Rangers-Lightnings in review


So, I guess we can say this streak isn’t a fluke, right? I mean, the Rangers have won games by dominating, won games when they were less than dominating, won games protecting leads, won games by coming from behind. They have gotten up for the big teams, haven’t let down against the lesser teams.

And won. And won. And won. Twelve out of 14 now. A seven-game winning streak, a lousy two-game losing streak (after which the sky was once again falling, of course) and now five more wins in a row. Next they go home for four of five.


1) Right off the hop, a bad play. The screen by Derek Stepan on the early Downie goal, that’s just a bad play. Lack of awareness. Gotta get out of the way of a long one like that, or smother it. I guess that’s what Henrik Lundqvist was telling him. But Stepan showed a lot of good stuff later, and you have to love the way he wound up and buried the game-winning goal with a slapper. A lot of times a guy will throw a less-than-full-speed shot and somebody will get a piece of it. Mike Bossy used to talk about trying to rip the back of the net on every shot. Stepan did it on the winner. Plus, the kid’s a gamer, isn’t he?

2) Marian Gaborik was flying. Again. That was some pass by Artem Anisimov to spring him on the break-in early, which was a good chance, then the breakaway from Derek Stepan.

3) And I believe Anisimov has gotten better and better the last few games, last night being his best long before he scored the tying goal in the third, and long before he made the whole play that wound up in Stepan’s game-winner. Maybe Anisimov’s starting to feel comfortable on the wing. Sure looks good there now.

4) The Rangers, during this streak, have had some good luck during partial line changes, when one forward goes for a change and the other two remain on. Happened on the Avery goal in Carolina, off a Gaborik pass, and the Anisimov goal last night, on a Callahan rebound.

5) The Bolts, I thought, were pretty aggressive compared to what you expect from a team that sits back in a 1-3-1.

6) That said, this wasn’t a very physical performance by the Rangers’ standards.

7) Looked like Brad Richards, early on, might have taken a few shots he wouldn’t normally take, maybe because he was playing against his boys in his old house. But seemed to be a few times when a pass might have been better.

8) The last few games, it seems the refs have backed off the ridiculous number of soft calls. Is this global de-pansification?

9) Brandon Dubinsky needs to figure out how to get his legs moving before the third period. The two times he moved his feet in the first two, he got decent scoring chances. But it didn’t get him going either time. Plus, defensive faceoffs are getting him a few extra shifts, and he’s not grabbing the bull by the horns, so to speak. Thought he was pretty good in the third.

10) Man, Carl Hagelin’s speed is useful on all parts of the ice, like when he hustled back to the offensive blue line to keep a puck in, then beats the defense back behind the net. I’ve said it before, loads of guys can skate — we’ve seen it with Fraser, Fata, Lisin — but it’s only a weapon if you can use it.

11) Matt Gilroy was victimized on rebounds on both of the Rangers’ first two goals.

12) I wrote a pretty long piece for The Journal News and LoHud.com today, about how tough Dan (Block Ness Monster) Girardi is. You can see it here.

13) The MSG/Knicks people know that Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” is not about, you know, basketball, right?


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Artem Anisimov.
2) Derek Stepan.
3) Ryan McDonagh.


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  1. I did not think Stepan played all that well last night. as ilb mentioned last night, he seemed slower than usual, and I thought he was a bit indecisive with the puck. up until the game winner that is.

  2. Artie seems to have great games after he gets crunched early,maybe he should try throwing a hit instead!
    Great win!
    Let’s Go Rangers!

  3. Well, I thought if I was going to post here more frequently, then I needed to adopt an appropriate moniker for this place. I swear, I haven’t had as much fun watching a ranger team since I was sitting in my season seats in section 333 in 1994. I still don’t think they have what it takes to win a cup; but the exciting thing is that with a bit of tweaking and maybe a trade or two, they just might…..

  4. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    POINTS PER GAME (Real Standings):

    New York Rangers – 1.43 (33 points divided by 23 games.)

    Boston – 1.375

    Detroit – 1.375

    Minn. – 1.35

    Pitts – 1.33

    Phila – 1.32

    Chicago – 1.30

    OK with you Mr. Bettman? Confused Mr. Bettman? Too complicated Mr. Bettman? Too honest for you Mr. Bettman? Too much work to fix the current deceptive system, Mr. Bettman? Don’ give a plop, Mr. Bettman? Your NBA is almost under way, Mr. Bettman?

  5. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    We could really talk having a good shot at winning the Cup if we had a healthy Staal, plus if Kreider were here on time, this year.

    One more play-making D is the team’s biggest need.

  6. I’m not old enough to know, but were the standings based on points per game in the pre-Bettman era or did his predecessors just somehow ensure every team played an identical number of games at all points throughout the season?

    The only standings that actually matter are the final ones, unless the selection of the All Star Gane coaches is important to you.

  7. >>The only standings that actually matter are the final ones…

    You got that right! Only American sports use that silly percentage formula. If there’s one thing to really dislike about the NHL table is the awarding of the first three spots in the conference to the division leaders. Conference seeding should be based on total points, period.

