It’s Go Time! … “24/7” episode 2 … and unofficial contest results


First, here are the unofficial contest results. Three entries had the Rangers winning 4-1 and Gaborik scoring the GWG — jpg30, Alexei and Omar A. They were all over on the Rangers shots, which was 21. So we went to the final tiebreaker, Devils shots. The Devils had 31 shots. Alexei guessed 24, jpg guessed 30 and Omar A guessed 31.

So Omar A is the unofficial winner … unless I missed a better entry. So if you think you had a better entry than that and that I should go back and check, please email me at, no later than noon Thursday. Or forever hold your peace.


Now, here’s the info on HBO’s “24/7” which airs at 10 p.m., and many times thereafter, from the NHL:

Episode #2

Debut:  Wednesday, Dec. 21 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Other HBO playdates:

Dec. 21 (11:00 p.m.)

Dec. 22 (5:30 p.m., 11:50 p.m.)

Dec. 23 (3:00 p.m.)

Dec. 24 (11:30 a.m., 11:55 p.m.)

Dec. 25 (8:45 a.m.)

Dec. 26 (4:00 p.m., 2:00 a.m.)

Dec. 31 (11:00 a.m.)

HBO2  playdates:   Dec.  25 (midnight) and 27 (9:00 p.m.), and Jan. 2 (8:00


HBO On Demand availability begins:  Dec. 26


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  1. Repost.. Giroux with a 4 pt. night to continue to lead the NHL in points. Somewhere out there Bobby Sagunetti feels a sharp pain in his side.

  2. Wow, good job all! That was close! OK, off to prep for 24/7, with the non-FB but RR-friendly iPad :) It’s a pain in the aasen to refresh and catch up with all comments, but I’ll probably try during the boring Flyers parts…..

  3. Carp, I’ve always meant to ask. Can you explain the different colored jerseys they wear during practice and why?

    That’s one fug for Torts…And love how he checked with Cally there….

  4. Ha! I admit, that was a funny Flyers bit…we’re still so much better.

    Uh oh Mickey, here it may come

  5. Oh please. Lavs just said fricking. Literally. Oh, there’s two fugs….

    This team’s parts make me snooze

  6. We have one of the best records in the league, can we see a win please,

    Ooh. Not loving the refs there

  7. belated Borsalino! Gee, I guess me and my iPad really take over when I’m awake and watching :) sorry?

  8. that went by really fast

    would be nice if the series
    was sold with
    LOADS of extras that didn’t make it

  9. If only Boyle could pick out a shirt and if only he could hit, he may be worth something. Imagine if Cally or Prust had his size.

  10. 24/7 winner tonight…(shoot, wish I remembered his name…um, Carp, a TJN story perhaps?) the kid who’s Torts’ pal….second star: Torts, for the kid. Third star, tied between Prust dressing BB and Girardi and his kid:)

  11. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Can anyone tell me why Boyle is still in the lineup?

    Outside of the stupid celebration at the end of a home game he provides zero for this team.

  12. WTB has happened to tampa?!?!?

    i’d be surprised if they fire their coach
    less surprised if there’s a trade

  13. That was hilarious, NYR!

    On Versus, they showed a clip of Jagr borrowing some cops hat, and posing with it. Pretty funny! I love the guy!

    I’m debating whether or not to watch “Contagion”, anyone ever seen it. Good? Bad? Carcillo?

  14. ignore … ignore … ignore.

    he will make his stupid comments to himself a few times, then go away like he did this afternoon.

  15. Omar A wins the tickets? Really? OK…

    Anyway…another great episode of 24/7! Torts was great in this episode, especially the part with CP kid. Very touching to see Torts in this kind of way.

    One thing tho, the part when Talbot was warned about the penalty and then later on the same shift he gets called for roughing I believe…then, Talbot said something to the ref about being penalized for something he didn’t do and the ref agreed with Talbot that it was a bad call? What was that all about?

  16. The show’s mostly overrated, same feeling I had last week.

    If I see one more cognitive test with the Dr waving his finger I’ll reach for the clicker.

    Did have to laugh when they showed this unbelievebly cute kid Liam with cerebal palsy and said he had to rehab his hip – and he’s got Torts on his back of all people!
    That’s rough! haha….

    Touching segment, and Torts seems totally sincere and very kind, but a segment like that makes you feel like you’re being manipulated.

