It’s Go Time!


Happy Hanukkah!

The ticket contest is now closed.

Game 31.  First meeting of the year in the Battle of the Hudson.

Last of three in a row on the road, and start of three in four nights, and a big rivalry week, with Islanders coming to MSG Thursday and Monday, and Flyers coming in on Festivus Friday.

Looks like Stu Bickel and Tim Erixon in for Steve Eminger (shoulder) and Jeff Woywitka (foot), though Woywitka will be a game-time decision (after warmups presumably). Sean Avery will likely be prucha’d again. Artem Anisimov also returns, so Erik Christensen should also be prucha’d.

Patrik Elias out for the Devils, who have won four in a row and are the kings of the breakaway competition they sometimes hold after hockey games end.

Henrik Lundqvist vs. Martin Brodeur.


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  1. The HAG LIN is here. Now we can start!

    Look at fatso getting all sentimental. It’ll definitely be the end of an era when he’s no longer the starting goalie for NJ. Rangers fans have to acknowledge that.

  2. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    almost Ilbzo. gonna take one more day, then go to work Thursday. Then, we don’t go back until the 27! Not too shabby. One more pain med before I go to sleep, then i should be all good

  3. drosennhl Dan Rosen
    NYR will have a 3rd pair of Bickel and Erixon tonight. Both were playing in Connecticut last week. Staal, Sauer, Eminger, Woywitka all out.

    Erixon 9 NHL games Bickel 0

    Now that’s a legit concern for the team not the 5th line.

  4. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    oh shoot HAPPY FESTIVUS everyone!!! My feat of strength today has been getting in and out of chairs lol, and reaching for my cookie baking supplies.

    Tonight, Brandon FOOOOOUUUUUURRR MILLION Dubinsky will score the GWG!

  5. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    This time of year really brings out the religion in me. Why just today, I said-

    “Christ! I can’t wait for Christmas Day to come…”

  6. At midnight, I’ll be 26 for the fifth time in my life. If they pull tonight off it’ll be the best gift I’ll get this year. so they better not suck!

  7. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    They will both point the finger at each other as the price increase goes into effect. (Smiling to themselves the whole time)

  8. Good evening, Carp!

    Linda, as much as I like the sound of “reaching for my cookie baking supplies”, please take it easy!

    And did I miss something? It’s Hanukkah, not Festivus tonight, right? I lit some candles but my Festivus Pole is still in the basement.


    Where’s ZzZzZ?:

    Its gonna be a ring a ding dong dandy!!!!!!


  10. AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    #NYR starters: Lundqvist, McDonagh-Girardi, Rupp-Fedotenko-Prust
    AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    #Devils starters: Brodeur, Foster-Volchenkov, Boulton-Sestito-Janssen

    Can anyone say staged fight to start game

  11. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    JRG, if you could lift Marty Brodeur, you will be the Mariusz Pudzianowski of the blog!


    guy is a top player, isn’t he

  13. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    the ‘streaking’ new jersey devils?

    MARTY KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON.. for the betterment of ALL HUMANITY

  14. the latitude Dubinsky gets from this coach, especially since it’s incommensurate with performance, is absurd

  15. There was a silent, miniature Chico over Sam Rosen’s shoulder just then.

    Silent being the only good thing about that.

  16. have center ice so i’m stuck with
    devils broadcasters.

    so i’m listening online to Rangers
    radio broadcast.

    sometimes it gets behind the play
    anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute

    any way to sync play and broadcast?

  17. jpg

    The five seconds to a minute behind the play thing isn’t a time lag on the broadcast, it’s just when Mike Rupp’s on the ice.

  18. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    aaaaaan fedotenko TRIPPED someone… i thought he hit him lol.. that would have been great

  19. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    They should have those fights in the pre-game warmup. That way everyone gets out on time…

  20. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    what a crock pot of crap that was

    Good for dubi.. set yourself on FIYAH with that fight, now get some goals when you come out of the sin bin

  21. this is a game I would have liked to see Avery play but then again who do you take out? I guess you can sit Mitchell but he’s played well thus far…

  22. These MSG guys spend way too much time talking up the opponent. I don’t care about Devils coaching staff.

  23. Are all of the streams Devils tonight? I don’t wanna listen to Chico and the Man.

    They took forever to explain why Callahan and a third Devil were in the box.

  24. another lamarello call

    devs must be taught from day one
    how to fake getting hooked
    and refs always fall for it

  25. Mitchell has two points this month. He’s an automatic scratch when that hump Wolski comes back.

  26. BANJ & ddeb, thanks yup it worked! Just had to restart my laptop so I missed Dubi doing something silly.

  27. See some people are jumping the gun … Festivus is Friday.

    How about these idiot refs not understanding the situation and giving Callahan and Boulton 10s. It’s the right call, but geez, use some common sense.

    And how do the announcers not hear the P.A. guy announce 10 apiece? Then try to cover it up by saying “they changed the penalties to 10 minute misconducts”?

  28. ilb

    Mitchell shouldn’t have had his stick up
    but it’s the typical devs call

    they hold on to stick
    and get the call in their favor.

    not much different than the tug
    they just did a second ago in our zone
    when we were gonna clear the zone.

