It’s Go Time!


Game 29. 8 p.m. starter.

Ya boys have lost three of five, though one was in a breakaway competition that was held after the hockey game ended, and though they haven’t played particularly poorly in the last two losses, which sandwiched two consecutive wins.

They begin a three-game trip, with stops in such heavenly places as Glendale, Ariz., Saturday and  Newark Tuesday.

Same lineup tonight, which means Henrik Lundqvist in goal, and Sean Avery and Tim Erixon prucha’d. Erixon is headed back to the Connecticut Whale if the other six defensemen come out of this trip healthy.

On a side note:  J D, clap-clap, J D, clap-clap!

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  1. Lloyd, from previous thread..

    Sally would disagree with me, of course :)…hey you asked for my opinion…you’re entitled to think otherwise, but if you do, you’d be wrong :)

  2. Spanish laughter is jajajajajaja. Example: “Jesus Gómez, cero goles. Jajajajajaja. McDonagh, Gaborik, Prust y Nó Gómez. Jajajajajaja. ¿Dónde está Michael Busto?”

  3. Jeez!

    Is it possible to turn on the game after a hard day’s work without having your strings pulled about one charity or another?

    Not for the evil empire. It’s how they to convince you they’re not evil.

  4. There is no reason to send Avery down. While there is no reason to play him on the road against St. Louis he is still a valuable player especially against the Devils, Islanders and Flyers.

    Those are the games where Avery plays his best…

  5. Tis the season to manipulate your audience?

    That’s always in season for Cablevision.

    I want hockey, nothing more!

    If I see that girl driving the Optimum van yelling hello to everyone I’m Elvising
    my new flat screen!

  6. okay lets try to find a good stream otherwise its a bit stupid to be awake until 2 in the morning :)

  7. from previous thread…
    Mama, Bryzg at least has demonstrated that he could be a very RR guy – excellent example of gibberish (jibberish), pseudo-philosophical type, trying to show his so called “human” side instead of others “just hockey” related convos. Shallow, but different, isn’t it?

  8. Between the endless charity pleas and now the unbelievable hyping of the evil Knicks franchise return, MSG has been nearly unwatchable lately…

  9. i wont miss pronger at all. hopefully crosby is next. i wish them well but them not on ice benefits the rangers.

    lets go boys. need bounce back win

  10. No worries guys, they have checked my blood picture today in the ambulance and they seems to be perfect so I am ready to go even at 2 am in the morning ;) maybe until to 4.30 am :)

  11. Also, goalies in a hockey, like R’R drummers – should be a little bit crazy. Comes with a trade…

  12. Good night, Carp!

    Mama, what would I disagree with you about?

    4eva, loved it when his kid blocked the shot with his head, and Bryz gave him a high five.

  13. Gotta give Carp props on that one, Jim.

    think of it everytime I see it.

    They do know that song isn’t about, you know, basketball. hahaha……

  14. eric,
    pls., don’t be so gleeful about others, – bad karma, we have two of our own in God forbid same situation.

  15. oh my bad english..its the place I need to go when I am not based in hospital to be under control..we say it in german Ambulanz…:)

    Bless my soul :)

  16. OK, Buff – when I read “ambulance”, I think of an emergency health situation – glad that was not the case!

  17. jimbo

    baby doing better been home from daycare for two weeks. hopefully monday he goes back. still has double ear and bronchial infection but slowly getting better


    staal for me is out of mind. i dont expect him back

  18. _Penalty Killing is one of the more overrated aspects of professional hockey._

  19. Errr………..OK, ORR – yes, I saw the Exorcist – I think I’d prefer the sexy version, though – but maybe not here and now! ;-P

  20. no worry Jimbo I feel very good at all, I could even play hockey if i would be able to skate :)

    but come on I need a stream now…I take pride that i always get the sporting event on the computer it doesnt matter if its soccer, hockey or tennis all the time :)

  21. OK, eric – sorry that the little guy still has the infections, but glad that they’re getting better!

    LGR!!! Where’s Mickey!?

