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I do not condone what Artem Anisimov did after that beauty of a short-handed goal put the Rangers up 2-1. You know by now that he went down to a knee, aimed his stick like a rifle toward goalie Mathieu Garon and pumped a few shots.

Certainly not the end of the world, certainly not the worst lack of sportsmanship ever, and not the most crazy celebration (Alex Ovechkin pretending to light his stick on fire; Teemu Selanne tossing his glove in the air and shooting it; Jaromir Jagr and Brian Propp with those pansy salutes; Tiger Williams and Tie Domi riding the broom; even that jackwagon Kaleta on Buffalo doing whatever full-bodied dry-heave he does after goals. The Rangers once went after Vinny Prospal, when he was with Tampa, because of one of his jubilant celebrations.

But do we want this to turn into the NFL, where guys will taunt and cost their teams 15 yards and possessions and games because they just have to dance and taunt and act like idiots (Eagles’ DeSean Jackson, or, take your pick of any dancing receiver, including this clown Cruz on the Giants)?

I don’t. I think hockey is the last bastion of sportsmanship and respect, even if they do knock the daylights out of one another, often with bare knuckles.

I like that hockey doesn’t put up with that bull-carcillo. There’s definitely a taunting line, and by aiming his rifle ay Garon, Anisimov definitely crossed it. If he had fired it at the ceiling, or into the crowd, or anywhere else, I don’t even think it would be mentioned today.


 1) A lot of people brought up a good point, that maybe Anisimov’s celebration was somewhat created by all this hype of HBO’s cameras being around for “24/7” and the guys all trying to be the stars of that show. They sure have been made to be aware, and a lot of them, it seems, have been encouraged to tweet (Anisimov just began his twittering yesterday; see the widget on the right).

2) Trivia quiz: How many officials does it take to screw up a hockey fight? (answer below).

3) They sure got pretty much everything wrong in the assessment of the fracas that followed Anisimov’s mistake. How do Brandon Dubinsky and Marc-Andre Bergeron, who dropped gloves and traded punches, not get fighting majors, How does Vinny Lecavalier, the captain who rightfully went after Anisimov and touched off the whole melee, not get a penalty? How does Anisimov get 14 minutes? How do the Lightnings get a power play? How? How? How?

4) Let’s see if Sherriff Shanahan is as tough as he and his genuflecting fans claim he is, on Steve Downie. Or if the league, as it typically does, leaps through hoops trying to find a reason to not issue the automatic suspension for this clown coming off the bench to join an altercation. Because, even though Dominic Moore may have come to the bench, Downie left the bench and not only joined an altercation, but re-ignited it. Betcha he gets a wrist slap and not the automatic 10 games, or even five. Betcha the NHL front office doesn’t have the onions to enforce its own rule.

5) How about Steven Stamkos issuing threats toward Anisimov later? What’s Stamkos going to do? Hit him with his Rocket Richard Trophy? Stamkos had a chance to get involved in the fracas. He was on the ice. He waited until Dan Girardi was involved with somebody else, then sucker punched Girardi in the back of the head.

6) I was seated next to Steve Yzerman (or Whyzerman if you’re the host of the NHL awards show, Jay Mohr) and thinking, “Gee, I’ll bet nobody fired a rifle at Whyzerman’s Red Wings when they had Joey Kocur and Bob Probert.”

7) I thought John Tortorella did the right thing in protecting his young player, who was aware he made a mistake and apologized to his teammates, who, to a man, thought what he did was wrong.

8) I like the way Brandon Dubinsky reacted in the whole scrum, and I thought he was very, very good on the PK all night — it was his play that created the Anisimov goal. But you can tell he’s still in a funk, and Tortorella tried giving him some PP time to get him out of it.

9) Ryan McDonagh had a rough game. He’s kind of flattened out a bit lately. Terrible giveaway on the first Tampa goal, took a bad penalty, allowed Dominic Moore to go around him for the short-handed goal to force OT.

10) Moore would fit in nicely on this Rangers team. Oh, they already had him? Michael Del Zotto and he sure had something going, as Del Zotto refused to let him, at least twice, take shots at Henrik Lundqvist — who by the way deserved better.

11) That was a terrible shame about Martin St. Louis. Seriously. The guy is nothing but class, a guy who was supposedly too small to make it, and who would have played his 500th consecutive game if he hadn’t been hit in the eye with a puck shot by Moore in the morning skate. St. Louis will have his eye re-evaluated, and suffered a broken nose, and broken facial and sinus bones.

12) Good to see the Captain, Mark Messier, not take it too seriously that he will put off his surgery and play in the Winter Classic alumni game. He gets it. It’s not major news.

13) Nothing like a good old rock-em, sock-em hockey game being decided with a silly breakaway competition after the hockey game ends.

14) Trivia answer: Four. (And their names are Chris Rooney, David Banfield, Lonnie Cameron and Vaughan Rody. Maybe they can change a light bulb).

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Artem Anisimov.
3) Ryan Callahan.


