It’s Go Time!


Game 30.

Second of three in a row on the road. Ya boys having lost two in a row and four of the last six (one of those in a breakaway contest they held after the hockey game ended).

Big emotional reunion for the Rangers and Michal Rozsival, Derek Morris, Lauri Korpikoski and Jason LaBarbera. Seriously, though, would you rather have Rozsival than Wojtek Wolski? I would.

Mike Rupp returns to the lineup tonight, but John Tortorella wouldn’t say who comes out, and said there was a reason for that, but that he wouldn’t say what it was. Interesting.

But we know Sean Avery is going to be prucha’d again.

And that Martin Biron starts in goal.


UPDATE: Apparently Artem Anisimov is ill and will not play tonight.

Also, be ready to be bombarded by these anti-Time Warner Cable ads tonight.

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  1. Well, Torts is a Bostonian (as is Sully). So, that’s probably the reason for the anti-Flames officiating. But I wasn’t aiming to convey that, because I have no stake against the Lightning, Flames or Torts.

    Like I said, we’ll see in the next couple years how effective Torts is as the coach of the Rangers. He has certainly progressed the team from what it was, but more progression is needed going forward. Mediocrity cannot be tolerated.

  2. “He has certainly progressed the team from what it was, but more progression is needed going forward.”

    These coaches who fail to achieve progress in a period of time that hasn’t happened yet really annoy me too.

  3. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Yotes goalie Mike Smith moves the biscuit very well.

    The Rangers will have to dump the puck intelligently and be extra quick on the forecheck. Cally and Hagelin will be vital. Rupp will be late. EC will be soft.

  4. “These coaches who fail to achieve progress in a period of time that hasn’t happened yet really annoy me too.”

    Okay. So you’re going to make stuff up? Torts doesn’t annoy me. I like what I’ve seen from him. I need to see more from him and this team in the next couple years before I declare him a great coach or the savior of the Rangers.

  5. bless my soul..Hopefully i will not be kicked out again like it happened to nights ago…….

    I wouldn´t deserve it anyway because its hard to wait until 2 in the morning that the game starts ;)


    Fitzpatrick had been accused of sexually abusing children earlier. In 2002, he pleaded guilty in Florida to attempted sexual battery on a child under 12.

    He said he remembers some of the Red Sox players joking sarcastically about Fitzpatrick.

    “They would say, `Did Fitzy touch your arm or did he touch your leg?’ and then laugh

    I cant believe boston athletes promote child sex abuse :(

  7. I watched the Real game earlier the night 6-2 with three goals by Cristiano Ronaldo away to Seville

    Why no Gabby Hattrick in a 6-2 win at Phoenix ?:)

  8. Orr- It sounds like your not alone in your opinion on Dubi, and about a week ago I thought maybe. At this point, coming off a strong game, on the road with a little less pressure I’d just stick it out. Also with the stretch of games coming up that are more rivalry type, I think that could help him.

    LW- I’m returning your google translation idea I borrowed thx

  9. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tonight i will be on the avery bandwagon, i think he should have gotten a sweater and not EC.

  10. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    that makes me sound like a Childrens Protective Services. We need to keep the child abuse banter off the blog, it’s not appropriate

  11. Carp, funny storry regarding Turris. I took that sports management world wide course online a few years back. Every was talking about how Turris was a sure thing NHLer who would make an immediate impact. I stood out as the one guy who said Ryan Callahan would make more of an impression on the NHL over the next 5 years…

  12. HockeymanRangers on

    Yup Ave’s is scratched, I was hoping he would play tonight . Maybe I wouldn’t fall asleep watching tonight.

  13. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    This may sound intensely shallow, but rock stars and athletes, no matter how, uh, homely they may look, almost always have incredibly pretty wives/ girlfriends.

  14. I’m gonna be honest here. I wouldn’t mind Rozy right now. Sure he’s not great, but a steady veteran d-man would be a godsend for this team right now.

  15. LMAO! Don Cherry was jut saying how much he likes Richards. They showed a highlight and put a red heart around B-Rich!

  16. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    LMAO TIKI, i should go find him one!!

    ORR, good thing moms have the dominant genes in a lot of those cases lol!