  17. Manipulated?

    What about all the f bombs and angry yelling by Torts? Are we being manipulated into believing that Torts is a tyrant?

  18. Having other plans prevented me from airing my dislike for Boyle this afternoon. Bedtime shall prevent me again in a little bit. Now back to business. Did the Rangers pluck Boyle as a free agent from Rite Aid?

  19. The show did manipulate. Tortorella is a mean guy. On one occasion, one of his players collapsed from exhaustion. Tortorella stepped right over him and continued walking like nothing was wrong. Rod what do you think of Boyle and his foul odor?

  20. No, I think Torts has been coming off as totally real & kick a**.

    Him holloring “Keep your effin discipline” last week has been the highlight of the series so far.

  21. Seeing Tortorella behind the scenes is pretty awesome…the way he called out Eminger in the video room was hilarious…

    “Fuggin Emmy…he plays hard….he’s ugly as hell most of the time but that’s why he’s here.”


  22. catch22

    Dont you have anything better to do? Are you a fan of this team or what? Or are you just a painful pimple in between the buttchicks? Which is it?

  23. A worthy wicky….Rod, please tell me you’re joking or I just misread your intent….otherwise, WTB???? I don’t think Liam’s parents would agree about manipulation….that’s the point of this show, behind the scenes, and I think that part gets first star!!!!

  24. Hoo boy, the crazies are back again. Which means time for lights out for me. See ya all for the game tomorrow night.

  25. Some great clips of Torts coaching between periods.

    Have they shown one single fight yet?

    Would be nice to see some heavy hits and blocked shots instead of just sideviews of pucks going past the goaltender. I get excited when the puck goes in the net too but at least show the progression of the game a bit… we’re not a bunch of monkeys!

    Love the series but it’s going to be hard to live up to the show that it was last year.

  26. Injuries decimate teams but it’d be nice to focus more on the game. The game goes on with or without you =\

  27. It has nothing at all to do with the kid or his parents. It’s the lame-ass producers.

    The point of this show is supposed to be pure hockey, the lead-up to the Winter Classic.

    So how does something like that get in there? And while they’re killing 6 minutes with that and 6 more in a redundant bit on a concussed player, there are subplots they’re not covering at all.

    Series is half over & not a single frame of Sather, who’s been hiding form the media since 2003. They’ve shown Holmgren, shown Snider, etc.

    The quipment guys for christ’s sake? How about hagelin, burnin’ it up as a rookie and really helpin this team!? Hank jammin’ with McEnroe? Fine but another time killer, portraying Hank as a rock star.
    I’d rather see what Marty Biron goes thru, sitting 9 games and then turning in a stellar performance. But everyone has their preferences I guess.

  28. and they’ve really missed the boat not covering Dubinsky, showing what an athlete really goes through during the trials and tribulations.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing Olivia Munn, if Richards is still dating her.

  29. I thought 24/7 was excellent again. Loved how we saw both sides of Torts. The coach who is a straight lace no-nonsense guy and the off-the-ice side in which he goes out of his way to help children. Bet 99.9% of the fans don’t even know his wife and him have a children’s charity in TB and his wife writes children’s books.

    On a personal note, loved the Prust and Boyle scene as I’m sure everyone who has ever traveled in the hockey world did. Nothing better than that 1pm – 3pm or 2pm – 5pm depending on distance to Arena hockey nap.

    And I loved that the equipment guys and trainers got some love in the episode. They are the backbone of the team. When our boys r in the hotel sleeping at 1am having just landed from some city, they are first going to the Arena to prepare for practice or morning skate the next day. And it doesn’t matter what your title is, it’s all hands on deck as I saw Reg Grant, strength and conditioning coach collect the gear in PHX after the Win.

    As for the Flyers stuff, HBO couldn’t avoid the injury stuff this week. It was the topic of that team all week. Pronger out. Giroux was out. Couturier was injured. Nothing HBO could do about that.

  30. Rod – It’s not an NHL Network show. It’s not supposed to be an on-ice hockey based show. It’s supposed to give you an insight into what the players are like and what goes on behind the scenes. What you are talking is pre-game show stuff. This is supposed to shows fans things they never would have seen otherwise and show you the human side. Hence, the family stuff and Torts off the ice stuff.