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  1. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Back in the day you scored a goal , your line mates tapped you on the shin pads. and you skated back to the bench. Never mind the hand gladding(high fives ) down the bench..

  2. Back to the game, didn’t Jordan Staal get some sort of suspension for his punch on Prust last year? I could be wrong but I thought he did.

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp. Excellent way to put the whole thing in perspective.

    I didn’t like what Artem did a bit. But I doubt he meant it the way it came out. He is a good kid. I read, and listened to his interviews in Russian, and I’ll tell he is a nice, soft person. Lesson learned, he won’t do anything of that nature again.

    About the game per se. I thought they deserved to win, they were the better team. I believe Gironde deserves to be mentioned too, if it wasn’t for him, it wouldn’t even get to SO. But id didn’t happen, take the point and move on..

    If there is a team in the league I don’t mind losing too, it’s Tampa. Feel horrible for St. Louis, agree on 11. And Moore was extra motivated last night because of that, you could just see he was trying to be the difference, and he was.

  4. Ilb

    Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. I guess he only got a game but I thought it was more.

  5. HBO is affecting these guys. That whole Anisimov coming out of his shell all of a sudden? Embarrassing. Can’t wait to see the behind the scenes recap of that fiasco. The only thing to like about AA is the fact that he was a good sport. He is an average player at best. Reaaly left a bad taste. And Prust. This guy will fight a giant gorilla like Rosehill for no reason at all, yet he won’t fight Downey for harassing Cally early in the game? Not to mention the animations of the coach. I thought torts was overreacting to EVERYTHING last night.

    I think this HBO thing is gonna be a disaster.

  6. Every time the Rangers are involved in trade talks, the first name to come up in it is Anisimov. For some reason every involved GM wants to get the “average player at best” from us. They all need to go to school again. Or consult some of the talent evaluators from RR.

  7. Carp,
    not hockey related, but you mentioned Cruz of the Giants. his Salsa dance after a touchdown is in tribute to his mother. when down big against New Orleans he scored twice, and twice he handed the ball to the refs.

  8. Who cares why he does the salsa …its wrong.

    Inspiring play last night. Should ask every team to. wear orange.

  9. Rangers really need a hard shot on the team, none of the defenseman can blast it, I guess its a leage-wide trend now that everyone goes with wristers and can’t fire a hard slapper. Even in warmups they all go in close to the top of the circle and take shots but none of them are hard. Gone are the days of Iafrate I guess.

    Anisimov really just tapped the goal in, didn’t take a ton of effort from him so I don’t know why he acted like he rushed end to end or did something amazing. I understand Lecavalier getting in there. Anisimov got like 14 or more minutes for basically defending himself. If nothing happened from Tampa, no penalties called. I hate though when there’s no call on the ice, then the refs go back and decide later, oh yeah, that was unsportsmanlike. We’ll see how Downie is treated as well.

    I really don’t know how Girardi and McDonagh play the entire game. They get rammed into the boards, hit constantly and keep on playing. DelZotto is prone to his mistakes here and there but i liked him clearing out Moore and showing a lot more confidence.

  10. Great photo. Sure we lost but don’t see how you take this as anything but hysterical.

    Just the way Artie looks around as TB comes after him, it’s too funny.

    He was completely surprised!

  11. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Two straight games (losses) now in which the Rangers have not gotten one, single assist from a Defenseman. About a week ago I stated here that a playmaking D is the team’s biggest need. The forwards are doing all the work when it comes to scoring and assisting, quite an imbalance.

  12. I doubt anyone noticed but Stralman had one of the better rushes for a Ranger d-man all year.
    Smooth, quick, he weaved up ice and got off a shot 1-3, but he had no help as Rangers were changing.

    To my mind, Artie wasn’t the story last night, it’s whats going on with the D.

    The first pair had a combined 59 minutes!

  13. Like I wrote yesterday … these clowns had no business losing this game.

    This is a game the OLD Rangers are expected to lose, not – what we thought – was a new breed of Ranger.

    Which, it turns out, is really just another breed of no-talent clown.

  14. Rod,

    I did notice watching live that Stralman rush, looked pretty smooth handling the puck. Tough to get a good read though given his ice time.

  15. For the first time this season we can say that the Rangers were the better team but the game ended in a tie. Then they raffled off a point. I didn’t watch. Did we win it?

    Artie: Well my wife said “Artem is cheesy What do you expect?” By cheesy she certainly meant European. She rather enjoyed it. I explained to her that this is the NHL and not the NFL. There is no place for disrespectful garbage. I actually enjoy Cruz and the like and their dances. DeSean was over the line because it was taunting but who cares…This is the NHL and you act a certain way or you go to the KHL/AHL/OHL/EHL etc. etc.

    McBust had a good game on offense and a bad game on Defense. Del Zaster had a good all around game. Don’t look now but Eminger was SOLID and so was WoyWhaterver. They have REALLY improved. Could it be good coaching!?!?!?

