It’s Go Time!


Game 25.

First of three in four nights, and four in six.

Rangers still one away from 2,500 all-time wins.

Anton Stralman makes his second start as a Ranger, in place of injured Michael Sauer (concussion). Steve Eminger moves up to the second pair with Michael Del Zotto. Erik Christensen remains prucha’d.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal. Otherwise, same lineup that lost a five-game winning streak Monday.

Martin St. Louis was hit in the eye with a puck at the morning skate today, was taken to a local hospital, and is not expected to play for the Lightnings.




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  1. too bad about st. louis — facial/nasal fractures. i know he burns us
    and didn’t want him to do that again but i like him as a player
    (and hoping that he inspires some of our smaller in stature players
    in the system)

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Garantee win night TONIGHT!!!!!!!




  3. jpg, I’m with you on St. Louis. Hope he gets better soon, but not TOO soon.

    Lets go Rangers!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Oh they ‘ll be mad that we beat ’em last time BUT this time after we win they will be fabergasted and destroyed. Thank you for getting us in the playoffs but tonight we must break you!!!


  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    a win is a win is a win and tonight we WIN!!!!!


  6. Carp what jersey was CTB wearing?does it match what the boys are wearing?

    cause it was either that or ORRsy had his left clamp on the right side and vice versa!

  7. one last thing about st. louis.

    just read write up from daily news
    and it said he was circling behind the net and a backhand from Dominic Moore
    hit him.
    didn’t think a backhand could do that much damage unless it
    just him just right.
    (thought it would have been a slapshot)

    with that gotta give loads more respect to all those getting in front of shots.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    PUMPED CARP BIGTIME!! I can’t be online during gametime tonight BOOOOOOOOO!!!


    LETS not Go BlackChuMps!!

    FIRE OLGA!!!

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  10. Was great meeting Carp, Headzo, CTB and his dad.

    Too bad about St. Louis. Hope he is ok.


  11. Izzy ,I steal your “you gotta want it ” line every chance i get,but its done out of respect for another fellow strongman.


  12. someone tell Jeff Woywhatchmicallit no more blind spinning backhand passes in the dzone,please!

  13. Rangers getting every call … could it be because they’re Winter Classic darlings this year? Maybe it’ll be like the Penguins.

  14. Somebody next to us is constantly screaming:”Stepan, you suck!” Good thing I’m in medical field. I know how difficult it is for some people to live without brains.

  15. C’mon, guys! One more against Garon and he’ll be shaken…he started out looking like a Vezina winner…

  16. Downie is the kind of player that makes you wanna kill him,but would probably be my favorite player if he was a Ranger.

  17. Steve Emmiger on the second D pairing scares me. Can we borrow Roszival from the Yotes for a few weeks?

  18. 499 consecutive games played by Saint Louis.

    Pretty impressive but he’ll never make it, he’s too small.

  19. This Knicks commercial that they play 499 consecutive times a Rangers game is a disgrace.

  20. I get the feeling Joe Mich has never listened to a second of Boomer and Carton but acts as if he has on air. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

  21. They could have had another goal or two – lots of chances early on….Mitchell almost had one..

  22. HageLinCalPrustlahan on

    i dont get Rangers intermission, i have to switch to the away feed for intermissions. blah

  23. Sally FOUR MILLION on

    I’m listening to it again… duhBINsky! So funny!

    Mickey, come to the game in Buffalo instead!

  24. So @TBLightning responded to me on Twitter. Thanks for nothing, MSG. Lightning have led after one period four times. Trailing 9 times (record 2-6-1, now 10 times). Tied 14 times (record 6-7-1).

  25. Whyzerman just said he doesn’t know how long St. Louis will be out for. Just part of his [banned word] shtick, I guess.