  29. Looks like the refs are gonna call a ticky-tack game to try to keep things from getting out of hand…

  30. Wow, Do these guys know that the ref with his hand in the air for 20 seconds means penalty? And when the Rangers have the puck, that means penalty vs. the other team?

  31. ya know Carp

    if you charge
    even a penny
    for every Avery comment
    you’d probably make enough
    to retire
    with a lot left over
    to host all the Bonheads in Vegas

  32. Carp
    i know Rodent’s outta here
    but i update my twitter feeds
    every so often

    i’m not allowed to post his thoughts, eh?

  33. Ha. Apparently Devils fans covet him ilb. One of my Devil loving friends is there right now and told me there’s a sign that says “all I want for xmas is del zotto”

  34. Notice how the Keep MSG graphics say TWC will “lose MSG” because only MSG has the option of pulling their programming, since they want the pay raise. TWC will not “drop” the channels.

  35. Spider, TW has said it won’t drop them until after the season. So now MSG says “may lose” … how weak. They just want people to switch over to Cablevision/Optimum.

    How about “Dubinsky … that goes across”? They can’t even say that he missed the net?

  36. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmao, no 26 for rupp??

    lmao jpg… i’m tellin you dubi scores on the correct goalie tonight!

  37. The way the refs look so far Avery is probably going to get a penalty for goaltender interference as a result of heckling Marty from the press box.

  38. when McDonagh plays smart, which is most of the time, he’s the most complete defenseman the Rangers have

  39. How about a body check by Richie or Dubinsky there? And how about not being in an interview with a minor leaguer’s parents during a goal?

  40. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i’ll take exception to that lol

    and dont the islanders have the same kind of pa announcer?

  41. NYR’s are the rehab team for the entire league – just send out your formerly injured or otherwise scoreless players, and see them get better, at our expense….

  42. “They needed a little more help with the man in front.”

    But MSG won’t identify Richards and Dubinsky as the culprits. Won’t blame anybody for anything. Getting pathetic.

  43. >>Deb Placey looks different. Hmm

    Devils viewers get her while Rangers fans are stuck with Bill Pidto.

  44. the company men who work these games need something short of a gun put to their heads to blame a Ranger for anything, and they’d need a gun fired at them to admit one of the Rangers golden boys made a mistake.

  45. Doodie Machetto on


    I am with you on the MSG-TW thing. TW posts all of the facts of the negotiations with numbers supporting them. MSG’s “facts” are:

    TW doesn’t want to pay fair value for the programming. Look how good [expensive] the Knicks are this year! And oh yeah, there are three hockey teams, a women’s basketball team and a soccer team too. But TW doesn’t want you to see any of them because they are evil! And they paid $5 billion for the Lakers, so they should pay more for us, because it’s the World’s Most Famous [under construction] Arena!

  46. >>>P.A. announcers like this ass-clown belong in Nashville and Sunrise, Fla. Not in the Northeast.

    He fits right in with the NJD franchise, Carp….

  47. Carp
    are you at the game?

    if so, ask Torts if they actually
    had video sessions
    on the devils
    because it sure looks
    if they did
    all the players were taking NAPS!

  48. Honestly, it’s getting to the point where you’re better off listening to Albert/La Grecca and Dave Maloney on ESPN Radio with the TV on mute.

    And now for Bill Pidto and Grandpa Duguay

  49. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    thank you Orr.. do away with the stupid twitter questions.

    These horrific refs are making my incisions hurt… bastages!!

  50. Maloney’s ok – his biggest problem is that he never thinks a penalty is justified

    anyone would be better than Micheletti

  51. All those penalties took the flow out of this game. It’s intense enough without ’em. Callahan was out for 10 min, Gaborik and Richards didn’t play much….

  52. 4.2 mil for dubi who has one freaking goal.

    i actually heard the rangers may have said no to anaheim with dubi involved for ryan

    dubi sucks

  53. classy move from Clarkson

    dude is still an AHL goon, I don’t care how many goals he has had

  54. sam and joe worst broadcast in years easily. its almost like there a step behind the play just like the rangers.

    we have zero zone time

  55. It’s annoying when a coach claims to be a proponent of accountability and Dublowsky’s spot in the lineup is guaranteed.

  56. Why do our announcers always have a love affair going on with our opposition of the night….?

  57. My God! Between the endless Knicks promos and the MSG-TWC battle stuff, they don’t have any time to air any real commercials!

  58. So all of the talk the last 2 days has been about the Rangers depleted defense. But to me it looks as if the offense is depleted.

  59. I feel sometimes that McD is their best and smartest D-man offensively.

    BTW…………..what a pass!!!

  60. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    better than yesterday Mickey, taking one more day off, then go to work Thursday and not have to go back until the 27th lol. just have two spots that really hurt.

  61. James don’t let some people here hear you say something good about the coach.

    eric, I feel your pain, bud. Don’t understand it. but I feel it.

  62. Carp,

    Do you know Bill Conlin of the Phllly Inquirer? Multiple charges
    of sex abuse from the 1970’s.