    Is Girardi the only member of our entire team that can HIT THE NET in the 3rd period? Sheesh!

    Way to kill off TWO 5-on-3 situations boys. Way to turn one into a goal.

    The Ref’ing was horrendous. Downy should, by the rules, get an automatic 10+ for coming off the bench. I personally hate that rule and would have liked to see the benches clear last night.

  16. I call Bull-Carcillo on the whole ” you should act like you’ve done it before” crap. It is such a breath of fresh are to get a glimpse of these guys’ personalities. They are having fun and busting their asses to provide entertainment and that celebration was AWESOME! Artie has been doing this more and more since the second half of last year. I’ve seen him do the Archer pose and last game he went to one knee and dragged his hand on the ice after he scored. I love this stuff because it can build heat to match ups especially as a fan. I would love nothing more than to see more of it especially against the Pens and the Devils because my hatred runs sooooooo deep with those clubs. I WANT MORE!!!

  17. All those who think that Artie is an average player aren’t watching the same games that i am. Artie is a complete player. He competes consistently, is the main defensive presence on the GAS line and has the skill to keep up with Gaborik. Now his confidence is soaring and he is feeling much more comfortable playing in the NHL. We are going see more and more every year from him. Average Player my Carcillo!

  18. Dominic Moore’s 2 biggest contributions in his time with the Rangers were:
    1. The goal in Florida (I think) with 1 second left to tie or win the game and
    2. The “forget aboot it” commercial with Bobby Granger.

    Bad loss

  19. Artem Anisimov just LOOKS bigger on the ice than he did last year. I actually mean physically. Size-wise. He’s bigger.

  20. Artem is having a great year!

    Yes, the Moore goal from behind the net off the goalie, I remember it well.

    We won a game against the lightning the other night that perhaps we shouldn’t have.

    They won a game against us last night that perhaps they shouldn’t have. That’s hockey. By no means do I think that this team is about to go on some bad losing streak.

  21. The tying goal (second) by Tampa was a fluke. That puck clipped off of McBust’s stick (who was indeed beaten but still managed to deflect the puck) and knuckled into a whole smaller than a puck and somehow just softly found the back of the net. Flukey.

    Still sad to see Hank not get a win there. He was great. As was Garon.

  22. Why does it seem there are more people on here who do NOT like the Rangers then people who do?? How can you say AA is not a good player? He has good hands, (not great at this point) good speed, can throw the body when needed, plus he’s young and in a couple of years could turn out to be a GREAT player. No the Rangers haven’t drafted a top player in a long time, but they very rarely finish last in the league so they can get a Crosby type of player.

    The Rangers have put together a young, fast, tough team, who plays GREAT defense, and is playing respectable hockey to say the least. So for all of you guys blasting these youngs guys, lay off, they need time, and experience, can we give them a break?

    Just seems to be to many people here who don’t like the Rangers. Go away and bother someone else kid.

  23. Well said Cynar. Artie-Partie is way more than a good player. Everyone in the league wants him. He’s playing bigger, skating harder and really putting together a nice foundation for a great career.

  24. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Thanks, ilb, and I should always clarify that even-strength goals are my point of reference. They separate the men from the boys. To me the PP and SH goals are important, but circumstantial more than an indicator of ability. Nevertheless I should have caught that MDZ assist.

  25. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Good point Nasty 1 re winning when you should have or might have lost, and vice-versa. I play chess online and it seems over 50% of the time I win when I should have lost and lose when I thought I had it locked up.

    It seems that in all sports there is a let-down factor when you perceive you have the advantage – you lose some of your concentration, while the opponent steps-up the focus. One of the best bets in the NFL is the “revenge” factor. Close to 60% of the time the team which lost the first game in a direct match-up, comes back to win the revenge game. Sports seems to really be about focus, concentration, and motivation, as much as anything else.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    On tying Tampa goal example, the D would be better off not deflecting puck so close to goal. You are beat wide, focus on ‘slapping’ or ‘lifting’ stick. Sliding stick to puck at an angle does not achieve anything. Splitting hairs, but watch the replay and you see no back check (mitch was closest) and a tired D man on his 30th minute trying to keep up with a ranger killer. Attribute that goal to Sauer injury as much as McD play.

    MDZ is their most physical Dman (what – did I just write that?). Last night we needed Auntie Em to play more physical and punish the pests, he did not.

    Gabby was pedestrian for the most part, but too much special teams play creates no flow – fire the refs!

    Now that they lost again we can see the true anger fans, i mean, Ranger fans come out to fire the coach, trade Artie, and demote McD – “relax Francis, one of these boys might just save your life one day”

  27. Sports seems to really be about focus, concentration, and motivation, as much as anything else.


    Amen. The reason is that these athletes are the best .001% at what they do in the world. Therefore, everyone is similarly matched up. Sure some teams are better and some are worse but they are all Elite when compared to the WORLD. Therefore, one team can concentrate better to put forth better effort and that can direct the outcome. Look at the Cup Finals last year. No one had more talent on the ice than the Canucks and a few teams had more talent on the ice than the Bruins.