  26. Sally FOUR MILLION on

    Mickey, do it! It’ll be a great game! I’m bringing my friend but she’s refusing to wear my extra Rangers jersey :(

  27. Spider

    God no. I couldn’t face living in the holy land. I’m just scarred for life from having Penguins broadcasts force fed to me. Thankfully, I can choose the home or away broadcast this year.

  28. So since Messier announced his participation in the alumni game I guess tickets are now $300?

  29. HageLinCalPrustlahan on

    It’s my holiday finery!

    Find out a week from today when my surgery is! woo hoo… good times

  30. Just arrived at Trysil (a ski resort in Norwegianpansyland) after a 5 hour drive in thick snow. Coming in and seeing a bogus (?) call on Hagelin. What’s happened?

  31. Norwegianpansyland

    I just snorted my iced tea. That is not a good feeling. Still, AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. Mickey, trust me, it’s panslyland, like the pansy game the refs calling this game… you could think they are next door…

  33. McD finally got burned.

    that’s the 3rd or 4th time he’s passed
    to opponent on a bad clear
    done over past several games.

  34. Carp, I’m Pisio’ed that Kisio aint playing.

    I was kinda hoping to see the Paul Simon look-alike on the ice again

  35. Um…I can’t believe my eyes. Artie Partie gives a little Chi Chi Rodriguez and then Throws his gloves!? Bergeron vs. Dubinsky!? MISMATCH

  36. Rangers play alot better when they get mad. I hate the pansy shinny hockey Rangers.

    I love these Rangers!!!!!

  37. If you don’t like the way a guy celebrates his goals, don’t let him score against you. Bunch of crybabies!

  38. i hope we win this cause wtf was wrong with Artie sniper shot celebration? bad taste fugg that!
    and a TB PP?BS!

  39. I am NOT proud of that move by Artie-Partie.

    Another fight results in a roughing call for Dubi!? Nice!

  40. There’s no place for that in Hockey? (per TB feed) How friggin hypocritical.

    what are they, little kids?

  41. He put his teammates in a venerable position with a childish celebration. I’d bench his arse next game if I am Tortorella!

  42. Ok I don’t like what Artie did there but we are 2 men down!? WTF? Ridiculous. They should have assessed even penalties. Downie came OFF THE BENCH!?

  43. Not to mention that his team has to now kill a PP and it kills the momentum after a nice goal

  44. So do you think Ovie or Crosby would’ve got 2mins for tounting and 14 mins for recivining punches??? This stinks all the way to Bettmans office… you get punished for scoring goals in this league…

  45. Refs really screwed all that up. Downie coming off the bench? That’s a suspension. The Rangers should just take free shots at Tampa because apparently that will result in a PP for the Rangers.

  46. Moore is out of control.

    AA double minor for roughing is ridiculous.

    Vinny L started the whole thing, after AA asked for it, obviously.

    Good, even up penalties again with MDZ and Moore.

  47. The next time OV celebrates like he does, he’d better get a 10 minute misconduct. I don’t at all condone AA’s stupidity, but 10 minutes? More examples of the incompetent officiating of this league.

  48. Linda – They probably didn’t know he left the bench after goal because he was coming on for Connolly anyway. He should be suspended, though.

    I like how on the feed I’m listening to, you can hear the arena in the background during breaks. Sometimes hear a little Sam & Joe.

  49. Downie came on because Connolly went to the bench hurt, but it happened with Connolly still on the ice and the melee starting.

    More officiating incompetency is what it boils down to.

  50. How is Vinny not in the box? Because he did the right thing, not crazy about. The Artie move but god almighty let’s make this sport more corporate Hun? What will shanny do and how about a TB jersey coming up?

  51. tomb, there’s no way in hell you can justify what anisimov did without sounding like an uneducated street thug. sorry. there’s some level of respect left in professional sports.

  52. I kind of like it that hockey players don’t put up with that b.s. look what’s become of the other sports with all the showboating and taunting and dancing and pansy-ass handshakes.

