Here’s what the ballpark will look like on Jan. 2


Artist’s rendering, from the NHL:


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  1. And what IS IT with advanced stats? They don’t give them to you in advance, and there’s no rush!

  2. Looks like the Rangers have just taken a penalty, since the Flyers goalie seems to be heading to the bench. Either that or Bryzgalov needs to pee while the puck is in the neutral zone.

  3. Oh, can we trade Avery for Mathieu Schneider? That’s legit. He and Iginla are about the same age… : x

  4. And cmon who wouldnt like to see Aves line up against Bobby Clarke. You know Lindros would love it

  5. Defense Independent Goalie Ratings takes defense out of the equation and measures a goalie based on shot quality.

  6. ”…Does anyone else see a problem when you want the same player for 9 years?
    most notably the fact that he was 9 YEARS YOUNGER IN 2003?

    Not when that player is still scoring 43 goals a season it isn’t a problem.

    Please don’t tell me you have to be 24 or younger to play on this team,
    because (it’s all the internet GM’s know how to say the last 10 years and)
    I’m pretty sure Gaborik, Lundqvist, and Richards would all really appreciate the help.

  7. BTW, to my knowledge there hasn’t been a single published report recently saying the NYR are interested in Iginla.

    I posted that link to the old NYT article because guys were goofing around with the idea.

  8. “Shot quality” is a big no-no in the advanced stats world, as far as I can tell.

    “Brodeur” is a big moo moo in the goaltending world, as far as I can tell.

  9. No, you don’t have to be 24 Rod, but it doesn’t help to be 35 and carrying a 7 million dollar Cap hit. Or to be a RW on a team that needs a natural LW. Shanahan scored 40 goals a bunch of times before he came here too, know what I’m saying?

  10. Does he wear a moo-moo when he’s in net? Or does he save the moo-moo for when he is at home popping bon-bons, with his hair in curlers on his velvet couch?

  11. here are some of the popular swear words Brodeur likes to use:

    Double chocolate donut – the puck

    Hot apple strudel – Kovalchuk

    honey bran raisin muffin – Clarkson

    butter cake – is what he calls himself

  12. It doesn’t help who James? And why do you care what his salary is?
    Ticket prices for this year are set.

    Your 3rd point might be the most salient. And even there, though, the theoretical positioning that matters is on the PP. And it’s not a problem.
    I’m tryin’ to stay away from this one.

    Since you brought it up, was Shanny good for the Rangers, or not?

  13. It’s like when DeBoer asked Marty to lose some weight for the team’s sake. And Marty replied, “I would do anything to win. But I won’t do that.”

  14. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    nice pic, speaking of rockwellian…is that feds building a snowman by the rangers bench??

    I hadn’t heard anything about iggy either (except the weird live chat comment from I think puck daddy where some guy said he played poker in vegas with iggy’s dad or something and he said iggy would be a ranger…’s that for a goofy source, right?). I just think it is funny to muse about stuff to see everyone’s reaction.

    yep, I’m lucky I can find the rover in the garage in the mornings!!

  15. I don’t really have a problem with renting a veteran player (or players) for the remainder of the season. This team needs a few more experienced players who can score goals. I just don’t know where those guys are coming from.

  16. Don’t full yourself, folks. Iginla makes this team a real contender almost instantly. This year and one after. His position be damned, and his salary can accomodated by dumping of some dead wood. The real issue is, he is so much valued in Calgary, they’ll want a leg and an arm….

  17. It doesn’t help the TEAM Rod. Maybe on paper your argument is solid but being a fan of this team you should know full well that doesnt mean anything. And yeah Shanny was good but not good enough that he shoulda been paid 7 million dollars like Iginla is being paid. And I don’t care about ticket prices. I care about the team being stuck with another salary that will interfere with moves they need/want to make in the near future. It’s not like it’s “Bobby Ryan, Iginla or nothing” There are/will be other options.

  18. BTW ORR- if you watch 24/7 replays during the day the language is edited for a younger audience.

  19. Iginla’s one recent “off” year would still make him the top scorer on this team. He absolutely makes the Rangers better. I just don’t think they have the chips to get him.

  20. Yea the language is edited before 8PM ish I believe. Saw a replay at 5:45 the other day. Not very exciting on the language front. More like HBO 21/5.

  21. Iginla is a different type of player, GamesG. Not only he adds to their scoring, he also adds a lot of grit upfront. A prototypical power forward that they have none at the moment. He bridges the gap before Kreider is really ready. Cap space? WW plus Avery off the books- almost $6M right there. There isn’t too many contracts they need to sign otherwise next year…

  22. James, I’ll try to explain this once;

    It’s monopoly money, completely devoid of reason or justification, be it $2m a year or $7m.

    So why do you care, if they could find the necessary cap space? If not,no deal.

    You worried what Cablevision spends? hahaha… they not only have more than the U.S. mint, not only own the building, the network, Radio City etc, but they collect $200 a month from every home in NY – forever !!!

    So why would you care?

  23. If you knew the answer, why ask the question? I didn’t say I disagreed, I don’t know how I would feel about Iginla. I was simply saying it is silly to just disregard the cap hit of any player, be it Iginla or whoever.

  24. When Brodeur’s kids ask if they can watch 24/7 he tells them to check with their Mother/Aunt.

  25. I’m also shocked that he didn’t mention the pre-game, post-game and TV timeout food spreads.

  26. Yes, JamesG. Iginla would be the only veteran player I wouldn’t mind having on this team if they think they can make a run. The other one that might fit is St. Louis. His cap, however, even though it’s $1.4M less than Iginla’s, is two years longer. I’d say no to that.

  27. Subtle and brilliant, CT.

    Iginla’s cap hit is painful but a lot of people will clear the books. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have him around.

  28. What are you missing about this Rod? It’s like asking me “why would you care”? Why WOULDN’T I care about my team having cap room? You think I care because I’m worried about the financial state of Cablevision? I don’t even know how to respond to that. Do you know what it means to examine the whole situation beyond “We’d add a 40 goal scorer who could help the offense”??

    -What if his production declines? Oh that isn’t likely it’s never happened to an aging vet who’s come to NY.

    -What if he begins to break down physically? Not likely. That doesn’t happen to guys in their late 30s who come over to the Eastern conference.

    -What are we going to do about the defense since we don’t know the situation with Staal and Sauer? No big deal. We’ll find some more “loose change” and shed some more salary and go get Shea Weber or Duncan Keith. I mean why wouldn’t we??

  29. I’m going to stay neutral on the Iginla proposals, but just off the top of my head,

    Most likely not on the team next year:

    Step down in Drury’s buyout cap hit

    Impending RFA/UFAs most likely to be re-signed:

    Del Zotto

  30. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    The thing about iggy’s cap hit is simple….ww, dubi, mza, avery combined are 12 mil roughly. Ec is almost another mil. I really don’t see a problem at all. Yes, I understand mza is in ct.