  28. I thought Eminger had a very solid, and much improved game. Same with WoyWhatever. Did Stralman see more ice time than Avery??? Probably not.

  29. Artie is a good player, at this point in his career he has some ups and downs but he has shown the talent that he can be a very good player. He has potential. I think we all agree its a good second line center and top 6 forward. We aren’t talking about a # 1 center.

    Stamkos really did not impress me seeing him live, expected a lot more from him.

  30. At the opening minute of the 3rd, I told my brother, “These guys are playing to win by 1 goal. They are going to lose.” After the 2 PPs in the final 10 mins when the Rangers continued to play by 1 and not try and score I repeated what I said.

    When D Moore roofed that backhander blazing buy McD (worst game of season for him) I said, “That’s it, we will lose 3-2 in SO or OT.”

    You could see it happening. I get nervous about this team when they play while leading. They seem to be better when they are tied or down a goal. There is more urgency to their game.

    Remember the other day when they had those 5 on 3s vs Carolina? Same thing.

    Oh well. We got a point, gave one up, but have another game tomorrow night. Moving on.

  31. I have to say the Rangers do appear to get a lead and sit back to much. But the other thing is they don’t get enough secondary scoring to advance that lead. It’s been a problem all year, and unless they can secure some kind of scoring type player this is what were going to see.

    That being said, I will take win 5, 6, 7 games loose 2 anytime anywhere!!!

  32. That stance of Artis….it was almost childish,and I’ll bet he cringed a bit after doing it……embarrassment is a strong motivator………………………………..

  33. carp,

    i have to say i agree with everything in your recap except the victor cruz reference. i know somebody said it earlier. cruz is actually one of the guys who “gets it” in the NFL. he celebrates, yes. but he doesn’t celebrate after every first down or every catch like every other WR in the league. and like it was already said, when they are losing he doesn’t dance he hands the ball to the ref and goes to the bench.

    i thought emminger was really good last night. woywitka was good too.

  34. bull dog line December 9th, 2011 at 7:16 am

    not hockey related, but you mentioned Cruz of the Giants. his Salsa dance after a touchdown is in tribute to his mother. when down big against New Orleans he scored twice, and twice he handed the ball to the refs.

    I have to disagree with you as well on this one, Carp. For such a young player, Cruz gets it.

  35. I love the defense for Victor Cruz! He’s a great player and a good guy and he was almost shot to death a few weeks back (completely not his fault or even involved). I think he is a rarity. The Giants entire team is a rarity. Thank you Coughlin!

  36. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Avery got fewer minutes than anyone in either lineup (even less than the Tampa kid who took the taxi all the way from Binghamton to replace St. Louis, smashed his face into Henrik’s mask and bled all over MSG).

    The Torts/Avery personality issues aside, why is the coach shortening the bench more and more? Up a goal, shorten the bench. Down a goal, shorten the bench. Tied… etc., etc.

    The third and fourth lines feature some of the team’s fastest and feistiest players, the ones that can get in and forecheck and play the grinding game that tires opponents out. Instead, little Napoleon is tiring his best guys out and starting to lose games.

  37. By the way, I hope the referees last night can explain the calls they made on AA melee to their supervisors. Because their interpretation of current NHL rules was displayed in a rather nebulous way.

  38. Headzo Del Headzo on

    Morning ‘heads!

    First off just wanted to say it great meeting fellow ‘heads pre-game last night: ilb, CTB. & Carp. Always fun to put faces to the names.

    Secondly: Fire Sather! Trade everybody!

    So for my second round of hockey punishment this weekend I’m off to Hartford to see the baby-blue boys, led by the Norwegian Hobit wizard!

    Let’s Go Whale!!!!

  39. The NHL and the NFL are 2 different places on this Earth they can rarely be compared and especially the players “Getting It”

    Mark Messier thrived on and taught about how the NHL has a certain (for a lack of better term) aura to it. There are rules, and he taught those rules, and used them for motivation. Actually if you read Avery’s quote on this whole mess it pretty much sums it up.

    It went something like this: “No one out there should judge Artie, unless you have played in the NHL you don’t know the rules or respect or anything else about it. So no one should judge Artie, we will take care of it as a team” That’s not verbatim.

    The NHL stands alone as one of the few Professional Sports were there are hidden rules that the player plays by. It is probably one of the reason the fans of the NHL are just a little different, and aren’t like other sports fans. If anything they don’t just like their team, they RESPECT them, the players, and in some cases the upper echelon of the team to,

  40. stranger nation on

    ilb – 1000% agree on the refs bungling it up – I mean – Vinny gets nothing? Stamkos doesn’t get a misconduct for punching a player in the face with his glove on being held back by a ref?

    Whatever – at least next game against Bolts will have some juice – do not think Bolts will ‘help’ us out again like they did at end of last season.