  53. Jim, totally agree, don’t condone the celebration, but the refs got this really wrong, you can’t penalize a team for scoring a goal and getting jumped. In that case, leave the fighting unleashed and get it back to the 70’s…

  54. Totorella better hire a Russian translator after the game to talk to AA. Because whatever he is going to say wont be easy to comprehend if your first language is English, let alone Russian.

  55. Barry

    MDZ has a reason to go after moore.
    he’s taking extra shots at Hank

    rather that then past Rangers teams
    that just watched and did nothing

  56. Carp, I’ve lost respect for pitchers with all of the showboating after a homerun is hit.

  57. 4generations 4 cups on

    Carp, what did Anisimov do wrong other than showboat? I didnt see AO get a penalty when he celebrated.

  58. Anisimov will return late in the 3rd period i think, right? Would expect Tampa to go after him…that is if Torts actually lets him see the ice again

  59. And those MSG idiots are just that: Idiots. Dunno who’s more incompetent, them or the NHL officials.

    How the hell does Shitiletti keep his job? That fool was praising Prust for his great pass to AA on AA’s shorthanded beauty.

    And when the melee started they were clueless as to what initiated it. On TV we saw like 2 seconds of AA’s stupid gun-shooting mime and it was enough to totally get what was going down.


  60. Carp,

    We’re in lock step, never could stand the ESPNing of sports.

    But that was a pisser, Artie doin’ that in that naive, 20-years behind the times euro-trashy way!

    You gotta laugh.

    The guy’s starting to really go and he’s feelin’ hit. Hahaha…..

  61. Spider: Yes, distant being the key word. It was when he was with the original Jets. LIke 20 years ago. LOL

  62. haha, Selanne wasn’t doing a machine gun…he threw his glove up and shot it shotgun style

  63. Hockey is such a mental/confidence game. This might be Artie turning that corner.

    I think he has shown glimpses of Malkin-like skill in the past. Yes very rarely, but I’ve seen it, I swear.

    Who knows?

  64. Well, Artie getting a 2 min for the celebration is totally ok, because that was stupid. But how can you agree with one guy coming from the bench and throwing punches to make that right? If we want hockey to be a sport where people only fight each other, i guess it’s all right. But how many times have we seen that from Ovechkin and it’s alright?

    Get a grip, give a penalty to RT (a 10 min misconduct), fine, but how you get a PP from a guy scoring a goal against you and the whole team jumps him afterwards? Thats just bush-league… but what do I know, I like hockey, not fighting…..

  65. That’s what Im saying Tomb.

    Artie’s coming out party!

    Still laughing, can’t wait for the replay!!!

  66. ANd yes, if AA goes back on the ice, things could get stupid, especially if Downie’s on the ice (and Tortorella should put Avery opposite him, if that’s the case).

    If the score is tight, retribution will probably be muted.

    Don’t get me wrong – the (over) reaction by the Bolts was just that, but let’s not dismiss the fact that if the situation was reversed there’d be all kinds of virtiol on here about the act. The Bolts are slumping and the coach called them out during practice yesterday about a lack of passion.

    He just did something stupid. Dunno what’s more prominent – the stupidity of the act or how out of character it was for him….

  67. obviously they didnt see him come off the bench. not the standard for refs to be watching the bench after a goal is scored…

  68. RangerSwede: The refs totally missed the Downie thing. They were too busy focusing on all the crap going down. The NHL, however, will review and suspend. Probably, though, for 1 game because it’s the gutless NHL after all.

  69. yeah, i think it was Artie being naive
    was surprised he did it.

    it would be funny if it’s found that one of his teammates
    told him he should do that AS A JOKE
    and Artie didn’t understand that
    and went through with it

  70. you know thinking about it, it probably isn’t considering leaving the bench since it was after a goal and there are no substitution rules in effect.

  71. Rod – well then I agree with you. you briliiant young hockey genius. wholeheartedly. I never saw that comment but I do agree.