  22. lol @ the dude in the background of the picture MacDowell’s daughters. It looks like he’s trying to keep his tongue from falling out of his mouth

  23. Buff

    Actually, it does work. You need to quickly hit the “X” in the top middle of the small tv screen before an ad comes up, then click the bottom right thingy to put it to full screen, so you can watch ad free

  24. >>>It looks like he’s trying to keep his tongue from falling out of his mouth

    Who can blame him? I’d be the same way!

  25. Sally, that I didn’t have Dubi on my top hottie list :)

    4ever, LMAO!!!

    the rest, xxxxwhatever…back to game….

  26. Tiki:

    Kind of sad to because the guy has to be in a bad way for them to rule him out until fall 2012 in December 2011.

  27. The Pronger news is disturbing…

    Stahl could have a set back…but he is, so far, doing alright and should make it back…

    I have a feeling Sauer might not be so lucky and will make news soon too :(


  28. looks like the rangers are right on schedule from the past few years, get off to a good start and than in the middle of December through January and February play mediocre hockey, than turn it on the last few weeks of the season to fight for the eight spot.

  29. Lloyd, it is sad. It must be serious. I always think of Prong as the premier NHL defensive defenseman

  30. the team looks dead….something worth noting: Torts hasnt used a timeout for the purpose of kicking the team in the assen this season yet…..he did that several times in prior years… reason?

  31. I forgot that game, eric – but they have been tough on us for awhile, even though in league standings, they have sucked….

  32. if you know the rangers well they play terribly the two weeks prior to christmas every year.

    remember when they blew a 4 goal lead to caps and captain clutch had is famous quote

    i wont let it ruin my christmas

  33. islanders leading 2-1 against the stars yet the rangers couldn’t score a single goal against the stars, pathetic.

  34. Maybe these concussion guys have to take at least a mandatory year off and see what happens after that. Wonder what the NHLPA would think of that.

  35. I mean, Hank took that shot to the shoulder the other night – it wouldn’t have been a crime to start Beer-On in this game…

  36. Can we please shoot the puck. Please. Shoot. Elliott gives up rebounds. Shoot and crash. Shoot and crash.

  37. Are we gonna make Cass Eliott look like a Vezina winner tonight like we did with Backstrom the other night…?

  38. I really doubt the reason why the rangers aren’t playing well has to do with avery out of the lineup. Avery was in the lineup when they lost to the maple leafs and the lighting. It’s like clock work with this team the past few years. They get off to a good start, than the injuries start to creep in and they play mediocre for a few months and than have to play all out to fight for eight spot. Hopefully that won’t happen this year but it’s been a trend with this team for several years now.

  39. Czechthemout!!! on


    The only one who is delusional is you with your Avery hate. I don’t love Avery. I just appreciate the fact that the Rangers are a better and tougher team to play against when he is in the lineup.

    I wish that wasn’t true,but it is. Plus the fact that he is just better than EC.

  40. Czechthemout!!! on


    True. But Avery was also in the lineup when they won 12 of 14 games too. But I guess that is just coincidence.

  41. One bad period in St. Louis. Let the panic begin here. I am sure this will be all be on Torts and EC (because neither were on ice for the goals). Good to see Torts DOES NOT have favorites as he benched Richards and his captain after two soft defensive shifts led to goals.

  42. What a terrible period of disinterested hockey; the Rangers deserve to be behind. One line playing okay with a second not bad and 1 defensive pairing ok.

    Tortorella had better wake these guys up….

  43. let’s not assume the worst with Sauer until we hear some kind of news on him, please.

    Looks like it’s gonna be a long night..

  44. >>One bad period in St. Louis. Let the panic begin here.

    Plus the previous three periods against Dallas. Panic in New York!

  45. Game’s not over.

    Hank’s upperbody is stiff, you can see it.

    Thought it’d be Biron all day for some reason.

  46. No, Czech, you’re delusional, because you think Avery, one 4th liner, would change this game.

    Yeah, the winning streak, and the “Avery record” is all coincidence.

    ~~> Delusional Avery Lover <~~

    I don't hate Avery. I just don't view him like the delusional Avery lovers do. Sorry, by me!