  31. Thing is, there’s really only one more episode.

    Of the two remaining, the finale will be at least half promo-ing the game, getting everyone’s final thoughts on it, etc.

    So unless they come thru big-time next week I’m afraid it’s what I thought it’d be.

    A tiny bit of actual lockerroom & behind the scenes stuff, very carefully cut, and the rest ‘feel good’ storylines, players with their kids, Cally’s grandma, etc.

  32. Rod- They’ve never once said it’s a pure hockey show. It’s not even close to that. It’s a behind the scenes all access pass, something unless you’ve been as extremely lucky as I was once to be a part of the fraternity, you’d never get to see.

    Any pregame show can do a feature on a player’s skating or Dubi’s struggles.

  33. Thats a good question, ORR…I was wondering too…what about the announcer? Do they get anything? A ring? A name on the cup? Anyone know?

  34. Rod – I’ll take it one step further and say I think they showed too many game highlights in the 1st episode. If I need a recap of the game, watch NHL on the Fly. I want to see more interaction on the charter, trainers room and team meals. That’s where you really get to meet the players.

  35. CCCP – Team announcers do get a ring, especially if they are considered team employees. As for the CUP, the teams submits the names as they want it to appear and most times it’s Owner, President, GM, Coaches and hockey ops staff (equipment staff, trainers etc) then the players. Although, trying to think at last time I looked at Cup, I don’t think every team included trainers and equipment staff. But I think most do.

  36. HWirth, they’ve been stretching the game clips too, all not to show what they don’t want to (or the NYR wouldn’t allow them to show)

    Last year, HBO had McPhee and Boudreau having their little pow-wows after game nights,
    freely discussing personnel decisions, etc.

    I wanted to see & hear Sather & Tortorella, but I know them too well to ever think that’d be permitted.

    Wouldn’t you rather hear them discuss the state of the team than all the filler we’ve seen?

  37. Rod – First off, the Rangers don’t have right of first refusal on what they show. In fact, the show is usually finished from what I’ve hear at 9 AM Wednesday morning. As for the Sather – Torts stuff, was Sather even on that trip? I think I might have seen him coming off the plane, but I’m not even sure they are having those types of pow-wows. Sather is pretty hands off.

    Plus, I would imagine from their focus groups, fans were more interested in learning about the players than seeing a Moneyball-eque look at the team.

  38. HBO also had Dam Bylsma and his assistants going over their decisions last year, as well as with the GM. Seen anything like that so far?

    How about (God forbid) going up into the fabled perch where Sather and Messier (only the next GM and one of the two greatest players ever) reside and watch and discuss the games?

    I get more than enough of the charity stuff rammed down my throat from MSG every freakin’ game night.

    Is it just coincidence they instead focused on this poor kid?

    Not a single second of what I’m talking about, yet how many times have we seen them board the plane? It’s lame man.

  39. Melrose just gave us Marc Staal for Christmas. Said we sould do some damage in the playoffs.

    Thank you Santa.


  40. Rod – This is an assumption. I don’t really have anyway of knowing this but I’d gather since they are around the team literally 24/7 as witnessed by being in Prust and Boyle’s hotel room during their nap, that out of the 100’s of hours of tape of both teams, if they’ve mic’d Sather he hasn’t given anything worth spending time on obviously. I think they learnt last year this show is about the coaches and about learning about the players and not a Moneyball look at the game.

  41. sather is not around or on camera and holmgren is in each episode.

    wonder what the time breakdown was on this weeks episode. seemed like the flyers had a lot more time wonder if I oerceive that because I hate the flyers and am a Ranger fan?

    the NJ game will get some time next episode and with the fishticks and flyers on friday, tough and hard nose hockey will be the next episodes theme for the rangers

  42. Couple of corrections there HWirth;

    One, Rangers don’t have final cut, HBO does, you’re correct.
    That was very publicly put out there (and I don’t believe in coincidences, not with those people involved.), and emphasized in several places beforehand when the WC was announced. But there were also more than a fewmentions of how the Rangers didn’t want this or that shown, Ill have to see if I can find them.

    Point is, there’s been no mention of whether or not they provided complete access to the team, managers, the owner, or even free reign to roam and building and practice facility and setup where they pleased to shoot.

    So to say they didn’t have control over what is broadcast isn’t exactly kosher if they restricted access. (and if they did provide full access where the heck is the footage? it wasn’t more interesting than the crap they’re airing?)