  63. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    the dr wanted me to, but i’m gonna go in onThursday and if i start having trouble i’ll just leave.

  64. Dont baby her Mickey. She needs to stop whining do a few crunches, cut some wood for the fire place and resume baking my…I mean HER Christmas cookies <3

  65. Linda! You should have taken the time, no one wants to work this week anyways.

    (So says the person who has crazy deadlines at work this week. Blech)

  66. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i DID make cookies today lol. Making more tomorrow AND Friday. you just hold tight young man, imma sending you some!!

  67. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Mickey, even though my Dr. is off all next week, i am going to be scanning in paperwork for at least two days before I can even start working on his patient folders for the following week. There was about 4 inches of papers that need to get scanned in, and that is when i walked out on Friday… soooooooooo glad we’re paperless!

  68. Voice, you always know what I’m sayin’. Know what I’m sayin’?

    Hospodar, I’ve met him, but I didn’t really know him.

    We had a guy who was busted for the same thing at my paper. And I knew him well.

  69. You sound like our other teams, Lin. They are finally going paperless, but it is taking forever!

  70. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Ilbzo, Torts sent Christensen to my townhouse to bake for me. I told him to go do something else to realize his potential

  71. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    we get more paper NOW than when we used regular charts… and my dr is the only one who does NOT make full use of the EMR system he INSISTED on getting! insanity

  72. Chris Rooney? Isn’t he the guy who wanted to give Anisimov the death penalty for the shotgun celebration? And the guy who effed up the whole melee afterward?

  73. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Mickey, any chance you’ll be in NY in May? Planning on making another trip up, but can’t mention it on FB since part of the reason I’m going is as a surprise for one of my friends 40th bday part.

  74. Carp don’t pick on Duguay. The guy just finally learned to read in 2007 and he’s already a broadcaster on MSG. Give him some credit.

  75. Del Zotto has come a long way on D but he still has a long way before he comes close to being Leetch on offense.

    Or Sanguinetti……

  76. Carp did you see how slow his release was on that goal? he’s not the same player he was. We need to move him…oh wait that was last year…

  77. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    thanks for the reminder BANJ, i was on my way to get one and refill my water, took care of the water, forgot the pill lol

  78. Yeah, Girardi’s been great. Only he went down to block the pass on the 2-on-1 by Kovalchuk in the second and didn’t get a piece of it.

  79. Yea, I’m so glad we traded Anisimov last year for some washed-up veteran ’cause these prospects never pan out do they?

  80. This show on the outdoor Vegas game in the early 1990s, they better talk about Tie Domi falling down on a breakaway and claiming he tripped over a grasshopper.

  81. They should threaten people that they’re going to miss the Stepan and Boyle “Beginnings” if TWC removes MSG. Or the MSG 150. Or HNL. Or Fran Healy’s show. Or Boomer and Cockroach.

    Oh, never mind.

  82. holy hell Hank! maybe when fatso retires he can be our goalie coach and show him how to control rebounds.

  83. Lin I think this game is gonna cause MY gall bladder surgery stitches are gonna pop and they’ve been out for 11 years

  84. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i think dubinsky has to take 500 grand and set in on fire in front of the opposing teams net, that will be his sacrifice to the goal scoring gods

  85. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmfao JRG, i think they saved your stitches for me because they are hurting doubly bad lol

  86. Noah-aal-olski-auer-inger, 28 on

    Carp, HBO edits the footage up until a couple hours before air, so it’s entirely possible this will be on tomorrow’s show.

  87. you’re probably right Lin. I forgot I’m 30 in a few hours it’s probably just an angina attack :-(


    HOLY COW! I Just jumped out of my seat!!!

  89. yes Carp
    that was 2 mil clear

    he must have heard me giving him
    for falling down again

    3rd or 4th time tonight.

  90. BTW, speaking of throwing a puck, Carp, remember when Beukaboom, from his knees, threw the puck out of his zone to about center ice and Larmer picked it up and scored on an empty net?

  91. as much as i liked the shot i liked the
    decision making by Hags.

    didn’t make the pass with the dev
    between him and Boyle

    took the shot

  92. Yea, I’m so glad we traded Hagelin this year for a 2nd round pick ‘cause these prospects never pan out do they?

  93. As dangerous as Kovalchuk’s shot is on the PP, he sure likes giving the matador treatment to players pressuring him on the point going the other way.

  94. this kid Hagelin is going to be a thirty goal scorer in the future. The kid has a rocket wrist shot and he is accurate, not to mention his speed. Goop draft pick for a third rounder.

  95. has Prust been around since he got hit by
    that shot in the first period?

    (i’ve been busy trying to tie up some
    computer work so i haven’t been paying close
    attention and i have the sound on mute
    to avoid devs broadcasters)

  96. How did Hagelin get to that puck so quickly after he shot it from the red line? Oh, he’s FAST; I almost forgot.

  97. Like Mickey said, we have a virtual PP with no goalie in their net, and we still can’t score! But hey, WE WIN!!!!

  98. Another great example why the 4th line talk is so stupid! They Won because their stars were their stars! Gabby 2 goals, Stepan 2 assists. Hank stood on his head again! Girardi and McDonagh were sensational. Cally and (YES!) Dubinsky were terrific defensively making key plays especially on the PK. Hagelin used his speed all night. THATS WHY THEY WIN!! Now go back to whining about the 4th (or should I say) 5th line.

