Live chat tomorrow! (so pretend to be busy at your desk)


I found a window in my work schedule, so we’re going to have a last-minute Live Chat right here tomorrow, Wednesday, at noon.

Last time the response was overwhelming and I fell more than half an hour behind on questions. So a couple of things this time:

1) I am not going to be able to respond to every question/comment, especially those which I’ve already answered, and may not respond to the gibberish.(But please don’t think the gibberish is discouraged; there’s always room for that here).

2) If you really want a chance at having your question answered, get it in early. Because if I fall behind again, I probably won’t get to the late questions. And I can’t stay on the keyboard for two hours straight. This chat will probably last an hour, maybe a little longer.

3) Don’t get your feelings all hurt if I don’t answer your question/comment. I just can’t get to them all, and it has nothing to do with whom I like and whom I dislike, or that I think one question/comment is better than another.

Sorry about the short notice, but if we want to do these regularly, that’s how it’s going to be sometimes. I get a few hours in the schedule to do one, we do one.

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  1. Speaking of Carkner..Bsens play Baby pens tomorrow. Might see Carkner vs Big Mac. if there is any fight fans left here.

  2. Sordid set of developments – Isles lead Bolts 3-1, Debs lead Leaves 2-0, both end of first period….

    What happened to Toronto? Was last night their Stanley Cup win, beating us for the second time this season in the Garden!?

  3. So, are the players on board with the Governors? Is there some type of vote by the NHLPA?

    Does Marty Biron’s analysis really carry any weight? He says he wants 4 conferences: Adams, Smyth, Norris, & Patrick.

  4. Pretty disgusting that Clarkson has 8 goals, and Dubi has only 1…I know, I’m sounding like ORR…

  5. Per Brooks column in the Post today Torts has to play his 4th Line more often. “The Rangers generate momentum off their forecheck and by rolling lines. That’s the club’s strength. But for whatever reason, that doesn’t appear to coincide with Tortorella’s vision of this team.” Brook’s continues “For the coach abandoned the Dubinsky unit in the third, giving the line just two shifts worth a total of 1:20, the last one ending before the 7:00 mark of the period. It’s a shame because to some degree he has the Rangers developing an identity. Unfortunately, he’s a stubborn egotistical man cutting off his nose to spite his face. “Aves” disease.

  6. Can one of you web geniuses explain to me why my browser (Firefox) goes off into the weedswith a white screen very often with the message “transferring data from” after I hit refresh? It is annoying as hell, and the only way I can get out of it is to hit the “back” arrow, then refresh again and hope for the best.

    Sometimes it happens several times in a row, until I finally hit the “stop loading this page” red X at the top of Firefox.

    Any ideas, folks?

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp said get in early huhuhuh huhuhuhuhhuh huh

    On another note entirely, in my second semester calculus class, in a polar equation length of curve problem during class, I got an answer of e cubed minus e to the minus cubed power…. And I started lol’ing …. My class thinks I crazy

  8. Dubi is a disappointing player to many Ranger fans. He has the physical tools to be an impact player in this League but struggles with the mental part of the game and consistency.

    It’s been that way his whole career and I don’t see that changing. He’s a very good player when he’s on. There aren’t many players in his mold left in the league. I think his physical presence and decent defensive skill makes up for his inconsistent offensive output and earned him his contract. That’s why I think he’s a very good third liner player on a good team but no more than a _decent_ second liner. We shouldn’t expect more than 40-45 points from a guy like Dubi, IMO. You can’t expect him to carry your team consistently (even though he can and showed he could for about 15 games last year)…

    He’s looked OK with Prust and Avery (aside from the Toronto loss).

  9. C3, I would try Google Chrome, but I’m wary of Google, since they save all your searches and use them to send you advertisements and such – I use their search engine, but I do have privacy concerns with the company…

  10. pretending to be busy is work in itself.


    yes i had the same issue with firefox and this site. as far as searching goes…every browser does it… you have options to block it by customizing your settings. chrome is arguably the best browser

  11. Iggy talk heating up. Montreal supposedly in hot pursuit.

    Heard JI’s wife is from there, and he has the NMC and final say.