  47. I’m surprised that the goalie didn’t attack Kane after that goal because he showed him up so badly! I mean, if Artie’s act can cause such consternation, what about the Kane move…? ;-D

  48. See, Brich gives up the two goals with very soft defensive coverage and it’s Dubi, Boyle, EC, Prust’s fault. Right! Makes total sense. Ugh

  49. it’s not just this game. I didn’t like the way they played when they lost to the lighting, maple leafs and stars and now this period, not good.

  50. Carp: Disagree – what’s obvious to me is something you point out frequently: No snarl and therefore, no passion. If the Rangers want to be a contender, they cannot wait for the other team to get nasty – they need to initiate that element when they are being outplayed/out-muscled.

    And by that I don’t mean gooning someone – I mean going to the net hard and taking guys out extra hard. I saw several instances where the Ranger player either turned away altogether from a hit or softly initiated body contact. To me that’s because they haven’t come to play with much passion.

    If they don’t wake up, a loss is looming…

  51. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! December 15th, 2011 at 8:40 pm
    I think if Avery played, the score would probably be….2-0….
    Sure Orr and I’ll star in a porn flick tomorrow. What is iT about Avey Haters who don’t understand that the team plays better with him in the line-up. Maybe most of the players with the exception of Christensen like him in the lineup and feel that Tortsh-t is treating him unfairly. These players are not stupid. What’s the team’s record with him in the lineup without him in the lineup; that’s what really counts. Hey Tortsh-t it’s about the team and not your SELF ESTEEM.

  52. The cameras are definitely not helping our team. The whole storyline is the hot flyers versus the slumping rangers.

  53. somebody who DVRd 24/7 do me a favor. go to the restaurant scene and use slow mo or rewind or whatever and tell me if No. 16 is the only one other than Callahan not at the table with the teammates.

  54. 6 minutes into the 2nd and no change from the Rangers. Missed passes resulting in icings are indicative enough for me of that….

  55. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Let’s not play Avery anymore coach – that could put a spark under the team and improve its chances of winning. Better to go down passively with Dubinsky.




  57. Carp: That’s cool – let’s see how this plays out. I certainly am not happy with their start in the 2nd period.

  58. Good job by Ken Hitchcock to ensure the interview with JD could happen in a seven minute stretch where absolutely nothing happened on the ice.

  59. Tough to play against a team that’s this physical, executing this well, and clogs the neutral zone. Result: icings, missed passes, and it looks like effort. you should know by now that this team doesn’t lack effort even when it stinks.

  60. LOL…if ONLY the Rangers fate was dependent on whether or not Avery is in the lineup. Ahhh…I wish my life was that simple!

  61. Should the Clown be playing instead of EC? Yeah, probably should be. Would his 3-4 minutes of ice time change this game thus far? Nope, probably not.

  62. I’m not saying it’s because of his skill or leadership, but this team wins more and plays better with Avery in the lineup.

  63. Carp Your problem is you just don’t like Avery. Do you have stats with him in and out of the lineup. Keep what clean, Carp.

  64. LinCalStepahlahan on

    Carp, any chance of a live chat on Tuesday? I may be home recuperating from some surgery I am having on Monday lol

  65. Czechthemout!!! on


    Ok I’ll try just once. In team sports, there is such a thing called chemistry. You can’t explain it or pinpoint it. The bottom line is with this group of players Avery adds to the chemistry, EC takes away from it.

    That’s it if you can’t understand that than I can’t help you. Sorry.

  66. Carp: I see your point, but respectively disagree. The Rangers are slumbering, although I do concur it’s not because they don’t care.

    9 – 1 shots for the Blues in the 2nd, 11 – 5 scoring chances overall.

    And look at the pile-up in front – when the Rangers are on their game, opposition players are knocked on their butts; tonight (and against Dallas) the Rangers are poking at the puck.

    Wake up boys….soooon….

  67. maybe torts should call a time out and explain to the ranger players that to win you actually need to score goals by putting the puck in the oppositions net.

  68. I’d like to thank the Rangers for making it clear I could go to the store and do some xmas shopping tonight. Two games in a row with hardly a sniff of anything.

