Post-game interviews


Here’s the post-game audio. The Dubinsky file begins with a question you won’t hear, about tomorrow’s Winter Classic preview.

John Tortorella:


Brandon Dubinsky:


Michael Del Zotto:


Martin Biron:


Marian Gaborik:

(this one might be a little quiet; he speaks softly and I couldn’t get close)


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  1. *Carped!*

    Mama, you don’t want to put that hat on – it looks like a breeding-ground for some “occupy wall street” lice and fleas….

  2. Thanks, Scott. And congrats on your 1st!

    jpg’s sister, Time Warner has to pay Cablevision for its MSG programming. Cablevision wants (probably a lot) more money. Time Warner threatens to take it off the air completely. MSG uses this to A) get Time Warner to pay the ransom and/or B) get people who have the option to switch from TW to Cablevision.

  3. Can we start talking contract extension for Biron? Not Sather’s style but he’s going to get a decent deal from another team if he goes ufa.

  4. But how many people can actually switch from TWC to Cablevision!? I could see MSG/Cablevision doing this if they owned Verizon FIOS or DirecTV – but aren’t local cable providers pretty much a monopoly in their own regional zones?

  5. re post: jjps sister, the one reason only I keep Dolanvision is because I will never be threatened with losing MSG..all the systems and their fights can kiss my aasen…..But I won’t lose MSG, so I’m captive….Stockholm money system!

  6. You’re right James.

    Someone’s going to offer him a fat deal and basically a starting job
    – and he’s going to have to take it.

    He’s only 34. I’m still surprised he signed here.

  7. On the NHL Network, Kevin Weekes had a great breakdown of the goal by Gaby. Awesome set play…Sick move by Anisimov going forward on the faceoff win and slipping it to Gaby for the quick backhand…

  8. Mama, are you in an area where you can get service from Cablevision *and* Time-Warner cable? For the longest time, if one lived in an area where TWC or Cablevision was THE cable system, you could not get a hookup from another cable company – DirecTV or FIOS, yes – but from an old-fashioned cable company, you had no real choice of getting another company’s service.

  9. So today was my anniversary and my wife bought me a 46″ flatscreen, first ever for me…
    my brother was here, I see him about once a year…which sucks but he’s a hero of mine…Army Rangers Capt.
    Then they win…can life get better?

    Oh btw…trade Del Zotto right?

  10. Happy Anniversary, Staal – you got a nice gift in two ways – from your wife and from the NYR!

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, There are so many places to air your grievances….But MGS is why you pay in for a guarantee

  12. You guys crack me up … this team wins 20 games with smoke-and-mirrors and you clowns act like this A(mateur)-H(our)-L squad is the second coming of 1994.

    Bush-league, gentlemen … bush-league.

  13. You think so guys? I don’t find her that attractive. I mean, she isn’t difficult to look at, but.

  14. Interesting point, if you’re Rangers front office why wouldnt you try to lock up Biron to a 2-3 year extension to completely solidify the goaltending for the next 3 seasons, with the window of contender status opening wide right now for this team, doesnt this seem like a no brainer type move? Just my opinion

  15. I agree too – Biron seems to be ideally suited (mentally) to his position, and he’s been playing exceedingly well, so why not extend him, unless they think that they have someone in Hartford who will be able to reliably back up Hank next season…

  16. All packed. Dishes done.

    Jimbo, I can answer your question about competing cable companies being in the same region. It all depends on where exactly you live, but one town can have more than one cable company supplying its cable/interwebs/phone and people have a choice. Granted it may cost more for a certain company to provide you with service because they may have to run lines and such, but it does happen. And cable companies are more in bed with each other than you can imagine, swapping out areas and sales offices all the time, not to mention getting the majority of their programming from a competing company depending on how that area is set up.

  17. Just getting in from game. Another solid win. They continue to find ways to score timely goals and play solid defense. Always a winning formula. Biron, as I see is getting here tonight, deserves major kudos for his play this year. There is no fear or drop off when he plays and the fact that he moves the puck so well is a nice bonus to clear the zone late in games. Torts was angry with their faceoff play of late, according to writers they on twitter they spent some time on it yesterday and it led to a goal. Nice coaching there. The GAS Line continues to just excel.

    Most importantly, I owe a huge apology to MDZ who I really killed before the season started. He’s having a great season and turned into a real professional. Good on him!

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