Rangers-Coyotes in review


Well, that was about as wild as it gets. Not one for the archives in terms of how to play, or how to win. But, wow, was that a finish.

I am racking the rusty rolodex between my ears trying to remember a similar game, and I’m sure there was one. I thought a game in L.A. in 1993-94 was similar, but I went back and looked. In that one, Kelly Hrudey stopped Tony Amonte on a penalty shot (!!!!!) with 10.7 seconds left in overtime, and Mark Messier put in a Sergei Zubov rebound with 1.5 seconds left to win it.

I’ll keep looking.


1) Two thoughts on the game-winning goal with 00:00.1 left. One was, as the Rangers lost the puck, and the game seemed headed to OT, Brandon Dubinsky seemed to stop in the offensive zone. So he couldn’t change, then he was able to make a good play in the offensive zone when Martin Biron moved the puck quickly up ice. The other was Ryan McDonagh, who has done this before, understood what was left on the clock and so he went in deep to make a strong play and allow Brad Richards to get the shot that went off Keith Yandle’s skate and past Mike Smith before the clock expired.

2) How about Michael Del Zotto’s pass to Marian Gaborik for the first goal, and the play Del Zotto made in the second period, leaping up to the crossbar to bat away a pop-up that had gotten behind Biron (who was fabulous again, BTW).

3) Finding a way, after two losses, in a game that wasn’t great, can sure make a difference when they add them all up at the end. Maybe the Rangers avoided a losing streak. We’ll see. And I don’t think they were awful at all. They defended well. They were good early. They were physical.

4) Brad Richards sure scores some big goals, even if this one was a bit lucky. And he wasn’t great in this game, especially in the faceoff circle, where he won 3 of 16.

5) Gaborik, who had 22 goals last year and has 17 already this year, got his 300th on a gift from Yandle. Reminded me of Michael Strahan’s sack of Brett Favre for the record. Except it wasn’t intentional. Gaborik was really good in the game.

6) Yikes, now the Rangers are without three  of their top six defensemen with Steve Eminger suffering a separated shoulder last night.

7) I liked the way Mike Rupp played in his first game back from knee surgery. Rugged, came back from a nice cut above the eye, had a big scoring chance. I understand that his return probably means more bench time, if not another demotion, for Sean Avery, especially if Artem Anisimov returns Tuesday. But I’d want Avery and Rupp in the lineup against the Devils Tuesday, the Islanders Thursday, the Flyers Friday and the Islanders Monday.

8) On the downside, the guy who stayed in the lineup because Anisimov was sick, and whose place in the lineup kept Avery on the bench — Erik Christensen — cleanly lost the faceoff on the short-handed goal that changed the game in the last seconds of the first period. He did nothing. I don’t get it.

9) Ruslan Fedotenko doesn’t mess up much, but he took the penalty, then came out of the box, went to his knees in front and left a man wide open for a power-play dunk and the 2-1 lead. And he heard about that from John Tortorella before they went to the lockerroom.

10) Those few minutes while they reviewed the game-winning goal in the Toronto war room, that’s going to make for some priceless bench audio on “24/7” on Wednesday.

11) Unrelated, but what do you suppose the fired Jacques Martin thinks of the Scott Gomez trade now?

12) So, if the same game happens after Jan. 1, and the video replay judge has Time Warner Cable, do the Rangers go to OT?


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Michael Del Zotto.
3) Martin Biron.


AP photos, above.


UPDATE: OMG, how did I already forget about the McDonagh game-winning OT goal in Calgary this season — where he did the exact same thing; understood how much time was left and joined the play down low?

There were 0.5 seconds left in OT when he scored it, though they put more time on the clock afterwards. It was under two seconds left officially.

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  1. Carp, if you are suggesting Rupp and Avery in the same lineup at the same time then who sits?

  2. The Rangers dominated last night’s game everywhere except on the score board. It’s justice that they got the fluky goal with a microsecond left.

