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1) Another staged fight to start the game. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. Maybe it’s hypocritical, but to me they don’t seem as senseless when it’s archrivals playing. I did think Rupp had some good, solid hits, though he wasn’t credited with any, officially.

2) I liked the Brandon Dubinsky-Kelly Clarkson bout better because it was an actual hockey fight between two hockey players, because of what happened in the hockey game. And I thought Dubinsky handled himself very well in that event. And though Dubinsky missed the net a few more times and got himself removed from the Brad Richards-Ryan Callahan line, and was partly responsible on the Devils goal, and had one bad turnover at the red line, he played pretty well. (Boy that sounds like a mountain of contradictions). He had a big block and clear moments before Carl Hagelin’s short-handed goal, when it was still 2-1, and he has been good on the PK all year.

3) I thought the refs were calling some ticky-tack stuff early on. Also, they can’t allow Eric Boulton to go after Callahan — teams are supposed to separate during an altercation — then give both of them 10s. Use some common sense you jackwagons with stripes. The guy who crossed the line during an altercation is the one who gets 10. And you don’t allow a fourth-line thug to take a team captain off for 10 for something as mild as what Callahan did.

4) Michael Del Zotto had another big game, and he has to do that now, because he’s now the No. 3 defenseman.

5) Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh=Beasts. But the second and third pairs were darn solid, too. That includes three guys who were pretty far down the organizational depth chart, or not even on the organizational depth chart, a short time ago.

6) On the Devils goal — a loose puck in front of Henrik Lundqvist — McDonagh was down but couldn’t clear it. Then it lay there and Richards — who lost the draw cleanly — and Dubinsky fished for it with their sticks instead of taking the man. About as weak a play as the Rangers have made around their net this season.

7) What a great play by Derek Stepan on the Artem Anisimov goal. And an awful play by J.P. Parise’s kid, and whomever the Devils D-man was who stepped up to hit Marian Gaborik in center ice. Then a great play by Anisimov, and some pair of hands shown by Gaborik on the second goal.

8) Carl Hagelin moved up to the Richards line (or did Dubinsky play himself off it again?). I’ll say it again. There’s speed, then there’s speed and doing something with it. This kid uses it all the time.  He uses it with the puck, he uses it to get the puck, or to get to the puck, he uses it when the opponent has the puck. And he backs off opponents. But he nearly concussed himself on the celebration.

9) Henrik Lundqvist=Money. He has a 21-5-5 record vs. Martin Brodeur. He was beyond superb.

10) What a week! It’s like the holidays: Devils/Hannukah, 24/7 tonight, Islanders, Flyers/Festivus, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Islanders/Boxing Day.

11) When MSG shows this thing on the Rangers’ outdoor preseason game in Las Vegas in the early 1990s, they better show Tie Domi falling down on a breakaway. Domi claimed he tripped over a grasshopper.

12) Marian Gaborik is looking like a superstar again, isn’t he?

Hope to have the ticket contest results finalized by later today.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Derek Stepan.
2) Marian Gaborik.
3) Henrik Lundqvist.


AP photos, above.

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  1. The Rangers won, but how could Avery not dress for this game? The first period was complete scumbaggery, and NO ONE in the NHL is more equipped to deal in scumbaggery than one Sean Avery. He OWNS Kovy and Marty psychologically.

    The NYR won. Torts got one more day to completely banish Avery from the league.

    But he was lucky.

    I hope Cally isn’t the focus of Boulton’s ire in the next game…

  2. I cant believe Cally got 10 for that! Boulton deliberately skated into Cally’s path as he made his way directly to the bench, the refs got that one wrong, when it takes off our captain and their 4th line scumbag – its a big time wrong call, if we’d lost the game i think Torts might have opened a can of whoop-ass on the Zebras.

    On a positive note: Gaby is in the best form of his career, Step plays like a veteran (did you see his stick-handling, puck-shielding and pass for AA’s goal? ), i’m loving the new DZ, the top pair are Norris-worthy, Hagelin is a frickin rocket on skates (and he can shoot too), Dubi showed some grit and gave Kelly Clarkson a beating too.

    As nice as it would have been to have Aves chirping at Brodeur or trying to get Kovalchoke off his game, or giving Boulton something to think about, a win is a win, and against the Debbies its a WIN!

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Feels good, eh… Just curious, cw and Zubov, what do you think would be different last night if Avery played for 5-6 min? And who should he have replaced?

  4. Yes. keep Avery away from this game, Marty was too upset as it is.
    Step certainly proves Torts right.

  5. Great review, Carp!

    I think it came down to be a battle of goaltenders. Hank won, Marty lost. He’s been losing a vast majority of those battles since Hank became our goalie. Until Lou realizes it, we have an advantage. Works for me.

    Got to love the way all these kids are developing.

    Yes, I remember it well, CCC. Don’t remember who, not that it matters. He is one goal from leading the league, don’t look now….

  6. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Not to be presumptuous about other people’s articles and posts, but it seems to me that all complaints about NHL officiating should include a tag about getting back to having just one referee in these games, if it is felt that the officiating was better back in those one-referee days.

    I mean, this is the crux of the problem, is it not? The more you over-expand the more you dilute the quality of the product = the strength of teams, and the more you compromise the quality of the games thanks to inferior officiating.

    There are not not enough quality referees on the planet to handle a 30-team National Hockey League at the rate of two referees per game, to go with an 82-game schedule for each team.

  7. ilb,
    A win is a win. The way I see it, Torts can further justify why Avery is no longer part of this team. The point I was making was that Avery (even in his limited time) would have been a better lineup choice than Rupp. The Rupp fight was gratuitous stupidity. Rupp has ZERO effect on the opposition. Avery on the other hand draws the ire of the opponents. That Cally had to deal with Bolton is ridiculous. Avery is a distraction. And he is the perfect fit for a game that got ugly and stupid right away.

    That’s all Avery can do anyway. Why not use him?

  8. what exactly would Avery have done last night? fight Clarkson? he has been avoiding him for years. Avery would not go anywhere near Jannsen, or Boulton. I guess maybe he could throw Marty of his game, being that he was sooo sharp in net last night.

  9. In best Bryzgalov voice, “why heff be mad Devils?”


    The most crushing thing of all is that all of this had to happen against the New York Rangers. Our Hated Rivals of all teams. A bad game against, say, St. Louis would be disappointing; but it doesn’t carry the same gravitas as a game against a hated rival. A result tonight would have done wonders for the Devils’ attempts to claw up the standings both in the division and in the conference. A result tonight would have been huge for their confidence; beating a rival without their top scorer and a big-minute defenseman. A result tonight would have shut up the Rangers fans, who know their team isn’t going to win anything of substance so a win like this is basically their championship. That this all happened against the Rangers, in a game that otherwise wasn’t terrible, makes this loss induce more anger, sadness, and/or other bad feelings. As it should, that’s how losses to rivals feel.

  10. From the same website I found those gems about Kovalchuk being sooooo much better than Gaborik and putting The Devil For Life in a glowing light when it comes to late and post-season performances.

    So yeah, a team with a pair of goalies that clocks in at just below 80, a superstar that can’t play defense unless Lemaire is the coach (countdown until he’s lured out of retirement after LouLam makes his annual coaching change starts…..now) and a defense who’s best hopes are pinned on a kid that can forget his razor on 10 day road trips is primed to win it all soon. Too bad they pulled Uncle Daddy and inflated his GAA calculation last night because 3 goals in 60 mins would’ve been an improvement.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Avery will only play if they keep Rupp at Center, as Rupp and Hags will not be out of the lineup.

    Rangers win – next question…

    Girardi has been playing much better this season in his own end, but if you watch the replay of the devs goals he was also at fault for failing to possess the puck off the face off, then falling down to his knees and slowly getting back in the play.

    B Rich is looking very ordinary on defensive side of ice, especially draws in own end.

    Great win – Artie played lights out, getting better every game.

  12. Richards has usually been weaker on the defensive side, why Torts chooses to use him in a lot of power vs power line situations is a bit of a mystery. I suppose having Cally and Feds play along him for long stretches is his response to Richards shortcomings. But the great thing to see is that even when one of the top lines is buried against stronger competition this year the other seems to step up.

    I can haz scoring depth?

  13. Carp, first of all I just want to tell you how much I enjoy this website. You do a great job. I want to ask you about a comment you made about Hagelin last night. You said he is a “dime a dozen” player. I know the kid is never going to be a superstar, but I think he will be a very solid NHL player and is exactly the type of later round draft pick that WORKS that a team needs to be a true contender! Also, his skating ability is clearly not in the “dime a dozen” category. I think his skating is in the elite class. The guy can fly. And he does have great hands. I think he will be a big part of the rangers future as a very, very solid second line player.

    Maybe you can clarify you comment for me?

    Also Carp, I have the same feeling about Tim Erixxon. I think he is going to be a very solid defenseman for the Rangers. Do you like what you see in his limited time so far? (including pre-season)

    Can you imagine this defense corp with a healthy Staal and Sauer??

    I blasted the guy for years, but man, Glen Sather MUST be given credit for all the young talent on this team!

  14. A win is a win. And I’m not raining on any parade, but….

    The Ranger offense is just plain weird. It’s frequently non-existent; they’ll rope-a-dope teams for a period-and-a-half or two sometimes, to get 5 total shots.
    Then they get a few chances and cash in, usually in ugly fashion, or a broken play, or a nice individual effort. They have scored timely goals (like Richards, just in time LOL), have to give them that.

    But the offense certainly doesn’t come in waves, there’s no pattern to it, they’re still missing a few parts – and the PP cannot be relied upon, maybe the biggest thing.
    That said , they sure look much more solid with Anisimov & Rupp in the lineup and minus EC and Avery.

    Stepan needs to be less deferential with Gaborik. He’s not shooting enough; can count 6-7 times now he’s forced a bad pass instead of shooting. If he didnt have one of the best shots on the team I wouldnt mind so much.
    Fedetenko looks more lost offensively than usual, but Dubinsky’s been much better, maybe there’s some hope for him. Cally & Richards are working well. Stu Bickel looked good back there, like he did in preseason, and a little reckless which I like; Erixon looks like a skinny kid still. The rest of the D, or I should say MDZ/Stralman looked shakier, they’re not used to each other.

  15. This team is in the precipice, I tell you … they’re bush-league and they’re about to go on a losing streak for the ages … led by the fearless Christensen.

    Unless Avery goes into the lineup, that is.

  16. Sorry Carp in advance, and if you don’t get upset with me, then thank you for allowing to do it.

    I’m going to ask the boneheads during the holidays to not forget how fortunate we all are to have what we have, and give something to people on this planet who can’t afford food, place to live, any type of medical care or education. There are just too many people on earth without basic needs that we can all help, little by little. Give as much as you can, it still makes a difference.

    I’ll list the links one by one so my post doesn’t go into spam folder.

    The first one is my favorite, very well run, with program efficiency at 87%. They saved many people, most of them are children, by giving them the very basic need- the food


  17. Ok, a serious post:

    How the heck can anyone defend having Christensen or Rupp over Avery on the fourth line? Those guys are in no way better than Avery.

    As long as the man is not taking minutes away from our other skill players, then he should be in the lineup over those other clowns. It’s as simple as that.

    In the playoffs – when it’s a game of attrition – players like #16 make a difference.

  18. Pierre LeBrun of ESPN, during TSN’s Insider Trading segment,
    Bobby Ryan could be someone that the Ducks listen to offers for
    if they can continue to play terrible hockey heading into the trading deadline.

    Still not sure this is the guy Rangers want….

