Michael Sauer has a concussion


John Tortorella today confirmed to reporters that Michael Sauer did suffer a concussion on that clean hit by Toronto’s Dion Phaneuf Monday night.

Tortorella said Sauer is “day to day” and added he doesn’t know the grade of the concussion. Don’t get fooled by the “day to day” designation. I’m not inferring anything other than there’s no way of knowing what Sauer’s timetable will be. It depends on symptoms, obviously, and all concussions are different.


Thanks to all who participated in the Live Chat. Anybody who missed it (shame on you) can scroll through it on the thread below.


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  1. Did you guys hear about this goalie, Matt Hackett (Min. Wild), who didn’t give up a goal but recorded his first Career loss in his first career appearance?

  2. concussion …as expected. seems like players suffer concussions all over the place! kind of weird, tho… i guess maybe we haven’t payed much attention to it before.

  3. Carp
    didn’t get my question about Richards helping team other than goals/assists answered.
    care to comment in thread, please.

    i won’t add you to my airing of grievances on Festivus.

  4. stranger nation on

    3Cp – reminds me of recent article where a pitcher was diagnosed with a torn labrum even though he is was being diagnosed for something else – they may all have torn labrums just different levels of tears, like grades of concussions.

    As stated earlier, you cannot play most sports without risking or receiving a concussion. The fact they are more accurately diagnosing these now helps understand ‘what grade’

    Hello Aunitie Em – welcome to 20 mins a game…

  5. btw Carp
    don’t know if you would ever be allowed to
    do “on the record” with Torts
    but if you ever had the chance
    of a one-on-one
    would you ask him what the hell happened
    to the talkative person that you knew way back when
    and why he’s so angry and short with answers now that
    he’s back in New York?

  6. Awesome, just the news I feared I would hear. Hopefully it isn’t too serious and he comes back playing hard and not tentative hockey because of this.

  7. Well, to make it clear, grading system of concussions is not routinely recommended by most experts as a tool in general, and even less as a determining factor for making the return to sports…

  8. you talk about injuries and injuries happen. the other day it was a big topic on here how injuries might affect this team that stayed pretty healthy up to the last game…and there you go…Sauer out indefinitely and MDZ almost got killed!


  9. Good thing we have Stralman….

    Any move to call up Erixon on the Horizon? Or trade for Brian Campbell or Shea Weber?

  10. That’s right, CCCP! FIRE RR!!

    Have you noticed a cameo Tiki appearance during the chat? Come on, bud, start posting….

  11. Monkey’s Brains, though popular in Cantonese cuisine are not often to be found in Washington, D.C.

  12. The goalie you are thinking of, Månnu, is Mike Murphy of the Hurripånsycanes, not Hackett. Came into the game, Calgary scored an empty netter, then Carolina scored two to make the empty netter the GWG.

    Cue Boom Boom complaining about how a minor statistical quirk is evidence of a crumbling league and/or civilisation…

  13. Yes!!!!!!! That’s it, LW. I knew I vaguely remembered something stupid occurring. Thanks for clearing that up. Månnu is just not that smart.

  14. Sauer is a real loss. Maybe this will get Glen to finally reach for the phone. If this team can succeed without Staal and Sauer, that’ll be really impressive.

  15. jpg, as for your second question, I did do a one-on-one with Tortorella last winter, and we talked about his personality transformation, which was on the up-turn at that point. I have no idea why he regressed. I think he’s trying to be intimidating, and I think it works to a large extent with the media. I think there are some people — some nice people — who he doesn’t like for whatever reason. But he now understands that if he’s surly, he won’t get a lot of questions. It’s not that guys like me or Larry or Andrew or Zip are afraid to ask a question; it’s that when he’s like that we know we’re not going to get much of an answer, so we don’t bother. If that’s the end goal, it works.

    I think it’s an asinine tactic to take with people who have treated him with nothing but respect.