    McDonagh will be an all-star for a lot of years to come. When you think about what the Rangers gave up for him, it should go down as one of the most lopsided trades in a long time.

    Erik Christensen – yeah, I don’t get it either. I especially don’t get putting him out there on the 2nd power play unit.

    Brad Richards has transformed this team. No, he’s not going to lead the league in scoring, but when you think about it, he’s the only major difference from last season and look at the difference.

  3. Avery in for a Patrick division stretch EC out. AA back in when ready Mitchell out thru the winter classic. Rack up some points.

  4. carp,
    gabby has been solid if not great every night so far! i just hope that all those who wanted him run out of town last year realize that he was really injured last season. to want extent? we don’t know but i would say he was pretty bad and probably should have been out of the lineup more than he was. as rangers fans, we should remember that as the year he played through injuries not the year he dogged it. he is an elite scorer and credit to uncle glennie for signing him.

    who has a better second goalie than NYR? (i wont call him a backup)

    i would like to see dubi between avery and rupp v NJ

    mitchell out for NJ game unless AA is still out. although i do like mitchells game, lets try the avery affect against NJ.

    do you think Marty will get the start? i hope he does

  5. The White Plains Batman on

    Carp-Do you remember the Turcotte goal vs. Vancouver President’s Day 1992? He scored with .2 left to tie it off a rebound if memory serves me correctly.

  6. I really liked what I saw from Tim Erixon in the pre-season. With Emminger out, time for Tim to get a real look!


  7. EC is useless but I got the feeling he will be playing against the devs. It does appear Torts has something personnel on avery. I don’t get it or maybe EC has something on Torts and is black mailing him, LOL.

  8. I should have never posted last week that my only concern for this team was injuries. After I posted that Sauer got hurt and now Emminger. I feel like I jinxed the rangers.

  9. The Rangers dominated? Really?

    Could’ve sworn I saw a team with no coherent offense what so ever, no PP, no one-timers on the PP because they have no big-time righty-shots (and the coach refuses to use the one RH’d point man he has, Stralman, on the 1st unit).

    At least Stralman is up to speed now, just in time as we lose Eminger and are missing half our D.

    I did see Rupp crush somebody in the 1st period, which is one more opponent than Avery has crushed his entire Ranger career.

    And I don’t know about AA’s ‘flu’ bug. He cracked his head against the glass a few games back. That’s worrisome.

    We could sure use a guy like Doan.

  10. Richards, Cally, Gaborik, Stepan have almost all the Rangers PP goals and get the majority of the PP time. Basically if they don’t get the job done the PP doesn’t score regardless of who’s on the 2nd unit.

  11. Good morning, Carp!

    Nothing like getting woken up early on a Sunday by a “Lets go Buff-a-lo” honk. I love this town.

  12. Amen. We were definitely owed a flukey goal. I think we still have a few left in the bank.

    How awesome is McBust with a few seconds remaining. Kid should be a point guard he has such good clock management!

    With Eminger out does that mean that Erixon is on his way back? Great to see Strahlman have what I perceived as a strong game. Might be time to move him up with McBust and drop Girardi down with Del Zaster to spread the talent a bit?

  13. Does anyone know how valetenko is doing in Hartford? Maybe give him in chance instead of Erixon. He will bring more grit for this long stretch of divisional games.

  14. The White Plains Batman, if I remember correctly it was Leetch who scored the game winner in that game (an afternoon match) after stealing the puck away from either Weight or Amonte.

  15. Heard Valentenko has been really solid. Bickel is another guy, he was a late cut in camp, well after Valentenko.

    Both are more physical than anyone we have left.

  16. I think Valentenko has to clear waivers, so I doubt they’ll make him the recall. And they just recalled Erixon for the beginning of the trip, so he’s probably their first choice replacement.

