Rangers-Baby Buffaloes in review; Panthers in town tonight


Very nice way to end a two-game losing streak and a very complete win over the Baby Buffaloes for No. 2,500 in franchise history, for No. 4 in a row on the road, No. 13 in the last 17 games overall.

Right back at it tonight against the Cats (7:30 starter).


1) The Rangers were really in control of the first 10 minutes of the game and I thought they did Jhonas Enroth a favor by repeatedly missing the net. Though Tomas Vanek sure returned the favor a couple of times later in the period.

2) In the first 15 minutes, I saw six or seven incidents of infractions that would have been called the first six weeks of the season, and weren’t called. And I’m sure OK with that, if the officials are really de-pansifying to a degree. I especially don’t mind if the guy with the puck has to fight through some minor hooks or holds or whacks. And it’s really also alright with me if they continue to tightly call the interference against guys without the puck, as they did on consecutive calls on Carl Hagelin and Vanek late in the period.

3) Benching Marian Gaborik after the giveaway on the Vanek goal is a bit rash, in my opinion. Gaborik knew he messed up. I don’t think he needs to be punished every time he makes a mistake. On the other hand, if the benching was for Gaborik’s half-hearted effort to get back into the play on the defensive side, then I have no problem with it.

4) Brandon Dubinsky looked like something clicked when he got the chance with Brad Richards and Ryan Callahan.

5) Callahan’s SHG was a terrific play even if it hadn’t gone in. But it did. And he was the best player in the game, even if he hadn’t scored. But he did.

6) Hagelin had flattened out a bit in the two losses, I thought, but he’s not showing any signs of not belonging here. None at all. Is he here to stay? Erik who?

7) Michael Del Zotto had one Del Zaster, against Vanek in the first, and was up ice on the goal, but who doesn’t have an occasional disaster against that guy? Overall, he was magnificent in this game, and his passing and physical play have been excellent and getting better for a while.

8) It’s admirable that Dan (Block Ness Monster) Girardi decided to play the entire first three minutes of the third period because the Rangers had a long shift, an icing, a timeout, and then Vanek came onto the ice. But IMO it was kind of crazy. By the end of the elongated shift, he was dead on his feet, which left the Rangers vulnerable. Plus, they play again tonight. No need to wear him out more than normal … if you can even call his minutes normal.

9) In case you missed it … it wasn’t covered on HNL (nor was John Tortorella’s post-game presser) … Artem Anisimov said his shoulder/head were OK after that big collision with the glass late in the game. He expects to play tonight.

10) Judging by minutes lately, you might draw the conclusion that Sean Avery might not be sticking around, or at least might not always get a uniform, when Mike Rupp returns.

11) Another nice performance on the second D pair by Steve Eminger. And two assists.

12) And a really good bounce-back game by Ryan McMonster.

13) I don’t know what to say about Martin Biron, other than this is the kind of game you now expect from him. Very, very solid. And one assist.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Carl Hagelin.
3) Martin Biron.


Tabulating the contest. Hope to have it finalized by tonight’s game. We have another pair of tix to give away in the next week or so.


AP photos, above.

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  1. Has Downie been suspended yet? And if Downie deserves 10+ then Suttton deserved 15+ for his Konopka-like hit in that he was not far removed from another suspension.

  2. Thought Gabby was hurt…not benched.??
    Good win…they all are, right?
    Now a tough game against a team who hasn’t figured out that they aren’t that good.

  3. At this rate, Avery should be scratched and replaces with a 7th Dman. Girardi is no Chris Chelios. He will not hold up 82 games at 30 min per game.

  4. Hmm, I thought the reason why the Rangers were winning was because of Avery. My bad.

    I thought that Hagelin should have made the club after seeing him in preseason. I was shocked when they kept both EC and WW on the roster.

    This goes to prove that the “it’s better for them to be in the AHL and get a lot of minutes instead of playing 4th line minutes in the NHL” excuse is a bunch of baloney.