    And Torts said not long ago how involved he was in recruiting Richards, how Sather asked him so many questions, etc. Sather’s not as hands off as you think, quite the contrary.
    They have a working relationship.

    Not that you’d ever know it from watching 24/7.

  43. So if announcers get the cup ring and most likely get their name on the cup as well, im guessing JD got his then? That’s awesome! What about Rod Gilbert? Was he employed by the team in 94?

  44. Rod – You sound like Bob Raissman trying to portray MSG as some sort of KGB Russian op. I’ve worked with MSG for many years and it’s not as bad as people think or make it out to be. The one idea I love best is James Dolan tells the announcers what to say. From personal experience, my sister in law teaches at the rich private school a bunch of the big shots on LI attend, he doesn’t even pay attention to 90% of the games. The sports teams to him are 1 part of a major media corporation. I could tell for a fact that there are times the rangers play home games and hes out at some club playing his guitar or promoting something for Fuse.

  45. In fact Rod, it would not shock me if Dolan is not attending the WC and is instead going on some family trip that weekend. The only way he’s going to be there is if his kids want to be a part of it. This is not Jerry Jones or the Steinbrenners here. The team is not the family business. The building, the tv rights, the entertainment aspects are.

  46. HWirth,

    I know all about JD and the Straight Shots.
    Dolan doesn’t have to instruct the network announcers what to say. It’s POLICY.
    Dolan’s underlings enforce it, and run a White House communications strategy to a tee.

    They don’t braodcast a game like Jim Gordon did. They sell you the team.
    They accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative. As policy.

    You really think the puck ‘hopped over Messier’s stick” 4,000 times his last few years,
    as those corporate pigs Sam & JD routinely informed their audience? Or was it a poor management decision to bring him back (and then leave him with no scoring wings?).

    Cmon bro…. Where’s Jimbo? He knows all this stuff too….

    Here’s a stat, people can decide for themselves;

    4 teams have now been featured on HBO’s 24/7.

    3 of them have had the management side of team operations shown.

    Guess which one hasn’t?

  47. Rod – I’ve worked for MSG. Their “policy” of being positive is the same “policy” every owner wants from their announcers. Home team announcers are intended to be “homers.” Their job is to sell the team to the home fans to make them want to watch more and buy tickets, shirts etc. Plus, you will never see home broadcasters rip their own players because they will be on the charter with them 5 minutes after the game is over. It’s very easy to sit at home and say “hey that guy sucks” and another when you have to face them the next morning and the next after that. Secondly, most team analysts have some connection to the organization and are therefore going to be positive about their team. JD gave his heart to the Rangers, do you think he’s going to publicly bash them?

  48. Believe me I witnessed what happens when a beat writer rips a player in an article and an entire locker room decides they will not speak to the press if that media member is in the room. And by the way, the team won as the beat reporter decided to leave the room to not hamper his colleagues and work the issue out with the player 1 on 1. Always easier to talk with no filter on a blog, website podcast etc. another when you have to actually deal with the players regularly. This is why I don’t read stuff or believe stuff written by guys who don’t get game credentials. They have no one to answer to and therefore can write whatever they want.

  49. Rod – I can you tell another story about an owner not named Dolan wanting to fire a TV guy that is considered one of the best in the NHL because he wasn’t being enough of a homer and the two guys that were lined up to replace him both now work in the NHL and are two of the most annoying homers in the League. So it’s not some Dolan conspiracy. Owners see their home announcers as a part of their PR Staff.

  50. For 100 years, starting with radio, home team announcers were never intended to be homers until very recently, when sports became corporatized, where the same conglomerate monoplolizies the team, network, and building.

    I got into this once here and was berated for being boring, so enuff said.
    But this is a relatively new phenomenon – it is flat-out lying to your audience – and James Dolan most certainly has been at the forefront since he took charge over there.

    You think it’s a coincidence every night the home team star is subjected to 7 or 8 rapid-fire questions from John Giannone – exclusively, first – while the other reporters, who are restrained by journalistic standards of objectivity – stand their pulling their pricks?
    That’s controlling the flow of information my friend.

    And it is the team’s obligation – I believe mandated by league rues – to speak with the press.

    Whatever. On a happier note, HBO has shown us Sean modeling, so Boom Boom should be pleased.

