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First, here’s Guy Boucher’s take on the Anisimov/Lecavalier incident:

“It was a good rallying moment for us. Definitely, we wanted to stick together tonight. We know we weren’t going to win it individually. We were going to win it as a team and I think that was a gesture that proved that the players were in it together. Obviously Vinny, the captain, showed them teh way and the fact that we are not going to take humiliation. He certainly set the tone for the rest of the game.”

Post-game notes and quotes from the Rangers:

December 8, 2011 (Game 25, Home Game 11)
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York

Team Notes:

–        The Rangers were defeated by the Tampa Bay Lightning, 3-2, in the shootout tonight at Madison Square Garden, and have now registered a point in 13 of their last 16 games (12-3-1 over the span).

–        New York is 15-6-4 (34 pts) on the season, including a 7-2-2 record at home.

–        The Rangers’ six regulation losses are the fewest in the league.

–        New York has recorded a point in 11 of their last 14 games against Tampa Bay, posting a record of 8-3-3 over the span.

–        The Blueshirts tallied two special teams goals in the contest, including a power play goal in the first period and a shorthanded goal in the second.  New York is now 7-30 (23.3%) with the man advantage in their last seven games, and have notched a power play goal in seven straight home games (8-37, 21.6% over the span).  The shorthanded goal was the team’s second of the season.

Player Notes:

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 29 saves through regulation and overtime, including 13 of 14 in the second period, and stopped one of two shootout attempts in the contest.  Lundqvist, who has started in each of the last 25 games against Tampa Bay dating back to Nov. 10, 2005, is 9-2-1 with a 1.98 GAA, .933 Sv% and one shutout in his last 12 games.

–        Ryan Callahan notched a power play goal, led all skaters with a season-high, eight hits and tied for the game-high with five shots on goal in a career-high, 28:11 of ice time.  He has now tallied 17 points (nine goals, eight assists) in the last 17 games, including eight points (three goals, five assists) in the last seven games.

–        Artem Anisimov tallied his first career shorthanded goal/point at 13:23 of the second period to extend his point streak to four games (three goals, two assists over the span), and has tallied 13 points (four goals, nine assists) in the last 14 games.

–        Brad Richards recorded a power play assist to extend his point streak to seven games (four goals, seven assists over the span), including a five-game assist streak (six assists total, including five on the power play).  Richards, who won a team-high, 11 faceoffs in 26:02 of ice time, has now registered 19 points (nine goals, 10 assists) in the last 17 games.

–        Derek Stepan registered a power play assist and won 5-8 faceoffs (63%) in a season-high, 21:31 of ice time.  Stepan extended his assist/point streak to four games (one goal, four assists over the span), and has tallied 16 points (five goals, 11 assists) in the last 17 games.  He is now tied for second on the team with 12 assists on the season.

–        Michael Del Zotto tallied his first career shorthanded assist/point with the primary assist on Anisimov’s shorthanded goal, and was credited with two blocked shots in 26:28 of ice time.  He has now recorded five assists in the last six games, and is tied for the team lead among defensemen with nine assists on the season.

–        Brandon Dubinsky registered a shorthanded assist and three shots on goal in 15:39 of ice time.  The shorthanded assist/point was his first of the year.

–        Dan Girardi was credited with a team-high, five blocked shots and led all skaters with 32:00 of ice time.  It is the ninth time in his career, and fifth of the season, Girardi logged 30:00+ of ice time in a game, and he has registered four or more blocked shots in seven games this season.

Post-Game Quotes:   

–        John Tortorella on the team’s character…

“I like the team. I think it’s a good core. I think it has good people. I’m not going to get into a long dissertation about it. I think everyone knows how I feel about the club and personnel. It’s a good group of guys. We let one get away tonight. It happens; no one is happy about it. We just go back to work tomorrow and try to get back into a win.”

–        Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game…

“We played well; we’ve been playing well for a long time now. When guys go out of the lineup we have other guys get a good opportunity to play more and it’s important for guys to get the challenge of playing more minutes. We had a really strong first (period) and they came out a little bit better in the second (period), but overall it was a pretty even game.”

–        Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game…

“There were a lot of penalties we were killing, and when we were doing that it’s hard to get momentum and sustain pressure. We have the same guys killing and the same guys on the bench, so it’s hard to get momentum that way.”

Team Schedule:

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday, December 10, at First Niagara Center (7:00 p.m.), to begin a back-to-back set.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


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  1. Carp:
    Don’t you think it is time to try Hagelin on the second power play unit in place of Dubi?

