Rangers-Panthers in review


Not going to get all wrapped up in who did what on a lopsided scoresheet, though I’m sure you all enjoyed the heck out of it, and you should have.

Instead, how about numbers?: 17-6-4, second best record in the improving East and fewest regulation losses in the NHL; 8-2-2 at home. Points in 16 of 19. 24-8-3 in second of back-to-backs since 2009-10. 38 points in 27 games, the best start since the ’93-94 Rangers had 40, and that team, if I recall correctly, did OK. PPGs in eight of the last nine games.

I’m not saying this team is on the short list of the best in the league, but I’m not saying it’s not, and I am saying that I don’t think it’s going to go away.


1) Ryan Callahan=Wrecking ball. Again, it all started with him

2) It doesn’t make much sense going through who had a good game in a victory like this, because just about everybody did, including Erik Christensen.

3) I will say that Michael Del Zotto is really getting to the level we expected to see last year. Very, very good again. And now he’s doing it almost nightly.

4) Derek Stepan=Baby beast … or to borrow a phrase from one of our Boneheads during the game: StepanWolf.

5) Anton Stralman’s getting comfortable, too. And Steve Eminger doesn’t look out of place at all on the second pair. Good for them.

6) Torts=genius? I still cannot believe the amount of words spent on a fourth-liner being scratched. But honestly, if Sean Avery had played, I’d guess they still win by the same score, give or take.

7) The whole argument is such a fringe discussion. But I will take the Avery side of this argument. He’s better than Christensen. I’d rather have Avery in a big game than Christensen (or Wojtek Wolski), especially a division (soon to be conference) game. But it doesn’t do Avery much good when Christensen has a good game.

8) Brandon Prust just loves to fight, loves to fight for his team, and sometimes just for the heck of it. I think that fight with the big Brach guy was a waste of time and the kind of fight that will get fighting eventually banned from the NHL, because it served no purpose. But geez, you’ve got to give Prust some courage points. It hurts to watch. It’s Just Pain.

9) Jose Three-or-More. Times two.

10) I get the whole shot blocking thing, and respect the heck out of these guys going down in front of those bombs-away. But on those 45-50 footers, just get out of the way. Henrik Lundqvist is capable of stopping those if he sees them, and now a couple have gone through recently because he didn’t see them. Boy, was he strong again.

11) Um, remember when a lot of people were making the blanket statement that the Rangers can’t play with the fast teams?

12) I think youse are going to have a blast watching the first “24/7” Wednesday. Too bad they have to include the Flyers. Oh, by the way, I got definitive word that, despite what Tortorella says, the Rangers (and Flys) don’t really have much say in what goes into the program and what doesn’t. The agreement is that HBO won’t show stuff that could affect competitive balance, or specific tactical things; and the trust is that HBO won’t show gratuitous vulgarity or nudity from the lockerrooms. But the NHL and its teams cannot censor the show just because they don’t want something in it.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Derek Stepan.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Artem Anisimov.


I haven’t heard from anybody claiming I got it wrong, so I am declaring Genghis Tron our contest winner. Congratulations, Genghis. E-mail me your address at rcarpini@lohud.com.

Also, we will attempt — can’t promise at the moment — another live chat late in the week.


AP photos, above.


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  1. First!

    In all honesty i didnt notice Christensen was there, but i did start thinking where was Avery half way through the first – but, as Carp says, its a minor issue and when you win 6-1 Torts could have had Dolly Parton on the 4th line for all i care when we won it so convincingly.

  2. Good review Carp, The Rangers must have played a heck of game and shame on me that I have missed it :)

  3. CARP, Great review and great job by the Rangers on making up for that hideous, bush-league loss I had to witness live at the Banco Atlantico Centro.

    I’m still bitter about that moronic ’96 Finals run that the Mickey-Mouse (pun intended) Panthers had … thank goodness the Avalanche had the gall to sweep. So any victory by any opposing team since then is a great victory, particularly if it’s by the Rangers.

