Rangers-Blues in review



1) The Rangers don’t usually get out hit and outmuscled, but they sure did in the first period and they definitely did on the first goal … even if there was an illegal pick there. I thought they lost about four physical battles on that shift.

2) And from there, the beat went on. The Blues won a huge majority of the battles all night long. And, yes Ryan Callahan, that’s why they didn’t create offense or draw penalties.

3) Quite a combo by coach Hitchcock: Pressure the puck in the offensive zone, then drop into the dreaded trap, then pressure in the defensive zone. That’s the gameplan for a lot of teams but Hitch’s team sure executes it. (um, didn’t he practically beg to be hired by the Rangers once upon a time?).

4) To combat that, you can’t carry the puck through the neutral zone, and you surely can’t turn it over at either blue line. How many times did Artem Anisimov commit turnovers or fail to clear the puck — one of which led to the fluky third goal? And Derek Stepan failed to clear a couple of times, too. Can’t do that against a team like the Blues. Same as against the old Devils.

5) Rough game for Stepan all around. Outmuscled by Steen on the fluke goal.

6) David Backes=Blue Beast.

7) Now, onto the daily (hourly?) Sean Avery argument. I’d guess that Mike Rupp’s imminent return won’t be helping Avery get back into the lineup. And I’ve argued the other way at times, that one fourth-liner for another doesn’t make a big difference. Well, if that one player gives you a snarly line as opposed to a cushiony soft one asgainst a very physical team, then it could make a difference. And I guess what I’m saying is, wither it’s Rupp or Avery going in, I’d end this Erik Christensen experiment now. The way the Rangers play, they can’t have a soft fourth line.

8) And given the way this game went, and with the Devils on the sked Tuesday, I’d think about finding a way for Avery and Rupp to both play (maybe Brandon Dubinsky is due for a seat?).

9) Brad Richards sure misses the net in can’t-miss situations sometimes, doesn’t he? And Dubinsky should never miss the net at this point.

10) Man, if you’re human, it’s got to make you smile to see JD.

11) Hey, Knicks training camp on TV today!

12) Maybe the Garden of Dreams telethon could have raised even more money if Bill Pidto hadn’t scared away  bidders when he told them to buy tickets for $100 to win a chance to purchase prizes. More than once.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Michael Del Zotto.
2) Carl Hagelin.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.


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  1. First?!?! Night shift prevails again! I don’t post much but I appreciated Feds getting a star today. I think it was mentioned a few games ago but in my mind that guy is a true grinder. Every shift is a 110% I would be curious to see a stat on how many penalties that man has drawn. He is almost always outworking the other team on the ice but doesn’t get a lot of credit. One of my favorite Rangers to watch.

    That’s it for me. See you in another two weeks!

  2. Secondo!

    Man am I glad I didn’t stay up all night watching that. Had a feeling, always have that feeling when EC is in and after watching that soft Dall-ass game it takes something remarkable for a team to switch on again, especially when you’re going on a trip….

  3. Do you want to solve the issue of concussions in tge league? Have Ken Hitchcock coach every team. The game he preaches to be played has no flow. His guys execute grabbing and pick plays to a perfection. His team renders any speed of the opposition useless.
    That said, the Rangers were not ready for that type of a game. They looked lost and discombobulated. Torts didn’t seem to have any solution. There is a reason there were no penalties against. The Rangers didn’t have enough puck possession, and they were not physical enough. They needed more snarl last night.

    Good review, Carp.
    Good morning, boneheads!

  4. Christensen, and Mitchell out. Avery and Rupp in. put together a true 4th line. Avery, Rupp, and Prust. I have never understood why Christensen gets a sweater. Mitchell is no longer effective.

  5. Agree, bull dog. In fact, I think having Avery last night would’ve helped too.

    Got to like what Stralman can offer to this team. His game is evolving over the last few games- very smooth skater, isn’t afraid to shoot, and his attempted hip check last night might be a sign of his physical game. He needs more looks, IMO.

  6. Instead of quick teams like the Leafs being the cause for concern, I think Dallas and St. Louis have instead given the template for causing the Rangers problems.

    Not enough skill up front to get through a team executing that well defensively and collapsing in front of the net. And if the Rangers aren’t being as aggressive or physical as they need to be either, there’s just no offense.

    Have to respect Hitchcock and his ability to get a team to buy in to his system so quickly, but still have to admit it’s dire to watch.

  7. What a beautiful passing team the Blues are. I do believe that they are the best I’ve watched all season.
    Did you notice how accurately and how smoothly they both delivered and received the puck, and how well they transitioned from defense to offense without any fumbling around. Very well coached hockey team. Rangers could take a tip from them on passing.

  8. Dump-Chase-Grind. Too much play around the boards with nobody in the slot to pass to. Game after game. Put Boyle deep in the slot let him screen the goalie (Avery would, ask Marty). But don’t put Dubinsky on that line. That would only give him an excuse for shooting wide.

  9. Gregm_section403 on

    It was great seeing and hearing JD in the booth last night. Brings back memories. Seems like he’s finally doing a great job in St. Louis. The Blues certainly are hard to play against.

    I thought it was interesting that JD, a team president, supports making the rinks bigger to possibly help slow down the concussion wave that is hitting the players. I doubt it will happen, but if a few big stars retire early because of concussions, the league may have no choice.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Second game in a row we were out muscled by bigger teams playing defense first hockey (PO hockey). Good lesson for Step and Artie about playing against trap, hope coaches leverage the opportunity.

    No speed through zone = no concussions = boring game no one will pay to see. If the refs stop calling interference, especially on pick plays, the game will suffer.

    Our grit cannot be questioned, but the lack of size will hurt. Once teams start playing PO style hockey, we will be scrambling again come spring time. This is where Boyle and Rupper can make a difference.

  11. Loved #10, Carp. JD is sure missed as an analyst and especially by this Rangers fan. Those that are in the booth today should listen to him and take a lesson on how to do it and make the game interesting!

  12. Agree, would like to see Mitchell and Christ out and Rupp and Avery in. I really think a fourth of Avery Rupp Prust could be very effective and anything but soft.

  13. Backes is just so Humaengous big, like, you can’t do anything. China Law that if you hit him you get death penalty. So we lose. Don’t worry, be happy. Don’t worry, be happy.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Which one of these is not like the other one?
    Chico Retch
    Joe missaplenty
    Butch Goreface

    How can the largest media market in the US not have quality analysts?

  15. As a person who doesn’t support Avery over the team, I would have liked to see him in there last night instead of Christensen just to see what happens. Looking forward to Rupp, who is Humaengous big, getting back in there. Seems like this team loves to get a player back or a new player. Really energizes them. You know, it’s like, universe is sooo big that you see our galaxy and it’s tiny, like nothing.

  16. If you see the big picture of this season this loss like so small tiny like dot on the season. We have problems that we worry about….compared to…nothing? Don’t worry, be happy right now.

  17. nice bulleted list of review points, Carp. Folks have noted how the Rangers lacked the snarl, and failed to stand up to the trio of Pietrangelo, Colaiacovo and Jackman especially. The refs weren’t calling anything either.
    DZ had a pretty good game, again. Why can’t Boyle play a grittier style with his size?
    Yes, the Avery question will continue since that 13-2-1 run we sent on once we brought him up. IS there a new issue with Aves and Torts, or Aves and the locker room that we don’t know about yet? We were beaten soundly last night. Hopefully, it was just a post-HBO thing.

  18. You guys are forgetting that when JD was the analyst he was as muzzled as the rest of them. I concur his comments weren’t nearly as inane as Crapiletti’s but never ever did he criticize the Rangers to any great depth and remember, he was there when the team really really sucked.

    He used to do HNIC Saturday spots inbetween the 2nd and 3rd periods and always came across far more insightful and at times rightfully critical then he ever did when on an MSG broadcast.

    It’s certainty that the MSG uppers demand blandness from their broadcasters (at least the Ranger broadcasters) which isn’t at all surprising – personally I think ownership meddles and Sather goes along with it because he’s got a contract for life.

    It isn’t a coincidence, in other words, that this organization has won but a single championship in 51+ years….

  19. They haven’t won because the league is like so humaengous big that the NY Rangers are like a small tiny dot on the league. They try but the problem, in the big scheme is like…nothing. Why you have to be mad? It’s hockey. Don’t worry, be happy.

  20. I’m not forgetting Jim.

    That’s why it doesn’t make me ‘not human’ to see JD and not get all warm and tingly.

    He lied to Ranger fans for years & years through the worst period in franchise history.

    Who said crime doesn’t pay?

  21. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Agree with LW and ilb. Great points, fellas. Hitchcock’s system rendered the Rangers’ game lifeless.

    Again, to me, it comes down to puck posession…it’s all aboot puck possession….whether its teams like Dallas and St Louis playing to a deliberate system or a skill team that always has the puck more like Edmonton or Toronto…

    Great quote from JD last night: “Nobody works harder than the Rangers.”