    Boys need a wake-up call. Maybe the HBO cameras have them all thinking they’re stars.

  69. Carp Avery marches to a different drummer which you and Torts—- don’t understand. Maybe the players understand that. Because they don’t dine with him what does that mean.???????

  70. LOL! That’s insanely dumb, Czech. Doesn’t surprise me.

    So, Avery, on the bench, pretty much, is making this team play better, because he adds to the chemistry, as opposed to EC, who’s also on the bench, is taking away from the chemistry, and making them play worse?

    Ahahaha! And you say *I’m* a moron??

  71. if the rangers dodnt score this period it will be over 120 mins dating back to florida without a goal

  72. lone, I think I have a slightly better feel for the dynamic between the players than you do being around them quite a bit. I’d bet you a steak dinner that more players like Pee Wee than Avery. Seriously.

    and you know that I think Avery should be playing over Christensen.

  73. Nothing worse than Anisimov thinking he’s the next coming of Sergei Federov. Painful.

    Man, it’s starting to get embarrassing out there.

    Are the Blues really that much better than us?

  74. Czechthemout!!! on

    It’s no stretch Carp. The best hockey this team played was with 16 in the lineup and Torts rolled
    4 lines capable of scoring, speed , and physical play and jam. In the last two the team has been morbid. 16 is out of the lineup in the last two. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is.

  75. Oh please, Joe Micheletti, dont start talking about children’s body parts. Even though you want to, refrain…

  76. Another popgun offensive showing tonight – as eric said, we’ve not seen a Ranger goal in a *LONG* time now…

  77. Carp “Two sloppy Turnovers” now that’s hypocrisy. Why do you have you resort to a misstatement when you don’t make sense. You’re like all of Canada and the refs in the NHL. Like you never heard that expression before. Avery’s paid more that a price for what he’s done and still can’t get any justice. Let he without sin cast the first stone. Shame on you.

  78. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, I never felt more like singin’ the blues
    ’cause I never thought that they’d ever lose

  79. Czechthemout!!! on


    Ok, I tried. That’s that. Yes you are a moron when it comes to hockey. You should stick to something you do better than anyone else on this blog does and that is coming up with snarky nicknames for the players. That really adds a lot to this blog.

  80. Hey, who the snot is this lone dude…slagging an entire country…


    Here’s a word from Canada: SHADDUP!

  81. no, in my opinion, Czech, Avery has nothing to do with good chemistry. I give him credit on a few different levels. But chemistry is definitely not one of them.

  82. ugghh, richards can’t miss the net there!

    all right, got a little bit of juice going into the third

  83. Since you have such insight, in your estimation is there any political disagreement between Sather & Torts.

  84. Rangers should some fight late in the period. No reason they can’t tie it up in 3rd and get the charity point. Guess Coach Avery came down from the press box to fire the team up. UGH!

  85. i don’t want to get involved
    but can’t help it.

    i LIKE Avery.
    i WISH him well on or off the ice.
    i DON’T think he’s the worst nastiest player in the league.
    i DO think he can contribute in a positive way when he puts his mind to it.
    i DON’T think this team is looking this bad because he’s not on the bench.
    the team IS/WAS coasting for much of this game and not outskating/outmuscling
    the blues.

    the end

  86. I am officially on team Strahlman. That guy is looking to shoot the puck. I am not excited because he’s a “d-man that brings offense to the table” I am just excited because it’s someone desperate to get the puck to the net.

  87. Good point, ORR. Richards and his stick have no chemistry with each other. He should start putting it in his bed with him while he sleeps.

  88. >>>Hey, who the snot is this lone dude…slagging an entire country…


    Here’s a word from Canada: SHADDUP!


  89. *LIN* surgery!? GOOD LUCK. We are all with you in e-spirit or whatever is the best capacity we can.

  90. lone, OK, that’s three consecutive comments you’ve directed toward me that I have no idea whatsoever of what you’re trying to say.

  91. Czechthemout!!! on


    I believe Avery does. The record with him in the lineup is proof enough for me.

    I guess will just have to agree to disagree.

