It’s Go Time!


Game 28.

The end of the first period is the one-third mark of the Rangers season.

Ya boys on a two-game winning streak, playing their fourth game in six nights. They have points in 16 of their last 19 games (14-3-2). They are 8-2-2 at MSG.

Brad Richards plays his 800th NHL game against the team he left as a free agent in July. Henrik Lundqvist in goal. Same lineup, which mean Sean Avery is prucha’d.

Just thought I’d mention that the Giants beat the Cowboys 37-34 Sunday, in case any Dallas fans are stopping by. Pretty mature, huh?

Also, the NHL wimped out, showed no stones at all, on the Steve Downie thing. I just wanted to mention that again.


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  1. don't Stepan my blue suede shoes on

    Carp, you mean the game tonight is between the NY Rangers and the Minnesota North Stars by way of Dallas.

    like the Maple Leaves vs the Kansas City Scouts by way of Colorado Rockies by further way of NJ Debbies.

  2. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – a few minutes ago Don LaGreca on ranger radio just gave a crosby update….have you heard anything since *THAT* update?

  3. does anyone know where i can watch the game on the internet. im stuck in class and the rangers are way more important

  4. ORRsy,you better watch out your gonna be a fat 26 year old with your b&j’s and cookies and donut diet plan!

    tighten up those clamps homeboyeee!

  5. Well, channel is open, cant wait to get things under way……
    it stated “the game starts soon” ……for me not soon enough :)

  6. HageLinCalStepanLahan on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and morg is correct, that’s a pretty interesting flavah

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  8. Carp, please dont refuse to get interviewed in between periods by the Dallas Crew, I want to hear anything positive from the Rangers :)

  9. Rangers got some skating legs right off the rip,thats always nice to see!

    theme of the night for me,nice, it seems!

  10. BYFUGLIEN!!!

    Center Ice is only showing the dallas broadcast
    at least i have Rangers radio broadcast

  11. Rangers look like they’ve been shopping all day
    and having an eggnog lunch.

    just a little zigzaggy

  12. HageLinCalStepanLahan on

    FIRE SATHER {{{{{OLGA}}}}}

    Yea, ORR, I think there are 4 that are only available at Target.
    Heath Bar Crunch and the coffee one are good also

  13. HageLinCalStepanLahan on

    Carp, GameCenter doesnt give me commercials or Rangers intermission anymore, but I know exactly what commercial you’re talkin aboot and YES… ASSHAT

  14. i didn’t have a complete problem with
    Dubi passes to man open in the middle
    he wasn’t at a fantastic angle
    he should be getting ready for a
    possible rebound.
    Hockey 101

  15. Hey all, just got home and am going to watch the game from my favorite position…collapsed. In case you missed this in last thread, fyi…

    On Jan. 2 for the Winter Classic, we have some out-of-town heads in town for the holidays, and we’re meeting up in NYC for the game. Care to join? Place TBD based on number of RSVPs. E-mail me at TA!

    And LGR!!!

  16. I DID IT!!!

    but now with all these posts and no one
    else around it’s beginning
    to feel a bit

  17. Apparently so Manny.

    Good Lord, this is a snoozefest so far. I’m exhausted enough that the game might put me to sleep.


    If you can’t go for the puck there then you just have to GIVE IT UP.


  19. so dallas broadcasters basically said that
    goalie knew what he was doing.

    now goalies are going to come out and just get smashed
    for the helluva it

  20. THAT IS EASILY THE WORST CALL I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Hagelin didn’t touch him! Their own man hits their idiot AHL/ECHL goalie who came way out of his net like a nutjob. Then Hagelin, of course, gets punched.

    Fire that ref. Immediately. His kids get NO Christmas gifts because their daddy is an IDIOT

  21. Dave Maloney was flipping out about the call
    but kept away from the 7 words you can’t say on radio

  22. That call was easily worse than the call by Jim Joyce that cost Gallaraga the perfect game. I am so unbelievably mad.

    BWAHAHAHA. Carp – buy that man a drink. I will mail you the ca$h to pay for it. He deserves it.

  23. It might just be because I am hungry or because I have had Zero drinks yet today but man oh man I am REALLY angry about that call.

  24. I’d hate to say it but I cant wait for the start of the Knicks season just so they can stop playing that commercial where they butchered the Marvin Gaye song.

  25. This has been a pretty fair season so far, even some games where we get the better of the referee calls. Dont worry, that’ll change in the playoffs if we make it there.

    The call was bad, but all it did was give a power play.