  2. This team plays better when Torts rolls all four lines – they seem to feed off each other’s energy.

  3. Humiliation!?

    I guess teams that score five or six more goals than their opponent in games, or ones that don’t take their feet off the gas in the 3rd period when they’re leading by 3 or 4 goals should all be jumped by the opposing team and pummeled into the ice, then? And if a player or two jumps off the bench to beat them, well, so what?

    And if the *valiant* captain of the “humiliated” team starts the stirring up of all the crap and starts the ball rolling, he deserves no penalty either? Guess not.

    Humiliation!? Please! They had half a game to play – it wasn’t over at that point. This attitude sounds like pansification to me – *ooh!!!* He made his stick look like a gun!! Call Senator Schumer and Mike Bloomberg!!! We’re humiliated!!

  4. Great game. Very carcillo-y way to end a hard fought hockey battle….

    Man, I thought that was, again, horrible officiating….disgraceful

    Too many damn zebras on the ice and they can’t get anything right!!

  5. I’m as pissed off at our own coach and players as I am at the Bolts for their overreaction – big freakin’ deal! So he celebrated after a goal – stop the freakin’ presses and call Gary Buttman!

  6. Olga Folkyerself on

    No, Jimbo… Some of these guys here want to bench AA for the rest of the game and the next one just after scoring a SH goal.

  7. Artie has to score more shorties…that was a beauty! God-like…

    Lecavalier and Callahan were the two best players in the game, IMO.

    Dominic Moore continues to amaze me…such a clutch player….

  8. So, I was at the game…did they actually review that goal or what? When they showed it on the Jumbrotron in MSG, it looked like it was in….

  9. Yeah, I see that, Olga – it was like Artie raped someone’s mother and baby sister for goodness sakes. He scored a shorthanded goal, so freakin’ what?

    I’ve been watching the NYR for a loooooong time – and I’ve seen many worse celebrations after they had goals scored on them – and never a silly outburst like there was in this game tonight.

    Why don’t they send him to Hartford for a couple of weeks!? That will teach him not to be happy after scoring an important goal!

  10. They reviewed it, NYR – it was ruled “no goal”, and it also seems like a Ranger player (Hagelin) touched it with his stick above the shoulder….

  11. I think it was Hagelin, NYR – I meant to put a “?” after his name when I typed it…

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Artie, the “Rifleman”, Anisimov – go baby go. Refs totally messed that up with the one official getting more upset when Artie tried to fight back after being jacked by Stamkos. Woke up the Bolts but still should have been regulation win. McMonster laid a McDonut, playing lots of mins in December, hope it doesn’t hurt us in Feb and March.

  13. Havent posted here in a while, but Dubi needs to snap out of it or this is the year he actually gets traded somewhere

    I was at the game, they played well but screwed around too much much like the rangers of the past 2-4 years rather than this years rangers…..

    I am sure they will bounce back, the team is much better than those teams of the past 2-4 years thankfully.

  14. have a point away obviously. it happens the yare not robots.

    mcdonagh had a rough game as torts said some mistakes and some very nice plays. the first tampa goal was just a mcdonagh gift.

    the shorty moore scored with under 2 left is obviously inexcusable. man if they lose another d man they are in huge trouble…..we need sauer or staal back real soon.

  15. You guys are unreal. It’s always ok when our guys do it. Ok I’ll remember to repost this stuff if Jagr comes in the Garden on December 23 or Jan 2 outdoors scores the goal and does the salute. Hope no one has a problem with it then. Or if Kaleta scores for Buffalo and does his dumb act with his big fist pump. By the way, unlike the homers on here our own lockerroom including our captain, who ALWAYS plays the game right, said he’s dead wrong.

  16. You’re welcome, NYR – they were in a TV commercial break when the review took place, but Sam & Joe talked about it after they came back from the break….

  17. There’s a giant difference between celebrating a goal and that garbage which by the way was solely done for the HBO cameras. Don’t be foolish or nieve to not think that was in the back of his mind. This Rangers team has always done it the right way and HBO shows up and that happens, not a coincidence, sorry.

  18. HW, I don’t think it’s a big deal no matter which team does it! Many times it was done against us, and I never wanted the whole game to degenerate into a brawl for the “humiliation”….

  19. As for complaining about the officials? After that game? I hope you mean for both teams cause last I checked the Rangers were given a gift powerplay on Mcdonagh who draws boarding on a hit by the faceoff dots. That’s a new one, even in this No Hit League. By the way, for AA defenders, like to see him try that nonsense when we are playing an opponent with some toughness and not that vanilla trap borefest of a team. Try that against Aaron Asham or Hartnell or Pheanuf. See AA leaves the game with his head still attached to his neck.

