HBO’s Rangers-Flyers “24/7” schedule


The ticket contest info comes out later tonight.


Got this from the NHL regarding the schedule for “24/7”:

Episode #1 — Debut:  Wednesday, Dec. 14 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Other HBO playdates:
Dec. 14 (11:00 p.m.)
Dec. 15 (5:45 p.m., midnight)
Dec. 16 (11:30 a.m., 8:00 p.m.)
Dec. 17 (10:00 a.m., 10:45 p.m.)
Dec. 18 (10:00 a.m.)
Dec. 19 (6:30 p.m., 2:55 a.m.)
Dec. 31 (10:00 a.m.)
Jan. 1 (9:00 a.m.)
Jan. 2 (6:45 a.m. and 1:55 a.m.)

HBO2 playdates:
Dec. 18 (11:00 p.m.)
Dec. 20 (8:00 p.m.)
Jan. 2 (8:00 a.m.)

HBO On Demand availability begins:  Dec. 19

Subsequent episodes to debut on Wednesdays – Dec. 21 and Dec. 28 – and the finale on Thursday, Jan. 5 – all at 10 p.m. with immediate encores at 11 p.m.

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  1. I gotta bring this up today because it is irking me. There is a total double standard in the media between the treatment of the NHL and the beloved-everything is so perfect NFL. James Harrison basically goes out of his way to propel himself helmet first into the face mask of QB Colt McCoy and now the father of the player admits he can’t remember the game. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE TODAY!! Could you imagine if that happened in the NHL? People in the media would want the hockey season ended. There are media members arguing McCoy did this to himself. Allow fighting in the NFL, see how fast did their defensive players throw cheap shots.

  2. Colt McCoy’s father admits that Colt can’t remember the game? I actually missed that whole saga HWirth. Please enlighten me.

  3. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Re post –

    RIR raised a good point 2 threads ago regarding the ever increasing shortening of the bench whether up, down, or tied. I think they play better when the 4 lines are rolling with equitable TOI. Thoughts?

    Tony/manny – the sequence needs more terms before we can determine a converging pattern. Moreover, technically they tied not lost last night…we will watch and see… And as soon as a pattern emerges – I will share…

  4. Also, HWirth, since we have discussed it in the past and something similar was just brought up I will tell you this quick story about my morning.

    I was discussing Football with my co-worker and he was telling me how much he LOVES football but they should make the game safe blah blah blah. Anyways, he randomly brings up Hockey (which he admittedly never watches). He says that he would “never take his children to a hockey game because they keep fighting instead of playing.” I argued with him a bit and then he made this point, “If the NHL ever wants to be anything more than a niche, hardcore type sport, they need to eliminate fighting and make it cleaner.”

    Scary to me.

  5. Thanks for the link, HWirth. That is a massive problem. The Browns should, rightly so, be blasted by the media. They aren’t a playoff team, they are essentially playing for nothing right now and they put the future cognitive abilities of a youngster on the line for basically no reason. There should be some outcry there.

  6. Manny – You are right. That’s the double standard. Last night, when there were 12 games in the League. I’ll double check the number but I think they were maybe 5 or 6 fights total. It’s comical. Harrison will probably get fined another $25k. Big Deal!! Those knuckleheads wear that much in bling going to the Stadium.

  7. He also told me that MMA fighting is safer in the long run than football or hockey because you get knocked out so quickly that your brain isn’t allowed time to swell. What?

  8. Manny, that’s always been the argument among non-hockey fans. But it is a niche sport. People love hockey, or they don’t get it.

    People who love it, by and large, enjoy the fighting and the manliness of the game. People who say they’d watch it if they got rid of the fighting … do you believe them? should the NHL believe them.

    As a long-time referee once said to me: “What if they take fighting out of hockey then decide they need it? How do they put it back in?”

  9. some interesting tidbits about the shootout, now that they have had over 1,000 of them. from

    The NHL adopted the shootout in 2005 to settle games that were still even after the five-minute overtime. Since then, about 12.9 percent of games — slightly more than one in eight — have gone to the shootout.

    The Rangers passed the Oilers on Thursday for the most shootouts by taking part in their 81st. Dallas is third at 78, followed by Boston with 77. Seven other teams have been involved in at least 70.

    the three teams that have been involved in the most shootouts all have solid winning percentages, as do four of the top six. In contrast, the seven teams that have taken part in the fewest shootouts (61 or less) all are under .500.