  31. ilb you know I respect your opinion. I just don’t happen to agree with it in this case. Aside from the obvious issues (other than in the eyes of Rod) that I just mentioned, the price will probably be steep.

  32. So you stay up nights worrying about the cap, I get it LOL.

    Ya know, the Garden pays some pretty smart people serious money to do that.
    and as others have pointed out, the Rangers payroll still has more than a little fat on it.

    The first two are givens, the third partially changes the subject.
    Even with breakdowns and declines you’re talking about basically what our leading scorer had point-wise last year. The guy just came out yesterday and said he intends to keep playing for a very long time. Anyway…

    Go back to what you said, it doesn’t help the team.

    It doesn’t? For the next 3 years? Cmon.

  33. And Prust is an impending UFA. Fine for what he costs now, plus or minus a couple of 100K, but if someone wants to give him substantially more I’d let him walk.

    So yeah, there are a lot of spare parts that are expiring. But the big question is who would have to go the other way for the Flames to even consider picking up the phone.

  34. Was just going to post it..It’s close to $10M, CTB. If they think they want to make a run at Suter or Parise, different story. But there is no guarantee either will be available. Either way, the cap isn’t an issue. The new CBA may spoil everyone’s pans. But that’s a totally different topic.

  35. CT that’s all fine and good in black and white. Factor in other needs they have/will have and it’s not so simple.

  36. Rod – is it your opinion that we should demand unreasonably stuff of our Rangers team and then they should just make their staff work weekends to figure out how to make it work? That seems like a scary sense of entitlement that we, as fans, would think we have.

    Many of us hang out here all day, talking about hockey, because we like to put ourselves in the place of that staff and think, “what would we do if we were in that position.”

    If we are just making ridiculous demands I will tell the staff: Get Stahl back on the ice! Get me Suter and Weber! Get me Datsyuk, Kessel, Kane, Parise and Jamie Benn! NOW! I don’t care how it happens or if it’s possible. DO IT! I WANT IT NOW!

  37. Im not trying to be a smart ass James, really. Just having some fun.

    Id say If you honestly think they now need to be conservative and are better off saving that $ for d-man, well, that’s a totally legit opinion.

    I don’t share it, I think the D will be fine (though we may be in for a rough ride the next 5 weeks or so) .

    Leaving us with a mostly terrific team and an enemic offense and PP.

  38. This D will be fine after those weeks. I agree that Stahl, McBust, Girardi, Del Zaster, Sauer and Eminger/Strahlman/WoyWhatever, etc. It’s pretty strong.

    Still wouldn’t mind having Suter.

  39. Manny,

    I read everything you post, think we’re usually mostly in agreement.

    But you lost me before the first sentence was through…..

    I dont see what the unreasonable demand is.

  40. Calgary probably wants to do the same thing with Iginla as they did with Nieuwendyk when they traded him for Iginla. Find can’t miss/up and coming talent(s). The guy is a future HOF that is still extremely productive and the face of the only franchise he’s really played for. He will cost a ton to get. If I’m them I start the conversation with:

    One of Anisimov/Stepan
    One of Kreider/Thomas
    At least one 1st round pick

  41. Sorry about that Rod. Just pointing out that we here really enjoy talking about trades and what-if’s and cap hits and other dorky stuff. So we don’t just “let the pro’s sort it out.”

  42. No I know Rod. That’s the whole point of debate. I’m all for agreeing to disagree. Not trying to force anyone to see it my way. I was against them bringing Jagr in back in the day too. (Pretty sure I was wrong on that one.)

    I just don’t think it’s the right move- regardless of whether it may be a good move. If that makes any sense.

  43. James – Maybe I will try this again. A few times around here I have said that while bringing in Iginla to this team might actually make the team better, it definitely sends a “win-now” message to the players and the fans. With all that we hear about building and developing and playing hard and how we are “not there yet but moving in the right direction” the Iginla move would be confusing. I think the confusion is tempered by all the room coming off the books next year (assuming the new CBA doesn’t ruin it), however, I still think getting Iginla is a “win now” move and this isn’t a “win now” team.

    That is how I define it being a good move but still the wrong move.

  44. CT going with that logic, we’d be in a situation where you may be talking about no Staal, Sauer or McDonagh on D anymore, plus a top young roster player & a top prospect no longer being in New York. All to add a 35 year old player (though one who says he still wants to play for a long time)….Hypothetically, Who thinks that’s worth it?

  45. “I was against them bringing Jagr in back in the day too. (Pretty sure I was wrong on that one.) ”

    Me too :) Not so sure I was wrong on Pt. II, all-time single season scorer or not (and I luv the guy). It was just fancy siding on a decrepid house that mostly bought Sather some time.

    The conventional return on a deal like this has become pretty much formatted;
    Young NHL player, good prospect, high pick.

    Is it the right move? I didn’t even want to talk about this!

  46. I agree with you James, I’m just trying to illustrate the personnel cost of getting Iginla. I’m ok with the cap hit because that can be worked into the team for next season quite easily. But the only way I’m comfortable with a deal like that is if he Iginla guarantees a Cup, which no one player can do…@except for Mike Rupp@

  47. Rod – I just think it is silly to say “who cares what his salary is?” about any player, Iginila or whoever……because it obviously effects the team’s future make up. Maybe I took it too literal and am just nit picking. If I am/did then humble apologies.

  48. I don’t get why the NHL does the Winter Classic in a ball park…stupid if you ask me.
    A football stadium is far better suited to have a better view of the rink.
    Why the heck would I pay the outrageous prices to sit 300 yards from the ice?

  49. Rod,

    To an extent you’re right as far as what the offer will need to be. But there are few examples of a player like Iginla getting traded in the cap era. Marian Hossa from Atlanta to Pitt and Kovalchuk to the Devils were similar (in terms of player productivity) but they were both impending UFAs. With Iginla the team would control him beyond this season and that can raise Calgary’s offering price. So while the baseline deal is the one you outlined, I think you’ll need to offer another legit player (top 6 forward/top 4 D) to sweeten the pot.

  50. You have to look at a deal both ways, and I’m not saying anyone here isn’t.

    But Calgary would in theory be trying to unload an older, quite expensive player.
    The field is automatically narrowed considerably, probably down to 6-8 teams.
    Then it goes to positional needs, then who has and is willing to part with 2 or 3 of those major assets, and if Calgary agrees on their value.
    Then JI has to agree to go there, has a full NMC.

    To think they’d be able to acquire 4 major assets in those circumstances is probably a stretch.
    And I’m not so sure the coach there really wants him on the team.
    This saga has been goin on a very long time.

  51. Iginla…really?
    I’m sorry but like the direction this team is headed. I love the core of players.
    I’m happy that finally this organization is shying away from stupid moves and trading away players that a smart organizations build around…players like Stepan, McDonagh, Staal, Callahan etc etc.
    I don’t want Calgary’s sloppy seconds….

  52. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I like Rodney’s meatloaf line: “My wife is not a great cook – I just don’t think meatloaf should glow in the dark.”

