We Chat, Live, at noon … so bring your questions and comments


So, instead of working today between noon and 1, or so, act busy, look annoyed, and join us for a Live Chat right here.

Again, please bring questions/comments early, and don’t get annoyed if I can’t retort to each one because last time I was overwhelmed by the response.

But we can talk about the realignment, or about the loss to the Leaves, or the five-game winning streak before it, or the season to date, or what lies ahead, or the Winter Classic (merchandise on sale everywhere but here), or Sean Avery and John Tortorella (hot topic button pushed). Whatever you want.

Bring it.


And in an unrelated topic, Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. HageLinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Hey NYR!! i’m thiscloseto dropping the Boyle part, he’s killin me this year. I finally benched him on my fantasy team lol

  2. And the Miami Screaming Eagles, too……oh wait – we already have a bush-league Miami team, don’t we…?

  3. HageLinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Jimbo, did you know you can get a free burger at Red Robin tomorrow. Its their new Jim Beam burger!
    I do think you have to ‘like’ them on FB for info

  4. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – my question has to do with brooks’ column yesterday. Leaving the past drama between the two of them aside…. Doesn’t LB have a valid point regarding TOI for dubi/prust/aves. None other than Dave Maloney on radio also thinks this line brings a good forecheck game….good down low pressure…. And they like to hit… Thoughts?

  5. HageLinCalPrustBoylahan on

    In the midst of all our busy schedules and assorted hijinx and shenanigans, let’s not forgot that today is December 7, and take a minute to remember our men and women who have served, and who are serving our country, and those we have lost. make sure your kids and your grandkids know about this day, and lets make sure it’s never forgotten.

  6. Red Robin!? I’ve never seen one of those in the NYC area – I’ve seen TV commercials for them, but I don’t think they have any in New York City!

  7. Jim Beam Burger? Do they mix Jim Beam into the meat, or is there a Jim Beam barbecue sauce slathered on it? I know that there’s a Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce – it’s pretty good, actually…

  8. “A day that will live in infamy”!!! Sorta like the day that Park and Ratelle were traded to Boston…..

    (Just kidding..)

  9. HageLinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i think that’s it Jimbo. Too bad there are none around there!!

    Clifton NJ or Carle Place NY looks like the only two in the general area.. for shame lol

  10. Clifton NJ is a haul from here – and if I was going there, I would be going to Alexus Steakhouse, which I think has a place in Clifton…or maybe that’s Garfield..I forget!

  11. I agree with Eddie and LB regarding 4th line. Not like it’s EC and Rupp on that line. It’s Dubi Avery Prust…players with skill and grit…gotta find a way to play them

  12. btw- Leaves didn’t look too invincible tonight in a 3-2 loss at that other team’s arena down there in hooverville errrrr I mean Newark.

  13. I propose throwing Dubinsky between Hagelin and Mitchell and reuniting Boyle and Prust. Not that Boyler doesn’t need ice time but Dubinsky has to find his scoring touch and soon.

  14. Leaves looked quite ordinary tonight – and they weren’t in Hooverville, they were at home in Toronto! They spent all their energy on us on Monday!

  15. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Happy Birthday Mama Carp and many more!!! BTW Carp does mama Carp read your writings here and in the papers if so she must be so proud of you. There’s nothing like the pride a parent feels when their child does well.

  16. Happy Birthday, Mama Carp!

    Yeah, it was a bad night for Ranger fans – Devs and Isles won, Habs tied their game in the last minute (but lost in a shootout)…Bruins lost in Winnipeg, but I don’t have the hate on for them so much yet this year….

  17. It’s Mama Carp’s birthday? Well I hope she has a wonderful day and knows how greatful we are that she raised a good son. Best wishes!

  18. According to Uncle Larry Brooks we’re gonna get an update on Sauer’s condition today. Can’t imagine that’s gonna be GOOD news.

    As for the Brooks article yesterday I am not surprised as it’s not the first time he’s written something similar to that. The animosity that goes on between he and Torts which I assume started with the post game presser in 07 after the Devils beat TB and Torts told Brooks to get the phaneauf outa the room just continues season after season. Credit Brooks for this much though- He picks his spots. It’s not a constant ribbing. Would I call it professional? idk. That’s not my call but it’s certainly getting old. Curious if this stretches out to before the 07 incident.