    The worst calls of the season happened in the home opener when the referees stole 2 goals off the board when Cally was in the crease, but didnt do anything wrong. When you take goals off the board, there’s no worse call than that.

  26. yes JB
    cindy had a primanti brothers sandwich
    Big Fish i believe
    enjoyed it
    washed it down with a couple of coca colas
    digesting comfortably

  27. whether it’s just coincidence
    or done purposely due to video work
    Rangers keep shooting to goalie’s right
    and it’s not working


  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    On ranger radio, Girardi was interviewed and said that the first few weeks after torts was hired…..the coach kept calling #5 Joe as well….and no one dared correct him…

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    beauty and the beast (AKA beauty and the TORTS) was better…..Beast needed to love and learn to be loved…classic story….

  30. Straight from Don VanMassenhoven’s Wiki page:

    Before he became an NHL referee, VanMassenhoven was a police officer. During the 2004–05 NHL lockout, he was a car salesman in his hometown of Strathroy, Ontario.[2] He grew up a fan of the Boston Bruins, and has been very vocal about his distain for the New York Rangers

  31. Czechthemout!!! on

    EC looking good! Certainly the better choice over Avery.

    Oh, great call by the refs on the Hagelin penalty. Just shows the quality of the officials in the game today.

  32. so wait!
    stars goalie is named Richard Bachman?
    in other words
    Stephen King is in goal for stars.

    we should have 8 goals by now!
    he’s got a bum leg!

  33. Is it me or does anyone else feel that Prust is fighting these days just to stay in the lineup?

  34. Prust

    i just don’t get it.

    no need.

    Gabby and rest of team needs to stop being so cute

    Maloney: Ranger team has fallen in love with the fact that they scored 10 goals in
    previous 2 games.

  35. Who gets benched when Rupp comes back? It cant be Hagelin, he’s shown great promise in his time up, it would be foolish to send him back down for Rupp

  36. btw Prust fighting when we are up 4-1=stupid,Prust fighting in a 0-0 game=trying to spark the team,plus like Carp sez,he just loves fighting!

  37. Czechthemout!!! on

    With every shift, EC proves the wisdom of Tort’s decision to bench Avery in his favor a wise one.

  38. Someone tell Al that Nystrom was put on waivers by the Wild, not Flames. He went from Houston in the AHL to Minnesota to Dallas.

    Uh oh, Henrik. This is why the Rangers should have grabbed Souray, right?

  39. “Good idea by Dubinsky!”

    Too bad you dont earn points for ideas

    Avery- 3 goals

    Dubinsky- 1 goal

  40. Dallas broadcasters are at least being reasonable and unbiased with their commentary on the poor calls by refs/linesmen – even when the calls go in their favor.

  41. Czechthemout!!! on

    What a shift by EC!!!!

    He shot wide from point blank range.

    He also blocked a shot in the offensive zone.

    And he fanned on a pass to a wide open teammate.

    He clearly belongs in the lineup

  42. How much longer till Christensen plays with 0 interest in this game because he has world class talent?

  43. Barry
    what are you talking about?
    this game is becoming perfect for EC
    looks at moment like it’ll be a 0-0 tie after 3 period
    and ot
    and then skills competition of
    EC TIME!!!!

  44. If all non-conference games are going to be as thrilling as this one, then re-alignment can’t come soon enough.

    Groin issues.

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    the look on jerrah jones’ face as jason pierre paul george john and ringo blocked that kick was priceless

  46. EC will have 0 interest from this point on until the 65:00 mark of the game.

    THEN it’s EC time!!!!

    We need an EC time theme song. Any suggestions?

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    during ist intermission interview ec said that hags totally deserved that 1st period goalie charging call as he sucker charged the goalie

  48. EC has two blocked shots in the offensive zone. Actually, this game is almost soft and passionless enough for him to do something.

  49. yes ORR!!

    if Avery was playing (and i do like him)
    he’d have a hat trick by now
    and set up Dubi for 4 more goals

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – go stick your mug in a bowl of ice cream and dont worry about what we post….

  51. What are the chances that Broduer gets his 1st goal of the season before Dubinsky gets his 2nd?

  52. That Trivino story is sad. He’s been in trouble before and it’s a shame, he has lots of promise. Yet, speaking as a BU alum, I’m pleased with how they’ved handled it so far. That wouldn’t have necessarily been the case in my day. Wonder what Isles will do

  53. hopefully the rangers are saving there A game for the third period because they haven’t shown up for the first two periods.