  17. the mcdoangh goal vs calgary earlier this season was great also. 1.5 sec left in ot.

    huge 2 pts but this game should have been over earlier if the pp has any life. the last 5 mins of the first per were a disgrace leading to the shorthanded goal on the face off.

    no staal sauer eminger our d now is depleted. i dont know how we could continue to get wins with this d going forward

  18. eric you’ve been doubting these boys all season and they are a mere few points out of first! Keep it up man. It’s good luck.

  19. Oh. Also, eric. Just so you know. With 8 losses on the season, this team is still tied for least losses to date. Even the infallible REd Wings have lost 10. The Blackhawks, 20-8. All the teams at the top are in serious trouble. Wild lost their Capt. Mikku Koivu and the Phylers, well you know about Giroux and Pronger. Ouch!

  20. I don’t know what game some of you above were watching, but NYR certainly did not control the pace or match the physicality of the Yotes. And the only player who had energy at both ends of the ice was Gabby. Boyle is a slug who should take lessons from Hanzel, who abused every NYR he hit. So stop congratulating us and feel lucky we got the win by skin of our teeth.

  21. Agreed 100% Zubie.

    Having no offense is one thing, getting beaten down physically another.

    It was both, and it makes for a sickening feeling watching it.

    BUF’s Drew Stafford might be available. Had 31 last year, disappointing this year.

    They want a center. I could think of someone who might be a fit..

  22. Hey Carp I do believe within the last couple of years there was a game I believe it was Callahan or Dubbie that took a bank shot from behind the net to win one can’t remember the game with less then a second left I believe he banked it off the goalie.

  23. I don’t think we would want to bring up Erixon with the stretch of games that we have coming up. Either Valetenko or Bickel would be best so that someone can stand up to all the people who will be running at our goalie. They may also go with Bell since he has NHL experience but he would not add any grit.

  24. Good Morning Carp, Can you please explain your Thought #12. Thanks. P.S. In football its about the “W”s and in hockey its about getting 2pts on the road, good ,bad or ugly .I’ll take it last night and run.

  25. manny

    agree with all your pts but d men are tougher to replace. stralman woywitka erixon all more minutes now could lead to trouble

    i will continue to doubt thats who i am but trust me i enjoy every win and last night i went to bed real happy

  26. NYDN Reporter Tweet; “NYDNRangers Wouldn’t surprise me if Sean Avery were placed on waivers soon. No source telling me so, but didn’t even see him walk into arena last night.”

    let the games begin…..

    Down as I am off last night’s ‘victory’, they did manage a W without Avery…

    thought people here said that wasn’t possible…

  27. NYDNRangers I’m told Avery was in lockerroom at one point after the game. So chalk this up to some overanxious tweeting #NYR. He was in the building

  28. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Rare day off for me!

    couldn’t agree with you more on playing avery and rupp.

    I thought rupp played a pretty good game for a first game back last night.

    Michael Busto has been better with his passes of late (still a little iffy on puck control under pressure though)

    I also agree, I would bring up bickel or vtank before erixon. The physicality IMHO is needed, but probably see erixon instead.

    I say if they are not going to play avery, bring back the bahama bomba!! BBTBB!!!!

  29. it was great the rangers pulled that game out last night but I wasn’t impressed at all with there play. The devils look allot better the past 5 games, actually the devils look real good. We will see when the two play each other.

  30. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I agree a guy like Doan (or Iggy) would be a very welcome addition to the roster

  31. I don’t get what Torts see’s in EC. He is basically invisible out there. Avery will take the body always.

    Also, Mike Rupp on the powerplay??? I don’t get why he doesn’t give Hagelin a shot.

  32. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    With the exception of the first ten minutes or so I thought we were thoroughly outplayed physicality for the majority of the game.

    We have looked very soft all over the ice the past couple of games…this team needs more edge and grit and in a hurry!!

  33. ec should never be in this lineup again. only reason he played last night with arty out as a center torts needed center otherwise i bet avery would have been in. keep in mind rupp does play some center so once he gets some games in he could center prust and avery.

