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Not much to report. No update on Michael Sauer, but you’d have to guess he might have a head injury from that hit, which in my opinion was as clean as it was devastating. John Tortorella, in another short press conference, said it was a clean hit.

The Rangers admitted they had a problem with Toronto’s speed, but they’ve handled some fast teams, too. The problem they had was that they let Toronto skate the first half of the game.

Here are some interviews:

John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Dan Girardi:


Brian Boyle:


Henrik Lundqvist:




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  1. BANJing…

    ilb2001 December 5th, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    Let’s just see the details of it. Apparently, it was approved by 26 to 4 vote, whereby initially people thought it wasn’t going to fly. We may not know all the details. NHLPA has to agree on it too, according to waseka—->. LB said this morning that NHLPA has very little to say about it.

  2. didn’t see the game but sounds like sauer got a concussion, great. The injuries have begun. This is what I posted the other day that I was concerned about the injuries piling because since the past few years that is what has hurt the rangers and why they struggle in the middle of the season. Hopefully sauer doesn’t have a concussion.

  3. Lev
    it looked like a forearm to the face
    at that time
    for what it’s worth
    the Rodent thought it was hit to the jaw.

    as far as
    the helmet
    i thought that players were supposed to have the chinstrap
    on tighter. wasn’t that something that was a rule a couple years ago
    or just something encouraged?

  4. He probably does have a mild one, tomg..The shoulder hit him on the chin, and his head hit the boards after his helmet came off. But it was a clean, hard hit where the head was never targeted.

  5. If anyone’s gonna complain about that hit, then they should be disagreeing with Carp when he complains on here about the pansification of the league.

    Sauer had his head down looking at the puck – he should know better.

    The Rangers got a little desperate and therefore, careless. This also hopefully serves as a wake-up call – you can’t play 30 minutes against most teams and think ‘no problem, we’ll just come back in the 3rd’. This team is good, but not that good!

  6. BTW, Sauer’s brother, if I’m not mistaken, has missed a ton of games due to a concussion. Let’s hope this isn’t a family vulnerability (like the Lindros brothers suffered from).

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