  54. does this win the award for most boring game of the season thus far? ilb, CCCP, and Doodie picked a great game to go to.

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    orr – i get the feeling you only care about busting balls whenever avery’s name comes up…

  56. uh oh. when youre putting on the brakes and reaching out with your stick, you are bound to get in trouble.

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    (B)oor – i have been a ranger fan since before Avery was born, and will continue to be one long after he is gone….and while he is on the rangers – I want him and the team to do well….i know its beyond your comprehension, but many of us think Avery adds to the team and gives them a better chance to win…..

  58. zzzzz….zzzzzz……zzzzzzz,huh whut oh nil nil still? meh..zzzzz…..zzzzz…..zzzzz,huh whut EC wins it in the skillz comp?,meh……

  59. ThisYearsModel on

    Bo-ring. Dallas is playing a very good road game. This is the ind of game we have typically lost. Let’s see if we have changed.

  60. HageLinCalStepanLahan on

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh you guys! focus on the dudes who ARE playing instead of making 75% of the game thread about a guy who’s not! Unless its prucha lol

  61. Well, this game wasn’t worth staying up for. But since i’m already 2/3s in, guess I can be bored for another 20 mins. Who needs sleep anyway…

    Lev, Carp’s right. With that contract you can’t trade Dub1, unless there’s someone out there making as much and scoring as much….

  62. HageLinCalStepanLahan on

    half of this fan base is gonna kill themselves when he’s not on the team next season.. oy vey lol

  63. This is how we’ve been making other teams feel.

    Dallas’ D is a real pain, sticks n legs everywhere, then the guy in net.

    Dubi’s night for an ugly goal? It can’t last forever.

  64. Czechthemout!!! on

    As a big Dubi supporter, I am shocked at his total lack of offense this year. And the sad thing is that he is not as usefull to the team as EC is. After all, EC is a shoot out machine. He is an incredible 0-3 this year!!! And EC is bigger monster than Eminger or Cally when it comes to blocking shots. EC leads the team in offensive zone blocked shots. In fact, he might just lead the entire league in that category. All in all those stats don’t tell the whole story of EC’s brilliance and importance to the Rangers. To watch him play is all you need to appreciate just how passionate and talented a player he is!

  65. im sure there’ll be a team that will take him, probably a West Coast team. It may be hard, but he’s not untradeable.

  66. Dubi with two big hits that shift. please let it start something. I want him to get into a fight, get fired up!!!

  67. Again, Boyle has to drop the shoulder and drive the net sometimes there. He always settles for the backhand from a bad angle.

  68. HockeymanRangers on

    I thought Stralman could of had a goal but he didn’t dare to move up that close to the net where the puck was just sitting there.

  69. I never understood that. If a centerman takes a face-off infraction, but loses the draw, why do they re-drop the puck? It just happened, and Dallas won the second face-off, and got a decent shot on net.

  70. Czechthemout!!! on


    I have been watching the Rangers probably before you were born. In fact, my first game at the garden was the night Eddie Giacomin came to the garden as a Red Wing. I have followed this team and the many players that have played for them for almost 40 years now. Sean Avery is but one insignificant player who has played for this team. The point you miss is not so much about Avery as it is the never ending EC experiment. The other point you miss is that Avery is a much better player than EC is.

    Don’t worry about what I post. Why don’t you follow your own advice and just watch and root for your team.

  71. Oh, good for you, you watched NYR before I was born.

    Like I said, who cares aboot Avery, EC, who’s in, who’s out. Root for the fuggin team instead of complaining.

    Dublowsky gets a pass, because he’s a total disappointment.

  72. What I like about Stralman are his outlet passes in the defensive zone, they’re deliberate, accurate, and are good decisions.

    Dont know if anyone read the story, but the AA celebration was actually a tribute to one of his deceased friends from the KHL Lokomotiv team. He promised himself when he made the NHL that he would do the same celebration as his friend from the Lokomotiv team.

  73. Czechthemout!!! on

    EC is very heady too. He is adept at not skating to the red line when it is three feet away and shooting it in for an icing. Not many players have that type of talent. Certainly not Sean Avery.

    Right Orr?

  74. Czech, I don’t care aboot Avery or EC. They’re both 4th liners.

    Focus on the game! That has to be the fifth or sixth post with EC and/or Avery in it!

    Lin, I hope she gets one! Anything to drive that team to last place!!

