It’s Go Time!


Happy Festivus Eve to all!

Hope you don’t have to make bagels tomorrow.

Also, congrats to our contest winner Omar A. … I need you to email me your address, to so we can send you the tickets.


Game 32. First of three straight at home, with Flyers in for Festivus, and Islanders back for Boxing Day Monday. Ya boys on a two-game winning streak.

Martin Biron vs. Evgeni Nabokov in goal.

Jeff Woywitka aggravated his foot injury this morning, so Tim Erixon remains in the lineup. Everything else remains the same, which means Sean Avery and Erik Christensen are prucha’d, Woywitka, Sauer, Eminger and Staal are all out injured.

Somebody go up in the crawl space and get the pole.

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  1. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    it’s just pain ILBZO!! now i get to celebrate Festivus Eve with the crew and hopefully a win

  2. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Izzy, was it more avery chatter, or dime a dozen, or Fedotenko is not as good as kovalchuk?

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I think it was the “less strategy – more motivation” coaching critique from 24/7…

  4. and Torts sucks stuff, too.

    Sorry, all. I was misinformed — in other words, wrong — about Village People Gillies. He ain’t here.

    Izzy, grab your jock. If you need one.

    C3, you should have asked me when I saw you. I would have told you.

  5. Carp, I have a question. It may be dumb. But since this isnt a contest, Ill ask anyway. How come Torts doesnt really answer questions in pre-game meeting with reporters or just ives one-word answers, but when he gives the pre-game interview with Sam Rosen it’s always an in-depth, sincere long interview. Is there some contractual obligation for that, or is it just because he likes Sam?

  6. Hey Linda. I heard the last episode was already on YouTube in four parts.

    It is on that other hstreams paysite I like to subscribe to by the month. ha ha

  7. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    thanks tomb!

    Not missing it Carp, but kinda pissed at the reminders it left behind.

  8. Second time in a row that GameCenter Live doesn’t give me the option to select the Rangers broadcast when they’re playing the Isles. Grr.

    Butch Goring is showing signs of rigor mortis.

  9. Lets see a Gordie Howe hat trick for Doobs tonight. I just cant wait wait to watch Hagelin every night.

  10. Greetings ‘Heads! Gonna be a great one tonight! Does Santa have a goal for Dubi under the festivus pole? I hope there’s no tinsel on it though…I find it distracting.


    Hi Lin……han!!!

  11. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

    and sorry, but Moulson looks like a level 3. he must be related to joe

  12. omg!!

    just got back from shopping with jpg’s sister
    for cologne for jpg’s dad

    tried something like 2 dozen
    and i smell like a
    Man Whore!!

  13. I read some awesome stuff on Kreider on that bleachy report today. of course it was all hearsay, but I tend to believe good things heard that way

  14. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    my question for keenan is

    after all these years, why haven’t you taken correctol?

  15. Evening gang.

    I almost had to call on you to bail me out of jail cause today sucked assed, people are stupid and traffic was byfuglien insane.

  16. Who has a better chance of dressing against the Phlyers tomorrow night, Avery or Erixon?

    Jan Erixon I’m talking.

  17. Whenever they start over-passing they get in trouble. almost like they think they can get away from their simple game because of the opponent. Bad, bad sign.

  18. Well, if they need more toughness, then Erixon. But if they need an offensive presence, then Erixon. Or more defensive responsibility, Erixon.

  19. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmao headzo, i have no interest in asking keenan anything about his weaselness lol

  20. Over-passing is something that Stepan and Del Zotto are often guilty of. the more shots the better on the fish heads

  21. I am online right now and can’t get to the tube. Is there anyway to see the game online ?? thanks

  22. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


    LET ME TAKE MY EYES OFF THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. What an absolutely amazing move by Dubinsky. That was VERY refreshing to see. I had quite a celebration here!

  24. When Sam was talking pre-game about how many goals Tavares has. I told JPG, maybe Dubi will score and he did! Now he needs a hat trick

  25. Mickey

    i think the Mayans
    predicted that if there was another goal
    by a Dubi
    2012 is definitely the End as we know it

  26. First goal in 19 games. Since Nov. 11. Anybody want to go on the Rangers site and look up something?

    How many goals did he have in the calendar year 2011?