  5. Don’t like what Torts is doing to Avery. Sean has be playing soundly with the limited minutes he’s been getting. I’m not sure how much of an upgrade Rupp will be when he returns from injury.

  6. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    The team is playing well without Staal.. why not consider trading him.. I think he’ll always have the PCS..as will Crosby.

  7. Biron should start in St Louis Thursday. Keep Avery(Of course) and trade Staal for Crosby. Where’s my cigar? GM’ing is easy!


  9. Gross: “Avery, clearly in Tortorella’s doghouse on and off the ice,
    played just 3:48, including just 40 seconds apiece in the second and third periods. He may be a healthy scratch tonight in favor of Erik Christensen.”

    Hmm, what’s goin’ on off the ice?

    This team doesn’t need this mini-drama. Also doesn’t need EC.

  10. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Boom!! Hey all… Sorry I’ve been a ghost around here… Haven’t had time during the day to stalk the blog and post. Glad to see the Rangers playing well and wishing all the boneheads a happy and healthy holiday season!!

  11. Please tell me this “Christensen in for Avery ” is a joke.

    What a f’ing absurdity that would be.

    THAT would be the definition of an amateur-hour move if I ever saw one. That clown Christensen doesn’t even beloleague the Andorran league.

  12. Neither Avery & Christensen should be anywhere near this team.

    Let’s get Rupp back and make the deal we need already.

    Saw someone posting elsewhere that Zuc (knee) left game last night and it didn’t look good.

    Also looked at the BC schedule. Their last game is 3/23, then the tourney’s start.

    So you’re looking at around 13 weeks before Krieder is theoretically available, should they get ousted.

  13. I know it’s rare but I am both a Torterella and Avery fan. I don’t totally agree with how Torts is handling Avery, since I’ve seen nothing in his play to warrant it, but the Rangers are winning, so I guess it’s all good. I can’t help feeling that there’s something else going on here that no one is privy to because Sean’s on-ice behavior has been better than expected. I’d like to think that Torts is testing him and that it’ll all work out in the end; I guess he’s breaking what’s left of the bronco. I just hope he doesn’t put him out to pasture ’cause this team is much better with Avery (be it in a limited role) than without him.

  14. Had to unexpectedly spend second part of the night at work so I’ll probably miss the 10Mth hit on RR, got to catch some sleep. But, please, folks….This team is playing like a TEAM, beating everyone who used to give us serious problems, accumulating invaluable points, and we are complaining about Avery’s TOI? And proposing to trade Staal, no less, too….I’m sure the latter one was a joke.

  15. Umm, 6-5/243 & crunching checks?

    No ridiculous ‘me first’ antics?

    The willingness – if not the ability – to take on heavyweights and win?

    Not even close if Rupp’s healthy.

    Starting my own movement.


  16. Rod, I don’t think Rupp’s won a fight this season.

    Crunching on skates? Does he eat potato chips while he’s out on the ice because 1/2 of the time he misses hiss opponents and hits the boards instead.

    Avery- 3 goals

    Dubinsky- 1 goal

  17. I’m not going to debate Avery’s value to this team because there is none.

    He shouldn’t be here.

  18. Team is winning= I don’t care who is on the ice.

    Avery is an attention prostitute. Therefore Torts might be limiting him from the ice due to possible shenanigans. Also. Maybe you guys didn’t notice but the Mitchell Bouyle Hagelin line rules. In case you guys haven’t noticed this team is over achieving. Keep it up boys.

    A 7th D-Man is a good idea.

  19. Hearing 3-6 weeks for Zuc.


    Hey Beck, don’t start. We disagree, we disagree, no big deal.

  20. When Rupp is back, Avery is not going to play. Every single coach in NHL would make that decision. Any argument about that is most likely brought up for the sake of arguing….If you dont see the difference between the two, no one would be able to convince yo anyway.

  21. Come to think of it, Matt Barnaby just got canned from ESPN.

    Just like Avery assumed the agitator role from Barnaby,
    he should go fill out an application.

