome.

  18. Leetchhalloffame on

    The fact that Jagr plays for the Philthies is more than enough reason to boo him. If he had signed with the Blue Jackets his reception would have been totally different. Anyone who puts on that slimy orange jersey deserves nothing less at MSG.

  19. Happy Festivus, Christmas Eve! And Hanukkah keeps rolling along!

    My friends and family won’t need to *hear* my answer when they ask me “So how are YOUR Rangers doing this year?” I’ll just point to my smile and then say…WHERE’S MY GIFT!

    BTW-Any word on Gaborik’s shoulder?

  20. thanks carp. merry christmas and happy holidays to all.

    if the rangers were more accurate with there shots, look out.

    this team can go far. they play playoff hockey year round. staal will help a ton.

    kreider can play this season. he can….go pro in March, the guy is a legit stud physical talent, the rangers can use the addtl. speed and size..

    if Henrik stays helathy the next 4 years look REAL GOOD>>>>>>>

  21. Good morning, boneheads!

    Merry Christmas Eve and happy holidays to all!

    I thought that the game ( even during the first period) had an intensity, physical play, and the skill level of two elite teams going against each other. I haven’t been able to say that for years. Very well, evenly matched against each other. Two ELITE teams. One had a better goaltending and won. Very proud to say it. I still think Boston is the team to beat, but it’s a huge step. As long as they do not start trading away their young pieces, we will be an elite team for years. And I don’t think they will.

    They will have a nice problem when all the D-men are healthy. Stralman, IMO, should beat this moment considered a regular. And not because of his hip check ( Kaspar was the last one I remember being good at it), but more for his offensive ability- the shot, the way he can skate, and his ability to pass. Bickel is likely to be 6/7 if he can sustain what he’s shown. Erixon needs more seasoning even though he is close to ready. Anything else- they’ll have to decide.

    I didn’t like booing of Jagr either. He is an enemy since he is a Flyer. But you don’t need to boo him. Why not boo every other Flyer then?

    Great review, Carp! And a great article ( thanks, Marjie)
    Carp, simple math suggests that 10M views are from around the beginning of 2008-2009 season.

  22. I didn’t agree with the Jagr booing.

    Like Scott said…he brought this franchise respectability after the lockout and played really well for us so i would never boo him.

    Nice job by Carp mentioning Boyle’s game last night. I thought he was really good against the Islanders but he followed that up with a good game against a much better team.

    And let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves with Bickel, okay?

    Merry Christmas!!!


  23. BANJ- it wasn’t his shoulder. That asshat hit him with the stick on his clavicle. If it was broken, I doubt he’d come back.

  24. When Jagr said “We had all of our skill guys out,” I think he meant out on the ice and not that they were injured. I could be wrong, though. Speaking of Jagr, he doesn’t look like he’s missed a step; he was one of the more dominating players last night. Having said that, I’m glad the Rangers didn’t sign him ’cause I like the direction this team is heading in, with the emphasis on developing homegrown talent.

  25. Can’t believe I got pinned on Festivus this year!

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.

    -Bickel has got some bickels. For sure. It’s nice to see these kids/guys come up here and fit right in. There was a time when it was quite frustrating watching everyone within the NJ system among others do that and seeing their ahlers basically play better than our “1st liners”

    -As for Lundqvist I’ll say it again. You can analyze the Rangers and Flyers and argue all you want about who has the better team and this and that but I think it’s quite clear who has the better goaltending. We’ve been blessed with a very special player.

    -If I was in attendance I wouldn’t have booed Jags. I think the booing has a lot to do with people who felt in their hearts that if he came back to the NHL he’d come back to NY. Was never going to happen as long as some other team was willing to pay him.

    -Carp, As I tell you when we wrap things up at the end of the year- Thank you. For all the efforts and entertainment that you provide for myself and all these knuckleheads. I remember your first entry here when you took over for Sam. This place has come a long way since then and it’s an extended family of sorts for many here. SO again- thank you. Merry Christmas. And I expect a rematch next Festivus!