  99. great character win by the rangers. The king was spot on tonight as he made big save after big save.

  100. tomg, character is overrated!! Weren’t you here yesterday for the loverly discussion on that? LOL

  101. Dubinsky wants goals? earn them…Or maybe we should trade Gaborik for being so selfish…and man how bout Hagelin? he’s going to make great trade bait for Iginla

  102. This team, no matter the scenario, plays solid team defense each and every night and gets elite goaltending. That’s why they win. And as a lover of fighting in hockey, Prust’s fight to start really didn’t do anything and was pointless. Hank’s goaltending is why they WON!

  103. Hagelin and Stepan *will* be stars in this league – I just hope they will be stars for the NYR team!

  104. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    we need a bonehead t shirt that says DIME A DOZEN!! with the dime a dozen players numbers on it

  105. Dubi needs to go the Pedro Cerrano route I think. Sacrifice tequila to some pagan god, ask for goals and stuff.

  106. Where did all trolls go? Sad they were wrong? Carp, this dime-a-dozen team has balls bigger than MSG and TWC combined.

  107. Give JJ and Ken Gernander in Hartford for having these guys ready to go when they are recalled. Bickel didn’t look out of place. Erixon hung in there all night. Hagelin came up ready to play and contribute.

  108. That said, what a great game to watch as a Ranger fan. They didn’t play well in the first, showed a little more in the 2nd and their skill was enough during one of their good stretches to tie the game up and in the 3rd played even better.

    The biggest reason for the victory was because so many of the important players came to play. The King was the King – clearly the MVP tonight, but a bunch of players came thru, including Gabbie, Stepan, AA, Hags and I thought Dubi had one his strongest games (that I’ve seen anyways) of the year.

    Full kudos to the D, including Stu Bickell who picks up his first NHL point. Love Rupp taking it to however that Devil nob was. And let’s not dismiss the fact that the Devils are a decent team who came to play. IMO, the team with the better skill won tonight.

    Richards another strong game on the puck, too.

  109. Girardi was limited to 29:09. That’s only because DeBoer only gave Cam Janssen 2:58 for some unfathomable reason, meaning Girardi could get extra rest.

  110. The devils will never win with Kovalchuk. The guy has all the talent in the world but isn’t a winner. The guy had hossa on the same team and only made the playoffs once.

  111. Good evening all! The Borsalino is going to be real interesting by end of season. I am loving my boys. LGR!

    (sorry been away, been crazy nuts, even with iPad. Hartnell!)

  112. Oh boy. Rangers stuck with their hard forechecking gameplan and capitalized on their chances. And the King was King. It’s as simple as that.

    And might I add that Ken the drunk Daneyko can’t lay off the sauce for one game.

    Yes, Henwik Lundqwist wooved the puck away from his cwease vewy well!

  113. Well, they also came on strong in the third because they had better stamina. It was a very physical, intense game through two periods. Don’t discard what that training camp means in games like that

  114. Carp, skimmed through the last read, i think jpg wins. There were 3 people tied from what i saw (Omar, alexei, and jpg). Jpg was closest in shots. Had Rangers 27 shots and Devils 30.

  115. Man, Gaborik has really come back to form. all kidding aside I’m impressed with what he’s doing thus far.

  116. >>>Yes, Henwik Lundqwist wooved the puck away from his cwease vewy well!

    Stop making fun of Looie Lamoriello!! Shame on you! (hahahaha!)

  117. “Dubi could also try sacrificing a live chicken”

    he wasn’t that bad this game. but yes this kid is snakebitten

  118. Carp, my life lately has been work, pass out, work, pass out…etc. grand, eh? I barely catch most of most games lately but did see the .000001 second Richie goal! haven’t seen threads in days.

  119. Yea, I’m so glad we traded Stepan (3 assists +3) last year for some washed-up veteran ‘cause these prospects never pan out do they? Uhm…we do seem to have a lot of these dime-a-dozen prospects.

  120. Defensively, he looked good. Offensively, he continues to look lost.

    What the fugg did that kid do this summer?

    Del Z, on the other hand, continues to impress me. His strength has really improved. The last two years, Clarkson would have put him on his ass, but he didn’t even budge when Clarkson hit him.

    I know Torts was a bit hard on him last season, but it looks like it was the right move. The kid sure as shyet is motivated!

  121. mama has no time for spats between anyone here anyway. That could be a full-time job for crying out loud. Wait, does it pay?

  122. Del Z has been improving every single game. So glad he got drafted as high as he did. Flash in a pan thoughts are gone; he’s becoming a complete hockey player.

  123. And for all the debate about the merits of the Rangers’ bottom six forwards, how would you like a line-up with Janssen, Sestito and Boulton filling jerseys and not being capable of more than a handful of minutes each game?

  124. sacrificing a live chicken is major league(they decide to go with a bucket of KFC)…. Cutting the head off of a live rooster is bull durham

  125. Dubi is strong on the puck but has mediocre passing skills and an average shot. It is what it is. IMO, he drags down the Richards/Cally pairing.