  16. BANJ

    watching the hit again it reminds me of what happened to Staal.
    Sauer was trying to keep the puck in the zone
    and knew that a toronto player along the boards was coming
    towards him
    i’m sure he was preparing himself for that hit
    but sloppy seconds
    is coming from the side, out of his line of vision
    and in that way was able to get the massive hit on him that he did.

  17. Before I forget. I’ll be at the game tomorrow and on 13th (with CCCP). If someone wants to meet before the game(s), email me at ilb2001@nyp.org. Remember, the beer is on RR.

  18. jpg, I agree with you on that. But I think Sauer has himself to blame in this case. Most players don’t tighten their chin straps. The NFL cracked down on that a few years ago.

  19. thanks for answering Carp.
    i’m sure you just want a chance to say,
    “what the byfugliens the matter with you Torts?”

    the other question dealt with —
    have you noticed or heard of how Richards is helping the team other than goals/assists?
    the idea of how his contribution is more than just points…

  20. jpg, yes, he has definitely embraced his leadership role, as a mentor to the young guys … and by young I don’t just mean Hagelin and Del Zotto. I mean Callahan and Sauer and McDonagh and all.

    I think he’s played well in all situations, and he’s better without the puck than I thought he was. But they need him to produce points and he has.

    And, yes, I want to ask Torts why he acts like such a jackwagon sometimes.

  21. dunno why Tortorella would address the media without knowing the severity of Sauer’s concussion. just part of his d-bag shtick, I guess

    Sauer did hit his head really hard, and falling back into something the way he did is one of the worst ways to get a concussion. I hope he’s alright very soon.

  22. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Lookng at D’s in the Rangers system (at rangers.nhl.com) Ilkka Heikken (not sure of spelling) of Vaxjo of the Swedish Elite League stands out with 14 goals in 28 games, but the caveat is just four assists on the season. (?) Really strange numbers for a D. Heikken looks like a Sanguinetti-type with great assets to go with glaring defects. I do recall just about everyone gave him really good grades in his brief time, here.

    Sauer, of course, is strictly a defensive defenseman who does a fine job in a that one-dimensional role, while contributing almost no offense. I don’t know how it works, but I am assume that no SEL or KHL players are available to the Rangers parent club, during the season. Wish they were.

  23. Oh hartnelling phaneuf it all! I also missed chat. This day is for Carrillo.

    Omg, ilb and C3 together at game. Good luck MSG….

  24. The Minnesota Wild are winning with mostly all kids on D. one of their vets, former Ranger Zidlicky is out with a concussion, how ironic. Rangers can do it, but they need good defensive system, good goalie, and the Rangers have all that. however, defensive dmen would be better option now than guys like Stralman who like to move the puck, but is not a gritty guy in his own end.

  25. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – i was hoping you would answer my question regarding the rangers’ support for a kate upon NYR bobble head as my head bobbles everytime i see her on the catwalk

  26. Minnesota Wild are a smoke and mirrors team. Those goalies have seen almost 900 shots and are playing exceptionally well.

  27. Well this wasn’t the news I wanted to wake up to. Hope you guys enjoyed the chat. Someone let me know when we trade from Ryan Suter.

    Eddie- I have Kate Upton’s cell phone number at work, I’ll sell it to you for 100,000 bucks. cash. and it has to be all singles. I want to take in a Las Vegas Lap Dancers game next fall.

  28. Sorry Carp for missing your Chat but i would really say its more than Unprofessional to held a Press conferece like this…. The Coach is responsible for the Media and especially against the paying Customer the Fan..

  29. What’s the deal with Booth not getting a “TooToo-Like” suspension for his hit on Mikka Kiprusoff?

  30. Hey carp,

    I know you couldn’t comment at length in the live chat about the NY Times article, but I think it would be cool to hear your reaction and if your opinion of fighting is affected. Hard to read for me, since I like the fighting, but am sickened by these guys dying and/or their brains being destroyed for their post-career lives.

    Any chance you could do a post on your thoughts?

  31. look, I don’t think guys should leave their feet on hits, but when you watch that Fistric hit and listen to Shanahan’s explanation, it just seems like splitting hairs to me.