    All of the interviews, all of his play, I have never seen anyrthing like that. He’s a smart guy too.

  72. Hockey culture is funny. It’s quite all right to bash another player’s brain in a fight, but your goal celebration must not be too offensive.

  73. oleo

    here’s the rule

    70.6 Game Misconduct Penalty – A game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on the player who was the first or second player to leave the players’ or penalty bench during an altercation or for the purpose of starting an altercation, from either or both teams.

  74. AA should keep that stick up when he returns.

    He’s still only 23, very young & obviously still green haha…

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Der binger dead?

    I’m dreaming of a white christmas, just like the ones I used to know…

  76. Well, Artie should be surprised since he’s seen several players doing the same (Crosby, Ovechkin for naming some) doing the same without getting penalized or jumped…. no surprise the rules are different for players… guess the NHLPA agree with the NHL on that… Hopefully Artie will be suspended for 10 games for it and Downie gets a $2500 fine.

  77. AA now with 17pts in 25 games, and barely played the first month.

    He was the only guy in the building didn’t know what was coming when he did that!

  78. I’m sure every team (including the Rangers) would react in a similar way. OK, maybe not Buffalo.

    But I’ve got less sympathy for the Lightning since they got all pissy over Linus Omark pulling a spin move in a shootout last year.

  79. I don’t know – I seem to remember seeing a whole lot of outlandish goal-scoring celebrations in the past, especially after goals were scored on the NYR. seems to me like this was very blown out of proportion…

  80. because the PP last two minutes. also because unlike some people, the Rangers coaching staff want Dubi to get off the snide.

  81. Ladies and Gents: The attitude and accepted acts are much different today than they were 20 years ago.

  82. tomb

    doesn’t matter. You don’t take your best offensive player off the PP to get Dubinsky going, not in a 2-1 game no less…

  83. When (if) Dubinsky next scores, he should pretend to fire an imaginary rocket launcher. Or throw an imaginary grenade into the opposition bench.

  84. Oh, of course those MSG idiots show the Crosby/Kuntz collision, speculating on the former’s suspected concussion, missing altogether the earlier collision with Kreijci that probably is the real reason for all the noise.


    Oh and Brett Connolly wasn’t picked 5th overall – he went 6th.

    I’m assuming Shitiletti makes minimum wage??

  85. Olga Folkyerself on

    Stupid pile of Carcillo… still thinks he’s a Flyer. They are the only team that gets away with that.

  86. HageLinCalPrustlahan on

    how many minutes HAS stralman played? I heard his name maybe twice, and once was before the game started ;-)

  87. Come on RT, score a goal and do the same move, I’ll buy you dinner for the rest of your life!! :)

  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carcillo got two for roughing by hitting someone after the whistle. A Flyer favorite tactic.

  89. 3 x eddie: I hope your adoration with all things Avery I’m misreading as I did with that miami pimp dude….

  90. Crosby Update: Crosby has an upper body.

    [We now return to your regular scheduled programme.]

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carcillo still looks better in a Blackhawks jersey, than Jagr does in a Flyers jersey.

  92. less than 3 mins left, rangers winning, on a powerplay, and all the crowd cares about are Potvins Ducks?

  93. nice job by Tortorella coaching this one. relegating Gaborik to the 2nd unit makes absolutely no sense and instead of possibly getting a goal, we’re all tied up

  94. True Blue Mike on

    Hahaha i hope anisimov wins it in the shoot out and then does that gun shooting celebration right at the bench of the Lighting hahahha can you say “bench clearing brawl”?

  95. I know everyone was giving Larry Brooks crap the other day but he was right on the money.

    Did John Mitchell see the ice at all after the 1st period? what about Avery?? He’s gotta stop rolling 2 lines like this and just send the team out and let them play.


  96. >>>I sometimes envy people who don’t care about sports, or a team. Sigh

    I totally agree with you, Mama……this is a Prevacid game….

