It’s Go Time!


Game 27.

Rangers close a back-to-back for the fourth time this season. They haven’t lost in regulation in any of the seven games in that situation this year (3-0-1 in the first; 2-0-1 in the second). They are 23-8-3 in the second game of back-to-backs since 2009-10.

Erik Christensen goes back into the lineup after being prucha’d for eight straight games. Sean Avery is prucha’d. Henrik Lundqvist in goal. Otherwise, same lineup. Brandon Dubinsky will start on left wing with Christensen and Brandon Prust. Ruslan Fedotenko returns to the left of Brad Richards and Ryan Callahan.

At least at the start.


WE HAVE A WINNER (we think). Genghis Tron nailed the contest by predicting the 4-1 score, the game-winning goal by Callahan and was closest in the first tiebreaker, Rangers shots (he said 29, the Rangers had 33). Ulfie also had 4-1, Callahan and had 28 Rangers shots.

Before we make it official, I want to give a chance for anybody who thinks I may have missed a better entry to speak now or forever hold your peace. If you think you won, e-mail me at

Genghis, once we make it official, I need you to e-mail me, also, with your address so we can send you the tickets.


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  1. Matty, from previous post, Dubinsky gets plenty of chances because they need him to be the player he’s supposed to be.

  2. Olga, I think you should start using *BOLD LETTERS* when you suggest we should fire Sather because using just capital ones hasn’t worked. :-)

    Where is Izzy?


  3. Thanks for the answer after the Carping, Carp. I see your point, but Dubi seems lost 90 percent of the time. I hope he can turn it around.

  4. Make sure you make the “We want Avery” chant real loud while Prust is out on the PP, Lloyd. You’ll have to be quick too.

  5. Rhode Island Ranger on

    What’s EC going to do with Avery’s 3 minutes? He won’t even have his skateguards off in that time.

    Oh, wait. He’s a “better hockey player” so he might get a little more than 3.

    Tortorella, of course, is lying to the press and us about why he’s putting the blow-up doll back in and removing the leveled-off (!) #16. Do a little digging Carp and you might find that Coach Queeg is starting to get a little paranoid.

    “Who stole my strawberries!”

  6. “We are 5th in all time wins among original six? Is this really something that should be celebrated?”

    Obviously not.

  7. RIR, what should he have said?

    He’ll never be paranoid, because he doesn’t give a carcillo what anybody else thinks.

    Also, I give him credit for not mentioning the incident which may or may not have been part of the decision.

  8. HockeymanRangers on

    Didn’t get a chance to read any of the today’s post’s, but how many times did we say “Callahan Monster”???

  9. My mom-in-law just texted me (she’s a fan of the Panthers thanks to me): “Your team socks. Let’s go Panters”

    Yeah…English isn’t her first language LOL

  10. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    i so wish Game Center would decide to either keep the commercials and intermission or not, i hate this going back and forth from game to game. Get yo act together

  11. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    Crosby update coming in 2nd period. btw, he’s still ugly


  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rod – my apologies for the stupid remark few threads ago. I mid-read what you wrote.

    Orr – again you labor under several misconceptions. We Avery lovers not only want the ranges to lose when Avery isn’t playing, we don’t care if they win when Avery does play…. We only care about Avery’s TOI. You just don’t get it.

  13. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I think you and I both know that the Avery scratch and mannequin insertion had NOTHING to do with on-ice play.

    What should Torts have said? Easy. Either tell the truth (crazy concept- unless it makes the high-strung coach look like a wacko). Or, diplomatically dodge the question by reminding the press that some disagreements must be settled behind closed doors.

    Considering how well the Rangers are doing this year, you might think Torts would be better adjusted, maybe even enjoying the ride. But, he’s getting a little too Nixonian for comfort. I just hope he hasn’t approved any black bag jobs for somebody’s office!

  14. Carp, don’t give Torts too much credit, or you’ll be stalked by an Avery lover. It’s one thing reading what Avery lovers have to say, but having them explain it to you in person, while you’re tied to a chair with tape on your mouth…not cool!!