  92. spot on jpg, but that argument doesn’t fly in here. there is no middle ground or grey area allowed when discussing Mr. Avery.

  93. Jimbo…

    ‘Carp “Two sloppy Turnovers” now that’s hypocrisy. Why do you have you resort to a misstatement when you don’t make sense. You’re like all of Canada and the refs in the NHL.’

  94. Am I missing something? Is there an English comprehension problem here? If you have something to say to me, or ask me, please do so. If you want to throw riddles at me, I can’t help you.

  95. agree that Stralman
    is looking better each game.
    he looks faster tonight
    and is getting decent shots on net.
    too bad that our players aren’t paying
    attention to rebounds as well as other teams.

  96. LinCalStepahlahan on

    Thanks Manny. I’ll ask them to play the Rangers Victory song when i’m in the recovery room lol!!

    Carpy, once again I will ask.. please get the tech gurus at lohud working on an ignore feature!!!! ;-)

  97. LinCalStepahlahan on

    Monday morning! I figure they’ll be knocking me out with versed sometime by 9 lol. Should be a fun time lol.

    SONSABEACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTB

  98. geesh…appropriate crappy start to the 3rd to ensure what seemed obvious for most of the 1st 2 periods….

  99. Carp, that 3rd Blues goal also falls under the “epidemic” of goalies goin down too early and for no reason, huh?

  100. And really, I’m no Avery fan (at all) but really why on earth does Christensen get dressed and never play? Especially when you consider the big run recently enjoyed occurred with 4 lines being played relatively regularly?

    And another example of no passion? No PP for the Rangers. You draw penalties when you outwork the other team.

  101. DuckBill PLA-t-pus on

    i think some of you fine folks may need the byknockulars, Dubinksy has been skating much better of late.

  102. Lundqvist has always been weak on shots that ricochet over his shoulder after the puck being flung against a player’s body by a D-man’s hand. The whole league has the book on him by now.

  103. And the Blues winning 3 – 1 and Backes, who’s pounded Rangers all night, gives the stick to Richards.

    Run this dude please. Hard and high.

    Suspect, however, given the passionless play from the team overall tonight, that won’t happen.

    I really really love Prust, but shake my head at the many stupid fights he has – it’s this sort of crap where I want to see him run someone in retribution.


  104. Mama

    jpg’s sister says hello

    we all miss you to
    hope we can make it your way in 2012
    (if Mayans aren’t correct)

  105. i’ve joined the “sit him down” club but I think if they do it, it’s gotta be for more then 1 game, 2-3 games(imo)

  106. alright,
    i’m tired of this
    send Dubi and Prust upstairs
    for a game or two
    to get the message

    put Rupp and Avery
    or even a call up
    and see what happens

  107. Dubi does seem to have “The Higgins Syndrome” at this point – he can’t hit the net no matter where he shoots the puck from…

  108. I cant wait until Joe Micheletti goes to prison one day for one of the many crimes he’s likely committed.

  109. Dubi
    needs to understand that he needs
    to pay attention to what’s going on

    he takes a shot or watches one taken
    and then acts as if the play is over
    and coasts along as if he’s gliding to the bench.


  110. exactly, Jim. This is where he should be fighting. I’ve always said, Prust would be a more effective player if he was more of a jackwagon or bully, especially since he does get opportunities to play against the opponent’s better players.

  111. OK, here’s the chance to get angry – Blues 27 elbow to Christensen and then a punch. Time to respond.

    Ohh…surprise! Surprise! None….

  112. My gosh, stand up for yourself, Christensen! The guy looks like he should be playing in a women’s league.

  113. EC at least went to the net

    though i would have been happier if McD took
    the shot and we would have been waiting for a rebound
    (of course, Rangers waiting
    to jump on a rebound is
    something we’re going to
    have ask Santa for
    this Xmas)

  114. DuckBill PLA-t-pus on

    Orr, you might be write…im open to sitting him for one game max, but I have faith hill that he will turn around (No Bonnie Tyler)

  115. Carp: It’s also on the coach to put Prust out against Backes on the next shift. He doesn’t (or shouldn’t anyways) have to tell Prust what to do – putting him out against Backes the very next shift should be suffice.