  22. Manny,

    Love the Bryzgalov posts – man, that guy is way out there.
    The Gilles Gratton of the 21st century.

    Tough game last night – they ran into one of those buzz saws – a hot team with a hot goalie.

    Granted – the Rangers didn’t match the muscle/intensity brought forth by the Blues.

    I anticipate a much better effort in PHX tomorrow night.

    Adversity is part of the deal.

    But the losing streaks won’t be long ones – because they have strong leadership and more than adequate personnel to avoid them.

    And one more thing – anyone who thinks the coach is incompetent – ask yourselves the following question – how many teams have you taken to the Stanley Cup?

  23. Christensen MUST go! Not should go – Must go! His lackadaisical style of play is contagious, and it didn’t take long before it started spreading to the rest of the team.

    I see no reason that he should ever again be in the line-up. Any forward in Hartford would be better than him. Get rid of him!!!!!

  24. Wow, indeed a good read by Rodent, Nasty1. I wouldn’t call the team soft, but they need more snarl in terms of initiating AND responding, that what Rodent’s point is. Torts tried to move Hagelin all over the roster last night, his hope was the speed would allow for more penetration. He also summoned Stralman for frequent rushes. He gave Dubinsky more green light to carry the puck ( which Brandon did pretty well last night, his inability to finish notwithstanding). Didn’t work. I’m sure adding Rupp, and even Avery will help. But they need more players with mean streak AND ability to score. There is one who may become available, if not already available. Jarome Iginla. I’m sure Slats is looking into that….

  25. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Carl Hagelin is at a point now where he clearly belongs on the Rangers….he was their best forward last night.

  26. If you want some details, there were mistakes made by both teams. MDZ goal was a function of two St. Louis forwards getting caught deep in our zone- got to give Callahan credit for recognizing it. He made one simple move- pivoted and push the puck forward, and there were both trapped. On the other hand- Perron deflected the puck on his goal while three Rangers were looking at it in HD. Why was he not put on his MZA?

  27. Doodie Machetto on


  28. Ilb I totally see where your coming from, but somehow I think this lose comes back to Tort’s in someway.

    This is what I’m think: We all know Hitchcocks teams (n The Devils) play a hard nosed disciplined defensive game which is boring but affective. Quit frankly Hitchcock plays this system so he can get a job. Because sooner or later the players will revolt against this non hockey system, and he will be moving on to a new team. So if Tort’s knew this was how the game was going to be played, why not keep Avery, and make up your best banging line you have to wear them down a little. It seemed like the Rangers just tried to play their regular game, when don’t you have to change or tweak things here and there depending on your oppnent?

    Just once again, it seemed Tort’s was scratching Avery (for personal reasons) instead of team, and not changing the game plan a little. I’m not saying don’t play Rangers aggresive style of hockey, but there had to be some tweaks made, and the players didn’t seem to get the memo.

  29. Was it me, or did JM mention twice last night that Swedish players love to elevate their game against Hank. And he said that about both Berglund AND Steen, at least twice I thought. Is there a Winnipeg, Manitoba in Sweden? Because that’s where Alex Steen is from.

  30. For the Rangers it was their 8th game in 15 days and their 4th in 6 days. The Blues were playing on 5 days rest. The Blues had the favorable situation and took advantage of it, just like the Rangers were able to do against the Panthers. Should the effort have been better, yes, but to think a team is going to be able to go balls to the wall for 82 games is unrealistic. Let’s see how they respond tomorrow.

  31. Mister Delaware on

    Was DVRing the game for when the rest of the family fell asleep, had it inexplicably jump to the channel around 10:00, spoiling most of the surprise for me. In hindsight, my television was just looking out for me.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, Steen is Canadian-born but he is a Swede, like how Brett Hull is a Canadian-born American, Dany Heatley is a German-born Canadian, or Rod Langway is a Chinese-born American.

  33. Yes authorben! He is entirely Gilles Gratton. It’s unbelievable. Great comparison. Love the cooky goalies.

    NYR – Vibin’ Hagelin was terrific last night. So was Strahlman. Only two guys I saw forcing the puck on net. Always. (not saying D-Men have to be offensive to be good. Just liked what I saw. Dude can skate).

    I really believe that Dubisnky will break out soon. I think he should ride the pine Saturday and then come back to max minutes on Tuesday. Force him in there and force him to Shoot the darn puck at the net please. The net is Humaengous big. How can you miss it!?

  34. Oh guys. Remember last night when Girardi somehow threw the puck into our own net because he was checked by some humaengous big guy? Well that’s the kind of flukey goal that sent us into a tailspin last year. Remember the deflection off Anisimov’s back? Eh?

  35. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Strahlman is pretty smooth out there. I like his game so far from what I’ve seen…

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    I love Rod Langway, btw. Probably the last pure defensive-defenseman that will ever win the Norris.

  37. Even if the +/- stat is less useful than it’s made out to be, Langway had one minus season ever, his last one.

  38. Doodie the whole point of this is to talk with other fans to get opinions and talk about trades etc. If everyone here bothers you, and you don’t like what they say then don’t read it. No reason to get all crazy. Yes some stuff is out there or whacky but it makes for good conversation.

  39. You referring to the game vs Florida Manny? I was at that game, they dominated the 3rd period and Florida had like 2 shots and won.

  40. I don’t always agree with Doodie but his post was pretty spot on. People go nuts. Don’t worry, Be Happy. It’s just hockey. Why you have be so mad? China law.

  41. After a lose everyone knows how to fix it, and wants to fire someone and trade for someone else. No big deal, and somtimes those same people actually have a good idea or a good trade in mind. Who knows maybe somebody here is Sather in disguise!!! LOL

  42. the typical rangers christmas swoon is setting in. every year around this time the team heads in on a down note. 4 more to go before two day break. need at least 5 of 8 pts for them not to ruin my Christmas

    rangers will be in 7th/8th ia few weeks and all the games in hand will be gone.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Cynar, my point was more about the sky-is-falling attitude that some people get whenever the Rangers have a bad loss like last night. Two games against non-conference opponents in a row, during a brutal stretch of games, its tough to not have that emotional let-down.

    Everyone forgets how just before these two games they DEMOLISHED the 3rd place team in the Conference.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another flat game against the Coyotes, but then very strong efforts (not necessarily wins) against the Devils, Flyers, and the Islanders twice (especially game 2).

    Then they are probably a little flat against the Caps and Cats, but come out fired up for the Winter Classic.

    Every season has these ups and downs. The post-lockout Rangers have been a notoriously bad December-January team. The fact that they are 4-3-1 this month shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, don’t let less than 5 points ruin your Christmas. Call Chris Drury for advice on how to do that.

  45. Doodie Machetto on


    Is only hockey. Is just a game. Why you heff to be mad?

    The solar system is humongous big. You compare our galaxy to whole universe; is so small. And we have problems? Just be happy.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Rod, I wouldn’t worry about the NYR-PHO pipeline. Usually it’s our players headed west, not theirs headed East.

  47. I get you Doodie the stuff gets a little crazy, but sometimes it’s fun just reading how crazy some of the stuff is. I think most everyone here is a good Rangers fan, and we have suffered thru some pretty brutal stuff with Sather at the helm. All in all we don’t or haven’t suked enough to get a Crosby type of player, but have been middle of the road, and I’m not convinced throwing a season to get Crosby wasn’t the right idea.

  48. Betts, Hollweg, Dawes, Prucha, Voros, Pock and Valiquette for Turris, Doan and Yandle. Don’t even care if they’re not property of the Rangers or even playing in North America, get ‘er done!

  49. They did suck enough to get Crosby, they were one of the teams in the lockout year draft that had the highest probability of getting him in the reconfigured lottery.

  50. ‘atta boy, Doodie!

    There only 500 species of tiger. China Law, you kill tiger you get death penalty. They find you…you’re dead.

  51. Problem there was the league owed Mr. Lemiuex alot of F***ing money and they somehow won that draft, and then got Malkin to.

  52. Actually I thought Bryzgalov was a thoughtful young man.

    People always have to get categorized, and the bizarre goalie comparison is too easy for some writers to ignore.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Cynar, we did suck enough to get Crosby. We got shafted in the lottery. We, along with the Sabres and Blue Jackets, had the same odds as the Penguins, yet we ended up with the 16th pick in the draft (which we flipped for the 12th to grab Marc Staal).

  54. That;s what I was trying to say, when we did suck we lost out to the penguins, sorry didn’t read the way I meant it to.

  55. And Staal and Crosby are both concussed.

    Just like when Hextall took Trevor Lewis and the Phlyers go stuck with Giroux. Who is Concussed.

    Why you heff be mad?

  56. When we did suck, the league was bowing down to Lemieux and all the money they owed him so even when we did suck we didn’t get as much as we should have got. Although we got Staal we could or should have had a higher pick.

  57. I just have this whole Penguins theory and suscribe to the fact that Bettman was making deals behind the owners back to make the Penguins what they are today. Even with Crosby out we still know when the kids s**ts everyday. Could you possibly shove the kids down everyones throats a little more.

  58. I wonder what the odds of them picking the right player would have been had they gotten something higher than 12th but not the 1st overall? Would they have taken Kopitar or Ryan if available or still have taken Staal?

  59. EC sits, Avery plays. Period.
    If Rupp is sure to come back, sit Dubi on his high-paid ass for a game.

    Our whole team was hit by Backes last night. Dubi, Prust, Boyle all seemed to decelerate as they made their checks. The Hockey Rodent is right. We had no snarl, no physicality, and the lack of help from the zebras made us more tentative and the Blues more assertive.

    Chalk it up to some tired legs but this is the NHL. If you can’t go every other night, there are others that will. Yes the Blues played on a lot of rest, but we couldn’t get a shot to the net for periods of 6-7 mins at a clip. That is unacceptable.

    Someone tell me why we pulled Avery in favor of EC for the past 2 games? We won like 13 out of 16 before this switch. Now we 0 for 2 and have clealry lost some edge. Is Torts still making his personal issue more important than the team’s health?

  60. Whatever or whoever we got (Staal) it appears thats right around the time when Sather started this whole let’s rebuild the team like your suppose to started. At least I think thats when it started.

  61. Eh, I hate Crosby as an opponent and his personality (or lack thereof) isn’t that great either. But I can only imagine the hype he’d get if he played in NY. Crosby and Lundqvist would get marketed up the wazoo.

  62. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Re “Feds The Grinder” – I wish he would grind a puck into the opponent’s net, once in a blue moon, or at least more than once per month. At least he IS a grinder, begging the question as to what Dubinsky is, at this point, not even being that much.

    I would never give a star to a top-nine forward who contributed nothing to the offensive scoring – that is no PP goal, and no Even Strength goal or primary assist. At least Dubinsky did that, last night. So that my three Ranger stars on the night are: 1. Del Zotto; 2. Hank; 3. Dubinsky for his primary assist because nobody else on this team had one.

    Either this team gets a fire going where the scoring, especially where even-strength scoring is concerned, or Torts might as well play Avery for the entertainment of his fan club, myself included, because the artistic outcome of this season is going to be a smudge on a sandpaper canvas, the way its going, what with minimal offensive talent at the forward positions, and ZERO SPARK, now that one of the two firebellies on the team (not to overlook Cally) has been exiled to purgatory for wanting to really play the game, not just show up and and put in an Ice Capades dress rehearsal cameo performance.

    Rotten shame players still get paid when they are just going through the motions.

  63. Our whole solar system could be, like…one tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being.

    That means one tiny atom in my fingernail could be one little…tiny universe.

  64. Avery is buying time until Tort’s sends him down. Tort’s doesn’t like him, and won’t let him play or play much no matter what he does. It’s that simple. To Tort’s everyone and anyone is better then Avery. He is clearly putting personal issues ahead of the team, or otherwise Avery would have been getting more minutes (along with the rest of his line) due to the fact that they were good at what they were doing.

    I’m not sure so someone answer this: “The players who were with Avery have gotten more ice time, because they were playing well but Avery didn’t” I haven’t watched closely enough but is that true?

  65. Tort’s makes Avery a debate but not playing the better player. So until he is traded or sent down, Avery will be a topic of debate.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Cynar, getting Malkin was the year before. They actually got screwed out of Ovechkin in the draft lottery. They could have had Ovechkin AND Crosby. Could you effing imagine!?

    Rangers took Montoya with the 6th pick. I agreed with the pick then. He was the consensus #1 goaltender, was one of the highest rated picks left on the board, and Blackburn had just gone down. Who knew about Lundqvist at that point?

    They really screwed the pooch with Korpikoski though with guys like Zajac, Wolski, Meszaros, and Green still on the board.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not ready to say Avery is a better player than Christensen, but I will readily say that Avery is a better role-player than Christensen. Christensen has to play with top end players to be effective, and at times, can be very effective. Avery can be effective in a 4th line role, while Christensen can not. Because it’s only a 4th line role, it really should be Avery.

  68. I agreed with Montoya also, and yes who knew about Lundqvuist. I didn’t know about the Ovechkin thing and no I couldn’t imagine that. Like I said I think that draft showed they were heading in the right direction, but yes of course Kiporkoski hurt. I’m not sold on Green, and we have Wolski (injuries seem to be his thing) but having Zajac or Meszaros would be interesting to say the least.

  69. Does Avery solve the issue of an overworked top pairing and rapidly depleted blueline?

    Does Avery solve the issue of the top 2 lines not scoring?

    Those have been the two larger issues the last 2 games. Slip a goal or two past Stephen King’s pen name on Sunday and the Rangers are probably winners of 3 of the last 4 not losers of 2 straight.

    And Avery was in the lineup for the last 2 game stretch where they looked sluggish and out of synch, back to back losses vs Montreal and Florida.

  70. EC appears to be in the line up for the shoot out only, because like you said he can’t play on the 3rd or 4th line.

    That being said, I don’t think there are to many hockey people who wouldn’t put Avery out there before EC.

    So the fact that Avery isn’t playing and EC is, just points more to the fact that Tort’s has personal issues with Avery and his personality and is willing to let that interfere with the team.

    I like Tort’s but is this case I think he’s wrong, and he’s putting personal issues in front of the team.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Cynar, you have to understand that we’re talking about these guys in their raw states. Our franchise has been very good about developing our defensemen (Sanguinetti not withstanding). I think Green would have fixed a lot of our problems (like drafting Sanguinetti).

    Same deal for Wolski. We could have molded him into a better player than he became from the lousy coaching in Colorado.

  72. There’s a decent chance that Stepan puts up Zajac’s numbers. They compare very favorably through their first 100 or so games.

  73. Oh man, I was just about to post that the board was finally being reasonable today and here it comes again. Who cares about the fourth line! They’ve lost two straight because their top guys had trouble breaking through a physical defensive minded team in Dallas and St. Louis. It happens. They are still on a stretch where they’ve gotten points in 15 of their last 20 games, with 14 of them as wins.

  74. No Avery doesn’t solve those problems, but neither does EC, and as far as your 3rd and 4th lines, Avery does make a difference.

    I thinks it makes for a great debate and it won’t end until Avery is gone.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    “So the fact that Avery isn’t playing and EC is, just points more to the fact that Tort’s has personal issues with Avery and his personality and is willing to let that interfere with the team.”

    Or, he’s thinking, I only play these guys for 5 minutes a night. What’s more valuable, the 5 minutes or a weapon in case of a shootout.

    Christensen has also shown flashes of good play on the PP, a role I think he is better suited for than Avery.

  76. Our defense is in trouble hopefully Staal comes back soon, and can stay in the lineup. But we need some players to step up and become more reliable in Tort’s eyes. Without that happening Tort’s is going to ride our top 4 defensmen into the ice, and we will be in big trouble.

  77. Doodie – I agree with you on this one but in truth I have a feeling both might be gone by March. I think they could use that spot depending on injury situation (which is the giant NHL question mark) to upgrade their forward depth. Plus, something will need to happen with WW who is clogging up some legit cap space.

  78. Doodie I think Avery deserves more ice time, he’s line mate have gotten more, but he hasn’t. That being said, I don’t want to discuss something here that upsets anyone. So the Avery saga will continue with or without us, so I will move on.

  79. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    The biggest challenge the team faces right now is how to get Dubinsky going. He is pretty useless right now and too expensive for what his role has been this season. There is no easy answer to that one.

  80. Really? AVERY!?

    SHUT UP. I am completely 100% sick of this. Why doesn’t Avery play!? Because he IS NOT PART OF THIS TEAM. Watch 24/7 – the only Avery stuff is him on his own doing some metro fashion shoot. When the team is at dinner WHERE IS AVERY. When the team is working out or in the training room WHERE IS AVERY. This is the point. There is no comradery between these guys and Sean. Same problem that Sean has had his ENTIRE carer. He does not gel with a team or fit a system. Torts is OLD SCHOOL. That was clearly proven on 24/7. And yes, I LOVE Torts. I don’t hate Avery though. I actually like him. I frequent his bar and happily give him my moneys. But the Rangers are creating a TEAM dynamic and Avery is NOT part of that and might even be an impediment. OK?

    Why you heff be so mad you ask? Because this team has potential to be so humangous big like huge and anything that gets in the way of that dynamic needs to be executed via China Law as if you had just poached an endangered Tiger.

  81. Everyone here heard JD say he supports the NHL using bigger rinks right!! Well tell me what rink is going to loose seats in both hockey, and maybe other sports, so they could have a bigger rink. The logistics just won’t work, and there is no way in hell the Garden will change the rink after spending this money on renovations!! How and why is the league even talking about this. The players need to figure this one out themselves. How do we play the game without taking each others heads off.

  82. It’s barely even a top 4 anymore. I mean Eminger was signed to be the 6th/7th D, an insurance policy for injury or in case Erixon clearly showed he was not ready for the NHL. He’s part of the 2nd pair right now. Half of the preseason projections I read for this team didn’t even have Del Zotto on the roster or at best in a fight to win a job on the 3rd pairing. I give them credit for holding the fort as long as they have but they’re either going to be running on fumes well before the All Star game or the offense will really need to pick it up to cut the D some slack.

  83. Doodie – I don’t really think there are significant problems though. I think they could use another veteran scoring forward (Prospal back from Jackets? or a Ruutuu from Carolina) to add some scoring depth and I’d like to see a defensive upgrade (Beauchemin is an upcoming UFA in Ana) for the stretch drive.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I had MDZ as the 3rd pairing Left D for sure. I thought the job was his to lose when they let Gilroy and Caber go.

    He and McDonagh are really holding this team together with how big of a step up they have taken. Girardi too. He hasn’t been spectacular or anything, just Dan Girardi. But to be that for as many minutes has he has been is very impressive.

    But without some relief, and soon, the wheels are going to come off by February.

  85. Avery could actually play effectively on a higher line since he’s got the skills to hang with the better players on the Rangers roster. Neither Tortorella or the Avery-bashers on this forum, who don’t seem to know anything about the guy other than what Tortorella says about him, will acknowledge that.

    Anyway, I stated weeks ago that Mitchell would falter eventually and it’s pretty obvious his effectiveness has diminished. That said, I still doubt Tortorella will scratch anybody to get Avery more playing time. Instead, you’ll see Mike Rupp return and do nothing in 7 minutes a game he plays. And eventually, Wolski will replace Mitchell and do even less than Rupp.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    “Avery could actually play effectively on a higher line since he’s got the skills to hang with the better players on the Rangers roster”

    I could not disagree more. Everyone focuses on the one or two blind passes that he makes that turn into goals, but ignore the other 10 that end up with the other team. He is a turnover machine and has trouble staying onside. He skates well and can grind on the boards: 4th liner.

  87. Manny….you know Lundqvist personally? Do you know Brad Richards personally? I don’t know those guys but I know from people I know who are friends with those guys that those two are HUGE supporters of Avery. I consider those two big leaders on this team. I also know that when Avery got cut the first time around, a few guys (Anisimov for one) was masking his view by saying, “He had a great camp but the coaches felt differently.”

    EVERYONE knows Torts is on one side of the Avery debate and is making it personal.

    Please spare me your opinion because of what you saw on HBO 24/7. Next thing you will tell me is you want 3 wives because you saw it on HBO’s Big Love. (Believe me Manny, 1 wife is MORE THAN ENOUGH.)

  88. Hi MANNY!! Look what you’ve gone and done now. The Fake Rangers fans will now show up and talk more about 1 player than the other 19 guys. YIPPIE!! Because clearly hockey is an individual sport where the personality of 1 guy is more important the team. BORING! YAWN!! Avery should do this…. Torts hates….. YAWN! They are the 3rd best defensive team in the League. 3rd best +/- ratio in East. They are still the 4th seed with games in hands on Pitt. 5 pts up on 7th-10 with games in hand. The TEAM!!

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    And for the people that think Torts has some grudge against Avery: Every team in the NHL passed on him for this final year of his contract for only a 950k cap hit. Maybe the entire management staff of the NHL has a better idea than the pro-Avery crowd does. Just maybe.

  90. DOODIE!! I hate the 16 stuff…. but that last one had me laughing! Guess there is an NHL GM and Coach conspiracy. For the WWE fans, maybe he can be like R-Truth and Avery can rap about the conspiracy against him. LOL

  91. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Doodie, logic doesn’t work with Avery lovers. Same with high-maintenance woman. Logic just doesn’t compute…

  92. OMG. HANK SUPPORTS AVERY!? That is SO relevant Lloyd because Avery is a defender and is always playing in front of Hank….oh wait…..it’s not relevant at all. They just like to wear fancy coats and own restaurants together.

    So sorry HWirth. I can’t believe I was trying to put the TEAM above Sean Avery. He is just so humangous big. And he’s so good for the locker room. I mean, so many teams jumped at the opportunity to pick him up when he was out on waivers. You know when he was offered at 1/2 his salary. WOW.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    I swear, he is the new Prucha, the difference being that Prucha had actually scored 20 (and even 30) goals in his career.

  94. By the way, you notice the people who comment positively about the team liking each other with ot without him are told they don’t know what they are talking about yet they are definitive about Torts hating 1 guy because of 1 comment on TSN. As oppose to other billion times in sports a guy comments negatively on a player until they are in the same lockerroom.

  95. This blog will be pretty boring next season when Avery, EC and Wolski aren’t on the team anymore (and possibly all 3 aren’t in the NHL).

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Wolski will find a new home. Too much size and talent for some GM not to bite. EC and Avery are done though.

  97. All youse guys making the Avery comments….objectively (tough for you guys, I can sense the emotion) do you think the team’s on-ice attitude is better or worse with Avery in the line-up? Simple yes or no please…

  98. CTB – Nah, they will just start finding new guys to bash and blame the Jack Adams Award winning coach on. Although, I’m starting to get worried that the Wild aren’t going to fade on Mike Yeo. So maybe I’ll change it to runner-up Jack Adams Award winning coach.

  99. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Newman…irrelevant questions bring irrelevant answers….noticed no difference in attitudes, actually…

  100. It makes almost no difference. The team wins when Richards, Gabby, Cally, Stepan and Artie are rolling offensively. When they get shut down by the other team’s defense we look sluggish.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, I think the team’s attitude is what it is regardless of whether he is in the lineup or not.

    They destroyed Florida without him. They started their last big winning streak before he even joined the team. And he was in the lineup for their last four losses prior to this one, including the listless losses to Montreal and Florida.

  102. Wild have actually gotten better as the season has progressed. They were going into OT/SO a lot earlier on but are winning more decisively. They can keep the puck out and have an average offense, much better formula than those teams like Toronto (and last year’s Lightning) that can score but can’t defend.

  103. “On ice attitude” = Do you think they feel tougher? Do you think they feel they can manhandle, aggravate, or upset the other team more or less? Do you think they are more or less intimidated? Do you think the other teams aggressors have more or less to focus on when Avery isn’t playing? Like without Avery do you think other teams take more or less liberties with the Rangers guys?

    There is only one answer…but you guys will try and spin a story to fit your view.

  104. On Ice Attitude. HAHAHAHA. Do we get goals for attitude!? Like the Ref sees someone posing in the corner with SICK ATTITUDE. You know, Fonzy-like. Collar popped up, helmet on crooked, sweet toothpick in their mouth and leaning on their stick like it’s a cane. And they are like, Whoah, that face is so humangous big and it makes me feel so small tiny like I must award them goal.

  105. They are the same team that wins by outworking their opponents in the corners, having the 3rd best GAA in the NHL, getting timely offense (see the string of SHGs), and get some needed points chipped in by their defense. That’s their identity no matter who is on the 4th line.

  106. Between Laviolette and Tortorella, I wonder who’ll win The Boudreau Award at the end of the 24-7 series. Does hurling profanities at your players serve any purpose at all?

  107. The Wild losing Mikku Koivu (Their Capt.) is pretty devastating. He took a hit and word is it’s a lower body (leg) injury but who knows these days.

  108. And please please please, let the law of averages hit the Devils hard in the skills comp. Nearly half their wins have come in the SO.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, tell me about the team’s “attitude” against Montreal and Florida on 11/23 and 11/25. Or Toronto on 12/5. Or Florida on 12/11.

    Seems like Avery was pretty inconsequential in all of those games.

  110. You would think Avery threw like 20 hits a game like Clutterbuck or fought 2 times a games the way people talk about how he changes the game. How does he change the game? By yapping his big mouth at the opposing players, who unless they are non-fighters like Mike Mottau he won’t fight them. Like they care at this point.

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    JBytes, Laviollette has the current lead at 10-8, but 5 of his came in one rant in the first 5 minutes. So I’m going to take Torts.

    I wonder who has BBQ sauce on their face for this one though.

  112. The team attitude against Florida ( 6-1 trashing iirc) was pretty good without Avery….
    Useless debate…

    I finally watched 24/7. Loved it. I think it’s a very well directed segment. And well executed. And I looked at it ( at least I tried ) from a perspective of a non-hockey person. I think it’s still very entertaining. Small details are priceless. Avery smirk. And how Torts works with Sullivan. Torts:”Goalie?” Sullivan, after thinking:”I’d leave him”. Torts turns around, Hank stays in net.

    Btw, I don’t think Bryzgalov is stupid at all after watching it. He was trying to be philosophical, but his English didn’t allow him to say what he wanted. He was trying to translate his thoughts from Russian to English, it doesn’t work that way.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I don’t think anyone is calling Bryz stupid. I think they are just pointing out how his mind is all over the place as opposed to being focused on hockey.

    Just another figure who fits the stereotype of goaltenders that are just not on the same wavelength as most people.

  114. No, I don’t think he makes any difference to how the team plays.

    He doesn’t make Callahan hustle, he didn’t make Gaborik from 2 years ago re-appear, he didn’t make Stepan and Anisimov turn into valuable young assets, he doesn’t make Girardi sacrifice life and limb in front of bullets, he didn’t make McDonagh into a junior Marc Staal, he didn’t make Hagelin as fast as he’s been, he didn’t make Richards come up with a bunch of clutch goals this year.

    And at the same time, he didn’t make Boyle’s 1st half from last season look like the exception to his scoring ability in the NHL, he didn’t make Dubinsky’s game completely disappear, he didn’t make Prust pass up decent scoring opps and he didn’t severely injure two guys that usually soak up at least 20 minutes a night playing against the opposition’s top lines.

  115. And one more for the Avery difference makers since they think everything is spinning even though they are facts. If Avery is such an influence on their team toughness, how come when he and Simmonds had problems in the preseason when they faced each other on the 26th of November it was PRUST not Avery who took care of business with a fight. If Avery is soooo tough and has such attitude, he can’t fight his own battles?

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I think Avery injured them. They got concussed from banging their heads against the wall after reading the debate on this blog about Avery.

  117. But does he make segments on the fanbase remember a few games where he antagonized one of the Rangers most hated opponents and the last time people thought they had a team that could contend, yeah I guess he does that.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, with all of the Turris rumors, I can see Sather screwing this up and making a trade like Dubi for Turris and Aucoin.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, me too. But that had 0 chance of happening, unlike my suggestion, which has a very distinct possibility of happening because it’s Sather and Maloney.

  120. Doodie – I might do that one. Turris has more scoring potential than Dubi and Aucoin has a big time shot from the point. Aucoin is an upcoming UFA (so it’s cap space for July) and Turris is a better contract than Dubi. I know your side though. Dubi is a better all around player in terms of pk, blocking shots. Dubi fits the team identity more than Turris. It might be worth the extra money though. More room to sign Suter.

  121. Those were way more fun. Turris is almost like taking a flyer on Strahlman. Who knows how that will work out. Do we even need yet another Centre? If anything we need a LEGIT D-Man like Suter or Weber and since that probably won’t happen we have to sit back and wait.

  122. Now THAT is the same wave-length HWirth. Simultaneous points about the importance of just making room for Suter and getting him at all costs when he is available.

  123. My big fear right now is Flyers use the Pronger LTIR space and trade for Suter. That team never sits around and waits.

  124. I would have liked to seen what people’s reactions would have been when Tikkanen was involved in the compensatory deal for Nedved.

  125. Oh dear lord. That is a sickening thought. They lose Pronger and UPGRADE to Suter? They would be unstoppable until Bryzgalov has another mental breakdown where he “can’t stop anything.”

  126. No one has answered the question. Everyone has defended their case as I suspected.

    Is the team’s on-ice attitude noticeably better or worse with Avery in the line up?

    Simple answer please…better or worse…over the span of time when he is in the lineup versus when he is not.

    The fact that no one thus far said, “Worse,” but merely defended their position with circular logic speaks volumes.

  127. Who would the Flyers trade though? Can they afford to deal from their forwards given that Giroux is out?

  128. Newman see my hilarious post that I will re-post here followed by a more direct answer to your quesiton.

    *Manny* December 16th, 2011 at 11:11 am

    On Ice Attitude. HAHAHAHA. Do we get goals for attitude!? Like the Ref sees someone posing in the corner with SICK ATTITUDE. You know, Fonzy-like. Collar popped up, helmet on crooked, sweet toothpick in their mouth and leaning on their stick like it’s a cane. And they are like, Whoah, that face is so humangous big and it makes me feel so small tiny like I must award them goal.


    The Teams on-ice attitude is no different with or without Sean Avery. None. Because, as I said earlier, he’s not part of this team unit. He’s just not. If he was then he would have made the team out of camp and not been waived.

    Remember that time that Avery got waived and was offered to the entire league at half his cap hit and salary and NO ONE, not even the GM who just signed Kaberle, would take him?

  129. Circular logic? The facts that they’ve lost 2 games since Nov with him in lineup and 2 with him out. Those are facts!! Your love for 16 is an opinion. SORRY!

  130. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    “circular logic ”

    You have no idea what logic is…you’re baiting people with a question and already have a preset idea of what to say to the yays and what to say the nays….C’mon, brah….

  131. Manny – don’t bog newman down with opinions he needs facts like whether or not HE thinks 16 makes them a better team.

  132. some of this stuff is really getting idiotic.

    let me also say, once again, that there was an incident in Buffalo last Saturday that might be behind this latest (and possibly final) Avery episode.

  133. The Flyers have loads of young talent. They could easily move Read and Bourdon with a 1st rounder. They could move Couturier. I doubt Schenn unless they know they can sign him long term.

  134. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    No, Carp. Apparently, this is a logical conversation based on facts. This has to do with Almighty Sean’s gifts from the hockey gods and Totalsmeller being an egomaniac….

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, you make it like there are only two choices. The answer is neither. There is no noticeable “attitude” difference with or without him. It is not noticeably better. It is not noticeably worse. It is the same. He doesn’t change a thing about the team’s “attitude.”

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Your question is flawed. It assumes his presence or absence makes a noticeable impact. I disagree with that assumption.

  137. HW, that’s giving up a lot for a guy that can walk at the end of the year for nothing.

    They’re going to be in a cap squeeze again next year due to some of the extensions they handed out (JVR, Coburn), even if they don’t re-sign Jagr. Voraceck is going to be an RFA. Having the economical cap hits of those guys you mentioned is pretty much going to be a necessity.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, is the team’s attitude noticeably better or worse when Sam Rosen or John Giannone does the play by play? Or when Mike Sullivan’s tie is a primary or secondary color? Or when I take a Carcillo before the game or not?

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    All of those things, to me, have the same effect on the team’s attitude as Avery being in the lineup.

  140. Going back to Turris, more interesting topic to me, would Washington take the chance on Turris just to unload the headache that is Alexander Semin?

  141. CTB – Normally I’d agree with you but I think the Flyers are in a Win at all cost mode right now. They traded away two franchise players, overpaid a very good but not great goalie. If Crosby remains up and down, I have a feeling they think their only challenge is Boston. They might like those odds.

  142. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CYNAR: This bigger (Olympics-size) rink discussion is interesting in that it has a precedent. Where the puck did the hideous, disgusting “shootout” come from? From the Olympics, of course. We all remember Forsberg beating Corey Hirsh to win the Olympics for Sweden over Canada, a few years ago. And, regardless of which team you were rooting for, it was the most gimmicky, trashy, stupid descecration and prostitution of our favorite sport any of us had ever witnessed – this “concept” of deciding a hockey game and an international championship with no defensemen on the ice.

    Anyway, the Olympic-size rink discussion is valid because the NHL wants to do the P.C. thing and follow what the touchy-feely amateur organizations do, not lead by example as the world’s foremost professional hockey league.

    One argument in favor of larger-size rinks is that the players have gotten bigger and faster, leading to more injuries on a smaller surface. A second argument in favor of larger rinks has to do with too much clutter on the current NHL ice surface now, what with two refs and two linesmen to go with 10 skaters, at full strength. That’s 14 bodies with 12 of them always buzzing around.

    Unlike the despicable shootout garbage, which really settles nothing other than sending the officials home for beer and pizza, I think opening up the ice for more creative play-making would be a big gain for the league, the players and the fans. Will it happen? First reaction is “no way,” because of economic considerations, but a more attractive, fan-friendly game might expand in it’s popularity via the TV medium, which is all these sports leagues are really about these days. Stay tuned.

  143. Geez…Give us a break already with Avery situation, will you. We are talking logic now? If you don’t see simple logic that he, as a player, is irrelevant to this team long term, and has only very minimal relevance short term, nothing will ever convince you otherwise. And if he is as much as a miniscule distraction to this team’s concentration, he will be, and should be, gone.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    HW, with the uncertainty around Giroux, I don’t think they make such a large win-now move for Suter.

    Sure, they traded away Carter and Richards, but they got young pieces in return and have Bryz locked up for the rest of the decade. They’re in no rush. The only win-now piece that they have is Jagr. Everyone else will be back.

    Pronger is the only one that might not. I have a feeling he hangs them up, freeing them from the awful 35 and over contract they gave him because of their ability to use the space as LTIR.

  145. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    I would make the Turris for Dubi trade…I also would not have given Dubi that contract…and didn’t like it how and when he signed it….

    Vrbata is also a nice player that I would inquire about….

    I doubt Phoenix wants that salary back, though….

  146. Doodie – Actually Pronger won’t be able to hang them up. He’ll just be on LTIR until the contract runs out, then officially retire, which actually could be interesting if he sat out like 2 years and then tried a comeback since he’s still under contract.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    HW, Rozsi makes only $3million this year in salary even though his cap hit is $5. So that still leaves Phoenix 2 million in the hole in terms of actual dollars. No good.

    Boom Boom, one of the suggestions I’ve heard thrown around as to the upswing in concussions is that obstruction was removed. Without players being slowed by clutch and grab, the size and speed of the players is causing much more violent collisions on the ice. I mean, two of the most recent concussions were caused by teammates colliding with each other. Clutch and grab slowed the game down so impacts weren’t as violent.

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    HW, I’m not saying he officially hangs them up, but just stops trying to play.

    Carp, that’s what I’m here for.

    Miami, I don’t know what the incident was, but I’m sure it was BUSH LEAGUE.

  149. If Giroux is out for a long time then the Phlyers, although they are still cruising, need to make a move. I see them moving for Suter or someone else after taking advantage of LTIR with their current players. They can absord a huge salary so maybe even *iginla* on the Phlyers playing with Jagr.

  150. That makes some sense Manny, but I think Iginla next year at 7 mil might be too much for them since Pronger’s hit is 4.9. Would cost them whatever they give up in trade a 2 mil of players off team.

  151. 4generations 4 cups on

    I just dont understand how Dubinsky hasn’t sat once this year, I fully understand accountability but this guy seriously has as many goals as Woywitka does and he plays on our power play units. We need to have someone that doesnt basically make the spot a vacancy, and I’m not saying trade him but why not sit him for a game and maybe see if watching the game he can see a bit of his errors?

    Its just painful to watch him on every PP, pretty much, and fail like a champ.

  152. Isn’t Giroux’s hit close to $2M? I mean if he ends up on LTIR as well? You’re right, Iginla is a hard team for almost any team to swallow.

  153. Dubisnky will turn it around. I believe in him. I really do. He played his heart out last night. The problem is clearly confidence. I think (if I was a coach or knew anything about players minds) the key would be to bench him Saturday and then throw him back into the mix BIG time on Tuesday. Push him to new limits.

  154. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I hope Avery, when his hockey time is over, runs for Mayor of New York City as a “Guardian Devil.” Love the man, and he would clean up this town in a hurry, starting with John Tortorella. lol.

  155. For some reason, HWirth, probably because I am stupid, I thought Giroux had a weird “cap hit less than salary” thing going on. I don’t get investment banking as you can see.

  156. I’ve asked this question before the only response was “I hate the flyers” so I’ll try it again. Forget who you root. Again, age plays into this. Team A has won one Cup in your lifetime and not much else around that Cup. Team B has won NO CUPS in your lifetime but is a consistent contender and has come close a bunch of times, but never got the big one.

    Would you rather be a fan of Team A or Team B.

  157. Dubi is getting a free pass. He should have been in the press box already. He must have pictures hidden away somewhere.

  158. Dubi has had issues with going through long cold streaks before, this time he didn’t have a hot start to balance it out. At this point I’m about to write off this year for him. I don’t think anyone was predicting he’d be this bad considering he showed two straight years of solid decent improvement.

  159. I wish Bryzgalov would be given his own talk show. Like a late night type show where he gets a desk and interviews people and gives a monologue. Guy is my new favorite thing in the world. He would be so famous, like, humangous big famous like.

  160. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    CT – Goalies don’t count as bodies in soccer or hockey, they count as fire hydrants. I can be “wrong” to accomodate you every time, if you like.

  161. I still don’t think Dubinsky is “bad.” Gaborik is scoring more and Richards is here. This team never scores a lot of goals so the distribution is just different. It’s definitely playing with his head but he did have a beautiful assist last night.

  162. Boom boom, ask Carl Hagelin and Mlian Lucic if they don’t think goalies count as bodies on the ice.

  163. I’d still take the championship over a bunch of almosts and what could have beens.

    Especially after seeing the boatload of players my team sent over to get Lindros become valuable pieces to a franchise that won two Stanley Cups during that time.

  164. How is Boyle getting a free pass … In my mind, Christensen has to sit first, then Mitchell but even Boyle, Dubinsky and Fedotenko has to be considered to take a seat.

  165. Hey guys, uhm…first I say uhm, like sorry by me for like not posting in so long time. I just like reloading my weapon you know and I uhm like don’t mean nothing by it. Sorry

    Secondly, have you ever thought like about how humongous the NHL is? I mean it is like so big and like Avery is just like this little small like tiny part of like this huge, big thing. So you think rangers have problems? What you mad about? Don’t worry be happy.

    Thirdly…do you know what china law is for sending Avery to Hartford? The death penalty…yeah. Like if you send the Avery species to like Hartford and they find you…then that’s it, you’re done.

    Fourthly…trade everybody and fire torts!!!!

  166. Fedotenko!? Why!? We are now telling the guy with not only, one, but TWO Stanley Cup’s on his resume. Cups that he was a huge part of, rising his level of play when it was most needed. He has to sit. The guy that does exactly what is asked of him at all times without any complaint and without any mistakes, ever. The guy who almost never takes a bad penalty never turns the puck over and always brings a hard forecheck to the ice. Yea, he should sit.

    Who, may I ask, should play over Fedotenko?

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I’m with you in terms of what I would like to see. One cup beats 0, no matter what else is there with the 0. It’s why I don’t get upset over Amonte, Weight, Gartner, Patrick, and Marchant being traded or John Vanbiesbrouck being left unprotected in the expansion draft. I loved all of those guys, and in the case of Amonte, Weight, and Marchant, we mortgaged quite a bit of our future, but it was all worth it for the one Cup.

  168. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, maybe not sit Feds, but cut his icetime a bit. No reason he should be playing 2nd line minutes right now. Would love to see Hagelin get the chance there.

    I’ve got a feeling Wolski gets a shot there once he’s healthy. He probably gets a shot with Gaborik too with Anisimov taking over that 2nd line LW spot.

  169. Boyle as well. What did he do wrong? He has only been centering two youngsters and setting them up and matching their speed. I advocate for him to play his size more but come on.

    Last night was not even adysmal. It was just a great effort by a super, duper hot team with a freakishly, out-of-nowhere good goalie. Did you notice that when, say, Boyle took a shot there was NO ONE crashing net. No one. That’s because their D just stood us up and didn’t allow us to get a flow.

  170. >>Laviollette has the current lead at 10-8

    Thanks for the tally, Doodie. Hmm, I guess it’s one of those rare contests where I don’t want the Rangers guy to win.

  171. Totally with that Doodie. Give Hagelin as many minutes as you have available. Get him on the second line and let him use that speed to ruin people. I would like to see him carry the puck into the zone. Only frustrating part of his game to me is that he always looks to dump the puck to someone else and then chase it in. I would love to see him shoulder down and drive into the zone with that speed and pull up and create.

    Wolski will get a shot and why not. Guys has potential.

  172. Doodie Machetto on

    JBytes, I got the number from Puck Daddy. I didn’t sit there and count it myself. I mildly have better things to do than that. But not by much.

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, they traded him because they weren’t going to protect him in the expansion draft. In my head, it’s not protecting him that let him go, whether it was formally the trade or Florida claiming him.

  174. Well yeah they weren’t going to be able to protect him. But at least they got something in return. And Lidster did play in 6 of the 7 games in the finals.

  175. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    CTB, while I don’t think any of us thought Dubi was be this bad, I also don’t think he was that great last year. He was the MVP of NYR for a while. He had a stretch of about 30 games where he played great and of course, the Boston game, but, he did have 5 ENG out the total 24….I am just not sure he has the offensive skills to score 20+ a season consistently and/or be a top-6 ….

  176. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Or better yet….he lacks the mental discipline to consistently uses his offensive skills as weapons…

  177. Doodie Machetto on

    Vancouver basically traded Lidster so they wouldn’t have to lose a player they cared more about.

    And I think Lidster was actually “future considerations.”

    Like I said, I don’t question the moves. Anything that brings us a Cup.

    I’m actually surprised he is on the Rangers’ Alumni team. I thought he was a pariah after all of the racism. Fitting that after Beezer came back into the fold that Daley beat us.

  178. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    The fact that the Rangers are a very good team this year without Dubi doing much of anything should speak volumes…

  179. Dubi did hit 20 in back to back years and showed growth in his production. It wasn’t an unreasonable contract for how he produced and reasonably assumptions of his future production relative to the market. As for the ENG, yeah he got a bump from those but being on the ice late in games defending leads implicity defines his value as a solid two way player. So even if you want to deduct a few from his total, he still hit 20.

    And his defensive play is always going to earn him some ice time. His production trend had him at 50 or so points the last couple of years, which is usually good for top 100 or top 90 in the league. Again, combine that with his defensive work that would place him in the top 6 of a lot of teams around the league. Would he be top 6 on Chicago or Pittsburgh, probably not (then again they have Pascal Dupuis often play with Crosby). But on many other teams in the league he would.

    But it is certainly time for him to get back to playing at least as well he did to earn the contract in the first place.

  180. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Believe me, I’m not rooting against Dubi…I hope he proves me wrong and scores 20 this year….

  181. Assaulting a kid? That’s a BS claim. The writer can’t even use proper grammar. He probably just snubbed a kid and wouldn’t give him an autograph or pushed the kid aside. Maybe it was ON ICE. It’s not a big deal.

  182. The Herald reports that Milbury’s son got into a fight during a game and afterwards the former NHL player and general manager went onto the ice and “verbally berated and grabbed and shook” the alleged victim.

  183. Haha. I wish I knew something, Matty. Just, my “legal opinion” (Doodie and Noah can prove me wrong) tells me that the claim is pretty ridiculous and nothing more than a tiny on ice scrap happened and this kids parents saw Milbury and thought CHA CHING and sued him.

  184. Milbury is one tough negotiator though. I can’t see the family coming away with a settlement a cent over $850bn. Plus Jason Spezza and Zdeno Chara.

  185. Doodie Machetto on

    with any luck, this means Milbury gets canned from NBC Sports and we don’t have to listen to his asinine comments anymore.

  186. Just so you guys know, I get my “legal expertise” because I am an expert on China Law where you get death penalty for kill 500 species Tiger.

  187. Let’s wait for more details before we conclude that it really happened. Geez, but if it did, he really is utterly dumb to do such a thing….

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, depends on the statute definitions in MA of assault and battery. In NY, battery is only a tort, but the “unlawful touching” crime is assault, but that requires physical injury. If he just shook the kid, in NY, he would probably be guilty of Menacing in the 3rd Degree, which is a class B misdemeanor. Max punishment: 3 months in jail, $500 fine, and one year of probation.

  189. Carp – I like your comment about JD. There’s something right in the world when you hear him talking about the Rangers. Class act all the way!

  190. Oh but also, it seemed to me like that article was pointing to a civil suit. Thus, my CHA CHING comment.

    If they catch him. He like, dead.

  191. Doodie Machetto on

    I know some general things (no battery, only assault, crime of menacing). The rest I looked up (degree of menacing, punishment for class B misdemeanor).

  192. If Rupp comes back, he and Avery will be in at the expense of Christensen and either Mitchell or Boyle, who despite his size, is a non-factor in most games. If he’s not on the scoresheet, he needs to be making an impact elsewhere and he isn’t doing that. Despite the fact the he’s not scoring goals, Dubi is at least making plays (nice pass to DZ last night) and you know he’s out there. I think that Dubi needs to slow his game down a bit…watch him get the puck…he does a nice job of carrying it with speed, but then can’t do anything with it. Use those bursts of speed to your advantage and not go balls-out at every touch. Simplifying his game may help him get on track!

  193. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    count me in the “good bye EC and sit either mitchell/VV2” and put some snarl with rupp and avery into this line up crowd!

    I am quite honestly getting very tired of the dubinsky routine. He needs to take a seat badly. He needs to be out there playing like backes not EC!

    The blues just physically punished us last night and we offered ZERO response!!

  194. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m sure they will sue. Going to have a hard time proving any damages though. But they probably settle out of Court for more than the case is worth to keep his name out of the press.

  195. Yes – because New York is so like humangous big like there so many assault and batteries like you can’t…..can’t just … you know? It’s like chell. Like if you look at battery and then zoom out like its nothing. Like tiny small speck you know? So common law develop to exclude crime of battery because it’s so humangous big that china law doesn’t allow like battery. Only assault. Why you heff be mad?

  196. Boyle is being Boyle… last year was a fluke… 100% fluke.

    Last year was also a contract year for Boyle and Dubi… both cashed-in and both went to sleep.

    Only AA and Callahan playing up to their new contracts.

  197. so how many

    “WITH A SHOE” comments
    have been posted already
    in regards to mike milbury’s assault charge?

  198. btw,

    as much as i can’t stand the guy
    i do feel bad about the whole situation.
    how bizarre!
    how messed up for his kid.

  199. Wicky

    agree that Dubi needs to sit a game
    and reboot
    and hopefully that’ll get his snarl
    back with the devils

    what was even worse last night
    was watching Dubi coast along in the offensive zone

    i know his confidence is shot
    c’mon man
    get a pair
    from anywhere
    and take a shot on net
    take your frustrations out on your opponent
    head towards the net for a
    rather than just glide past the
    net after a shot is taken


  200. ex-or future (which is in jeopardy now) Islanders making some interesting news these days!

    “In 2008, the Islanders drafted in the 2nd round a player many pegged to be a 1st round pick, from Etobicoke, Ontario, a forward named Corey Trivino.

    Just this week, Trivino, Boston University’s leading scorer, was charged stemming from an incident on Dec. 11 in which he allegedly forced his way into a female student’s dorm room. The resulting charges: three counts of indecent assault and battery, two counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime and one count of assault with attempt to rape.

    Upon the incident, Trivino was consequently kicked off the BU hockey team, and then upon his arrest, thrown out of BU itself.”


  201. Dubinsky is never going to get out of this slump playing with Avery/Rupp and Prust. Put Boyle back on the 4th line where he belongs and put Dubinsky back up with Callahan and Richards.

    And hopefully this will be the last we ever see of Erik Christensen. Send him down to HFD, it seems like they have some injuries down there and could use the offense…

  202. I’m not getting into the never-ending debate into who plays and who doesn’t, but Torts said himself that his team lost a LOT of battles last night, especially in the first period when the 2 Blues goals were scored – now, he said that in the postgame interviews, but I wonder if he was telling his team to “step-up” during the game last night!?

    It doesn’t do much good to say it after the fact – they were getting pushed around, and he should have addressed the problem during the game, perhaps between periods.

    If the team was confronted with the truth during the game and they didn’t respond, then they are pretty soft, and that’s a problem, moving forward….

  203. ‘“both cashed-in and both went to sleep”

    that’s byfuglien rubbish’

    you dont agree? byfuglien rubbish! :)

    byfuglien rubbish on your byfuglien rubbish!!

  204. translated Artie tweet in Russian:

    Try to work only with those who are stronger than you. These are the people helping you grow. © Ole Einar Bjoerndalen

  205. Hey @CCCP@ only because you do this to everyone else. I would like to point out that I posted that article a few days ago.

  206. Oh no! @CCCP@ you’re always threatening me on this blog! I am scared. BATTERY & Assault! You’re like Milbury! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  207. stranger nation on

    Leave Feds and Boyle out of the Dubi/avery convo.
    Proposed Phoenix line-up.


    save for feds no banger/grinder types on top 2 lines (been discussed earlier)
    Iginla would look good in blue, plays RW – move gabby to LW and have Rich center them – first #1 line since 94

  208. Stranger – allow me to edit to express my opinion:

    Artie Partie – Step-On – Gaborickets
    Hagelin – Paige Richards – Callaman
    Fedotenko – Dubinsky – Rupperstilsken
    Mitchell/Avery – Boyle – Prust


    McBust – Girardi
    Del Zaster – Strahlman
    Woywhatever – Mrs. Eminger

  209. Ha! I love this tweet from Hank…”Well, with the puckluck I had tonight, or the lack of it I should say, I won’t be buying any lotto tix tomorrow… ”

    Love puckluck….

  210. stranger nation on

    Manny – good stuff – I like mitch and think he has great hands – not a knock on him as much as a tempo changer. Rupp has to come out like gangbusters, he was sort of blah in his first 9 games, attribute that to knee and travel.

    Would you consider Erixon with Auntie Em on 3 rd pairing – I thought he was with team

  211. *HOLY CRAP GUYS* I don’t know if you can believe this. But here is a list of players that *Latona* has concussed. These men play for his Yahoo! Fantasy Team.

    Mikku Koivu
    Mike Richards

    Am I missing anyone Latona?

  212. Yes stranger. I would love to throw Erixon in there instead of Woywhatever and just see what he’s got. Sadly, I think he was called up as insurance (Mrs. Eminger’s Arm) and will spend a few games on the bench and then go home to CT.

  213. stranger nation on

    puckluck – One can think of other rhymes with that word to describe last night but the blogfather will have none of it!

  214. stranger nation on

    Pronger and Milbury in two stories today – bad things happening to bad people.

    Milbury may be the more offensive of the two as he has a platform to express himself or at least try to. He makes jonesie seem somewhat intelligent by comparison.

    Leetch should be there to get some class to those broadcasts and get away from troutface.

  215. Also important to note that Latona somehow has an 18.5 game lead and sits atop the league despite all these devastating injuries.

  216. Nice goin’ Milbury.

    Thankfully that should be enough to get him off NBC/Versus.

    It was unbearable watching those two butchers ‘analyze’.

  217. Stranger….LMAO! thought the same thing…..that’s why we have out blog code words, but unfortunately, none rhyme with puckluck :) I think puckluck should be another euphemism!!!

  218. stranger,

    Iginila is probably better than Gaborik, but not to the extent that it makes the Rangers instant contenders. They go from an A to an A+ on the right side, but I’d like to see them improve the C-level winger they have on the 2nd line LW.

  219. 3.6% of the players in the NHL are concussed right now (26/750)

    Non-hockey fans are starting to use the NHL as a punching bag for violence in America.

  220. Will only get worse :)

    Ha, reading up on Milbury dealio….happened in Brookline. He’s screwed :) and they have video, apparently….

    NBC comment: “We are aware of the story and are gathering the facts. We will not have any further statements until we know more information.”

    meaning, we will not fire him until we figure out who can take his place quickly.

  221. This is the guy I want to see get a look.


    Marchessault leads the Whale in scoring since Zuc went down.
    Since going scoreless in first 5 games, he’s had a point-a-game since.
    Right-handed tricky little guy. Not afraid, and Gernander says he takes care of his D responsibilities.

    Remember the boost when we cut dead weight and brought up Hagelin? It’s that time again.

  222. I am just going to keep going on and on abut concussions:

    Change the rink size 200×94. Let’s do it. Let’s get a Zebra off the ice. Then let’s see if this concussion number reduces. Then, if it doesn’t, let’s look to bring back some legal interference and some two-line pass. We can’t let fighting be the victim. Not only is that annoying to us hardcore fans but it’s a sad, sad scapegoat that will NOT make a difference at all.

  223. Manny, that’s still a lot I think, but, agreed, it’s become the topic du jour. Maybe rightfully so, but hello, boxing? and those other bull carcillo “sports” like ultimate kill each other fighting…..

  224. Yup! It’s so true. No fighting in football but a similar amount of concussions and long-term brain injuries.

    I think you go 1.) ice size and then 2.) legalizing some minor interference and slowing the game down north-south but letting people play hard board-to-board.

  225. Manny, agreed again, to a point “We can’t let fighting be the victim. Not only is that annoying to us hardcore fans but it’s a sad, sad scapegoat that will NOT make a difference at all.”

    As Carp has noted, there’s legit fights and stupid fights. But, pardon me all, explain to me how a bigger rink is going to hamper fighting? I really don’t get that….

  226. Oh I am 100% with Carp and you on the staged fights. Stupid because that will be the fodder used for the anti-fighting lobby.

    Speaking of fighting – how does no one jump Backes last night the second time he knocked down McBust. I don’t care if the hit was clean or whatever. We are getting pushed around and the momentum (in-game obviously) is staying with them. Break it up!

  227. Rod
    what happened to Zuc?
    didn’t know he was injured

    i agree that with the bigger and faster players
    and the talk about wanting to let the skill shine in games
    they could and should make the rinks bigger

    in fact they could take out one row should widen matter by
    about six feet (i’m guessing here)
    and then just spread out the $ loss among the
    10-20 rows closest to the ice.
    better for players
    better for game
    money stays the same

  228. they need to get Dubinsky back. Last year was most likely the most productive he’ll ever be but he is still a 45-50 point player.

    Get him off the 4th line and put him back with Callahan…

  229. He was with Richards and Cally last night. Looked the same, Oleo.

    What he needs is to sit and watch. Stop playing video games, and start working on his game. Even dump his girlfriend just to be on the safe side. This could be her fault. You never know!

  230. Good point, ORR. We have not dumped enough blame for Dubi’s lackadaisical play on his girlfriend. Whoever she is she must be the problem. Look at that cowl neck sweater he was wearing in his 24/7 interview.

  231. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Dubi needs a new haircut and to ditch that cardigan sweater he was wearing on 24/7…he looks like a dork…so, thus he has been playing like a dork….

    26 is a tough age when you live in NYC and you are a millionaire and you play for the Rangers…right?

  232. Yes! NYR! Yes! He was dressed like a vintage fisherman from Alaska. Getting it done. It was the sweater AND the mustache that threw me. He just looked like he was going for too many things at once.


  233. NYR, I should have such trouble :) “26 is a tough age when you live in NYC and you are a millionaire ….”

  234. Well, it’s funny, NYR. I said something similar when I was mad at him and then I got really worried. Alaska has a REALLY high suicide rate. I don’t want to hurt his confidence as a result. We need to keep him happy!

  235. Rumor is that – Canucks, Panthers, Blue Jackets, Senators all in the Turris derby which should end in a mere few hours.

  236. as i posted before
    my problem with Dubi
    is his level of focus on the offensive zone

    he’s shown little desire to shoot
    or go to the net
    or be prepared for rebounds.

    doing any of these would be a step in the right direction
    to get him out of his goal-scoring slump.

  237. I think those problems are all confidence, jpg. He doesn’t want to shoot because he thinks he will miss the net. He is afraid to crash the net for rebounds and shots because he knows that it is only his defensive ability that is keeping him on the ice right now and if he starts getting beat on odd-man rushes he is going to ride that pine for a loooong time.

  238. eddie eddie eddie on

    MANNY – NO YOU SHUT UP …..The reason Avery didnt sit with the team at dinner is likely the same reason Callahan didn’t. Stemkowski noted on radio during the sabres game that his mom was down visiting, even brought cookies, and perhaps he had dinner with her….Stemmer also mentioned that Avery’s dad didnt make the trip….But maybe stemkowski was lying, trying to cover for avery…knowing how you jackwagons would perceive his absence during the restaurant scene in 24/7

  239. I mean I just don’t believe that Avery has parents. I thought he was a cyborg or embryonic baby.

  240. yes eddie, it’s a conspiracy. everyone’s lying for avery. avery was eating milk and cookies with his mommy. thanks for solving the mystery.

  241. I think someone said they rescanned the crowd and Avery actually _was_ at dinner. I still don’t buy that he’s “part” of this team.

  242. 24/7 showed Cally eating dinner with family

    thought i read that Avery’s mom came down for game
    and brought him cookies.
    now, if that didn’t make him some friends in the Rangers
    locker room
    i don’t know
    would work

  243. I agree with Gross that Dubi may have been the best Ranger last night.
    He just didn’t finish, but he had his season high for shots in a game and seems to be getting more shots lately. A lot of 0, 1, and 2 shot nights otherwise.

  244. JPG; Zuc? Ankle. Still haven’t gotten straight answer but heard 3-6 weeks initially.

    The full name is Jonathan Audy-Marchessault;

    His moniker isn’t bad for a hockey player;


  245. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on


    Zuccarello is day to day with a lower body (ankle) injury. To my knowledge, CT and NYR haven’t announced anything….nobody is sure that he will be out for an extended period….

  246. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    I thought Hagelin was, by far, the best last night….

    Gaborik wasn’t bad either….

  247. thought Hags was good last night
    and i liked Stralman — speed and shots on NET
    don’t recall him being horrible in d zone either.

    rest of team looked as if it stayed in eastern time zone.
    hope its passion and Hockey IQ shows up at baggage claim
    in phoenix tomorrow

  248. Brian Johnson?
    was he nice?
    would think/hope he would be?
    is he a small guy?
    saw him on That Metal Show
    and everyone there looked bigger than him

  249. Yes, the AC DC guy was really nice, he hugged my brother’s coworker, spoke w. a sexy accent, and is even shorter than my brother, and he’s only 5’10

  250. that’s good to hear!!

    when i watched him on tv i thought
    since he looks bigger than the other members of
    AC/DC then they must be Zuc size

  251. Tony
    that’s a major bummer

    will look for it right now
    resent it

    (or maybe i thought i sent it and didn’t
    it’s on the way…………………………………NOW)

  252. Tiki - Child Assaulter Boston Bruin Mike Milbury on

    Wooohoooo!!!!! The time on the story is 4:15 pm, Mama. It happened less than 2 hours ago!!! Yay!!!!

  253. Tiki - Child Assaulter Boston Bruin Mike Milbury on

    It was less than 2 hours ago, meaning how could everyone have discussed it already?


  254. Evening gang.

    It’s Friday night. This makes me happy beyond belief.

    What we discussing today? Who on the team to behead and/or trade?

  255. LMFAO doodie. “Let’s ‘Billy Martin’ Torts!”

    Bulldog- I know u posted it hours ago but thank you. I said weeks ago that once Rupp came back he belonged on a line w Prust and Avery.

    Idk what to say as far as Aves goes. I know this much though- EC sucks and theyve been worse with him in the line up. Seems stupid to continue to play him. And the more he gets played the more I have to wonder what the story is with his relationship w Torts..maybe he has incriminating pics of Torts being really nice to Brooks and Spector..

  256. Mickey! Sorry you had to watch that stinker last night. Did you have fun anyways! Check out the link I posted @ 5:22 – turn your speakers up.

  257. *Did you have fun anyways? That was supposed to be a question. The cold medicine is getting to my brain.

  258. It was no fun, that is for sure, Sally. Ugh. I sorta had fun. Been sick all week and was exhausted so I had as much fun as I could. Met some nice Rangers fans.

    OMG!! That is byfuglien hysterical!!!

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