  97. HageLinCalPrustlahan on

    my friend jimmy on fb posted the pick of artie with his stick gun and called it anisimoving!! we need to use that lol

  98. Tortorella’s style is ALWAYS to reduce the bench in tight games, right or wrong, especially when the Rangers are putting 6 shots on the board a period, as they have in periods 2 and 3.

    That will never change.

  99. The Rangers, whether they win the SO or not, don’t deserve 2 points, based on their play, IMO.

  100. cling cling cling cling. I now propose a toast to the beautiful young Hagelin… oh hes not getting married yet? oh nevermind. read that article about his fans in Michigan today.

  101. Jim

    the thing is though the Rangers had a very good 1st period. No reason to change course until at least the 3rd period…

  102. OMG, Shitiletti can’t even call what’s right in front of him. First Mitchell’s failed attempt is because Giron ‘got the stick out’, then ‘the pad out’. Meanwhile, the puck bounced and Mitchell never got a shot off.


  103. COMPLETE AND UTTER AMATEUR-HOUR … these clowns had no business losing this game. Morons.

  104. No, Moore has lots of games like this. What that dude doesn’t have is passing skills. He’s fast, can shoot and checks hard.

  105. Tampa looks like total TURDS out in the Mausoleum……and then fight like mad-dogs here…..scumsuckers….

    Nice save, Hank….

  106. Torts missed big-time not using AA for the shootout.

    It was his night, right or wrong.

    John Mitchell?

  107. Torts! di you not watsh the game? Gaborik had nofriggin touch tonight at all.

    oh well. one point. woo hoo

  108. >>Shitiletti can’t even call what’s right in front of him…

    He’s sounding more and more like Chico Resch with each broadcast.

  109. Carp

    any way you can find out why Gaborik was taken off the 1st PP unit after the first period?

  110. Let’s all go blame Hank now…for a perfect backhander that was deflected and he had no shot on and for a perfect shot in the shootout. Instead you actually need to look back and see what Anisimov did was nothing more than stupidity and THE turning point of the game. And im not hating on Anisimov, im actually one of his biggest fans and supporters considering Ive met him and his family. We got 1 point….

  111. Mama> No we didn’t, I’ll make it up to you and come over next year

    And… no comments, but a Bettman bonus point. Good night!

  112. Yo Miami Pimp: You gotta turn the sarcasm around the other way, because tonight the Rangers didn’t deserve 2 points.

    They played well for a period and guess what? 3 points were handed out tonight and the Rangers got their fair share, based on periods played well/not so well.

  113. Losing this game is worse than a blowout, even though they got a point – it was just a demoralizing way to lose….

  114. and Jim
    i don’t have a very good feeling
    about playing sabres.

    we usually have problems with their speed
    and we’re a bit beat up right now.

  115. i don’t think Gabby was having a very good game
    during first period.
    Torts was probably peeved that he kept trying to
    make cut plays in the offensive zone.

    i think he was trying to ignite Boyle and Dubi with pp time

  116. I certainly don’t know him, but I would bet the farm that Anisimov had no idea that he was “dissing” the other team to such an extent. I think he was just overjoyed at scoring a shortie…

  117. Sally!!

    Ok, can’t handle the moroseness …. Though it’s been grand playing here on my iPad!! Til the morrow all…ta!

  118. >>Trade everyone except Anisimov’s rifle stick.

    I can already hear Mike Emrick on the Winter Classic, “And Anisimov rifles one into Bobrovsky’s bread basket.”

  119. yeah
    i know that Artie moment ignited tb
    but the turning point was all the power plays
    that where we didn’t score.

    score on one of ’em and moore’s backhand wouldn’t have mattered.

  120. 1 for 6 on the PP, 0 for 2 in the 3rd when a PP would have put the game away.