  22. Barnaby

    the one true Ranger that performed during the hideous final season, when Poti and Anson Carter and all the other gandy dancers took a stroll. Barnaby’s legs were constantly pumping in a lost to be sure, but he was faithful to the end.

  23. Rangers played well. Nice to see Hagelin a couple of goals and Biron is definitely the best back-up in the league. Thank God Callahan is the captain of this team and not Brandon Dubinsky.

    And I agree that Avery is being primed for his role as a healthy scratch when Rupp comes back – although that was something I said more than a week ago. I also think Avery is a better player than Mike Rupp, Brandon Prust and probably a few more guys who receive preferential treatment from the coach.

  24. Really happy with the effort last night. Can’t teach that shot Hagelin has. What a difference depth in all positions has when Biron comes in and team doesn’t miss a beat. Calling up Mitchell and Hagelin has given this team a jump. I still think they could use an upgrade over Woywitka and Strahlman.

    It’s why people criticizing EC and Rupp are being short sighted. We have been extremely lucky with injuries so far this year (knock on wood) and not lost any of our top forwards and goalies for any time. Depth is important and both those guys MIGHT be needed in the future.

  25. Ya know, Biron is an exceptional backup. I know Hank is maybe top three in the league but it might be time to start thinking about Hank and Biron as a _tandem_ rather than a backup. My brain can’t really comprehend what type of teams Biron’s exceptional puck handlind would be good against but it might be time to start thinking of maximizing his skill in starts rather than just looking to get Hank a night off.

    HWirth help me out here with how Biron’s puck skills could be maximized.

  26. MDZ over 20 minutes of icetime, +2 and 2 assists. What a bum! Why haven’t the Rangers traded this guy yet?!

  27. Manny: I’m not HWirth, but I think the solution is pretty simple: Play Biron in more games!

    And you’re bang on re the value of a goalie being able to handle the puck like Biron can.

  28. Manny – I do like the fact that Biron can play the puck. It does help with the breakout for the defense. Biron is now up to 6 game starts (5-1). Torts said on the Behind the Bench show that he wants Hank down to 60 to 65 games depending on standings down the stretch. I don’t think opponent as much as schedule goes into Biron’s playing. They still have I think 9 more back to backs coming to them.

  29. Fair enough. Any other points that we can agree on? I think we are both rational folks at least. Any opinion on the Avery-teet-sucking that is going on here?

  30. Jim – Great part of Biron is that with Hank having maybe his best season yet (at least most consistent) it allows Torts to keep him as fresh as needed. If Hank looks like he needs a rest, it’s not a problem. It also is why I love all these points we are getting early here with games in hand on everyone. It’d be nice not to HAVE to play Hank every game in March because they need to win 7 of 8 wins to make playoffs like in past years but rather be able to look at home ice advantage.

  31. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Sauer will be back when? Short-term and Long-term time frames for his return, please, somone?

  32. Good job by the Rangers last night.

    Poor job by MSG Network by not giving us the Tortorella press conference. Also poor job not giving an update on Anisimov.

    There is no explanation for Avery’s lack of minutes other than Torts hates Avery. The guy has 3 goals in limited minutes and has had few brainlocks or stupid penalties.

  33. Sauer will be back in exactly 9 days.

    Means absolutely nothing me saying that, but it’s hardly any less valuable than anyone on the Rangers staff just throwing a speculative number out there to appease the fans.

  34. CT, I agree with you about Avery being effective with few minutes and avoiding a lot of his previous mistakes. Also, I don’t recall any of his ridiculous offsides since being called up this year. Despite the speculation that Torts hates him, I think he will continue to get his share of minutes as long as he continues the way he’s been playing.

  35. Manny,
    the team is winning is no excuse for Avery not playing. it is more important that Avery get plenty of ice time. the team comes second.

  36. Good point, bull dog. What is this saying to the children of the future? We must teach them that if you try hard and garner love then you should get everything you want!

    If it takes Avery dressing in a clown costume and shooting t-shirts out of a water gun during intermissions while paraded on the Zamboni for this team to win then get it done! Just WIN

  37. This is what I am hearing from everyone on this blog (excluding the snarky, hilarious and sarcastic folks)

    Avery’s feelings > Winning

  38. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Nice write up carp!! Thanks as always.