  17. I thought the beat guys had it wrong. They tweeted Dubinsky-Richards-Gaborik. Let’s see if they were wrong about the d-pairs, too, because they had eminger-del zotto being separated.

  18. Hagelin creates so much havoc with his speed. I saw it firsthand the other night. Was really impressed with him.

  19. N.CountryNYRFan on

    BOOOOO Time Warner Cable…I will be pissed if they drop MSG, we just switched from Directv to TWC like 2 months ago…

  20. Unfortunately no, Carp, but I did find HGTV, which lulled me into a nice nap. I took some Tylenol and I feel okay for now. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a real byfuglien in the morning.

  21. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    hopefully the boys get a W tonight!

    wow they Yotes just don’t like shots huh?

  22. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    last night on my way home from work i saw a license play that said CCPIII
    guess who i thought of lol

  23. Smith wasnt a Ranger killer when Drury scored a hat trick and Rangers won big against him twice in games I went to…..there was also a 8 to 2 beatdown if I remember correctly….and, yes, I was at a game where Drury had a hat trick for us and I threw a hat

  24. So Torts is excited to have Rupp because of his impact being around the team. Hmmm, not because of any talent on the ice that he has. Interesting.

  25. Dubinsky sure has earned all that extra ice time he’s going to get

    Do these MSG shills even listen to what they’re saying

  26. >>Sick pass by MDZ!

    He did that a lot in his rookie season. He and Gaborik had great chemistry then.

  27. Werent those the type of break out passes Sather said this team didn’t have and that Redden was the best in the NHL at when he put out the statement about signing Redden?

  28. N.CountryNYRFan on

    nice to see MDZ prove me wrong, i honestly sought he was gonna be a major bust after last year

  29. Carp, you’re past is highly predictive of your future. I dont think you’re ever gettin’ there. Mediocrity, that is :)

  30. Take a moment and imagine where this team would be without the major strides forward MDZ has taken. Without the maturation of McD.


    Yeah, as much as they may make mistakes, I’m sure glad we have them.

  31. Carp I thought you were being sarcastic when you asked that question about Rozsival…then I remembered where we traded him….ughh bad memories..

    ps- the zebra striped like calling penalties on Doan almost as much as they like calling them on Aves..almost..

  32. The Coyotes have a D man named Plunko??


    I wonder if his favorite Price is Right game is Plinko…

  33. Probably, LW. There’s only so much of Carp’s unprofessionalism Im willing to put myself through.

    But he no longer has the threat of ban over my head, unless he’s willing to ban Blogmama’s IP too. :)

  34. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    come on guys! stop the bickering please!! don’t get me riled up before my surgery..

    yes i’m playing the sympathy card lol

  35. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Korpi keeps lighting it up, seven goals so far, he is going to far outproduce many Rangers forwards in that department and we (well, you all, not me) won’t be able to dump on him like he is a Jessiman-lite human dumpster, or something. I would really like to have Korpi back in Ranger red, white and blue.

  36. rangers continuing to dump and chase on the PP even against goalies like Smith and Price.


  37. You just *knew* that Korpedo was gonna score tonight…Rozi, too!?

    Another end of period burn-job…..this is becoming a v ery bad habit….

  38. Carp, you have to understand. Christensen is going through a process. and he’s not quite there yet. but he’ll get there. I mean, it’s not like there are better players on this roster than Eric Christensen

  39. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Christensens potential will remain untapped, yet he will continue getting ice time

  40. I’m not saying Avery should play but EC is a total waste of a roster spot. This guy brings nothing to the table. Sather needs to make some trades and get rid of some of the dead wood on this team or the rangers will be out of a playoff spot by the end of the month.

  41. So the “Let’s get it on” Knicks commercial suggests that all Knicks fans have been holding “that” feeling back and as soon as the new season starts they will all jeez all over themselves? Ok…got it!

  42. Tons of PP chances, only convert on one, and get burned in the last 10 seconds of a period with a shortie goal…..this is not a good start to the qame…….

  43. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Can we just trade Dubinsky for Korpi straight-up, now. Phoenix will take that deal, you know.

  44. the biggest problem with Tortorella has always been he overcoaches. He’s always looking to re-invent the wheel. Although to be fair, the only reason EC is playing is b/c Anisimov is sick and does not wish to put Stepan or Dubinsky back in the middle.