    Meaning it’s also on the coach to recognize and respond.

  116. yea but when you have the game pretty much on ice why would anyone even think about dropping gloves with Prust

  117. They look lifeless out there. After the 3rd goal against, sometimes you just know it’s not your night.

  118. Thanks Jimbo! Really, JBytes! WTB???

    OK, so, this isn’t our best night….trade everyone? Nah…..

  119. Yeah, agreed Christensen responded demurely….that alone for me, puts him in the pressbox next game.

    Then again, I don’t understand why this dude is even on the roster anyways. It’s not like this guy is like 23 and developing. He is who he is and it’s not gonna change. Of course this pending loss is not his fault but really what value does he have, shoot-out or not?

  120. again
    no one in front of the net to whack at rebounds.

    what the hell is WRONG with these guys?!?!

  121. I’m not happy about the night, but woywhatever….I’ll panic Saturday, when Tony will be in the Yotes house representing the blues!!!!

  122. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    NYR are you blaspheming the Pope by calling him Mr Ed? lmao, i’ve called him squirrel and modano2 for a while

  123. in games that we’ve won
    we either went after the rebounds
    or didn’t need to because we moved fast enough
    and took
    better shots.

    on a night like tonight
    we need to stop coasting
    and go for rebounds
    but they’re not

  124. And all this damn gushing by Rosen and Shitiletti about how wonderful Elliot is – yeah, well, let’s see how amazing this guy is come March and come next November.

    Blah blah blah….

  125. to make this night much MUCH
    we’re going to have to relive
    this night on 24/7

    opening scene
    Girardi getting knocked on his

  126. OMG, more meek responses by the Rangers – this team now well into Funk City. Question is how deep will they go before they find the city limits again???

  127. another west coast team
    another one in the loss column

    is this what we have to look forward to
    with realignment?


  128. I guess it was inevitable that one of those ex-Devil pieces of carcillo would score a goal on us tonight….

  129. >>wait…demurely? who said that! that’s definitely +5

    Jim won the Post of The Day Award for that one.

  130. New York Pancackes!!! This team sucks a big one, they were outplayed by Leafs, Stars and Blues. They looked like boys playing against men – I wish for ones those f@gs – Micheletti and Rosen say like it is – Rangers sucked – backed away from contact all game.

  131. It was fun while it lasted, but we will be battling for 7th/8th place when all is said and done.

  132. Another one of those games where I just get down on my knees and thank God for the brilliance of John Tortorella

    And we get the great Mike Rupp and his 9 points per year back on Saturday. The team needs another lumbering fourth line forward with no hands or skating ability

  133. Interesting that the Rangers shots. for the most part, were from the perimeter, which has been the curse of this club more often than not for the past 5 years.

    And don’t discount the fact that in the last 6 games, the Rangers have lost 4. This dubious fact is kinda lost in the luster of the Rangers outscoring the opposition 10 to 2 in 2 wins that are sandwiched by a pair of losses each.

    The next couple of games, IMO, are lining up as very important. They are 5 points out of 9th after all….

  134. Tough loss. It’s a rough December schedule with 15 games in 31 days. Losses will happen. They still have won 6 of 10. Tied for 4th with Pitt with 2 games in hand. 3 up on 6th seed Tor with a game in hand. 5 pts up on 6-9 with games in hand on all of them. Not exactly panic time! But of course, on this board where “fans” complain about the team after a 6-1 win on Sunday, I’d expect the call for Sather, Torts, and Half the lineup. I’ll wait to see a stretch where they have won less than 5 in 10 games before I get concerned.

  135. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    the zaniness of this blog… team hits a patch of turbulence and some people are on the ledge

    next week when, and yes i said WHEN they beat the devils, isles, and flyers, you’ll be in love with them again! oy.. stock up on the alcohol and ben and jerrys kids…

  136. They have been shooting the pucks lately? They completely outplayed Buffalo and Florida this past weekend. Guess those games don’t count cause they won! They had previously won 4 straight road games. It happens!