    Although, I don’t really think huginsky did anything worth being bumped up a couple of lines and didn’t really impress me when there!

    Eminger is playing well (sorry NYR)

    Like to see Rupp back.

    Entirely unrealted, but when is the trade deadline this year??

    off to work, later aasens!!

  39. In Boston, Shawn Thornton avg TOI 8:20. Maybe Julien hates him too.
    In Phily, Rinaldo avg. TOI 5:50. Lavy hates him too.
    In Pitt, Asham (who is a better player than Avery) gets 9:15.
    In Chi, Mayers gets 9:00 mins.
    in SJ, Winchester 8:00, Murray 8:00, Desjardins 7:00 (that’s their 4th line)

    Guess all those Winning teams coaches hates them too. He’s getting 4th line minutes and if he was better defensively he might get an extra min or two for PK. That’s usually how 4th liners get extra time.

  40. If Avery is only getting a few minutes of ice time then he must be taking those minutes from someone else. Thus, making those minutes someone else’s “sloppy seconds”. (Get the pun there on seconds?)

  41. I think Avery’s played really well in his minutes since he’s been up, don’t think he’s taken any selfish penalties, maybe had a few lapses or turnovers, and the team has been successful.

    So, are you guys thinking as I am that maybe something else is going on?

    Or are the Tortorella-hate-theorists correct?

  42. eddie eddie eddie on

    The point that Avery should get more TOI isnt because we are gay and have man crushes…..the fact of the matter really boils down to inequitable distribution of ice time during the season….a Torts trait his entire career, leads to burnout and empty gas tank come playoff time. This ranger team is playing well, but sorry, speed horses dont win the Belmont unless they are Secretariat. Too much too early cannot survive……What is so controversial about that…….Why not give the 3rd and 4th lines more time…..Also, Hags showed a slap shot not seen on the rangers in 30 years….put him on the point instead of Step…..Hags has the speed to backcheck on any type of giveaway….

    Furthermore, What has Avery done on the ice that makes the majority of you reach for the Claratin anytime he sees ice time? He gets penalized? Only once, in my mind, has he caused NYR to be shorthanded….Goes offsides? Not from what I have seen….Too many turnovers? Not that i see. Hustles and forechecks?…Looks that way to me…..Scored only 3 goals last year? well, i pooped in my diaper way back when….but this year, not no much……


  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    today’s NY Post : Torts “i look down the bench and want cally out there every shift”

    in theory that makes sense, but this is not a video game…these guys break down, wear down, get tired, and they need a coach that understands this…

  44. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Rupp will make the Rangers slower.

    Rupp can’t forecheck as well as the other guys on the fourth line.

    Pretty sure the Rangers’ winning percentage is better without Rupp than with him.

    So what’s the attraction?

    Oh, yeah. Torts likes his aftershave.

  45. Good afternoon, Carp!

    I’m awake now. Thought it was classy that Buffalo cheered when Artie got up. I also was really happy for Cally for having such a great game in front of all his friends & family. And the Rangers are still undefeated when I’m at the game!

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ricardo – it is mystifying as to what is really going on…you likely know more than any of us….

  47. I almost guarantee that Avery did something off the ice (maybe we’ll see it on HBO Wednesday) to piss off Torts…

    I could not care less about Avery…

    Much more concerned about Stahl, Sour, and Zookarella….

  48. This too much TOI thing is really not as bad as people make it out. Yes Cally and Richards average in top 10 for forwards. After them, Gabby is like 36th in League among forwards, Stepan 73rd, Dubi 118th, than Feds at 172nd. It’s nothing that crazy. Now, you wanna talk about our defense, that’s a different story but Avery has no bearing on it.