    Saw a lot of people knocking Kovalchuk last night. Wow.
    Won’t get into comparing he & Gaborik, they’re both offensive threats but the comparisions end there, totally different players.

    But if Kovalchuk doesn’t scare the daylights out of you, I don’t know.
    Had the Rangers snagged him when they had the chance(s), they’d be a cup favorite right now. And the offense would actually be an offense.

    Hey Carp, you still sticking by that “NYR weren’t interested in Kovy” bit? LOL

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  20. Wow, the Avery stuff here is at sickening levels.

    What was that I read the other day, “Avery is a leader of men in the trenches”.


  21. Lastly, this one is very close to my family because it’s run by our friends, every single penny goes to it’s cause- trying to educate children in Lesotho- small country within South Africa with the lowest rate of education in the world. All operational costs are covered by people who run it:


    Now I’m done. Sorry.

  22. Well….This team is in a prime spot to overtake 1st place from the Phlyers. Gaborik is on the verge of leading the league in scoring. Who is complaining about _anything_?

    Staged fight was stupid. Just happy it wasn’t Pruster taking that fight this time.

    The 10 Minute misconduct to Callaman was a horrendous call. Agreed.

    Hank was amazing (again) and Hagelin. WOW Hans Gruber shows up to play. Hope he permanently is moved up a line. Maybe time for Mitchell to taste the press box for a game but WHO CARES. This team is just winning. And last night in a dominating 3rd period fashion.

  23. Rod – it’s true. Many of these guys just aren’t shooting enough (Dubisnky!) and I think that was highlighted by that BEAUTIFUL Hans Gruber goal. He had a breakaway and he just ripped a shot over Marty’s glove hand. That is how it’s done, son.

  24. Yev- that was a sarcastic remark by Carp in response to some genius comments over a couple of threads calling our 3rd and 4th liners “dime-a-dozen”…

    Folks, you can not be serious when you say Avery should play instead of Rupp, can you?

  25. ilb – these people might be serious and they might be nuts. When is the last time any of you idiots looked at the standings and saw the Rangers in 2nd place in their division and 4th in the Conference. ON THE VERGE of being #1 in the Division and #2 (I think) in their conference. Give it a rest folks. Last night they beat the Devils. And DeBoer’s delinquent little children had to watch 24/7 and see their daddy get his asham whooped. Call David Klein because there is going to be some salty language in the DeBoer household.

  26. Sorry, Manny for ruining you borsalino. One of the couples who run that charity are your neighbors, btw.

  27. Also, Rod. Who needs Flukey offense to perk up when you have only allowed 68 Goals in the season to date. Just for Reference, the Phlyers have let in 94 and the Blackhawks have let in 101.

  28. They are!? That’s pretty cool. I have a soft spot for Africa and especially for Lesotho and other tiny little engines that can.

  29. I liked Bickel’s game…For someone who played his first NHL game he was steady. Not perfect, but steady. And he dropped them immediately after that jackwagon Jannsen hit Hagelin.

  30. Good morning all! Nice posts ilb.

    ORR, before a read my paper this morning…thwack!

    off to work….later aasens!

  31. Stranger Nation on


    That is what I call depth!!

  32. From the NY Post, taking responsibility Brodeur-style:

    “They got a break,” Brodeur said. “It was a good opportunity, a good emotional game and they scored the biggest goal of the game, the one that cracked the game open.

    “We had our chances to get it done and we didn’t get it done.

    “They got that second goal and it was an important goal. It went through my blocker and my arm. I thought I had it. It squeezed through.”

  33. That’s great, LW. I hope they teach that at the school. Hank is 25-5-5 against Brodeur. I wonder how many of those were just because of “breaks”

  34. So Marty is saying this morning: “They got a break”. Well, for him, and the jackwagons from the Devils blogs ( all one of them) who undoubtedly come and visit here ( Hi, Ricky2M !)- Lundquist against Brodeur 21-5-5. That is what’s called a domination, now, isn’t it?

  35. Saying they’re near the top of the standings in the division/conference doesn’t mean all that much Manny.

    Seems obvious what they are and are not, which is a good but not great defensive team, except when they’re goaltending is lights out. They’re a below average offensive team.

    Where they have to get high marks obviously is in getting results, they’re finding a way.

    You can’t look at last night’s 4-1 and say it was a really impressive win.
    It was a one-goal game until Hags broke it open very late, and they were outplayed for long stretches.

    Like Mess said the other day, if you don’t score on the power play in the playoffs you go nowhere.

    What they do have going for them is they play a playoff style, night-in, night-out.

    But they still need help, which I’m sure you don’t dispute.

  36. Rod- I’m sure people realize it’s a long season and they’re far from perfect. But the foundation is there. And the offense might be a little suppressed by their forwards needing to stay deep and help their defense, can’t blame Torts for telling them to make sure they give enough puck support and backchecking to the defense 50% comprised of AHLers…

  37. I say it day-in and day-out: This team is overachieving and it feels great but it is what it is. But while we are overachieving there isn’t much to complain about. Just praise the coach for getting more than 100% out of these guys!

  38. I dunno, Rangers are 10th in the league in GF per game. More importantly very few of their games are they never in it on the scoreboard, they’ve only lost by more than 2 goals twice this year.

    I agree that I don’t think they drive the play as much as we’d like to see (both anecdotally and shot/possession metrics bare this out) but they grind out wins when necessary with a pretty depleted roster.

    Without Staal and Sauer and a bit more productivity from their 2nd line LW and bottom 6, I won’t call them contenders but I’d have to imagine they’re gaining confidence as the season wears on and maybe the payoff won’t be this year but I think it will pay dividends pretty soon.

  39. Injuries aside ILB, I don’t think there’s much doubt the foundation is there.

    If you look at their strength after defense, it’s C-RW / 1 thru 3.
    And there I think they’re as good as anybody in the league.


    Let’s take a wild leap and say most are pleased with Hagelin and Anisimov.
    Ok, what else is there? Lots of question marks. Basically 3-4 roster spots up front, which is too many.

    In fairness to Torts – and I was killing him on this – he came right out and said they don’t coach the offense much. So it’s all a matter of having the right pieces in place.

  40. As for Kovalchuk, tremendous talent, I won’t dispute that. But boy can he be exploited defensively. Obviously you’re going to let a thoroughbred run as much as he can but does it seem like he plays a completely different style than the rest of the team? Maybe it’s because he can be successful carrying the puck all the way up ice and dangling through the defense to ulneash one hell of a shot, but twice he was burned playing the point on the PP. First time when Prust stripped him it didin’t cost them, they weren’t so lucky when Hans Gruber broke free.

  41. I don’t have time to go back and look, but I’d bet between Boyle & Prust alone,
    they’re missing 15-20 goals from this time last year.

    That’s without Fedetenko’s lack of production, too.
    So, I think you have to look at those guys now in a defensive sense only, and any offense will be a bonus.

    Thankfully they’re real good defensively, and coming behind two solid offensive lines really helps solidify the team.

  42. Here it is… I get a chance to get on here this morning and still the conversation is negative about this team! First off, WHO CARES ABOUT THE 5th LINER – HE MAKES NO DIFFERENCE ON THE RESULT! There, enough said on that. As for some of the other stuff, no offense. They are 10th in League Goals/Game. So they are getting plenty of offense. Just because they choose not to play Flyers hockey which is we will keep giving goals to score more doesn’t make the Flyers right!

    We are built to win playoff hockey 10th in Offense and 3rd in defense. (Flyers btw 1st in O and 17th in d). (Pens 6th in g/g and 12th in D). Bruins, the actual Cup winners are 2rd in g/g and 1st in GAA.

  43. As for Kovie being better than Gabby. Not a chance. Kovie is a greater defensive liability. Yes, Kovie is a great skater and has a shot but he plays all 2 mins on the point on the PP and they’ve given up a ridiculous 10 SHGs most of which on his turnovers. Gabby grew up in Lemaire’s Minnesota 2 way system and can backcheck. I think Gabby is a better all around player.

  44. Great win for the boys! What a game by the D, especially Girardi. It will be a travesty if he is left off the All Star team. In regard to Avery, hasn’t Clarkson gotten the best of him in the past. I think Dubi actually did better than Avery has against Clarkson.

  45. Exactly HWirth. That’s why I referenced the Phlyers and Blackhawks Goals Allowed which are shocking huge (30 and 33 more than the Rangers). It’s simply a different style. Also, we have GREAT goaltending. Top 5. Maybe top 3!

  46. It is amazing to me that I’m listening in my car yesterday on NHL Home Ice on XM and a Rangers fan calls in and is negative about the team. The host Boomer Gordon told him he was nuts and they are one of the 3 best teams in the NHL he’s seen this year. AND THEN, the next few callers of other teams said he was nuts and they’d take the Rangers over their teams (kings fan, Sabres fan, and toronto fan). YET, their own fans keep finding negative! I can’t wait to see when they start winning in the playoffs and everyone here goes starts actually jumping on the bandwagon.

  47. Stranger Nation on

    The GAS lines’ emergence takes the sting out of the drop in goal production for boyle, prust…

    Dubi on the other hand is a much bigger problem. If Torts needs a defensive minded forward to play with B Rich, dubi is out.

    I like the idea of playing him in the middle of hags and Mitchell to get his game going. He may get some cheapies off of rebounds.

    A little too much knee hockey and sliding around D zone last night. Hank saved us, his positioning in the cage on the PK was impressive.

  48. HWirth – these people are NUTS. I don’t understand it at all. Check the power rankings. Check out how people outside this blog (all these negative nancies and depressive delora’s) view this team!

  49. Staal Wart — Last year, their top end guys were non existent (Drury out, Gabby hurt on and off). This year they are getting major production from their top players and therefore Boyle and Prust are being asked to do what they are supposed to… be solid defensive and physical 3rd line players. To say the offense is struggling when your star player is 2nd in the NHL in goals makes little sense. Their stars players are being their star players. Brich been clutch. Gabby scoring scores. Stepan is their playmaker. G and MCD tremendous 1st pair. Hank elite. That’s why they are winning.

  50. I was hoping for big things from the Kings this year but wow are they struggling. I read one of the Kings blogs pretty regularly and there’s regular cries for Brown to be stripped of the C and maybe that Kopitar isn’t as good as everyone thought. I think they have the talent to turn it around, but as Yogi Berra once said, “it’s getting late early out there”.

    As for the Sabres (where’s Buffalo Gal?), injuries or not Miller has been terrible this year. Stafford is their version of Dubinsky and the campaign to fire Reiger and Ruff is in full effect.

    And the Leafs, are they familiar with the expressin that a fleet is only as fast as their slowest ship? Yeah Reimer/Gustavsson tandem, I’m looking at you.

  51. The Kings are sloooooooooooooooooooooooow. From what I saw they really are not making defenses chase or making defenses retreat to their goal. It’s almost as if they are just a really bad PP unit at all times. Just my observation and I don’t really watch any of the games as has been established.

  52. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CW –

    Thanks so much for your Avery input, I am certainly with you 100 per cent. Regrettably, about five more players are going to have to go down for Sean to see the light of day in a Ranger uniform, again. I feel really badly just thinking that he is all but officially gone for good, and with the knowledge that no responsible position in the organization will be offered to him to soften the blow.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he finds a lot more fulfillment in life, once he is out of the National Hockey League. He’s a winner and will definitely land on his feet.

  53. stranger nation on

    Rupp’s size, ability to play center, locker room presence and ability to stand up to the heavyweights and Hags emergence, amazing wheels, hustle, scoring, and PK ability is the reason for less Avery.