  27. The Knicks aren’t back on the Isles broadcast, Carp. And Time Warner aren’t threatening to take the Fishsticks off the air either, it seems.

  28. Avery averages 3 goals a year. Great to have HBO spend a whole episode on a guy who is not even a 4th liner but he does believe in gay marriage.

  29. Richards deserves to a Torts Tirade

    he’s being too cute with the puck.
    is Olivia in the house and he’s trying to impress?

    just score a goal, man,
    and you can score later

  30. 3 coast-to-coast rush goals in the last month. When was the last time our boys did that?! Look that up too!!

  31. twitter dee dee. they make up the darned questions.

    nobody who knows how to use twitter… oh nevermind

  32. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i’m sorry, but if you’re a man, and you’re driving around in a powder blue card, just set you man card on fire

  33. I think if Torts stiffens it up a bit on that white board in the room right now, they’ll be OK

  34. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    “how would you rate the Rangers in terms of physicality”

    they should ask Joe Thorton that question lol

  35. Giroux must have successfully touched his nose.

    Seriously, with all the concussion stuff, that Flyers doctor should be fired on the spot for administering an ass-hat test like that to a guy with a diagnosed concussion who admits he still has headaches.

  36. and the Twitter question to Danny G – Dan, if your son grows up to play hockey, would you want him to wear a visor?

    I don’t even remember the answer.

  37. No problem, Carp. Yup, the stress fracture…

    Man, it was so good to see him skate like that on the goal…I missed those types of moves! Sick shot, too! I just hope he can start to bring it consistently…

  38. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    speaking of man card, after seeing that pick Dubi’s and Boyle’s should be pulled as well

  39. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    are you kidding tomb?

    wow Rick DiPietro in a hospital? Doesn’t his mail automatically go there?

  40. CC, If she banged Ratner, then she must be.

    Man, I really hope she didn’t give him anything that he can spread around the locker room.

    Jpg, regardless, she can do a lot better.

    Ugh! Then there was that story aboot how he used shrimp juice to……[vomit]

  41. tomb

    Girardi answered that visors may be mandatory by
    the time he plays.
    if not, it’s up to him
    because it’s his body.

    jpg’s sister said that’s his Italian side coming out.

  42. So is it safe to say that Giroux is the best player in the league right now? If yes, then how come he doesn’t get Crosby-like attention?

  43. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    he looked ultra scraggily too.. wth was up with that critter growing off his glass jaw?

  44. jpg – I don’t know if thosse are your initials or what, but every time I see it I say jaypeg. I’ve been corrupted by computers.

  45. OH OH that was tough. little PAP went right through our d-man to get that rebound?

    he’s too small to be effective isn’t he?

  46. CarpDecember 22nd, 2011 at 7:38 pm
    First goal in 19 games. Since Nov. 11. Anybody want to go on the Rangers site and look up something?

    How many goals did he have in the calendar year 2011?

    and how many since the break in his leg?

  47. Interesting that we looked up how many since 1/11/11, and the other goal he scored this year was on 11/11/11 and he was stuck on 1.


  48. Carp, the only other times youve talked to me is to warn me if I kept it up I would get banned.

    ha ha. Ive mellowed out thanks to you.

  49. Just got home – heard the Dubi goal on the radio coverage while traveling, but I missed the tying goal – was it from that late penalty that got called on McDonut?

  50. hey Carp

    was that a strategic play?

    Sam — “way you draw it up on the chalkboard”

    Sully must have come up with that.

  51. Look at the faceoff changes! Man, Torts and Sully are such bad strategists, right Providence Plantation?

    Does Marian lead the NHL in Goals yet?

  52. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Rangers are stronger on the PP and weaker at even strength, so of course Dubi scores at even strength and PAP-Smear scores on the PP. Upside down game, so far.

  53. No, not Dubi’s goal, Mickey – the Fishstick goal – that was on the Fishies PP, right?

  54. LW are you sure he wrote on a whiteboard? Because I heard that he actually wrote the song white room..

  55. Oh, I’m told that when Capuano wrote on a whiteboard it was actually just the cleaning rota at the Burger King he used to work. My mistake.