    DaveLozo: More Stamkos on Anisimov: “He’ll know it’s in the back of our minds the next time we see him.”

    AA better start taking some boxing lessons cause he will need to answer the bell on Feb. 9

  20. I guess “fist pumps” and even the raising of the sticks in the air after a goal are “humiliations” too? Jeez, it happens all the time!? What’s the big freakin’ deal?

    When Dubi scored his single goal of the season, you would have thought that he won the Stanley Cup, World Cup, and the Olympic Gold Medal – was the other team supposed to stage a pier six brawl after he did that?

    Give me a freakin’ break!

  21. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I didn’t say it was right. I just said it’s stupid to want to bench AA for it. I think it’s more of a teachable moment than just to punish him after just scoring a shorthanded goal to put your team ahead. Isn’t the basic idea to win the game? Or do you just want to punish players, and the team just to make a point?

    Wait! Now I know! You’re Mike Keenan…

  22. Ok, Jimbo and NYR_FAN don’t complain on Feb. 9 when they play again, when Downie or Vinny challenge him to a fight. It is a big deal because it crossed the line and if you get that reputation that’s when guys will come after you and rightfully so. Guys in this League have good memories.

  23. C’mon there is a GIANT difference between a normal fist pump and team hug in the corner and that individualistic over the top act from a guy who has score a grand total of 35 NHL goals. There’s a respect this game is played with and he crossed it and will have to answer for it next time they play. Hope he doesn’t turtle.

  24. I honestly don’t know what HW’s whole reason for being here is – it seems like he always wants to teach us “know-nothings” the finer points of the game, because we obviously don’t know carcillo….

    If he isn’t correcting someone’s “mistakes”, you don’t see or hear from him..

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Calm down Francis. Youngster makes mistake. Not like he rode the broom a la Tie Domi.

    Would love to see AA fight Stamkos, the wuss who cheap shotted him. They better call someone up from the minors because that team is soft as it gets. They were slapping sticks at Hanks glove, a rookie rams him in first period, whatever.

  26. OK, so big deal – he’ll be challenged – and with your attitude, HW, you’ll definitely be rooting for whoever it is on the Lightning to “teach him a bloody lesson aboot proper hockey etiquette”..

    Are you a descendant of Lady Bing, perchance?

  27. The idea is for your players to play with respect for the game! And if I’m Avery tonight I’d be pretty damn angry at Torts and in this case (oh god I’m agreeing with lloyd) the Torts hates Avery people are right. If Avery does that same exact thing he’s not playing the rest of the game probably out the next. Here’s one case where I agree there is a double standard.

  28. aa is 22 from russia. he made a mistake, they paid for it let it rest. he did not commit a crime he was stupid, so what.

  29. stamkos a real tough guy. punching a unsuspecting AA with his glove on. and he got 2 minutes, that was a joke…

    stamkos should shut his trap also.

  30. Jimbo – The point is it’s always easy to take the homer way out and say whatever our team does, it’s ok. But in this case, had Dom Moore done that exact same thing. People would be livid here wanting his head taken off. I’m saying our player was wrong and it might have cost us the game cause it sure did give them a cause.

    As Carp just wrote:

    First, here’s Guy Boucher’s take on the Anisimov/Lecavalier incident:

    “It was a good rallying moment for us. Definitely, we wanted to stick together tonight. We know we weren’t going to win it individually. We were going to win it as a team and I think that was a gesture that proved that the players were in it together. Obviously Vinny, the captain, showed them teh way and the fact that we are not going to take humiliation. He certainly set the tone for the rest of the game.”

  31. you want to talk refs tonight. how about the hagelin hook. the tampa guy pulled the stink under his arm and then locked it.

    hagelin dropped his stick, watch the replay that was called because the blinde ref was behind all this and blew it.

    the mcdonagh boarding by malone was a penalty. simple he hit a guy from behind, the hit player felll foreward into the boards, that is a penalty..

  32. The idea is for your players to *WIN THE GAME*!!! Ask the Bruins of the late 60’s, or the Flyers of the mid 70’s, or even the Islanders of the 80’s what the big prize was!

    You play to win – you beat the other team in every way you can – you give no apologies, and you don’t ask for any, either….

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Vinny showed the way by not really doing anything but yapping like a little school girl. That team is bad.

    Given Moore’s play, he deserved to celebrate – where the byfuglein was the off wing Back check (Mitchell) on the play. ‘tever…live and learn.

  34. ive stated my opinion on the Anisimov issue…but I will say this Stamkos SHOULD shut his mouth now. We all know he wont be fighting anyone. Remember that Zherdev-Stamkos fight a few years back? Stamkos is trying to take the leadership role on his team but he cant back it up physically a la Vinny L. heck im sure Marty St.Louis would do better.