    If Mitch does not perform or Dubi is asked to sit or Torts has a Crystal Ball SO vision (EC) or there is an injury to the bottom 6 forward, Aves will play.

    I like Avery, prefer to see him play, but the TEAM is winning and when the TEAM wins, that is really all I care about. Root for the laundry, not the player.

  54. LOL, Boom Boom….

    For some reason there isn’t too many NNs here today, not yet at least. Can’t wait for the first one to show up and say the very first “BUT”….

  55. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Manny –

    A week ago the Rangers were ranked number one in the NHL power rankings at http://www.tsn.ca. Of course two subsequent losses had to drop them quite a bit downward, from there. For December, here is what I come up with on my own ranking system for just the top contending teams. 100 is par…

    1. Boston (210)
    2. Vancouver (176)
    3. Detroit (155)
    4. Phila (134)
    5. NYR (129)

    6. Minn (119)
    6. Chicago (119)
    8. Pittsburgh (108)
    9. San Jose (100)

    The Bruins look by far to be the class of the east, right now. I think the Rangers are going to hang around near the top of the heap, injuries or no. Imagine what getting a healthy and productive Staal back soon would do for this club?

  56. Been wanting Dustin Brown here for about 6 years now.

    NY guy, Rh’d shot, can play the off wing, good speed, some real good years on the PP,
    he’d be perfect.

    Unless you think the Ranger offense is actually good; then forget it.

    Boom Boom, maybe you should go to Avery’s bar and you know, try to buy him a drink.

  57. The Rupp staged fight was plain stupid. It makes the NHL look like Professional Wrestiling, stupid.
    Carp, are you are drinking the Tortajuice on Dubi? Even though you added the “a mountain of contradictions” note, the guy stinks. I do agree with most of the rest of you review.

  58. Larry Brooks, who I like and respect, is being completely unfair to the NHL is his consistent complaining that they do nothing about concussions considering in the NFL Harrison tries to kill McCoy with no respect for his head, only gets 1 game and the NFL Media treats it like it’s a travesty he was suspended. Then, the League does nothing when that suspended player tweets making fun of the blackout during that suspended game that if he can’t play no one should be allowed to play, as if his head hunting is completely normal and should be condoned. The NHL does a 1000% better job than the NFL.

  59. NYR_FAN "Delusional MZA lover" on

    “I feel really badly just thinking that he is all but officially gone for good”

    How can you feel bad after last night’s game? Who cares about Avery? Honestly, you should be more upset that Jagr isn’t a Ranger anymore! Just as relevant!

  60. Yes HWirth. This is the point i was making a few days ago. the Harrison hit on McCoy and the Browns method of dealing with said hit and the NFL’s terrible 1 game suspension that took two weeks to hand out (which he will certainly appeal) was embarrassing. How can anyone criticize the NHL when that is going on?

  61. Given the choice I’d rather have Ryan than Brown, particularly when it comes to offensive upside. Kings fans are really down on him. I’ve seen comments like “he’s only the captain because they needed a familiar face to assume the role when Blake left” or something to that effect.

  62. NYR_FAN "Delusional MZA lover" on

    “He’s a winner and will definitely land on his feet.”

    I laughed at this because but I think he was serious! Winner? What has he won?

  63. Rupp’s size, ability to play center, locker room presence and ability to stand up to the heavyweights

    Really Stranger??

  64. Oh, c’mon guys. “Not given a responsible position within the organization” and “once gone from NHL will lend on his feet”. Maybe I should open a store that sells sense of humor wherever you live :-)

  65. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    What is impressive about last night’s win is that the team kept hitting the crossbar and the post on shots, they were just a millimeter off for two full periods, yet the Devils couldn’t put them away so that the Rangers found the way to win, late.

    Beware of teams that win on nights when they are not at their best – they are solid contenders. Any team can win on its best night. Winning on an “off night” is really passing a tough test with honors. This, in fact, was a much better performance than the Phoenix game in which they allowed both a PP and a PK goal to a team with no quality PP or PK to speak of. High marks for the resilient win in Jersey.

  66. Manny, what is with the negativity. Teams that overachieve burn out before Christmas they don’t hang in the top…how is it that some fail to see this. Its a combination of players who by into a good coaches philosophy and system.
    I sometimes wonder how long some of you have been watching hockey.

  67. Manny – The worst and phoniest part of the whole deal is how in bed NFL media is with the League. As much as I HATE the friendly fire of NHL media bashing the League, it’s better than the phony journalism that goes on in the NFL. A player is arrest by the Feds for dealing 700k a week in drugs in a sting that included multiple current players and it’s a throwaway line on the pregame shows!

  68. I am certainly not a Negative Nancy staal wart! I have been a Positive Polyanna for years. Usually my wife yells at me that I am an idiot while I tell her that once we make the playoffs “anything can happen.”

  69. I think most would agree with you, CT.
    I have some reservations on Ryan, but little doubt he’d cost more to acquire.

    I don’t think either LA or Anaheim takes picks/prospects now, meaning you’ve got to give up someone off the team.

    That may change if the Ducks keep going the way they’re going, but we’d be talking closer to a deadline deal than now..

    The deadline, btw, is February 28, 2011, 3 pm.

  70. Once again, spot on, HWirth. It’s beyond depressing to me. The NHL just continues to get bashed by idiots like Ken Dryden and Larry Brooks. It’s making me NUTS

  71. I appreciate what Ken Dryden, who is a smart guy, was saying but maybe just maybe the numbers have gone up because they are not allowing players to just come back on ice and are making them stay out for their own safety. Bouchard in now back, Giroux is ready to come back same with Michaelak. They all sat a week and are now feeling better. What’s wrong with that?

  72. faceoffs are still killing the team. losing a ton in there own zone. stralman had a C level game last night has been better.

    dubi and fedetenko should practice shooting on net!!

    Henrik big time lat night. this team will ahve 3 new players from last night at least for the playoffs. staal, sauer, and ?, ?.

  73. Manny, my comment was really toward your overachieve comment. I don’t for a minute think this team is overachieving…in fact I’m not sure it has even hit its stride yet…and I’m hoping it doesn’t hit full stride until spring…

    If this team didn’t have a decimated D-corp would we still be overachieving?

  74. There are so many intangibles that go into Concussions like medical improvements, precautions taken when a concussion is suspected and most importantly recent rule changes made by the NHL to expand the market and draw in more money that have potentially put the players at risk of more serious on-ice collisions. No Offense to Ken but he was a goalie.

    I like what Bobby Holik said – to paraphrase: That as the NHL learns about concussions he learns about his own career and he can look back and now say definitively that he suffered at least 2 concussions but no one really knew what was wrong at the time and he didn’t tell anyone because he wanted to get back on the ice.

    Now the NHL, and its teams, is taking every precaution when a concussion occurs to one of it’s top 6 players on that team. Who knows about 3rd and 4th line guys. Maybe a bunch of them are hiding in the locker room throwing up and hoping to not get caught a la Colby Armstrong.

  75. ilb

    i just dont know how long the bickels, stralmans, and erixon of the world could hold up long term. maybe we reach out to carolina and jim rutherford the gm and see if one of there ufa on d are availble. bryan allen decent vet. maybe anaheim has a d man thats a ufa that could provide a veteran presence.

    for the 9 and 11 mins bicke/erixon played last night there were ok. but once the rangers went up 2-1 with 15 mins to go at least i didnt want to see them out there. girardi and mac cant do this all year in 3rd per trying to protect a lead and play 12 of 20 mins

  76. *Staal* – You have a point that this team hasn’t hit its stride. That’s pretty much why I think it’s overachieving. I really think that good coaching is making this team play a much more experienced version of hockey than they should be playing. This team is comprised of a lot of youngsters that are making some _smart_ hockey plays out there and are really, really pulling through. I don’t think this team should be worse. I just think they aren’t playing their best and are getting great results. Results that actually shock me from day to day.

  77. How many games is Derek Engelland going to get for that hit on Markus Kruger – or more specifically Marcus Kruger’s head?

  78. The Bruins won the Cup with an atrocious power play last year so the whole “u go nowhere” isnt an exact science…..even if the Messiah said it

  79. Finding way’s to win…thats what its all about…no one cares about pretty…just get the job done.

    I was at the game last night and that the first period was pretty bad for NYR. Period 2 they started to find their game a little. Period 3 was pretty much all Rangers.
    And MSG west was rocking.

  80. Amen, Staal. We are back on the same page, brother!

    Speaking of “brother” Where has Eddie Eddie Eddie been!?

  81. Yeah but the Bruins were kinda the exception to needing a good PP. Pretty much all the other Cup winners of the previous few years had PPs that clicked at a good rate in the playoffs.

    That being said, all teams need a good PP at any point of the year. It’s the one time (collectively or spread out over how many PPs you get) that your team is going to have it’s way with puck possession and potentially prime scoring chances.

  82. I think E^3 is taking some time off the blog. He announced it during one of the more animated pro/anti-Avery discussions.

  83. Ah. Thanks for the heads up, CT. He really came out of his “song quoting and math explaining” shell when it came down to Avery.

  84. ilb, you can post stuff like that any time. In fact, if you want to do a guest post, I’ll put the whole thing up top for you, happily!

    and I concur, if you can help someone else this holiday season, please do. You will feel better once you do, maybe surprisingly so.

  85. Oh, and who was it that wanted to trade for Kurtis Foster last year? Yeah he looked real good scratching his aasen last night on Artie’s goal.

  86. Missed the game last night since I had my own, but the highlights were impressive. Stepan = monster big time. His sick passes are amazing & his hockey sense is off the charts. I had Hagelin scoring the GWG but too but that wall Lundquist wouldn’t let nary a rubber biscuit get by him again! Oh well – glad we got the big W.
    I wonder if Rupper was auditioning for the starring role on 24/7 since he missed the first two episodes.
    Anybody else find tinsel distracting?

    And a happy harmonica to all the jewish ‘heads out there.


  87. I am not going to get involved in any Avery talk today … other than to say this: If he isn’t going to play in these games, then he might as well be shipped to Reddenville for the remainder of his contract. And I don’t think he should replace Rupp, and certainly not Hagelin, Boyle or Prust. Maybe Mitchell?

    also, guys up top, don’t use that s-b word. OK?

    Did Prust get hurt last night?

    And, Rod, if the Rangers wanted Kovalchuk — who is a step above Gaborik in the superstar category, IMO — he’d be a Ranger. LOL.

    Good morning and Happy Hanukkah, Sally! And all.

  88. Amen, Carp. I have been asking about Prust for the last 18 hours. I think he got benched. My guess is that Torts benched him when he didn’t (couldn’t) break out on the Short Handed opportunity.

  89. Who would you rather have, factoring in contracts and such? Gaborik or Kovalchuk? Pro-rated to a full season last year, Gaborik’s down year was basically equal to Kovalchuk’s. Because of his injury history Gaborik could only get a 5 year deal, otherwise I’m pretty sure he would have gotten a cap circumventing $80M. I think Kovalchuk plays a riskier game, even if he scores more his entire career he’s been terrible defensively.

  90. Oh, Carp. You expose me for what I am….poor at math and quick to exaggerate for emphasis. I began to fear about Prust sometime during the third period. I found him sitting there on the bench but not getting any shifts. He didn’t look hurt (it’s just pain) but I assume he was benched because he wasn’t in the locker room.

  91. if given the choice 2 years ago, I would have taken Kovalchuk over Gaborik, right now, I don’t think it is all that close, Gabby is a better player. he fits into the team concept a lot better than Kovalchuk, and that is big on the Rangers because they have become a system team.