    Carp, any thoughts on how this began without having to say anything you can’t/won’t say?

  19. this new infatuation with the Rangers 4th line reminds of the old days. when most of this blog wanted the Betts, Orr, and Hollweg line to get more ice time. I mean after all, thats how teams win the cup, play the 4th line as much as the first line. the Rangers 4th line has 2 guys on it that are just that, 4th liners, and 1 guy who is playing like a 4th liner. so yeah, lets play in the 3rd period of a tie game, or down by a goal. thats the ticket.

  20. I haven’t had a dog in this fight but Brooks is a total idiot submitting lines like this (below),
    and an unprofessional one at that. WTH?

    Who wants to be reminded of his Avery love and his Torts hard-on first thing in the morning.

    “In simple terms: In order for the Rangers, Islanders and Devils to all make the playoffs (a happenstance about as rare anyway as John Tortorella patting Sean Avery on the back,”

  21. Good morning all! Happy 26th to Mama Carp!

    if live chat doesn’t work on iPad, looks like I’m phaneuf’d……hope to check in later.

  22. Happy Birthday, Mama Carp! I’m sure you’re proud of him.

    Good morning, boneheads!

    Rod, I often agree with what Brooks says, but that statement of his is bordering on unprofessional. And he’s been relatively modest about his feelings on Torts, perhaps waiting for his moment, but recently it’s become more acute and without obvious reasons. One wonders why.

  23. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Carp!!!Does she get “the treatment” or does she want to cook for everyone?

  24. Happy Birthday Mama-Carp!

    Hey Carp, if you are going to the game tomorrow can you check to see if Brooks is dressing better, did he get a hair cut? Is he wearing make up? I think he wants to be part of 24/7 in the worst way.

  25. Happy Birthday Carp’s Mom!

    I know it’s a sensitive topic and all with Boogie’s death highlighting the issues but……Can we stop saying *hockey* fights are bad for brains? Can the *hockey* be removed please? Fact: getting hit in the head sucks. UFC fighters do it, race car drivers, cyclists, runners trip and fall on their heads (And they don’t wear helmets), what about diving!? Greg Luganis? I am kind of sick of hockey being blamed. Players sign up for hockey. After Andres Escobar was killed most of El Euipo de Colombian Nacional quit. How many hockey players have “hung up their skates” because of an injury or death to a friend? None. These guys are like soldiers in their mentality.

    Let ’em work. Let ’em live.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints, then I smoke 2 more….

    Solidarity….. What we need….. What we need …is solidarity

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Using college hockey as the test case for ‘no fighting’, we don’t see players wildly swinging their sticks or egregious acts done.

    I think fighting is unique to hockey. I would advocate leaving gloves and helmets on and watch these guys fight with limited ability to grab the sweater. Would protect head and hands more and create shorter, probably more entertaining fights.

    Check out Walter Reed Hospital for the unseen glamor of being a soldier. Careful with the analogies, the players are being paid a lot to do very little but play a game for your amusement.

  28. I second Stranger Nation,
    soldiers get paid squat to protect us…and some unfortunately pay the ultimate price.
    While I watch hockey to be entertained and I like a good clean body check, I hate seeing players get hurt.

  29. It appears to be the story that may take years to write. The research that is being conducted in Boston is just a tip of the iceberg. From a scientific point of view, there are still too many questions to be answered. Is fighting the only reason for CTE? How about multiple body hits, slams against the boards? Do certain drugs have anything to do with the severity of CTE? How about genetics? Too many questions still out there. While it isn’t smart to simply deny it, it also isn’t very smart to react with knee jerk.

  30. Manny – I see we are thinking alike again. I am so tired of hearing and reading hockey being trashed by its own so-called experts. This might be the only sport I know where the media spend more time complaining about the sport than promoting it. If you want to eliminate fighting in hockey because of it’s future impact than the UFC should be stopped, Boxing eliminated, NFL gone (there’s much more contact than in NHL on the lines), Nascar (people can die instantly there), the baseball should be soften (in case a ball hits someone in head). I’m sorry but there is an inherent risk to playing sports and if the players don’t want to take that risk go get an office job. No one put a gun to these guys head and said they must risk their bodies.