    I do think though Avery will eventually replace Mitchell in the lineup for divisional games…

  45. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    The Rangers PP unit can not rest on its laurels with just one goal scored against these sieves on PK for Phoenix, can they? Not after giving it back. They will beat us on the night, 5-on-5, if we let them hang around long enough.

  46. I’m just waiting for Mitchell to give Torts an indication that Mitchell belongs and deserves to stay in the minors. And he’ll probably only get one chance.

  47. I’m rollin’ with my homies, goin’ to buy some presents.

    MSG still hasn’t mentioned that it was Christensen who lost the draw clean, have they? just like they didn’t mention his turnover earlier that forced the Rangers to play in their own zone early in the period.

    LOL, Mannequin. I forgot that one.

  48. czechthemout!!!! on

    How many more times must EC prove that he has no buisness on this team before Torts gets rid of him?

    Why does he get powerplay time ahead of Hagelin who has been the best forwrad tonight?

  49. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    nice to see gamecenter crapping the bed again tonight………or it’s fudging comcast.. bastards!

  50. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    I am looking for a Dubinsky chapeau-trick = three goals coming two months apart from eachother.

  51. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    “Just take those old records off the shelf, I sit and listen to them by myself….”

  52. They can’t, Carp. Competing cable companies. Even though I suspect they have other agreements regarding shared sales inventory on air.

  53. Contract is most likely up on 1/1. Cablevision wants more money from TWC, I would think. And TWC is balking at the price.

  54. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Coyotes didn’t get the memo that this is Torts’ tougher lineup with more presence.

  55. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    guys named Jacques and Claude losing coaching jobs? What IS the world coming to

  56. If the Rangers were the only team in the NHL awarded PP’s they still wouldn’t rank 1st in the league.

  57. ahh Lin, how’d good ol’ Jack? havent seen him much lately :(. although he might get a visit after tonight’s game…

  58. I’m really starting to wonder what the hell Tortorella’s loyalty to Christensen is all about. Why is his spot on the PP automatic when he’s in the line up? Because of a bad angle goal he scored on a wrister against Washinton last season?

  59. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i had 3 visits with our friend Jack, he says hello and that he misses you lol

    James, that’s as good a reason as any, isnt it

  60. I certainly hope you’re correct ilb. I mean it’s one thing to try to let a guy break out or to allow him to find some sort of untapped potential but not at the cost of the team or it’s success. And damn I am glad we have Biron on this team..

  61. Can we go to archives and pull up the 2,374 posts about how Del Zotto isnt going to/shouldn’t make this team because his rookie year was a fluke and he’s got nothing to offer us?

  62. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Girardi better give his son growth hormones, we need him on the blue line to spell his dad lol

  63. Well, if Eminger is going to miss time I think they are going to have to make some kind of trade. They obviously don’t feel that Erixon or anyone else for that matter is NHL ready so how are they going to throw him onto this roster with the guys we currently have playing and expect not to pay the price?

  64. Crap! Pressed submit by mistake!

    I was trying to say was that MalKING is a beast! 5 poinst! I am ripping NYR_FAN apart in my fantasy league!

  65. Torts with words for one of his faves, Fedotenko — who took the penalty, came out of the box, and didn’t pick up his man.

  66. I posted last week that the only concern I had with this team was the injuries because it has happen the past few years. They start off strong and than the injuries mount and the fall apart and play mediocre hockey for several months and than play all out in march to fight for the eighth spot. The devils won again and will be blowing by the rangers in a few weeks. It’s the same old story with this team. I’m so sick of this garbage.

  67. shrewd penaly by 2 goal fedetenko. i especially like the interference penalties for absolutely no reason in front of the other teams goal when we have the puck.

    nice job ruslan.

    a few more kudos. to ec, nice job winning that faceoff to allow korpikoski to score in the first.

    why is he on the team?????????????when does the noose on him tighten???lucky we traded korpikoski for wolski. that has paid off big time. wolski not a good 2 way play but an offensive tease versus korpikoski not a great player but a guy that does everything failty well.

    can richards win a faceoff or hit the net on a shot????just asking.. again the 5 on 3 PP fails, they did not get a shot, they passed for 40 seconds trying to set up for a great shot, exactly what you should not do but hey why change 5 on 3 has worked out great for us this year so far…………..