    Iginla needs 9 goals for 500. Guessing Flames want to have their options set, let their fans enjoy that (and enjoy any extra gate receipts themselves), and pull the trigger after he hits the mark, probably right after Christmas. But ya never know!

  12. assuming that Iginla wants to win a cup, why would he go to the Habs? His chances to win in Monteal are as good as in Calgary.

  13. that didnt come out right… he has no chance to win with any of those two teams…is what i mean to say!

    ESL forever!

  14. Thanks very much, C3 and Tom – glad I’m not the only one who has seen this problem!

  15. I am not giving up Del Zaster for Iginla. As I said…that is a NOW move and this is not a NOW team like that.

  16. Bolts officially blow! Trailing Isles in LI 4-1, 3rd period…..bleah!

    Debs tied 2-2 with Leaves in 3rd, last I looked….

  17. There’s so much flying around right now, and every team has their downside depending what you believe.

    I’d also heard he grew up a Habs fan, but same time, also that he didnt want to travel because he plans on living in Calgary regardless if he’s moved and he has young kids, etc..
    You never know with these things but obviously it’s where Calgary gets the deal they like best that’ll set it off. I get the sense Iginla’s not the type to refuse a trade or make a big stink, but it’s a pretty big decision for him. He suffered enough, should go where he wants…

    I know place that’d be perfect, except he doesn’t want to go there, supposedly.

  18. Carp, brilliant! But you forgot to work in cooke :) Admit it, you wish I (and Susie) was there for live chat :) I know I do (but just for that)…..

    Lloyd, if you’re still around, iPad2.

    Now I go collapse. Til tomorrow all. TA!

  19. Interesting thing talked about today, and this is with no knowledge of anything happening.
    But friends were talking about the NYR cycle and saying what an interesting dilemma, because no one is still 100% sure what some guys are or are going to be, and just when and who the right move is to help this team THIS year.

    Until they know what Kreider/McIlrath/Thomas/Miller are (some swear they’re the best of the bunch, along the lines of a Hagelin or better in terms of impact) and even a Dubinsky and what the heck they want to do with him.

    And that leans towards getting a rental rather than a major move, and the guy I thought of, 1,000 years old or not, would be Selanne as a stop gap.
    He’s refused trades before and this is supposed to be his last year.
    But does he really want to spend it like this? He’s having another terrific year, on pace for roughly 30goals/75pts. Probably comes cheap and we absolutely need a RH’d sniper.
    Always luved the guy.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not sure the rangers need up front help as they do backline help especially if that great jets receiver George Sauer is out for a while… Tho as a gman fan, homer jones was the man

  21. Hard to read *indeed*, Chris – quite a creepy hockey culture out there in Western Canada for the youngsters to grow up in….

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jimbo – Billy smith and Chico were quite the pair eh? How I despised those islander teams

  23. OMG, Eddie – those were two despicable goalies – I hated those teams and their players (and announcers) so deeply that I would have liked to be a sniper picking them off from the blue seats back in the day…

    Of course, I’ve gotten treatment since then, and I’m perfectly normal nowadays!

  24. Fawk! Habs tie up their game at home against CBJ with only a minute left in the game…another bad one tonight.

    I think I’m turning off hockey tonight and putting on the Food Channel….

  25. Yeah – and nobody ever really tried to chop him down to size, either. He got away with bloody murder back then.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My top hated 6:

    1. Filthy
    3. Hans
    4. Nj satans
    5 Long guyland
    6. Filthy again

  27. Evening gang.

    Read that NYTimes article on Boogaard while at work today, nearly sobbed my face off at the last part, while sitting at my desk. My heart aches for him and his family.

  28. Carp, I would love to be there for the chat, but have a doctor’s appointment at that time. How you all have fun though!

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – don’t ache for him. He is in a better place now. He is not in pain and he doesn’t have to fight any more.

  30. Mickey, the Boogaard article was really sad….and what these kids up in Western Canada go through to become enforcers is sickening – and this from me, who loves to watch fights. It just doesn’t seem right.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sad story re : boogy tho…. He was gobbling painkillers like candy… The heart doesn’t like that…especially with alcohol…makes breathing not so easy…

  32. FOR SALE: 2 tickets to Thursday’s Rangers/Lightning game: 305, H, Isle. $100/pair. let me know. steve at blacks4 dot com

  33. You know, when he left the ice after that devastating fight with Carkner, I had a bad feeling. Almost like I sensed that he was through as a player – I never thought he would die so young, but I really felt like his career was over, because of the concussion problems and his enforcer role.