    My point about Em is he needed to play more physical around the crease and not leave it up to MDZ who we cannot afford to be in the box. Em played OK – Woywhatever has been playing much better – slow as anything on skates, but makes the smart play to get puck out of zone.

  41. The bench is shortened because those guys aren’t scoring on a regualr basis. Tort’s doesn’t want to throw a line out there with the precious few minutes that fly by in the 3rd period if those guys can’t seem to put the puck in the net. If you watch Tort’s enough you will see he will ride the guys who seem to have the scoring touch at that time, and use them ALOT in the 3rd period, and shortening the bench. I don’t necessarily agree (who cares it Tort’s team) but he rides the hot hand.

  42. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Most players don’t have a hot hand in period 1, 2 or 3. Most don’t score in any given game, so benching some and overplaying others on the basis of early hunches doesn’t make much sense. And of course, playing the ice old Dubinsky on the power play violates that archaic hockey philosophy anyway.

    I think most would agree that the Rangers have looked and played their best this year when the third and fourth lines have been used more consistently.

  43. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Carp…best review of the season!

    What a dumb way to end an epic hockey game….

    Downie = Shanaban

  44. Rhode Island I’m with ya…..but I was just trying to point out what I “think” Tort’s policy is. As far as Dubinsky my son and I were saying he gave Dubinsky some PP time to build confidence and try to get him going. I actually think it was a good idea. He needs a spark, he’s a good player, young and has time, so why not throw him out there and try to help him out of his slump.

    I actually think there are players who become hot at times, and riding them isn’t always a bad thing. My only problem is we don’t seem to have the secondary scoring we need which makes us sit back after getting the lead.

    Just my opinion but I think that’s what hurts this team the most.

  45. For the record – i liked the fact Artie showed some passion after scoring, the question is, if he kneels down and pretends to shoot DelZ instead of aiming his “gun” at Vinny or the goalie would that get a reaction from Vinny & the Bolts?
    His celebration was barely one step away from the one knee sliding fist-pump that lots of players employ, but the main reason i like it is that is shows passion and spontinaiety, it was after all one hell of a goal – i’m bored of the tap each other on the head and glove-tap your bench celebrations – give me plexi-glass jumps, call of duty shootings, knee slides – just dont take it to NFL level stupidity.

    But hey, i’m just a shy, reserved Englishman….maybe we should just say “well done old boy” to each other and go and have a cup of tea and a scone on the bench?

  46. ..as for Downie, that was Bush League and deserves to feel the full force of the Shanahammer (after its finished battering Andy Sutton)

  47. AA is on pace for 16 goals playing on the top line. Maybe that is below average. He is on pace for 50 plus points playing with Gaborik? I call that average. He is young, but he is week for a big guy. I can’t say I hate him, but show some humility when you are an average player whose best skill is his temperament…

    …unless he is playing it up for the HBO cameras, then maybe we have this guy all wrong.

    This guy is finally showing signs of life after being goalless for so long, and now he just gave every player in the NHL a reason to play hard against him.

    He can’t even be considered a smart player anymore.

  48. stranger nation on

    Fact of the matter is coming out of Europe we did not know what we had on O – many questions still unanswered. Now with Step stepping up (sorry) and Artie starting to party we have two lines that are able to score – something we did not have last year at all!

    Cannot use Artie season production to date as only metric to assess potential annual totals as he did very little first month of season. Have to look at production curve which is going up. Yes, he needs to get stronger on the boards. Yes, he needs to shoot more. Yes, he needs to bulk up. But for 22 yrs old playing top line minutes – he is getting better every game and gaining confidence as a result.

    Core is young and getting better. I mean, look at MDZ’s play – who woulda thunk it. That’s good coaching in the system to get a player to improve that much in his all around D game.

  49. stranger nation on

    suggest moving dubi between hags and mitch as speed line and boyle between aves and prust for checking/pest line. Hags and Mitch can open ice for Dubi and we can three scoring lines as Boyle adds very little on the offensive end of the ice. He is better off cycling down low with God Almighty and Judas Prust, keeping the other teams top line in check.

  50. Carp,

    On the Moore goal, Lundquist has to get some of the blame. I don’t know why goalies have to go down so often and give up the top half. The shot was tipped by McD who had a terrible game as most here have mentioned. But Lundquist was down and gave up to much on the short side.

    Gabroik looked awful on the shootout. He has too good a shot to go to that Christensen move.

    “He stole my move” A counter-clockwise swirl.

  51. Wednesday night

    Anisimov42 ??? ????????? ??? ????.

    Translation: “The three Musketeers is a force”

  52. He shoots – he scores! can’t shoot and score if you fire it at the ceiling, or into the crowd! Gotta fire at the net!

    and pointing at the crowd and doing what Artie did is OK but not ok when pointing at a goalie? what’s the difference? still taunting ;)

  53. I found a link to Alison Brie performing a Christmas song in Waseka. Nice to see Wyshynski linking to a highly underrated starlet of today.