  68. Waiting for Wolski’s return date is like waiting for a dentist appointment when you know 100% you have a bad cavity.

  69. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Damn. Doan reminds me of Graves.

    Plays angry. Doesn’t mind taking a strategic penalty or two (he’s targeted Cally tonight). Goes to the net hard. Produces.

  70. wolski and ec are wastes. EC has not shown any reason over the last 4 games to be in the lineup. I am not even a Avery groupie but be real………..

  71. I have a feeling that Bill Pidto might be the reason why Time Warner doesn’t want to renew its MSG contract.

  72. Torts should be having few words with his PP guys who can’t master a shot on a freaking PP instead of ripping one of the hardest working guys on the team like Fedo

  73. Where is Avery, dammit?? He’d have 6 goals by now and would have stopped both Coyotes goals! Torts is sooooooooooooooooooooo mean to him!

  74. lisin another tease. high end skill low end brain..

    yep korpedo for Lisin worked out as well as zherdev for tyutin, the search for high end offensive talent……

  75. czechthemout!!!! on

    Rangers with an emabarasing number of shots after having 5 pp in two periods.

    And of course the Rangers are back in their slumnber of the last two games.

    EC continues to get pp time while Hagelin sits. Even Miitchell and Rupp have had PP time.

    looks like we maybe on our way to a third straight loss.

    What the hell is in Dubi’s head cause it certainly isn’t hockey! As much as it pains me to say it, he has been brutal!

  76. Yup, he’s a good guy like Graves, too. Big charity guy. Tough as all hell, skilled, captain written all over him.

    Good thing they banned fighting before that Bruins-Flyers game.

  77. all the fedetenko love. seriously his penalty was more then stupid….

    fedetenko has 2 goals….he plays top 3 minutes so love him all you want he is a avg player.,……

  78. Enver Lisin was kind of a waste but its not like Korpikoski would have a significant role on our team anyway.

  79. LOLOL did you hear Pidto just say “(whatever Montreals new coach’s name is) is out..Martin is in” how embarrassing for MSG….

  80. Enver Lisin. I think I blocked that entire season from my memory. The team that had Zherdev, Naslund, Lisin, Redden, Rozsival…Can’t remember a single game. I remember there was a shootout in the spring…Joikinen missed a shootout goal…and then a train went through a tunnel everything went black and when I woke up it was November of 2010…

  81. Is it just me , or do the Rangers never get quick whistles? Guaranteed, same thing on Coyotes side, whistle woulda blew and goal would not have counted….countless times its happened and its more than just a coincidence……byufglien bullcooke

  82. Serious question time, why did it take so long for the Kings to hire Sutter? That’s wrong and stupid and shows a lot of ineptness on the part of their front office.

  83. czechthemout!!!! on

    I am sorrry Carp, but Rupp just sucks! end of story. I know you seem to like him but there is nothing there. He cant even win a fight and he is like 6’6.

  84. Thanks for the reminder Carp. I think I’m going to pick up a pizza on the way home from work now.

  85. And, how do four people (thats 8 eyeballs, duh) not see feds get highsticked and cut when the PUCK WAS THERE!!!! WTB is their excuse for that? Wow….

  86. Lisin was on the 09-10 team (Gabby and DZ’s first year). Zherdev and Naslund were on the 08-09 team (Renney fired year).

  87. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Will Torts shorten the bench now? Shuffle the lines? Scream for jam and presence?

    HBO will need the lens wipes tonight.

  88. It’s tough being a ranger fan. When you have a fat head owner and a clueless GM. All I can say is it’s the same old garbage. Fast start, they make you think there better than you thought but in reality there not.

  89. Yup, the 4th line winger that gets 7-9 minutes a game is the reason the Rangers win or lose.

  90. This one is on the PP and their top end guys. I don’t care who is on the 4th line when they are getting nothing from the guys getting paid to score. While everyone focuses on the 4th line, I’m more concerned with the top of the lineup. If Dubi is going to play this whole season in this slump, they must get some veteran scoring. Bring back Prospal. He’s cheap and won’t cost much to trade for.