  56. Carp, I think of that….and miss it dearly…every time I hear/type/read his name! LOL!! Good times! Remember how we just decided to settle on Gabby :)

  57. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    A lot more significant that Dubi and Gabby scored at even strength than on the PP. If this team can continue to pick up its E.S. game, which has been lagging, badly, and the power play remains elite, good times are ahead.

  58. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    As of this moment, throughout December, the Rangers at E.S. show a 55% share, while on the PP they are getting a 63% share of the credit points. Those are numbers you associate with a really good hockey team.

    Bickel, yes! Hope he stays awhile, what with his getting involved in the offense to go with his physical game. What is not to like?

  59. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Mr. BANJangles… i LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CARDS!! you da best

    FIRE SATHER {{{{OLGA}}}}

  60. didn’t see who wrote that

    thought it was someone else
    being sarcastic about Rupp

    didn’t get to see whole pp

  61. Wait, Del Zotto AND Dubinsky scoring in the same game??

    Are the planets aligned tonight or something?

  62. >>>Are the planets aligned tonight or something?

    Well, so far it isn’t the Hamonic Convergence!

  63. Bit early to say Bickel is joining the offense, no, Boom Boom? His assists have come from rimming the puck around the boards in his own end on the PK and from Dubinsky going end to end.

  64. i like how Rupp put the exclamation point
    on the goal by taking out tavares
    when he finally showed up

  65. Holy abdelkader, Carp!!

    “Carp December 22nd, 2011 at 8:07 pm
    Interesting that we looked up how many since 1/11/11, and the other goal he scored this year was on 11/11/11 and he was stuck on 1.


  66. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Just did the math and it breaks down that relative to special teams (PP +PK) goals, the even strength goal category earns a 70% share of the NHL scoring pie, based upon the importance of goals per the score at the time.

    This is why the Rangers need to pick up their even strength scoring game as they are doing tonight – to have valid championship asperations you need to be strong in the more important scoring (and defending) category.

  67. I say sauce too! But I know lots of gravy people…..Personally, anything that can come with various meats can’t be called gravy…..Prust saying.

    Pasta = sauce. Turkey etc = gravy

    Then, of course, there is Gravey….:)

  68. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Am I going to be “wrong” every time I post to accomodate your immaturity and defective “social skills?”

  69. Ilb, I thought Tavares was the next Gretzky? Didn’t someone tell us something like that?

    I thought he was an old 70’s disco group, myself….

  70. This team is utter garbage.

    Already gave up a goal to this bush-league Islanders EHL team … and we’re only up by two after 40 minutes.

    Mickey-Mouse at best.

  71. now on Christmas day
    i won’t have to worry about that
    because dinner will include

    fasting now!

  72. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmfao one coin!

    everytime i hear the word coin…i think of scooby doo.. and that one ghost kept saying

    coooooooooooooooooooooin coooooooooooooooooin

  73. >>>Pasta = sauce. Turkey etc = gravy

    It was *always* called “sauce” in my family if it was made with tomatoes and went on pasta – and my mom was born of Italian immigrant parents…

    She didn’t call it “ragu”, either…

  74. Miami…LOLOL…now that I get you it’s pretty funny when the Rangers are playing as well as they are the last 2 and2/3s games, waiting for you to find the find something negative to say.

    Love the way you manage to disparage the Islanders there, too…lol…

    It’s tempting to contribute, but I figure I can’t unless I’m all in and I couldn’t do that I think…

    LOLOL…ok, more wine please…

  75. Jimbo, exactly! No matter what, if it goes on pasta, and has tomatoes, it’s sauce….

    I love this place…..even on game thread, we can talk gravy :)

  76. Er, chill out there, Boom Boom. I wasn’t giving a “take” on anything or disparaging Bickel. Only noted that his points haven’t exactly come from Coffey-esque puck rushes.

    I’ll go back to playing with my crayons now…

  77. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Carp, i dont know about anyone bringing something in on their shoes, but it smelled a bit moth ballish (lol) earlier

  78. Yea careful, LW. Boom Boom has been a bit touchy and jumpy lately. If you’re not careful he will lay some poorly worded insults on you.