    Ps. I had to watch this game via the local broadcast and, my goodness, we should be all thanking the Mighty One that we have the Duo … the clows doing the Panthers game made me pine for a telecast in Spanish.

  4. Great post, Carp.

    The team looks good, very good. Even if Avery has 3 goals and Dubinsky only has 1 :)

  5. BTW, when is Sather gonna sign Prust to a longer term contract? This very valuable Ranger makes under $1,000,000 and is set to be an UFA this summer.

    Is Sather prepared to let this guy walk? If so, IMO, that would be a mistake.

  6. Eric Christensen on

    I am so much better than Avery. And now that I’ve proven it in this one game, I’ll take a few off just for good measure. Don’t want to ruin my night by risking any injuries, so look for me to avoid high-traffic areas and take perimeter shots.

  7. It’s ok, guys … Christensen loves my sloppy seconds. Except, in this case, it’s sloppy thirds, since he’s already sharing with Torts.

  8. John Tortorella on

    Yum, that cologne Christensen wears is so magnificent … must be the new CK One. Gotta keep him in the lineup just so I can smell him in the bench. Pure nostril nostalgia.

    If I must play Avery, I keep him as far away as possible, I’m not keen on his cologne … smells too much like testosterone.

  9. Nice article, Carp. Good summary of what has transpired this season so far.

    Thanks for the link, Marji.

  10. I agree that Avery is better than Christensen but, whatever, it’s a fourth line thing and after the other Florida team beat us in a skills raffle contest, I think maybe Torts wanted to throw Christensen out there just in case.

    SteppanWolf = Keeper (as a nickname and a player obviously)

  11. Avery vs Christensen vs Avery….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Better is a relative term when you talk about 4th liner. That said, EC gave our 2nd PP unit different look, didn’t he? Long term, neither of them is relevant to this team’s progress. Take a look at what other ( Adam Rotter, Pat Leonard ) writers think about it—–>

  13. Maybe we should get Dubi to spend the week with Tebow, to find out how a guy can play so bad and get results

  14. Looks like Pierre LeBrun and ESPN just screwed us…


    “The Rangers [now #2 in the Power Rankings] have the highest points percentage in the NHL (.717, 33 in 23 games). I had them playoff-bound before the season. But challenging for the Presidents’ Trophy? Wow.”

  15. WOW. You know, I’m amazed still seeing nothing but Avery posts
    (and I posted a bunch myself yesterday, so Im not being hypocritical, I dont think).

    Maybe it’s fun & games to some, going back and forth on it, but you had a game last night – and a performance by a young player in Stepan – you could have only dreamed of during the torture years, roughly 2000-2007.

    Maybe it’s the best indication of how far things have come but it’s pretty lame.

    There’s a lot of good hockey and great stories to discuss instead of a guy who’s almost guaranteed to be out of the NHL in 2 years, if not next year.

  16. We can always talk about how the Panthers are coming back down to earth and last night was really important because the Rangers and the Panthers are kind of “over-achieving” to this point and the Rangers, by beating them so soundly, showed that they are the better team in the moment.

  17. Another thing we can talk about – looking at the Conference standings right now really makes me sad about realignment. There is going to be a lot of drop off in the Playoffs for minimal increase during the Regular Season and that really bugs me. No one is going to get interested in the Regular Season because of one or two more rivalry games a year. The best bet was to give out tickets for free to all NBA season ticket holders and win some over. I think there are lots of people who only watch playoff hockey and that quality is going to suffer.

  18. I have to admit, I was impressed by MDZs, shall I say it, snarl last night? He was actually checking through people these last few games, and really going after guys in the corners–def a lot stronger this year. And now that his defensive game is stabilizing, he seems to know when to pinch more effectively.

  19. Michael Del Zotto is one of the very best young defenseman in the NHL and he is going to get better. Anybody who thinks he is a Del Zaster is living in another universe.

    That is all.

  20. The “he’s just a 4th liner” argument about Christensen doesn’t really hold any water since last night he played more minutes than 16’s played in any game since his recall and was on the ice in all situations.