    Road-ice advantage — Home teams win more than half of all games decided in regulation, but the shootout is another matter. Through the first 1,000 shootouts, home teams won 474, while visiting clubs won 526 (road teams are 5-4 in the nine shootouts since then).

    Home teams haven’t posted a winning record since 2005-06, the first season of the shootout — and the only season in which the NHL mandated that road teams had to shoot first. The rule was changed for 2006-07 to give home teams the choice of when to shoot; most home teams opted to go first — and visiting teams have had a winning record ever since. That includes this season, in which home teams are 21-31, and last season, when they were 58-91, including 49-73 when shooting first.

    The three New York-area teams have been unusually successful at home. New Jersey (25-14) leads all teams in home wins, while the Rangers (22-14) are next and the Islanders (21-14) are one of three teams with 21. The Devils’ win on Thursday was their 48th overall, one more than the Rangers and two in front of Dallas.

    including the first nine weeks of this season, shooters have taken 7,107 shootout attempts and scored on 2,305, a success rate of 32.4 percent — not quite one in three.

    No goaltender has taken part in more shootouts than the Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist, who’s been in 65. He’s been pretty good at it — his 38 wins are the most of anyone, as are the 248 attempts he’s faced; no one else has even reached 200.

    But no one has been better at stopping shooters than Johan Hedberg, now with the New Jersey Devils. Among all goaltenders who’ve taken part in 15 or more shootouts, Hedberg’s .775 save percentage (25 goals allowed on 111 shots) is tops. He is 23-7 in 30 shootouts after beating Ottawa on Thursday.

  10. Yup – Well put, Carp. I don’t believe these guys that if there was no hockey they would be fans. I asked him if he watched his college hockey team (and he went to a big D-1 school) and he said “no.” I said, they don’t fight, they wear more face protection. He said he was already turned off by Pro Hockey. I just don’t believe that if fighting was removed anyone would care about hockey. I am fine with it being a niche sport (in America).

  11. Carp -That’s a great point by that ref, who by the way, while not always great on the ice usually have a pretty good take on the sport when being able to look at it from the outside with replays and the whole deal.

  12. MMA is pure violence. Why not televise bar fights, too?


    or coatcheck fights! those are fun, too!

  13. One of my main arguments against the breakaway contest they sometimes hold after the hockey game ends:

    The home fans, after seeing what might have been a really good game, have a 50/50 or better shot at leaving the arena disappointed. How is that good for hockey?

    and one of my theories of why baseball is the national pastime: Walkoff wins. They only happen to the home team. The visiting team never has a walkoff win. So when they happen, everybody goes home happy and giddy.

    Why would you want your home fans to leave angry over a breakaway contest after a hockey game ends?

  14. It’s true. Why not televise births as well and serious operations and chemo therapy treatments? MMA is pure violence. People in the crowd scream for death. People play the video games and now movies are made about it. Give me a break that hockey is a problem.

  15. Manny/Carp: While not the greatest for financial reasons, but the fact that the NHL fan is usually more dedicated, passionate, loyal is a good thing for the sport. They at least know they will always have that base to play to.

  16. That is brilliant, Carp. Walk-off wins are a magical experience. Being there for one is unlike any other sport’s moment (regular season only). Please NHL, Please. Go 5-on-5 for 5 minutes, 4-on-4 for 5 minutes and call it a day. AND CAN WE SEPARATE TEAMS THAT WIN IN REGULATION FROM TEAMS THAT WIN IN A STUPID CARNIVAL EVENT AFTER A HOCKEY GAME?

  17. Carp – that co-worker was actually FIRED. Which ruled. Now we have a NEW guy and he has eaten Pizza, followed by 3 days of McDonalds followed by Burger King and bookended with Pizza again. This is a magical place.

  18. Manny – Total agree. In fact, I could stomach the skills competition (because the fans still were standing and not leaving during it again yesterday) if it DIDN’T count for the Same two point as a regulation win.

  19. With this format we need a 3-2-1-0 system in points. We also need two conferences, no divisions and an awesome playoff format. It’s the only time non hockey fans will watch hockey. Playoffs.