  53. Calgary’s positional needs are pretty much all of them.

    They’re either thin or old in so many places in their lineup, except for maybe LW.

  54. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Iginla = this year’s Prospal, if it comes to pass. Or, better yet, this year’s version of Ken Hodge at the end of the line which made him eligible to become a Ranger. Do the Red Wings do deals like this on their way to Stanley Cup champagne?

  55. I mean if it was a matter of making the proper moves on the roster and maxing out the LTIR assuming Staal and Wolski are out for the year all the while keeping Anisimov, Stepan, McDonagh, Cally, Dubi, etc. then fine. Like we’ve discussed they can fit in his cap hit easily next season. But once they start demanding multiple core players along with top end prospects/picks then I think the Rangers have to stand pat.

    Then again the Flames willingly took Higgins and Kotalik in return for Prust and that throw in Jokinen.

  56. At 35 years old he will be sloppy seconds…another guy past his prime ready to flicker out under the bright Broadway lights.

    BTW…Staal won’t be out for the year…

  57. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I think it would be a mistake to not resign, feds, prust, and biron

  58. All depends on whether someone offers them a larger contract wicky. If someone offers Prust like $3M a year, they can have him.

    And I’m sure with the way Biron has played this year (and last year until he was injured) he’ll get a nice bump from his current $900K or so.

  59. hmmmmm…..according to that visual
    it looks as if the rink will be in the middle of
    the stadium whereas some of the previous ones
    seemed to be close to only one section of bleachers.

  60. i hope that previous post made sense

    just spent 2 or more hours trying to do online
    clothes shopping for mrs. jpg

    i think i need an adult beverage.

  61. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The Iginla “problem” is universal with contending team GM’s, they all seem to think and trade like their team is ONE BODY from Stanley Cup champagne, and once in about 40 deals like this it proves out that way. IMO the Rangers are a good four bodies from champagne – that, plus the continued on-track development and maturing of the young nucleus already in place, which a rash of injuries can derail at any time.

    Thomas, Kreider, McIlrath, Erixon, maybe Bourque, and a couple others could be the final pieces in the puzzle, and they are up for delivery, soon. Hags coming in recently is the biggest step forward this club has taken since McD first suited up, here, and represents a major piece being added to the future championship puzzle.

    To acquire Iginla or some other vet of that stature you have to give up a couple of the future pieces in the championship puzzle, so that you have to replace them, plus you have to replace acquired aging superstar vet in a couple years, and the chances are you did not win the Cup in the interim.

    Always trade the 34-year old high profile vet for a couple blue chip kids and wait it out, knowing the reward will not come in a month, but that in a couple years the sky will be the limit. As the Rangers get close to serious Cup contention, they should be sellers, not buyers of old guys. Jagr was a steal so you go for that, but the Shanahan and Prospal-types just plugged up the promotion pipe line and backed up the time line for realizing the ultimate dream.

    I vote NO on proposition Iginla!

  62. Broduer's daughter on

    Annabelle: Daddy, I mean Uncle Marty? No wait, it is daddy. Can I watch 24/7 Wednesday night? Mommy, I mean Aunt Genevieve…I think …said I can. Pretty please?

    Marty: Go get me a bucket of poutine kid, extra gravy and cheese.

  63. It’s nice to see the change in topic from the 4th line nonsense. As for Jerome, I don’t like the idea of giving up assets for him at a $7 mil cap hit for next year and then he could walk. It’s not a long term solution. I’d rather hold onto the prospects for a bigger impact trade like a Bobby Ryan or a Shea Weber. Or hold onto the assets and capspace and make a big at Suter.

  64. Getting Jokinen back would be a good move. Increases the chance of trading him right back to Calgary for a good return.

  65. BOOM!!!!
    Boom Boom,
    Well said, don’t forget MDZ has also taken some great steps this season and if he keeps going in the right direction, with Staal, Sauer, McDonagh, MDZ, Girardi etc we have a very strong D-corp.
    Keep the kids…flush the past their primers!

  66. One thing I’d do try if they feel the need to add better depth is Prospal. Cheap contract on a non-playoff team would not cost much and is having a great year with 26 pts. already on a bad offensive team.

  67. Larry Murphy
    Chris Chelios
    Brett Hull
    Dominik Hasek
    Igor Larionov
    Slava Fetisov
    Dino Cicarrelli
    Pat Verbeek

  68. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Christian Thomas is a bust, he didn’t make the Canadian WJC team!!

  69. Nice work, CT!

    All the internet GM’s here are forgetting one semi-important point.

    This team is in a 3-year window right now.

    It’s all well and good to think you can stockpile forever, but the truth is once the next wave of prospects lands there actually won’t be anywhere for them to play.

    Our goaltender is 28, and I believe an old 28. You’re getting the good year from Gaborik now, you have Richards now, Cally now (another long term concern as an energy player, he could be quite worn down at 32). How long you think Girardi’s going to be able to play this way?

    There’s also a danger of perpetually building and never adding the final pieces, cause you never know what the heck is gonna happen.

    5 years ago if you told me the Mets would let Reyes walk for nothing I’d have thought you had to be nuts. Whatever, could go back n forth forever. The rebuild crowd loves it. Later.

  70. Next wave = defined as prospects coming AFTER those generally acknowledged to be on the way; Krieder, McIlrath, Thomas, Miller, and Jonathan Audy Marchessault, whom I believe is being overlooked.

  71. Rod – I don’t totally disagree with that well thought out statement. I just don’t think Iginla is the best case scenario to move your prospects for. I’d rather get the star player that could be here long term rather than 1 or 2 years.

  72. Not exactly an analogous situation between the Mets and Rangers Rod, but I get your point. And yes the Rangers window isn’t going to be open forever and who knows they could end up like the Flyers have been for the past few years. Lots of good pieces but they can’t get them to fit all together as a championship team.

    As for this season, too much is in flux particulaly with how their blueline has been/currently is/will be over the next few months for them to consider mortgaging a lot of their future for almost any player.

  73. The window IS the clue here. Plus, remember, the new alignment will probably make it even more difficult to win it all, at least in our conference. There is no way I’d give up nearly to what CTB suggested, but we can certainly afford to lose a couple of picks and prospects. Kreider is a few years removed from prime time, so is McIlrath etc. Iginla is a unique commodity out there, and he is well respected in Calgary and has NMC. He’ll go where he wants, that would limit their demands.

  74. Tell you one other thing;

    this concussion business has to have everyone measuring just how long their window of opportunity is. It’s has to be truly scary if you’re a team builder.

    Look at this year. Even 2 months ago, if you said half our defense would be out and Del Zotto would be borderline fantastic and positively vital going forward, I don’t think many would have believed it.

    We are in a 3-year window. We just got here, but we’re here. You don’t wait.
    Sure, we’d all love that next move to be for a 22-year old Selanne.

    But I don’t see that happening.

  75. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CT Blueshirt, your point is well taken.