  21. Well Erik Christensen always plays PP minutes. Always. Because he is a “skill” player and Torts thinks he can help. He does have quite a sniper-shot. With 4 PP opportunities Christensen logged 12:54 of Ice Time.

  22. Florida’s 1st line (one of the best in the NHL) was completely shut down last night….they didn’t have the puck much at all….NYR puck possession is improving almost nightly and the Rangers are reaping the benefits…

  23. Ha! I get what you were going for. Del Zaster is becoming more of a Del Miracle than a Del Zaster. He’s Solid, solid, solid and as his confidence builds his offensive abilities are really getting better.

    Lloyd – as long as Christensen has been on this team he has been on the PP. He has a very accurate shot and positioning him left of the faceoff circle gives him an opportunity to show that shot off. Are you claiming that Avery would be better on the PP? I have often claimed that bringing Avery onto the ice during the 5-on-3 would be a great idea. Especially if you plop him down behind the net and force the two low D-Men to watch him. On the 5-on-4 though I am not convinced Avery would be helpful unless we played against a PK that plays hard at the blue line forcing a dump and chase situation.

  24. Have to say, the Del Zotto plus minus thing is a bit of a mystery since in watching him, it’s somewhat hard to gauge the impact he’s having. He’s not a particularly physical player, and his passing is decent. In addition, the guy cannot hit the net. It’s obvious he knows this, too, because if you watch him in pregame warmups, he always takes extra shots (95% miss the net completely). But he’s evidently doing something right to rack up a plus 15.

  25. It’s true, NYR. You can see that possession improving in our SOG. Last night we out shot a pretty good offensive team, with some D-Men that shoot A LOT, 33-21

  26. and now back to our regularly scheduled program “On the couch with uncle Al”. Today’s guess is Brandon Dubinsky… uncle Al will teach little Dubi how to be a man and score some…goals.

  27. Who cares about Rupp? Who cares about Newbury? Who cares about Voros?
    Who cares about Bil-Bev Devaux?

    ME! I heart fourth liners. They are the best :)

    Am I forgetting someone?

  28. did joe micheletti really say at the beginning of the game that Torts’ logic for putting Christensen in was because the game “could be close” and that he needed him for a shootout?! What kind of stupid logic is that? Torts = maniac.

  29. That is amazing Manny, but good for Emmy….

    Dubinsky was, again, awful. He seems to be regressing…where’s the fire? He doesn’t look engaged….

  30. That was part of Tortorella’s explanation in the pre-game, that he was “worried about shootouts.” I think the Rangers have played a total of 2 shootouts since November started.

  31. I am proud of Mrs. Eminger. I like the guy. Hands to the chest. He plays like Caber but skates like….well someone a bit faster than Caber.

    Dubinsky might be playing himself into the press box to keep Stahl company.

  32. And how many shootouts did we get wrapped up in last season? And winning a large majority of those shootouts helped us eek into the playoffs. Hmmmmm….how many shootouts have we won this year?

  33. “I think Steve Avery is a really good teammate. Who cares if NYR won last night? I only watch the Rangers to fulfill my secret man-crush desires. Steve knows how to make great passes from behind the net. He can give your team a spark and make things happen. I don’t know why the coach hates him. It’s not fair. He should hate Dubi, since Dubi is terrible. Give Steve a chance.”

  34. Rangers are an impressive 1-3 in shootouts this year…1-2 when Christensen plays, though, so obviously you need his all-star skill set in there.

  35. Lloyd – I don’t think there is ANYONE on this blog that wants Christensen on the team. I would take your BFF Avery over Christensen any day of the week. I am just letting you know that why I think Christensen got that opportunity and why he is put out there on the PP.

  36. Some may think the Rangers are over achieving. I think not. We have a couple of players who are bona fide elite players. We have several more who have the potential to be ‘special’ if not elite. Most importantly, we have 20 dedicated guys playing as a team regardless of who’s dressing or not, all pulling in the same direction and sticking up for each other. A joy to watch this TEAM play and witness the continued growth of our youngsters.