  26. ilb, clavicle eh? I thought he would have more clavicle protection than let’s say a goalie. At least he’s ok. I hope.

  27. Hi folks… great game last night. It’s amazing how the defense is and has been holding up. Bickel, proof that if you just shoot good things will happen. I like this line up, they stick to the plan and work really hard. Who would have thought they would be where they are at Christmas.
    Enjoy the season

  28. Well, I’m sure we are still to get NNs to chime in today, so I want to mention this right away: I hope NOW you can see how @IRRELEVANT@ Avery, EC, and WW are to this team present and future. At the combined $6.7M of cap hit.

  29. To me, I still see Jagr as a Penguin that we had little answers for in the early 90’s. That 92 Playoff series still burns for me probably because it’s the 1st one I can remember in full and it’s also when I first started attending games regularly. And that’s to take nothing away from what he did here coming out of the lockout and making them matter again but for me it’s not on the level of someone that needs special attention for his return.

  30. erixon is doing ok but he is not ready on a team ready to compete for the championship. sending him down when guys get healthy is no biggie…

    bickell and stralman, we will see on them. time will tell. bickell in the d zone actually looks good, but time will tell.

    of couse Henrik is key, he is absolute elite. i do not watch every team and every game but he has to be top 5 at the worse……bryzgalov is not Henrik for sure. FLyers have the better offense by far but there D is suspect without Pronger. Lilja stinks and is slow.. timmonen is old and a midget, etc. There defensive flaws are hidden by there offense but playoff time that will change………

  31. I’m going over my Grandparents house today, with a big family get together, and I’ve been told I can’t watch the Jets/Giants game.

    Then some family is coming over tomorrow for Christmas, and I’m told I cant watch the Knicks game!


  32. Orr – That is rough. I should have aired this as a grievance yesterday but I’m going over to my wife’s family (they celebrate Christmas as I celebrate Hanukkah) w/o my wife as they called her into work for tonight. Normally it’s not a biggie as I like her family (she’s one of 6) but my evil mother-in-law will be there and she and I get along as well as Dubinsky and Jody Shelley. They should have HBO 24/7 cameras on that.

  33. Uh Richard it’s your dad, I found a good old squirrel that didn’t make it across the road yesterday. So I picked him up and brought him home. A nice juicy young one, good, had mashed potatoes with him and everything. Well we’ll talk to you later bub, bye.

  34. I’m going to my wife’s business partner house in the early afternoon. Then off to her sister’s house for the main festivities. HWirth- I’m Jewish, but celebrate both. One of the better descriptions of this country’s values could be the picture I have of my wife lighting the Hannukah candles in our house with fully dressed Christmas tree in the background.

  35. This team is an absolute disaster … they’re in second place for goodness sakes … which translates to first place loser in my book.

    Get your heads out of the sand and realize how far we are from being even remotely decent.

    Watching this squad is like watching a sloppy circus on the ice.



  36. I never forget the ring leader and his love affair with Erica.

    The other dsy I saw the two having English tea and then head off to paint some pottery together.

  37. Jagr saving himself for the playoffs. That’s reason enough to boo in my opinion

    Merry Christmas to all you guys and gals!

  38. We need to be proud to have Prust on hour team, folks. Fights the guy who is 30lbs bigger, TKOs him with one punch and immideately stops throwing ’em. I’m sure there is no player in this league who would say anything negative about Brandon.

  39. Carpy, you’re the man. You know who is a man? Charlie here, he’s a man. You know who else is a man?. I’m a man.

  40. Gaborik is fine. He came right back into the game. He was hit on the collarbone (is that the same as a clavicle?).

    HW, don’t forget that this coach doesn’t bother with strategy.

    Mr. Christy? WTB?

    I’m guessing Woywitka is first to return and that he replaces Erixon. Eminger and Sauer are going to be out a while. But who comes out if Staal returns?

    Nice problem to have.

    Good morning, Sally!

    And I meant I respect booing an former Ranger who signed with the Flyers. I think Jagr understands that. He was really, really, really good last night. Beast.

