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Courtesy of the Rangers:

December 13, 2011 (Game 28, Home Game 13)
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York

Team Notes:

–        The Rangers were defeated by the Dallas Stars, 1-0, tonight at Madison Square Garden.  After two scoreless periods, the Stars’ Trevor Daley tallied the game’s only goal with 4:59 remaining in regulation.

–        New York is now 17-7-4 (38 pts) on the season, including an 8-3-2 record at home.  The Rangers’ seven regulation losses are tied for the fewest in the league.

–        The Blueshirts held the Stars scoreless in two shorthanded situations (4:00), and have now held their opponent scoreless on the power play in four straight games (16-16, 100.0% over the span) while tallying three shorthanded goals during the stretch. The Rangers’ penalty kill is 26-28 (92.9%) in the last nine games.

Player Notes:

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 27 saves and is now 12-6-4 overall, including a 6-3-2 mark at home.  He has held opponents to two or fewer goals in 14 games this season, and is now 10-3-1 with a 1.84 goals against average, .936 save percentage and one shutout in his last 14 games.

–        Brandon Dubinsky was credited with a game-high, four hits and won 3-3 faceoffs (100%).  He now ranks third on the team in hits (71), and is tied for second with a 52.0% faceoff winning percentage.

–        Brad Richards led all skaters with five shots on goal, and led all forwards with 23:34 of ice time while facing his former team.

–        Michael Del Zotto and Steve Eminger tied for the game-high with three blocked shots apiece.  Del Zotto now ranks third on the team with 45 blocked shots on the season, while Steve Eminger ranks fourth with 38 blocked shots.

Post-Game Quotes:  

–        John Tortorella on tonight’s game… “We played hard. I thought as far as the zone time we spent quite a bit of time in their zone. But I still don’t think we generated enough offense. We had some really good chances, three or four of them, but certainly not enough sustained.

Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game… “I think they sat back pretty well.  Their defense was sitting back and they kept moving the puck backwards, and drawing us in and then attacking us.  It was a bit back and forth that way, but at the same time I don’t think we got enough pucks in deep, worked them that well.  When we started to do that, we had pressure, we had chances.”

–        Brad Richards on the power play… “We had a couple of good looks, where lately those pucks have been going in.  It’s just not enough -we didn’t do enough to get that goal to get ahead.”

Team Schedule:

–        The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, December 14, is 2:00 p.m. CST at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the St. Louis Blues on Thursday, December 15, at Scottrade Center (8:00 p.m.), to begin a three-game road trip.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. Mickey, you need to do something outlandish that will make the camera operators home in on you – hold up a sign or something – make like you’re at Mardi Gras if you have to, but get on camera…

  2. I love Torts.

    A+ for saying Hagelin did the right thing on the “charging” penalty.


    Dubinsky can still end up with 20+ goals. Dubi has Jedi powers….he’s able to make plays from his belly better than anyone else in the game…that’s skill….

  3. Lol I love it here. Listen, they aren’t going to win every single game. it was their 3rd in four nights. They were flat and they couldnt solve a goalie they aren’t familiar with. Games like this happen over an 82 game schedule. Have the cooled off? maybe a little bit. But don’t rip them apart like they’re in 9th place trying to make their way over .500. They were a point out of first overall in the East going into tonight’s game.

    Woywitka made a bad play. You can’t murder the guy over it. He’s been surprisingly strong for us most the year. Del Zotto same thing. Dubinsky is doing a lot of little things. True. But for a guy who just signed an extension and is getting 4 million bucks a season he’s regressed a little too much offensively. If this is all he has to offer for the majority of this season and beyond they can find someone much cheaper to do it. I still say he comes out of it. He just needs to hurry up and do it before the organization runs out of patience

    Dangerous couple games coming up against more western teams. They need to go right back to it

  4. No, the effort wasn’t on par with the other night but like BRich said the Stars kind of lulled them into a slower tempo. I thought they lacked focus more than effort.

  5. Just back from the game, was nice watching it with fellow’ bonehead- CCCP.

    Haven’t gone through all the posts, but how many of those we had suggesting that we should fire Sather for hiring Tortorella, who failed to put Avery in the lineup, who in turn would’ve had a hattrick?
    By the way, “We want Avery!” chant originated from around where us and were met with mostly “Byfuglien idiots!” response.

    Dallas played an excellent road/ defensive game. A loss is a loss, but the Rangers didn’t play a stinker. Those loses will happen.

  6. I bet Betts is is pretty peed that the Rangers never offered him $4.2 million to do what he already does and what Dubinsky is doing.

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    “fire Sather for hiring Tortorella, who failed to put Avery in the lineup, who in turn would’ve had a hattrick? ”

    NOW you’re talking!

  8. OK, gang, White Christmas is on so I am off to watch that and hopefully get some sleep tonight.


  9. I’ve largely thought NYR aren’t nearly as good as this happy little stretch we just had.

    Next dozen games could be rough; St. Lou, Yotes, NJ, Isles, Flyers, Isles, Caps, Panthers, then Flyers, Panthers, Penguins to start the New Year.

    I thought Hank should’ve been off tonight, and whaddayaknow, Souray almost cripples him.

    Good news is Girardi was under 25 mins for 2nd straight, Stralman was up to 16 and looked fine, better than fine actually.
    We get Rupp back probably Saturday, but that’s all the help there is – and still not nearly enough to be considered elite, no matter what TSN Power Rankings or anyone else says.