    My only criticism would be Prust’s decision to fight. No one in this league could possibly question his locker room size jewels. He could have and should have declined. Save those knuckles for Philly or Boston.

  37. DZ is consistently doing it all right now – he’s on the scoresheet regularly, he’s hitting, blocking shots, logging big minutes, connecting on his breakout passes….he may have another blip or two throughout the season but on balance he’s easily our #3 D-man so far this year, and long may it continue…

  38. Heave Ho- even though I agree he should’ve declined, I don’t think he could….Not to mention, he can’t, it’s not in his blood that is. But my argument is this- there is a unwritten code between those guys. And if your role on the team is to start a fight just to wake your teammates up, there needs to be someone on the other side to answer the bell. And it is usually the guy with the same role.

    We need Rupp back before Prust’s shoulder is out again.

  39. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Thanks for the recap carp!!

    I think the team is playing very well and hopefully they will keep it up.

    Makes me think that if we keep hanging around the top of the standings the team may make a “cup pursuing” trade close to the deadline (just musing here).

    Can’t wait for Rupp to get back.

  40. We definitely need Rupp (1 Goal, 7 GP) to come back and take some fights away from Prusty. Who is the odd man out and when does Rupp come back?

  41. Don’t start, Manny :-)

    Wicky- what’s your opinion on Prust declining the fight? See my post from 11:49

  42. I think that Mike Rupp will be a large body that can fight, score some goals, forecheck and generally bring a CUP WINNING attitude to this offense. Rupper can basically replace the hole made by Bel Biv Deveaux but add more skill. He’s a good player.

  43. ilb

    are you ready for the game tomorrow?? i can’t wait! gonna see new garden for the first time! i cab be in the city at 5PM :)

  44. Rupp will bring a lot of stuff to this team that you will immediately argue against, Lloyd, so I doubt answering your question will be extremely fruitful.

  45. Hey Lloyd – how many players on our current roster have won a cup? How many have scored a Cup Clinching goal? The answer I believe is TWO

  46. ilb, I see you’re point but still not convinced that accepting every invitation to possibly wake up your opponent is smart. There was nothing to be gained. I understand “the code” but Prust’s first allegiance is to his own team.

  47. Good afternoon, Sally!

    Manny, what should the poll be?

    Up and at ’em, Izzy.

    I think Avery is the RR Man of the Year.

    Special thanks to my publicist, Marji.

  48. Heavo Ho- true, no doubt. However, imagine next time they play Florida and our team needs to be woken up. Prust approaches Barch and he tells him:”Sorry, bro, but remember you said no to me last time?” Prust can play AND fight, but the whole reason for some of those guys to play in NHL is to fight. Again, there is a code there between them.

  49. I think the Poll should be about “who is displaced, or replaced, by Rupp’s Return”

    Options: Avery, Christensen, Hagelin, Dubinsky

    Now that is salacious!

  50. nice write up Carp
    finding some new things to look
    at in a blowout victory.
    i had same reaction to Prust fight. why bother?

    congrats to Genghis Tron
    happy that i was waaaaaaay off in my prediction

  51. Bottom line about Avery, I think, is that he has been relatively ineffective the past few games after having a great stretch when he was called up. He needed to change the line up if not just to light a fire under Avery’s aasen

  52. I guess you guys don’t want to believe me that something happened between the coach and the player in Buffalo Saturday. It did. As I said, it was relatively minor, but it shouldn’t have happened, and because it involved those two, I believe it had something to do with the prucha-ing.

    And HBO’s cameras missed it. Hahahaha.

  53. We believe you, Carp…Minor or not, one wonders whether it was just between the two of them, or it affected the team. And one wonders whether their play yesterday ( they came out flying and dominating at every single part of the game despite playing back to back) had something to do with it. I mentioned it during the game last night. If that’s the case, it’s not good news for Sean.

  54. Eric

    I thought that I’d seen a query of yours that I believe might have the answer to the question you asked which was, ( paraphrasing)

    why do they give up a goal just after scoring one?

    I,ve noticed this phenomenon for years now, and have studied it to as good a degree as possible, and ALL teams are subject to it .