  79. boar ragu? Damn, more inside carp blog stuff, like you Miami Pimp dude, I’m not wiley enough to get??? lol

  80. LOL Maloney re: Isles….it looks like they’re there, but they just can’t get over the hump…

  81. Who the hell is Boom Boom?

    And dammit, I’m still trying to figure out who’s butt chin the name butt chin is actually referring to!!!! There’s more than one prominent chin cleft on the Rangers after all….

  82. Ha, Manny, wasn’t going for that :) I still like Gasboyled….which is Sally’s….but I kinda like Chef Boyle R D now that you mention it!!!

  83. Jim – Butt Chin = Gaborik

    Boom Boom = some guy that has been touchy lately but used to post intelligent nice things and all of a sudden got snarky and then traded jabs with me. Which I both appreciated and respected! All in good fun, friends.

  84. Lin – I have a Dubi on the shelf. No matter how much I move him he still won’t score. I think he goes into the fireplace tonight!

  85. I first heard of the Black Aces from Ken Dryden’s book Face Off at the Summit. That’s what they called Team Canada’s Pruchas. So there!

  86. Ranger, she tries to be up for games, but doesn’t have your stamina to be up at 3 a.m.! Plus, she has a kid who has to be up for school tomorrow :) We need a spring reunion somewhere, yes???

  87. Wow! I was just checking some stats on NHL

    Rangers rank in the NHL:

    Goals per game: #10 with 2.9
    Goals allowed per game: #3 at 2.1
    Penalty kill :#5 @86.7%
    Shorties: #5 with 5

    That is pretty awesome. I guess we are pretty good.

  88. *Glen Sather* and Garnet “Ace” Bailey (RIP) were two of the Boston Bruins’ Black Aces in the late 1960’s. I forget who the third ace was…

  89. Mama>> Oh, well, that’s a decent excuse… We’ve got beer and Christmas as our excuse :) I’m converting a friend of mine to be a rangers fan, and we’re talking about coming to NY next year in November/December. Sounds like a good place for a reunion for me :)

  90. Haha, my mom (who never watches hockey and knows nothing about it) just called to tell me she was watching the game and saw the fight and it made her laugh. Another Festivus Eve miracle!

  91. Excellent place for a reunion! Was hoping for sooner, and for me to go overseas :) but I’ll take that! We have no “ice bar” here, but plenty of ice and bars :)…….

  92. >>>. I think I’m a little punchy tonight, lol.

    Drinking the holiday punch there, Mickey!? :-P

  93. More like sheer exhaustion and excess use of my ‘DO NOT KILL ALLLLL THE IDIOTS’ restraint device the entire day, Jimbo.

  94. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    in the future, if ANY of you need an iv and it’s NOT an emergency situation, ASK TO HAVE A PHLEBOTOMIST DO IT!

  95. Mama>> well, you’re always welcome here, we can fly LW over and have a barbecue after a soccerpansygame of my boys. And after that we come to NY ;)

  96. How is it that four officials who supposed to watch the puck miss it when the puck being put clean over the glass? I don’t get it…

  97. Just arrived in Denver … super snowy … like Nabokov’s mask should be of the Rangers had any grit.

  98. Liev Schreiber! Haha….

    Knew Bickel would be like this…not bad eh?

    And it’s sauce. And nothing more.

    Yeah, there we go, 3-2.

    Nothing’s ever easy.

  99. if you wanna go there catch22

    all the bad ref/linesmen
    prevented the isles from serving a delay of game penalty

  100. the troll is an islanders fan. i knew it.

    and, yeah, bickel’s over-aggressive play now looks undisciplined, doesn’t it?

  101. rangers dont convert pp to go up 4-1 isles convert because we cant stay away from needless penalties and now we sweat another game. this game is destined for ot

  102. Boyle isn’t a good linesman with the whine in the twine, terrible shot and just got raped in his own house. Loving Bickel though, even if we had to eat that goal, he’s got a edge. Lou is proud.