    I just wonder how many other organizations have shot themselves in the foot, over the years, with short-term patching rather than with having a long-term planning philosophy in place, where trading and promotions are concerned. I bet the ratio of short-term patching teams is quite high relative to the teams which exhibited patience and moved beyond the “making the playoffs” mentality, to a “Winning the Stanley Cup” mentality.

    We all know the Rangers were just spinning their wheels the first decade of the Sather regime here, just trying to make the round of 16 via the short-term patching route. Now that the team has moved beyond that self-defeating albatross concept, it is critical that the team stay on the impressive track it is on and not regress to the comfort zone of “safety first.”

    So many teams fall into the “making the playoffs trap” by design, so they can raise ticket prices the following season, which they cannot so easily do if there is no post-season party they can go to. It takes guts and vision to be ok with finishing 10th instead of 6th in the conference a couple years, so as not to mortgage the future and win the Cup down the road. Sather had a hell of a hard time, probably the result of pressure from upstairs, in coming to grips with that reality and finally taking the high road in terms of team philosophy and what this team can accomplish. This team is no longer broken and doesn’t need fixing.

  76. If we can keep our core, and wait for the next group to develop, we need to maximize what Hank, Gaborik, and, most importantly, Richards can bring now. Iginla’s cap space makes it prohibitive for a lot of teams, but not the Rangers. If he is traded, and we are able to keep our core, it isn’t short term patching. At this point, he would replace either EC, WW, Avery, Mitchel…You can live with that. And it still allows players like Hagelin, Thomas, Kreider etc to play if they deserve it.

  77. Boom boom,

    I was just illustrating LW’s point about who the Wings got some their players during their first mini-dynasty in the late 90’s. But they also had a core of Yzerman, Fedorov, Lidstrom, Konstantinov that they kept intact. And they did make a steal of a trade for an in his prime Shanahan only after Keenan banished him to Hartford, they never would have gotten him from St. Louis.

  78. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I didn’t mention Miller as a piece in the future-championship puzzle because, while the jury is still out on all the young prospects, I cannot forget how severely his being drafted that high by the Rangers was emphatically panned as a bad choice, and much inferior to several of the following picks in the draft, at, a really sharp NHL team and player evaluation site.

    Let’s just hope they got this one wrong, but its up to Miller to demonstrate that. They called him one of the three worst high picks in the draft. That bothers me.

  79. This team is in good position, folks. Either way you look at it. In terms of the hypothetical Iginla trade- if Calgary wants too much, walk away. We are still fine. If we can get him AND keep our core, it’s a homerun. You can’t deny that he is a unique kind of player. And not only he could immediately help them to win, this is the kind of attitude and kind of player you want to be in your locker room with your young core.

  80. ilb
    What do you give up to get him? That’s the problem, Calgary is definitely going to want something valuable in return and I wouldn’t be willing to give up much…
    Another factor to consider is what happens if you trade for Iginla and the team takes 2 steps back…
    now you’ve given up a potential valuable piece of your core for an aging player definitely past his prime.

  81. has been wrong a few times before, Boom Boom…The truth is, you never know. I wonder what said about Alexandre Daigle in 1993 when Ottawa picked him at #1. Does anyone remember?

  82. Staal- if they demand too much, walk away. But I’m not sure they can get what they want, he will be the one telling them where he wants to go. And he is too well respected in Calgary.

  83. Can anyone explain to me how does this team play without number 1, 3/4, 6 Dmen and still is at the bottom of the league for GA? And Hank has been absolutely great, but he hasn’t had to be amazing. Nor has Biron.

  84. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Yes, I did not mean to overlook JAM, worthy of inclusion on any list of Rangers blue chip prospects, and hopefully getting a look at the NHL level, soon.

    Just can’t believe anyone would rather have Prospal back here, blocking a JAM or any other kid’s promotion, at this point. Again, one body, be it Iginla or Prospal, or had it been a resuscitated Jagr coming back here, does not lock down a Rangers Cup victory this season. Don’t let old baggage block timely young promotions. Hags is working in extremely well, and adding a dimension to the offense in the bargain.

    Who’s next to come up here and repeat that accomplishment? Would anyone rather have brought back Prospal than have seen Hags promoted? Blue chip kids are worth more than red chip going on white chip downside veterans. And Prospal’s career could get totaled at any time. His career could be all a rear view mirror reflection in a week or two. Didn’t we learn something from his spending so much time on the sidelines, here?

  85. His good start not withstanding, Prospal’s wonky knee and Iginla’s 43 goals aren’t exactly the same ballpark.

    Tell me, how is Pittsburgh doing? Sure they won, but they thought they had a dynasty.

    Now, not so much.

  86. Sorry, posted too soon. We have enough dead wood to send down and promote the kids when they are ready. And still bring a player.

  87. Good evening, Carp!

    Ilb, that’s a great idea! I’ll draw an RR-appropriate rendering of the WC rink. Really hope everything works out so I can see you and the Mrs!

  88. If you read all the scouting reports from across the NHL, the Rangers do not have any high ceiling prospects in the AHL, rather they have a lot of middling players.

  89. “As for this season, too much is in flux particulaly with how their blueline has been/currently is/will be over the next few months for them to consider mortgaging a lot of their future for almost any player.”

    I agree, this is key. While I believe the D and the team as a whole will rise to the current challenge, let’s see how things look come February.

  90. It’ll be a challenge, dde…But so far the young guys didn’t disappoint. They stepped up and met the challenge. MDZ, McD. One has to believe it’s the system. The perfect example is a patch work, waiver pick up Woywitka. When he first started to play, every shift I was nearing a heart attack. But he did what he was asked to- got in better shape, bought in the system. He’s been steady. This one is on the coach and his system.

  91. Good evening, Sally!

    Nice hockey discussion going on here today. and not about you-know-who.

    LOL, the Brodeur stuff.

    CTB, Robitaille? Rafalski?

    That’s Mr. Loaf to the NY Times.

    I’d take Iginla for the right return … unless I really think Parise is going to be available.

  92. I would, too, Staal. But I don’t think he will.

    as for these guesses when Staal might be back, or how long Sauer will be out, nobody could possibly have enough info to make an intelligent guess, including their doctors. so why don’t we stop doing that?

  93. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I like sauer a lot, but (when healthy) he seems like a moveable asset.

    I agree with c22 about our system having mostly mid level prospects with a few exceptions.

  94. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Hit post too soon. Depending on who is coming back, is who you move IMHO

  95. I love Parise, but I was a little worried aboot the idea of signing him following a major knee injury, but he’s been awesome for the Devils. Better than Kovalchuckles by far.

    As long as he doesn’t win a Cup with the Devils this year, I’m in favor of signing him, if possible, cause he’d be a major piece of this Rangers puzzle!