  91. >>LOLOL did you hear Pidto just say…

    I hit the Mute button as soon as he’s about to start yapping. The guy’s voice and style are too annoying.

  92. Gaborik has 2 more goals than assists. He must be a selfish player. I’d trade him for a second rounder.

  93. I’m not expecting Dubi or Boyle to be 30 goal guys but if they scored 10 each and they were timely I could stomach it. They aren’t even doing that for them right now.

  94. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    This is disgusting! They have a PP goal and a PK/SH goal against us and they DON’T HAVE a Power Play or a PK unit worth a tin can in a gold mine. Honest to God, what is WRONG with this Ranger team???

  95. Good observation, Carp. This could be it for him. Unless they get to “play” your favorite part of hockey, of course

  96. Prust, completely gassed on long shift, still goes down to block that shot.

    I think the dyed-in-the-wool lifelong hockey fans in Glendale would love to see a breakaway contest after the hockey game ends.

  97. Thanks, Carp for baby Vibz bday wishes…i agree with whoever said, if we lose, which we wont, its on the PP…..all the momentum and carried play in 1st period, 4 PPs only 1 goal…..5 on 3 again atrocious, no shot in 40 seconds…..we coulda put the game away in the first…….we’ll still pull it out, I HAVE FAITH!! LET’S GO RANGERS!!! BTW, GOT MY WINTER CLASSIC CALLAHAN JERSEY, ABSOLUTELY LOVIN IT!!!!

  98. >>Did I miss the MSG Crosby update?

    Did anyone else catch the Crosby Update in the first episode of 24-7?

  99. We laughed at that made-up Dubinsky for 39 year old Ray Whitney trade at the time, but who knew Dubinsky would be the one to retire first?

  100. guys i dont think this is going to count. that clocked I don’t think is accurate because it stalled for a while at .02 seconds

  101. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Man I’m bummed we don’t get to see EC do his thing in the skills competition, the best part of the game. ;)

  103. Carp, you’ve seen lots of hockey as have most of us. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that. I’d have to think about it during next two off days. The only thing coming to mind is when Esa hit the camera in the net and no one knew it went in. I think was the 97playoffs?

  104. I remember a game in ’93-94, I think in L.A., where Tony Amonte got one of those with .1 left. I think it tied the game and the Rangers won in OT. If I’m not mistaken.

  105. you play to the end

    second time this year rangers win with a buzzer beater

    mcd in calgary on the early-season west coast trip

    the sky isn’t falling

  106. hahaha if that didnt finish didnt make you smile i dont know what will. guess Jack will have to wait, Lin.

  107. i”ll take it.. They all count the same. Did EC see the ice in the 3rd. His days have to be near the ned. Stralman definitely passed Woywitka in the rotation.

  108. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    50-50 result, for me. Good teams win when they are not at their best, so extra credit for the win, under pressure, in regulation.

    BUT, they should have won 3 or 4-0, Phoenix never should have scored on its PP and on its PK on the same night. Pickings will not always be this soft, lots of room, and need, for improvement.

  109. Carp I know the game you’re talking about. It was in LA. Messier put it past Hrudey with a tenth of a second left. (btw disregard my question about Richards from 45 mins ago lol)

    Ugly or not. When a team struggles they need their star players to step up and get them the two points and that’s what happened tonight. put two points in the bank skip the pats on the back and go regroup

  110. Boom Boom – This is the NHL. All the 2 points count the same, especially on the road. You take it, run into the lockerroom change and hit the charter before they take it back.

  111. killed in the faceoff circle. 40 to 19, ouch.

    woywitka 6 minutes and same for EC…………

    put avery back in the lineup and take out EC, for AA I am not sure who to sit maybe Mitchell!!!

  112. Some credit to Dubinsky on that goal. He was gassed after his PP shift but managed to keep the puck alive in the Coyotes zone after the penalty expired while others changed. Ended up being on the ice for the last 1:56 of the game.

  113. How many crucial goals has Richards scored for us so far? I think he already did more for this team than Gomez did during his long, painful tenure in Manhattan.