  10. my conclusion about tonight’s game: John Tortorella is just a great coach who even when the Rangers play like absolute crap still clearly did everything right. this, like every loss the Rangers have had since the hiring of John Torotrella, is clearly the fault of every member of the Ranger organization that isn’t named John Tortorella. if the Jack Adams could be handed out in early December, let’s be real, of course Tortorella would get it. in fact, if you could hand out the Jack Adams every day, John Tortorella would have won it for about the last 950 times.

  11. I wonder what the withdrawal symptoms are for that, NYR!

    How aboot the Kings response to their coach getting fired, and their GM ripping them publicly! A 3-0 shutout! Maybe Stevens shouldn’t get too comfy in that head coaching job!!

  12. Yeah “We want Avery” chants were pretty immature and dumb…just as “EC you suck” chants. Some jackwagon right behind us yelling it none stop.


    It was nice meeting.

  13. This is one of Sather’s favorite times of the year to make a deal, after the 20-game mark but before the deadline.

    We are going to have to send someone down when Rupp’s activated, likely Avery (though in fairness, it should obviously be Christensen who gets a turn this time).

    It’s been real quiet on the rumor front. Ducks are 1-4 since they hired Boudreau.
    Ryan’s had 3 goals/4 pts in those games.

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t you people see it?

    Hate Avery? Who got him? Sather.
    Hate Tortorella? Who got him? Sather.
    Hate EC? Who got him? Sather.
    Hate Dubinsky? Who got him? Sather.
    Hate Woywitka? Who got him? Sather.

    Go to the source. Hate Sather!

  15. The best thing would have been if John Tortorella put on a uniform and scored 7 goals like we all know he can.

  16. Stranger Nation on

    Tough to win when not scoring. On goal a ranger was interfered with and on a second look, who is it? Of course, Dubi getting knocked down and creating the open ice.

    Dallas seemed much bigger and we never got physical until 3rd.

    New line – dubi, boil, EC – ha!

  17. whenever they lose I get mad at the backwards passes in there own zone instead of the easy out and always looking to pass in the offensive zone instead of just shooting the puck on net. worwitka made a horrible clear in there own zone and boom goal.

    the rangers had 30+ shots but not many great shots.

    boyle and dubi and prust do nothing offensively. prust fighting each night accomplishes what???

    if they had staal, woywitka who has been pretty decent would not have been out there to do his half ass clear weak pass jsut out of the zone…

  18. yeah but you know who the real star of the Woywitka play was? Brandon Dubinsky getting tossed to the ice. dude is just making it happen in all facets.

  19. in all fairness, dubi was interfered with….how can u say he “fell” or “created open ice” a Star hit him and fell on him….it shouda been a penalty…especially after that bullcarcillo call om Hagelin and the earlier interference they called off the faceoff where dubi was interfered with…..refs missed that call, shouda been a PP but wat r ya gonna do?

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Strahlman had some nice rushes.
    Hags is the motor. Skates like a buzz saw, fun to watch.

    Hank almost broke collarbone. Now we see why Souray cannot score, not on net. That shot crushed Hank. Trying using your glove, it’s only on the end of the arm connected to your shoulder.

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Vibz – agree he was interfered with, but refs letting Stars do that, for the most part, all game. Dubi cannot get knocked down and play knee hockey on that play.

  22. Ok, the game was no one’s fault we just couldn’t find the net, plain and simple but I do agree that we need Avery in the lineup. The game seemed like it lacked energy and we all know that is what Avery brings to the table.

    Christensen is useless. I remember when he was on the Pens and I used to think his shot was the most underrated in the game, he lost all his confidence and there is no use playing him.

  23. Richards was at the far blue line and Mitchell had gone for a line change with Woywitka having the puck -the weak clear lead to change of possession before Cally could get on the ice

    quasi-interference on Dubi by Morrow, took both out of the play, essentially leaving Stars with a 3 on 2

    I blame Al Trautwig for asking Woywitka some dumb question during intermission

  24. Tonight’s game would be a good example to use against the new realignment plan. Even know as I said before, I understand why it’s more fair for the Western teams and as a Rangers fan it’s kinda selfish to complain about 6 road games that are normal commutes for the average person when there is nothing like that in the West. BUT! This is going to be the one issue about non conference games. You will have games where there is no hatred.

  25. This one is for you CARP… The problem with the skills competition and it’s effect on the standings. The Devils have 9!! regulation wins (by the way that’s 7 less than us) and are in the 8th seed 2 points and 3 spots ahead of the Caps with 14 regulation wins. Seems really unfair that the skills competition counts the same as a 4-0 win.

  26. If they’re going to play games like that, and call penalties like that, and eliminate fighting and pretty much all hitting, then yeah. By all means, let’s just have 60 minutes of breakaway contests and this way everybody will be on their feet the entire time and go home like happy idiots because there was no tie.

  27. Carp – I don’t like the shootout but I don’t hate it either, because basically I didn’t love ties either. Teams won’t play for 2nd point on most nights and OT will be just as boring. But I do think the point system to me is an even bigger reason to get rid of it. Unfair a 3-2 shootout counts as same win as 5-1. Maybe they should try 4-4 for 5 and then 3-3 for 5. And then if they can’t get a goal in those 10 minutes, then I guess a tie is fair.

  28. I would be even more willing for ties if they put more emphasis on regulation wins. 3 for reg 2 for OT 1 for OT Loss/Tie 0 for reg loss. Then teams would go for that 2nd pt in OT to try to catch up to teams that got 3 points that night.

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