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John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Michael Del Zotto:


Ryan Callahan:


Stu Bickel:


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  1. Repost:

    ilb2001 December 23rd, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Mama- ummm, I think you forgot mrs is Christian, so I celebrate Xmas as well. Not to mention it’s my 26th…

    Dde, jpg- sorry about what? My grandma would be 111 if she was still around. RIP. She is the reason I speak Yiddish fluently…

  2. Fellow BANJer…

    This is a pleasing sight:

    Very early days, I know, but it’s not inconceivable that the two of the Rangers, Flyers and Penguins will end up in the 4/5 playoff matchup (and possibly both with a much better record than the #3 from the SE). Much preferable to win the division for all three, you’d think.

  3. ha! ilb, you’re right, I did forget that…..duh!

    And may I be the first head to wish you a happy 26th!!!

  4. Hmmm. Just occurred to me, I’m heading to Philly tomorrow….maybe I’ll wear my Rangers jersey :)

  5. leetchhalloffame on

    Yeah baby! Great night anytime we beat the Philthies but even more so when it puts us in the division lead. Oh, and waive EC after the Xmas moratorium.

  6. Well, I’d stay up to watch the old boys, but since I know how that game ends, think I’ll just savor tonight’s win and call it a day…TA all!

  7. My assessment is that this team is composed of a bunch of underachievers who probably wear mascara on their days off.

    Would a good team have given up that second goal? Complete amateur-hour.

    That they’re one point off first place is the luck of the draw.

    Second rate – not second place – is how I best describe these no-talent clowns.

  8. a wicky

    Miami, can always count on your for the hard truth :) If Aves had been in, it would have been 6-0 (holy hartnell, I just blasphemed!!!!)

    Nite Bloga :)

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