  15. Away broadcast only during intermission for me tonight. Can somebody keep me informed on what Tyson Chandler bought at the grocery store today and how many thumb and first finger circle gestures Pidto makes? Thanks.

  16. why the hell do we keep giving up goals a minute or less after we score one. the old saying is the most important shift is after we score and we always get scored on or pinned in

    drives me freaking nuts

  17. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    lmao LW! what is up with GameCenter and this ‘change to away feed’ during intermission crap?

  18. Clean an air! *FIRE OLGA!*, The Blackhawks unwanted announcer.
    Severance pkg: rack of Torts used ties and one Hawks logoed puck to get it out of here.

  19. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!! STEP-ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Carp: You never answer me when you don’y have a freeken sensible answer. You wait till the Rangers win and then you say ” I told you so, who needs Avery. You never address the fact that the poor guy has been treated unfairly. What does he have to do. ???

  21. Three PP goals and three shorties in the last two games? Are you sure the Mayans said the world ends NEXT December?

  22. good shift after goal thats what i was looking for. need to slow panthers down in nuetral zone

    versteeg could fly.

    lets go boys

  23. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    LMFAO NC! sorry i missed that originally. I”m running back and forth taking care of some simmering soup in the kitchen lol

  24. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    this why we need Rupp back in the line up, Prust is a beast but he can’t fight them all

  25. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    that sounded so dirrrrty. spend a little time on the couch with al… yea, i’ll pass

  26. lone, I’ve said it repeatedly, including today, that I think Avery is better than Christensen and Wolski; that I think he makes a difference in divisional/rivalry games; that I think he’s been pretty darn good since his recall.

    I am not going to say he’s more than a fourth-liner or that he deserves more minutes.

    And I certainly am not going to discount that he’s the coach’s least-favorite player on the team.

  27. Carp, it does do Avery any good when the whole team steps in and plays like that….I hope it’s not “little incident” related.

  28. Can we agree in advance already *not* to use this game as an example of rolling four lines producing a good result?

    It’s s blowout after two periods, so chances are that the top players will not play as much in the third.

  29. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Hagelin now in the lead for the Avery Chair in Hockey Studies (lowest TOI). What can Torts do? EC’s just a better player.

  30. This game is quite a surprise. it’s clearing because EC is back in the lineup. He better get 18 minutes a night otherwise Torts needs to go.

  31. Stepan with two goals? He must realize that Torts is clearing the roster of people who are ineffective in the shootout. I mean that’s why Avery is scratched..because EC is a better shootout guy…even though we’ve only played 1 shootout in the last 23 games…that’s why he’s in there.

  32. Waaaa Waaaa The Rangers are leading the game 6-1 and have the highest win percentage in the conference and I am going to whine about Knicks advertisements. Waaaaaa Waaaaaa

    Dolan does not care about the Rangers. Waaaa Waaaaa. That is why the Rangers have three of the largest contracts in hockey. Dolan is not willing to spend money on his stepchild Rangers. Waaaaa Waaaaa.

  33. Waaaa Waaaa. Torts is not playing the fourth liner Avery and the Rangers are leading 6-1. Torts is mean to Avery. Waaaaaaaa Waaaaaaa

  34. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Flyers / Phillies fan? Who is that? I have been a Rangers fan since the age of 13 when I saw my first Rangers game at the Old Garden. Still an Eagles fan, yes, and will be until they move to Phoenix, which they almost did in 1984. Not that anyone cares, but I have quit Phillies fandom until the worst puking manager, (or the best subversive/bribe-taking manager) in the history of MLB is gone.

    For the Philadelphia Phillies not to fire Charlie Manuel for the worst managerial handling of a contending professional baseball team in the history of the sport, is the most unforgiveable incompetence imaginable, and I, for one, am DONE investing emotion, time, and money in such utterly crass ineptitude. Two years in the row, by daylight the best regular season team in the National League, and two straight post-season first round choke-ups, and they don’t think anything is wrong with this psycho-wacko – because he still has two years remaining on his contract?

    How do you sign a man pushing 70, with two cogent brain cells, to a two-year contract extension? When following a sports team becomes more pain than recreational pleasure, it is time to move on. No baseball season whatsoever for me in 2012.