  114. Yeah ok, Dubi was slacking out of the zone and hanging at the Blue line. He should have changed 30 seconds before that.

  115. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Biron solid again.

    Hagelin looked very good and deserves a little more of that PP time that was wasted on the 4th liners.

    EC must be put away.

  116. Boom Boom, they should’ve won decisively, yes. Bit they didn’t play against the AHL team. Coyotes played well, actually. Physical, and kept the pressure on our D knowing it was only 5 of them. They deserve the credit.

  117. Don’t look now, but Biron is 6-1 on the season. This team really seems to turn their funks around when he gets back in the net.

  118. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Dubi needs to sit next game, did any of you notice at around 20-25 seconds left in the game the puck was near Dubi in the offensive zone and Dubi all but stopped playing and just started looking up at the clock, WTB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was going to post this right after it happened but then B.Rich scored the winner!

  119. Pretty nice way to pull victory from the jaws of——well, we’re not sure, but I’m happy with the outcome!

  120. And Girardi had shifts of 2:15 and 3:48 earlier in the game (presumably around a whistle or two, or TV timeout).

    MDZ played 2:50 of the same shift at the end of the game, but none of the other D-men appeared to share the long shifts in full earlier in the game, so Girardi was basically doing back to back double shifts a couple of times?

  121. N.CountryNYRFan on

    he’s always strong along the boards, but the problem is he only plays along the boards, i don’t think ever plays in any scoring area.

  122. OK, I was off a little bit. In that 1993-94 game, Kelly Hrudey stopped Tony Amonte on a penalty shot !!!!! with 10.7 seconds left in overtime. And Messier won it with under 2 seconds left in OT!

    But I think I remember a Rangers game ending like that. And I am sure in recent history the Devils had a game like that.

  123. Dubi looked up as the Yotes cleared the puck down ice and he was on the far boards and couldn’t change as Biron came way out to clear the puck up ice. He then drove the puck to the net and spun a shot that kept it in deep. Bash the guy all you want for his miserable season but he was instrumental in that goal.

  124. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Dubi was looking up before the puck was cleared it was sitting right behind him then the Yotes player swooped in and cleared the puck. Still think Dubi needs to watch a game upstairs with EC.

    I will say Dubi has been good on the PK and at killing time along the boards in the offensive zone.

  125. I’d like to veto the “New NHL” jersey retirements. Niedermayer gets his brought to the rafters. Great player for the franchise but the modern day standards are weaker than they once were. Who’s next? Driver? Danyeko? Randy McKay? The Rangers should get to work on Beuk and Kovalev. Isles need to get Ziggy Palffy and Tommy Salo up there too!

  126. erixon will be up for the next game emminger in asling. he is not playing in 72 hours. I guess he has a seperated shoulder.

    so they have mdz and stralman on the 2nd pair, girardi and mcdonagh on 1st and woywitka and erixon on 3rd pair.

    no news at all on sauer he is going to be out for quite a while. staal had a very good week, maybe he is 3 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. LW- yes, and Woywitka only played 6 min.. I’m sure it will mentioned tomorrow by a few in the context of how shortsighted Torts is as a coach….

  128. I think that’s a pretty ridiculous and hypocritical thing to say about the retirement of Niedermayer’s number, James.

  129. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i had the same reaction Lev. I was like WTB is Dubi doing and then I started typing and B.Rich had won it. But still i had to see if anyone noticed that crap.

  130. czechthemout!!!! December 17th, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Rangers with an emabarasing number of shots after having 5 pp in two periods.
    And of course the Rangers are back in their slumnber of the last two games.
    EC continues to get pp time while Hagelin sits. Even Miitchell and Rupp have had PP time.
    ~~> *looks like we maybe on our way to a third straight loss* <~~

  131. ps love that Chara beat up Shelley tonight and used his patented ‘grab the jersey and jab’ move on him.

  132. >>>getting pretty thin on defense again, Girardi is a beast, but how much can he take.

    Erixon coming back from Hartford, probably….?

  133. This Eminger injury hurts. They are already thin on D w/o Staal and Sauer. They’ve now lost 3 of their original top 6. Asking a lot out of Woywitka, Stralman and Erixon. Del Zotto will be getting even more pressure put on him. They can’t possible play G and McD anymore.