    I believe that right after scoring a goal there is a blast of euphoria for the scoring team, which allows them a subconscious let down in performance, especially in their own end, that they’re not even aware of. It gives the opposing team a few moments of an opening which even they are not aware of, but they take advantage solely on the strength of the minute let down of the scoring team. The goal tender might also have a moment of let down but mostly it is of the skaters , and it’s not apparent til after they’ve been suddenly scored upon. I called it the Right Back Goal phenomenon. Watch for it from time to time, because it works for and against all teams. I may be all wet here, but I tell you I’ve watched this in fascination time after time and it holds up.

    You know, all the extravagant displays of celebration may be a contributing factor, but this happened for many years now, and not only when elaborate displays were the rage. I think that it is peculiarly psychological.

  55. @LightningTimes
    Damian Cristodero
    Lightning’s Downie says he was fined by league for fracas Thurs with Rangers. Did not say how much though the max would be $2,500.

    What a joke…

  56. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Sit Dubinsky – play Avery = logic, not rocket science. If Torts despises Avery, Dubinsky must be on his “hit” list, or is Dubinsky too matinee-type “pretty” to sit down? If Dubinsky were a race horse he would be a gelded claimer.

  57. That is an absolute joke that Downie won’t be suspended 10+. Joke. In the words of Ryan Miller “Gutless………gutless.”

    I just have NO guess what could have occurred. No clue. So it’s hard for me to figure out how it would affect the team. I do believe you that something happened, of course. I just can’t fathom what it could be. I would hope that the team would back Torts and become even more united.

  58. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    sorry it took a sec to respond, but I think Prust had to fight there. I really wish he didn’t because he is the only guy on the roster who will step up and he is a great middlewieght, but just so physically out matched against the bigger “heavyweight” guys.

    I think he is way more vital to the team (not just in fighting capacity).

    I honestly think the organization/coaching is to blame for the whole situation IF they believe Prust has more value than just a fighter. There is ZERO reason that the bahama bomba is not in the line up (atleast until Rupp returns) to take the heat off of Prust (again, IF they feel that Prust has more value than just as a fighter). I mean the coach doesn’t roll 4 lines and what is the coach worried about, the bomba taking avery’s 3 minutes of ice time? EC’s 4 minutes?

    Just my opinion though!

  59. Not true, Lloyd. I don’t dislike Avery at all. I met him personally and I spoke to him. And I was very happy with his play when he was effective. But this team outgrew Sean. That’s the reality. He isn’t in their plans in the future. Nor is WW, EC etc. But if he becomes a distraction or more than just a pain, he should go. My loyalty is with the team and not with single player.

  60. avery leave the bench like downie he would be suspended 6 games.

    nothing bad yo u can say about the rangers. they are playing great and dubi has 1 goal and boyle 2.

    there best d man has played zero games and there 4th or 5th best d man is hurt again…….

    they come in waves……really where is wolski and rupp going to play? mitchell adios???? ec adios..

    i trade wolski or EC for a bag of pucks, they only need 1 of them for insurance purposes…….

  61. hey Carp, can you share some more details? what does, “shouldn’t have happened” mean in that context?

  62. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Carp is exactly right.

    The incident between the coach and player, though, has deeper roots than the exchange in Buffalo.

    What’s most important about it to me is that it’s not about on-ice performance. Avery has been effective in the limited minutes he was allowed.

    If the second-hand info. that some of us have is correct, then I think this reflects badly on the coach’s handling of the player, the press and us. The lies in the pre-game presser, though predictable, are unnecessary and insulting.

    A better person could have presented it differently without violating the confidentiality that a team needs at some level. But then, a better person wouldn’t have created the climate that led to the problem in the first place.

    Someone should show Torts the standings and remind him that the world isn’t out to get him.

  63. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I have said this before, but if the coach is indeed being “fair” or “consistent” with every player regardless who it is, then the reasons he gives for benching avery or EC or WW or whomever are the exact same reasons he SHOULD bench dubi for a game or two.