  34. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Did you guys see chara go with shelley last night? Win for big Z (thanks jagr, you putz!!)!

  35. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    What is our team record when avery “enters the lockerroom” at any point during the game??

  36. How much time was left in that game in Pitt last year when the Rangers (Staal?) scored short-handed, and then Dubinsky set up Callahan in OT?

  37. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    And btw, on the GWG by brich, marty biron absolutely makes the play to keep the game alive by coming way out of the crease to keep the play alive instead of just letting roll down the ice and go to OT!

    Biron deserves credit for that goal!!

  38. I like Rupp but I’m at a loss as to what he adds with the current roster. If you were to subtract Hagelin and Mitchell, I guess it makes sense to play him. But those guys are here and particularly in Hagelin’s case, showing that they belong.

    The rationale that you need a heavy weight for these divisional games doesn’t hold water with me. Look at the fighters/instigators on each team – for the Flyers its Rinaldo/Simmonds and the Devils its Clarkson. None of those guys are going to fight Rupp based on their size and Prust is more than sufficient to keep them in check. Avery gets under the skin of every one of those guys too and has fought Simmonds and Clarkson in the past. Maybe you could argue that Rupp is needed against Martin on the Islanders but again, unlikely and I’d rather have skill on the ice.

    It’s a no brainer that Anisimov comes back into the line-up once he feels better (sorry Christiansen). If it were me, I’d play Avery instead of Rupp in 3 of the next 4 but based on past history I doubt that’s what Tortorella does….

  39. JJP, I’m not talking about fighting. The Devils and Islanders aren’t fighting teams. I’m just talking about physical play — divisional games.

  40. Czechthemout!!! on

    This Yotes are an awful team. If they play against the B’s or so e other top end tea, the way they played yesterday, there won’t be many wins to talk about.

  41. Last night is up there with some great sudden death finishes in recent memory, like the McDonut OT win earlier in the season in Calgary and, of course, last season when Mats Zuccarello won it in OT against Cam Ward (1 st NHL goal)…

  42. IF EC is on the ice on tuesday I will be suprised. the experiment is over. He has about $600k left on his deal this year. adios. he will never ever achieve what he can, he is simply soft on the puck plain and simple.

    MDZ has been very good as I have posted numerous times. the guy is 21. his defense is the main reason for this comment. he is strong in his own zone.

    the ranger 5 on 3 masterpiece patty cake passing did not get any comments from Carp. They confuse moving the puck with getting offensive chances you need to shoot to have some chances for scoring. there 5 on 3 strategy is moronic…..

  43. OMG, how did I already forget about the McDonagh goal in Calgary this season — where he did the exact same thing; understood how much time was left and joined the play down low?

    There were 0.5 seconds left in OT when he scored it, though they put more time on the clock afterwards. It was under two seconds left officially.

  44. Drury would have scored with .2 seconds left in a clutch move to make the video review easier for the guys in Toronto.

  45. Valentenko doesn’t need to clear waivers, but he is a lefty. There’s a shortage of righties now with Eminger and Sauer out. Both Partlett and Bickel are righties. I’d shutter to see either on the blueline.

    I did read somewhere that Erixon likes to by the off-side.

  46. I don’t like knocking players, but Christensen is easily one of the most useless players you’ll ever see.

    There can be no other determination. It is mystifying & maddening that this coach sees fit to try him again & again, for 2 years now.

    Maybe when Wolski is activated it finally spells the end. It will be interesting to see what – if anything – WW can bring. The guy worked so hard in the off-season with all the different camps & training he overworked and hurt himself.

    He can’t possibly bring less than EC.