    I wanna see Hagelin get a spin on that line (ie for a few games). I think his speed will open up the defense and give Richards more room to weave with the puck, which should translate into more scoring opportunities for Cally.

  126. Noonan -You are right. I’ll be the first to stand and cheer corrected by MDZ. Whatever he did over the summer to come back with more focus and ready to be a professional worked and kudos and good for him on that.

  127. Barely Jimbo, but the cats are in kibble, and that’s all that matters.

    Carp, then it’s more like Passover here then, than Hanukkah…what makes this night different than any other night? (C3, ilb and the like will get that :)

  128. “Yea, I’m so glad we traded Stepan (3 assists +3) last year for some washed-up veteran ‘cause these prospects never pan out do they? Uhm…we do seem to have a lot of these dime-a-dozen prospects.”

    seems like Los Rangers have more than a few of these young cheap double-digit [bound] goal scoring kidz (like Philly). Being that we built from the blueline up (like LA) and have a great goaltender the future looks bright.

  129. BTW, here in Canada, center ice had only the Devil feed available and while I am not at all a fan of Crapiletti, Toupee Reesch sure is annoying.

    Is he in love with Brodeur or what?

    Pretty funny when AA scored while Reesch was busy gooing over something Parise had done at the other end of the ice.

  130. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Nice win, but I wish Hags would have gotten more than just 0:48 on the power play. This kid can do it all.

  131. I can’t wait for the geniuses to show up tomorrow and try to convince us that Rupp and others are useles……Mama, you’re missing a sure fire entertainment here. Better than flavored vodka at Russian Samovar :-)

  132. Not that I wouldn’t mind him getting the 6 days off, but how does Girardi not make the All-Star Game.

  133. “I’m just glad we didn’t trade Hagelin for a 2nd round. We could actually trade him straight up for Iginla now. Pretty neat!”


  134. Girardi, by the way, is the reason I have a problem with the Norris Trophy. G won’t even be considered because his offensive numbers won’t be enough but he’s is one of the best defensive dman in the Entire NHL.

  135. As soon as the Rangers tied the game I could almost hear Tortorella telling them to stick to the damn gameplan (forecheck strong, finish your checks). And probably moreso once they went up a goal. And more when they went up by 2! THIS IS WHAT I WANT FROM THIS TEAM AND FROM THIS COACH! MCLOVIN IT~!!~

  136. Girardi is gonna need to spend all 6 off-days in the oxygen chamber to heal up all his bruises and strains!

  137. Girardi should at the very least be part of the shot blocking relay contest in the skills competition at the All Star festivities.

  138. “Girardi, by the way, is the reason I have a problem with the Norris Trophy. G won’t even be considered because his offensive numbers won’t be enough but he’s is one of the best defensive dman in the Entire NHL.”

    dare i say the cliched “it is what it is”? it’s just a publicity stunt. don’t worry about it.

    the teams that don’t already know about him will soon. Capitals ‘fans’ know him all too well and for good reason.

    Girardi for Super Selke!

  139. hey Carp

    i predicted that the Rangers would score 4
    jpg’s sister predicted that the devs would score 1
    and she also predicted that Gabby would get the
    game winning goal

    can brother and sister share the tickets?

  140. jpg30 December 20th, 2011 at 1:01 pm
    Rangers 4, Devils 1….. gwg: Gaborik, sog: NYR 27, NJ 30.

    Omar A December 20th, 2011 at 8:30 am
    Rangers 4, Devils 1
    GWG= Gaborik
    SOG Rangers 29 Devils 31

  141. And now, back to my regularly scheduled program…pass out time. Catch up with you all later. TA!

    btw, I know I’m late, but a happy 26th to Gabby!!!!

  142. HW, I remember way back when Harry Howell won the Norris Trophy in 1967 or 68, and he basically said that he was glad to have won it that year, because for the next 20 years, Bobby Orr would own the trophy…

    It didn’t work out that way, of course, but Howell summed up the change in the focus on the accomplishment of winning the Norris right then and there.

  143. oops, of course, a wicky

    ilb, very few things are better than flavored vodka at Russian Samovar :-)

  144. Carp
    forget it

    jpg’s sister just admitted that she predicted
    the devs would score 2

    now i’ve gotta look for xmas present for her
    looks like tomorrow night will be free but
    not thursday

  145. “Not that I wouldn’t mind him getting the 6 days off, but how does Girardi not make the All-Star Game.”

    He’ll make the allstar game/team/whatever. Mark it, dude. If his last name is Staal we have everybody in the league chirping about him carrying the team in front of Lundqvist.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: after last season he is the Rangers BEST defenseman even with a healthy Marc Staal.

    Let’s just hope he declines the skillz game!

  146. Noonan – You are totally right about that part with the names. He’s an undrafted kid, never played for team Canada and all that does play a role in the lack of respect he gets around the League. Although, Don Cherry gave him some Coaches Corner Love this weekend.

  147. OK, HW – Brad had not been called up to the big leagues yet when Howell made that comment, I don’t think..? But he was close!