  134. Czechthemout!!! on

    Earth to mOrron! Do you know how to read.? Or do you not know what the word maybe means?

    They will win a lot of games if they play as ” well ” as they played tonight.

  135. I got a good one to throw out there. Beauchemin in Anaheim is UFA w/ a 3.8 cap hit this year. WW is ironically a 3.8 cap hit this year. Umm…

  136. Soon enough, there’ll be so many hockey numbers retired, teams will start including letters on the sweaters. How do 11A or 2B look? I think the Canadiens are near that point already. I’m glad we don’t have such craziness in The Beautiful Game. Not even Pele or Beckenbauer got their number retired.

  137. I don’t think we mention enough how good MSG’s cameras are set up during the game. I’m watching Edmonton- SJ and their cameras set up reminds me that I’m afraid of heights…

  138. By the way, tonight is again proof of the over rating of talk about 4th line players. You win when your top players are your top players. Gabby 2 goals. BRich with another clutch goal. And again, the defensive effort was there. They consistently give themselves a chance because they don’t give up many goals each night. Look around the League tonight at some of the atrocious goaltending and defensive work. It’s a real rarity when it happens to us.

  139. This one is for BBB…. This is why you never complain about road wins. They all count as 2 pts. in the standings..

    NYDNRangers Pat Leonard
    John Tortorella admits the Rangers are/appear a little tired, but are fortunate to come out with the W going back to NYC

  140. HW, are you suggesting that Anaheim might want to make that deal? I would seriously doubt it, without a few “sweeteners” thrown in on the deal for them….

  141. And unlike teams like MTL who have had constant injuries on defense, as we have, the team keeps playing team defense. That’s a good sign for the Coach. Sorry guys! But that’s just a fact.

  142. stranger nation on

    Rupp did fine – played physical – finished his checks. Not the most fluid skater, but he is there to pound the body not figure skate.

    If refs do not call all of the interference, this will be a much tougher slog going forward.

    Hags played great, but seemed to slow (wear) down as the game went on.

  143. Jimbo – You’d have to add like a 3rd rounder but they are selling low there. He’s not resigning there. They are going nowhere fast. Why keep him?

  144. Rhode Island Ranger on


    EC was sure a factor tonight. Got the coach’s attention. We’ll see what accountability looks like come Tuesday.

    Agree about Brad Richards’ clutchness, of course. And Yandle’s!

  145. Czechthemout!!! on


    I never want them to lose! Ever! I would be thrilled if they would win and Avery never played another game for us. My beef is more as to why EC plays over him when he clearly is the worse option.

  146. For all the complaining about our team. How’d you like to be the Caps who can not do anything right. Lose again tonight 2-1. Only won 4 in their last 10. Or maybe MTL where the GM doesn’t get fired but coaches do when the roster is horrific of overpaid washed up names. Or Buffalo, where Ryan Miller has forgotten how to stop the puck. Blown out tonight, did win friday but gave up 4 more there. Or Toronto, who hasn’t made playoffs in forever, blowing all their early season points they gained with the worst PK i’ve ever seen.

    Yet Ranger fans complain about this team! Find it comical.

  147. whoever said Niedermeyer doesn’t deserve to have his number retired is absolutely nuts. He played over a decade at a borderline HOF level and won 3 cups with them.

  148. RIR – He’ll probably put Avery back in but who cares! Again, the obsession over the 4th line. It’s not even remotely the reason they win or lose. They win when their stars play well. They win because they play some of the best team defense in the NHL. They win because when they need to give a breather to their number 1 goalie, their backup is better than a lot of teams numbers 1. (TB, NYI, OTT for starters) That’s why they win. The team doesn’t care if it’s Avery or EC because they win and lose as a TEAM!. My god they lose 3 of their top 6 d and are still the 3rd best defensive team in League. Not easy to do.

  149. Czech, then why are your posts, more often than not, whining aboot the team. You’re always whining. Wah, wah, wah! Avery this, EC that, Torts did this, he’s not doing that, wah, wah, wah.

    When do you ever root for the team? In fact, your first post came +after+ the Yotes scored.

    I bet you couldn’t wait for them to score that 3rd goal, huh? Richards ruined it for you! Haha!