  92. Out of regular playing forwards (min. 20 games played), Kovalchuk has been on the ice for 7th most goals in the league 5 on 5. His on ice GF per 60 mins is about a full goal lower than his on ice GA.

  93. I will take Gaborik over Kovalchuk any day of the week.

    While Kovy at his best, is the more dangerous player, he has a bad habit of not showing up and getting pouty. While Gaborik is no defensive wizard, he makes the plays that Tortorella demands of his forwards something Kovy would never do…

    Also as much as I would love to see Avery in the lineup, the only player you can really argue him playing over is John Mitchell and obviously Christensen. I do hope though Avery replaces Mitchell for home games against the Devils, Islanders and Flyers…

    Rupp might be slower but he’s far better defensively and is the better enforcer…

  94. stranger nation on

    Given the our PO style of play, it would make sense to give the bottom six grinders time off to heal the wounds when appropriate – that would open up time for Aves, who played well when he was given the change this year.

    last season, we had a rash of injuries to forwards (Dubi, Feds, Cally) in the middle third of the season but had call ups that played well. Playing with jam over a full season wears you down and makes you more susceptible to injury, especially when our guys are over matched from a size standpoint (save for Rupp and Boyle) for the most part.

  95. Eric Staal by the way is worst in the league amongst forwards in terms of on ice goals against (overall not per 60). That’s what you get for injuring your kid brother.

  96. NYR_FAN "Delusional MZA lover" on

    Michael Del Zotto 31 GP, 3 G, 13 A, 16 PTS, +17

    I can hardly believe he was being called Del Zaster only a month ago. LOL. How aboot we call him “Norris”, instead?

  97. Being happy barely getting the job done is fine.

    It’s also like saying you’d go to The Cathouse and choose the 64-yr old receptionist.

    that’s one awkward analogy!

  98. Noah-aal-olski-auer-inger, 28 on

    I did, 1940. The refs didn’t even bother explaining why they didn’t call a penalty for it.

    It’s amazing how a guy with such a great career has to resort to diving, whining, and deflecting blame after every loss.

    In my eyes, it will always be Roy > Brodeur.

  99. NYR_FAN "Delusional MZA lover" on

    stranger, Prust is basically Chuck Norris.

    So, MDZ is not Chuck…but he is “Norris” as in Orr is “Norris”…and I don’t mean Colton, or the guy who like B&Js ice cream and supermodels ;)


  100. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Sally my daughter made Sufganiyah yesterday maybe she can send some to you! Happy Hanukkah to all that celebrate

  101. Stu Bickel also did a very good Steve Eminger impression last night. Surprising considering he has been pegged a career minor leaguer…

  102. I don’t care HOW good Del Zaster is. I will always call him that because it’s hilarious. Even the best guys turn a puck over from time to time and I want to be able to refer to those as “Del Zasters”

  103. With all of the little known-unknown talent coming to the rescue and the core kept intact, Broadway Hats off to Glen Sather.

  104. @AGrossRecord@ Hagelin stays with Richards and Callahan at today’s @#NYR practice@, like third period last night. Dubinsky with Boyle and Mitchell.

  105. I’d like to point out that’s like 3 or 4 positive Sather posts today giving him along with his staff credit for putting together this team. I’d still like it to be known I was complimenting Sather back in October for when more of the pro-sather crowd miraculously starts showing up.

  106. Very poor game for Richards. According to Carp, on the Devils’ goal it almost sounds like he blames Dubi and Richie 50/50. In fact, it was 90% Richards’ fault, starting with the cleanlly lost face-off and ending with cleanly loosing a face-to-face battle with Zajak. Of course, both Dubi and Girardi who somehow stucked in the middle of the zone in attempt to recover the stick, could help.
    And that lost face-off was not the only one, there were couple more but Hank bailed him out.
    Also, average at best game for Cally, which my be expalin in part by that ridiculous 10-min penalty to start the game.
    Overall, Hank was a real monster bringing us the victory, undisputed #1 star with Stepan as a distant #2, followed by Girardi.
    And major reason why Hank was able to perform like that was the fact that he was well rested. Rangers must start Biron at least 20 games this season fighting the temptation to play Lundquist more often.

  107. Carp,

    Imagine how good this team can be if they get Staal and Sauer back?

    Need another scorer on left wing. Do u think they will add one at the deadline?

    Did u say something about an Avery “incident” is the reason he is not playing? Can u elaborate on that?

  108. Ilb, thanks! Nom nom nom.

    Ria, thanks but I’m not sure they travel so well! Luckily the best donut shop in the world is located in Buffalo, so I can run over there for some sufganiyot this weekend. Yum!

  109. Eh, Richards has delivered enough other times so far this year to get a pass for a lousy game once in a while.

  110. Yeah, it’s all good to be positive, but we barely cracked a 150 posts by the middle of the day. We need more controversy :-). Like, Prust was benched by Torts because he is a dime-a dozen player and Torts just realized it after reading the blog yesterday. Where is Lloyd/Barry/catch22 when we really need them?

    Something tells me that Prust couldn’t skate much after he blocked that shot, that’s why he sat.

  111. Brad Richards is a career -77. I know nobody likes that stat, blah blah blah. Just saying we knew that when we signed him. He was a -73 then.

  112. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the top two lines are solid, provided you keep Brandon Dubinsky off the second line. Hagelin’s showed belongs there (for now at least) and Dubinsky continues to show he barely belongs in the lineup.

    After those two lines, however, there is virtually nothing offensively. And though they’ve been successful thus far rolling two lines for most of the game, I don’t think you can win down the stretch that way.

  113. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    VIBZ – You can win it all with “an atrocious power play,” as Boston proved (if you are correct about that). Guanteed you cannot win spit if your production at even-strength is deficient.

    Sharp goaltending can put a team over the top, too, and this is the Rangers best chance, in fact, this year and every year from now on.

  114. Hagelin’s snipe and celly were SICK last night! I love this kid and what he brings.

    Dubinsky has no confidence at the moment, so I don’t think benching him is the best solution. I think a stern talking to and some positive reinforcement will do him good. I have noticed that his skating looks worse than it did last year, and he seems to get knocked over easier this year. He also needs to shoot more. He had a clear shot yesterday and tried to force a crappy pass instead. Players with confidence fire at will.

    Yes, Prust, Boyle and Feds have had little production, which I think is a result of the depleted back-end. I think those guys are hanging back to help defensively, which is evidenced by their high +/-. Once Staal, Sauer and Eminger are able to come back, I think Boyle and Prust will be able to take some more chances and not have to think about getting back as quickly. But they have been good defensively, and have been playing well without scoring.

  115. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    ilb- you want more posts? Just Avery Avery’s name a few more times and these Avery’s will post their Avery posts for the next half an Avery. And the Anti-Averys will Avery their Anti-Avery posts for the other half an Anti-Avery.

    All Avery all the time.

  116. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    A few months ago I posted that my son-in-law died suddenly while teaching his daughter ( my angelbaby) to ride her bike, at the time we thought it was a heart attack well it wasn’t. The autopsy report revealed that it was a little known & rare disease call Good Pasture Syndrome. The odds of having it are 1 in a million & as my daughter said why did he have to be the millionth person on line. He had been to 6 different doctors , had all kinds of test done & one concluded that it might possibly be the onset of either adult asthma or allergies, he even had a chest x-ray within the last 6 months but nothing showed up. The disease affects the lungs & kidneys in his case it shut down his lungs. I’m hoping that now that my daughter knows the actual cause of his death helps her & my granddaughters move forward. BTW I lov this team & you”ll never hear me complain about them EVER!!

  117. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS Can somebody tell my family I want Haglin for Christmas PLEASE I lov that kid since day one

  118. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Thanks Carp you made me spit my coffee out with “the jackwagons with the stripes ” comment thank goodness I wasn’t close to my keyboard LOL

  119. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Carp –

    Avery can’t replace Fedostinko? That invisible “No show Fedo” is in my dog house. He doesn’t score and now his “grinding” game is deteriorating. Plus he is benefiting from all the heat on Dubinsky. If Dubi were having a typical Dubi year, Fedo would be getting a lot more heat here, and a lot more internal scrutiny by those running the team.

    All Avery would do is pick this team up, yet again. Philly is a lot more talented than Jersey, and always nasty. Games vs. Philly are upcoming. Time to make the switch.

  120. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Merry Christmas to you and your surviving family members, Ria, if that is possible. Bless you all.


  121. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    At least now my granddaughter doesn’t think it was her fault that her Daddy died because he was teaching her to ride her bike .That’s a heavy burden for an 8 year old to shoulder through life.

  122. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    It will be a Merry Christmas if I can just get someone to give me HAGLIN & you don’t even have to wrap him up for me!

  123. Morning! No way that Prust was benched because he couldnt break out on the shorthanded opportunity. a) Long shift b) He blocked a shot right before with his knee and stayed on the ice c) Torts gave him a huge pat on the back that MSG showed us. Unless of course Torts ripped him up and then gave him the pat…

  124. dunno what you people are seeing from Fedotenko apart from the fact that Tortorella chooses to play him. guy contributes virtually nothing to this team.

  125. Agree on Feds. I’m not one of those Avery advocates, but if there is currently a player who could be replaced by him, it’s Fedotenko, he is pretty useless lately.

  126. Lloyd,
    I must ask what it is you see from Avery that makes you think he belongs in the lineup. I don’t disagree that some Rangers you have mentioned have not had good years, but what does Avery really bring to the table at this point in his career.

  127. As a poster mentioned on another blog, it’s great to know that when a Rangers a lose a player, albeit a defensive or offensive player, that the organizational depth & system allows for seamless integration. It’s something that I’ve long admired about other teams (DEVILS, Wings, etc) and the Rangers finally have it.

    I am very proud of what we have built here over the past 6 years, despite all of the early playoff exits. We have a solid coaching staff, a solid team and some exceptional depth in the minors. I bet you that our overall system / depth is now the envy of many around the league….something that none of us would’ve been able to say 10 years ago.

  128. Sorry, Ria, didn’t see your post. Didn’t mean to be insensitive, I was laughing at some responses before…

    It’s Goodpasture’s Syndrome. Not much one can do about it. Hope your family is well

  129. Oh geez now Fedotenko is our new target. This one is actually kinda comical considering he does have 10 pts (4-6-10). He’s taken 4 minor penalties the whole season as one of the smarter players on the team. But of course, real sports are now fantasy where stats and no actual knowledge of the game rules the day. He’s one of the better two way players on the team but of course there is no real stat for that (don’t tell me +/- – guy can be coming off the bench for a line change when the goal is scored and it counts as a -)

  130. Didn’t realize a team that has not lost more than twice in a row in regulation this year and has rarely been out of a game at all needed to be picked up that much. But whatever it takes to get a certain someone of comically exaggerated importance into the lineup.

  131. You guys that think Fedotenko should be benched…have you actually watched any of the games that he has played in? Do bad things happen when he’s on the ice? Is he a liability in some regard? I think he might be one of the more solid players in the NHL. If he isn’t scoring goals it’s because Torts is asking him to play a different role.

  132. It took till 1245 for the trolls to come here with their nonsense which is kinda hysterical considering the solid win last night.

  133. Lloyd you do realize that players can contribute offensively other than scoring goals? Do you not consider assists to be of any consquence?

  134. Manny – Here’s why the +/- needs to go.. When Yandle handed the puck to Gabby in PHX for an easy goal, how exactly was it the other 4 players fault?

