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John Tortorella spoke at his pre-game presser about subbing Erik Christensen for Sean Avery tonight, about how hard it is to get something out of guys playing five minutes a game, about the importance of getting Brandon Dubinsky going, and about having the HBO cameras and microphones in the lockerrooms.

John Tortorella:



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  1. got Carped

    As a big Avery fan, I have no problem with Christensen playing over him tonight. Avery hasnt done much lately and EC might very well be needed in the shootout. As long as Avery plays against our bigger rivals then, I’m cool with him sitting down every once in a while.

    I expect the lines to be:


  2. For a team that wasn’t worried about HBO, they sure do talk about it a lot.

    “Invasion of privacy”?

    Yeah, you wouldn’t want Tortorella’s magic recipe for the power play to get out!

  3. oleo, Dubinsky playing with Christensen and Prust. Fedotenko with Richards and Callahan. Hagelin with Boyle and Mitchell.

  4. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Going back to work and I could careless about huginsky or avery (same basic player and wage) playing on the 4th line and getting 3 or 9 minutes a game, but I think that putting EC in “in case of the shoot out” is just ridiculous!!

    I am not on the same page at all with torts on this one.

    Back to work and LGR and LGD!!

  5. Actually oleo that’s a good point that the shoot out against Tampa might at a big part in this.

  6. agree, Wick. I think Christensen goes against everything this team is about. Soft, inconsistent, poor defensively, lazy at times.

    The other 11 forwards aren’t like him at all.

  7. No Carp. PP’s been slightly better, that is all.

    21st in the league going into tonight,
    and except for the Jagr years a complete disaster during Sather’s entire tenure.

  8. Love the condensed version of things, Carp.

    IN the meantime before the game, the Packers are destroying the Raiders.

  9. No, I’m not, Carp.

    Now, it’s official. Not only Torts reads the blog, he also wants it to be successful. 10M views here we come! How else would you explain his move that would most certainly give his team less chance to win? Fire Torts! And hire him as a RR spokesman, Carp….

  10. Carp,

    How can you get on Christensen?

    Don’t you listen to Torts when he says with that lovelorn look,

    “Oh, he shows you signs”…

    Prediction; Dubi gets on the board tonight, but we lose.

    Florida’s a good team.

  11. Carp

    well as we all know, Tortorella changes his lines more than his underwear. Im sure we’ll see that changed at some point during the second period…

  12. without a doubt, oleo.

    Rod, PPGs in seven of the last eight games. I’d say that’s pretty good. Better than slightly better. Much better.

  13. The PP might be scoring goals but they still look lost on a lot of them.

    Nothing is more annoying than the dump, chase and grind on the PP. I know that’s the whole team identity and all but not on the PP.

    And the whole Dubinsky and Boyle on the 2nd PP unit has been hurting it…

  14. Carp, I know.

    PP’s still bottom 1/3 of the league and not good enough for a contender.

    And please, respect the Torts/EC love.

  15. Right on Oleo.

    SO miss the 94 PP. Mess would walk completely up ice untouched, two unparrellelled point men, Graves in front, it was perfect.

    Now you have this muddled mess.

  16. Ro, that’s not a terrible idea, even though I assume you’re joking. Guys who just come straight down and shoot (Steve Larmer) often score. And rarely lose the puck, as both Mitchell and Richards have done in shootouts this season.

  17. Our PP is slightly better….i get the whole PP goals in 7 of 8….don’t just look at the numbers…how many have we scored off the rush and how many do we actually get zone time and set up..and score a PP goal….I think our PP is very weak still..don’t get me wrong, I will take any goal no matter what, but the reality is we are far from being feared!!

  18. This is true Carp.

    But Boston also has that thing…you know…. an offense.

    Under Torts it’s dump n chase and pray for an individual effort,
    which thankully we’ve been getting.

    But it’s not what I’d call cohesive.

  19. As much as they despise the Avery lovers, the Avery haters should chill…the “sloppy seconds” comments were not directed at them or their loved ones. Give it a break, he’s a Ranger!

    For what it’s worth, the lineup that the Rangers have had since the Capitals’ game has been the most balanced one, since I can’t remember when. All four lines were playing with a purpose and each one had a part, be it small or big, in the outcome of the game. There was a consistency that had been missing for awhile. And, yes, the Avery, Dubinsky, Prust line contributed and contributed well showing some real chemistry; I think that’s the point. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, let’s go at there and kick some Panthers’ assens.

  20. Carp, that Steve Larmer penalty shot goal was one of my favorite breakaway goals of all time!!

    Who needs moves and deeks?

  21. he said that?

    2 1/2 years of chances for a waiver castoff to find out…he’s a waiver castoff!

    Mean Zuc is tearing it up until he blow out his ankle against Providence, but can’t get a chance. Nice.

    Tellin’ ya, Torts gets high marks on D, intensity, and making the team buy in.

    But he’s equally poor on O, the powerplay, and lineup decisions.

    And he’s a snarky bitch with the media, which, in case no one has told him, is part of his job.

  22. Speaking of PP….They need to pay attention to this Garrison guy…He’s got a cannon from the point. Apparently, last season or two, he couldn’t hit an open ocean with his shot. This year he’s won them a couple of games already.

  23. Wanna throw up for the hypocritical coach we have JAM GRIND where does that rose pedal EC fit in with that. Drop the man crush Torts remember It doesnt take a sword to cut a flower OH NO

  24. From New York Rangers Blog;

    “Larry Brooks adds that Avery had averaged 5:44 over last six games.”

    So why cant he produce more!!!??

  25. I’m hardly overwhelmed by Christensen returning either, but I fail to see how he can be described as a favourite or man crush of the coach.

    He’s just sat for eight straight and got fourth-line minutes (7:54) in the games he did play. Which isn’t a million miles away from the treatment he’s been giving the player that he hates and gives no opportunity to. Can’t have it both ways…

  26. So if the Rangers win tonight, is it because they hate Torts and love Avery and want to show Torts up. Likewise, if they lose tonight its because they hate Torts and love Avery and cannot bear to play a game without their beloved?

  27. “Just win, Baby”…..the late Al Davis….and I feel the same way!

    I am a Ranger fan – I like all the players on my team – as long as they’re RANGERS, I like them.

    No apologies!

  28. Leetchhalloffame on

    Wonder if Torts has bought EC his Valentine’s Day gift yet. What a joke to keep this useless, dead weight around.

  29. I am not a Torts hater, but he really comes off like a moron in this interview. He is ‘hoping’ that the moron known as E.C. comes through? Hope is not part of the equation. Any moron knows that.

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