  148. Evander Kane just destroyed Montoya on a play much worse than Tootoo on Miller but if Isles don’t whine and complain and make a huge stink like Reiger and Ruff he’ll get nothing.

  149. sorry to say, jpg, but initial search … looks like Omar wins. You all went over on the third tiebreaker, so it goes to the fourth and Omar had 31, the exact number. You had 30. Not official yet, though.

    as for the Norris, it almost always goes to a guy who plays in all situations, including PP. But the geniuses who vote always look at +/- as if that’s a defensive stat. They should look at ice time and blocks and hits and takeaways.

    Sadly, they don’t.

  150. No No Jimbo – I mean Brad Park repeated that story to me, personally, when he was scouting for the Rangers and I was working in the League. The scouts from the different teams were talking about defensemen and that story was told.

  151. Carp – The silly part is since they are just awards and are a publicity stunt they should create a defensive defensemen award like the Selke for the forwards.

  152. I think I may have won the ticket contest because those three posts the Rangers hit tonight didn’t count as shots. :-)

  153. Marty’s saving percentage took a little dive tonight….That Hagelin’s goal, even though it was a great shot, was more than stoppable….

  154. Sorry, Olga – I tried!

    Oh, HW – I misunderstood you – but yeah, I can definitely see Brad telling that story, because I think he had great respect for Harry Howell, who was a Ranger stalwart that nobody thinks of much anymore!

  155. Jimbo – Didn’t the Garden Faithful boo him though or at least he wasn’t loved by all the fans. A couple of the old timers as the Garden who crazily enough have had tickets for like 50 years told me that once.

  156. “Rangers really needed Avery in tonight’s game ;)”

    Aside from 5 fighting minutes I don’t see how the game goes much different. DON’T HATE!

  157. Yeah, if Avery was in the lineup, we could have won this 4-1, instead of 4-1. Damn! Bad coaching!

    How aboot Torts though? The guy scratches EC, and plays this kid named Anisimov, and he has a three point night. That’s coaching!!

  158. HW, the Garden Faithful booed *everyone* – I think I remember some of them yelling for Howell to hit the opposition players with his purse or something, basically because he played the game clean and classy.

    The true fans appreciated his work, as did the league when he won that Norris.

  159. The world looks so much sunnier when the Rangers win. Especially when they beat the Devils.

    I would prefer that Girardi NOT go to the All Star game. The way this season is going, he’ll get hurt on a freak play.

  160. Orr I said it earlier. Best move Torts has made has been turning Ani into a winger. Nice to see him having a solid year.

  161. Some gems from a Devils blog (not Fire and Ice):

    *Larsson had a very good, if not great game. His outlet passes have been excellent these last couple of games and he’s learning quickly what he can and cannot do at the NHL level.

    Gaborik might have had two goals tonight, but as I’ve said in the past Kovalchuk is a far superior player, and looked it tonight. I’ll take Kory’s contract over Gaborik’s in a heartbeat.

    Brodeur should have saved the second goal, and it turned out to be a back-breaker.*

    *Gaborik scores goals and that’s all, otherwise he’s soft, injury prone and has not guts. He will collapse like he does every season, No doubt Kovalchuk is better.

    Larsson was very good and some terrific defensive moves, huge improvement.*

  162. Ask Kenny Albert sometime to ask his pop about Harry Howell and Jim Neilson – he called the games back then, and he appreciated their work.

  163. Steve Zipay @stevezipay

    RT @KatieStrangESPN: Tortorella on Lundqvist: “I guess the boys gave him that ugly hat. He deserved it.

    Oh, Torts, you funny man you.

  164. Excellent gems, CTB.. I prefer this one:

    *Gaborik scores goals and that’s all, otherwise he’s soft, injury prone and has not guts. He will collapse like he does every season, No doubt Kovalchuk is better.”

    And Kovalchoke is not injury prone as we’ve all seen this season! LOLOLOLOL

  165. Not one more word about Norris and Girardi, fans. I WON’T HAVE IT! HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT! HE’S JUST TOO GOOD DEFENSIVELY! OKAY?

  166. Agreed Noonan…

    Once upon a time, there was this guy named Kovalchuk on the trade block that Rangers fans wanted very badly

  167. Lol, CTB…That’s classic. Thanks for the….Hold on, WTB are you doing on the Devils blog? Trolling? Don’t increase their traffic, I bet by just looking you doubled their hits…

  168. I take it back this one is my favorite:

    “Gaborik might have had two goals tonight, but as I’ve said in the past Kovalchuk is a far superior player, and looked it tonight. I’ll take Kory’s contract over Gaborik’s in a heartbeat.”


  169. I’m surprised none of the Devils funbois clinged to their “Marty > King” meme. Maybe they aren’t as delusional as we all thought.

    Hedberg > Fatso

  170. Looking at the East standings, can’t remember since the Lockout ended and the parity and all that such a distinct gap between the top 5 teams and the rest of the Conference.

  171. Crazy because a couple years ago we were all on Girardi’s case for being soft when he didn’t stick up for someone (Gabby?) in a scrap of some sort. And now we love him for having the largest testicles on the team. What a transformation and growth.