  137. Torts’ll be a barrel of monkeys tonight.

    They’re hitting the wall, legs are gone, there, then gone.
    Lot of games this month.
    They were never cohesive to being with, so it looks even worse.
    Still missing parts. Time for reinforcements. Rupp makes one.

    Christensen can never play for this franchise again. Not that he ever should have.

  138. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    its like a bunch of chicks on their week!!!! sure they looked lackluster, but they are NOT gonna look like gangbusters every night, and anyone who thinks they would is just delusional!!

    half of you guys whined for 2 years to get Richards, and now he’s here and some are beeching about him? HOLY HELL IN A HANDBASKET! start your new years drinking early please

  139. Here’s the newest members of the hot two goal club that Dublowsky is not a part of….

    Mason Raymond – 2 Goals
    Drayson Bowman [who?] – 2 Goals
    Harry Zolnierczyk [who?] – 2 Goals
    David Perron [missing half his brain] – 2 Goals

  140. This all occurred a few weeks ago, but it’s the first time I have seen it reported on, so there you go. Also: Kate Upton. Duh.

    According to a report from the New York Daily News, New York Rangers pest Sean Avery got into a bit of a Twitter back and forth with gorgeous supermodel Kate Upton after she attended a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 29. The following day, Upton received this message from Avery on Twitter:

    @KateUpton since u couldn’t stop looking @HLundqvist30 last night now u can follow him…….#sorryhesmarried

    Uh, zing? The fact that tweets from Sean Avery’s Twitter account ( @iamseanavery) are protected may be part of the reason why this story took two weeks to surface, although I’m surprised no one noticed Upton’s brilliantly snarky response to the hockey player’s barb on Dec. 1:

    @imseanavery Weren’t you supposed to be focusing on a game?…at least we all agree I wasn’t staring at you.

    ZING! Sean Avery, you sir, just got served. Brilliant Twitter smack talk work by Miss Kate Upton. Talk about an ultimate burn. There have been no indications that Avery attempted a witty retort to Upton’s superb comeback, but it’s probably for the best that he didn’t even bother. The gal is out of his league, in more ways than one.

  141. Where’s Sean when we desperately need him? Oh Sean, how we miss thee…

    Rangers would have won 7-2 with Avery and Devaux in the lineup.

    Brandon Dubinsky is now a bigger problem than he/it was a month ago. We need a problem solver. Slats? KHL?

  142. Tonite was more a flat out flat, no-mo kind of night.

    But their underlying weaknesses remain.

    They’re a speed demon short, and a right-handed sniper short.
    Wait-and-see on Stralman as a point man but I’ve liked everything I’ve seen from him.

    Hate to say it but lack of production from Dubi and Boyle really starting to hurt.
    Feds and Prust are off last year’s pace as well.

  143. 4 of their last 6 is a slide

    Mike Rupp is 4th line forward who puts up 9 points a year. Rangers have enough of those guys already.

  144. More reason to not panic. They are still 3rd in NHL in GA behind Boston 61 and St Louis 63. We have allowed 65.

  145. Let’s hear the Avery lovers spin on that one.

    “Ohhh, Tortasmella must have read the twitter feed, and now, just because he’s talking to supermodels, he’s making him suffer by sitting him out. Ohhhh. Fire Tortasmella”

    Like that?

  146. Hey Lloyd, you don’t like Rupp cause he was a Devil, I understand.

    But he’s barely played for us. Can he, maybe, play?

    The guy is 6-5/243 and can hurt people.
    We need some nastiness, get the blood flowing.

    And he’s had a 13-goal season. Plus, there’s no one else right now.

  147. They have not lost 4 out of 6. As long as they give a charity point it’s not a loss. They gained a point. 2-3-1. If you make the playoffs by a tie break like last year, that OT loss not so much a loss. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10 which is still only topped by Phily (red hot right now) and Boston. Not exactly much to complain about, but of course the “fans” who claim to love this team will still find tons to bash about their own team. The same way they did when we won 2 straight this weekend.

  148. and I agree Lloyd, we do have enough of those guys.

    Fedetenko needs a good kick in the ass.

