Ticket contest rules and regulations


OK, tomorrow we will do a predict-the-score contest, the winner getting two tickets to the Ottawa-Rangers game at MSG Jan. 12, courtesy of our Bonehead donor.

So let’s review the rules, shall we? (answer: yes).

1) This is the easy part. You pick the score, then a bunch of tiebreakers: game-winning goal, Rangers shots, Sabres shots. Your entry should look something like this (with different numbers and names): Rangers 17, Sabres 1. GWG: Avery. Rangers shots: 18. Sabres shots: 44.

2) The score of the game must be exact. Not closest. Not margin of victory. You must have the exact score to move on to the tiebreakers, if needed. Note that the game-winning goal is the goal that provides the margin of victory, whether it be the second goal in a 17-1 game, or an overtime or (God forbid) winning shootout goal.

The Rangers’ shots tiebreaker shall go to the closest prediction without going over. If contestants are still tied, the Sabres’ shots tiebreaker shall be used, and also will go to the closest prediction without going over. If all remaining contestants are over the number of Sabres shots, the contestant closest to the correct total wins.

Finally, if still somehow tied, I will either give the tickets to Sally or flip a coin at Blog HQ … or I will wait for the next time I see the donor at a game and let him flip the coin.

3) The most important rules regarding entry into the contest: DO NOT EVEN DREAM ABOUT ENTERING MORE THAN ONCE. I will check IP addresses from any entrant whose screen name I do not recognize. Entries open when the Saturday morning post goes up, usually between 5-6 a.m., and will close when the It’s Go Time! post goes up shortly after 6:30 p.m. Saturday. Only entries in the morning post Saturday will count. In other words, don’t put your predictions in any other thread.

4) Don’t get me aggravated with dumb questions or details.

5) *-The judge’s decision on all issues will be final. (*-I am the judge).

Good luck, and have fun. And don’t make your pick until tomorrow’s pre-game notes thread.


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  1. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Semester is ova — finals next week – hooray

    I bet Crosby has pooped already today … Anyone know for sure? Has NHL network mentioned it?

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – one suggested rule change for the season’s tickets…… Since it’s virtually a fact that Avery scores the game winner… and there be well over a thousand picking him… Might need to another tiebreaker…. Say TOI for Avery. I predict one shift, 45 seconds, yet still scores the game winner…..Avery saying

  3. Fair point, Eddie … but I figured probably 50 percent of the people will pick Dubinsky, since one of his three goals tomorrow has a chance to be a winner.

  4. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    Sorry ’bout that Carp.

    So, since Ani is the kidnapper of the Lindberg baby, the Zodiac Killer, AND Jack the Ripper, is he going to have a sit down with the Lord of Discipline? I’ve been at work and doing errands, have not had time to catch up

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A suggestion for the PP… Add the Avery on the point with the prust and that light will glow red.

  6. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – I really like Dubi/prust/Avery line. GWer could be any of the three. I hope they get more ice time.

  7. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    Downie SHOULD! i think what he did was worse. Ani had a boneheaded moment (he’s one of us!!!) but like i said last night, downie’s been a punk since spermhood.

  8. Hi, Lin!

    Some nitwits on here wanted Artie to be drawn & quartered – too bad he’s so young, they would have him up in the book depository with Oswald, too…

  9. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    people get so bent out of shape over things. Men and their hurt feelings. He did something out of what we ordinarily expect, and people want to fry the guy. Oy, men and their hurt feelings ;-)

  10. He said it himself, I think – he saw that “gesture” done in the past by other players, and he was just doing the same thing….why it didn’t cause riots in those other instances I don’t know, but last night it was a capital offense…

    He’s just a big kid..

  11. Did Downie get suspended yet? Did he have a call? Did he have an in person? I mean…he left the bench. Am I wrong?

  12. Hey HageLinCalPrustLahan (did I mention that I *love* the new name?) did you know that Spearing is no longer even a penalty because of Ovechkin!? In fact, if you get speared by a “marquis” player (marquis is defined by Bettman’s private rules) you get a penalty for embellishing said spearing and/or other penalty. Just ask Ovie and Banahammer

  13. I’ve seen nothing about any disciplinary actions yet, Manny – the Waseka is filled up with Howlings play-by-play…nothing on TSN about it either..