  103. i’m not blaming the refs for
    the second isles goal.
    that was a bad pk

    but i was just playing the game
    if this didn’t happen
    blah blah blah

    that’s all

  104. was that a great act by Bickel
    if we killed the pk like we should have
    it would have been a blip
    on the screen
    and nothing more

  105. Mickey, I’m telling you – Moulson looks like one of those guys that used to try to wash your car windshield with a filthy, dirty rag when you were stopped for a red light….

  106. Gotta love that work down low by the Boyle-Dubi-Former AG line. Keep the puck as far away from Good Marty as possible.

  107. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on



    Flyers tomorrow.. on the exhaulted day of Festivus!

  108. what’s the deal

    Biron and MDZ
    both looked as if they lost the game
    by 50 goals
    when they went out for stars of the game

  109. N.CountryNYRFan on

    could MDZ be more excited getting the first star wtb!!! He looked like they just lost the game…hahaha

  110. Beer-On stayed alert after that mess-up by the linesmen and McDonut – that may have saved the win right there….

  111. Del Zotto.

    After the last few years its good to see the youth getting its due.

    Used to be the anti-Rangers. with that last coach.

    Im in a holiday mood.

    nite all.

  112. >>>>As I rained blows upon the Islanders, I knew there had to be a better way…

    There is *NO* better way than raining blows upon the Islanders – none! No substitutes!

  113. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Hey Mickey, have a safe trip home!! Let us know, either here or on FB, that ya got there safely!

  114. OK, gang, I gotta finish packing, shower and get some sleep before a 4:45am wake up call.

    Next time I ‘speak’ to you will most likely be from an airport.

    Nite all!

  115. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    which one Mr. BANJangles? the oatmeal scotchie of the chocolate chip cranberry?

  116. It IS odd jpg.

    Just frickin’ weird, like much of what they do.

    Wait till they hang the bridges over the ice next year.

    Not sure what they’re going for with that either but can definitely see it becoming a story for something bad…hopefully not a jumper!

  117. Something tells me that Richards played ill today, he was slower than usual and kept falling rather easy…

  118. Man, that hat is looking BAD!!! Send it out for a cleaning and blocking during the Christmas break, somebody!

  119. Mama, actually there’s a Key Food in Orchard Park (where Ralph Wilson Stadium is), but we have Wegmans which is better than, well, pretty much everything.


  120. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmao! last night i made peanut butter with peanut butter chips and some chocolate chips.. the 3 c one is better lol

  121. You have Nabby too!? WTB, do you have every Debbie and Fishie on your team, for cripessake!?

  122. Dubi got the hat, and it sure looks like there are things living in it!!

    Clean that hat – send it to an expoit!

  123. The hat looks like it’s been put into the net during the pre-game warmups…..and that it got hit with a ton of shots!

  124. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    not feeling too great, so off i go

    Have a great night ‘Heads! FESTIVUS CELEBRATION and Flyers tomorrow!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Sally, true fact!

    fyi all, I so called this!

    Blogmama December 22nd, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    I’m putting my money on Dubi for the Ranger Borsalino

    …..and yes, I can’t wait to see what that hat looks like by spring…..yikes!!!

  126. Now everyone’s going to make a big deal of Bickel’s fights?

    If you want players with animalistic tendancies, they’re going to make over-aggressive mistakes sometimes.

    The kid’s showing he wants to be here and will play tough.
    We’ve been without that long enough.

    It’s a good dimension for us, being able to throw Rupp & Bickel out there.

  127. This is going to be embarassing:


  128. Rod

    i worry about the bridge as well
    for the reasons that you mentioned

    what a stupid stupid idea.

    i can only guess and hope that there’s going to be
    security on either side (and maybe at various point along the way)
    that will only let so many people pass by at a time
    and only do it during intermission.

    what a stupid stupid stupid idea

  129. probably leaving soon

    Happy Festivus to ALL!!!!


    Safe Travels to ALL!!!

    (and yes, that includes all the ALs on the board)

  130. Torts: “I thought we played well. We were stiff, not rock hard but the blood is flowing. Look we’re getting there but we’re not fully engorged.”