    Prust scored some big goals last year, he’s had nothing.
    The 2011-12 version gets too much ice. Add Dubi & Boyle and its almost half the forwards.
    No good.

  149. I am relatively new here – let me get this straight: I totally get the concern/rules about cussing and about personal slags about each other.

    But is there an unwritten rule against being negative/venting/criticizing the Rangers? I am assuming it’s not explictly disallowed, but certainly it’s frowned upon.


  150. I’ve watched Mike Rupp for a long time. He’s a basically in the same mold as Boyle: a large man who plays small. Has no hands, is a poor skater and a mediocre shot. Not a reinforcement on this team by any stretch.

  151. Time to send Duby down, he’ll come back up a goal scorer, hopefully. He really needs some confidence, he is getting worse. He’s not getting the big bucks to just kill penaltys.

  152. Again, what’s exactly not good? The 4th seed. The 3rd best defensive team in NHL. The 3rd best in East +19 goal differential.

  153. Torts and I can’t wait until SWIFT Mike Rupp plays in Phoenix on Saturday and we go on a long winning streak. Man can he fight. ummmh getting late. Ah such subleties in the word CHEMISTRY

  154. me too Lloyd, remember when he was a rookie.

    Point is, is he better than Christensen?
    I’ll assume an unequivocal yes. So that’s one improvement.

    We’re snarlier at least. But we can’t even recall Zuccarello right now.
    Torts benched Mitchell for a long stretch tonight.
    That’s another guy not exactly lighting it up.

    If Gabby, Richards, Step or Cally isn’t scoring, we got problems.

  155. Rod, Lloyd has it in for Rupp because he’s going to cause Avery to go back to Connecticut.

    … even though I think Christensen should be first to go.

    Did you hear this guy Ben who called Boomer and Cockroach and said Sean Avery is one of the best players in the game.

  156. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    first, Rod, your daytime Sean A thon comment was gold

    Carp, you should not have said that.. Czech and Orr are gonna go at it again!

  157. By the way, I hate to say this, but I feel less sorry for Chris Pronger than other guys with concussions because he’s sure caused a few in his time.

  158. I’ve heard Boomer encourage the Avery-ites; not the first time I’ve caught him saying something dumb about the NYR.

    Surprises me a bit with his background and how many games he attends.

    Then again, a lot of his interceptions surprised me too.

  159. >>But is there an unwritten rule against being negative/venting/criticizing the Rangers?

    There really isn’t. It’s just that some people take their negativity/whinging/second-guessing to another level. Rangers could go 81-1 and those folks would see it necessary to analyse/critique that one loss. A lot of those people think they know how to play the game better than the professionals who get paid million to play it. They think they know more about the game than they actually do. Those are the folks who grate on some nerves.

  160. I just asked Siri if the Rangers won today. She replied, “Sorry JBytes, I don’t understand.” Oh well!

  161. So, does Beer-On play on Saturday? Not that Hank was awful in this game, but since his shoulder was hurt, maybe it would have been better to rest him tonight.

  162. >>>Carp, it’s made me think ‘you live by the sword you die by the sword’

    I feel the same way – I always got the impression that Pronger enjoyed causing pain (and possibly injury) to opposing players, (kinda like Scott Stevens) so when he was on the receiving end, it’s like, “well, there’s some for you, big guy”….

  163. >>By the way, I hate to say this, but I feel less sorry for Chris Pronger than other guys…

    Actually, I don’t feel sorry for him AT ALL. In fact, I rejoiced at the news. I have no respect for him as a player. I would despise him even if he played for the Rangers.

  164. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “I would despise him even if he played for the Rangers.”

    Kind of like Lindros and Brashear?

    Thanks Glen.

  165. To all you guys who says Rangers outplayed Buffalo and Florida – yes they did and they will outplay teams like that! The problem is with big, tough, in-your-face teams they do not have the compete level. I hated how they reacted when Bolts went after Anisimov – they stood around like scared sheeps, and this was the case in this game. So no Rangers are not winning it all this year cause the team is not willing to go toe to toe physically with these teams and last year they did…. What changed????

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