  47. Zubov/Rod – The Rangers controlled play in the first and then it was pretty even throughout the rest of the game. The Coyotes were more physical, certainly. But they also only had like seven shots on net through the first half of the game, and one of them was the Korpikoski shot from the faceoff, which wouldn’t have even happened if that worthless sack Christensen wasn’t in the lineup. Any other Ranger center would have done something to stop that from happening. So ‘skin of their teeth’ is a bit of an understatement. Both teams got some lucky bounces and I don’t think either dominated. But the victory was huge for the Rangers, because they came from behind and walked away with a well-earned two points. Mind you, without their dominant play during that last shift was responsible for that goal. They outworked the Coyotes big-time. I had no doubt they would have won it in overtime.

    stuart – Don’t be so sure, dude. I’ve been saying ‘EC is so done’ for now on two years. He plays like garbage, but literally when he’s faced with getting axed, the guy puts together a nice game, scores a few goals, makes some nifty passes and voila! He’s back. He might get benched for a game or two. But he’s kind of like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies: No matter what happens to him, he’s always coming back.

  48. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – completely agrre, Rupp did exactly what he was spposed to do. He has something one cannot teach – size. When someone 240 hits you against the boards, you feel it, ask Raffi Torres.

    Need both Aves and Rupp in line-up. Mitchell is doing fine, even had some good hits last night as well. EC is a no brainer scratch.

  49. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Speaking of EC, anyone see his wife on the coat drive thing?? WOW!!

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Please do not bring Wolski back – he maybe a bigger waste than EC given his potential. If Rupp can play center it addresses a lot of issues. EC plays center, has a good shootout move, and can play PP (though not very well)

    Bottom 6 forwards assuming Feds up with top6
    Dubi-Rupp- prust (can flip rupp and dubi if needed though Dubi’s ES D has suffered as well IMO

  51. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I also think Rupp is a good fit on the PP, I’d put hags or feds on over dubi though

  52. It is just crazy..I watched the ManCity-Arsenal game now and last night the Rangers in Phoenix and for me as a german I always feel the americans are better and easier to understand as the english:)

  53. Stranger Nation on

    Like the idea of Hags playing with Gabby which would really stretch the ice for the D and create a lot of room for gabby.

    With wolski coming back way too many forwards on roster, not as many D – need a crease clearer as last three games have seen teams start jamming the crease with good effect.

  54. Carp, the first season after the lock out- The Devils won the division in one of their last games of the season. I want to say they tied that game with barely any time left on the clock. Lovely stretch there where the Rangers went on a losing streak and the Devils went on a winning streak.

  55. Very sad that the game had so many empty seats last night.
    Take away the thousands of Ranger fans & the place is empty.
    Very sad situation here in Phx for the Coyotes.

  56. Carp I was at a game in LA and the great one scored with less than a minute to tie it and Brian Mullen scored real late to win it. remember it? Maybe Nov’89

  57. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    McD might be a solid Norris Trophy winner, one or two of these years. In the next five years he and that monster Boston Bruin of the future, Dougie Hamilton, should be the league’s elite.

  58. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    This team plays better with Avery in the lineup, not because of Avery’s skills, but because of what Avery does for the other Ranger players skills – he adds leadership by example and they follow his example and revv up their game. Also, the fans respond to Avery, and the players respond to that. Avery ignites the fans, and the fans, in turn, ignite the team.

    Avery comes not just to play, Avery comes to beat you psychologically, as well as on the scoreboard. Avery has charisma and spunk. Avery does not have “charm” and does not think the NHL is a lite version of “Swan Lake” on ice. Sean Avery is a leader of men in the trenches.

    Wish the coach would warm up to all the intangibles Avery adds to this team, which, without him in the lineup they sorely miss. The game in Phoenix is a good example of how this team can lack focus, at times. This does not happen with Avery in the game. Who the hell is not focused when Sean Avery is on the ice? When the coach puts E.C. in there, in place of Avery, I have to wonder where the hell the coach’s focus is, because it is not about winning so much as earning “style points.”