  35. I’ve been writing what I have for the past half-hour after I read Carp’s rendition of Boucher’s comments – calling what Artie did “humiliation” is pansy-like, in my opinion – he’s talking like the coach of a team who’s been stinking up the rinks they’ve been playing in lately, andwho were looking for anything to jump on to show that they aren’t a bunch of loser wussies.

    Artie made a stick-gun, and all of a sudden the Bolts are the 1975 Philly Flyers…please!! maybe he’s trying to make his job more secure!

  36. Jimbo – If that’s the case. Win no matter. Did you have a problem with Carcillo challenging Gabroik to a hit two years ago?

  37. HW – He got a 10 minute misconduct….he went to the locker room….he was benched for about 5-6 minutes in the third…Torts couldn’t keep him off the ice in a 1 goal game…

    Olga – :)

    Jimbo. – Yup.

  38. And I think Moore should have gotten his ass kicked after the second stick-swipe on Hank – I blame our guys for not schooling him after that. Don’t whine, don’t cry, don’t threaten – just try to kick his ass..

  39. NYR_FAN – I do understand that if the game is 4-1 Torts probably leaves him on the bench for the rest of the third and the one-goal aspect might change his opinion. That might be fair.

  40. Artie is on twitter.

    If you follow him – or even if you don’t – you might consider sending him a tweet to keep his spirits up. I of course don’t know him from Adam, but he seems like a nice guy and a sensitive guy. I’m sure he knows by now that there’s a solid line between celebrating and embarrassing the opposing team. I’d hate to see this incident have an adverse affect on him.


  41. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carcillo did what he does, Gaborik shouldn’t have accommodated him. But since he did, Girardi should have stepped in.

    And yet here we are two years later, the NHL has not ceased to exist, and yet you still can’t let it go.

  42. Jimbo – I don’t disagree with that either though. In fact, I thought Del Zotto did a very good job tonight trying to be physical when it’s clearly not his game. He did go after Moore after the whistle twice and one even dropped the gloves and Moore would not go. See, you are misinterpreting me here. I’m a believer if they got rid of the stupid instigator half the crap that goes on wouldn’t happen.

  43. HW, I did have a problem with that because it’s against the unwritten code of a fighter going after a skilled player – but having said that, Gabby should have (and did) try to fight back..

    I don’t consider that the same as a non-threatening stick gesture (as opposed to a guy acting as if he’s gonna put his stick through a guy’s gut or face, for instance). I’m sorry, to me it isn’t the same.

  44. I can’t let it go? You have no idea what you are talking about. I am all for fighting in this game. Your damn right, the League still exists. And Gabby was very much a willing participant in that fight and by the way I had no problem with Carcillo cause Gabby engaged him and not the other way around. My point is I was not like the majority of fans that wanted Carcillo suspended, fined, kicked out of the league, all the stuff was commented after that game.

  45. I’m all for getting rid of the instigator, too – and I’d rather go back to the days when there weren’t all these “staged fights” either…back in the older days, guys fought after something actually *happened* to warrant it, not as some stupid ritualistic “mating dance” at the beginning of a game when nothing has had a chance to develop.

  46. Olga Folkyerself on

    I was not after Carcillo’s head either. (Or Girardi’s). As you say, Gabby was willing.

    Eureka HWirth, We CAN agree on something. :)

  47. For the record, I was not one of those who were calling for anything to happen to Carcillo except that he be given a good beating by a more-equipped Ranger later in that game, or in a subsequent match – and I don’t think that ever happed.

    Did I think that Carcillo was a scumbag!? You bet I did – but I wasn’t calling for his suspension – just a good beating…

  48. Olga Folkyerself on

    It was also a learning experience for Gaborik, and Girardi. Gaborik now leaves fighting to others, and Girardi now knows to step in to protect his teams goal scorer.

    AA learned tonight too. Not to antagonize the other team…

  49. What is best in life?
    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

  50. >>>To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    YES!!! Conan!!

  51. I agree 100% with HW. Hockey is the last respectable group of athletes. The game has intrinsic respect with a dollop of barbarity. Otherwise you wound up with a league like the NBA where tattooed morons destroy the queen’s English with phrases like “what it do?”… What the byfuglien is that carcillo?… Byfuglien the nba!

  52. I’ve seen plenty of hockey teams that have won, and they didn’t all show a whole lot of “intrinsic respect” for their opponents, save for the post-series handshakes…

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    And yet there were players that refused to shake hands.

    “I guess fatso there forgot to shake my hand”….