  32. Which brings me back to my dream job: Lawyer for an NHL team. My job would be to argue calls and argue suspensions and then appeal those. I want to be there on the ice to yell rules at the ref’s and tell them why they are wrong. The fans would love it!

  33. I agree with you Lloyd. It is splitting hairs. And if TooToo gets two games and Booth gets zero…..here come the inconsistencies.

  34. I disagreed with the suspension. I thought he had nowhere else to go and the only upward motion he made was in an attempt, or reaction, to get out of the way. Silly to suspend him. I know it’s TooToo but you can’t just suspend anybody that ends up in the net. I thought TooToo was squeezed there by the defender also.

  35. Too Too was suspended because of his history. If you look carefully, he was trying to actually jump over the goalie, as opposed to ram him. At least that was what I thought.

  36. So not being able to say how severe a concussion is (who can?) qualifies as “part of his d-bag shtick”? The mind boggles…

  37. I’m kinda on the fence about it. I do think you have to allow guys to drive to the net, but there also has to be an effort to protect goalies in the crease. That said, I think goalies get entirely too much protection (btw. I played goalie in midget hockey and high school for 9 years). In the case of Miller, the league was hypersensitive because of what had happened with him a few weeks prior, so they made an example of Tootoo. I do think Tootoo was a moron to hurl himself at Miller the way he did, and according to the league’s new stance of infinite responsibility, Tootoo didn’t get out of the way responsibly. But I think goalies should be fair game when they venture out of the crease to play the puck. If you want to prohibit hits from behind on goaltenders, I’m fine with that, but they’re basically able to move with impunity. By suspending guys for daring to drive to the net, and also calling penalties on players for making contact with goalies who are willingly turning themselves into a defensemen by playing the puck, I just don’t know where it stops.

  38. But I think goalies should be fair game when they venture out of the crease to play the puck.



  39. LW3H:

    Presumably, the severity of Sauer’s concussion was determined when he was diagnosed with a concussion, right? One would also think the “leader” of the team would inquire as to the severity just to have an idea of what’s in store for one of his players. Tortorella gave his usual, “I didn’t bother talking to anybody, so it doesn’t matter” answers, which doesn’t accomplish a whole lot except make him look like a jerk.

  40. Lloyd – I might be wrong but I think concussions are kind of a dark hole for medical research and people just don’t know severity details until it begins to play out.

  41. Manny:

    Concussion grading is determined during an examination, why one would consider a lock Sauer’s had by now. The grading system isn’t a dark hole at all.

  42. For example – Pronger has passed concussion testing but he has headaches, dizzy spells and nausea….hmmmmmmmm……

  43. To be fair to Torts, a lot of concussions don’t show their severity for a while. As Cindy and Staal’s injuries have proved, commenting about concussion severity is usually presumptuous at best. Why try to give a definitive answer when you don’t have one?

  44. As far as I recall, Staal never got marked down as having a “severe” concussion and he’s been out for months now. I usually dislike the lengths that coaches go to be evasive about injuries too, but what is there to be gained by trying to be definitive in this case when they could easily be proved wrong either way.

    And you seriously believe Torts isn’t even bothered enough to ask, rather than just having no news to impart or not wanting to divulge it?

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    Capt. ILB – thx you made my day…

    JamesG – would you take the $$ in spare change?

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    LW – sorry mate, stauelhelwall has a pinched nerve…..i am 87.8625365376376 % sure

  47. Just to repeat, concussions are generally assigned a grade when they are diagnosed. This is a number and is used to help determine the likely impact of the concussion. This is based on the condition the person is in at the time of examination and if he lost consciousness at any point. The grading system is used to give the player and coaching staff an idea of how long they should wait before resuming physical activity. In the case of Sauer, the doctor who examined him would most likely have made a determination and assigned a grade. Obviously the grading system is an estimate, but the system is intended to provide a gauge and then can be reevaluated based on further examinations. The grading system does not address post-concussion syndrome, which may appear a considerable period of time after concussion symptoms have ceased.