  131. Good, Torts not getting on Bickel.

    Jpg, it’s ridiculous, but they could add all the gimmicks they want, ya know …
    But they made the once yellow seats so freakin’ tight you’re really uncomfortable the entire game. Every has to keep getting up to stretch their legs.

    It’s horrible. I won’t sit there again, but that’s where I get my freebies!

  132. This is a nice quote from Torts, well-deserved;

    on Biron: “It’s not about giving Henrik rest. It’s about I have a damn good goalie. And I can’t call him a backup.”

  133. I did not think Torts would get on Bickel either…We haven’t had that snarl for a long time. It’s only his 2nd NHL game, he’ll learn when it’s time to do it…We playing Flyers tomorrow, remember…

  134. This just the dynamic I’d hope to see between the goalies, but I’d take it a step further, especially these next 6 weeks.

    One & One. Until someone starts sucking so bad they have to go back to Hank full-time.
    Biron deserves it and Hank has been over-played more than enough these past few years.

    If they could ever get Lundqvist fresh & in one of his unconscious stretches during the playoffs, there’s really no telling.

  135. Torts’ knot and tie is not a good look at all, in fact, it’s horrible. Can someone show this guy how to dress?

    Maybe Avery can help?

  136. good point Ilb.

    No reason that guy can’t be a tough, reliable NHL d-man, if he can keep it up.

    This is just how he played in pre-season. Simple, strong & effective.

    He had injury problems in the past that hampered his development.

    He’d be a real nice find; 25, 6-4/207, acquired for Nigel Williams. Undrafted player.

  137. Yeah, it’s way too much Carp. It’s all about the bucks.

    Maybe 5 years ago, amid the misery, it would’ve been something to look forward to.

    But they’ve got something special going on with this team, seems like a distraction.

    Then again they haven’t let europe or anything else affect them, so….

  138. Mmmmm, the T-Mobile babe.

    She was really buggin’ me, cause there was such saturation with the ads everywhere, especially on the road. 50-ft T-Mobile babes.

    But lately I’ve been wanting to show her my bickel LOL.

  139. jpg, Dubinsky.

    Rod, the thing you guys should be happiest about is that it’s the opposite of a distraction. I think these guys are thriving on it. I thought it would be the other way around, all this stuff — Europe, the seven road games to start, HBO, the Winter Classic — and it hasn’t.

  140. That Carly T-Mobile girl is a little too thin, ORR – she needs a couple of cheeseburgers a day to fill her out a little!

    WTB is “Orgy Wonderland”!?

  141. I think you’re right Carp. It’s like a season-long Festivus for them!

    Wasn’t on before, but wanted to say, you know, as much as he’s been scoring, there are still only a few nights all season Gaborik has his A++ legs. Maybe a half-dozen or so.

    Tonight was one of them, and he is just a ridiculously fast and dangerous looking player at such times.

    Aside form Pavel Bure, I really can’t remember too many guys with that type of burst who also knew what to do with the puck.

  142. Just wondering, why would Time Warner pull MSG from cablevision if the Dolans own the Rangers and don’t they own cablevision? Wouldn’t they want their team seen by a lot of people to create interest and money from ticket sales and merchandise? Please explain, thanks

  143. Hahaha!! Good one, Carp – spot on!!

    ORR – her cheeks are sunken in – she needs food! OK on the Wonderland – I though it might have been a movie she was in….but seriously, she looked more “filled out” during her summer commercials – in these holiday ones, she looks a bit anorexic.

  144. Happy Festivus Eve….Let’s rumble….Shall we begin the grievances or go right to feats of strength….

    I call 16 for both….he can totally take Kruger, but Frank, I dunno

    personally, I think I can win grievances and feats of strength….and the Boralino….

  145. You’re giving me visions of Carly with those elves, having a fantasy Snow White-type orgy…this is not good….

  146. The elves in that commercial give off a weird vibe.

    Together with T-Mobile girl it’s a strange sensation.

  147. Mama, you don’t want to put that hat on – it looks like a breeding-ground for some “occupy wall street” lice and fleas….

  148. jps sister, the one reason only I keep Dolanvision is because I will never be threatened with losing MSG..all the systems and their fights can kiss my aasen…..But I won’t lose MSG, so I’m captive….Stockholm money system!

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