  35. Ok Eddie. As to your suggestion, if I could I would!

    I’ll definitely take 6-1 but not really impressed, at least not by the PP and its two goals. Richards was a nice individual effort, like we talked about.
    FLA is flat as can be. Step’s was great, but he should had the hat just now.

    Not my fav but would like to see Dubi get one and get off the suicide watch.

    God, you guys are still talking about Avery?

    And Brooks is in the pressbox adding up his minutes? What a joke.

    Have to say the Brooks/Avery love appears even deeper than Torts/EC.

  36. Gotta say again how dead wrong I was on Del Zotto (thought his career was about over, barring a fresh start somewhere else).

    He’s so much more sound & playing with a nice edge.

    And Stralman’s on the board!

  37. Carp,

    It’s crazy man. Said it weeks ago and it’s only gotten worse.

    I’ve NEVER seen a writer take it upon himself to champion a player like this before.

    And Brooks is wrong on the facts too! hahaha…

  38. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    Brooks definitely has a heart on for avery, and for it to show so clearly in his work seems a tad unprofessional

  39. Since we’re not talking about the game much tonight…

    Boom Boom

    Not professing to have much expertise or interest in baseball, but a couple of days ago you were lamenting the Cardinals being fraudulent World Series winners because the Yankees and Phillies were the best teams defined by a long regular season.

    So is it not inconsistent to say a manager is incompetent specifically because he’s failed in the playoffs (and still won once, I believe) with the best regular season team?

  40. Carp that HAG LIN should put Stepan’s name in TONIGHT…and she should send James G some Christmas cookies!

  41. Carp, was Callahan discussing astro-physics or knot theory or something along those lines with Barch?

  42. Time to show some man love for Eminger. Journeyman Dman (every time Carp lists the opponents former players on our roster he’s there no matter the team lol) but give this guy credit. He isn’t dripping with talent but he’s a solid dependable presence and no matter what role they’ve needed him in during his Rangers tenure he’s stepped up and done it pretty well. He’s not flawless and he’s certainly not flashy but he gets the job done. Glad we have him.

  43. Boom Boom,

    I question your loyalty to the Rangers if they are more a recreational pleasure to you than a pain.

  44. Rod,
    I was way wrong on MDZ too, so I’ll join in with some mea culpa action. I still wish he was a tad faster, but I had given up on him. Glad I was wrong.


  45. And how great is it for Callahan and Stepan? Both doing great things this weekend with their families in attendance. Makes you feel good

  46. LW,

    Tried to answer your manager question but double-negatives stop me in my tracks.
    Tried 3 x’s….

    My view is generally the regular season usually tells the truest tale.
    Anything can happen in playoff series across the board in any sport.
    Not that guys can’t step up and/or choke.

    Guess what Im saying is if you looked at the history of every sport, the regular season’s best team probably prevails more than any other.

    And I don’t think an incompetent manager can get you there, unless you have an ultra-talented, maintenance free group. That what u were going for?

  47. Step-ON made sure to correct Fishler on the “parents being there”. It’s “dad and his girlfriend”.

  48. Stepan can`t skate and MDZ is crap.

    Oh wait, the former scores 2 goal and the latter, along with his assist, is +4, making him overall a +15 overall, tops on the Rangers and (get this, cuz really he’s crap) something like 6th overall in the NHL.


    What a bum!

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Tru dat, Em is clutch – anytime your 6/7 D is playing top 4 minutes and producing is HUGE!

    Step had a highlight reel goal – great shot he ripped

    That was stress free Ranger hockey… What a smack down!

  50. Mao,

    Me & friends were saying the same thing regarding MDZ’s speed. It’s funny, as well as he’s playing, he still doesn’t scoot like he did his first year.

    I’d like to do great things with at least one of the Stephans…

  51. James,

    Eminger definitely deserves it, but it’s a strange case. He’s called the Travelin’ Man and all that, but he’s a former first round/No. 12 overall, so he came with a very promising label.