    But, he’ll want a lot of money though, which I don’t think NYR has, unless they drop a few key guys…..a few key guys that are not having great seasons……

  96. Staal WartDecember 19th, 2011 at 4:48 pm
    I’m not sure a team would be dumb enough to offer Prust 3 mil a season.

    idk about that Staal Wart lol

  97. Dexter had a shocking finale, the sister of Dexter learns she is in love with Dexter, and walks in at the end of the finale to see Dexter killing the serial killer of the season

  98. Prust isn’t worth much to any team other than the Rangers, at least in terms of salary. Unless he has a shocking spike in scoring, he’s not going to be able to justify any legitimate money on the open market, so he’ll end up back with the Rangers for whatever modest salary they choose to give him. If, for whatever reason, his agent tries to fleece the Rangers, you absolutely let him walk. No matter how much the people on this forum overrate him, he’s a dime-a-dozen player.

  99. Also, if this team really believes it’s a cup contender, Wolski has to be put on waivers as soon as is feasible. He’s not going to come back and light it up and to have $4 million wrapped up on a total hump when you’re trying to make a push for the championship is downright insane.

  100. Yeah, the type of dime-a-dozen player that have never been in abundance on the NYR roster. I’m not saying he’s a great player, but i wouldn’t categorize him as dime-a-dozen.

    Woofski can just get Reddened, and the $4M comes off.

    And the Rangers’ prospects — certainly not my strong suit — include Kreider (not in the AHL), McIlrath (not in the AHL), Hagelin (not in the AHL) and Erixon (back and forth to the AHL). Not to mention Bourque and others. Not bad.

  101. Dime-a-dozen? Name a few, just for the heck of it. Not a game breaker, and not a $3M player. But is very valuable to many teams, Rangers included. And he will be smart enough not to ask for too much.

  102. Prust is fourth line player, not essential to Rangers, and should not be paid more than 1 million per year.

  103. of course, this from a guy who said this morning, and I quote:

    “Avery belongs on the ice in place of Rupp, Christensen, or Bogard.”

  104. Orr, B&J could only wish they had as many flavors as this blog does. Rupp’s been last week’s flavor. New week- new flavor. It’s called Prust.

  105. Carp:

    you really don’t believe Prust’s role could be filled by any number of guys in the AHL? for example, I think John Mitchell could do exactly what Brandon Prust does and with more upside.

  106. Carp I confuse the names Boyle and Bogard often. I have difficulty remembering names, would you like to poke fun at me for that ?

  107. I was actually LMAO at Lloyd’s suggestion that John Mitchell could do exactly what Prust does. With more upside, no less. Mitchell’s last NHL fight was more than two years ago. He didn’t do that well against Ruutu. One before that? A year prior.

  108. Czechthemout!!! on


    Judging strictly on games that I’ve watched. These include the NCAA, WJC,IIHF, AHL,Traverse City,NHL preseason. These are my top 10 Rangers prospects and where I think they top out at.

    1-Chris Kreider- definately top 6 forward. Could develop into top 3 with time.

    2- Carl Hagelin- top 9 forward who could play on second line perhaps in spot duty. I do think he can score 20 goals and 20-30 assists one day.

    3-Tim Erixon- top 4 defenseman that I think can play on the PP as well.

    4- J.T Miller- top 6 forward who I think can one day be like a Doug Weight type of center.

    5 – Christian Thomas- top six winger who will score some goals. Similar player to his dad and Kris Versteeg.

    6- Dylan Mcilrath- third pair defenseman who I thought played better as the preseason progressed.

    7- Ryan Bourque- he will be an energy type fourth line player who kills penelties and can score 8-10 goals a year.

    8- Shane McColgan- third line center who plays bigger than his size.

    9- J A M- same as McColgan but less physical.

    10- Andrew Yogan- looked real good in the three games and playoff games he played in the AHL.
    He also looked good in traverse city before getting hurt which has been his problem all throughout his career. He could either be like a Nathan Horton type or a nobody.

  109. Czechthemout!!! on

    And Avery’s 90 goals is more than both Rupp and Ec have scored. And his total points are and his career point totals are the same as both EC and Rupp combined.

  110. 8- Shane McColgan- third line center who plays bigger than his size.

    9- J A M- same as McColgan but less physical.


    Does that make J A M a third line center that plays his size? :)

  111. Anyone else have a Samsung HDTV? Just got one and I was wondering if anyone had advice on settings for hockey (or all sports)?


  112. Czechthemout!!! on


    These guys were my top ten. St.Croix I was not too impressed with in the two games I saw so I made no comment about him. I understand he is lighting it up this year in juniors which is nice to read.

    Steven Fogarty is someone who I have not seen play so I also can’t comment on him. I think he is still in junior b or something. I believe he is going to the NCAA next season. Also read that he is doing well in his league.

  113. OKay, I’ve stopped laughing at the notion that John Mitchell could so what Prust does. Give me another name.

    Catch, can I laugh at the other parts of your comments?

  114. Czechthemout!!! on


    JAM is a skillfull player who is small. He shied away from contact in the games that I saw.

    McColgan takes the body and drops the gloves and sticks up for his teammates while his skills are no worse than JAM’s.

  115. Oh, wait, almost forgot, putting Boyle in the group of players for whom Avery should be playing makes it even funnier than Boogaard.

  116. So Prust is a dime a dozen player but Avery is a stand out? Some people around here should just be banned from following the sport of hockey…Let’s just run down a few more “teammate protector/4th liner- nothing more” guys…Sandy McCarthy? Colton Orr? Chris Simon? Donald Brashear? Jody Shelley? Oh! how about Jason Ward? or Adam Hall? Wait wait! It’s all so clear to me now…Dane Beyers!

  117. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Comparing Mitchell and prust is pretty ridiculous IMHO.

    Thomas is a bust

    Very true!

  118. You can laugh at whatever opinions that you disagree with. What does Boyle do better than Avery? Boyle is a big body and a penalty killer. His penalty killing it better than Avery. Is his goal scoring, passing? Please do not use Bogard’s goal scoring last year as a reference, that was an aberration.

  119. Avery is a dime-a-dozen player also. James G you are right, Prust is Colton Orr, maybe a better penalty killer than Orr

  120. Czechthemout!!! on


    Brandon Prust is what he is. A tough guy who can kill penalties and stick up for his teammates.
    But he is not what I would call a sign at all costs type of player. Maybe a three year 4 million type of deal.

    Oh and before anyone compares Avery to Prust, let me say that I think Brett Hull was a lunatic for paying Avery almost 4 million a year for 4 years. In fact I think that the Rangers portion of his contract is about 2-300k too rich.

  121. “Brandon Prust is what he is. A tough guy who can kill penalties and stick up for his teammates.
    But he is not what I would call a sign at all costs type of player. Maybe a three year 4 million type of deal.”

    100 percent

  122. Avery is making what Boyle, Rupp, and Prust make combined. I’d like to know how many coaches think he can replace either of them. Let alone all three.