  75. eddie eddie eddie on

    czech – that first game back for eddie eddie eddie was a sunday afternoon matinee game….NBC game of the week…..and my eyes welled up with tears as the crowd roared EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE…wow…that must have been a special memory for you EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE

  76. Stralman has a very nice, hard, accurate shot. I would like to finally see him start on the 1st PP unit. Cause we all know Del Zotto still has a hard time hitting the net.

  77. wow, this game needs something if only to help you all retract your claws from each other! meow!

  78. Olga Folkyerself on

    I remember watching that game EddieX3. I couldn’t believe they just gave Giacomin away like that.

  79. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dubi is probably feeling the weight of that contract around his neck and its tightening like a vice……he seems to be a good kid and is trying to live up to the expectations of all that $$$$…and it is killing him inside…

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    Barry – its what i think….this contract pales in comparison to the last on and he feels it….

  81. Czechthemout!!! on


    Yes it was a very special game for me being that it was my first time at a hockey game.


    When you stop posting about Dubi I will stop posting about EC and Avery.

  82. Barry, Torts, like most professional coaches, manages with the safe moves. It’s easier to explain to the media if Girardi, a veteran defenseman, makes a mistake on the power play and it leads to a short handed goal. If he goes with an inexperienced rookie at the point on the power play and it costs us a shorty and a game, then he has to explain that to the media. Going the safe route.

  83. Ugh. 4 seconds of sloppy stupidity and we’re sunk! Woywhatever = Bench for a bit.

    We can always count on Dubinsky to tie it up!

  84. bad clear by Wowitka
    (another Panic Clear)
    then both dmen in no man’s land
    and Cally
    not getting the man down the middle


  85. At least Bachman is making himself look like a Vezina candidate and not us doing it for him. Looks more like an NHL’er than a pretzel maker.

  86. No-no pass by Mitchell across middle of the ice led to that goal.

    Really Tiki?

    That’d be a nice twist to that story.

  87. a few of the rangers loses this year have been brutal. They don’t show up. This will be another terrible loss.

  88. Stralman not shooting
    like all the other cutesy plays tonight

    we deserve to lose.

    hope we squeak out a point or two
    but bad bad bad

  89. How dumb is the “We Want Avery” chant after the goal? Do you think, down 1-0, late third period, that there’d be a snowball’s chance in hell Avery would see the ice?

  90. Can’t really say that they didn’t show up tonight, tomg. Isn’t their best effort, but it hasn’t been a total stinker.

  91. these types of loses really piss me off. It’s not like the team who has beaten the rangers out played the rangers. It’s more like the rangers didn’t show up to play. These loses can really hurt you in the end especially the rangers since they’ve been the ones battling for the eight spot.

  92. Not sure what Richards was doing that entire final minute. Giving away possession the entire time.

    Ah, we got beaten by Stephen King, a bostonian. Cant say Im surprised.

  93. The coaching staff should keep Boyle, Dubinsky and Del Zotto on the ice and take target practice at the net tomorrow for 5 hours.

    Its pathetic how badly those 3 players miss the net and miss it often.

  94. Bad day at the office. Forget it.

    Dallas played great D, it makes teams look stupid.

    And our offense ain’t all that to begin with.

  95. not sure if you go to games, Barry, but if you watch pregame warmup, Del Zotto can’t hit the net then either. misses most of his shots from the point by 5-10′

  96. Czechthemout!!! on

    Well I must commend Torts for his wise choice is putting EC into the game tonight.

    He added passion,forchecking, deft passing, timely blocking of shots in the offensive zone and a tremendous amount of jam! Just what this team needed. And his teammates fed off of his energy tonight!

    Certainly without question he is the first, second, and third star of the game tonight. And I also think his teammates will show their appreciation for all he brought tonight by giving him the broadway hat.

    Great job EC!

  97. HageLinCalStepanLahan on

    Flavah needs to get rid of his extreme case of Higginsitis IMMEDIATELY! SHEEEESH!!

  98. That was a lame, disappointing loss. The Stars did not look great, the Rangers could and should have willed their way to a home win.

    One thing to be said, though, about this being a better team than in years past: the Rangers look much, much better in first and last minutes of the periods, and in the first minute after a goal. Used to have real letdowns. Though the end of the 3rd tonight wasn’t great.

    Time for Avery to get back in the line-up. Just ’cause.

  99. the rangers are still not a good offensive team. The rangers are inconsistent in that department and is why they lose games like the one they lost tonight. Another ranger stinker.

  100. What.The.Byfuglien!?

    I’m out to do some Christmas shopping, and they can’t score a single byfuglien goal!? Send Woywitka back to Hartford, the Bastid….