  150. Niedermayer? We are questioning a guy who has won the double triple crown (Gold medal, WJHC Gold, World Cup Gold, World Championships. Memorial Cup). He’s a first ballot don’t even bother thinking about it Hall of Famer.

  151. I would take Beauchemin in a minute for Wolski – if all it would take is a 3rd round pick to sweeten the deal, I’d do it! He’s got a lot of upside!

  152. HWirth-if AA is healthy, he will be in, not Avery. He was missed today in the offensive zone especially.

  153. Orr… Forget it. Wasting your time. Just read my past post about the teams that have actual problems and realize that the whining because of a 4th liner proves it all. Kinda hard to tell me they are true Rangers fans. You root for the team not the individuals.

  154. ilb – True, you are right. I forgot AA was out with the flu. He comes in for EC. Maybe Avery for Mitchell? But I doubt it.

  155. I’m pretty annoyed that the Debbies are winning consistently again….and the Fishsticks are improving, too…there’s enough competition in this division already.

    C’mon, fellas – let’s not ruin a good-win-feeling with cheap shots at each other…

  156. I gotta give you credit Jimbo. You are always positive about the team. We disagreed over the AA thing, which is fine. Got no problem with that. But, you are always positive about the team. Good for you on that.

  157. Mitchell’s going down eventually. He’s been solid, but I don’t see him sticking around for good. Hagelin, on the other hand, could very well remain with the team. We’ll see.

    Obviously Wolski is another guy. With the way things are going, when someone gets back, we’ll just lose another guy to injury.

  158. stranger nation on

    when AA comes back, EC needs to sit in the upcoming division games

    Strahlman needs to make better decisions in D zone – very good at handling puck though on rush

  159. Was anyone else surprised that the Habs dumped Jacques Martin at this particular time? And replaced him with a no-french-spoken-here Randy Cunneyworth?

    Until tonight, I thought the Habs were playing better lately…..

  160. Jimbo, it’s a shame we’re going against them when they got their game together. Kovalchuckles is playing better, Parise is playing his best hockey, and that Henrique kid is looking good to.

    Elias normally owns Hank, so he’s always someone to worry aboot.

    Tough game, for sure!

  161. Orr – That’s the exact reason why I never say “just get rid of him” You need all the depth you can get. EC might not be deserving to play right now but they have been extremely lucky (knock on wood) up front with the injury bug. There is a chance he might be needed at some pt.

  162. Jimbo – MTL been bad for a while. 3 wins in the last 10. They have one of the Worst PP’s in League (even worse than ours which is hard to do). But their roster is their bigger issue.

  163. Thanks, HW – I love the Rangers – I have for over 40 years now – that’s a lot of different bodies in those uniforms, and as long as you’re playing on my team, I want to support you.

    I certainly don’t always *feel* positive about the team and some individual players, but I want my team to WIN, and anyone who can help them to succeed at that goal I support….

  164. HW, I guess I was mistaken about the Habs – and it is SO unusual for a Canadiens team to have a crappy PP – they *always* have had a good PP unit, no matter how the rest of the team has fared.

    But Martin didn’t put this team together – you can’t get blood from a stone!

  165. ilb- While the fringe will worry abt. what the 4th line will look like, I’ll be more concerned about asking 1 guy that was cut (woywitka), one guy no one wanted (strahlman) a kid on a huge bounce back year (MDZ) and a rookie (Erixon) to take over this defense. Its one thing to be the 5-6 guys and another to be the 3-6 guys.

  166. ORR – Definitely going to be a tough game in Newark – but I’d love to have it be us who stops their winning streak, though – and brings them back down to earth – by making Maaaaaaaaaarty look like his age and weight in goal…

  167. Czechthemout!!! on


    I posted after the first and second period. It just so happens that the yotes scored late in both those periods. If I were you, I wouldn’t talk about whining. You have been whining about Dubi for the last three years. Why don’t you crawl back to your moms basement and have bowl of ice cream.

  168. Now Emmy’s gone for how many weeks?? Jeez, can we recruit Leetch and Patrick out of retirement?? Hell, I’d even take Bruce Driver at this point, just so we don’t kill Girardi and McD by New Year’s.

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