  54. I don’t know a thing about Cruz except that his dances are over the top (and in my opinion, not very manly) and if he did that in the NHL he’d be decapitated. Looks to me like all the other diva WRs in football.

    CTRanger, agree. But you have to live with the fact that that’s what makes Lundqvist successful. He plays on his knees and he is going to be vulnerable up high. But it takes a great shot to get up there.

    UK, Shanahammer won’t have the onions.

    Johnny, how about O.J. That would be so cooool.

    Good morning, Sally!

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  56. Question for the @Russians@: My credit card is a Capital One and my “personalized image” is a shot of the “Miracle on Ice.” When I get sandwiches at the Subway below my job, I feel badly because the guy that rings me up, and owns the Subway, is Russian and here I am handing him this card celebrating a defeat of his country. Should I feel badly?

  57. Carp – They unload Spacek who is an upcoming UFA, which meant $$ to spend in offseason and essentially buy Kaberle as a Free Agent for that contract. WOWZA! And we complain about our GM?!

  58. Manny

    you should not feel badly as long as you leave $19.80 tip every time you go there ;)

    man, Montreal is ran by bunch of monkey! and here we are bashing Sather!

    If Redden ever wanted another chance to play in the NHL, he should ask to be traded to the Habs LOL

  59. HAHAHAHA good one @CCCP@

    This is insane. Trade Redden to the HABS. Do it now! They can take Redden, Avery, Dubinsky, etc. Maybe they will trade us PK Slewfoot for those dudes.

  60. Anisimov just didn’t think that through. He certainly has not shown to be a jerk or show-off any other time. The boy rifled a few shots At The Net (exactly like CCCP wrote). My bet is that it didn’t quite sync in his head that he was firing at a goaltender too. Regardless, we’d all be hating on someone forever if they had done that in Hank’s general direction.

    “Shanahammer” is hilarious!

    Again and again, I’d like to compliment the choice of pictures for the posts. When I miss a game, I like to guess what happened just from the picture(s) before I read ;-)


    That business of dropping to the butterfly by Lundqvist is the biggest chink in his armor, and I’ve been moaning about it for several years now. He LIVES on his knees.

    He’s gotten a bit better about it than he used to( when the slightest move in his direction left hm sprawled on his belly facing the blue line and no way to cover a shot off the ice.) But he’s like most BFlyers, drop to knees at just the idea of a shooter coming his way. So many shots go over their heads or shoulders ( and in LQ’s case, he was often beaten to his glove side, but he’s come a long way with that. His overall athleticism is such that he could be THE best in the league undeniaBLY, IF HE ONLY LEARNED A BIT OF VARIETY TO HIS DEFENSIVE POSTURE. ( lIKE LEARNING THE STACK PAD TWO PAD SLIDE WHEN NECESSARY….see early photos of Glen Hall and Johnny ( China Wall) Bower, and others. Every now and then I see a NHL goaltender use it = I’m stunned. Why don;t NHL G coaches teach this? It works. (pls ovrlk the Caps), a mis stroke.)

  62. btw One thing that he has learned however is the art of covering his goal posts ….which he abandoned as though they were contaminated a couple of years ago.

  63. Every goaltender has a weakness. All of them. That’s the brilliance of the size of a goal. It’s small but just large enough that one person can’t cover it entirely. So Hank gives up the hardest part of the goal to hit.

  64. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    he said Russians, not Ukrainians!!

    I thought, eminger looked fine on 2nd pair, mcdonut was really bad, and MDZ had his best game and played like a D man should play in his own zone…with no tolerance.

    I think cally has done a great job as captain, far and away the best captain we have had since messier (either time). He needed to take notes on vinny’s reaction last night.

    I thought cally and downie were going to go at it early in the game and then after downie left the bench I thought sure he was going to get “his” in the 3rd and squadoosh happened!!! No excuse at all by any of out guys, we needed to get after him, SOMEONE needed to!!

    I loved it when goddard left the bench last year for the pens (I think 10 games is waaaaaaay too much for what he did, but I guess that is just the mandated amount), I think downie deserves the absolute same amount. If all things were equal and there was not a mandated 10 games, downie would deserve more than goddard IMHO!

    what’s up?

  65. My thoughts on the anisimov situation:

    Anisimov: it was funny. But it cost his team most certainly. 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike. I really don’t know what the refs saw other than that.

    Dubinsky: got into a fight and defended himself and his teammate. Kudos. Deserved 5 for fighting. But why? (answer below)

    Bergeron: got into a fight and was NOT WEARING HIS STRAPS, which we all know means he will be kicked out of the game. The refs didn’t want to kick a skilled player out for a less than decent fight.

    I do NOT believe that the refs saw downie come off of the bench. I think the best angle that they can give us will be a overhead view where we can see the skirmish and the bench. I remember seeing one of those before but well see if they have it.

    I think it’s a clear 10 games or not 10 games call. No gray areas. And because I do believe that there is a slight amount of doubt as to whether it was a line change or not, the Shannahammer will say no suspension. 10 is too much for that.