  54. Olga Folkyerself on

    Do you mean intrinsically respectable like “Billy Tibbets respectable”? Or “Mike Dalton respectable”? or “Dave Schultz respectable”..

  55. Just finished watching DVR’d game. Crappy way to lose an otherwise a good game.

    Why is Gaborik, who has an excellent release, always goes to the backhand move trying to slide the puck under the goalie on breakaways / SO?? He does this ALL THE TIME!

    I hate Dominic Moore!

  56. Olga Folkyerself on

    So Bob McKenzie is advocating tag team fighting? (as long as it’s a legal line change)

    I thought it was “leaving the bench to participate in an altercation”… Was Downie going out there to exchange recipes with AA?

  57. I used to like Moore when he was a NYR rookie…I was sorry that they let him go – but I’ve lost that feeling towards him long ago – this isn’t the first time that he’s given us the business….

  58. Gabby is an enigma – some games he looks so great, and in others (like tonight) he looks like crap…

  59. Did Ovechkin get a penalty for the play when after he scored he out the stick on the ice and dance around it? I don’t think so…why did AA get one, then?

  60. I half-way agree with McKenzie. I do agree it was a legal line change because the melee had stopped. In fact Callahan, and this will be Downie’s defense, had also come off the bench at that point and he and Malone stood towards center ice to discuss with the refs the penalties. Now, where I disagree with Bob and where Downie should get some suspension (i don’t think 10, maybe 5) is he joined the fight and in fact really started it up again. I’ll be curious to see how Shanny handles it.

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    Moore was probably high-fiving every teammate and buying the team dinner for beating NY. And if I was him, I would send Sather a signed 8X11 of the winning goal in the shootout.

  62. Thinking aboot it now, I don’t have a problem with what Downie did. The only reason he wasn’t on the ice was because Artie scored, so he stalled, and also, with the ref holding Lecavalier, NYR outnumbered Tampa 4 to 3.

    What I don’t like is the sucker punch by Stamkos. The league normally hands out a major penalty when someone throws a sucker punch like that.

    I have no idea why Artie was given a double minor.

  63. Think Sather would even recognize him? Or know what went on during this game? He’s probably in Palm Springs….

  64. CC, that celebration was extremely lame and cringe worthy, and probably deserving of an unsportsmanlike penalty, but Artie’s was definitely worthy.

    If he pointed it at the sky, then it’s a different story. But, pointing it at Garon/The net, is not cool.

    I soooo can’t wait to see this next week on 24/7

  65. I would have liked to see Lecavalier approach Artie, and Artie say to him, in Russian, of course, “What’s your farking problem, sissy-boy”!?

  66. TSNBobMcKenzie BTW, ANA’s JF Jacques got 5 reg season games for making “legal” line change for expressed purpose to fight. That was an actual fight tho.

    Downie still could get suspended I guess. The only difference was, Jacquesoff, if I remember correctly, jumped a guy at the end of the game, and started throwing punches. Downie, on the other hand, didn’t do all that much. It was just a big scrum.

  67. I remember Dalton. He went down to Georgia and cleaned up that bar down there where Jeff Healy played guitar and that guy Brad Wesley was strong arming the whole town.

  68. Downe was NOT on the ice when whistle was blown. The play is dead…he should remain on the bench.

    And I thought AA’ celebration was hilarious!

  69. Missed all but the last 4 mins of the game which was really all that mattered. I would say this was the most frustrating loss since Ottawa beat them in similar fashion back in October before the 7 game win streak. You never want to blow a 3rd period lead and lose the game. Especially at home. I hope this isn’t one doesn’t linger and derail them.

    And I’ll tell you what, this guy Moore is starting to become a Rangers killer. He’s had one goal all year and he’s been on what? 6 teams in 5 years? yet he always manages to get up for games against us. I guess he didn’t like being banished to Nashvile for a spare part like Hall.

  70. Man, I remember seeing guys blow imainary smoke off their sticks after goals, and tuck the goalstick into an imaginary holster on their sides after scoring…and Theo Fleury doing all kinds of antics after scoring a big goal…

    Since when has the league gotten so “sensitive” and in touch with their “female” sides…?

  71. going to say this once because the level of homerism here is downright disgraceful

    Anisimov’s nonsense, innocent or otherwise, cost the team 16 minutes in penalties. McDonagh’s horrific play and penalties cost the team most of the period and 2 goals. Those guys should be held accountable in the course of a game and that means benching them, not putting them out there on the next shift with a pat on the back. Tortorella, and the rest of the team for that matter, spoke about Anisimov as if he was Lennie in Of Mice and Men. Assuming he isn’t, he needs to at least miss a shift. He’s cut other players’ time for far less than what we saw from those two tonight. Even his soulmate Brandon Dubinsky who supposedly has a porcelain psyche has been benched. To send guys out there time and time again when they’ve set the team back just looks foolish. Does anybody remember how he handled another nice kid named Del Zotto when he screwed up? Literally shoved him to the end of the bench. Why all of a sudden the kid gloves for these two?