  135. In regards to Gaby v Kovy I think the superstar tag and talent are in Kovalchuk’s favor but when you look at the overall package I think we win. Gaborik is the better team guy. And the better “bang for your buck” contract wise. His health has/will always be an issue but for the most part I think we’ve been pretty fortunate though I’m not totally convinced that he was 100% last year. Especially in light of the way he’s performing this season. I don’t know how much more of a contender we’d be with Kovy. I don’t know if he’d commit to the team concept Torts and Co have implemented or if he actually makes anyone else on the team a better player. He’s just more of a threat offensively.

  136. I mean. You guys are really losing any amount of credibility by saying Fedotenko has to be benched. It’s hilarious.

  137. And if you’re going to place that much importance solely on goals, you might want to pick a player that’s done a little better than score 20 in his last 180 games.

  138. That would be a huge part of it HWirth. I tend to ignore minor +/- stats but pay attention to excessively large numbers. When someone is a -77 in their career …that’s significant. When Charra is +37 its significant. Anything under 10 I usually ignore.

  139. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Wirth –

    With all respect the definition of a two way player is someone WHO CAN SCORE as well as defend. Thank you. Fedostinko is a one-dimensional klutz who is tanking now, as in Fedotanko.

  140. anyone, to come back to the original point, there’s no production coming from the bottom two lines on this team.

  141. CTB – Totally agree. Stats are a nice thing to look out but if you are solely judging a player based on stats it means you probably don’t have a real understanding of the game. Want a great example of this. Last night for Isles, Franz Neilsen makes a great backcheck play gives puck to Mcdonald who passes to Hamonic for a shot deflected by Grabner for goal. Nielsen makes the entire play happen gets no points to show for it.

  142. Fedotenko has 4 Goals. That’s more than many other players on the team who have 3 or less. How can he not score? How is he not a two-way player? Give me instances of what he has actually done. Aside from play in every available spot in the lineup in every available situation and almost never, ever make a stupid mistake. Oh he also signifies, with his play, almost everything this team is supposed to be about. The Identity.

    I feel like you’re just trying to blindly insult and scapegoat certain people without having any sort of intelligence or factual basis to back it up. It’s kind of annoying and it basically makes you look dumb.

  143. I agree with that point Lloyd. I just don’t think putting a certain someone back in the lineup fixes that.

  144. Well, Lloyd – if the bottom lines were producing more than the top two lines than they wouldn’t be the bottom two lines.

    The top line deserves to remain completely intact. Those guys are playing VERY well and I can’t think of another recent Rangers line that played that well.

  145. I’m not really advocating for Avery, though I think he’s a step up from the junk on those two lines. I think the room is there to try to land a player who can contribute offensively and not just play every shift like it’s a penalty kill.

  146. No, CT – don’t succumb to that. The TEAM is producing! That is all that matters. SECOND PLACE you idiots. Second place. 42 Points. 10th in Goals scores and T-1st in Goals Against. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM

  147. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Tell you what, Manny, I would go for benching Fedo for a few games for a look at the kid – JAM. What would we have to lose by unveiling the possibly next Hagelin sooner rather than later?

    By adding couple really talented scoring young forwards we could become a force, especially with Kreider’s eligibility for delivery coming up in about 12 weeks.

    This is getting exciting for Ranger fans as the bright future we have been anticipating is really coming into present time focus. Feds ain’t part of it, Manny.

  148. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Thanks for all the lov.Tony you actually made me blush & I thought nothing could make me do that at my age (26) :)

  149. BBB – Fedotenko does have 4 goals which is on par with guys like Mike Ribiero, Jussi Jokinen, Tyler Kennedy, Thomas Kopecky, Joel Ward, Vermette, Taylor Pyatt.

    Wanna know what they all have in common. They are all 2-3 rd liners not expected to lead team in scoring and are good solid contributors. But of course, if you are not a 20 goal scorer you don’t belong in NHL.

  150. Manny, I don’t care about my “credibility” on some blog, I care about the Rangers progressing towards the Stanley Cup. In that game last night, if we had goaltending like the Devils did, we would lose by 2-3 goals, one has to be blind not to see it. So, as a passionate but not blind rangers fan, I’m trying to see where the resources for the improvemnt could come from.

  151. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I know you weren’t being insensitive ilb its not in your nature you seem to be a very generous , kind & caring human being just from reading your post.

  152. Manny – Forget it. They want the team to be the Washington Caps. A soft team with loads of skill and absolutely no grit, toughness, or willingness to sacrifice on defense because it has really worked for them all these years. If you are expecting 20+ goal offense from your 3rd and 4th lines than you are looking at a team that doesn’t want to play defense.

  153. The new troll taste for the day- Ruslan Fedotenko.

    I’d love you to propose playing Avery instead of Fedotenko to 30 coaches in this league. I doubt you’d get too far because the fourth coach would simply strangle you.

  154. Agree with you Lloyd. I guess I haven’t been vocal about it because I for one didn’t expect a repeat of what Boyle did last year.

    In addition, Idk why anyone is talking about Fedotenko’s lack of scoring. He had 10 goals last year. He had 11 the year before. He isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.

    Dubinsky remains the concern on offense to me. He’s showing signs of breaking out once in a while but he just doesnt have that offensive zone confidence that he needs to do what he can do.

  155. get healthy on defense would sure help in progressing towards the cup, especially since this team’s system is defense first

  156. ilb is your job just to be the biggest jerk on the forum or what? I never see you actually say anything beyond insults and “wow look at the Rangers!”

  157. It needs to be repeated. THEY ARE 10th IN GOALS PER GAME!! Wow those other 20 teams must have some of the worst 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines EVER put on an NHL Ice.

  158. “All Avery would do is pick this team up, yet again.”
    would that be before all the stupid blind defensive zone passes or after…Prust wondering?

  159. ILB – Yes, you are a jerk for coming on here and not being negative about the winning team and complaining about a meaningless player. If you are a jerk ILB – ILB – I give you permission to call me one too. As for the trolls, their stupidity is actually entertaining to me because it takes 1 to 2 posts to prove they have no clue.

  160. Ilb you are the red headed step child of this forum! Every time you say something that displeases me, I’m going to cut off a finger. (mine, not yours. so go easy)

  161. Let’s be the Capitals. 9th in Goals/Game and oh wait look… They are 23rd in GA. Clearly, only offense matters. They are a defense first team and guess what it seems to be working.

  162. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Lloyd you have no right to insult the blog captain therefore you get a 10 minute misconduct & possibly a suspension for that post

  163. HWirth – I was just about to drop the Caps analogy. Man. Vibin’ to the max today. Also, it should be said for the 100th time today that we are 10TH IN GOALS PER GAME. 10th! There are 20 Teams that are worse. Allow me to name some: San Jose, Phoenix, Minnesota, Panthers, Edmonton…

    I am glad you don’t care about your credibility because you guys essentially have none.

    ilb is easily the nicest person on this blog, Lloyd. Easily. Read his posts earlier about how he gives back.

    Boom Boom – you said something good about unveiling the next Hagelin. That excites me. I would just let Mitchell sit on the bench rather than Fedotenko who is, in my opinion, an essential part of this system.

  164. guy has been calling me a troll and accusing me of using multiple accounts for weeks. I’m fed up with it. instead of staging a legitimate argument, he resorts to insults. it’s childish.

  165. AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    Marc Stasl could consult with Dr. Robert Cantu after planned hard skates tomorrow and Thursday. Hoping to be cleared for contact post-Xmas.

    I still wouldn’t expect him back until after All-Star game break. If it happens sooner, even better.

  166. I don’t know why anyone is complaining about goal scoring for the team when it’s individual production that’s really bothering you.

    Manny, if you get a chance can you find out where we rank in goals per game, please? Thanks.


  167. Childish? Lloyd – come on. Don’t take it personally. It’s ilb. The guy is a consummate professional in life and on this blog. He is never childish. In fact he chides most of us on here for being childish. Don’t take it personally. Just keep expressing your opinions. You’re not a troll. We know it. You have real opinions sometimes that are quality.

  168. Cliche or not, come playoff time you need veterans like Fedotenko who have been there before and produced(14 playoff pts in each of his cup years). Look at the past Stanley Cup rosters. A vast majority of previous winners have journeymen players, past their prime but are invaluable to club because of the experience, leadership, etc. To name a few recent examples – mark recchi – bruins, john madden – hawks, ruslan fedotenko – penguins, brian rafalski – wings

  169. I think Carp is secretly behind the trolls. It was nice and quiet today with actual hockey talk and the trolls appear and the posts triple in numbers.

  170. Who cares about Staal Hwirth? See, once he’s back and he doesn’t have 9 goals and 20 assists over the first 15 games he plays everyone’s going to talk about how he’s damaged goods and we have to trade him for Shea Weber.

  171. I call what I see, Lloyd. I’m not the only one. And I won’t get into peeing contest with you, if that’s what you want.

  172. Hey James – using the NHL’s handy stat/standings thing-a-ma-jig I was able to find out that the Rangers are tied for 10th at 91 Goals with the Florida Panthers….who I think are being touted as a machine right now…

    Also interesting James…Rangers are 4th in Goal Differential. FOURTH. The team is a +23. Some teams they are ranked HIGHER than are: Blackhawks, Phirst Place Phlyers, *Caps* (-2)…

  173. I think we should be Ottawa. 7th in goal scoring and 30TH (yes 30th) in GAA. How about Toronto – They are 8th in goal scoring and 25 in GAA. Clearly, everyone on the team must be interested in ONLY scoring and no one should ever be put on the ice because they are a responsible defensive player willing to block shots, take a man, clear the zone etc.

  174. It’s great that all the “skill” teams (Blackhawks) give up a million goals. Guys like feds, two-way players, don’t really do that.

  175. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Morning iLB and all!!

    WOW, did we win last night??

    I thought physically, boyle played his best game of the season.

    Good on dubi for scrapping, about time he chips in that way.

    You know who hagelin reminds me of when he hits??Pavel Bure, not that big but gets so much speed built up and delivers some good shots.

    I thought bickel did just fine and stood up for teammates immediately.

    Rupp did well against jackhammer janssen, but I thought at the end he was so gassed and the refs should have stepped in.

    speaking of the refs, what a way to deflate a rivalry game with the pansified call on cally and that whole scrum, what is the old chant..”LET THEM PLAY”!!!!!

    Thought the coach should have rolled lines a bit more, but I thought the hags move was brilliant!

    love the review, thanks as always!!

    As far as roster spots and unsettled positions, I think we have two forward spots that need to be settled and that is it. On D, a couple more than that probably.

  176. Ilb, it’s not good to hold it in. You could develop bladder/prostate problems. Or stones. if you won’t pee at least watch your fluid intake

  177. Did I mention that the Rangers are better than the Penguins in Goal Differential as well? Interesting because the Penguins have a pretty good goalie in those pipes.

  178. Yes Manny, The Rangers are 4th in Goal Differential only topped by Detroit Boston and St Louis and what do those 1st two teams know about winning formulas.

    But clearly, the Caps way of thinking has always worked. Everyone think offense and we will just out score them.

  179. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    You have to be kidding me about ILB, right?

    Has carp mulched anyone in a while??

  180. Penguins are also one of the few teams that could legitimately play the injury card more than the Rangers Manny.

  181. HWirth,
    despite what the team STATS say, the Rangers need to add another scorer. left wing is an area that needs a scorer added. Anisimov is playing well ( sorry ilb), but after him, there is no scoring on the left. curious to see what they do with Wolski. he has the skill they lack on the left side.

  182. Wicky:

    Perhaps you haven’t paid attention but pretty much every post he’s made about me has been accusing me of being a troll and using multiple accounts.

  183. AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    Rangers work on faceoffs at practice. Tortorella unhappy six Devils scoring chances came off faceoffs.