  49. Rupp needs to be around to take some of the fighting weight off Prusty. Win or lose he is a better heavyweight fighter than Prust. Fran, I was a HUGE fan of Barnaby as well. His game worn #36 Ranger Jersey hangs proudly in my man cave

  50. Eddie….Avery has been very much improved this season on the ice…

    It is no mystery…Avery is Avery…always controversial…always getting himself in messy situations that usually could be avoided…

  51. it’s amazing how poor the MSG post game show is after every Rangers game. I really don’t need to hear from Danyko or Jaffe it should be wall to wall Rangers. To not show Torts post game presser is a crime as bad as the Mets/SNY are they show the managers presser LIVE!

    We need some kind of closure with Avery how much influence does Hank have in keeping him around?

  52. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Will Rupp only be allowed 3 or 4 minutes of ice per game? Of course not. He’ll get double that right out of the blocks. But has he earned it? Has he demonstrated he’s a “better hockey player” than whoever he replaces? Not so much.

    Torts is slowly strangling Avery’s ice time to make him a non factor and justify a switch. With each game, it becomes more obvious that the me-first coach was forced to take Avery back by management in the first place. Now, tormented into madness by all the cameras and spies, he gets his revenge.

    Not a fan…

  53. Eddie,
    with you, and other Avery fans, it all about Avery. I could care less if Avery plays 3, 5, 10, or 12 minutes as long as he contributes. that is not good enough for you. you seem like you would be happier if Avery played 15 minutes, and the Rangers lost. Avery is being handled like any other 4th liner. his minutes depend on how the game is going, and how much he is needed in a particular game.
    I happen to think that Avery has managed to contribute some to the Rangers current stretch, but again that is not good enough for the Avery fans. they would be happier if Avery played a lot, even if the Rangers were losing.

  54. I agree Tk. I like HNL. I think it’s pretty informative about the NHL and the locals. If they went 90 minutes instead of 60 to make sure they cover the locals post game better, why not? What exactly are they running to do? Repeats of the same Beginnings they’ve shown 20 times. They don’t exactly have ESPN’s programming lineup. Why not do 30 minute postgame from 930 to 1000 than HNL from 10 to 11?

  55. The Tyson Chandler nonsense last night is enough for me to cancel my cable altogether after 24/7 is over. Pathetic. HNL is supposed to be a hockey show. There should be no NBA discussed. It’s a byfuglien joke over there. The producers at MSG should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  56. In fairness to Rupp, it’s hard to show anything when you’re a hulking fourth-liner with a bad wheel. Let’s judge him when he’s healthy.

  57. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Torts’ angry, childish, anti-press, anti-fan act has made the post-game pressers useless. Bad TV. We get more truth from shameful White House press conferences than from Coach Congeniality.

  58. Yes, Avery’s few minutes stick out in comparison to others and yes, I think the coach could learn to trust him and a few more players to play in the last 40 minutes a little more. And yes, everybody acknowledges that The coach and the player aren’t BFFs and it probably has more than a little to do with the above.

    But there’s hardly overwhelming evidence that it is to the detriment of the team’s ability to win games so far.

    And as HWirth says, nobody among the forwards is playing unsustainable minutes, so unless Avery is suddenly a D-man capable of taking minutes away from Girardi and McDonagh, who are overworked, I’m not buying the fatigue angle either.

  59. Bull Dog – The best part of all you are saying is the player himself has not shown one instance of showing up the coach, whining about, complaining. Why? Because he’s just happy to not have to ride the buses to Bingo or Bridgey every weekend. The fans are the only ones complaining. The Coach is doing such a bad job with this 5th place team (with games in hand still to move them up into 1st overall). The Coach, who I thought shouldn’t have allowed AA back in game Thursday, even stood up for him in public. Why would any player dislike him? He’s got their back 100%. It’s like when I hear Yankee fans say AJ hates Girardi. HUH? No one defends him more than Girardi.

  60. eddie eddie eddie on

    Bulldog – with you and the Avery haters it doesnt matter what goes on as long as he gets waived, cut, scratched, etc…..and to assist in your lack of reading comprehension, what i said was distribute the ice time more equitably….now, unless avery plays on two lines simultaneously, it isnt all about avery is it?…..btw, you never did get back to me as to who had the best average ice time to goals scored ratio DID YOU?