  48. Idon’t understand why something isn’t done about the styel makeup and quality of those helmets. No reason to have them without a padded cover outside the plastic
    frame ( and it would save a lot of knuckles too. Some creative genius should come up with one.

  49. those helmets, especially the newer one, provide a pretty extreme level of safety. the problem is that these dopes think they look less cool if they don’t do up the straps, so you get guys who fall with loose fitting helmets that do lessen the impact but still bang against the player’s head, or, as in Sauer’s case, the helmet just comes off completely.

    there’s plenty of excellent equipment (like visors) that provides superb levels of safety for players should they choose to use them. unfortunately, too many players opt for aesthetics over safety.

  50. That system seems a bit broken since Sidney was evaluated and then concussed the following night…

  51. Carp

    thanks for answering that other question
    the one about Richards’ leadership with other players…

  52. if the league wants to be ultra militant about disciplining the players who cause concussions, they should also require players to wear the equipment properly. there’s no logic to wearing a helmet with a strap as loose as Sauer’s was.

  53. BANJ

    if you’re still around later

    the Chinstrap Issue
    i’m probably confused here
    so someone can help me out
    i thought that post-lockout
    there was talk and/or “encouragement” for players
    to tighten up their chinstrap.
    did that move forward take a step backwards?
    i don’t know if it would have mattered in Sauer’s case
    (i’ll have to look at the whole thing again)
    because the force of the impact could have just popped the
    snap of the chinstrap and the helmet would go flying off.

    i didn’t know that nfl players were going around with a chinstrap
    that was tightened. thought they always did that
    all the time.

  54. Don’t look now but it looks and sounds like we have ourselves another prospect, Michael St. Croix. Sure the WHL is compared to high school hokey, because that’s largely what it is, boys as they turn into men and impossible to predict the best doctor frmo the 6th grade class.

    But these kids can only play the games against who they’re told to play against,
    and St Croix is starting to light it up. 3 goals and 5 assists in 3 games.
    16 goals and 25 assists in 29 games. 11th overall in the WHL.

  55. jpg:

    I went back and watched the Sauer thing a bunch of times and I think you’re right about Sauer’s helmet. It actually looks fairly tight to me in the slow-motion replay and unsnapped on impact. Those snaps really aren’t that great to begin with so it’s definitely possible that a hard hit could undo them.

  56. Hey Carp,

    Is there a reason you’re always rude to me when I’ve never said a harsh word to you?

  57. Totorella called the hit on Sauer a clean hit. So did our beloved MSG-TV broadcast team. So why haven’t any of the popular RANGER SITES SHOWN A REPLAY. At the time of the hit MSG coverage replayed it 3 times…to me it looked like Phaneuf’s helmet butted Sauers helmet and it was not a follow through from the hit.
    I realize that i don’t have the benefit of HD or 3D on my TV set so the hit could have been clean (but I have my doubts). So if Torts says it’s a clean hit are we all supposed to play “Roll Over Beethoven” Ranger Sites for God’s sake show a replay and show it in slow-mo. Thanks

  58. howiehockey:

    I dunno, I thought it was a clean hit, too. One of the things Manny and I were posting about a little while ago is how the league has been splitting hairs in looking at replays of these hits dozens of times in slow motion and judging incidental contact to be dangerous or irresponsible. I think a guy should get hit hard when he does what Sauer did on that play. It’s unfortunate that his helmet came off and he banged his head but I don’t think Phaneuf was trying to hit Sauer in the head.

  59. No, Lloyd, I don’t have any personal problem with you. I rather enjoy having you around. But everything the coach does is wrong, and it goes back to his treatment of your favorite fourth-line, soon-to-be ex-Ranger. I dislike the tone, and we also don’t use that word you used, even in its abbreviated form.

    To suggest that anybody should know the exact severity of a concussion, after all we’ve seen and read — especially the last few days, and especially with a team that has had so many severe concussions in its history — is ridiculous.

    And unless you tell me you’re a doctor, then that statement is even more ridiculous.