    My only problem with this whole incident is anisimovs 14.

  66. Pointed out last night McD just finished a week against Ovechkin, Crosby, Giroux and now Stamkos for 27 minutes worth last night.

    So what’s he have to do this morning? Practice.

    Um, ok.

  67. Pinched nerve, Manny….From bending down and putting his skates on. Which is due to his height….

  68. Btw, Rupp is getting close to coming back.

    I’m sure some may so “So what?”, but that’s a big dude who’s plenty pent up after signing a big deal for a player of is ilk, and not really getting the chance to show what he’s got.

    I fully expect him to crack people when he gets back.

    And the guy can play a bit too…..

  69. McDonagh has been tremendous for the Rangers so far, especially given the top line matchups and ridiculous time on ice he’s getting each night. Tuesday it was Kessel, last night it was Stamkos … his speed has contained a lot of superstars this year. He’s second in blocked shots, tied for first in plus/minus (take that one with grain of salt, eh Carp?) and sixth in points for the Rangers (and 13th in TOI for the NHL!). Joe Mich said it well — the blind backhand pass into the slot is a play you’ll probably never see him make again. I don’t place the blame solely on him; we had plenty of chances to put the game away and didn’t. I expect him to bounce back, but I thought it was quite clear how much of a physical, steady presence we are missing with Sauer out.

  70. Yes, he can, Rod. I’m now pretty convinced that his slow skating (not that he is the swiftest, but better than he’s shown), and ineffective cycling (which he is known to be good at) were due to his wonky knee. He will much better eventually. Can pop in a goal or two too….And bet you Downie would have no choice, but dance with him last night.

  71. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    two other observations from the mrs…she asked if eminger had switched jerseys with mdz or something because he is usually the only rangers d man that plays with a bit of venom around the net!

    The other thing was during the post game presser, she finds it funny that torts can respond to a question about mcdonut’s play with an answer like (paraphrasing here) he had a bad game but still did some things well. When asked about stralman, he can’t comment on his play, has to look at tape.

    She wanted one of the reporters to ask torts if he just watches certain guys he likes play and others he has to look at the tape or if he doesn’t watch the game at all and just makes stuff up…HILARIOUS!!!

  72. Stranger Nation- Mitchell was not on the ice for Moores goal.
    Dubi was the first forward to leave the offensive zone and started gliding once he hit the neutral zone, and saw it was a 1 on 2.
    As Moore cuts laterally at the blue line he passes right in front of Dubi, within a few feet. Had Dubi skated a few more strides there’s no where for Moore to go.
    FWIW The Rangers had 5 men enter the defensive zone before a second Lightning player.

    Boom Boom – 3 Dmen have 9 assists. That’s more than Cally, tied with Gabby and only 3 behind AA and Stepan who are currently tied at #2 on the team.

  73. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I am a bit disappointed over the lack of intestinal fortitude of our boys at times, I would really like to see them in a close game just get really assened up and get into a few scraps and let teams know that even if the game is close, we still have self respect and will stand up for each other (last night would have been good IMHO)

    I understand the game is close and you don’t want to take the penalty that leads to a PP goal or anything, but you have to stand up (you know, kinda like the ning did).

  74. Ilb,

    If you remember very early in the pre-season, Rupp was a tank out there.

    But he hurt the knee not long after.

    It’d be a great element to add…

  75. Don’t forget too the bomb Pahneuf layed on Sauer went largely without response,
    except for Step taking a run at him and getting just a piece.

    I’m definitely not one that says every clean hit requires a bench-clearing brawl
    in response, but a guy like Rupp will make sure Phanuef – or someone on the other side – pays.

  76. as far as the team not condoning what Artie did
    jpg’s sister thought it looked as if
    Dubi came over to Artie on the ice
    to set ’em straight just before chaos ensued

  77. as for McD
    he’s been making that clear up middle
    mistake the past several games
    and at least twice in one shift
    that kept the team stuck in their zone
    for quite awhile.

    don’t know if he’s starting to believe the hype or what
    he needs a good video lesson that stays with him.

  78. ilb you said that if there’s one team you dont mind losing against it’s tampa…i totally agree. sounds like Anisimov has apologized directly to Tampa, so i fully expect this to be over with now. and that Stamkos doesnt try to be a tough guy in February. Is this injury to St. Louis career-threatening? That would be very upsetting.

  79. I’d like to see us have the intestinal fortitude not to play like clowns against a team that probably couldn’t even compete in the Honduran second division.

  80. jpg – I think that pass is a result of the D-Men being asked to help push the rush and have an impact in the offensive zone. I think it’s just a learning curve about WHEN to do stuff like that. Leaning to not throw the puck up the middle of the ice while your team is making a line change seems like a simple thought process but I am sure it’s tougher on the ice.