  20. Oh, I thought they fired the guy who was eating his lunch at 10 a.m., and now you had a guy who was eating McDonalds like four or five days in a row.

  21. right, Carp. and it looks like it is dumb to go first in the shootout. the coaches ought to take a look at that stat, home teams 49-73 when shooting first

    I suppose it is because if your top guy misses that first shot, the arena goes silent and the whole atmosphere sags, and the road guys get a big lift if they can make their first shot. and the pressure then mounts on the home guys shooting next.

  22. Oh that’s true Carp. The guy that ate lunch at 10 a.m. also ate a lot of McDonalds. He loved the McRib. He did an “overnight trip” for the firm and he charged like 5 meals at McDonalds to the firm over that 24 hours.

  23. I’m still cracking up about that comment that day, that the guy was busting into his lunch at 9:48 a.m. or something. That and the “hockey glasses” comment never fail to make me laugh. I should keep them in a file for when I need to cheer up.

  24. 9:42 a.m. No joke. He broke out the largest pastrami and mustard on rye sandwich I have ever seen and devoured it. By Noon he was out buying King Size Twix bars, Two Litre size Gatorades and 3 Arizona Iced Teas w/ Ginseng.

  25. >>…“If the NHL ever wants to be anything more than a niche, hardcore type sport, they need
    >> to eliminate fighting and make it cleaner.”

    Yet, boxing is considered one of those “hardcore type sports”. Yet again, there’s no fighting in soccer, but it’s still in the “niche” category in the US. Yeah, that friend sure knows what he’s talking about.

  26. you should suggest to Torts that he go second in the shootout because of these stats, but he would probably go ballistic and bite your head off for even mentioning it.

  27. Is the gracious ticket donor Sean Avery? Because he got me playoff tix a couple years ago and he’s good like that.

  28. I actually wrote a column about that a few years ago. That they should set up cameras in bars and show the fights as a reality series.

    The MMA people went all nutso on me for that. Threatened my life, etc. Classy stuff.

  29. Carp, you would probably know this. do the teams have to catch a flight after a game so soon that it is implausible to play a longer OT period?? would a 10 minute OT be so impossible for the league to handle? even a 3-on-3 after a 4-on-4 OT, as gimmicky as that is, would end games without the need for a shootout.

    what are your thoughts, Carp, on how to end games without any ties, but within the realistic limits of time and of teams having to travel?

  30. Carp: “The home fans, after seeing what might have been a really good game, have a 50/50 or better shot at leaving the arena disappointed”

    I haven’t heard that arguement before and you’re absolutely right.

    I hate shootouts because after 65 minutes of playing a hard fought game of hockey it’s decided by a shootout, which has little to do with actually playing the game of hockey.

  31. Things that would be better than a shootout.

    2-on-1 breakaway contests.

    Goalie Fight

    3-on-1 breakaway contest

    4-on-1 breakaway contest

    Coach fight

  32. nn, I think the fear is that a portion of games will still be tied after more OT, whether 4 on 4 or 3 on 3. And the NHL doesn’t want ties. And doesn’t want games going to all hours, for TV reasons and for player-exhaustion reasons.

    So the main problem is the NHL not wanting ties. I think home fans would much rather go home after a tie and a good, honest point earned through OT, than go home after a loss in a gimmick.

    I think that drives away fans, or certainly doesn’t encourage new ones.

    And it skews the views of what the customers just saw. The Rangers and Lightning just played a 2-2 tie. OK, Rangers fans weren’t happy that they blew a 2-1 lead late in the third period. But they got a tie, after OT. That’s not so bad.

    Well, in this case, the place emptied out following a terrible loss. How does that sit with established fans and new fans, that a pretty good hockey game ended that way? They sure looked to me like they had just had a terrible night at the arena.

  33. BTW, what was so wrong with a game ending in a tie?

    The only other sport that does this is soccer that settles games with penalty kicks, but they only do it for tournament finals and playoff games and the like. However, with soccer they only do it after playing a 30 minute overtime after playing a 90 minute game. With soccer scoring being so difficult, a game could go on forever if they didn’t have a way to decide it after 120 minutes.

  34. >>>what are your thoughts, Carp, on how to end games without any ties, but within the realistic limits of time and of teams having to travel?