    And don’t even get me started on You Know Who. If he’d done something as asinine as Anisimov, he’d already be back in Hartford.

    Bottom line: Tortorella screwed the pooch on all fronts. I don’t care how considerate of his young guys he tried to appear in the press conference.

  72. CCCP, you wouldnt find it so hilarious if the Rangers were on a 5 game losing streak, out of the playoff picture, losing your key player earlier in the day, losing the game itself, and having a guy like Semin for example do that towards Richards/Gaborik/Lundqvist/any Ranger.

  73. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jimbo- That’s why I was surprised to see an unsportsmanlike call against AA. (It WAS unsportsmanlike. don’t get me wrong). But was THIS the day the NHL starts enforcing the excessive celebration rule?

    So now that it’s a rule, what are the guidelines? What’s “too much?” Do the sideline refs all get little cards to judge the celebration, like they vote on figure skaters?

    9.8, 9.9, 9.7, 10.0 PENALTY!

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    I say “Shoot ’em!” LLoyd. “Shoot ’em dead!” Then send their carcass down to Hartford and have Gernander shoot them some more. Then don’t let them back in NY until they have said 100 Our Father’s, and 100 Hail Mary’s.

  75. Lloyd – Don’t fall over here, but I totally agree with every word you just posted. You have every right to say that about Torts tonight. It’s a fair argument tonight. How does AA and McDonagh (who is one of my favorites) not get benched tonight when others were benched for far less transgressions. While you know my opinion on Avery, you and I both can agree that had he done that exact same act, Torts would be campaigning to have him waived again. In fact, Torts made a veil comment in postgame about their being a lot of idiots in the League and AA not being one of them. Wonder if he’s hinting at someone on his own bench.

  76. Can’t compare AA to Avery! That’s not smart…Avery is a totally different fish. Just as Torts said “lesson learned quick”

  77. CC, you’re right, and Fat Boy McKenzie is wrong. I thought Moore was already at the bench, but he was waiting for Moore to get to the bench after the goal.

    He could still get 10.

    I personally thought the celebration was classless. If the roles were reversed, I’d be more pissed aboot it. Like I said, if he pointed the stick up, then it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    Either way, trade everyone, fire someone!

  78. CCCP – How does that work? Listen I don’t like Avery because of his antics but I would never say it’s funny when one guy does it because he’s young and innocent and when Avery does he’s being a jerk. Can’t have it both ways.

  79. “It’s just classless,” Tampa Bay forward Steven Stamkos said. “I think I’ve seen him do that once or twice before, so no surprise there. We got the win. He’ll know it’s in the back of our minds the next time we see him. But we’re not going to break focus because of that. We wanted to win the game and we did”

    Classless, like sucker punching someone. LOL!

  80. And by the way, the Ovie stupidity. Yeah that worked out well for him. Hasn’t been the same player since. Notice, he scores last night and acts more like Dubi – just ecstatic it went in. I’m sorry but this ain’t the NFL and thank god for that. Vinny’s reaction to AA is why I watch hockey all day everyday and why I wouldn’t spend a penny on the NFL, where WR’s overreact now to catching a 5 yard out. Although, if you notice in NFL, those same idiots are usually the ones that drop the game winning td’s. Yes you Stevie whatever from the Bills.

  81. Shocked that we’re in agreement, but I genuinely believe it’s the level-headed approach. I don’t want to see those two guys banished because of it, but if you’re going to market yourself as Mr. Discipline, it doesn’t make sense to give guys a free pass when their actions could cost your team the game. And I definitely caught that comment about the “idiots in the league”
    – it was hard not to conjecture. The Avery comparison is probably too extreme because he’d never be on the ice enough to be in a comparable situation, but if it had been someone like Gaborik, I’ll guarantee you he’d have been benched and he’s probably one of the last guys in the league in need of a lesson.

    I just really don’t like anything about John Tortorella’s m.o., and stuff like we saw tonight is why. There’s just too much selective handling of players and I don’t have any respect for leaders who play favorites, regardless of the results they get. This move just looks like his “boys” can get away with murder while the red-headed stepchildren are endlessly hoping to evade his wrath. I’m just over it.

  82. Orr:

    I’d have cracked him in the face, too. Anything he got after that crap was deserved. I only wish NFL players adopted a similar attitude of retribution considering some of the nonsense they tolerate after touchdowns.