  14. Yeah! Ovie speared Chris Neil in the ‘nads (I dislike Neil quite a lot) and nothing was called. There is definitely a double-triple-standard when it comes to penalties in this league, and that’s not anything new…

  15. Yea Neil is not the awesomest. But honestly…spearing is easily second in worst penalties only to slew-footing. Come on! Ovie gets nothing and all my friends that are caps fans txt me that Ovie is “showing signs of life.” WHAT!? These are the same people that go CRAZY about Crosby being a baby but no one notices that Ovie takes a europansy-pathetic move penalty against a tough guy that for sure would have thrown the gloves down and nothing. NOTHING.

  16. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    Thanks Manny, and now i know to be on the lookout for spearings by the big boys. Crosby can punch dude in the nads, ovie can spear, Stamkos can be a tough guy when his targets being held back…. good times in the NHL!

    LMFAO DUDE USING SHAKEWEIGHT on GRIMM just busted out his window lol and now his house blew up

  17. I do not know the answer to that, Manny – but it wouldn’t surprise me – I saw the play on a replay, and they didn’t mention the embellishment penalty, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one called…

  18. I am pretty sure Ovie speared someone and that player (the spearEE in legal terms) was called for embellishment. Great sign of life Ovie…..Frustration = Life. Keep on losing, losers. Remember the time they went up 3-1 and we beat them? No?

  19. >>>LMFAO DUDE USING SHAKEWEIGHT on GRIMM just busted out his window lol and now his house blew up


  20. Neil might have dropped his hockey pants and showed the refs the red welts on his ‘nads!

    That probably would have gotten Shanny doing handstands!

  21. Incredible, Manny – Karmically, Neil deserves it for all his offenses to the NYRs in the past, but Ovie should definitely gotten called for that – what an incompetent bunch of officials…

  22. Oh! OK, Lin…..lots of gibberish that gets said on here goes completely over my head, no problem!

  23. Yup. Protecting the “big boys” while Neils boys are severely pounded. I love how everyone protects Ovie. GM declares that Dale can’t take away the “C” from Ovie despite his lackadaisical play and failure to practice being the main reason that Boudreau was canned.

  24. Carp your slipping on your stars and saying Hank deserved better, WHAT? Total soft goal on the tying one look like last yrs. Hank. Listen I think he has been great this yr. But not first star last night my friend. But as usual you do bounce back with the Shanny/Downie thing spot on. He will get next to nothing.

  25. I’ve been watching the Caps-Leafs game tonight, (Leafs look sucky – why couldn’t they play this way against us!?) and Ovie has been trying hard to score, but the Leaf announcers mentioned several times that he was loafing back on the backcheck and not playing much of a defensive game at all…

    Phaneuf has been head-hunting all night long – took runs at Ovie and missed, took one at Semin and got him, but he wasn’t injured – but Dion looks like he wants to hurt someone tonight..

  26. HageLinCalPrustLahan on

    lol Jimbo

    Manny you’re like the Walter Cronkite of the blog with all your lil tidbits lol

  27. Caps leading Leafs 3-1….Caps have 3 PP goals…lots of penalties called on TO tonight…Aha! Leafs just scored, 3-2…

  28. Sally FOUR MILLION on

    Good evening, Carp! I’m baking cookies and watching the Sabres get all worn out for the big game tomorrow. SO EXCITED!!!

  29. Oops! 1 of the PP goals was credited to Backstrom, not Wideman, but he still has a hattie….

  30. Manny I’m posting while in goal still better than than egomaniac French fatso teammate of mine.

  31. eddie eddie eddie on


    and its on to chicago, and lets win there

  32. Leaves didn’t look too good tonight – they took a ton of penalties, and it really cost them, unlike when a team takes a lot of ’em against the NYR….

  33. FYI: Flames demote Horak; and of the guy he was dealt for, Schoenfeld has been praising Erixon’s play, saying he’s making all the adjustments necessary.

    He should be the next guy worked in to boost our weary D.

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – someone should let us do a game with carp acting as the middle….jimbo would be our first studio guest…we could discuss the rangers’ chances vs olga and the hawks….revenge for ’71

  35. I’m doing OK, E3 – no complaints, aside from the fact that I stayed on here too long this morning arguing with a few contrarians….I don’t know why I waste my time…

  36. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers are going to blow minds…erixon gets the call up and turns out to be McD part deux…..maybe better if that is possible…that is some nice pedigree..always liked his dad……great defensive forward…

  37. god dman ot in buffalo vs florida.

    hate 3 pt games

    who would ever think

    florida and minn would be leading confernces after tonight.