    Fire Torts! How dare he work on the little things of the game when everyone should be practicing scoring more. Skills competition for everyone!

  184. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I was in no way shape or form comparing hags and bure as players side by side, I was just saying hitting style is similar to me.

    I have an idea with what might go wrong here on the blog occasionally. I need to try an experiment.

    I thought brian boyle played his most physical game last night and adam graves is a nice guy!

  185. Lloyd, you’re not doing yourself any favors by going after the smartest person on the blog, and the captain of the Boneheads. That makes you the Eric Boulton.

    As for the Avery-Fedotenko argument … again, I’m not getting involved in it … but there is a better chance you’ll get hit in the forehead by an airplane, twice, than Avery ever replacing Fedotenko. Like it or not.

  186. bull dog,

    STATS actually don’t like the Rangers too much by a lot of measures. Any dip in performance by the goalies and they’d be seriously struggling. At some point they’ll have to control the possession and generate more shots. If for nothing else, having the puck more would reduce the exposure of the lesser players on defense, particularly if opposing coaches start getting favorable matchups.

  187. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Well, knowing ILB like I do (and I do), he wouldn’t accuse anyone of anything unless there was just cause (and even then he would be the last person to accuse). So perhaps, just perhaps, you should objectively look at the past and go from there regarding your posts…

    or if the shoe fits…..

  188. Wicky,
    Adam Graves is not a nice guy, and was overrated as a player. Avery is a much nicer guy, and everybody would know it if it wasn’t for Torts hating him.

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  190. wicky, also, Hagelin tried really hard and is respected and liked by his teammates, and isn’t demanding to wear No. 9. So he isn’t like Bure at all.

    and I thought Feds had his worst game of the season last night.

  191. Amazing how much more solid this team looked when they were winning faceoffs consistently. Hope it’s just a rough patch in regards to that.

    And bulldog, I agree that they need some help on the left side. Not sure if Wolski will last in the line up any longer than EC did but we all know he’ll get his shot and I guess they’ll go from there.

  192. Bull Dog…. Could they always use an upgrade? Yes. But it has to be the right fit. They are not trading any of the kids to bring that player in so eliminate any top player. Which is why I have already said I expect them to bring back a guy like Prospal who will cost them very little at the deadline.

    They are not trading anything the other teams will want like a Hagelin, Stepan, McDonagh, Krieder etc.

  193. And last night was a perfect example of how good goaltending has allowed the Rangers to stay in games that average goaltending might have burried them in. The Rangers are a pretty slow starting team this year with very few first period goals. But give credit to the team for staying with it and eventually swinging things back in their favor. However, if you were to replay that game 9 more times given the Devils puck possession and shot domination in the first 30 minutes, I don’t think the Rangers would win many of them if Lundqvist doesn’t replicate his performance.

  194. will have to catch up as far as today’s Avery discussion
    it’s weird that Feds was brought up
    i think his role is similar to the one served by
    ex-Blackhawk who Keenan wanted on the
    Rangers Cup-winning team
    (not saying we’re going to win a Cup this year!)
    he’s someone that the coach is very familiar
    and comfortable with and will do whatever
    the coach needs done
    whenever it needs done

  195. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    bill dug lone
    you are correct sir, my bad!

    I agree about feds!

  196. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Avery is gone, I acknowledge that. Feds should be one of the next to get the axe because we have better in the system. 10 goals per year for a top-nine forward is right there with a .240 batting average and with no power in baseball. Not exactly championship timbre individually or collectively.

    For those who are not yet on board the gravy train, the dialogue has changed, here. No longer do we have to settle for marginal Fedo-types and for “just making the playoffs.” This team is now a serious, solid contender, but it still needs to add some key pieces to get over the top.

    Fedo will not be part of the championship puzzle here, which is coming into view for time table delivery anytime between 2013 and 2015. This club continues to add young, truly skilled players with each promotion – and we have a bucketload of them in house already = this club is ready to scale the heights.

    You want just making the playoffs and mediocrity, the Fedo’s of the world can accomodatey by not embarrasssing themselves and by just sputtering quietly along. I speak for many here, not just myself, when I say I am hungry again for another Cup and really like the guts and vision our management is now showing when it come to giving the kids a serious shot at making the team. This is exactly what has been missing for a decade, until now.

    The Fedo’s of the world belong in Columbus or Carolina, etc., just rounding out mediocre rosters in small market loser venues where old veterans go to hang on to a job ISee: Vinnie Prospal).

    This guy is yesterday’s leftover smelly fish wrapped up in an old newpaper out in the dumpster on a hot day. Two games from his kid replacement and no one will even remember how to spell his name.

    Let’s JAM!

  197. You might want to increase that to 3 times, Carp. It’s definitely *not* happening. Avery lovers need to pick someone else. Like….Christensen or Mitchell.

  198. marginal Fedo-types and for “just making the playoffs.”


    You are aware that he won a cup. Twice.

  199. CTB – Have to disagree with you a little here. It seems like you are blaming them for building the team around an elite goalie and playing defensive hockey when that’s exactly what most winning teams do. (HELLO DEVILS – Sorry but you can hate on Marty but it’s a fact). Also, yes they have started out slow in games (29t in NHL with 17 1st per g), but they are 3rd in NHL w 38 goals and 10th wirh 34 3rd period goals. Sounds to me like they are wearing out their opponents. They are also a 2nd best in NHL 14-1-1 when scoring first.

  200. Well there’s the issue of roster size and cap management that probably prevents all the kids from getting called up. And whether a guy that’s down in the minors that might be used in a primary role can be effective as a complimentary role in the NHL. Kind of like the reason why MZA was placed in Hartford.

  201. HWirth,
    the Rangers have stockpiled prospects. all of them are not going to play with the Rangers. some of them are assets to turn into a now player. is Christian Thomas off the table? same with Oscar Lindberg. is he off the table? some of the prospects need to be turned into a player, or players that can help win the cup now. this team is not far away.

  202. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    forget it, some just don’t get the fact that the sweet running porsche has a dirty motor under the hood.

  203. Feds had 14 playoff pts in each of his cup winning years. And again if you look at the rosters of stanley cup winning teams, you will find nearly all of them have past their prime, role playing, veterans who have been around the block before.

  204. Bull Dog Line – I agree they are not that far away but I don’t think they are going to break things up by making a big move like an Iginla or Ryan that might change the chemistry of the team. Plus, they don’t have the cap space to make a big move. I think people are setting their sights too high on a potential offensive upgrade. Trading prospects for a big contract only works if you have cap space which they don’t.

  205. HWirth, they’ve done well. I’m not taking that away from them and maybe they can outrun the odds for most of the season (Tampa did it last year) but continually getting outshot and out chanced is a recipe for disaster. And part of that reason is because of their depleted blueline where Staal has been a beast at shot prevention against heavy competition while also adding in about 25-30 points of offense a year. Not to mention spreading out heavy minutes among a couple of more guys that Torts can trust is good for the sake preserving Girardi and McDonagh.

    Offense I can see staying roughly the same. My hope is that any sort of regression that hits Richards (given that he’s historically been a 9-10% shooter rather than the 15% he is now) will be balanced out by Dubinsky and to a lesser extent Boyle returning to rates closer to last year.

  206. I would go after Ryan if he were to become available. Iginla, only if they are giving him away. I am no longer inclined to put Anisimov into trade talks. I think he may have found his position.

  207. bull dog
    is this the same Adam Graves who donates countless hours to children?
    If I remember correctly he may have been the last “dime a dozen” player the Rangers had before the arrival of current list of “dime a dozeners”

    I don’t like Avery because of his big stupid off ice yapper, his ridiculous defensive zone passes, and the 9 of 10 games were he doesn’t show up…couldn’t care less what Tort’s thinks of him…

  208. 1940 – You mean like Fedotenko, craig adams and Bill Guerin in Pittsburgh.
    Or the Wings bringing back Darren McCarty and Dallas Drake.

  209. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I think you DO trade some assets for a big move IF that incoming player (or players) is the right one. If the incoming player is the right one, chemistry will not be an issue. No way every single assets (read player in the system) plays for the rangers (I know you know this, you are usually spot on with stuff).

    As far as cap space goes, we have more than enough if needed…WW 4 mil, avery 2 mil, dubi (I would just guess he is going the other way in a deal) 4 mil (the other 2 in CT).

    10 mil available (rough estimate of course)

  210. CTB – Then we are actually in agreement. I do think they will upgrade on defensive before they make a big move for a forward. There happens to be a lot of upcoming veteran UFA d-men this offseason that can be had as rentals on the cheap.

  211. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    bull bog, carp, and I were joking around about how you just throw two player names in the same sentence and you are immediately comparing every aspect about the players or are trading one for the other.

    It was all tongue in cheek so to speak!

  212. We can’t sign Iginla. If Fedotenko is a washed up, momma’s boy at 33 imagine Iginla at …..34!!!

  213. Staal,
    I was just having fun with an earlier Wicky post. of course I know Graves is a great human being. I cried when he left, and cried more when he came back, and I am not ashamed to admit that.

  214. How many points did they Prust Rupp Boyle rack up last night? 0 How many points did Bickel rack up in his first game? 1

  215. Wicky.. I understand what you are saying but to get a big player like Ryan they are not asking for the unknown in Thomas or Krieder they will want Stepan, McDonagh, Hags who have already come up and proven they belong. That’s all I am saying. You are not getting Bobby Ryan for Thomas, Krider and Mcillrath.

  216. If we make a trade it will be for someone from Phoenix. You guys know that. Sather loves to deal with Dave’s brother, Don.

  217. Sorry I’m trying to see patients and stay loyal to Carp and hang with fellow Boneheads…
    Please forgive my multi-tasking failures…I need more Jam…

  218. Manny – Glad you brought that up because I was going to say I could see bringing in a Ray Whitney from PHX vet goal score that won’t cost much.

  219. My fault, folks…I summoned the whole ordeal with my post at 12:06 pm….

    And Lloyd- I apologize for accusing you being a troll and posting under different names. I mean it.

  220. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I’d rather have doan than whitney!

    I agree, I mean if you can get ryan for a dubi/thomas/../pick, I do it in a heartbeat.

    I think iggy can be had for a bit less and I don’t think iggy would produce any chemistry problems whatsoever. but obviously just my opinion.

  221. Hm, must have been someone else. I really thought there was a player Carolina traded for twice at the deadline in the last couple of years.

  222. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carnak holds the envelope up to his head: “Catch 22”
    McMahon: “Catch 22”

    Carnak (opens the envelope) “What Fatso would do if you shot 100 pucks at him”

  223. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Now trading for a guy like semin would probably lead to chemistry issues IMHO, so I would not deal away prospects in a deal like that….

    Why is ryan always the one in trade rumours, is he a “coach killer”, does he not like anaheim? Lesser of 3 evils? Just curious

    Speaking of MSG broadcasts, I am getting to the point of not wanting to see the rangers play on MSG and hoping for a lot of NHL network/versus broadcasts just because I am SOOOOOO sick of Knicks commercials

  224. Iginla probably fits their needs in terms of bridging the gap between now and the next group, and still makes them very much a contender. But I wouldn’t give up too much for him, not from our roster, even Dubinsky. However, we can certainly afford losing a few picks and a couple of redundant prospects. Calgary may not have too much to say about it because Iginla will tell them where he wants to go, more or less.


    From a post titled, Will the day ever come…

    …when its 90% Red&Black in the stands when the Rangers or Flyers come to town? Honestly, I doubt it. But I’ve dreamed a dream, and its just that.