    Mickey, the upstairs people are loving them.

    howie, it was as clean and hard a textbook hockey hit as you will ever see.

  60. Carp:

    I actually posted at length defending my position on the concussion thing – I dealt with post-concussion syndrome for over a year. Concussion grading generally happens at the time of the examination. Assuming Sauer was examined thoroughly, a determination would have been made at the conclusion of the examination. One would assume the coach would be informed of that.

  61. and, assuming that is so, what possible good can it do to put a number on something so uncertain, or to go public and have it be discussed as if it were a knee sprain, and to allow all the amateur MDs give their opinions … and then call the coach a liar when the player is out longer than we might expect given the grade of concussion originally diagnosed?

    i agree, he’s been a jerk more this year than last. but it’s irresponsible to charge that he’s using this injury to be a bigger jerk.

    and, by the way, the rangers haven’t given us a b.s. upper body or lower body injury report all year. how many coaches can say that?

  62. I didn’t allege he was being a bigger jerk than usual, just that his response was in line with what you referred to as his severe interpersonal issue.

    Anyway, I thought it was useful for a coach to share information from the doctor with the press. If you feel it’s unnecessary, and it’s better for the coach to quell potential speculation, so be it. After all, I’m not the one who has to deal with his non-answers.

    Also, sorry for my word choice earlier.

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – what would you know about concussions?….its not like you are a Dr. or anything…

  64. have they said anything specific about what’s up with Crosby? the collision with Kunitz looked like a knee thing, but if the guy missed a year because of a hit, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are just being overly cautious.

  65. I have a bad feeling where not going to see Sauer for a while. I posted the other day that I had confidence in the rangers but was concerned about getting injuries because this is why the rangers struggled the past few years in the middle of the season, injuries. It looks like the injuries have begun, here we go.

  66. Eddie3- I actually mentioned something about grading of concussions before, that’s why I do not want to keep talking about it- I doubt it will lead to anything of value, except going back and forth in typical manner….

  67. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dr. lloyd, line 5, dr, loyd line 4, dr. lloyd we need you stet in the er, or, ir, ur, ar, rr…

  68. Michael St. Croix
    Born Apr 10 1993 — Winnipeg, MAN
    Height 5.11 — Weight 179 — Shoots R

    New York Rangers round 4 #106 overall 2011 NHL Entry Draft

  69. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Pure amateur speculation here, but could the seeming increase in the duration of concussion and post-concussion symptoms be something more than simply an artifact of better diagnosis and awareness? Could any new factors over the last decade or so (other than the severity of hits) be slowing down the players’ recovery?

    Although the subject has been marginalized here in the States for obvious commercial and cultural reasons, might the almost constant use of cell phones and computer games by twenty somethings be having an effect on the brain injury healing process?

    Serious studies on the harmful effects of cell phone radiation and computer games have been emerging with increasing frequency. Our corporate media will be the last to report on this.

    Just a thought.

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – not to mention the giant thumb that these young-ins are going to grow from all of that incessant texting……6 or 7 generations from now, the human thumb will be the size of Gabby’s thighs……you can imagine joe m. “look at that thumb”

  71. The last point by R.I.R. being the scariest to me. As more and more legit news agencies (newspapers) go down, and more and more actual journalists find the unemployment line, there will be less and less reporting on issues such as these, and more and more internet know-it-alls giving their uneducated opinions.

    Chillingly frightening.

  72. eddie eddie eddie on

    funny story re: the band referred to in the above……Neil young was in athens GA, and upon seeing mike mills at a club, said “you are one of those REM boys, arent you?”…and he didnt spell REM, he pronounced it….

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    I subscribe to 3 newspapers (hard copies)….I sure hope business turns around as I cannot imagine life without them….

  74. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – which is worse?…the internet know-it-alls?…..or the internet tough guys?….both crack me up…

  75. Rhode Island Ranger on


    It would be useful to learn whether these seemingly longer lasting concussion effects are turning up in the cases of non athletes as well. Don’t have the time to research this, but some sports journalists ought to tackle it to determine whether this is a sports phenomenon or something bigger.