  81. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I’m going to post a quick one for orr here…

    Mike Rupp-7 games on a “wonky knee” at less than 100%…1 goal

    Dubi-25 games at 100% (physically)…1 goal

  82. I haven’t looked at the DVR recording yet, Manny, but that play by McD was right in front of me. Bad mistake, true, but I also remember thinking that he didn’t have sufficient puck support. Of course just shooting it along the boards was the safe play, but I do not know if he could visualize it well….

  83. Nugent Hopkins (Rookie): 13G, 17A, 30P, +5, 17:07ATOI

    Brandon Dubinsky (Not a Rookie): 1G, 11A, 12P, +5, 17:29 ATOI

    Just so you guys know: Dubi’s ATOI is the lowest it’s been in three years.

  84. Thanks for sharing, ilb. I did have the advantage of seeing the whole ice from up above. I am sure it was different from ice level and I am sure he was just trying to push the play. But you’re right – he had no puck support.

  85. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    You know what, I would get rid of Dubinsky, for a nickel on the dollar right now, and call up some kid. Even if he “Breaks out” 15 goals on the season is his upside, including three empty netters, except who wants him out there at crunch time,(?) so 12 is probably his best production.

    So many detest Avery, at least Avery looks, acts and plays like a man, not like this year’s version of that disgusting “captain” we coddled for entirely too many years here. Why do we have to baby sit a different player here, every year?

  86. Sidney Crosby: 8GP, 2G, 10A, 12P, 1GWG, ATOI 19:15

    Brandon Dubinsky: 25GP, 1G, 11A, 12P, 0GWG, 17:29 ATOI

    Another comparison…

  87. Artie wasn’t aiming at Garon. He was aiming at the net. Lets get that straight. It wasn’t meant to be anything bad towards the Lightning. He should probably get a fine for that.

    However I think everyone was making way too big of a deal out of that. Some people were claiming it was “insensitive” because of what happened yesterday at VT, something I’m sure Artie knew nothing about”. That reminded me of Pouha saying Stevie Johnson’s TD celebration was insensitive to those who suffered through 9/11, even though he clearly wasn’t doing that at all.

    You apparently can’t do anything today without someone calling the PC Police.

  88. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    I love Artie. Last night was pure entertainment and a learning experience for young pro. The officiating is worse than anything Artie did or didn’t do. Let’s leave it at that….

    I’m more mad that McD let Moore get around him on the tying goal…

  89. Anisimov: “I’ll never do this celebration again … I’ll do some different stuff I have in my pocket. But no more shooting.”

    This is just a really funny episode; you can’t see it another way.

    He has others in his pocket. Hahahahahaha..

  90. Maybe Artie sits at home and practices in front of the mirror.

    “Yes, Yes. This celebration is a good.”

  91. Yeah, the PC stuff is idiotic. If it were a PC issue, then he shouldn’t be firing a gun at anybody. Clearly, the issue was the Lightnings rightfully felt he was taunting their goalie after scoring on him. End of story.

  92. “He should probably get a fine for that. However I think everyone was making way too big of a deal out of that.”

    I could be wrong, but I don’t recall anyone saying he should be fined. Maybe your making too big of a deal out of it. :)

  93. by the logic of that PC basically everything I do all day every single day of my life is offensive.

  94. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    So, is Stamkos a tough guy now? That was some brave move sucker-punching Dan the Man….

  95. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    ” Battleship Atlantis” his favorite show.”

    No, Manny. His favorite show is Stargate: Atlantis.

  96. I thought Anisimov was just pretending to fire a T-shirt into the crowd behind Garon, Carp.

    Nothing says “I am a Ranger” more than that, so he deserves a break.

  97. Good point, NYR. I obviously meant that show but I have never heard of it so I screwed it up. I apologize.

    Stargate Atlantis. It is…a good.

  98. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    It’s okay, Manny. Just don’t let it happen again. Good thing Latona isn’t around….

  99. No one has kept up with logging as much as I have, ilb. I have a dowry to pay and a family to provide for.

  100. If Artie had a flag that said “BANG!” unravel from the end of his stick, I might have been impressed.

  101. we can be sure that if Avery had done exactly what AA did, Avery would be looking at a long suspension from the league. that is how biased the league office is. Ovechkin spears a guy in the groin, gets nothing from the league. and he is a repeat offender, having boarded guys for majors and kneed Gonchar in the playoffs.

    Avery got a rule changed instantly for just waving his arms and stick in front of a goalie to distract him. imagine what he would get if he did the AA rifleman routine.

  102. Blame the loss on Torts ………. ‘Safe is dead’ … and he got conservative … shriveled down to 2 lines and 4 D after the 2-1 lead ……… ridiculous … he is going to wear out his players… Look for dramatic drop from Rangers in February if he continues overplaying guys.

    Avery 9 minutes in 2 games —- both losses — not a coincidence. Time for fans to start yelling ‘We want Avery’ again.

  103. If we can reallign the league into 4 conferences can’t we please get rid of the shootout! It not only cheapens the 65 minutes that precedes it- it exposes the true level of most so-called-skill players since they can’t actually put the puck where they want to- even when they have all day.

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