  38. Yeah! Those doggoned ’71 Hawks! That was one hell of a team – we had several successive years of tussles with them. They were very good, especially when playing in that old Chicago Stadium, with Al Melgard and the thunderingly loud pipe organ – NO recorded music iduring games n those days!

  39. Pominville wins the game in OT for the Sabres…..OK, that’s their only win this weekend,,,,

  40. Shoney to Marty ” have another croissant you fat pig” ain’t it great how Marty’s ego is going to make himself look ridiculous on his way out?

  41. Duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Did someone commentary that Neil Pronger was also experienced concussed sindrome? Now this leaves two opposing villians that I find worry for: Sydney Crosby & Neil Pronger. Pardon my french, but these two players have urked me quitesome. However; I don’t want to see these injuries: the NHL should adopt the following: 1. kevlar helmuts 2. chinny-chin-chin straps must be tightened and check by officials b4 the game..loose straps will result in game misconducts 3. puppies from puppy mills…yes, i am a dog lover and can’t stand any of these puppy mill images…Would be good for the NHL they could do some cross-promo with Pamela Anderson who loves hockey and spends more time in Canada nowadays.

    What do you gentle bloggors think? I like it here. It is nice…i am nice..nice is right.

  42. Asked about Sauer today.

    No one knows, or will know for a while.

    He’s not on the trip.

    my guess is it won’t be for the year, or even close to that.
    It was a bad rap but concussionitis nowadays makes you think everyone’s career is over the first time they’re knocked dizzy.

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    rod, unfortunately, sometimes one’s career is done the first time they are knocked woozy…

  44. Fruit loops!?

    Duckbill, yes, it’s *Chris* Pronger, and he is out indefinitely with concussion syndrome..

  45. I know nothing about helmet design, but I was wondering if a helmet with an inflatable bladder inside it (like a tire-type device) that was molded to the player’s head might help give better protection to the head?

  46. It probably would be uncomfortable, but if the protection is that much better, it might be worthwhile…and if the bladder (balloon?) was fitted to the head, it wouldn’t allow the helmet to accidentally pop off the head so easily..

  47. That’s not a bad idea Jim, though I don’t know how it’d work in terms of physics.

    With the size & speed and ferocity of these guys, the torques and pressures are enormous.

    I do think it’s time someone point out there weren’t nearly as many head injuries when players didn’t wear helmets….

  48. Thanks, Rod – I don’t know either – but it’s time that some really heavy-duty research was done (not saying that it isn’t, I just don’t know!) about this. Too many careers are in jeopardy or have been ruined because of this concussion business..

    Yes, concussions seemed to be less prevalent back then, but we don’t really know if they even knew how to detect concussions at that time….

    After the Bill Masterton death, it was a foregone conclusion that helmets were going to be made mandatory.

  49. Sally FOUR MILLION on

    Jimbo, I am playing fetch with my super brilliant & talented cat, Princess Dubinsky Wobbles. She is winning.

  50. Foam, bladder, whatever, it won’t matter if the guys don’t keep their chinstraps tight.

    I’m seriously in the minority here, but having played all my life I can definitely say you don’t think twice about smacking someone with a helmet on.

    Never been any doubt in my mind it was a better game when I was growing up w/o headgear.
    Always thought it was way better from a marketing standpoint as well, players were identifiable.

    Once the helmets came the game grew cold, the hooking and holding and traps started.
    It’s never been the same to me, though I give them credit for how they’ve largely been trying to call games these past few years (except they forgot the rulebook once again in the playoffs, when it matters most).

  51. Soooo. Sabre 23 Rangers 18, SOG: Sabres -6 Rangers 2.344 GWG: God, errr, Avery. errr Allah… Doesn’t count?

  52. I remember players and GMs back in the day before mandatory helmets say, when interviewed, that when helmets become mandatory, players will lose respect for each other, and stick-fouls and other egregious behavior would skyrocket, and that injuries would actually go up…

    They never mentioned concussions because they weren’t really a factor back then – an occasional fractured skull happened, and of course the Masterton death happened, but nobody ever mentioned concussions before the helmet era, not as far as I can recall…

  53. That’s right Jim.

    Another thing I haven’t seen pointed out is many of these high profile concussions can’t be

    prevented anyway because they’re deliberate elbows to the face!