    On some level the atmosphere is fun, if you like constantly screaming at people for 3 hours. Is their another arena in the NHL that is filled to capacity, but 50% root for the opposing team? Is it like that in Ottawa when the Leafs or Habs come to town? I hope so. It would make me feel better.

    What bothers me the most is how obnoxious Ranger and Flyer fans are. They come into our house, and act like they are home. If they were respectful, maybe I could tolerate it. But they are not. They are jerks. And when someone is a jerk in my house, I’m a bigger jerk right back at them. I hope some of you are ready to back me up when I get in the face of the wrong drunken group of idiots after a game like last night.

    For example, Last night there was a group of idiot Rag fans in the open area between 108 and 107 yelling at every Devil fan that walked by after the game. I saw them from 209, where I was still sulking after the game. I ran over to 208 and started screaming at them to “shut the **** up,” then I walked down there and told them to their face. Ironically, one of them was a guy I went to HS with that I haven’t seen since then. I refuse to stand by and let things like that happen. I don’t want anyone telling me I should have just ignored them either. THIS IS OUR HOUSE.

    Anyway, I don’t want to have to be “that guy.” Typical games, all I ever say to anyone is, “hey man, nice jersey.” I was even nice to the couple of Stars fans that showed up for Niedermayer night.

    “Hey man, cool Mooterus.”

    I realize this has been an issue since 1982. But it amazes me that it hasn’t gotten any better.

    Why can’t the same people who show up to Retirement Ceremonies, show up against our biggest rivals?

    Why would someone buy season tix, and sell their tickets to the best games?

    I bought season tickets FOR the Rangers and Flyers games. I already went to every game anyway…..and I was sick of having to pay $65-$100 to go to the rivalry games. So maybe you would claim that is exactly why people sell those tix.

    Well, they would save even more money by not buying season tickets at all.

    If you sell your tickets to Rangers or Flyers fans, you ARE NOT A DEVILS FAN.

    Here’s hoping that the day we can fill our own arena comes someday soon.

    Merry Christmas…..LETS GO DEVILS!

  226. beside his age, the problem with Iginla is his position. he is a right wing. the Rangers have Gabby, and Cally as there top 2 wings on the right side. somebody would have to move to the left wing. not sure I like that idea.

  227. Vinny Prospal and Mats Zuccarello would give this team a nice jolt come the deadline! Prust sayin!

  228. Good point, 1940. I was yelling at Girardi for nearly injuring Parise. I wouldn’t want any bad blood between them when Parise comes over to our side and dons a Rangers sweater.

  229. Lol, CTB…The best line: “I realize this has been an issue since 1982. But it amazes me that it hasn’t gotten any better. “….Umm, I guess the answer is right there.

    Bul dog- Iginla shoots R, Gaborik shoots L, two off wing shooters.

  230. CT I love all this. A buddy of mine is a Devils fan and and I were Jawing back and forth last night about a bunch of this stuff-

    Joe- Sorry I didn’t have your back, but you know those Rangers fans. Flipping out over a regular season win like it was game 7 of the Finals. Poor things.
    12 hours ago · Like

    James – Lol whens the last time You had a winning season against us?
    12 hours ago · Like

    Joe – When’s the last time you won a Stanley Cup? You really gotta lose the regular season focus, Sather. ;)
    12 hours ago · Like

    James- Says the guy with the has been goalie and the declining franchise
    12 hours ago · Like

    Joe- Talk about inaccurate statements. lol
    12 hours ago · Like

    James -Whatever helps you sleep better at night. Maybe it’ll be a little more in focus when Parise is wearing red white and blue next year : D
    12 hours ago · Like

    Sarra – team usa baby!
    12 hours ago · Like · 1

    Joe – Bahaha Rangers fans. Always dreamin’ of what could be.
    12 hours ago · Like

    Joe – I’ll end on this, a semi serious note. As far as “declining franchise” goes, you might wanna just remember a few names – Parise, Kovalchuk, Zajac, Henrique, Larsson and Clermont/Kinkaid. You will probably be hearing these names a lot for the next oohh…decade.
    12 hours ago · Like

    James-Remember this- when Parise leaves NJ and you’re stuck with an aging one dimensional albatross like Kovalchuk, searching endlessly for another goalie who can even fill half of one of Brodeur’s shoes, I’m not going to laugh in your face. Because you’re a good friend. But I’ll be laughing on the inside. Especially when we get outplayed and yet still wipe the floor w you guys while your multi million dollar arena cheers for us.
    12 hours ago · Like

    – ?[shakes head]

  231. What’d you think of the Pebble Staal? There are definitely some things that are a lot nicer than MSG. The concourses are a lot easier to walk around, the bathrooms are better. What I can’t stand is how obnoxiously loud they play the goal horn and their bush league announcer…A PSE&G POWER PLAY!!!

    Otherwise if I still lived in the city I’d go there a lot to see some of the teams that rarely come East for a lot cheaper than MSG.

  232. Staal will visit Cantu again, Sauer began light work outs, Woywitka’s Xray was negative —–>

  233. Christensen is a shootout superstar. The shootout skill of Christensen this year has won us every game this season.

  234. Last time I was at the Pebble I was attending a Phlyers/Debbies game with my friend who is a pucking Phlyers fan. I hate both teams. I didn’t cheer or say anything aside from just sitting in my seat and sipping my beer. When the Devils scored a goal this guy turned around and screamed in my face. I was like…excuse me?

  235. One of my favorite things about the Rock: That the cheapest team in the history of team sports spent the money to have stainless steel Devils logos put on top of all the toilet and urinal flushers.

  236. Take away Brodeur, Hedberg, Parise, Elias, Sykora and Zubrus from this year’s team and the Devils are going to struggle. And outside of Larsson their defense isn’t exactly brimming with talent.

  237. Are they really the cheapest? I would have said either of the Florida baseball teams are pretty cheap, well the Marlins were cheap up until this year.

  238. Marek v. Wyshynski had a hilarious exhange about Lou Lamoriello appointing himself Coach of the team and attending practices and basically just yelling at players to stop drinking so much water and stop sharpening their skates so much and to use less towels to dry off, etc. Just generally being CHEAP.

  239. Yeah, Carp, I think that was what attracted LW3H the other day too….Poor thing couldn’t stop throwing up while he was there…And he is such a nice man, he kept insisting it was a virus instead.

  240. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    btw, from an earlier post (or maybe the recap) it was the russian hammer that threw that hit on gabby I think!

  241. hey i’ll give Jeffrey Loria some credit he always said he would spend money once he got his new stadium and he has certainly spent so far

  242. Who was I laughing with about Dubi making his best play from his knees? Anyway, he did it again last nigh on the PK.

  243. Ilb, I love your charitable ideas…what is a good American organization that you could suggest. I’d rather help people right here in my own backyard, and I don’t trust any foreign-led or destined organizations.

  244. CT I remember quite a bit of rejoicing when they signed Volchenkov. “we’re set now” was the most common phrase..

  245. Tony, you’ve been gone a while. Maybe they didn’t tell ya. I don’t shine shoes no more. ;)

  246. Ilb, you would think because I employ the name Mao™ that my tendencies would not be fervently American. May I say bordering on Jingoism? May I say that? If I may, than I will.

  247. James, yeah well at least we were more realistic about the Redden signing.

    I remember a lot of reactions were:

    We’re letting Jagr go for him???

  248. I thought Rupp was effective last night….looked much better than his initial start. I’d take his size in the lineup over Avery any day, and he allows Prust not to have to fight the heavyweights. I like Avery, and I think we are in a much better place as a team when we are arguing over very small parts of the team. Drafting guys like Stepan, McDonagh and Hagelin that make the team and can be stars is quite uplifting as a fan. Altho, I find myself more of a Orr-type fan to borrow from a phrase of his that he once said he just wanted the Rangers to be fun to watch. And they is.

  249. Mao- all 4 I suggested are based and established in US. With WFP ( based in Washington) you can chose which part of the world ( including US ) you donate. Statistically, every 6th child in US is hungry.

  250. I don’t think so, Carp…People who want to give, give…I’d rather remind people every so often. But thanks.

    Btw, as a general info. Forbes ( I’d trust this one with financial eval, eh) lists NJD as number 21 value in the league. Down 17% ( 17- pun intended) from last year.

  251. Watch the Zajac goal again and when Taormina goes to shoot the puck, watch McD. He quickly jumps back to Hanks right to avoid screening him. I would certainly guess that Hank yelled he was being screened because It looks totally unnatural for McD to be moving away from the front of the net in that situation. Regardless, my point and it’s especially to those that poo poo the shot blocking and just want Hank to have a clear view of the puck on those longer shots- is that he has to do a better job with the rebound on what was a long wrist shot. McD was left at a disadvantage on the rebound because of this.


    Also, Cally gets knocked down and never gets to the point , Girardi drops his stuck ends up on his knees Richards loses the FO and just stands there.
    But of course whenever possible blame Dubi. He’s basically got both Taormina with the puck and the other point man but because Zubrus gets to the rebound first and Dubi’s in the picture throw it mostly on him.

    Just my opinion.

  252. it looked like Richards was
    trying to get the puck but
    there was too much commotion
    going on
    and the dev got to it first

  253. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I honestly don’t remember which thread…it was from the last few days, but you made some comment about french speaking canadians and I said we are no longer friends and you posted a big “NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO” at some point.

    I honestly don’t remember what you posted to start it, but obviously I am just kidding around!

  254. Carp I saw the urinals last night I was seriously wondering about that…who ever thought that was a wise idea? morons…
    Also cheerleaders belong at football games…why do we need them at hockey games…?

  255. Oh yea. That was probably uncalled for. Sorry LW. It’s just that, well, I didn’t like his article on Grantland where he linked concussions to fighting.

  256. Staal – the main problem with cheerleaders at Hockey games (Devils aside) is that they usually are on the ice which limits the pool of applicants to “women who don’t mind exploiting themselves and are good at ice skating.” It’s not the hottest crowd.

  257. Actually, we should do this more often, this ignoring thing … because as his cries for attention go without reply, it’s actually quite funny the way he carries on his solo-convo.

    At least, I’m laughing at it.

  258. Carp – The one thing I like about the Rock is the High School Uniforms in the concourse. A neat shout out to the growing hockey hot bed of Jersey (that’s not really a joke anymore).

  259. My favorite thing about the Rock is the designated smoking area ;)

    Not gonna lie, I like how the announcer says Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaach Pariseeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  260. The rink announcer in Philadelphia is worse. You know the voice of the stereotypically dumb characters in Looney Tunes cartoons? He sounds like that.

  261. It’s truly becoming painful to read the comments. I’m just gonna stay away until “It’s Go Time!” posts.

  262. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    ok seems like things are slowing down at the zoo.. time to make more cookies lol

  263. Many of you are saying the rangers are overachieving
    However you can also look at it this way – they are becoming a true contender backed by strong coaching, great leadership in the room, staunch defensive play backed by world class goaltending.
    Plus they are drafting well.
    All these elements translate into long term success.

  264. And one more thing
    They are loaded with character players who show great amounts of heart, commitment to the cause and tremendous resiliency.

  265. Author – SHHH!!! Don’t wake the sleeping Blackhawks fan who will come on here and tell us to Fire Sather and Fire Torts because they never win anything, except of course the Stanley Cup.

  266. Hwirth
    We are on the way to something here with this team.
    A strong foundation for long term success is in place.

  267. Author…. I am in total agreement but don’t tell that to a percentage of the people who post here regularly who care more about the scratches than the actual guys that score the big goals, make the key saves, block the heavy shots.

  268. Obviously they are not thinking big picture and don’t really understand the qualities/ ingredients that teams need for long term success.
    Talent and intangibles have taken many teams to the cup.