    I’m not sure the old journalistic model was much better at delivering unpalatable news than the current, rapidly evolving one. I know from my Pultizer-winner in-law that most of the truly original and potentially revolutionary investigative reporting for the Times over the last two decades never saw the light of day. In fact, extraordinary efforts were made by editors and publishers to tie it up, bury it and keep it from appearing anywhere.

    Newsworthiness at the Gray Lady and the other big opinion shapers is all about whose ox is being gored. Elite interest driven, not market driven.

  76. You should not recycle a single page of those hard copies, Eddie. They’ll become priceless in 10 years. You can auction them on eBay and retire immideately.

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    Capt. ILB – you are not far off with that prediction…..same with books…..lord knows i love my books…

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – what you say makes the Washington Post’s Ben Bradley and Katherine Graham, circa 72, all the more remarkable…

  79. Rhode Island Ranger on


    One of your favorite subjects illustrates the profound faults of the old journalistic model terribly well: the Kennedy assassinations. Newspapers, TV, radio and respectable academia in lock-step denial of the obvious.

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    …and its not just journalism RIR, educational institutions are feeling it as more and more online courses, classes, and degreed programs are slowly making dinosaurs out of those that profess live and in person…

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – indeed…..what you said about what your in-law noted is wayyyy true…..advertisers never see negative stories written about them…wonder why?

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – have you read David Lifton’s “Best evidence”?….I usually prattle on with olga on the RFK assassination…..but Lifton’s account is on JFK’s assassination……OMG, i read that and it blew my mind

  83. Rhode Island Ranger on


    As for the Washington Post’s heralded Watergate reporting by (the Navy spook) Woodward and Bernstein, it covered up the most important issues in the strange story: Why the break-in to the DNC by “retired” Agency men with Nixon on his way to a landslide? And what’s the old “Cuban thing” that Nixon threatens to expose if the forces of the establishment don’t back off?

    Hint, the back-to-neck-wound-shifting Gerry Ford and his backers knew.

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    RIR – Gerald Ford was on the warren commission too….ohhh……the secrets he took to his grave

  85. RIR- if you are really curious, go to any library and see if they have Up To Date subscription. Most libraries do. Try to find articles by J Ghajar from Cornell Med. There is some fascinating research on that. R. Cantu from Boston predominantly works with sport related head injuries. Ghajar specializes, and had an extensive research in, traumatic head injuries. That includes frequent, low impact, repetitive injuries that could be a part of many professions. We are far away from knowing everything about CTE and related brain disorders.

  86. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Thanks for the concussion research references. Do you have a position on whether we’re just more alert to post-concussion symptoms now or whether they might be lingering longer now than in the past?

  87. Carp, LOL, did you tell Mickey that there is no upstairs, or barely a downstairs :)

    (Mickey, I know what you were saying, just making an inside joke with Carp)

  88. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Lifton has truly done heroic work on the slap in our faces they called the Kennedy autopsy.

    For me, the best two works on the coup d’etat that ended what was left of our republic are James Douglass’ eloquent JFK and the Unspeakable and (for specialists) Doug Horne’s multi-volume whistle-blowing Inside the ARRB.

    By the way, I enjoy your calculated mix of the sublime and ridiculous here as well!

  89. RIR, E3 is calculated cause he’s a math guy :)

    btw, does anyone know where 4ever had been? I, at least, haven’t seen him here in a while.

  90. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – is it fair to say, we are so far away from solving many Neuro related issues… from autism to parkinson’s to addictive personalities to bipolar disorders to mental disorders etc etc…?

  91. It’s a known, longstanding and well research issue, RIR. I don’t think the linger longer than they used to. Specifically, hockey related, it’s just that the NHL and the players are finally looking at it more seriously than they used to. It was a macho thing, walk it off, man up….that’s the good news.

  92. “Trust, but verify.”

    Words that you have to live by in this digitial world…where information becomes stale the in the split second after it’s published…

    (Prust, but verify.)