    Now, if he isn’t consistent or fair throughout the line up with his benchings, then dubi will continue to play. Fact is dubi has earned a seat in the press box.

    Perhaps if dubi played with a little more heart, he would add a couple of fights to the ledger. Same goes for boyle for that matter. If you are not contributing on the score sheet, there are other ways to contribute (see Prust, Brandon).

  64. So without even having a clue as to what happened we are concluding that Torts is a bad person? Lovely….

  65. Yea, right. Well put, ilb. It also seems like……um…..we’re winning. Shouldn’t Torts keep doing whatever it is he’s doing?

  66. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Do not share the info, but thanks for letting us know what you can!!

  67. stranger nation on

    there are two reasons Devo is not in lineup – Hags and Mitchell – that’s who was called up when he got hurt. If you are saying Devo over Aves or EC – others will happily weigh in on that topic.

    This is how good it is, a discussion of our bottom six forwards because our top six are kicking the byfuglien carcillo out of a hartnellian arse. A multitude of riches. Eat, drink and be merry!

  68. … also, I think it reflects well on the coach that he doesn’t make his behind-doors stuff public, that he reasons otherwise for the benching, that he even attempts to defend the player coming out of the lineup as much as he defends the player going in. He didn’t say anything bad about Avery.

    But some of you think it’s awful that he lied.

    I don’t get it.

    If he comes out and says Avery was scratched for another reason, or that Avery’s a jackwagon, or that he’s playing poorly, the same guys here would have crucified him.

  69. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    wonder how goddard feels about the downie fine/lack of suspension?

  70. It’s true. One of my favorite things about Mr. Tortarella is his privacy and his unwillingness to let the locker room become a public place. By doing so he really protects his players.

  71. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Like Carp, I think, I know something about this. And like him, I’m not going to violate that confidence.

    But, he was right in characterizing “it” as minor. I would go further than that.

    As I wrote earlier, I think this non-hockey issue is the coach’s fault and manifests itself in a variety of ways that have nothing to do with #16.

    If Torts simply announced that he was replacing Avery for reasons that he can’t divulge, fine. The fabrication of “hockey” reasons is insulting to us.

  72. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    That is exactly what I am saying. If avery/EC/whomever is getting 3 to 5 minutes a game, why not have the bomba in the lineup instead of one of them if the team values prust as more than just a fighter. Not like torts rolls 4 lines and the 4th sees 11 minutes a night….right?

    well said about well siad things being well said!!!

  73. stranger nation on

    If torts puts in to practice what he discusses in ‘Behind the Bench’, its no wonder we are a solid defensive team and unpredictable offensive team – especially in the PP until recently. Torts said he does not go over offense, but focuses more specifically on D.

    Is that the usual balance for an NHL coach? Or is the offense left up to Sully?

    A telling part of Torts quote on putting Dubi back with B Rich and Cally – (paraphrasing) “he started well, but some then it wasn’t working and he was moved” – Is Dubi not playing physical enough? Rarely see the guy with puck possession above the goal line. He should have grabbed Downie and tossed him like a rag doll.

  74. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Another thing about VV2, dude CAN NOT stay on his skates.

    Speaking of skating, michael busto has been playing well, but he is not a fast skater at all is he?

  75. RIR- I know nothing about it whatsoever. But I have a feeling, and, admittedly, I could be wrong, that the team made a statement yesterday that they are siding with the coach. Surprisingly, LB, who, I have no doubt, knows what transpired, said nothing this morning to protect Avery. Nothing.

  76. Someone should show certain posters on here the standings and remind them that the world isn?t out to get Sean Avery either.

  77. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    VV2 is not that type of player, he is all talk, which is one the most disappointing things about him to me.