  172. This is when you guys are at your best …

    guess it helps when the other guys are crying themselves to sleep because the Rangers won and all the dime-a-dozen, overrated character guys and the coach looked good doing it.

    and because now it looks like the Rangers won’t throw Stepan, Anisimov and Del Zotto in the trash.

  173. Carp, looks like Hagelin is joining the group of untouchables…Nice to know we are patient.

    Bickel had his moments, but he was steady for someone who played his first NHL game. +1, 1 assist, 11+ min. Immediately went to defend his teammate.

    Is Prust OK?

  174. It looks more and more like winning our division is going to be important to avoid the Flyers or Pens in the first round. Watch the top 5 will be there by a distinct margin and 2 of 3 top 3 will lose in the 1st round. You never know in the NHL. That’s why I don’t think the new playoff system in the realignment argument is a big deal cause upsets happen in the NHL all the time no matter who plays who.

  175. Gaborik is on pace for come back player of the year.

    Hagelin has 4 goals. Has a single one of them not been an important one? Kinda sucks though. His timely goals are kind of an example of how much better the offense would be if Dubinsky was scoring this season.

    They found the intensity in the 3rd but these division/conference games are exactly what they need to get back on track.

  176. Stranger Nation on

    Great game by Hank, Hags, and the GAS line.

    Bichel looked good and likes to bang.

    First 3 stars go to Hank. He played great tonite.

  177. Very good points all around James. I’ll add to that 3rd period comment that we are one of the best 3rd period teams in the NHL because that evil man Torts is a taskmaster in training camp and when he talks about the one thing you can control in hockey is your fitness his teams prove it all the time.

  178. “Crazy because a couple years ago we were all on Girardi’s case for being soft when he didn’t stick up for someone (Gabby?) in a scrap of some sort. And now we love him for having the largest testicles on the team. What a transformation and growth.”

    Cmon, guy! (canadian accent) That was ONE game not even a microcosm of his career.

    Most fans here weren’t on his case and neither was Carp if I remember correctly. Girardi didn’t want to get thrown out of the game and I don’t fault him for that. It turned out to be an important one being that it was against Philly didn’t it?

    In hindsight, NO MATTER WHAT THE SCORE, he said he’d jump in in a heartbeat (think i saw it on 24/7). We all know Girardi has the heart and regrets not sticking up for the golden boy. This isn’t some junior league blog!!!

  179. BBB – Eminger is a journeyman dman no question but I thought he found something this year and was becoming more consistent.

  180. noonan, you saw that in my column a few weeks ago. He made a mistake. it had nothing to do with courage, obviously. But he heard stuff about his courage, and it hurt him.

    Looks like we’re going over 10,000 views today.

  181. HWirth, you mention Eminger finding something this year. Seems a lot of guys have found things the last couple of years. Think maybe the coach and his assistant are pretty good teachers?

  182. Carp – WHAT??!!?? The coach might have done a good job improving the youngsters. NAH!! Can I also say what a bad job Gernander, JJ and Boller are doing in Hartford since every injury replacement has come up and fit right in like a glove.

  183. Oh there you go with your Torts blinders again Carp. He has nothing to do with this teams development. He’s simply in the right place at the wrong time. dime a dozen coach. Or 12 of .10 cents..depending where you shop

  184. YES Carp that was a very good article about Girardi BTW. Why the hell didn’t that make it into the NYSlimes?

    It did hurt him though you could tell. And I’m glad it did. Not because what he did was right or wrong, but because he wouldn’t be who he is today if it didn’t.

    The guy will literally stick his neck out to block a slapshot with his face and has people questioning his “courage”. It’s almost hilarious. But it’s New York.

    The best d-man we have and likely for years to come.

  185. Was just going to mention that JJ will probably get a good look in the NHL sometime soon because those defensemen that come up seem to know how to defend.

  186. Good Marty is awesome. Just sayin.

    Hags has 4 goals and Dubi has one. In all seriousness, he needs to make a sacrifice or go to reconciliation or something. He must be having nightmares by now.

  187. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Jimbo, IMO worst mistake Emile ever made was sticking with journeymen Wayne Hillman and Al MacNeil (as his fifth D), and total wash-out Arnie Brown, over Rod Seiling and Bob Plager – one a skilled athlete, who could also play left wing, and one a head-hunting bruiser who nearly tore Bobby Hull’s head off in his first shift in the NHL in 1964.

    These two kids, were ready for delivery by 1966-67, but got stalled in deference to the damn “experience is ability” curse. Howell and Neilson were the only two decent (actually very good) D’s the Rangers had in ’67, and the Canadiens bounced them out in the first round in four games.

    Talk about paying a price for not promoting kids in timely fashion, that is the best hockey example I can think of; with the best baseball example being that idiot Ed Wade keeping Ryan Howard and Chase Utley on the farm until they were almost 25!

    Yeah, Rangers, let’s trade some blue chip kids now for some burned out, banged-up 34 year old and win the Cup with that. Right.

  188. Latona – Ilb —- I’m combining both your points. I’ve thought the same thing about the third coach but I guess it’s work for him. However, I was going to say if they bring up an extra coach my coach would be JJ.