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rir – I have not read either tomb, but heard of both and will hit up my library soon enough….

    Mama – you are quite the stranger these days… Hope all is well…off to night class see youse all in a few hours….

  94. No doubt lots will cheer heartily on here about the news today that Crosby will miss at least 2 games, for precautionary reasons.

    If you look at what caused this, he appears to hurt his knee/leg (in a collision with Kunitz) but the look on his face on the bench was precisely the same look he had after that seemingly innocent bump into the boards by the Tampa Swede d-man. Sure looks like the team is responding to a potential concussion.

    And celebrate all you want about him going out but if it’s due to another concussion, you can start to kiss goodbye from the NHL to Crosby.

    And Marc Staal.

  95. On Tortorella and his bully/in-your-face act: It will end up being his downfall in the end.

    It’s all about respect – yes, there’s times when the media is over the top and in fact, needs to learn about respect themselves, but respect is a 2-way street. You treat people like crap and you’ll eventually get it back.

    Once you start fighting that fight on a regular basis with an aspect of your job that you have to deal with regularly, try as you might, it’ll eventually start to permeate other areas of your job.

    That’s simply common sense and if Tortorella cannot see or refuses to acknowledge it, he’s already got one foot on the downside of that slippery slope.

    Worse, he’s making a nice living coaching the Rangers and with that comes the daily media grind (and that’s part of the reason he’s making that good wage). Recognize it for what it is and stop being such an a-hole all the time. Either that or resign and go coach in Columbus where nobody (the fans and the media) gives a crap.

    Oh and if/when you do, be prepared to be paid considerably less.

  96. If I had my Ranger media pass, that’s what I’d ask that buffoon when he gets all belligerent and petulant.

  97. ilb, sigh, I miss everything :(

    Carp, just went through the chat….awesome!!! Only two beefs: the 12:54 comment (grrrrr) and who in holy heck calls Graves a “B-list” Ranger? WTB????????

  98. Jim:

    I have no love for Sydney Crosby but I also have no interest in seeing the guy forced into retirement from concussions. Perhaps someone knows more about his history than I do, but from what I’ve read, he wasn’t someone who’d dealt with concussions in the past, making his extreme reaction to what happened a year ago that much more disturbing. What I just read on ESPN said he took a neurological test and came out fine so maybe it just is a knee issue.

  99. Rhode Island Ranger on


    Agreed.Torts’ chronic hostility in the post-game pressers suggests a serious personality defect and, worse, an inability or refusal to address it for the good of the sport, the team and his own professional reputation

  100. Yes, Orr, he could clearly see his back. But how about Ellis coming to defend his teammate, fights, and no instigator. I guess it could be done….

  101. Hey, LW, I hope you’re watching Ottawa- Caps….Your favorite announcer is at his best right there.

  102. Evening gang.

    Not surprising news on Sauer, I just hope and pray that he recovers fully and within due time.

  103. Mama, I think by B-listers the commenter meant the current Rangers who showed up for the Toys for Tots drive. Guys like Christensen and Eminger, but no Richards, Callahan or Lundqvist or Gaborik.

    And I’m never going to take the Rangers to task for their charitable works … but it seems the guys sure showed up when they had to sell the new jerseys.

  104. Carp, ah…hmmmm. That makes me….hmmm. Oh, it hurts to say something not loving, but that hurts, it really does. Guess the time at Wolman wore them out, is what you’re saying….sigh.

  105. Re Shanahan: All this hoopla during the pre-season about the new minister of justice and is it just me, but lately it’s back to the same old, same old, meaning the gutless NHL continues their goal of keeping the roller-derbyness of the league in the game.

    Idiots who continue to insult the average (and of course, above average) fan.

    Someone should give Buttman and a few of the owners some shoulder pads to the head shots and watch the results.

  106. Niters all. Hope to join tomorrow, depending on work. Today I went from Queens to West Point….oy. TA!

  107. Lloyd: Re neuro test results – I hope you’re right. I’m not a fan of Crosby the personna and I loath the fact that the very undeserving ‘fans’ of the Penguins had Lemieux and now Crosby from which to watch their teams get built around, but the NHL would be a sadder league if Crosby retired due to concussion issues.