    Sean Avery is as much about beating you, as he is about winning. Maybe some, starting with the coach, can’t appreciate the difference.

  59. “Avery comes not just to play, Avery comes to beat you psychologically, as well as on the scoreboard. Avery has charisma and spunk. Sean Avery is a leader of men in the trenches.”

    Wow, okay then.

    That’s either quite humorous or the Avery PR team has invaded RR.

    Or both.

  60. Erica Christensen on

    Hi guys,
    Just got back from an afternoon coffee date with Torts … he is such a dream boat!

  61. Intangibles? Like what Drury brought to the team?

    Despite the overblown drama that people make out the Torts-Avery relationship to be (as if this is the first time a coach ever didn’t like a player), lets keep in mind that Torts does what no other coach or GM has been willing to do the last 2 plus years and that’s letting Avery see the ice wearing an NHL uniform.

  62. i guess Torts didn’t want to put Erixon in the
    grit and ugliness of the next 3 games.
    wanted more of a tough veteran.

  63. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Great, Rod, sweetie, you don’t like my take, let’s have your “in depth” analysis of the Avery situation. Easy to hang on the sidelines and take cheap shots at those who put themselves out front with an opinion. You ever contribute anything besides venom and snide condescension?

  64. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    If Torts wants “toughness” what is E.C. doing out there instead of Avery? Torts doesn’t know what he wants beyond “control.”

  65. Promoting Bickel tells you some of what they think of their D depth down in Hartford.

    I thought Bickel had a terrific camp. If you remember, someone took a cheap hit,
    may have been Sauer, and Bickel didn’t hesitate to pummel whomever it was.
    (would’ve been nice to see a similar reaction against Phaneuff, which was a clean hit,
    but that’s another matter).
    As I remember it, Bickel made one bad play towards the end of preseason and got himself Torted, but I though he’d make the team before they went with Bell, then Woywitka.

    He’s probably the nastiest d-man we’ve got, at least untill McIlrath comes along.

    Boom Boom, you haven’t been paying attention. Not my problem.

    Your post & Avery love is LAUGHABLE.

  66. Torts should consider calling up Voros for this game. Remember, he’s tough [kind of] and had a two goal game against the Devils, once upon a time.

    Hell, he had a two goal game against the elite Red Wings back in 2008. This guy is the real deal!

  67. anyone have tickets they want to get rid of for games against the Islanders or Flyers ;)? going overseas for a few weeks a week from today and would love to give HBO a little bit of Lev for their camera time.

  68. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Still waiting for you to tell us how putting E.C. in there, and benching Avery helped this team, Roddie. Gave you the opportunity to do that, above, thought you would do better than just giving a token “cop out” response. Hey, don’t rack your brain cell too much, having one is better than having none.

  69. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    And I don’t “Love” Sean Avery. I am a New York Rangers fan who likes what Sean Avery brings to my hockey team of choice. And when it comes to “man-love” rhetoric so prevalent down there in the city, out here in the country where the air is clean and men are men we don’t use “pansy” references in our routine communications.

  70. It’s up to me to justify Tort’s decision to use EC? More laughter….

    I just finished saying EC is one of the most useless players ever,
    in this very thread this very day.

    The threads are right there for you to read, Boom Boom.
    I’ve expanded on everything lately.
    If you insist on saying stupid sh*t, I won’t be responding.

    Sounds like you live where they filmed Deliverance.

  71. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Boom Boom – I agree with you completely. The problem with the Avery haters, (b)oor as example, is that they see us as delusional Avery lovers and not ranger fans. If I had a nickel for every time (b)oor and his parrot phrase SQUAWK SQUAWK delusional Avery lovers… delusional Avery lovers SQUAWK Polly want a cracker SQUAWK – I could open a bank.

  72. Well, fans that think a 4th liner can magically turn into a goal scorer and completely change the way a team plays, while on the bench, are basically delusional. There really is no other word to describe those fans. Well, no other polite word.