  123. I didn’t say a “sign at all costs” player. But he and Boyle are legit NHL third-line players who can play a checking role, kill penalties, play third-line minutes, don’t hurt you in any zone — and here comes that word again — have loads of intangibles in terms of character, grit, and leadership. Boyle’s been unbelievable with the younger players, too.

    so if they’re dime-a-dozen, give me a dollar’s worth of names please. Other than Avery, who’s obviously 20 cents a dozen.

  124. Czechthemout!!! on


    In the game against the Sabers who had a lot of AHL and NHL experienced kids playing a tough game, JAM got hit early and disappeared. The only guys who out in that game were Erixon, Mcilrath,JT Miller, McColgan Thomas and Bourque.

  125. I am copy pasting people

    Shawn Thornton, RW BOS
    Jamal Mayers, RW CHI
    Arron Asham, RW PIT
    Brian McGrattan, RW
    David Clarkson, RW NJ
    Derek Dorsett, RW CBJ

  126. Ya know, some of you are completely and utterly missing the big picture here. Idk how old you guys are. I don’t know how long a lot of you have been fans of the sport or the team. Many of you boast that you’ve been following them for years and years but don’t seem to recall the history of the team over the last 15 seasons. When they didn’t have character guys. The 4th liners that “just kill penalties” or “tough guys who just stick up for their teammates” This organization was the laughing stock of the byfugelin league. They were a bunch of names aka a bunch of tail end of/past their prime types that had no chemistry, no accountability, no team concept, no system in place. Oh but you know Lindros was a former all star and instantly made the team better. And Fluery who was a Calgary Flame veteran, was older and expensive BUT very productive and still scoring 40 goals a season (sound familiar?)

    You start under rating the “character guys” and rating them a dime a dozen and talking about how its fine if they walk because there are better players and names to be had- you get left with a team that has no identity..A team without a soul as the NY Post called them back then…So maybe you guys should google and learn about what you overlooked over the “decades and decades” you’ve spent rooting for this team, because a lot of you guys sound like you want to turn them right back into what they used to be.

  127. James G I have to disagree. I think you are overrating character guys and team concept. it is up to the coach and a captain to unite a team. The Rangers have the right combination of coach and captain. A team does not need a Prust if a Prust is going to cost more than 1.5 million a year, give or take.

  128. I remember the Sabre game and them being a bit overmatched but not much for details.

    A lot of hockey left but St. Croix is on a 100 pt pace

  129. “Other than Avery, who’s obviously 20 cents a dozen.”

    Carp, obviously you weren’t paying attention to Brett Hull. Avery is worth a lot more than that!! Bwaha!

  130. No, JamesG. I’m not going to Hockeydatabase to remind me of those teams. Because I will need Dramamine this time. Well said though. We have a team that took years to build. Torts said a couple of years ago he liked the team but wanted to get rid of some dead wood. They did. It’s still a process, but they almost there. Let’s not discard what we have.

  131. Czechthemout!!! on


    They are legit NHL 4th line players who do posses other intangibles. They do hurt you in the offensive zones because they won’t score goals like they did last year and third line players are supposed to contribute on the score sheet. I’ll give you some names , 10 names in no particular order.

    1 Ryan Clowe
    2 Wayne Simmonds
    3 Travis Moen
    4 Joel Ward
    5 David Bolland
    6 Troy Brauwer
    7 Arron Asham
    8 Cal Klutterbuck
    9 David Steckel
    10 Steve Ott
    11 Boyd Gordon
    12 Paul Gaustadt

    These are just of the top of my head.

  132. Marchessault has been at a point-per-game clip since game 6 of the season in the AHL.

    You don’t score if you’re uninvolved or shying away. (see Christensen, Erik)

    JAM was 98-141-239-/+93 in 254 games in the Q.
    Scorers don’t score without getting hacked & whacked.
    The don’t keep scoring without coming back for more.
    Let’s not put a soft label on a guy just cause he’s under 6′.
    My friends watch him every home game.
    “Kid’s got game” they told me.

    Funny thing was, I only really started listening because I was driving them nuts on Zuc, trying to find out what the hell the deal was. Conversation turned to maybe they have a better, somewhat diminutive scorer. And maybe they do.

  133. Ryan Clowe. Talked about Iginla all day, but I told you guys in September they were snooping around Clowe. Good player.

    That’s the kind of intermediate guy you might get without mortgaging too many young’uns.

    But (he’s a left LW and) SJ isn’t givin’ him up.

  134. You what’s byfuglien hilarious…all you experts talk about prospects and I haven’t seen one person write Mats Zuccarello. The only prospect in the organization that is NHL ready and is ready to accept top-6 responsibility. You all act as if the Rangers gave up on the kid or that he doesn’t count. Marchessault? really?

  135. You serious NYR? I don’t think Zuc has a bigger fan than me, said it a million times how insane it was everyone from Deveaux to SA to EC got time over him.

    Maddening, especially after Torts praised his camp and work ethic, etc.

    It’s why I’m pretty sure something went on when he was sent down. It almost had to.
    Purely speculative but I wouldn’t be surprised the spunky little guy told Torts to F off.
    Then came the biz with his agent going public, and that’s giving yourself a pink slip with Sather.

  136. James G I have to disagree. I think you are overrating character guys and team concept. it is up to the coach and a captain to unite a team. The Rangers have the right combination of coach and captain. A team does not need a Prust if a Prust is going to cost more than 1.5 million a year, give or take.

    Wowwwww and with this post, you’ve officially eliminated any and all credibility you may have had at ANY point. I’m not even going to take the time to try to discuss this with you anymore if your extent of “not getting it” is really THAT great.

  137. overrating character guys and team concept? Remember the 1998-99 team?

    or were you born after that?

    You CANNOT overrate chracter guys or team concept.

  138. Oh, and for that list of dime-a-dozens, that’s only 10 cents worth. If they’re dime-a-dozen you should be able to come up with hundreds.

    That’s enough of this lunacy for me tonight.

  139. I’ve never been NYR, why do they say there is something rotten there?

    And what is the injury status on the lil Norweejun guy?

  140. YESSS please let’s become delusional MZA lovers. anything to get a new topic other than #16. ANYTHING. ill become a delusional Hollweg lover if need be.

  141. I want to be a delusional Jason Ward lover!

    He blocked shots! He was a PK’er! He could have score more goals if Renney played him more! He could have scored more goals with Tampa if Torts played him more. Torts hated him. I hate Torts! Fire Torts!

    “We Want Jason Ward”

  142. I’d take a player like Prust on my team every day of the week, and twice on Sunday! Yes, even at a 1.5 million per year. In my opinion, he’s earned it, and you can’t say that about every player.

  143. Carp,
    Stu Bickel was traded to NY because Lou Nanne and the cigar are buddies and Stu is either engaged or dates Lou’s granddaughter. Lou is a great guy still sharp, the kid sticks up for his teammates but can use some point

  144. Pointers on how to fight from Prust. Just thought you want to know. Good scoop Hun? I gave u the giannone info last yr as well, could be your deep throat. Lol

  145. Character guys are a dime-a-dozen and you can get anyone to buy into a team concept with proper leadership, such as Torts and Callahan. James G Reading comprehension is not your strong point. Boyle is a character guy, Rupp too, Prust too. Is it only the Rangers that have every character guy in the NHL?