    I had no idea about the drug abuse problems, of course….

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jimbo – yes I meant habs…. And their fans ARE mega arrogant … I used to go to the forum a lot 77-81….beautiful building …. More vertical than tv ever pictured it… Plus you could buy standing room tickets, find a nice place to stand, and cheer against Les Habs. Montreal is a lovely city and their women absolutely gorgeous.

  35. I’ve always wanted to go to Montreal and to Quebec City – closest thing to going to Europe and still staying in North America, I’m told…

    Yes, the women……the women….Ooh La la….

  36. My top hated list has changed somewhat over the years….Boston used to top it back when I first started being a Ranger fan because there was such a strong rivalry between the 2 teams, and they were better than us and beat us senseless so many times…

    Since expansion, there are no teams I despise more than the Fishsticks and the Debbies – but Philthy trails them by just a little…and the Pens are creeping up in the standings, first with that whining bastage Mary-O, and now with Skidley….

  37. Mickey, you better bring a note from your doctor if you miss the chat …

    of course, you can always replay it at your leisure.

  38. I would have loved to see a game in the Forum, Maple Leaf Gardens, in fact, all of the Original Six arenas, including Chicago Stadium – that place really seemed to ROCK with that massive pipe organ they had out there…and Hull & Mikita on the ice….

  39. eddie, that is so true that he is in a better place and finally at peace. Hopefully, some good can come from him dying so young.

    Jimbo, that was the scary part about what those WHL kids go through. Just goes to show the lengths people will go to to reach their dreams.

    Carp, I’ll send you the co-pay bill, will that be enough?

  40. I’ve been to Montreal and QC. Granted I was in QC when I was a little kid and don’t remember it all that much, but there is pictorial proof. As for Montreal, I was last there a decade ago and have fond memories of 3 Mock Trial Tournaments up there and the nightlife, lol.

  41. Jimbo- I’ll second that- GO. I went to Montreal a few years back and it was a great trip. Played some hockey, did some touristy stuff and then got to go to a local sports bar to watch a Habs-Bruins game. Great times

  42. Are all the gals up in Montreal like Nadia Giosia? (Of Bitchin’ Kitchen on the Cooking Channel? She’s a Montreal Italian-Canadian babe….)

  43. Is he supposed to be leaving, Mickey? The Mets fans are fit to be tied about Reyes, but they all knew it was coming…..(sorry, folks!!)

  44. Err, I meant Model UN and was on the team at my college and we went to Montreal for a Model UN Conference held by McGill every year. Lots of fun, including arguing in the conference rooms, lol.

  45. He’s being courted hard by the Marlins (who will sell their entire team in 2014, guaranteed) and the Angels, last I heard.

  46. Goodnight, Mickey!! OK on the Montreal stuff and on Pujols….so Miami is after him, too? They want to be the Yankees of Florida!?

  47. I forgot the Habs in my listings, Eddie3…….they actually went ahead of the Pens – again, because they almost always beat the NYRs…not like the Bruins did, but on the scoreboard (except for when John Ferguson was their tough guy – what a thug he was, and he could play hockey, too!).

  48. Maybe Carp can get us some Ranger organization guests in chat as time goes by – if they have the balls to participate in RR! :-)

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Good idea jimbo – I would like Ricardo to bring larry Brooks to talk about the doobie prust Avery line.

  50. Hahaha!! Brooksie! Yeah, that will happen someday, I’m sure! maybe Carp can arrange a Torts-Brooks chat on the blog, too!


    According to the NHLN, at first glance, Crosby approves the realignment! Finally! “The Chosen One” approves! We can all sleep well now.

  52. Well!! That’s really all that counts, isn’t it, C3!?

    I guess it’s a “done deal” then…?

  53. I hit “publish” instead of “schedule” for the morning post. So the heck with it. I’m leaving it up.

    *new post.*

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