  83. Avery, since the day one, has been know for being somewhat on a classless side. AA is not that type of a player… He’s made a mistake…get over it. I am pretty sure he will never do it again, whereas Avery probably would.

  84. Olga Folkyerself on

    A good coach knows the difference between an Avery and an Anisimov. Treating them the same would be foolish. AA’s antics are deserving of a teaching moment and a corrective behavior. No more than that. If that behavior continues, then more severe reaction is warranted.

    Avery, if he is continually performing adversely to Torts wishes, gets a different response.

    You can’t treat them all the same, all the time.

  85. Jeez! I was at a hockey game, and all of a sudden an etiquette class broke out!

    They should bring the high tea and crustless sandwiches out to center ice between periods and talk about their rose bushes and how hard it is to find good help these days….

  86. Lloyd – I happen to like Torts. I do think he’s a winning coach. I like that he wants to build an identity for the organization. I like that he protects his guys in the media. To me all good stuff. However, one of the things I like most about him is wanting accountability and tonight allowing Artie back on the ice isn’t holding him accountable for an action that sparked the opponent, took away the momentum of a SHG, and quite honestly changed the tenor of the game. As for McDonagh, bad turnover early – ok it happens but if I’m coach I don’t need my players sliding on the ice towards the boards on a clean hit 7-8 feet away from the boards. It’s a dive. I’m sorry. And the liar’s proof was that the puck might have hit his stick on the tying SHG.

  87. And McD is a solid player. When was the last time you saw him give the puck away like that? MDZ used to do that quite often…that’s why he would get benched.

    Another things on AA…not sure why people say that what he did turned the game around. IT DIDN’T! We were leading untill two minutes to go in the game! If Hank stays on his feet that second goal never goes in.

  88. You are right Jimbo – I think Dan Girardi should start flexing his muscles after a block shot. Maybe Hank can make a glove save and sign the puck before throwing in the stands. Sorry, but what he did was NFL crap and leave it there. It’s the best part of the NHL. There’s still respect, even with the No Hit League trying to over officiate it. It’s another example of the players policing the game is better than the refs doing it.

  89. Olga Folkyerself on

    Why aren’t you discussing Lecavalier, who started the whole thing, then backed off so he wouldn’t get any penalty, or Stamkos, who got in a cheap shot and yapped his flap after the game, when you know HE isn’t going to be the one to dole out the punishment in any future game. Or Downie, who came off the bench to reach over and start the fracas up again. Oh! They Won! No punishment necessary.

    No, kill Anisimov and Avery ( who doesn’t even belong in this conversation), Or Torts.

  90. Lecavalier started the whole thing? Did he drop to a knee and imitate pointing a rifle at himself?

    I was at the game…had a pretty good view…I guess I missed that part.

    Anisimov acted like a punk. Just admitting that doesn’t mean the Rangers will go away in the morning. It’ll be ok, people. Try to be critical once in a while; it’s good for you.

  91. I’ll discuss Lecavalier. He reacted, as Torts said, exactly the way he should. The Captain stood up for his team the same way Callahan would if he was on the ice. I have no issues with him at all. In fact, it was a nice surprise to see him stand up for his team. I just wish he would have dropped his gloves and forced Artie to fight. That’s what the B’s captain would have done. As for Stamkos, it was a punch in a scrum not a sucker punch and he got his two minutes. And you know what, if Stamkos wants to step up and challenge AA next day, go for it. As for Downie, he’ll get suspended for continuing the fight. I got no issues with the Lightning. Tonight, they were in the right. I’m sorry. It doesn’t make me any less of a Rangers fan to admit when my team is wrong. Believe me, I’m the one who has defends Sather for building a solid foundation of a team. I’m sorry but when I think something is right, i’ll say it and when I think something is wrong i’ll say it. And people can agree or disagree, which makes sports great.

  92. Exactly, Olga. I am quite surprised that people bash AA but are ok with Vinny L and with what Stamkos and Downe did. Freaking amazing.

  93. See, Lloyd and I, who usually can’t agree on what day it is, agree tonight and probably he’ll say something on Saturday or Sunday about the game that I’ll disagree with and say it. And that’s ok.

  94. Of course Downie should and mostly likely will be suspended. By Lecavalier and Stamkos did exactly what you’d want to see a Rangers do if a member of the Lightning had shown the team up the way Anisimov did.

    Anyway, the bigger issue isn’t Anisimov acting like a punk, but the coach supporting him for it.