  41. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. I myself wouldn’t boo Jagr but I understand those that do. They are just letting him know they hate that he signed with Philthy.
    Carp. thanks for maintaining this site. I go to as many blogs as I can but yours is the best as far as I’m concerned. I started reading it about 2 weeks before Sam passed the blog to you. Your observations often match my own thinking and I love your stories from the past.
    A toast to Aunt Clare FLYERS DO SUCK. BONEHEADS ROCK! My cat just hurled off the back of
    my desk! It’s go time.

  42. Merry Christmas Eve gang! How special is it to wake up this morning and see our team atop the Atlantic and in 2nd in the East. Yes, it’s a long season as Torts said, but it’s nice to savor over the next 2 days.

    Was a good, fun game last night and Hank was at his best, even with the goals allowed. And the defense, what can we say about them besides that they are doing it without 2 key guys. Pretty darn impressive.

    Carp, I want to thank you for making this place as awesomesauce as it is, and for allowing us to gibberish as well as talk serious hockey stuff.

    I have a zillion presents to wrap today, then it’s off to mass with the entire family and then my brother’s for dinner. Enjoy this most special day, gang.

  43. Carp, as always thanks for the insight. Happy Holidays to all!

    Carp, (or anyone) has there been a fight in a winter classic and do you think there will be one this year? Since the NHL seems to be frowning on the concussions and fighting I am thinking there will not be one. Then I say to myself it’s the Flyers and Rangers there has to be a fight.

  44. Sounds brutal, HW!

    GerryD, Yeah, Jagr saving himself for the playoffs, yet still scoring 25-30 goals, 70-90 points, and then being our BEST player in the playoffs, playing his heart out while guys like Gomez, Drury, and all the “important” players are nowhere to be found.

    Poor reason to boo Jagr!

  45. Carp, those are some amazing traffic numbers…most sites would be lucky with half that…something to be very proud of. What is the monthly number of page views?

    Happy Festivalus!


  46. Richard this is your dad. I wanna tell you I’ve been having trouble…with something getting eggs..chicken eggs.So we, uh. put a golf ball, cause I thought it was a snake, so we put a golf ball in there and they eat the golf ball and they can’t pass it, so it kills them. I found him, and he ate that golf ball, so he had it in his belly and I got my golf ball back. He’s not getting eggs, anyway. So, we’ll talk to ya later. Bye

  47. Thought the troll might get a kick out of Hank’s quote in the post today in regards to how this years team differs from the teams in the recent past….

    “We’ve got great @character@ combined with skill.”

    eat it Catch22!!!

    Happiest of holidays to all the boneheads!!!

  48. Johnny, should I have said Belmont? I honestly don’t remember if it was Aqueduct or Belmont.

    bobthebuilder, well, we’re around 175,000 this month, which is going to be more than last December. I think we topped 300,000 last April. It usually grows as the season goes along, and peaks at trading deadline, playoffs, breakup day, and July 1.
    yours truly,

    That piece of cooke Carcillo not only fought in the Winter Classic, he promised he’d fight in the Winter Classic. I’d be shocked if Prust doesn’t fight. He loves to do it, and you can’t get a bigger stage. Like Domi fighting at Caesar’s Palace.

  49. I thought the players coming out in the knit hats was cool (sorry Carp)

    Erixon had a tough night got pushed around quite a bit

    I guess I should give Slats some props here at Christmas time for all the bad stuff I’ve said about him he and the hockey staff have built a team that Rangers fans are proud of and the depth of talent in the or-GAN-i-zation is top shelf

    I think we all can be grateful this Christmas that Jim Dolan cares more about the Knicks than the Rangers so he stays out of the hockey folks way

    Dubi may have the worst luck of any player when trying to score a goal but he still plays hard and is a team guy all the way

    Could Coach Torts please go to GIANTS Stadium today and lace into the Giants like he did the Blueshirts between the 1st and 2nd period of the St Louis game? Please Tom Coughlin tell your team to “F’in SCREW IT ON STRAIGHT” Today

    Merry Christmas Carp and thanks for all you do here with your Ranger Reports.