  78. *Eastern Conference Standings*
    * – Philadelphia ATL 28 18 7 3 39 18 101 81 +20 8-4-2 10-3-1 0-1 7-3-0 Won 5
    * – Boston NE 28 18 9 1 37 15 94 59 +35 10-6-1 8-3-0 3-1 7-2-1 Won 1
    * – Florida SE 30 16 9 5 37 15 82 77 +5 6-2-4 10-7-1 1-3 5-3-2 Lost 1
    NY Rangers ATL 27 17 6 4 38 16 83 60 +23 8-2-2 9-4-2 1-3 7-2-1 Won 2
    Pittsburgh ATL 30 17 9 4 38 14 94 75 +19 8-2-2 9-7-2 3-2 6-3-1 Won 1
    Toronto NE 29 15 11 3 33 12 91 94 -3 6-4-3 9-7-0 3-1 5-4-1 Lost 1
    Buffalo NE 29 15 12 2 32 13 79 79 E 7-9-2 8-3-0 2-1 3-5-2 Lost 1
    Washington SE 28 15 12 1 31 14 88 89 -1 10-4-1 5-8-0 1-1 5-5-0 Won 2
    Montréal NE 30 12 11 7 31 11 74 77 -3 4-5-6 8-6-1 1-5 3-3-4 Won 1
    Winnipeg SE 29 13 12 4 30 12 82 92 -10 9-4-0 4-8-4 1-1 6-3-1 Lost 1
    Ottawa NE 30 13 13 4 30 10 91 105 -14 7-6-1 6-7-3 3-2 3-4-3 Lost 1
    New Jersey ATL 28 14 13 1 29 8 71 80 -9 6-5-1 8-8-0 6-1 4-6-0 Lost 1
    Tampa Bay SE 29 12 15 2 26 10 75 96 -21 7-4-0 5-11-2 2-2 3-7-0 Lost 1
    NY Islanders ATL 27 9 12 6 24 9 62 88 -26 6-7-3 3-5-3 0-2 4-3-3 Lost 1
    Carolina SE 31 9 18 4 22 9 79 108 -29 5-9-2 4-9-2 0-2 2-7-1 Lost 1


    Just to remind you guys that the world isn’t out to get Sean Avery.

    Truly, LW’s Secretary

  79. Im an Avery supporter and I really believe he adds something to the lineup, but if the Rangers can win so convincingly without him as they did last night, I guess it can’t be all bad.

    The way this young team is playing now is testimony to the sound logic of not trading away your young prospects every time some past-his-prime player becomes available. What a joy it is to see players Stepan, AA, MDZ, McMonster, Hagelin, etc., develop into something special right before our eyes. Since a quarter of the season is still a small sample, the Rangers may or may not be an upper echelon team quite yet, but they are surely taking the right path to becoming one.

  80. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You make a good point. Perhaps, an even better one than you realize.

    Sorry for being cryptic!

  81. RIR, there’s no way the Saturday incident is the coach’s fault … and in defending Avery publicly, I thought Tortorella made a lot of sense, Lloyd.

    And here we go again, into a ridiculous discussion/debate over a fourth-liner who plays 5:00 when he plays, and who will be gone at the end of the season, if not sooner.

  82. You may need to decipher that one, RIR….Unless you really can’t, and I would understand that.

  83. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    you need a new secretary, you can’t read a damn thing she posts!!

  84. Carp:

    Saying the guy isn’t doing anything (citing his “leveling off”) while admitting that Avery’s playing time doesn’t allow him to do anything doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Avery has played well since coming into the lineup, but has had his time scaled back in spite of that. Since the coach is the guy responsible for his ice time, and has obviously been looking to limit his ice time irrespective of performance, I don’t see how Tortorella’s comments yesterday are anything but disingenuous. Just seemed like a whole bunch of political nonsense to me.

  85. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Since both of us have our hands tied here, we’ll agree to disagree on our interpretations of what we might know. Not a fair game for everyone else anyway.

    But, once again, you and all of us here can’t resist the Torts/Avery soap opera because it’s about more than hockey, it’s about fascinating, perhaps irreconcilable, personalities thrust together by circumstance.

    Hockey’s very good by itself, but with genuine human drama it’s even better.

  86. Hey maybe I will pretend I know what happened too.

    Carp, my sources tell me that the “incident” was rather small. Hearing the story I can’t help but think that it just shouldn’t have been such a big deal and with any other player it would never have escalated this far. I can’t really go into details or anything but I think the way Tortarella stuck up for that player after the “incident” was pretty honorable.