  61. Here we go again. No one is saying just because we think Avery doesn’t need 12 minutes of TOI/game equated to wanting him waived, scratched whatever. It’s not black and white. It’s actually on par with the other players like him around the League on winning teams.

  62. As for Torts behavior with the press. While it’s annoying as a fan, I 1000% agree with that statement. There have been lots of winning coaches over the years that have not exactly been Joe Torre with the press. Tom Renney is a really open and thoughtful with the press. Didn’t make him any better or worse as a coach.

  63. eddie,
    Avery is a 4th liner! sometimes he is needed, sometimes he is not. I like to play the top 6 forwards a lot of minutes, the 3rd line gets some, and the 4th line gets what is left.

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – and what i am saying is just because Avery isnt getting more ice time, I am going to jump out of a high rise window either. I am saying that good teams utilize ALL players on their roster……Now, I know you have been on both sides of the glass, a refrain more common that Fa la la this time of the year, and you, of all people, should recognize this…..

    Bottom line, I want the rangers to win. I am suggesting that rolling 4 lines over the course of a season is maybe a wise thing to do….if you disagree fine…..my head wont explode….

  65. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Avery is not getting standard fourth line minutes. He has been singled out for special treatment: less ice time than anyone on the Rangers or their opponents over the last three games.

    Guess Torts is just getting in the Christmas mood.

  66. eddie eddie eddie on

    bulldog – again given your namesake…a third line…….why is not to like about a Dubi/prust/avery 3rd line?…they check, forecheck, good defensively (why else are prust and dubi on the pk?) and can chip in with goals…i think this is the very definition of a good third line.

  67. what is not to like about the Hagelin, Boyle, Mitchell 3rd line. that is your 3rd line. Avery, and Prust are 4th liners.

  68. eddie eddie eddie on

    bulldog – rangers have 2 excellent 2nd lines….and 2 very good third lines….i say play all 4….

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    …but i guess the 7 game, then 5 game winning streak which occured when all 4 were rolling isnt good enough…perhaps the 2 game snide in which all 4 didnt roll is what you prefer…

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    bulldog – dubi elevates the skill and scoring potential of YOUR 4th line….i am sorry…but dubi/avery/prust are as good as any 3rd line in the game

  71. NYP_Brooksie: It appears as though the Avery saga is nearing an end…again. Expect Avery to be sent down to the AHL.

    I really hate Totalretard. I can’t believe he’s doing this to Avery who has done nothing but play his heart out.

  72. Avery will not focus if used the same way every game and I do agree he is a inter division specialist. Now where is my prize from yesterday?

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    according to the guy who has been on both sides of the glass, Cally and richards are averaging among the top 10 in ice time….so, 30 teams, 3 players per first line = 90 players…we have 2 in the top ten…and yet, LW, you see TOI as not a problem?

  74. Carp Why does Torts dislike Avery so much I why does it get personal which it has. He does give the team a definate edge and really hasn’t done anything wrong with the little time he has had to play. And what is the team’s Won-Lose record since he’s been in the line-up. The reason I still root for this team is that my love for the Rangers is far greater than my dislike for Torts

  75. eddie eddie eddie on

    hedberg – and you know Avery wont be able to focus based on your ability to close your eyes and see the future?

  76. Rhode Island Ranger Couldn’t agree more “Torts is slowly strangling Avery’s ice time to make him a non factor and justify a switch. With each game, it becomes more obvious that the me-first coach was forced to take Avery back by management in the first place. Now, tormented into madness by all the cameras and spies, he gets his revenge.” Back to the Jet game

  77. “it becomes more obvious that the me-first coach was forced to take Avery back by management in the first place”

    If that were the case, don’t you think he’d be..

    A) Getting more ice time
    B) Not worrying aboot getting replaced by EC, Wolski and/or Rupp


  78. Rhode Island Ranger on

    When coaches play favorites and/or punish whipping boys unjustly, obviously, the rest of the team notices. It’s bad for morale.