  50. Three wins in a row against the 3 teams I hate the most. What a Christmas present. Thank you Rangers. And thank you Carp for best Ranger site on the web, bar none!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all. And of course, Happy Festivus.

  51. Merry Xmas to all!

    At the game last night with my 18 year old daughter. what a special night. LOVE this Ranger team. There is a special chemistry there. Props to Torts and GULP Glen Sather. The Rangers organization has done a tremendous job in scouting and drafting dept.

    So excited that Carp mentioned the possibility of seeing Kreider in a ranger uniform this year. go to youtube and watch that kid. DROOL! He has the speed of Hagelin and is 6″4′ 220lbs with soft hands as well!

    Can you imagine this team with a healthy Staal and Sauer.. Am I getting too excited?

  52. Carp,

    Congrats on the views. Love this site and always will. Happy Holidays to all, and let’s go Rangers!

  53. Just frame-framed The Hip-Check. That Flyers announcer between the benches was almost disemboweled! Yikes, lucky guy.

  54. A Festivus miracle indeed! But I’ll say one thing: how loud do I have to yell to the TV “HIT THE DAMN NET!!” for the Rangers to hear me? Especially when they’re about 10 feet away and they shoot it above the crossbar. I hope they don’t start to get too fancy and/or complacent.

  55. The Jagr booing was bush league! How can you boy the guy who holds the single season goals record ? The guy who left at the top of his game saying that he didn’t want to play for any other NHL team than the Rangers?

    Remember, these are same fans who chant “We Want Avery” when the Rangers don’t score the first goal at home….

    Man, Jags was a beast last night. Hasn’t lost a step!!! Best part is, the Rangers DON’T NEED HIM!

    I thought it was louder in there last night than any game since Jagr was on the team….IMO

    1st place….nuff said…

  56. Duker, don’t know if you caught my response to your comment last night, but, man, I miss Sam too. A great friend and a great writer who covered the Rangers with passion.

    He deserves all the credit for the success of this site. I just keep the lights on.

  57. Yes Carp, the collarbone is also known as the clavicle. I did get an A in my anatomy course this semester :)

  58. Richard it’s your dad. Just want to call to tell you I caught another snapping turtle by the river. he’s about 40lbs. Brought him into the house and he carcillo’d in the living room. So we’re gonna call him Crappy. Well talk to ya later, bye.

  59. Carp, not to dwell on it, but did you think that Meszaros’ nasty slash on Gabby should have been penalized, at the very least? I mean, if the league is serious about stopping deliberate stick-fouls, nasty crap like that (I can’t help feeling that Pronger taught Meszaros that move, BTW!) should be called, whether Gaborik scores or not, IMO…

  60. Jimbo, I only saw one replay … couldn’t tell how much of a whack he took. I’ll look at it again. I didn’t realize until later what actually happened because after the goal I was watching Meszaros crash into the end boards. Which was a shame.

    Morning, Sally? Have a but too much Festivus Cheer?

  61. OK, Carp – it was a bad slash, and it had *NO* chance of stopping the goal from being scored – to me, it was just a spiteful attempt to hurt the opposing player.

    Happy Holidays! LGR!!

  62. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    An effective power play and it’s complement, the PK, can put a team over the top in the post-season – providing there is equal force and efficiency in at least neutralizing opponents where the even-strength game is concerned. My research is showing that the even-strength game currently is accounting for 70 per cent of the scoring in the National Hockey league. How can you ignore that and subordinate it to special teams play which accounts for just 30 per cent of NHL scoring.

    Just as the bullpen is vastly over-rated vs. starting pitching in baseball, (80-85 percent of the time, dating to the mid-90’s the team with the more effective in-game Starter wins the game). Hockey seems to have its fascination with the PP, when in fact, just taking care of business at even-strength is your direct highway to ultimate success.

    The Rangers in December are now showing balance in these two critical areas, which is preferable to the way they were living on their power play success until the last two games. They now show a 57 per cent share at even-strength, and a 59 per cent share this month on the PP/PK, vs. opponents. THIS is the way you win championships – by being able to beat your opponents both ways, not just one way.