  189. Dubi worried me when he didn’t attend training camp.

    I would never fault him for holding out on his contract. But how does not being held to the same standards as the rest of your teammates (Tortorella’s conditioning) AND not playing with them help the team? It was selfish.

    I was also surprised when he got more money than Callahan. Good thing it’s not a lengthy contract because he is absolutely snakebitten.

  190. Oooo, Lambert is all spiffy now. Minus the concourse that was destroyed by a tornado.


    Girardi and McD have been awesome, no question. With Danny taking his rightful place as the leader of the D with Staal out. But without the strides MDZ has made, this team would be worse off then they are. It’s the point where Torts trusts him on the PK and with over 20 minutes a game whereas just a year ago he wouldn’t let him near those with a 50 foot pole.

  191. Just found out that this hot polish model, Marta Krupa, is a Rangers fan! I prefer her sister, Joanna, but she’s a babe!

    A lot of models are becoming Rangers fans. First Kate Upton, then Chanel Iman, and probably more. I strongly approve of this.

  192. I’m not saying whether the questions about Girardi’s toughness back then were legit. It’s just the fact that there WERE some people questioning it. And now, nobody questions anything about his game one bit. He’s turned into a cornerstone-type player, with no doubt about it.

  193. I got sweet seats last season and sat in front of a girl Del Z brought. Basically the players wives section. She was exceptionally good looking. As was her mom. That is all.

  194. Barf indeed!! They are not doing too badly lately, the creeps!

    Boom-Boom, yes, Emile was perhaps overly loyal to his veterans – I was not yet a Ranger fan when they had Plager and Al MacNeil, but I remember Rod Seiling very well – the fans used to harass him pretty badly, too….as I recall. Arnie Brown I remember, too – he was supposed to be the next Bobby Orr – pleeease!

  195. “noonan, Dubi was in camp this year from the get-go…”

    i wasn’t talking about this year. you know, the year he held out and missed two weeks of camp?

    but i digress..

    real fans are talking, mickeymouse.

  196. I don’t know about your Polish model, ORR – but I got a pound of Polish ham at a very Polish deli last night, and it makes a good sandwich on the Polish rye bread I bought there.

  197. Whoa dude, back off. I thought you were talking about then, but wasn’t sure. And no need to call names so chillout.

  198. “Whoa dude, back off. I thought you were talking about then, but wasn’t sure. And no need to call names so chillout.”

    im just breaking your balls kid it’s all good ;)

  199. All together now…

    Put on your yarmulke
    Here comes Chanukah
    So much funukah
    To celebrate Chanukah!

  200. The one on the right looks like she’s had her lips blown up a bit – but I wouldn’t…oh never mind…

  201. Orr …!

    (ps, I couldn’t open the link).

    Hagelin having a laugh at himself on twitter:

    Big win tonight boys, tough celly though!!

  202. I’m doing fine, C3 – yes, we all got a nice present tonight!! And we didn’t need to play with our dreidels…(sp?)

  203. Sorry, Carp – I didn’t realize that you were channeling Hagelin there….to me, a “celly” means a cell phone, but what’s that got to do with anything?

  204. billybleedsblue on

    I had the deficit right with my 3 to 0 Rangers shutout prediction! Wo-HOOOOooooo conGRATS TO WHOEVER GOT IT right!!!!! oh, and take a long walk ALL YE NAYSAYERS!!!!!!!!

    :D !

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  205. C3, are you sure you heard that correctly? I think Duguay would know better than to word things that way!! Hahahaha!!!

  206. Mickey? Last thing I said to you had to do with when you were coming through NYC – and then I remembered that it wasn’t before Christmas, but before New Year’s Day…

  207. my observations. stralman struggled tonight. Bickell did fine.

    fedetenko cannot shoot the puck.. still wining with dubi with 1 goal and boyle with 2…

    hagelin is here to stay he should jsut rent an apartment for the season.

    prust is a turnover machine, watch him sometime………mitchell, prust, feds, not giving much offensively and same with Boyle. they simply win with defense….

  208. forgot the rangers mainly won because they have the better goalie, by far. bottom line hank is top 4 in the NHL………

  209. billybleedsblue on

    Ha, Miami, so right. I don’t care that you’re trying to be funny. It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

  210. billybleedsblue on

    MIAMI, could you not hear me from the greater New York area asking, “WHY NOT PLAY AVERY IN THIS GAME?”

    Seriously, so ridiculous! Avery is made for a game like this against the Debbies, and also in games like the one upcoming against the Islanders and the Flyers– let him attract some attention away from the others and shake things up a bit! For me, it’s a no-brainer. I always knew I liked you, Pimp.

  211. Thanks, Orr. I hope one of has a _great shot_, anyway.

    What’s the NYR players’ excuses? They have plenty of chances to pick up supermodels. What is going on here? I think these guys sell themselves short…

  212. From comments section…

    *DevilsCup* I was at the game. The Rangers have a 28 year old top 5 goalie in his prime. We have a 39 year old future hall of fame goalie that should have retired. We cannot compete with the Rags until that inequity is resolved.

    I love the honesty! Good chap!

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