  146. For the record, character guys dont win you Stanley Cups. Scoring goals, playing defense in front of your goalie, and your goalie having a great playoff run wins you Stanley Cups. Having leadership and ability like Messier guaranteeing elimination Game 6 victory and then coming out and backing up his words with a hat trick wins you Stanley Cups.

  147. I am not a delusional Avery lover, nor a delusional Zuccarello lover, nor a delusional Boyle or Prust lover.

  148. That’s good. Keep repeating yourself and going around and around while throwing personal shots at me. That just adds to your credibility. tell us again how Rupp and Bogard arent important.

  149. BTW…To go along with your theory about captains and coaches- I guess Leetch and Messier were inept captains? not half of what Callahan has been over the whole 30 games he’s been wearing the C.

  150. You threw a personal shot at me. Am I here to gain credibility, or am I here to share opinions and have discussions? What credibility do any of you have, are you a general manager for an NHL team? Last I checked, even some general managers have no credibility. Who determines credibility, the omniscient and omnipotent James G?

    Rupp is so important to team success. No team has ever won a Stanley Cup without Rupp, and the team that won with him only won because of Rupp. Keep dreaming.

  151. To once again point out your lack of reading comprehension, I said a combination of coach and captain, and maybe you are unfamiliar with hockey, but you can have all the character and team concept in the world, and without the talent on the ice and the proper coaching, you are not going to win anything.

  152. It is the same concept as an Avery lover. If you think the Rangers cannot succeed without Avery, or Prust, then you are a delusional lover of that player.

    The Rangers cannot win without Gaborik playing to his potential. The Rangers cannot succeed without Lundqvist.

    Prust, Boyle, Avery, Rupp, they are all spare parts.

  153. Eh, it’s not the same as an Avery lover, because the Avery lovers seem to think he has a significant impact in every game, and makes the team magically better than they are without him.

    Also most of fans with a clear head know what to expect from these players, which, for the most part, is not goals.

    So, delusional isn’t the right word.

  154. With all this talk of character guys this and character guys that, it almost seems to me like some of you view the Rangers as a blue collar underdog team. I wonder if any of you realize that the Rangers are responsible for some of the highest contracts in the game today. Richards, Gaborik, Lundqvist. There’s Gomez, then in the AHL, Redden, and retired this year, Drury. The Rangers are not the underdogs, folks. They pay top dollar for players.

  155. Dude who said ANYthing about Rupp? What the hell is the matter with you? I’m talking about the make up of a successful team. Not about how this team success is simply because they have Rupp and Prust. Forget credibility since you’re taking that so personally. If it’s your opinion that this team would be better with more stars and less role players on it like it like it did back in the late 90s early 2000s then stand firm with it. knock yourself out. Share that opinion all you want. Have fun.

  156. Avery does not have any significant impact on the outcome of games, nor does a Prust, Boyle, or Rupp. Anyone calling Prust a third liner is a delusional Prust lover.

  157. James G I agree it is about the right combination of star players, skill players, and role/character/grit players. You want Prust? Fine. Do the Rangers need all of Rupp, Mitchell, Boyle too.

  158. Whoa. A day without ‘god’ talk and we’re running down Prust and Rupp and Boyle??? That kind of lunacy makes me yearn for the lunacy of Avery talk and I’m sick to death of that.

    In other news, I love trolls. You guys are awesome!!

  159. ORR!! With other free agents. With talented AHL ers. The team currently has Mitchell, Prust, Boyle, and Rupp playing. Add to that the unexpected no production of Dubinsky, and the expected no production of Christensen, the team has two below average lines.

  160. The lunacy of not overrating Prust, Boyle, Rupp. What some people call lunacy, others call being realistic

  161. Catch- no they don’t. They need a goal scoring LW and probably another Dman that can take the 4-5 role. But that’s not to say having guys like the ones youve mentioned aren’t important too

  162. The lunacy of wanting a team of allstars is even worse. Take the DeLorean and go back to the late 90s, I beg you.

  163. Yeah, and our AHL’er’s are really going to make such a huge impact, right? This isn’t a video game, catch. What free agents do you want to overpay to fill those spots? How much money do you want to give a superstar that may or may not live up to expectations, like so many times in the past.

    “The team currently has Mitchell, Prust, Boyle, and Rupp playing. Add to that the unexpected no production of Dubinsky, and the expected no production of Christensen, the team has two below average lines”

    Yet, we’re in 4th place, five points out of 1st.

  164. The team has two below average lines. and …

    Its first line, admittedly, doesn’t stack up with first lines of other teams. The second line’s left wing has one goal. Two of the top four defensemen are out, including No. 1, who hasn’t played a shift all season. The PP stinks. And the coach is an idiot.

    Not bad for 18-8-4.

  165. Glad to see everyone still getting along well here – imagine how it would be if we all didn’t bleed Ranger Blue!?

  166. Why are you guys responding to someone that either knows nothing about hockey or is being a troll trying to stir up some Prust, Boyle vs. 16 crap that is pointless? Either way, I find it amazing that people are still focused on a meaningless issue of the 4th line when the real issue and discussion should be on a defense that will dress Woywitka, Strahlman, Bickel and MDZ – 3 guys that were not on the Rangers radar to be on roster before camp and MDZ having (thank goodness) a bounce back year. That’s a legit concern. You are talking real TOI for those guys. The schedule gets real tough now with divisional opponents. I am curious to see how they respond to the pressure. But I’m sure if they lose it will have something to do with the 4th line and the coach’s relationship. UGHHH! 16 – Most overrated topic in the NHL!.

  167. James I agree. Guys like Prust are important to a team, but one individual like Prust becomes less important when the team already has 2 other players with the same attributes, and third liners who have not provided any offense for the team.

    1993-94 regular season 52, 28, 26, 23, 22, 22, 21, 16. Those are the goals scored by the top 8 forwards. 3, 12, 8. Those are the goals scored by our top 3 scoring defensemen.

    When you have scoring like that, your fourth line can be Prust, Boyle, Rupp. When you already have Christensen, Dubinsky with 1 goal, and Mitchell, that is not going to cut it.

  168. Not bad for 18-8-4 is right. I hope it continues, but with two below average lines, counting Dubinsky’s one goal as third line production, and the defense corps going down one by one, I do not expect it to.

  169. let me ask you, before I completely stop recognizing your existence, what do you think of Callahan’s character?


  170. ORR!! The AHL er Hagelin has already had a significant impact on the team. Do you deny this?

    Did I say Boyle, Prust vs. Avery or did I acknowledge Avery is not essential to this team?

  171. HW, so true about the defense. If they can survive the next few weeks with the heads above water, I’ll be pretty amazed. Hank and Good Marty will need to step up bigtime. And I expect the offense to suffer even more as the forwards get back even deeper to play defense.