    You wanna be a top 4 team you score on one of those. This team, as much as I love they way they compete more often than not, is NOT a top 4 team.

    I maintain they so need another top 6 forward winger and Cally’s miffed 2 on 1 breakaway in the 3rd (when it was 2 – 1) also would have put the game away is for me, another example of that lineup hole.

  121. What the Rangers deserved were tickets to the circus … because that’s where half these no-talent clowns belong.

  122. I think he knew exactly what he was doing. He scored…skated for a few seconds and then did the taunt. I dont know WHY he did it, maybe out of frustration…but there was just no need for it. And I know that if I was on the ice, Id knock his face in, well as much as I could before the officials broke it up. Just put yourself in Tampa’s shoes (skates).

  123. Games in Buffalo are very often horror-shows for our NYR……I hope it isn’t so on Saturday.

  124. >>Ask Tortosmella why Dubinsky AND Boyle got so much PP time.

    Um, to “get them going”? To “jumpstart their offence”? To “get them off their schnide”?

  125. It’s like Moore had every intention of making himself a factor in this game- slapping at Hank several times, playing feisty all game, and finally tying and winning the game….crap!!

  126. i agree, i thought Tortorella coached one of the worst games i’ve seen from him.

    You can’t play the same 8 forwards and 4 d-men for the last half of the game. It doesn’t work like that. They get tired and dont have the same jump they did earlier in the game. I understand the penalties hurt but still no excuse for the Rangers to all of a sudden stop playing.

    No cycling, grinding but i guess thats what Tortorella wanted…

  127. Anisimov and McDonagh bury your team with horrific penalties and don’t miss a shift. Where’s the accountability, “Torts?”

  128. The celebration didn’t ignite Tampa Bay. Thats a load of crap.

    The Rangers took the pedal off the medal once that goal happened. Tortorella put his trusted players on and protected a 1 goal lead with 35 minutes to play.


  129. For Maloney to suggest that Anisimov’s celebration might have been the turning point of the game is asinine. Rangers had nothing going for them before he scored that goal.

  130. Have to make sure you’ve got Dubinsky and Boyle out there so they can play the PP like it’s a penalty kill, right, “Torts?”

  131. A team playing well wouldn’t have been in a shootout tonight – they would have scored a couple of PP goals and had this game won at least halfway through the third period….

  132. the old ex- Rangers always come back to haunt the Rangers. tonight it was that blast from the past, Dominic Moore.

  133. Did they play well? No. Is it the end of the world? No. We all knew they wouldn’t win every game this season so I refuse to worry about a 2 games losing streak.

    And on that note, I’m getting off line for the rest of the night. Hope you all have a good night, and remember its just a game, eh?

  134. Wouldnt put too much weight into this one, screwed up December game.

    What concerns me is Torts not having his finger on the pulse (especially of the offense, again).

    Anisimov was the passion player tonight, right or wrong.

    Spotlight on him and Mitchell gets the nod.

    And Torts wore down Girardi & McD for nothing.

  135. A *terribly* aggravating game though, Mickey – one of the most disappointing of the season so far, IMO…


  136. This was a terrible loss and of all people Domenic Moore (ex-ranger) plays like Wayne Gretzky at the end of the game and in the shootout to kill the rangers.

  137. so, after gabbys crappy game and after he barely was able to hold the puck fo mor than a second without losing it, coupled with his 3 for 200 record in the shootout, he gets to go instead of cally? artie? step? even dz i would want in there before gabby. he has no moves at all. all he can do is shoot. and what does he do? tries a pathetic bakhand that looked like my aunt with severe rheumatoid athritis was taking that shot. hate these games were we give up late goals and lose. they shouldve beat the crap outt the lightning without st louis.. u really have to wonder why they were content to kill the clock on their 3 late pp’s instead of getting the 3rd goal. and as soon as tampa ties it, allof a sudden the rangers are dominating trying to get that goal back. trade everyone!!!!!!

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