  95. Anisimov cost the Rangers the game, pure and simple. he woke up a sleeping dog in Tampa. they had lost 5 in a row, and were not going anywhere in this one until they got a wake up call in the form of a classless stunt to enrage the opponents, and make them determined to beat the Rangers, and they got all the mo they needed from AA and his stupid move.

  96. I guess I misunderstood something here – I thought this was a *RANGER FAN* blog, not the freakin’ World Court or United Nations School of all that is Fair and Right in the World..

    I guess we all have to suffer the contrarians who want to “school us” on everything fair and proper in the world…..and never let the love of our team get in the way….what players we should like, and which ones are scum…I get it.

  97. Again…I fail to see how AA’s play, other than giving PP time to Tampa, which we successfully killed, turned the game around?

    The game was 2-1 with 2 minutes to go and the Rangers had plenty of chances to put the game away on all of those PP’s…Crappy PP cost us the game…not Anisimov

  98. Jimbo – So what you are saying fans have to be completely blind to reality. Every call against us is bad and every call for us is good. Every player on our team is great and every opponent is bad. Jimbo – Is your name Jack Edwards?

    I’m sorry but if that’s the definition of being a fan, then you are right I am know it all because I’d rather be called that than being a blind to reality with no actual perspective of the sport.

  99. And wouldn’t it have been fun if Lecavalier stormed up to Artie and Anisimov said to him (in the language you can speak so well) “Hi, sissy-boy! Like that goal? Would you like my autograph?”

  100. All hail HWirth!! The all-knowing and all-fair!!

    Who is Jack Edwards!? Sounds like the name of an old-time game-show host…?

  101. I liked hockey better when guys like Reggie Dunlop told his opponent that his wife was a lesbian……that was hockey!!

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    There HW goes again… He extrapolates one statement into an absurdity that he can disagree with. I suppose that he gets some satisfaction about being a legend in his own mind.

  103. Jimbo – Jack Edwards is the extremely biased, to the point where he doesn’t even accurately call the play, play by play guy for the Bruins.

  104. Olga – This coming from someone who wants Sather fired but is now going to defend all of the players he brought to the team. How exactly does that work? Since you hate Sather so much, why are you defending AA. He did bring him to the team, so Artie must suck.

  105. Oh! One of the Bruins NESN guys – they are dismal, as are the guys who do the Penguins games on ROOT, whatever the hell that is….totally biased…

    But those are announcers – we are fans….there’s a difference…and I’m not totally biased, but there are two sides to everything, and being a Ranger fan, I side with my team unless something totally egregious takes place….

  106. sign you’re a deluded Ranger fan:

    when criticism of a player for a gutless action causes you to invoke “the freakin’ World Court or United Nations School of all that is Fair and Right in the World.”

    seriously, dude, turn off the TV once in a while.

  107. And Artie’s playful gun-shotting wasn’t egregious to me – it probably wouldn’t have been so objectionable to the Lightning either, if they weren’t looking like so crappy a team this season. They were *waiting* for something to happen so they could show their ass, don’t you get it!?

    If it wasn’t Arties gunning, it would have probably been something else – they have STUNK lately!

  108. *I* didn’t think it was gutless – I thought it was funny – that’s where we disagree!!! I liked it! I wish we were a better team so that we could show our “swagger” a lot more, and humiliate more opponents…

  109. And fuggoff, buddy – I’ll keep my TV or whatever else I want to keep on as long as I want to – if you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you in the sensitive ass as you leave…

  110. “I just really don’t like anything about John Tortorella’s m.o.”

    No Carcillo, Sherlock…

    “Anyway, the bigger issue isn’t Anisimov acting like a punk, but the coach supporting him for it.”

    Seriously? Which part of him saying it was absolutely the wrong thing to do is supporting him for it?

    And yes, the coach should bear responsibility for the loss before I routinely get accused of blind support or homerism. But why should “accountability” have to mean benching every player for every mistake they make?

  111. Olga Folkyerself on

    Listen, I’ve heard that argument from you before and have so far ignored the absurdity of it. I hated George Bush, but I love America, so I can hate Glen Sather and love the Rangers.

    It’s not AA’s fault that the Rangers have not won the Cup since Sather was in charge. Sather has acquired some good pieces for the organization, but he cannot put together a group effective enough to compete for the Cup. Sather is the one that could not assemble the parts needed to win the Cup.

    Let me try to explain it so even you can understand. If your car’s transmission isn’t working, do you blame the brand new tires? No, you blame the mechanic that didn’t fix your transmission when it was necessary for your car to run.

    Get it?

  112. Didn’t Avery start doing push ups after a goal once? Another one of these “incidents” everyone needs to get over. Anyone want to talk about something important like the game in Buffalo Saturday??

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