    Also, I saw another replay of the Kunitz collision and apparently, the thought is the damage, if there was damage, occurred earlier in the shift where Crosby and Kreijci came together, with the latter turning his back to the former at the blueline, thereby jarring Crosby. There was zero head contact but it was a harder collision than the Kunitz one.

    Crosby seemed to be dazed which perhaps made him more vulnerable for the accidental collision with Kunitz.

    I hope it is indeed precautionary but won’t at all be surprised to see the Crosby Watch part II start next week when Crosby misses his 3rd game.

    And if he indeed he’s concussed again, it bodes not very well for our own Marc Staal. The entire reason for the shut-down period and cautious approach is to reduce the probability of subsequent concussions. If the next one occurs on a relatively non-violent hit 2 weeks after a 10 month rehabilitation period, it’s seriously time for Crosby to consider retirement and Marc Staal to re-assess his desire to return.

    Needless to say, scary stuff….

  108. Sorry, Mickey… Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography. They basically looking for problems with liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

  109. Wow, you boys were into some heavy stuff there. Heavy.

    Last week when the coaches started dropping like flies, I actually thought for a moment that a guy like Paul Maurice being available mid-season might not be such a bad thing for this reason;
    with the way Torts flares up sometimes, it is altogether possible there could be an altercation on some other embarrassing incident that causes such a furor he’d have to be released.
    That’d be a shame, and he hasn’t done anything to deserve that fate – yet.

    But he should try to chill a bit (and I know it can’t be easy with crap like Brooks wrote this morning), and enjoy coaching one of the better team in the league.

  110. I think Torts calculates well what and how he speaks…

    Flyers with OT win over Buffalo. Another 3 point game…Must win tomorrow :-)

  111. I gotta say until any of us have had to answer a bunch of [maybe just sometimes] inane questions from a bunch of journalists who are, probably as often as not, willing to trash you in their papers, maybe we shouldn’t judge Torts too harshly for being crabby in the press room.

    Sounds horribly tedious to me, if necessary for the fans.

  112. No, Dad is fine, ilb. It’s a friend from high school who’s had issues for a long time… and I think he’s said he needs a transplant…

  113. Honestly I would prefer a brief, abrasive coach like Torts to a warm cuddly one who makes excuses for his players and doesn’t hold them accountable. I know that makes it hard for the beat guys and reporters like Carp and I sure wouldn’t want to be in their shoes (remind me to tell you about my news writing professor from college someday, Carp. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.), but that is just my take on it.

  114. Thanks, ilb. Just trying to figure out what all the jargon is that he wrote on his fb page, lol. They have 4 little kids too… Such a shame.

  115. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – those were pretty big words you were spelling for mickey….kinda of like mary poppins type words…

  116. Mister Delaware on

    “My alma mater is on national tv!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!”

    Hope you’re not a Penn State guy.

  117. Mister Delaware, 2 wrongs there. 1) I’m not a guy and 2) Not Penn State. St Bona’s and Illinois played on ESP2 earlier.

    And now for bed, for real.

  118. Crosby is not playing.

    I have a feeling he won’t always play. He’s a baby and he’s the league’s poster boy. He’s also the most *elite* player in the universe.

    I don’t care.

  119. RiR

    What part of RI do you hail from? I used to do a lot of inspections for insurers in RI, and am very familiar with the city. ( For instance their habit of naming a street, then interrupting it’s line of direction, and you look for an address that is not there,,,only to find that some blocks away that same name is picked up again, and the house numbers pick up right where they’d left off…both those and trying to navigate around Pawtucket used to take up so much of my time ( and gasoline), but I tell you this” You’ll not find better Italian restaurants in the entire northeast than you do in Providence ( which pretty much eliminates the rest of the country). My wife used to drag me around Newport area and oooh and ahhh til I thought I’d go mad, or become a victim of wealthyfolks poisoning.

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