  31. You notice these stories come out and they are sad but there’s yet to be a player in the middle of his career go “You know what, I love the sport but I’m afraid of it’s impact on my future so I’m retiring.” When that happens, then I’ll be fascinated.


    It’s a great point that the people keep bashing hockey. Demanding that it change. I, for one, want no change. I want the instigator rule removed and I want hockey to police itself and all those who sign up for life to play it can decide what they want to subject themselves to.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    By torts not playing the dubi- prust- Avery line…. Perhaps it is due early onset CTE….

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Much praise to the most high, happy birthday to one woman, one love, the mama carputha

    Jah – rastafari

  35. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Re: The never-ending campaign to end fighting in the NHL…

    Ever since E.M. Swift (he and his Princeton mates lost EVERY game in his senior year!) and the other preppy girly boys from SI came back all enlightened from “lunch” at the White Horse one afternoon and penned the first anti-hockey “violence” issue in the mid ’70s, the Uplifters have been trying to remake the league in their own effete image.

    They have failed thus far because the majority of ticket-buying and cable-subscribing fans want fighting and heavy hitting to remain. But, the game was also guarded by Canadian (and a few American) executives who understood the necessity of occasional personal combat in the game even if they couldn’t quite explain it in terms that would satisfy or silence the Prohibitionists.

    The nannies at SI, the Times and the non-hockey TV networks never give up. But, the best answer to their implicitly hockey-hating campaign is to ask “Where’s your lavish coverage of fight-free college and women’s hockey?” They have no answer.

  36. It’s a good point Rhode Island. But they will retort with, “how many people watched Olympic hockey?”

  37. I was just watching this black and white Christmas movie where this chick was talking to a guy, and telling him how his *intangibles* were not a big deal, and he’s telling her not to overlook those *intangibles*

    I didn’t see Dreary in the movie though. Weird!

  38. Rhode Island Ranger on


    You’re right about that stock retort. Of course, the Olympics ratings of late are the exception that proves the rule.

    They are stocked with pre-publicized NHL stars now. The tournament is relatively brief and advertized far more heavily than any other hockey event. It is wrapped in the flag AND the female-friendly snuggy of a world culture (sic) jamboree.

    Could viewer interest on the Olympic scale be maintained over 80-plus games? No. Simply put, you need real, dedicated hockey fans. Of course, any fisticuff-adverse do-gooders can put there money where their mouths are and start a genuine pansy league to test the issue. I won’t be holding my breath waiting for this to happen.

    I want my hockey team to beat genuinely evil gangs like the Flyers. I want it to be as close to genuine combat as the law allows and… I want the feisty fourth line to skate a regular shift!

  39. Oh I agree Rhode Island. I do. I am a big advocate for letting hockey be hockey and police itself. No one that watches hockey on a consistent basis roots for it to change in this manner. It’s just the Larry Brooks types.

  40. Yes, Lloyd! I think we are completely free of this miserable sale that should make both of our friends equally happy!

  41. Rhode Island Ranger on


    I’m not sure LB wants to eliminate fighting from hockey… just from the violent kindergarten of the press conferences!

  42. MZA back and Wolski activated from IR….. makes no sense at all unless there is another move that hasn’t been announced yet

  43. That sounds like a trade is imminent. I would assume Wolski was activated to be put into that trade maybe ^Hobbit Wizard^ also. That’s a bunch of cap space we don’t have room for without Dubinsky, Avery and Staal all going on LTIR

  44. Don’t get too excited yet, NYR. We have to temper that excitement. This move doesn’t make much sense without some other moves occurring.

  45. Remember – we possibly just lost a D-Man for quite some time so the organization might be trying to get a D-Man in here

  46. I think these guys being called up and traded is the news about Sauer-Pauer and it’s the news we didn’t want to hear.

  47. Oh. Then I take back everything I said. I guess there is no trade and no news and no panic.

    MZA BACK = ORR!?

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