    And when the majority of the posts are complaining aboot one 4th liner like that, I have a hard time believing you’re really fans of the Rangers.

  73. What changes if Avery is in the lineup? That’s my favorite question. We are 3 points out of FIRST PLACE in the division. Jesus, I can’t even remember the last time I could type that sentence. I might add that the first place team has lost their TWO best players. Best forward and best defender. Ouch!

    What happens if Avery is in the lineup? What is the flippin’ difference? Oh wait, everything is the same except Sean plays an overpaid 7 minutes a game! WOO HOO.

  74. Yea I have to second ORR and this time it’s not aboot iced cream. This team is TIED FOR THE LEAST AMOUNT OF LOSSES IN THE ENTIRE NHL. So…tell me again why it’s desperation time to add Sean Avery?

  75. Onto more important matters; I’m actually pretty psyched they recalled Bickel.

    The guy was playing a simple, solid, mistake-free game all through camp & Europe.
    And he’s rugged, something we’re not used to.

    The list of guys we’ve added in a pinch that have contributed is growing long,
    from Hagelin to Mitchell to Woywitka. Hopefully Bickel can do the same.
    Goes to show you never know how a season is gonna turn out.

    The record is surprising, as is losing half the frickin’ D corps. But we are where we are.

  76. Brady doing well is REALLY bad for my pre-wedding cash flow. I HAVE to make the finals in this fantasy league and Eli killed me but Reggis Bush saved me.

  77. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The point manny … Is maybe we would be in first. I think Dubi/rupp Avery PRUST is a line that should see more ice ….Jesus, why does that give you hives?

  78. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Manny – the same reason Warren buffet wants to keep making more money.. … You can always have more…. In the ranges’ case Pts.

  79. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    (b)oor – SQUAWK SQUAWK Polly wants ice cream SQUAWK …. Bitch about Avery SQUAWK SQUAWK

  80. Fantasy help, please!

    I had a 30 point lead before I lost basically my entire team to injury. It’s now 15 points. I don’t want to drop players like Giroux, Michalek, and Koivu (M.) because nobody is sure how long they’ll be out, and I don’t want other people picking them up. But I need some production!

  81. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Hey, thanks, Eddie.

    Here is what I will never understand. All of us here, with just a couple exceptions, are die-hard Ranger fans. Yet the dialogue always takes the form of hostility, as there are little camps and cliques, here. I mean, in war, in business, in religion, in family matters, in just about everything if life, those on the same side are loyal to the greater cause and make allowances for personal differences.

    But not in the blogger world. What the hell difference would it make if half the people coming here were “moles” or “trolls.” The in-camp hostilities here are of such import we might as well all be rooting for a different team with everyone we disagree with here. It stinks that fans of the New York Rangers act more like Democrats vs. Republicans, or blacks vs. whites in old South Africa, or labor leaders vs. corporate executives, etc., rather than a united front which would like to see the New York Rangers win another Stanley Cup.

    Yes, I take my shots at others here, and I don’t want to be a hypocrite, but I will say that when I do it is always in response to something initially insulting hurled at me – at my intelligence, my opinion, which is just that – opinion, etc. My expressed liking of and appreciation for Sean Avery is subject to ridicule from other Ranger fans? What the puck is that? I and some others here can’t like Sean without being “mugged” by several other Ranger fans who don’t happen to like what Sean brings to the table? Really?

    It’s sick, that’s what it is. When I was a horseplayer and used to talk horses for hours with other horse players, there were mountains of disagreement, but without the condescension and slurs you see so much of, here. As they say, “A difference of opinion is what makes horseracing.” But not here, where a difference of opinion is an opportunity for overgrown babies to lash out at strangers in protest, I suppose, over their misspent, and abused childhood.

    I really have to question the values and background of people whose greatest joy comes from knocking other people as lesser intelligent, and lesser knowledgeable than they are. How many truly unhappy people in their lives do we have here now, because I have lost count?