  8. Re: #8 – When I saw the replay of Callahan’s penalty I yelled, “That’s not a hook! That’s playing defense!”

    It looked to me that all he did was tie up the guy’s stick.

  9. With regard to the supposed preference of Prust over Avery in the 3rd period, Prust got a whopping two shifts himself in the third, one while the score was 1-2, one at 2-2. (And Dubinsky got the same treatment, only getting an extra shift on the late PK.)

  10. Yesterday was a great hockey day for me. Played in the Charlotte street hockey tournament and made it to the championship game. We played 8 games starting at 9 am and ending at 4:30 pm. I wound up scoring 4 goals and had 5 assists as the oldest player in the tournament.

    Then I drove 2 hours back home and watched the Rangers beat the Lightning.

    The only thing that could have been better was if we could have won the championship game.

  11. Good morning, ‘heads!

    This team developed identity ( aka balls ) last year. They simply didn’t have enough talent to win consistently. This year, with the addition of Richards, healthy Gaborik, and further development of Stepan, they do. Having young defense that has stepped up big time doesn’t hurt either. Avery is irrelevant.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    don’t forget McD and Sauer continued development and Dman Dan’s playing better in O zone. Their D has played much better on offense.

  13. You guys are off your rockers …

    These clowns put up a minor winning streak and all of a sudden, it’s Stanley Cup time. Don’t come crying when we lose 39’of our next 40.

  14. Ilb – Like I said last night. Gotta really have one pathetic existence to waste time under fake names to come on here and purposely say dumb inaccurate things about this team. Seriously, I’m pretty sure he/she/they whatever could be volunteering time helping the elderly.

  15. Stranger- absolutely! But I would the defense more props for defensive coverage than for their offense. It’s pretty obvious that while Hank has been absolutely stellar this year, he hasn’t had to make spectacular saves one after another all game long. Along with Biron playing well (except maybe his last outing which they still won), that may benefit Hank in a long run. He should be fresh and good to go when it counts.

  16. Ilb: As for the hockey comment. I’m never a big fan of the long term FA signing, because they’ve all worked out so well around the NHL, but Richards has come in here and done exactly what they needed and filled a major talent gap even if he’s still a little overpaid.

  17. HWirth- you are not referring to Miami, are you? Lol, he’s been here for years, and it’s an inside joke. The more he bashes the team, the more they win.

    Speaking of trolls. Cross Check and I will likely summon one right now with our statements, but Sean didn’t have his best game. He had one giveaway along the boards in our zone during fist period, he made one pass directly to the opponent, and had on more giveaway (end of first or beginning of second, don’t remember). None of those amounted to any trouble, but these are the facts.

  18. I love the offensive production we are getting from the defense. We already knew they were solid on the back end, at least with Girardi, Sauer and Mcdonagh but now they are adding in that necessary offense to force the forwards to the points and opening up chances down low.

  19. Got to love how Gaborik ended up against MAB and Gilroy on many shifts last night. Not sure it was just simply Torts outcoaching Guy, rather I think Boucher decided to deploy Brewer and Co. against Richards after Fedotenko scored. Gues what, GAS line had a field day with MAB/Gilroy, and Boyle’s line became very dangerous. That what offensive depth does for you. I like Tampa, especially after last year’s game against Carolina, but they have serious issues on defense, not deep enough, and, most importantly, their goaltending is bush-league….

  20. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    NHL standings have always been based-upon total points. There has always been an imbalance in the number of games played by teams throughout the regular season. Baseball, football and basketball all rank teams by winning percentage. Only hockey still embraces the Neanderthal- blockhead lunacy of ranking teams on the basis of total points accumulated, even though this distorts the rankings until all teams have played the same number of games. Currently the Rangers have the best points per game score in the NHL, but they are ranked behind Pittsburgh in their own division, the same Pittsburgh team which ranks fifth, overall, in the points per game category.

    The NHL standings are incredibly dishonest, what with the total points confusion, to go with three point and two point games according to whether a game is decided in regulation or O.T. Some UNDESERVING teams have made the playoffs because of that mess, Washington getting in over a more deserving Carolina team a couple years ago, readily comes to mind.

    If hockey governors were baseball executives, they would give the batting title to a player making 200 hits in 700 at bats over a player making 199 hits in 600 at bats. I wish the NHL administrative mentality could somehow progress beyond the third grade drop-out stage.

  21. Just Rea the Girardi piece. Interesting last paragraph about the not-fight when Carrillo hit Gaborik last year. He vows never to not get involved again “whatever the score, whatever the situation”

    We saw this e other night when DG went in to protect gabby- leading directly to the goal against.

    Good move Dan.

  22. the only thing that concerns me is injuries to key players. The past seasons when the rangers went into a mid season slump was primarily because of injuries to callahan and other players. If this team can keep there key players healthy during the year than the rangers will finish around the 5th seed.

  23. They won that game, