Lots of cool stuff up for bids on Garden of Dreams telethon


Got this from the Garden today. It’s a great cause, as you all know:

Tonight, starting at 7:30 p.m. with the Rangers pre-game show, MSG Network will devote time during its Rangers-Blues coverage to a telethon to raise money for MSG’s Garden of Dreams Foundation – a non-profit organization that helps New York area children facing obstacles. During the telecast, MSG Network will hold an on-air raffle where viewers will be able to call in (212-465-3900) to purchase a $100 raffle ticket (of course, viewers are encouraged to buy more than one!). Once entered into the raffle with the purchase of at least one ticket, fans can win a number of great prizes, including signed memorabilia, one-of-a-kind experiences and game tickets (full list below). Winners will be contacted next week. All proceeds will go to help New York kids. You could get lucky and win a great Christmas or Hannukah present for a friend…or yourself! And at the very least, help a great cause.

1)      Signed Henrik Lundqvist stick

2)      Signed Henrik Lundqvist jersey

3)      Signed Brad Richards jersey

4)      Signed Marian Gaborik jersey

5)      Signed Ryan Callahan stick

6)      Signed Dan Girardi stick

7)      Signed Mark Messier jersey

8)      Signed Adam Graves jersey

9)      Signed Brian Leetch jersey

10)   Signed Ron Duguay stick

11)   Signed puck collection

12)   Two (2) tickets to the Winter Classic in Philadelphia

13)   Two (2) tickets to a Rangers game, plus a booth visit with Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti (February 25th game vs. Buffalo)

14)   Two (2) tickets to a Rangers game, plus a tour of the transformed arena with Al Trautwig

15)   Two (2) tickets to a Rangers game, plus a visit to the Hockey Night Live set after the game

16)   Four (4) tickets and a Zamboni ride for a child (January 12, 2012 vs. Ottawa)



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  1. 14) Two (2) tickets to a Rangers game, plus a tour of the transformed arena with Al Trautwig


    Oh wow. Hanging out with Mr. Snark, Al Trautwig the sleeze himself.

  2. My wallet’s out. But there’s nothing in it.

    if only I could get a dime for every Avery comment I’d buy all those things.

  3. Manny:

    what Federer did at the end of this year was pretty amazing. now if only they played the grand slams in doors and made them 2 out of 3 sets, he’d romp.

    but seriously, the guy is probably the best ever. just playing as well as he has in what is supposedly the twilight of his career against guys who are in their prime(s) is proof of that.

  4. they traded the Gomez jersey for a McDonagh jersey and No Gomez jersey.

    good to see firetorts hasn’t jumped off a bridge.

  5. Manny, I personally think that his tennis is dipping a little bit and he had the advantage in London that Murray and especially Djokovic nursed injuries but if you see his overall career he was probably the best ever to swing a racket…

    And from a personal standpoint there is proably a non other athlete more to earth than Federer who is billingual which is amazing. you see him conversating in three or more languages during press conferences and I always feel it sweet when he talks schwyzerdütsch !!!!

  6. Tonight I’ll be One from AZ.
    I’m soooo Byfuglien pumped for Saturday’s game.
    14 family members all in Ranger jerseys – ready to support the team !

  7. Tony, make sure the pictures of all 14 are on FB after the game. If you need some help to take pictures, hire a professional.

  8. Well, make sure you check his work, Tony.

    Before I forget, I’m watching DVR’ed game tonight. DO NOT even think about texting me during the game and asking how I liked that play, or that fight…Yeah, you know who you are out there :-)

  9. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    JD is going to have a shutout tonight…

    Grachev is going to have a hat trick and beat up Dubi….

  10. Yeah Ilb I know but I only want to listen to NHL live n o t to live games….

    Did they have changed that ??????


    That would be more than ridicolous !!!!

  11. Ilb I can probably can watch any of 1230 games in the regular season and the playoffs without any additional costs so why should I subscripe ???? hihihi…

  12. BlogMama, on your inquiry in previous thread:
    Liking art and science of languages let me try to give kind of legal Anisimov’s translation from Russian in well-known episode. His first sentence was pretty incomprehensible, because there was not one meaningful word, except recitation in random order: guy, who comes systematically to sleep with his mother, but not his father, some unknown and unwashed street girl who does certain things for little money and just for fun of it sometimes, than mentioned some abstract, genderless gay character, borderline pedophile and, finally, by unknown reason, (probably still in shock) looking at zebra like ref, mentioned random female dog, right after very rude mating with much bigger kind of species. Of course in Russian it was just 2 short enough sentences, but without any repetition. Nobel or Pulitzer speech it was not, but for who heard it, was more or less clear, that he was a little bit upset and confused.

  13. ilb.
    My genuine best regards and birthday wishes to very special Mrs.ilb., one of the nicest people I met lately. Happy 26 and many, many 26 more!

  14. someone should let Kevin Weekes know about the telethon… all the dough he saved on the cab ride could afford him few items…or not.

  15. a bit surprised by the lack of excitement here regarding Staal’s progress. dude seems to be making some good strides.

  16. Just watched the Rangers Flyers 24/7 on DVR and one of the many things that stood out to me, was the difference between NHL officiating and amateur officiating. The move by Callahan to try and even up his crosschecking penalty by grabbing his opponents stick and falling backwards, making it look like he was cross checked, is always missed by an amateur ref if the opponent does not let go of his stick. Good job by the “NHL” refs to not fall for it! Gotta love Dirty Harry Callahan!

  17. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Did St. Louis bring Grachev back – because they sent him down to the minors, earlier in the week. (Or is that a rhetorical – “trap” question?)

    Thus far, throughout December the Rangers have been carried by their power play, with under-productive scoring by Rangers forwards and D’s, relative to opposition scoring vs them. Can’t expect to win with just a superior power play (and it seems strange to link the words superior – power play – and Rangers in the same sentence.)

    Even strength goals decide most hockey games, or at least are much more prevalent than are PP goals. I am wondering how many hockey fans think the Special Teams play of the Power Play unit, plus the P.K. unit are most critical to a team’s success than are Even Strength goals? Because if there are any out there they are dead wrong, same as baseball fans who think the bullpen is more critical to success than the starting pitching are 180 degrees wrong.

    The need for superiority in the even-strength game is why the Dubinsky’s of the world are really going to have to step it up, if they are going to stay here, for the Rangers to have a serious chance of competing for the Cup this year with the likes of Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, and a Minnesota team which is sneaking up toward the top of the pack.

    The wake up call for the Rangers starts tonight. They either start getting balanced scoring (and defending) or there is going to be a sag in their fortunes.

  18. BBB:

    Agree mostly with your view of even strength play being the most important aspect of a team, but I’ll add that that power play success is important, too – especially in the playoffs when every team is at their best and going to shut down your even strength scoring. Penalty Killing is one of the more overrated aspects of professional hockey.

  19. Tony:

    This is definitely the most positive both he and the news surrounding him as been since he went down with the concussion. I’d like to see the guy put this episode behind him and have a long career free from the worries associated with something as scary as post-concussion syndrome.

  20. 4ever, LMAO!!! and where you been! miss you!

    ilb, I think 4ever handled the translation, thanks…:0)

    Tiki, Sauer is so first tier (from previous thread)

    Carp, are trying to rile me!!!!


  21. usually about a 50/50 split between PP and PK, and it’s a lot easier to kill penalties than it is to score power play goals, especially in the playoffs.

  22. Miss you too, Mama, dearly …preoccupied with trying to have a life per se…, spend some time on other side of our planet, etc.
    Besides, in random check, non-stop flow of oversaturated Avery vs. EC solution on RR, often leaves kind of dry, bitter or sour residue on my tongue and allergy overall, sorry…

  23. 4ever, I hear you….did you watch 24/7 though? this sounds very bryzgalovish…..”spend some time on other side of our planet, etc.” LOL

    mama love….let’s catch up….

  24. Great find BANJ.

    My wife just had a great point while watching 24/7 and re: concussions. Are these players tested upon entry to the NHL? Shouldn’t there be a baseline test to compare the final test with? As she aptly pointed out, many of the NHL players (ahem, Bryzgalov) seem pretty stupid so maybe when they are tested for concussions they fail the test just because they are stupid. Maybe none of them have concussions and they are just really, really dumb. It could be true.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If I am lucky enough to win the raffle prize featuring a booth visit with Joe and Sam, I will wear an ice wrap on my groin.

  26. Yea I take it back, ORR. Forget about Paige Roberts a/k/a Paige Richards. Go for Andie McDowell JR. Her mom was in awesome movies!

  27. care to weigh in on the sexiest Ranger discussion from earlier?

    my contention is that the ladies love Hank and Dubinsky more than any other members of the team.

  28. Johnny, it’s European.

    Don’t get too excited about Staahl until they say he’s cleared to play. You’ve seen what happened with Skidney. And progress doesn’t necessarily always go in an upward arrow with concussions. It can be a roller coaster for him.

  29. Jimbo I am sorry running late but I watched the whole 24 7 stuff again !

    What is a HAM ?????????????

  30. Kevin Bieksa from Vancouver scores the first goal of the night…Hopefully one of many more to come especially in St. Louis :)

  31. No problem, Buff – but since you asked, it tells me that you’re not one!

    HAM, in this case, means “Amateur Radio Operator” – I asked because the way you showed laughter (“hihihi”) is the way radio amateurs used to express laughter when they were communicating via morse code…

  32. no no Jimbo I have no idea about that…in german you write once in a while “hihihihi :)

    Had a short look into the Mausoleum, The Stars leading the Isles 1-0….seems to be Fox Sportsnet the Dallas feed :)

  33. Satuno presents Columbus vs Los Angeles a very bad picture at all :

    I always asking myself the who the …. needs a hockey team in Columbus ?:)

  34. Oh! OK, Buff – I understand – yes, HAM radio guys use lots of weird signs and signals to communicate – I’ve spoken to many German HAM operators over the years, too, incidentally.

  35. Lloyd, as we (by that I mean maybe just the ladies) have discussed here before, the Rangers have always been the best looking team in the league (not withstanding those who wreck the bell curve every now and then)

    So I can’t really rank, and some are tied for different reasons…

    But, since you asked….

    Obviously, Sean/Hank, then Sauer/Boyle, and everyone else….Not gonna rank beyond that here or with you!

  36. There are *lots* of sports fans in Ohio, Buff – but I would have thought that Cleveland would have been more of a “fit” for an NHL franchise, though – they had a WHA franchise there in the early 1970’s.

  37. Bob the Builder on

    I know its for a great cause, and it has great prizes, but $100 is just more than I can spare.

  38. mama:

    wow, no Dubinsky at all…shocking.

    have to admit I’m a bit surprised to see a lummox like Boyle rated, too. and is Sauer popular with the ladies, too? didn’t anticipate that one, either.

  39. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    LW3H – Absolutely true, the PP and the PK units are inverse components of the same entity. That was my reference to Special Teams, which is a combined look at both units, both for production and for opposition production, as well.

    So that Special Teams refers to the Rangers PP goals scored, and opposition goals scored vs. the Rangers. Also to Rangers P.K. unit effectiveness, and opposition P.K. unit effectiveness vs. the Rangers. And I am not talking about effectiveness “percentages” here, I am talking about goals scored and allowed by both units. On the basis the Rangers need more even strength offense because if the PP goes back into the tank, they do not appear to have enough fire-power to pick up the slack. At least not so far in December, which is just a small sampling, so hopefully they will start to turn that situation around.

  40. Lloyd, why should a Rangers player not pular with the ladies ???:)
    especially if it fits the imagination of a good bank account which is very often very import for the other gender ! I am sorry for my honesty

  41. An austrian scores for the Islanders ! I am sure Glen would never tolerate an austrian on the Rangers team ;)

  42. What’s wrong with Austrians?

    I don’t want *anyone* of any nationality scoring for the Islanders…..

  43. oweiah.. I mean popular..I need to stop talking now..we are coming very close to 2 am in the morning now !!!!!

  44. Jimbo we Germans teasing always the Austrians :) trying to make jokes about them as they do about us !!!!!

  45. Mama, Bryzg just demonstrated that he could be a very RR guy – excellent example of gibberish (jibberish), pseudo-philosophical type, trying to show his so called “human” side instead of others “just hockey” related convos. Shallow, but different, isn’t it?

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