  172. and I don’t remember anybody exactly comparing this team to ’93-94. But I imagine Prust could have played Kocur’s or Noonan’s or Gilbert’s minutes.

    and I kind of remember that team had some of that overrated character.

  173. Catch – Don’t bother responding to me. The moment you made a comment about character not being important in hockey I stopped reading your posts.

  174. Is this the way newcomers are treated? You disagree with my opinions, so you completely dismiss me. I am going to email the person who reports on this blog and see if he or she agrees with that.

    Carp if you want to see my opinion of Callahan and Tortorella and their immediate impact on this team, then I’ll repeat in a shorter version, the combination of Tortorella and Callahan are what have united this team and gotten most players to buy into the team concept. Avery does his own thing because he probably lives in his own world in which the world revolves around him.

  175. That 93-94 team also had the scoring this team lacks.

    Yes, Avery belongs on this ice in place of one of those 3 guys, of course Bogard being Boyle. Simply because Boyle and Rupp are the exact same player as Prust.

    HWirth Your reading comprehension is lacking, so there is no point to directing further responses to you.

  176. “Avery belongs on the ice in place of Rupp, Christensen, or Bogard.”

    LOL x a bajillion. That might get a nod as post of the year, just for the sheer hilarity of it.

  177. Only someone who is either a. Not a Rangers fan b. Knows nothing about hockey would say this…

    catch22 December 19th, 2011 at 11:30 pm
    With all this talk of character guys this and character guys that, it almost seems to me like some of you view the Rangers as a blue collar underdog team. I wonder if any of you realize that the Rangers are responsible for some of the highest contracts in the game today. Richards, Gaborik, Lundqvist. There’s Gomez, then in the AHL, Redden, and retired this year, Drury. The Rangers are not the underdogs, folks. They pay top dollar for players.

    If you actually knew anything about the sport, you’d know those big market Pittsburgh Pens and Buffalo Sabres have a high cap total than us this year. If not for injuries on defense, the Rangers had started the year like with around 10th highest payroll in NHL. Try facts, they are good sometimes.

  178. Hey Catch go back and root the Islanders or whatever team you actually are a “fan” of and stop annoying us with your complete lack of any hockey knowledge! There is a cap in the NHL genius! It’d be real nice to have 4 lines of scorers and a payroll of 150 mil and guess what you’d still lose!! The Flyers always have tons of scoring and it’s get them eliminated every year in the playoffs.

  179. Carp it is your blog? and that is how you treat a newcomer with differing opinions? What about the character you guys are talking about in hockey, does your blog require no character.

    Mickey i struggle to remember names correctly, i have struggled with dysnomia for my entire life. I would thank you if you would not mock me for that.

  180. HWirth, he might also know that some of the high scoring teams — say, oh, I don’t know, Vancouver and San Jose, for example, oh, and Philly — how have they fared in terms of Stanley Cups?

    And every time they go down in flames, do they try to add more scoring? Or more character?

    Just askin.

  181. no, catch, it is how I (we) treat somebody who comes on here and runs down some of the players who make this team what it is.

  182. Facts, the Rangers have handed out some of the most lucrative current contracts in the NHL, and the new CBA being discussed is likely to have something in there about demoting players like Redden, Wolski to the AHL to save their cap hits. The Rangers are not underdogs.

  183. Hey, come to think of it, didn’t those Devils teams that won a whole bunch of Stanley Cups do it with high-end scoring and very little character?

  184. HAHA Carp – No, I think they look for more whining in Vancouver because the World is of course against them! They actually made Ron Maclean apologize on air to Burrows because he ripped him on Coaches Corner when Don tried defending Burrows. They didn’t like Bolland teasing the Sedins and forced him to take it back, which he should not have. He should have answered “Can’t hear you, My Stanley Cup Ring was in my ear”

  185. Carp okay. So I give opinions on some of the players, not running them down, and that makes it ok? If you say so.

    This team is Lundqvist, this team is Girardi, this team is Staal when he is healthy, this team is Callahan, this team is Gaborik when he is scoring like he can.

  186. OK, now I’ve got to go. Big, long day tomorrow.

    so, catch, get back to me in the morning with your Bowman-esque theories.

  187. Those Devils teams won in a defense oriented system with a hall of fame goalie, who was bettered by his defense.

  188. HAHAHA – Rangers are not underdogs… Now we know you are not a Rangers fan. Trying to figure out who you really root for. I’ll say those underdogs Devils and some of those “brillant” contracts they’ve done lately. Kovalchuk – that was a good one HAHA. Salvador 2.9 HAHAHA Volchenkov 4.25 for like 6 yrs. HAHAHA.

    The Rangers – are actually one of teams who have not handed those phony double digit year contracts that screw with the cap and are unmovable.

    Anyone want Luongo’s lifetime contract?

  189. Girardi, Staal = Talented defense

    Lundqvist = Talented goalie

    Gaborik, Callahan = Talented scorers

    All of them also leaders on the ice, except for Gaborik.

    So as I had said all along, you need the right combination of talent and character. A team is not going to get by on character alone.

  190. Wirth We just do the phony send down to the AHL to get the Redden, Brashear, and Wolski off our cap hit.

    We are not the underdogs.

  191. First off, again, facts are a neat thing. WW hasn’t been sent down yet. Brashear had a 35+ contract and couldn’t be sent down and had to be traded.

    Secondly, really not underdogs? Because the whole NHL was on Hank when he went in the 7th round. Girardi was so highly touted no one wanted him in the draft. Cally was so touted he went in the 4th round. The Rangers have one of the most homegrown teams in the NHL! They are playing with 11 guys who played their 1st NHL games with us. Go do some actual research and figure home teams are able to say that. Not as many as you’d think.

  192. Facts are a neat thing. According to someone on this page tonight, Wolski will be sent down. Yes, Brashear was sent down. What is your excuse with Redden? Homegrown team, okay. Lundqvist, Girardi, Staal, Sauer, Del Zotto, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, Hagelin. Also several of the largest contracts in the game, Gaborik, Lundqvist, Richards. Redden in AHL, Gomez with Canadiens, Drury retired after his buyout.

  193. No one is calling Sather a genuis, catch. He’s made some dumb moves, but so have other GM’s. Its called being human. And the Rangers are NOT the only team to send down overpaid, underperforming players…see Cristobal Huet on the Blackhawks. Stop pretending the Rangers are the Yankees!

  194. Ovechkin, Backstrom, Doughty, Kovalchuk, Ehrhoff, Kane, Toews, Bryzgalov, Chara, Hossa, Crosby, Malkin, Mike Richards, Carter, Nash, Lecavalier, Stamkos…all on the Rangers.

  195. Before there was a salary cap in the NHL, the Rangers were just that, the Yankees. Buying player after player in an attempt to win. Stop pretending otherwise. Now with a cap, we still have 4 current Rangers and Whale among the highest contracts in the game

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