    For me, I am here to share my perspective, and I gratefully acknowledge that I learn much from others for their sharing their perspective. It is the ones here who are too proud to learn anything, that turn me off the most. “Knowing it all” is the best formula for screwing up your social opportunities and advantages. Your attitude is your life. Some don’t seem to have much in the way of social skills or a life to fall back on, when they are not posting here.

  82. Yea Lidstrom is SOLID. So I made the trade because I am sick of relying on Grabner to help me lose (by a small margin).

  83. Boom Boom,

    In one post you called me “sweetie”, said I “hang on the sidelines and take cheap shots” and that I never “contribute anything besides venom and snide condescension?”

    And I don’t even know you! I barely remember seeing you post here,
    and hadn’t said anything to you.

    Look in the mirror pal.

    Orr, that was funny line.

  84. Manny,

    You try really hard and fail. So I’m not going to listen to your advice. Thanks, though!

  85. any background on Bickel? Never seen him play.

    EC is till on the team? If $ is an issue why not send him down? He cannot play, hoping for a shootout is a weak strategy…

  86. Orr,
    sorry I did not get back to you. the trade offer went to my son, just told me about it. I see you have already made a trade with those same players, so I guess I do not need to respond.

  87. Rod,
    please do not get sucked in by some of these guys. stick to hockey posts, and ignore personal attacks.

  88. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Good point

    Vibin’ on the name changes!

    If Avery is benched again Tuesday, you should reme the blog “avery report” for the day!!

    In the preseason Bickel pummeled the flyer that boarded the bahama bomba! I have a link somewhere

  89. Bickel is yet to play his first NHL game. 25 yr old, undrafted. Physical Dman, can drop his gloves. 6-4, 215. Looked ok in preseason, I thought. Not the fastest skater, lost his position a few times in order to hit, but that’s a drawback of most of the physical Dmen. Went to defend Devaux after he was boarded against the Flyers and beat the snot out of Sestito. We need someone with some bark back there. He has to clear waivers because he is 25, but not reentry waivers since his AHL salary is below 105K

  90. Just from reading a few last posts, I don’t think I should go back and read all of them. It’s just too bad that we can’t avoid personal stuff. And it’s also too bad that we seem to have lost some sense of humor too..

  91. Who’s ibl? :-)

    Manny, I’d prefer to see Erixon. But their cap space isn’t enough for his salary. So getting a physical Dman might be the best option at the moment.

  92. Ilb – that’s my big question. Didn’t we JUST have Erixon up? How can we now not fit his salary!? Is that entirely Rupp? That makes sense I guess.

    We got Bickel from the Ducks so you know……..who knows.

  93. Wicky, are you watching St. Louis- BJ? Byers just had a scrap with Polack, was getting his butt kicked, then Polack fell and Byers started to throw punches while Polack was down. Until referee jumped and tackled him. I’m glad they traded that guy.

  94. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    that should be “rename” the blog Avery Report, not reme….sheesh

  95. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    no, “we” are watching phineas and ferb right now…..

    I am glad we traded him as well, and weise, that link I posted was right after weise had got pummeled in the game by a flyer. People gave voros crap for not being a good fighter, but those two were every bit as bad as voros and probably worse.

  96. Iginla would love NYC and NYC would love him. Can never have enough HOF wings on a team!

    Might come right down to the deadline…Rangers certainly have the assets…

  97. Ray Emery in net for the Hawks. All of a sudden he’s the starting goalie, and he’s playing great. Not too long ago, he gave up seven goals against the Oilers. Crazy!

    I’m glad Byers isn’t on the team. I remember when fans used to think Byers and Dupont were “the future”. LOL!

    Weise wishes he was as good as Voros, Wick!

  98. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    you mean how long until he is traded to the rangers?

    and it is a kids show (obviously), and we would love the slingbox connection ;)

    IKR, LOL!!!

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