It’s Go Time!


Game 24. The Rangers with 2,499 all-time victories.

OK, that sounds like a lot. But consider that, of the Original Six teams, the Rangers will be the fifth to get to 2,500 wins (if they get there, which they should, eventually, if not tonight). Only the Chicago Black Hawks (or Blackhawks) have fewer wins among the Original Six.

And, by the way, when they say Original Six, they mean the six teams prior to the 1967 expansion, not the actual original six. Because those were different.

Anway, back to tonight. The Rangers have won five in a row and 12 of their last 14. They have won seven in a row at home, and their only regulation loss at MSG this year was against the Maple Leaves.

The Leaves have asked to wear their blue sweaters tonight, so the Rangers will be wearing their road whites (which for years were their home whites). Leafs 14-10-2, including 8-6 on the road.

Same lineup, which means Henrik Lundqvist in goal, Anton Stralman and Erik Christensen prucha’d. Jonas Gustavsson starts in goal for the Leaves.

Oh, and as of tonight, HBO is imbedded with the Rangers (and Flyers) through the Winter Classic. Somebody count how many times Winter Classic is mentioned tonight.

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  1. ORR – I picked up WellWood because Mike Richards went on IR and I just needed someone decent to fill a spot and he had the best “Avg. PPG” available.

  2. speaking of burning,Eddie you “ready” ?ahuhuh huhuh huhuh..

    and CTB for TGO sake you wearing the right colour?

    ORRsy you have your lucky nipple clamps on?

    check check and check!

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  5. Greeting Monday night ‘heads!

    Where in holy hell is Linda??

    I’m gonna sip my game cocktails everytime I hear winter classic, hbo, & sidney mentioned.

    I may be a puddle by night’s end!


  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    morg – i am feeling fine and divine, stars are align, cosine and sine, watermelon rhine, 5 and dime, red red wine, avery be flyin…

  7. Just showed it to my girlfriend & told her to step up her game. You may not hear from me for a while!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Does anyone know if this is an Original Six Matchup? I need to know so I can wear the proper match outfit.

  9. Scott Gomez: 0-4-4 and (-3). Ryan McDonagh: 4-9-13 and +12 (plus excellent defense at 1/7th the salary).

    Still can’t believe how that trade worked out (nevermind Christopher Whatshisname that was also in there).

  10. we going with the standard game plan?give up a quick one,then stomp a mud hole in they assens?

    GO GO GO!

  11. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – in the 80’s there was a mens’ cologne called stash…know what i am sayin?

  12. I noticed that @hockeyrodent is another of those negative nits that pervades our world these days. Hopefully S&P will downgrade him to a triple B rating akak triple byfuglien-head.

  13. “The Monster” will punch a couple of pucks into his own net, not to worry. We’ll win 6-3

  14. Anybody know the Rangers record when the opponent scores first? Seems like they do ok when that happens

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha – i hold it till i pass out….then when i wake up…i be trippin….know what im sayin?

  16. Czechthemout!!! on

    Very flat today. No energy or physical play at all. A fast team like the leafs can only be slowed down with toughness!

  17. eddie eddie eddie on

    this is where avery needs to stand up in the room and say….”get on my back, i will carry all of you”

  18. All’s I know is that bar & christie should be banned from the skywalk when it’s completed. Brodeur too.

  19. I don’t think this will be a screamer intermission for Torts. It wasn’t like they made a ton of mistakes. They just didn’t have any legs. I don’t think you scream at them for that.

    Could be wrong.

  20. The play of the Leafs this period is why they are winning more often than not. They are fast, great through the neutral zone and often all 3 forwards are moving and when the puck’s in the opposition’s end and they’re controlling it, the 2 D-man become active, too.

    Kessel is a world class skater, an ability IMO, that goes for whatever reason, under the radar.

  21. very flat period . rangers lack jump tonight look a step behind. may just be one of those games.

  22. Toronto took it to them. Let’s see if they can adjust because they’ll have games like that along the way.

  23. To borrow a Honeymooners line.

    When Christie walks down the street, get on the other side …

    when he walks down the street, there ain’t no other side.

  24. Holey Moley.

    Watching the Toronto broadcast. Lupul said their plan wasa toget physical with the Rangers.

    I missed the first ten minutes, must’ve been then.

    All I saw was rope a dope. watch the Rangers chase the puck around their own zone.

  25. Now if you skate and forecheck hard, the Leafs defence will cough it up and that movement I talked about when they’re on the offensive often is almost as prevalent when they are defending.

    That, of course, isn’t a good thing! The Rangers, however, need to move.

  26. What the flock just happened with trautwig and the garden of dreams girl? That was the most awkward thing I have seen in a very long time.

  27. We’ll turn our hope to my country men, Hank to keep it up, Hagelin to score, Gunnarsson to make a couple of giveaways and Gustavsson to stop playing like a goalie and get back to his old self, letting in the easy ones

  28. Maybe torts will show the guys some Boston vs Leafs game tape,lets try and slow them down in the neutral zone and create some turnovers.

