Post-game interviews


Here are the interviews from the lockerroom, and from the coach’s press conference.

John Tortorella:


Brad Richards:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Derek Stepan:


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  1. @itsmechaneliman: The adrenaline pump hockey gives me seating right behind the glass excites and exhilartes me! I love a good rush! GO RANGERS GO!!!

    Oh, shyte, this is just too much! First Kate Upton, and now Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, Chanel Iman?


  2. Boardwalk Empire? Isn’t Seinfeld on?

    How are the Giants doing?

    James, Cas is the best. Glad you like the bass voice. Sometimes only dogs can hear it.

  3. that Stepan goal was pretty awesome…really sucked he couldn’t convert that nice shot late in the third. I would have loved to see him get the hat trick.

  4. I watched Eminger for a year in 2000/01 on a pretty bad Kitchener team (Derek Roy was the only other notable player on it).

    Think he was only 17 and not draft-eligible until the next year, but back then he was definitely more of a finesse, passing D-man than the wickyfied monster he has become.

  5. BTW I guessed 4-2 with GWG cally and rangers shots 30….i would have won the tix had i put 4-1 by ONE SHOT lol….irrelevant, i know, but im so upset wit myself lol

  6. What a performance tonight – Stepan is a rising star in this league!

    The youngsters are all playing well, the vets (aside from a few who will be left nameless for now) are doing well…..this could be a special team.

  7. From comments section

    piquestra3: Gotta change the topic. Tortosmella is a bonehead and doesn’t deserve to be the Rangers coach. Give Avery almost no ice time and then use as an excuse to make him a healthy scratch. Still has 3 goals. Never puts him on PP and Christenson gets on first game. Smella is a joke and the sooner he is gone the better off this team will be. If you think this group of players needs him you are wrong. They would win without him and with less punishing ice time for the big guys.

    Ah, another delusional Avery lover at work.

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