    The Rangers are really coming up in the world if this impressive trend of balance and all-around skill continutes.

  63. Flyers are clowns dressed up as hockey players.

    I skip over their footage on 24/7 … can’t stand their smug faces … and don’t even get me started on that ridiculous song they play every time they win.

    Complete amateur-hour.

  64. let’s get it straight. he could have signed anywhere, but he said “his heart told him” to sign with the Philthy Flyers. if that is not an insult to Ranger fans, I don’t know what is. and he absolutely did cause his leaving the Rangers, by demanding a 3yr, $21 million dollar contract, that no one in the NHL was going to pay, so he took the Russian money and ran. so now the facts are straight.

  65. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t like Jagr in Orange. Just like I didn’t like Lindros and Brashear in blue. That Orange color is like a stink that you can’t remove.

  66. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Quite modest and humble of you to give Sam equal credit for the success of this site, Carp, when it fact its exponential growth during your tenure here is directly related to your extraordinary professional dedication, contribution and oversight. Let’s all stay on this track – you where you are – we where we are, until we can get the boys over the top of the ultimate mountain. It is coming into focus.

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp- you do much more than keep the lights on. You keep the place clean, and sometimes you take out the trash. :)

  68. Jags did like 99% of athletes do he went where the most money is. Save me the story of where ur heart is, that’s where all these guys get in trouble. Go make some money ur career is short just be honest about it. So that’s the reason for boos. He went for money twice btw.

  69. I am disappointed that Jager got booed. He was a class act while he was here – far better than any of the other mercenaries that came through here over the last 15 years or so. He should have been MVP. He wanted to stay, but at the time Sather didn’t want to give him a 2-3 year deal. I agreed with that then, but this would have been the third year of that deal, and he doesn’t look that bad. Water under the bridge. I like our team and have liked it since the lockout both with Jags and without him. For hes “Mike Milbury can kiss my a$$” send off, on his way to the KHL, alone should have gotten him cheers from the garden.

  70. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Giving lucrative three-year deals to players in the mid to late 30’s range can come back to haunt you. Slats not only did the right thing in the case of Jagr, but that decision started turning his and the club’s focus toward the youth movement which is now coming to fruition so impressively.

    I commend Slats for finally turning that corner. Had he not done so we would still be on that revolving door of turning over the Prospal’s of the world on an annual basis. So happy we got beyond that brick wall blocking our path to success.

  71. Have a healthy and happy holiday everyone!

    Maybe someone can help me out. I am looking for the hat that they wore in warm ups last night, and audio of Chico when we beat the devils in the playoffs and he had a homer meltdown because of all the Rangers fans in the building.

    Thanks for anyone that even looks :)

  72. Boom Boom,

    I followed your thoughtful post as best I could considering I just woke from a nap.
    Your point on ES isn’t lost, but the truth is one can often make the numbers say whatever they want to illustrate their point.
    ES/ST numbers become magnified at playoff time – and there are all kinds of repercussions when you are/aren’t successful (like teams taking liberties, usually against your best players).

    Simple truth is during the Sather era, the PP has been a disaster, save the Jagr years.
    It’s what kept them from the playoffs nearly every year they missed , what was it, 7, 8 years? (I’ve thankfully blocked most of it out by now).
    20th or worse, year-in, year-out. Right now we’re at 20th, 7th on PK.
    The percentages can be a bit higher or lower, but the ingredients need to be there most of all. Not everyone has Stamkos to put atop the faceoff circle and bomb away, but when you don’t have a one-timer high or low it becomes so predictable by nature it really shortens that space for the PKers.

    The other thing that kills this PP is they have no one to skate it thru the neutral zone, and routinely dump n chase on the PP, which I’ve always considered a semi-sin.
    Right now it isn’t hurting in the W/L column because of our D (really, adding a healthy Marc Staal seems almost ridiculous) and ES play.

    But it could well be what’s keeping us from a dominant record, and from advancing come playoff time.

    Merry Xmas & much thanks for everything Carp.