    TV would probably be against this, because I don’t think they sell commercial time for shootouts, and maybe not for the 5 minute OT period either.

  35. I don’t know – for a lot of years I followed hockey when there were ties – many a lousy game was made less distasteful by getting a late goal to tie the game, thus winning a point from a possibly lost-cause game.

    I didn’t hate tie games – it felt better to come out with a tie than to lose in the shootout.

  36. Ties are for business suits, of which there are plenty in the league office.

    the rules lab experiment this summer showed that if you make the OT like the second period, meaning that the teams switch ends and the d have to go much farther to change at the bench, then more games will end in OT. that is the first thing they should try

  37. One last word regarding “humiliation”…..I clearly remember the rubber chickens being thrown on the ice up in Boston Garden, some of which seemed to have Ranger Jersey colors painted on them, especially after a Bruin had just beaten the daylights out of one of the NYR players…

    I remember the “Free Chili” and “double Free Chili” announcements on the Fishsticks scoreboard if the home team scored a certain number of goals against an opponent..

    I remember the “sign man” in Philthy (not even an original idea – he copied the concept from a NY Mets fan. Philthy fans are the lowest scum on earth!) with his taunting insults towards visiting team players…

    There are probably tons of other things I can’t remember – and true, these actions were not done by *players* on the ice, but they clearly showed disrespect for the visiting opponents by the home team’s management.

    I don’t remember a whole lot of crying and gnashing of teeth over these insults.

  38. Oh! And the endless chants of *”1940″* – our boys should have beaten every opposing player to a pulp if the the home team’s fans started those chants…

  39. Do you guys have any other responsibilities? Like improving our economy and such? WTB!

    Dammit, I’m missing some goof gibberish….I’ll tell you a good beer pong story when I get a chance…he he

  40. Everyone I know who is only a sorta hockey fan, or not one at all, love the shootouts. I get that more OT would be better for deep fans, but you have to recognize it’s broader appeal — people dig that one-on-one moment. It’s tense, it’s exciting, and you don’t need to know anything about hockey to realize what is happening.

    It’s not going anywhere.

  41. They should mix it up and have Tim Gunn give them a Project Runway challenge. “Make it work!” Avery would be the new Christiansen.

  42. “@Anisimov42L Bad whether here in Buffalo,snow whit rain.”

    With writing skills like this you’d think he was a college grad on Facebook.

  43. here’s one for Carp. in the second race at Gulfstream, the longshot Jackwagon won and paid $86.20

  44. Chris F., you’re probably right – one thing is for sure, and that is that they’re not going to do anything that will prolong regular-season games. The TV contracts will rule anything like that out for certain.

  45. Anyone else watch these games on Center Ice? Why are the Rangers feeds almost always broadcast in Standard Def only?

  46. Oh, I wish I had a sawbuck on that.

    tares, no idea. I think it will have to be an injury situation, or a dearth of scoring for a while. I’d bring him up when they finally figure out that Wolski and Christensen are wastes, but they also have to figure how to get Rupp in … preferably without taking out Avery.

  47. Chris, I understand that people are excited during the shootout. I get it. I enjoy watching it myself, believe it or not. My contention is that people would get just as excited, maybe more, if they played dodgeball for the extra point. Or shopping-cart relays. Or Trivial Pursuit. They’re excited because of what’s at stake. … and what’s at stake shouldn’t be decided that way.

  48. Carp,

    I don’t think that’s true. People who don’t love the game think hockey is entirely about each player trying to put the puck past the goalie. So the shootout basically involves what they think they is most important and vital about the game and none of the confusing passing and defensive play they don’t understand or appreciate. For an average viewer, it’s hockey crystallized. People wouldn’t be satisfied with dodgeball — they’re getting what they think is most exciting about hockey itself.

  49. the FCC recently ruled that Cablevision cannot withhold the HD feed of MSG sports feeds, i.e. the Ranger games, from other carriers. when I pointed this out to a supervisor at Directv, he said I was right, and that a mapping problem was keeping me from getting the games in HD, and he immediately corrected it, and from then on I got all the feeds of NYR, NJD, NYI, and Buffalo in HD. Dolan controls the tv rights for all 4 of those NHL teams, and he tries to force people to subscribe to Cablevision by denying them the games they want in HD.

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