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No pre-gamer with John Tortorella because he addressed the unwashed masses after the morning skate today. This is standard procedure. It’s always one or the other.

So no new news, really. Same lineup tonight, which means Sean Avery is prucha’d (unleash the blog traffic) while Erik Christensen gets a sweater again.


And since some of youse brought it up on the earlier thread, re: watching the Winter Classic en masse, here’s a message from Blogmama:

Hey all, Mama here…On Jan. 2 for the Winter Classic, we have some out-of-town heads in town for the holidays, and we’re meeting up in NYC for the game. Care to join? Place TBD based on number of RSVPs. E-mail me at TA!

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  1. Haven’t figured out the cut and paste on my new iPad yet Jlone, so passed on the repost :) I saw you though!

  2. Wick, from previous thread, I’m with you. I don’t think they should suspend the idiots who purposely turn their backs and put themselves in vulnerable positions. But I would be in favor of either A) making that a minor penalty just like diving; or B) removing the protectiion of the hit-from-behind/boarding call. They put themselves in that position, they’re responsible for the shot they take.

    Plain and simple. Within a week, nobody will be turning his back any longer. Just like the old days. Back then, you didn’t dare turn your back because you’d be in the third row. So you braced for the hit or got the byfuglien out of the way.


  3. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    LOL! Sorry for the rant in the last thread! Never been so happy for a *new post*

  4. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Wick and Carp…that’s what I meant by the following, in the last thread:

    “What happened to being aware of who is around you when going into the corner… with your head on a swivel (not fishing for a PP)?”

    What I meant by that was players seem to put themselves in the vulnerable positions on purpose to “fish” for power plays….

  5. I really think with a few tweaks Hockey can be self-policing. Part of it is just making a player responsible for putting himself in a stupid, vulnerable position.

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    In college, tennis players call their own lines……NHL should adopt a similar policy…no effin refs or linesmen

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    Rod – we must be watching different ranger hockey…i think Avery has been a great team mate this season and the cliche that the Avery haters have latched on to,,,,the me ,me, me ,me…to me…is just a cliche…

  8. Right on there Carp.

    Another thing never mentioned with regard to concussions.

    I was looking at equipment last night. The new stuff, the elbow pads and shoulder pads, are ridiculously over-sized & rock-hard, I don’t know if it’s kevlar or what.
    Crazy compared to what used to be worn, which were basically small plastic caps and padding.

    Add that to guys head (or chin) hunting, the avg. size of guys going from 6/180 to 6-1/200, and some of the rules you mentioned, and you got yourself an epidemic.

  9. stranger nation on

    EC is marginal at best, but I would rather have a youngster up from hartford than him in lineup. When they called up Mitch/Hags the team went on a run. Torts playing EC maybe just keeping his head in the game, getting Aves ready for the Rupp return so it is not a Rupp/Aves issue.

    would understand Devo over Aves (size/protection) more than EC. Just do not like his game at all – (and Wusskie = a poor man’s Nedved)

  10. I would like to see Bel Biv Deveaux come up. I think he had a tough time finding the middle ground for how to use his size without being a detriment to the team. Honestly, his suspension didn’t hurt the team at all so I think he should get another chance at being a size guy. I would take him over Christensen and I wouldn’t mind him platooning with Avery. Honestly, Bel Biv is 27 so it’s not like he “needs to play daily” in the AHL to find his game.

  11. Good evening all!

    Thinking of staying up watching the game tonight, but not sure now that Avery’s not playing…

    …or not.

    When is Rupp taking Hagelins spot?

  12. Nice to.have competition for spots this year.(good competition)
    Some one moved Avery’s cheese this week.

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