    And I think it’s obviously an escalation of what you alluded to, players not respecting one another.

    Some of these ‘hits’ are attempted assassinations.

  54. Sally FOUR MILLION on

    Hey Mickey! You coming to the game with me tomorrow? :)

    Jimbo, she’s a genius! She loves playing fetch. If I don’t throw her toy back fast enough she looks at me like I’m a big stupid dummy and I’m blowing the opportunity of a lifetime.

  55. Yes Rod – back in those days, most player careers were ended by knee injuries – some had back injuries that ended their hockey careers, too….but head issues were in the minority, aside from superficial cuts and broken noses…

    I’d have to say, the respect level of players towards each other has definitely suffered since then. There were always hard hits, but some of the things we see nowadays just didn’t happen back then.

  56. Ugh! It gets even worse, NYR!

    I’d switch Dublowsky with MZA. It least MZA gives us some creativity on the PP.

    I still can’t wrap my mind around how terrible Dublowsky is. Definitely the worst he’s ever played as a Ranger, conveniently after signing a long term deal. Horrible!

    Go Oilers!

  57. Nugent-Hopkins has an assist tonight, which puts him on a six game scoring streak. The kid’s the real deal.

    I know it’s still early, and Hall already looks pretty good, but I wonder if Oilers fans wish they drafted Seguin instead.

  58. Zook had a goal and at least 1 assist tonight – seems like the Whales can’t score on the PP either, according to Beck – we need a PP tutor in this organization!

  59. Haha, Orr. His season is a nightmare. He’s on pace for exactly 3 goals.

    MZA is interesting player to call up because he definitely wouldn’t play with Avery and Prust….where would he fit in? Maybe with Richie and Cally?


    Thanks, Sally!

  60. eddie eddie eddie on

    ny brutha from anutha…..belive me when i say, i know what u r sayin, know what i am sayin?

  61. Brutha eddie…i know you what you be sayin’!

    Orr- Yeah, I think He-Man and MZA also played together on a line in Hartford and had success….

  62. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – the MAP line is the perect third line…..tough, good on the forecheck, good defensively, and with the budding buddha, a pure goal scorer

  63. Duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    thank you jimbeam from MaderaSide. I am bad with names..not writing in primary language either.

  64. Duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    the players back then were soft like cookie dough…today’s athletes are monsters… 8,976,078X as strong. The skill level, size, nutrition and competition due to financial parameters creates Godzillaesque hockey players who may have never seen and original godzilla movie, unbelievably!

  65. What is your primary language, Duckbill?

    There were some very tough players in the old days – but you’re right – conditioning and nutrition and training methods are so much better now. Players are much bigger and stronger.

  66. I don’t know – Dubi seems to have lost his confidence totally…….it’s a sad thing to watch.

  67. I hope he gets his carcillo together – we need more scoring, and we need some PP production desperately.

  68. eddie, it’s good here in the midwest. Kinda chilly this week, but nothing a hearty NYer like myself can’t handle

  69. eddie eddie eddie on

    ….my brutha….smoke my herbs and drink my wine…then hit pebble beach…you will see it differently

  70. Mickey! I was wondering what Sally was talking about – were you supposed to be in Buffalo tomorrow?

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    i really think dubi will be fine…..they just need to roll 4 lines…….rolling dubi is all good

  72. eddie eddie eddie on

    …that is why we go with water in the pipe….the doobie softens up, relaxes, and plays chilla,,,,

  73. Yes, Eddie – we get that impression from Joe M…..he seems to be fixated on “groins’, too….

  74. 4) Don’t get me aggravated with dumb questions or details.

    lol this is still my favorite rule. The incredible Carp shows it’s ugly green face

    Dr Rick Carpinello. : columnist; blogfather. Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry. And now when Carp grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs. The creature is driven by pansification and pursued by an investigative reporter. [Carp:] “Brooksie, don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” The creature is wanted for supporting skills competitions-a crime he didn’t commit. Carp is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.

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