  29. terrible first period. could not hit a stick on a pass or get the puck out of tere own zone.

    gaborik is so soft on clears in his own zone.

    the whole team excluding the kind looked horrible.

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    average wait time for the car behind chris christie’s car at the drive-thru window: 6 hrs

  31. I definitely noticed Gaboriks non-clear. That led to the penalty right after that.

    But I cant complain after the change in his game this year.

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    headzo – like the kentucky derby…the most exciting 2 minutes in all of spurts…err sports

  33. On the Leaf goal, BB started it with a offensively dumb play that I cannot even recall now the particulars of. What it meant was instead of the puck deep in the Leafs zone, it got transitioned quickly back into the Ranger end.

    I like BB, but I swear his lack of hands is from an offensive standpoint anyways, a detriment to the BB/Hags/Mitch line.

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    waitress : Gov. christie, how would you like your steak..err cow

    chris christie: yes

  35. way to go Hank
    getting outplayed by
    a guy with less than .900 save percentage

    (tip to the Rodent for the stat)

  36. This would be a good game for Brandon Dubinsky to score a goal and try to show some leadership instead of playing like a offensively washed up, solidly defensive 4th liner. Dubi is not Kris Draper. Prust sayin’!

  37. Either we loose face-offs in our own zone and the opposition scores, or we win them and… ehh. same result…

  38. And to rub it in, there’s a banner ad at the top of this page for a Stihl leafblower. It say’s “leaves don’t stand a chance”. The cruel irony. Or maybe we should put 6 of them out on the ice.

  39. already playing the Network clip 5 minutes into the second. they look like absolute crap

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    this game reminds of the time chris christie jumped into the atlantic ocean and emptied it by doing a cannonball

  41. Yes Carp – I sip every time they’re mentioned too. That & how we hear how great Kessel is.

  42. What the heck!? I can’t trust you guys to keep the flame burning when I’m not here!? How did you let the score get to 3-0!? WTB!?

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    headzo – did you see the jiggle on kate upton after that score?…it registered on the richter scale

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    i have to go give a review session…i be back 11:30 yo assen’s time

    boing boing boing boing boing

  45. Hagelin should learn not to pass
    to someone who is covered
    whether it’s Dubi or anybody

    being too nice ain’t gonna get us a 3rd goal

  46. That’s certainly not going to make happen any quicker or any less frustrating in the meantime

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    TIME TO SCORE , 3rd period is ours!!


  48. I find it odd that MDZ played with Girardi that last even strength shift, especially after being out for 2+ minutes on the power play and after. McD then with Sauer. Maybe it gets evened out after the TV timeout.

  49. IN HIS FACE!!!
    SUSPEND HIM!!!!!



  50. Dumb move by Torts to throw MDZ on the ice when they had the offensive zone faceoff. He was just shaken up pretty badly.

  51. Spider
    it’s possible that McD was being taught a lesson.
    at one point
    he was responsible for not clearing the puck
    out of our zone TWICE
    one or both times he passed to the toronto player

  52. Well, we knew it would end sometimes. Just sucks how it happened.

    They weren’t sharp, a tad slow and the Leaves are an actual hockey team.

    Gotta get back at it on Thursday.

  53. anyone but me hate this new realigment.

    pens flyers caps will all be consistent teams in top 4 every year. rangers and devils to fight it out intil carolina and isles get better

  54. MDZ was out there because G and M were spent and he doesn’t trust E and W. So what does he do with Sauer out? Brendan Bell? Maybe Pavel Valentenko, although Dineen said he might have been injured yesterday in the Whale game….

  55. Relax, can’t win them all. They came out flat, Toronto was flying. Got to love how they didn’t mail it in, would’ve been a blowout a year ago…

  56. Clean hit. Maybe if his helmet strap was tighter it wouldn’t have popped off and his bare head wouldn’t have smashed on the dasher.

  57. Interestingly, it sounds like the approval for new realignment only took an hour, with 2/3 of all teams needing to approve. Got to look at it carefully to see whether it’s better or not.

  58. ilb

    its terrible from a ranger perspective. lets be honest here the pens caps flyers will be in every year so it comes down to rangers devs until isles or car get better.

    then we have to knock of pens and caps/flyers just to get to final 4.

  59. Barry Beck- he doesn’t know he can’t torque his back until he tries, and any competitor is going to want to be out there

  60. obviously jpg youre right. If Tortorella, Leetch, MSG analysts ALL say it was clean… they must be wrong. I can recommend some knitting competitions if you’d like.

  61. ehh I guess it is dumb, it is what it is though. I personally dont want to have a guaranteed spot to the playoffs and have it ours to lose. Id like to fight for it. But maybe that’s just the way I am.

  62. NYR, honestly, I’m not shocked that something this dumb came from Bettman. That man is seriously ruining the game.

  63. didn’t see the game tonight but reviewing this thread apparently the rangers lost. It appears Toronto has the rangers number so far this season.

  64. Let’s just see the details of it. Apparently, it was approved by 26 to 4 vote, whereby initially people thought it wasn’t going to fly. We may not know all the details. NHLPA has to agree on it too, according to waseka—>. LB said this morning that NHLPA has very little to say about it.

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