    Sorry guys, I can’t go into more detail!

  87. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I’m confused now, who made it the bigger deal?

  88. Dubinsky isn’t going to be scratched. The coach thinks Brandon Dubinsky is the heart and soul of the team, and that the only way the Rangers can be successful is if he is scoring. If we buy into the Tortorella love fest on this forum, we can also assume that Tortorella’s comments about the necessity of Dubinsky suggest a lack of confidence in certain other elements of this team. If you’ve really got this much invested in what amounts to basically a third line player, it tells me that Tortorella isn’t sold on the Rangers winning regardless of how well they’re doing right now.

  89. Well, Wicky, from what I have heard, again I can’t tell you where I got this info, but I heard that Tortarella treated the “incident” in question rather lightly but this player really beefed it up, took it personally and wouldn’t let it go. I wish I could say what the incident was or how it occurred or when but all I can say is, the player really escalated the situation.

  90. Noah-aal-olski-upp-auer, 28 on

    The latest “SID UPDATE” really has me concerned about the handling of Staal and Sauer. I sincerely hope the team is painstakingly careful when it comes to bringing them back when ready.

    /Avery comment


  91. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Crosby out with concussion-like symptoms. Cindy is not so bad as to wish this on him, but thank goodness it was his own teammate that hit him. Otherwise, Bettman would be presiding over the NHL’s first execution.

  92. honestrly, players who put up 40+ points are a dime-a-dozen. I think the Rangers who’ve stepped up this year are capable of putting up identical numbers. now, if the concern is that guys like Stepan and Anisimov won’t be able to sustain the pace they’re at now, that’s another story, and reflects a lack of belief in his players on the part of the coach. Dubinsky is on pace for another 40 point season, and I don’t think he makes or breaks the Rangers one way or the other.

  93. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You might have noticed that I admitted that talking around this without violating a confidence is unfair to other readers.

    That’s the best I can do for you until other parties make some or all of it public.

    PS- Assuming the dishonesty of others is a bad habit. I think the remaining Freudians call it “projection.”

  94. Of course they are a better team if Dubi is scoring. How long do you wait and throw ice time at him? The team is better when Avery is scoring also….Prust saying.

  95. stranger nation on

    If Dubi is not scoring in last night’s blow out, when will he score again?

    +/- goals for season

    Dubi – 12

    Avery – 6

    EC – 5 (SOs don’t count in totals)

    Hags – 12

    Mitchell – 8

    Boyle – 6

    Prust – 6

    Rupp – 6

  96. there is nothing better than super fresh cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and lox, chased down by a really nice dark roast freshly brewed Juan Valdes coffee. Nothing…

    do i get a lunch point?

  97. Maybe it speaks to how universally recognized Stepan is as a terrific young player that Avery is mentioned so much more than he is, even after a game like last night.

    I just gotta say, this kid is a very unique player, can’t remember seeing many like him at all.
    He’s so deceptive, and so well versed in the finer points of the game at 21 it’s unreal.

    Just when you think he’s about to get hammered, he pre-empts Mike Green with a shot and busts his nose. And just when you think he’s got nowhere to go, he goes end-to-end and finishes like he’s Marcel Dionne!

    And he’s been feeding Gaborik like a machine ever since they were put together. Great stuff.

  98. CCCP…cin raisin and a schmear AND Lox? wow….that’s too many different tastes in a mouthful.

    On this Avery thing…you guys know I think he brings intangibles and I won’t get into how much Torts hates him.

    But Torts’ should absolutely sit Dubi down for a game. He needs to watch from the pressbox. Plenty of guys much better than Dubi have taken a seat when they’ve been in a slump. Dubi needs to be held accountable.

    BTW, Avery 3 goals on 15 shots. Dubi, 1 goal on 41 shots.

  99. What a great hat trick weekend for NYR fans and N.Y. NFL fans .Blueshirts and Gang Green. Oh Baby !!!

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