  73. Btw, many times fans booing the player are really booing the decision that led to the player returning in another teams’ uniform. I’d guess at least some of the booing last night reflected that, though you’d have to ask them one-by-one, which’d take some time.


  74. Nasty 1, lids.com has the winter classic hat…..i bought one already to go wit my Winter Classic Cally jersey

  75. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Interesting, 20th on the PP, 7th on the PK. But what if you combine the two, as they represent offense and D as regards the same entity?

    On that basis this team is doing extremely well in December (allowing for the fact that I started maintaining this stat on December 1st). They have racked up 856 points in this combined category, to 602 points here for the opposition vs, the Rangers. (Yes, on my own, not any universal monitoring system.) That is an impressive 59 per cent share.

    Can they keep it up? Will they regress to their pre-December level of mediocrity at best in this department, or have they turned the corner and come together? Over the next six weeks or so we will find out. Meanwhile we have to like the fact that they are “winning ugly” – see Phoenix game, see first period of Philadelphia game; winning vs. good teams; winning when obviously fatigued as a result of the brutal schedule; winning while decimated by injuries with a slew of back-ups who are working in seamlessly, and in some cases with a big splash. Lots to like here.

  76. anyone ever go onto a devils board? all they talk about is how Kovalchoke > Gaborik… LOL whatever helps you sleep at night!

  77. Catch, I got it at Modells, a friend of mine works there and got me a GREAT DEAL ($160) and he ordered me the Cally jersey bc they only had Richards……so I bought myself an early Christmas present!!

  78. Who cares if a few knuckleheads booed Jagr. I wouldn’t have booed him but he is now playing for the detested Flyboiz!

    I’m sure true fans appreciate what he did but it’s not like he won a Cup in NY.

    I doubt he’ll be losing any sleep over it

  79. Stu Bickel sure knows how to throw the puck at the net. That deflection by Stepan was SWEET! Thankful that our system is so deep we can play through so many injuries instead of making excuses for LOSING!

  80. Personally I think that Girardi and McD should stay paired up regardless of Stal’s return to the lineup. I think they are playing really well together.

  81. Carp,

    Can Chris Kreider play this season if that were in he cards? Wouldn’t his college season end after the trade deadline? Why was Gilroy not able to play after being signed? Confused and wondering–thanks. Also, merry and happy this and that to everyone.

  82. I agree Brian. I never liked pairing Staal with Girardi. They are so elite defensively we should spread the wealth!

  83. Rangers West, I remember Kyle Turris playing for the Yotes for six games or so after his College year ended, so Kreider could play if he signs, I suppose.

    Gilroy was signed around late April, if I remember correctl. So maybe you have to be signed before the deadline?

  84. And I also agree with Brian. If anything, start Stahl off slowly.

    I still think shutting him down until the last few games of the season is a good idea. Let him play a few, hopefully meaningless, games, to prepare him for the playoffs.

    Have to think long term here!

  85. unless rules have changed, you can sign one of your guys and play him after his college season/career are over. And he can play. Leetch did it. Gilroy was a different case. He was a UFA and I don’t think the Rangers thought he was ready to join them.

    Thanks for the kind words, guys and girls. Much appreciated.

  86. Orr – I’ve survived the nightmare scenario with the mother-in-law. Gave my brother-in-law (good guy on hard times especially financially) a Ryan Callahan Home Jersey which actually made him tear up – which was neat I could do that for him. That’s the good news. Bad news – my poor superstar wife is still at her restaurant and missed christmas dinner with her family. Hope her customers tip her wel.

  87. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Merry Christmas Carp & to all the boneheads on the best Rangers Blog & to all the New York Rangers that read our blog we luv you guys!!

  88. Vibz, thank you for directing me to lids.com. Don’t know why I didn’t think to look there. I got my cally winter classic jersey from sportsk.com. They are amazing, and stitch everything on, and are using felt lettering and numbering just like the players use on the ice.

  89. Erica Christensen on

    Merry Christmas, guys!

    I’m so lucky to have everyone here back me. I could never shoot wide that often were it not for your steadfast support.

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