Tortorella pre-game


Short and sweet.

Same lineup tonight. Jeff Woywitka re-injured his foot this morning and won’t play. Not sure if it’s now worse or if he’ll be out longer.

He talked about Martin Biron very briefly, and about  Mike Rupp. Wouldn’t answer questions on “24/7”

 John Tortorella:


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  1. See this is when Avery should absolutely be in the lineup. I have no problem with him sitting the other games but come on, against the Islanders at the Garden. Put him on the 3rd line with Dubinsky and Fedotenko and give Mitchell the day off.

    Islanders always come to play but I guess with the 24/7 cameras, Tortorella is afraid Avery might play to the cameras and hurt the team.

  2. I think this is it for Avery. If he doesn’t play these games … well, maybe if they lose tonight and need some toughness tomorrow … but if not then, when?

  3. Carp

    I definitely agree especially with Wolski coming back they are going to need the cap space although I dont see what the point of having Wolski on the team anymore. He wont get top line minutes and he’s useless on the 3rd and 4th line (some might say he’s useless altogether although he’s not far removed from an all-star caliber season)

  4. The Fishsticks logo is the only logo that should ever appear on this site.

    Trade Avery, Wolski, 2 bags of pucks, and 237 hours of MSG footage about 1994 to Nashville for Shea Weber.

  5. Wouldn’t it be hilarious of the one who is really keeping Avery out of the lineup is the kid that texts Torts, from episode 2 of 24/7? That would be too much!

    Torts: Hey, buddy, how are you feeling?
    Kid: I’m doing good, but I want to make some suggestions
    Torts: Sure, what do you have in mind
    Kid: You always have my back, so I want you to do something for me. Please bench Avery and put EC in!
    Torts: You’re really putting me on the spot there. Rangers fans will think it’s personal, and that I really do hate him.
    Kid: Please?
    Torts:…..dammit, alright! But, you gotta do one thing for me? Stiffen up! I you’re not stiff, Avery’s back in the lineup, you hear?
    Kid: You’re the best, coach!

    End scene…

  6. I think way, way, way too much non-hockey stuff on the show. What do you have all that access for?

    and, give me a break … we’re supposed to believe that Prust and Boyle are sleeping with the camera guys in the room? Please.

    oleo, I don’t see a purpose for Wolski or Christensen, who are both so not what this team is about.

  7. VPG! Has he come back to reclaim his rightful title of Most Pointless (in every sense) NHLer from the great Cam Janssen?

    And I see Torts has “no idea” how long Woywitka might be out. Just more of his Larouche-Hagelin shtick, I guess.

  8. just started watching last night’s episode on youtube right now, on the mini Girardi part now… CUTE!!! our d-man in 20 years?

  9. ORR, LMAO!!!!

    Carp, I did wonder about that..”and, give me a break … we’re supposed to believe that Prust and Boyle are sleeping with the camera guys in the room? Please.”

  10. LOL! I have to laugh every time I see a name of a hockey player that I’ve never heard of, and see that he has more goals than Dublowsky.

    But, when I see some of the cooke-bags of the NHL that have more goals, it makes me sick!

    Get it together Dublowsky!

    He’s going to score tonight. Just watch. He’ll have two goals because stone cold ORR said so [double middle finger]

    I need to get some B&J’s for the game!

  11. ugh, never ever done this….I prefer live, and if I miss certain games (never big ones, or playoffs etc.), so be it…but looks like I’ll have to DVR alumni game. Won’t be home when it’s on, but that’s must-see TV for me….Beezer!

  12. Was that Helen Hunt’s daughter in that video 3C? That’s some forehead!


    Was that Helen Hunt’s daughter in that video 3C? She should sell adds!


    Hey! Your hair’s sliding down the back of your head!

  13. Chelios’ first stick was made from a branch cut off the tree that Adam and Eve took the apple from

  14. CarpDecember 22nd, 2011 at 5:05 pm
    I think this is it for Avery. If he doesn’t play these games … well, maybe if they lose tonight and need some toughness tomorrow … but if not then, when?

    If Torts doesn’t think he has a role in these games he either really doesn’t like him as a player or he really doesn’t like him as a person

  15. I become ill seeing EC’s face on 24/7…also I have a fishsticks jersey. It holds a special place in the back of my closet

  16. the 16 talk makes me sad, and I’m in too good a mood, so TA til later!

    Babz, (should be Babs, and believe me, I know) I hope it’s to collect moths, otherwise, WTB????

  17. Erica Chistensen on

    Why are you guys making fun of me … I made a cute appearance on 24/7!

    I’m going to go cry now (and to put my Manhattan condo up for sale).

  18. I can’t wait ’till Erica joins me here is Le Hartforde … it’s going to be so much fun … so many restaurants I want him to try with me.

  19. so…what happened in Buffalo? will we ever know? or should we just keep guessing? i think its safe to say it since it’s been a while already

  20. yeah Laurel… looks you’ll have to redirect your crush on someone else…unless you can find a way to watch KHL games next season ;)

  21. F not liking him as a person. Unless Avery’s really messing with the chemistry of the team, Torts needs to lighten up and put any personal vendetta behind him … and play Avery.

    Or don’t play him … but also don’t play that useless clown, Erica. If he does, he’s clearly not putting the best team out on the ice.

    Case closed.

  22. Is there a team that will take Avery this time around? He may be a pain in the ass, but his inability to get a spot on an NHL team borders on collusion.

    And, no, I don’t think he’s great. But he’s a better player than a lot of guys and clearly has more impact, for whatever reason, on games than most.

  23. Well what’s the point of keeping him up then, Carp? Other than to avoid a dramaticoutcry by “media” and fans. If he’s out of the picture then bring up another Dman they can take a look at. Theyre going to need to start doing something about these minutes Girardi’s playing.

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