  51. Rod – Since I used to get paid to do exactly what you are talking. I’ll explain how it works. The rightsholders, be it MSG, YES, WFAN, ESPN1050 whatever feel that since they are paying the team to broadcast the games they want their guy to get 1st dibs on questions. Which is actually kinda fair and no one has any problem with it, especially when those same coaches make side deals with those networks for paid spots.
    The other press outside of the home team broadcasts get their chance to ask questions as well. In fact, usually the TV guys ask 1 or 2 questions and bail unlike beat reporters because they have to feed the tape in to post game shows and on road games get on the media bus that follows the team bus to the charter.

    As for homers being a new thing, what are you talking about? Russ Hodges 1951 “the giants win the pennant. the giants win the pennant.” Was that a neutral call? Harry Carey and Jack Brickhouse’s Hey Hey after a Cubs home run.

    Rod, please, you sound almost as clueless about the TV business as the 2 NY geniuses Raissman and Mushnick who unlike their new counterpart in Neil Best have never actually written a story they’ve gone out and covered but rather just commented on from their desks. I love how those 2 write how they know what happens in the broadcast truck and have never been in one and Neil Best instead of saying it actually goes to the truck and then writes the story.

  52. Thanks for the lesson. Except you have no idea whom your speaking to.

    And TV guys don’t have to ‘feed tape”, it’s transmitted live.
    Nor do reporters have to run to pay phones to file stories with their editors.

    That was the 1940’s.

    Is that what Giannone does, ask 2 questions? You should try counting sometime.

    You want me to breakdown Hodges call? Ok, what was he saying? Was it factual?
    The Giants win the pennant – which they did.
    One of the most dramatic moments in baseball history. Was he not allowed to get excited?
    Did he deceive his audience in doing so?

    I’m tired. You liked 24/7. I thought it was lame. Night.

  53. Rod – I don’t care who you are but obviously you don’t work in the business or you would have known why the broadcasters get first dibs on the questions. Please, tell me how you think you know other being a fan that MSG tells broadcasters they are not allowed to be negative as oppose to what the real truth is and that ALL Home broadcasters are homers and are used to promote the product and you know what can’t blame them. It’s the best way to reach the fan base and if I owned a team I wouldn’t want MY broadcaster picking on the team. I’ll leave that for the writers, national media etc.

  54. I dont really understand your question at this hour, Im not sure if it’s me or you.

    Ill try again tomorrow if u wish. You obviously don’t know anything about me, and just as obviously saw fit to call me clueless none the less, even though I was respectfully discussing this with you, and quite enjoying it.

    My final thought was actually pretty somber;

    Journalism, real journalism, the institution, has failed the country so miserably (largely at the same hands – corporatism – with the people now largely doomed as a result), that sports journalism seems petty in comparision.

    Have a good evening.

  55. Oh, I was going to say, it would’ve been nice to see & hear Slats and Torts discussing even a relatively minor issue like what to do with Avery, would you not agree?

    Cause I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Giannone, Rosen & Co. to delve into that one anytime soon.

  56. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Really liked last night’s episode.

    I do have a few impressions:

    1) Have to agree on the lack of Sather. Our guys are going down, and we’ve had to make some personnel decisions, why not spotlight that? Certainly with Bickel and Erixon coming up this week, I might want to hear from the Cigar Man during next week’s episode.

    2) This is 2 episodes in a row where it seems as if the Flyers are winning all the time and the better team. Now granted this coincided with a bad streak for us, but we are one of the better teams in the league.

    3) Tortorella is quite a coach. He comes straight at you, and is passionate. He knows what this team is, and that it has real potential to go far. But make no mistake– it’s his team. (Did love how he asked Cally about the time needed to get ready. I’d love to see more Cally as Captain with a speech or organizing the team…)

    4) I have a new found respect for Laviolette. I thought he was pretty clueless, but he’s got an edge to him and seems to be a good fit for Philly. Not like I’m rooting for him, though, and I don’t like those guys over there one bit.

    5) Lots of stuff to tell in an hour’s time. I wish they were doing this over the course of a season, not just 4 weeks.

  57. Great job, Omar! I was just about to put down “31” for Devils shots & got an immediate image of Chris Terreri in my head. Frightened, I immediately changed it to 30, in honor of Henrik & one of my other favorite goaltenders, Gilles Villemure.

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