    Perhaps Avery has been stapled to the bench over the last three mediocre games because he had the nerve to ask the coach about it. We know Torts doesn’t like splainin’ himself. That would require defining his standards and being judged by them.

  79. How aboot this from the MLB…

    “Newly-voted National League MVP Ryan Braun from the Milwaukee Brewers has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs”

    They should just make performance enhancing drugs legal in the MLB since pretty much everyone uses them.

  80. Good afternoon all! Carp, why do you have to sully a perfectly great recap with an obvious attempt to make a bunch of $1.50s off of number 10 (or, more accurately, another number :)

    Did youse all read the follow on the Boogey series in the Times today? My favorite published comment was someone equating fighting in the NHL to legalizing pot….huh?

  81. RIR – It’s affecting morale? WHAT?! Now wait. Is 7 minutes of ice time for Avery a little low. Could it be 9-10 mins.? Maybe?! In grand scheme of things, it’s not that important. But, his playing time is bad for morale!? Where? They are the best defensive team in hockey. They are 5th in Conference with games in hand to move into 1st place. They have the fewest regulation losses in NHL. They had two long winning streaks. Team is really suffering from this fan created Torts-Avery rift.

  82. Eddie – As for the TOI thing. Other than Cally and Richards, Every other player is getting average minutes. And Avery doesn’t deserve more time so Richards or Cally sits. If Avery was a penalty killer I could at least so where he could get more minutes but he’s not.

  83. This Avery-fan thing is one of the reasons this team has never done what they are doing right now and that’s trying to build a winning organization not just a one year run. Fans are more interested in the personalities and stars (Bure, Fleury to name a few) than they are in building a winning organization. Fans should be more giddy over play of a kid like Hagelin than care abt whether or not one of their 4th liners get 5, 8 or 10 minutes.

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW et al. – i am done with this argument. Play cally and richards every byfuglien shift of evey byfuglien game…i really dont give a flying byfuglien…..

  85. Eddie no looking to the future just looking at what happens with this guy over time, starts disappearing, becomes a me guy, and wears on his teammates, coach and organization, that’s all. Btw I do think he has shelf life left for this last season in NY, he just has to be handled right which is pretty tricky

  86. I’d rather see Avery on the power play than either Boyle, Dubinsky or Prust. You’re getting absolutely nothing out of those three – the Boyle and Prust play the PP like it’s a penalty kill.

  87. Even Rupp. He’s a big guy that wont be easy to move when he’s in front of the net. I wish Boyle could be like that. He’s like a midget stuck inside a giants body. He just doesn’t know how to use it, and looks confused.

  88. Mitchell and Hagelin are getting power play time

    I don’t think people realize how bad Mike Rupp is going to look on this team

  89. Lloyd, The PP units look like this…

    1 – Cally – Step – Butt-Chin – Del Z – Richards

    2 – Dublowsky – Boyle – Artie – McDonut – Danny G

    Mitchell and Hagelin seem to be on the PP only during the final seconds, when their line is ready to take a shift, alongside Boyle.

  90. Prust’s PP TOI has rocketed up from 7 seconds a game to 8 seconds a game since last week, so maybe Lloyd is making a marginally less ludicrous point now than it was before.

  91. That isn’t a real Tweet from Brooks. That was from the start of season when he was really sent down. Nice try Rob. Thanks for playing.

  92. Hagelin has got two – that’s *two* – seconds of PP TOI per game in his long NHL career so far.

    To be fair to Lloyd, he has achieved next to nothing offensively in those opportunities.

  93. Let’s see Mitchell has 3:31 of total PP this season. Hagelin has :21 seconds total. Prust 3:48 Total.

    Hagelin will probably get increased minutes and he continues to develop. What a horrible thing that coach has done by slowly bringing him along and not throwing everything at him at once.

  94. ORR – He was averaging 6:10 TOI that’s :50 seconds less than Avery. Maybe Torts hates him as well.

  95. I don’t understand, what is wrong with being into a player’s personality? And what do you even mean by that? I can name lots of players who I like for their personalities….let’s see…Mess, TGO, Graves, Beezer (yay, in goal for alumni game!!) etc. etc.