    He basically bounced between 5 teams within a year and a half after spending 4-5 with Washington. I don’t know if it was injuries or his contract or what…

    Like they say, some D men take time to mature. He’s only 28.

  52. Eminger is gritty, but he probably turns off some hockey front office people because of his terrible skating stride. he jerks his shoulders wildly from side to side when he skates, he is not smooth in his stride, and that works against him among some hockey people. but he gets the job done, and that is all that matters, ugly or not.

  53. Rangers young homegrown players are looking good and emminger and stralmen played a good steady defense. Rangers farm system is promising. It’s good being a ranger fan.

  54. don't Stepan my blue suede shoes on

    Figured that Step was going to be a great Ranger when I saw him captain that USA world jr. team to the title in Canada. he is just now getting the confidence and experience to play in key situations like point on PP and killing penalties, so that the coach has full confidence in him no matter the score or game situation

  55. Rod thanks for the info. I remember his tenure with Washington but lost track of him from there though I knew the name when we signed him. I thought he was good last year. struggled when the rest of the team struggled late in the season and he came back this year with some people thinking before the Staal news that he wasn’t even going to be on the roster. He’s done an admirable job and we’ll need him to continue with 1/2 our top 4 hurt indefinitely

  56. Love seeing Cas get praised on game night. I remember skating around at playland in Rye when he was working in the pro shop there. The guy could fabricate some way to fix any skate, any piece of equipment. Always happy to see him get credit

  57. I was shocked when it looked like the Rangers were unsure they’d bring Eminger back in the off-season, because he was mostly terrific last year, and almost certainly their second most fearless shot-blocker after Girardi.

    He got worn down because he wasn’t used to playing so many minutes (my concern with McD now). But I thought he was more than fine as a 6-7, with the ability to jump up to 3-4 in a pinch, like he’s doing. He deserves high marks.

  58. From Gross: Steve Eminger would like it pointed out that he was a 58-point scorer in juniors for Kitchener – 19 G 39 A in 2001-02.

  59. ERIC

    I will try to answer your question about letting in goals right after scoring them…………………….

    I have studied this phenomenon for quite a long time, and it occurs among many teams, many of which are quite gifted with outstanding players, and this is not a factor in it at all.

    There are aspects to it which I have noticed are very
    interesting. I believe that the actual scoring of a goal ( especially when it has been difficult to score one)
    is what brings about the scoring of the RIGHTBACK GOAL……a name that I have given to this oddity. the teams have labored back and forth and had many scoring chances go awry, and suddenly, one team scores a goal, and euphoria takes over unconciously, and the guard is inadvertantly let down for a brief moment or so but without their being aware of it. It isat this moment that the rightback goal is scored. Sort of trying to do some difficult task and the sigh of relief is visited on the individual who is in this situation.
    He( they) are not even aware of this, and it happens quickly.There is a brief few moments when the attention flags, and that is when the goal occurs. This is why I have in the past cautioned against extra celebration of a goal, because that adds to the relaxing of the guard. It carries over to the next facde off and then the opponent, if he is alert will immediately try to strike back and bingo it’s in the net, and everyone wonders how come. Simply become aware of the possibility when a goal( especially one long overdue), is suddenly scored……..BEWARE…beprepared for the possibility of the Right Back goal.

  60. @itsmechaneliman: The adrenaline pump hockey gives me seating right behind the glass excites and exhilartes me! I love a good rush! GO RANGERS GO!!!

    Oh, shyte, this is just too much! First Kate Upton, and now Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, Chanel Iman?


  61. that Stepan goal was pretty awesome…really sucked he couldn’t convert that nice shot late in the third. I would have loved to see him get the hat trick.

  62. I watched Eminger for a year in 2000/01 on a pretty bad Kitchener team (Derek Roy was the only other notable player on it).

    Think he was only 17 and not draft-eligible until the next year, but back then he was definitely more of a finesse, passing D-man than the wickyfied monster he has become.

  63. Carp: RE: your response at 9:04 : Thanks for being honest and fair re: my earlier comments on Avery. No further issues with you. Go Rangers. Still dislike Torts with a passion & would like to start a collection for some form of personality rehabilitation.

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