    I was listening to 1050 ESPN – was the one goal a weak one? I’ll bet it was – an exceedingly weak one?

  101. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Fans be damned. They can chant ’til they choke.

    What matters is that Torts is the only big (dysfunctional) personality in the room tonight. If the coach is happy, we’re happy… or else!

    Soon he’ll have peg-leg Ruppster and Whirlpool Wolski back in the lineup with the versatile EC. All his “better hockey players” like the first golden weeks of the season. Then we’ll have real excitement.

  102. Dont worry, Dubisky’s going through one of those streaks that he has a few times every season.

  103. They let this piece of zhitnik team with a rookie goalie beat them? Great, just stinkin’ great….

  104. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lover boy is back in the lineup for the next game, in favor of Dublowsky or Boyle.

    Should be interesting to see who’s in and who’s out when everyone’s healthy. Then there’s MZA…

  105. HageLinCalStepanLahan on

    Orr, he got hurt pretty badly last game. I thought i heard he was out like six weeks. I could be wrong

  106. just saw they changed to the scoring on the Dallas goal……….Woy-whatever now gets the primary and secondary assists

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – that was a sad time for rangers fans and it lasted up until the 78-79 season. The cat felt after the playoff loss to the Isles in 75 the rangers of the early 70’s had shot their load and itches time to clean house.

  108. I think snippy is called for when you get shut out at home by a team with a rookie goalie and a popgun offense – and using the old Devils trap system….

    I couldn’t watch the game, but I refuse to believe that Dallas’ defense was that good….did the NYR play a lazy game? It sounded like it on the radio PBP…..

  109. HageLinCalStepanLahan on

    don’t rip each other apart over who’s in and who’s out of the lineup!

    Have a sizzling Wednesday everyone!!

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    (b)oor – given how personal you are with the players’ names and their looks, me thinks you doth protest about who has the girl crush… Is it buttchin you dream of? Or dublowski? Maybe Sean makes you all a flutter

  111. Sorry but most of you are idiots. One loss and you’ve lost your mind. Avery is a non factor they’d be better off cutting him and stop this silly debate. There is a reason why none of the other 29 teams will touch him. Dubinsky will finish the year with more points than Avery’s best year.

  112. Dubinsky’s just going through a streak? For a quarter of the season?

    Guy’s needs a change of pace. Like sitting in the box kind of change. Like Hartford so he can “build some confidence” in his game, like everyone else they ship over there.

  113. Bogosian – 1 Goal

    Latendresse – 5 Goals

    Eddie, reading was never your forte, which I’ve told you countless times. There’s a big difference between my Dublowsky posts and your Avery posts. For example, my head isn’t glued to the ass walls of Dublowsky, whereas yours is glued to Avery’s. It’s simple!

  114. I wouldn’t say they played a lazy game. They had 34 shots and held Dallas scoreless nearly the entire game. You don’t normally get 30+ shots and shut a team out for 55 minutes by playing a lazy game. The effort was definitely there (imo). If not for one Woywitka turnover we get a point and possibly the bonus point.

  115. Let’s talk about something less inflammatory, shall we?

    Some jerk stole a baby Jesus from a church’s outside nativity scene. Tell me, what kind of asshat does that?

  116. Shut out by a no name goalie. This may be a much better team than years past but damn some things never change

  117. Folks want to blame Woywitka for the “turnover”. But to be fair, Woywitka did clear the zone and while his teammates did nothing to prevent Dallas form gaining the zone no one picked Daily up. The guy received the pass and had time to walk in and score.

    So to me, whoever was on the ice for the goal as a whole, it’s ALL of your faults.

  118. Czechthemout!!! on

    Another anti Avery troll calling himself rexx has come out of his hole to pontificate on something he knows nothing about, hockey.

    You see troll, I happen to love Dubi and what he brings to the team as a player not just with his stats but also his intangibles. Avery has scored 48 pts in the season he came to the Rangers. But you see it’s more than just stats. It’s also chemistry. And the Rangers with Avery in the lineup are a better team than without him that is just simply a fact.

  119. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    tough loss, but thought we played pretty well.

    thought eminger played a very good game.

    That soft pass out of the zone by woywitka was not the best play, but it was dubi’s guy that scored the goal, he is just bad defencively (other than that he played a decent game as well).

  120. Gawd, the Rangers SUCK! Tortorella should be fired by midnight, the C should be stripped off of Callahan and Avery should have his number retired.

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