  96. -Fran- always admired Barnaby as a Ranger. Brought effort every night and gave divisional rivals FITS, especially the Islanders.

    -So, 7 games on a bad knee was enough to make an educated unbiased decision regarding winning percentage with Rupp in the lineup and whether or not he’s a factor on this team? Awesome.

    -I guess here we go with the Avery thing again. “What could have happened between Torts and Avery?!?!” Ya know something? Who cares? Maybe the coach hates him. Maybe Avery hates Torts. Maybe Avery wont stop sleeping with the wives and girlfriends of every player on the team while dressed as Egon from the ghost busters and singing Helter Skelter with an English accent! Idk and I really don’t care at this point

    -What I know is he has his value to this team but I cannot wait until he’s no longer a Ranger. I’m beyond sick of hearing this “grate debate” (spelled that way on purpose). Whatever it is about Avery that works doesn’t work 100% of the time and it’s never going to. Not on the first line with 20 mins a night and not on the 4th line with 4 minutes a night. He’s becoming a distraction for the Coach, the team and the fans more than he is anything else and whether it’s while he’s having a positive or negative effect here it needs to just be over with.

  97. Blogmama – Here’s what I mean by that. The Fans (directed by the organization) have always been more interested in the person being a name player more than where he would fit into the chemistry of the team. This goes back to the real old days of the Rangers always acquiring the Habs older players and giving up their younger guys to sell tickets. Guys like Plante, Boom Boom Geoffrion. Or more recently, guys like Guy LaFleur. Dionne.

  98. LOL! It’s aboot time Barnaby was canned by ESPN. First the domestic incident, and now driving drunk. Ha! I wonder if TSN canned him as well.

    James G, when Avery is gone next season, you’ll see significantly less delusional Avery lovers here. For that, I’ll be “grateful”

  99. Just to complete the picture, 2:29 of Mitchell’s total 3:31 PP time this season came last night. And he got the primary assist on Gaborik’s PPG in that time.

  100. Maybe- just maybe things are starting to fall into place here a little. Hagelin and Mitchell have given the team additional depth on the wings. Dubinsky started showing flashes of why he belongs among the top 6 last night. Rupp is going to be back in the mix sooner than later or so it seems. If a few more things go well and they can stay healthy they may actually have 4 effective lines that can be rolled. A lot of it rests with Dubinsky though.

  101. James G/ORR – I’d ask if fans will root for whatever team Avery winds up on but unless the Isles are looking for cheap publicity, I highly doubt anyone even signs him.

  102. that’s 3:48 more than Prust should get on the Power Play. Boyle has no business being on the power play and Dubinsky certainly has no business being there this season.

    Rupp will be an albatross unless he gets 3:48 a game, too

  103. I’m not really sure which way you’ll go with this Lloyd. Should we expect complaints because Avery isnt playing over Rupp or just complaints that Rupp isn’t getting ice time either? Decisions decisions..

  104. Torts absolutely did the right thing in benching gaborik.. THAT is why the lesser lights play hard for Torts, because he holds the bigshots responsible, he does not allow anyone to go against the team concept and system. and later in the game Gaborik did some good things, apparently the message got through.

  105. Orr

    As usual, you folks are more in tune with the ins and outs and shortcomings of the players now and prior to their activities….all I can ever do is recall what I saw on the ice, and on the ice in that time, that dreadful season, when it looked as though this team might founder, Barnaby was out there…alone…and trying to demonstrate his dedication to the team and the game…he was the only “player” on the team that time.

    Of his personal short comings I knew nothing ….but for the Rangers..he was a player. Poti was a complete disgrace…he didn’t even attempt to show interest in what he was doing.

  106. Carp,

    I don’t know if this has occurred before, but Jan Levine from Hockeybuzz (my daily dose of hockey humor) just referenced to your game review and yourself, as Carp, in his latest post.
    You rock. We all rock!

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