  269. Be careful there are some positive comments from the players about the coach that hates them.

    thenyrangers New York Rangers
    WATCH: preview clip for tonight’s @HBO 24/7 episode 2 itsh.bo/ucHiYb

  270. Player like Prust, Rupp and Feds are the ones who score the triple overtime goals, folks.
    Teams simply do not win Stanley cups without foot soldiers doin the dirty work.
    Never have. Never will.

  271. HWirth,
    Sather deserves credit for how the Rangers are now built, but I think Torts also deserves credit. he has played the home grown talent, let them make mistakes and learn from them. the Rangers are set to be contenders for many years to come.

  272. Hwirth,
    Torts may be many things – but first and foremost he is a coach who is 1000% committed to his players and to winning the cup.
    It continues to astound me that so many people who post here just don’t get that.

  273. Bull Dog line… No arguments here. Sather has made some smart trades and both Renney and Torts were determined to let the kids grow. Plus, Sather has brought him some real smart hockey guys in Gordie Clark, Jeff Groton and Kevin Maxwell and this year Doug Reisbrough to help out.

  274. I don’t think Renney was as committed to the youth as Torts. but I do think he deserves credit for getting it started.

  275. I think that Torts is the one the kept Sather from making the big splash signings or trades. He came in and said from the start that he was committed to build with youth. And, he has kept his word. Yes, they brought in Brad Richards, but that was bringing in a player with a skill set that they didn’t have and he was a known commodity.

    Even if this team was in last place Torts is the last person that should be fired. I don’t care if he surly when he gives interviews. Big deal. He’s building a team the right way.

  276. If I was being interviewed all the time I’d be surly too…
    The interviews are so dumb…
    Interviewer…”so what do you guys have to do to win the game?”
    Player/coach…”well, you know, we have to pressure the puck and play in their end, and you know we have to score.”
    How many ways can you say we have to win the game by scoring and playing good defense, and oh yeah our goalie has to make saves…NO SHIP Sherlock!

  277. Or if heaven forbid you loose the game…
    Interviewer…”so what happened out there tonight?”
    Player/coach…”WTF do you think happened, they out scored us, out defensed our defense and our goalie didn’t make the saves.”
    Really who would have thought?

  278. LOL LW- I definitely credit your 3D strategy (Dunkin’ Donut Distraction) for turning the game last night.

  279. Staal Wart – Those are two perfect posts. That is EXACTLY what the coaches feel like with those pre game pressers. LOL. It’s why Torts is not as annoyed on practice days with the media. Questions are usually more big picture and require actual thought. Like “Why is Hagelin succeeding?” “Do you like the progress of MDZ?”

    Much easier to discuss and give actual answers.

  280. My favorite:” How important do you think it is/was to…..?”

    Ma favorite in game comment:”And he didn’t miss by much!”

    LMAO, LW….

  281. or maybe you don’t want to be critical publicly about a player whose confidence is down
    or rather than put too much emphasis on a goal a player had you’d rather privately deal with several defensive lapses the same player had
    and maybe it’s different for individual players because they respond differently, but it’s perceived as a double standard
    and maybe it different at different times according to how the team as a whole is playing
    and …

  282. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Speaking of Doug Risebrough, I used to get a kick out of the fact that he played, for years, on a line with Yvon Lambert and Mario Tremblay. If you take the Y of Yvon, plus all the letters in the name Lambert you can rearrange them so as to get the name Tremblay. lol.

  283. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Loved HBO’s teaser calling Torts “stoic”! Can’t the producer’s chubby nephew writing the narrative use a dictionary? The coach seems to be many things, but “stoic” ain’t one of them.

    We know Torts is very, very security conscious, but will he allow us even the tiniest peek at his strategic menu? So far, all we’ve been served is a platitudinous pile of jamberry sangwiches.

    Maybe he’s an above-average motivator. I wonder, though, how many of his peers he can outcoach in a seven game series.

  284. kovalchuk on the point for the debbies is insane. he takes way to many risks… 10 shorties given up already for the season…

  285. ilb – After Carp’s compliment for you earlier, I was half expecting an ‘Avery is smarter than ilb’ “discussion”

  286. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    You call them “Footsoldiers” I call them “Grunts.” Some media types call them “journeymen.” Whatever you call them the tags attached to them indicate one thing above all as regards their careers and ability: MEDIOCRE. In fact with too many of them on your roster you need to rebuild because you won’t be winning any championship with them in proliferation.

    Just because a grunt steps up once in a blue moon and earns his paycheck is all the more reason not to become enamored with this type of “dime a dozen” easily replaceable commodity. It just begs the question “Where the hell has he been all this time?”

    Give me the star performers, day in and day out. Give me caviar over greasy pizza, too. Can’t believe the fetish-like attachment so many here have for that invisible grunt with the one-dimensional game, right Fedo?

  287. I’m ignoring now too…I don’t know who I am ignoring, but rest assured that I am. I am a loyal and willing bonehead. That is all!™

  288. translation of the latest tweet from

    Anyone who is only trying to start, never start. © Tao Te Ching

  289. Bob here, not that bob, but the good bob. Tending to same straggle-tooth bobcatters that be fracking on my property without proper permissions. Mrs. Bobthebuilder started turning a blue-green color after drinking some agua or aqua or water from the fawcett. Dang shale deposits!

    Naturally Gassy,

  290. hi guys,

    I have a question…

    Is there anyone interested or watching or listening to Cisco NHL live ??? In previous times it started with an audio, then it became with pictures and now its usually runs now from 5-7 but i only find short interviews on http://www.nhl.com website but there´s no link to the ongoing live show ….

    Do you need to be a member of facebook or twitter to get connected to them ????

  291. HWirth

    i work up early this morning due to another
    sinus pressure headache
    and was able to see the 2-3 minutes of
    Wols and Staal on Today Show
    promoting Toys for Tots
    and Winter Classic

    interesting picks for the show.
    Wols looked relaxed
    Staal looked as uncomfortable in front of the camera
    as usual
    if i was a conspiracy spouting type
    i’d go on that maybe Staal wasn’t concussed but
    just used that as an excuse to avoid the 24/7 cameras.

  292. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Kovalchuk can score. Fedostinko couldn’t score on Lennox Avenue wearing a suit made of fifty dollar bills.

  293. Yea Tony! Happy little trees! Happy little bushes! I love that guy. He was really fast at painting landscapes.

  294. Wait wait wait…..Boom Boom. Are you comparing Fedotenko to Kovalchuk? Straight up? That doesn’t actually make any sense.

  295. the bob who was 99 percent sure Staal’s injury was a neck sprain was a different guy than

    sincerely, bob the builder.


  296. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It is absolutely not true that Yogi said of a Fedostinko goal: “He must have scored that goal before he died.”

  297. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    wow, peeps havent put the ‘egg nog’ down since Thanksgiving! This place gets wackier by the day, I will not expound on which aspect of ‘wackier’ i mean!

  298. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Manny (or do you prefer “Mr. Ramirez”) – whoever your shrink is, you should get a refund.

  299. The best part is that you never responded to ANY of my questions about your theories. You just laid that sweet burn on me.

  300. yes, carp. I was the guy that wanted Staal to sit out the season to rest his egg noggin’.


  301. Tony-
    Everything in your world seems to be happy
    You can put on pants or wear or nothing at all in your world

  302. You guys know your Rangers stars very good ?????

    who is the best singer on the team ???? who is the best dancer on the team ??? who is the most popular guy to talk to by the media ?????

    who is the one who is longest married ??? who is the one who is most divorced ????

  303. don’t know if this was covered earlier
    and purposely changing the
    saw over at the twitter widget
    that Al Montoya now has a concussion.

  304. Yea he got hit pretty darn hard by Evander Kane. I am wondering if he gets a TooToo like suspension or perhaps NO suspension.

  305. So Harrison is now blaming the Browns handling of Colt McCoy. Could you imagine if this happened in the NHL? If Engelland shows up at his hearing and just blames Blackhawks handling of Kruger for any injury? The season would be shut down.

  306. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Manny I rarely respond to you because your tongue is always in your cheek, although I really can’t graphically describe which cheek, here. lol.

  307. They gotta stop letting goalies play outside the crease with abandon and then stay tight with goalie interference in the crease. How long til every team loses a goalie to concussion?

  308. Hey Buff – how do you know I didn’t get my tongue ripped out of my face or perhaps I lost it to a disease. That is a very presumptuous burn.

  309. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    I wish Sally… pretty uncomfy today, but i have not exactly been ‘resting’.

  310. Lin, hope you’re not hurting yourself over Christmas cookies! You know we’ll all be super happy with New Years cookies! Or MLK Jr Day cookies!

  311. Linda’s as tough as they get. She had gall bladder surgery between ‘periods’ and didn’t miss a minutes of the game. True story.

  312. Did anyone else see Laviolette shove Ott? It was at the end of the first, and the stars were going down the walkway, and Ott wouldn’t let Laviolette pass, so he pushed him out of the way! Hahaha! I wonder if he’ll get fined for that.

  313. Orr- Not the first time I’ve seen Lavy do that. He used to walk through the middle tunnel at MSG instead of walking across to the zamboni entrance as a visiting coach.

  314. in case youre all wondering they DO show Rangers highlights and hockey highlights on MSG 150 during Knicks games…..

  315. This Dallas and Phily game is an example that there can be hate between two out of conference teams.

  316. Glad to hear Sauer was at practice facility today, a good sign.
    Hadn’t heard bubkas and was fearful he was at the Al Toon stage of PCS, just locked in a dark room in agony.

    Sauer’s a great, underappreciated story, the way he snuck in under the radar and really played about as well as a first year d-man could last season.
    A while we need him back desperately, sometimes it’s what you hear these head injuries do to them as people that’s hardest to take.

    Mike Rchter still won’t get between the pipes for the Winter Classic (he’s playing either forward or D, I think), and he took his headshot in 2003!

  317. Good almost Go Time all!

    After a quick run through:

    Linda, hope the surgery went well. I guess it did, since you’re back at the stove :)

    who are we ignoring? I missed something, obviously.



    and what have you all been putting on your Wheaties lately? Geez!

  318. Carp – LOL! I knew you wouldn’t let me get that one by you. I still think the new realignment was the fairest thing to do for the Western teams even if as a fan of an east coast team I don’t like it.

  319. Interesting situation in Carolina. PHX-CAR not televised because of Wed. blackout rules and now there is a goal review. I guess Toronto still gets jumbotron feeds.

  320. Sorry to be sooooo off topic, but….for some reason, I can only read FB now on my iPad…..can’t comment, like, etc. anymore. What are they, or me, doing wrong?? This is very annoying. Thank you.

  321. Mama, I mean NY as in upstate. Although I will be in NYC briefly on the 28th and 29th on my way down and back from DC.

  322. ugh theyve mentioned this TWC and MSG stuff 6 times during the game so far but it still doesnt sound nearly as annoying as when Rosen mentions it. still carcillo though.

  323. haha, I knew you would Carp.

    I was just coming back from my lawyer (really), was on the phone with my friend driving home.
    He asked where I was and you can guess where I told him..

    “Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fender and Ziggy” haha, LOL….

  324. awww. that sounds just like an airport stop? And I’m working…..

    I admit, I don’t get the Monahan thing.

  325. Ahhhh. That explains why you totally got it, and I totally didn’t. Phew! Thought I’d totally whiffed on my Seinfeldianisms…..

  326. Giroux another 4 pt night to lead NHL in points. Somewhere Bobby Sagunetti gets a sharp in the side.

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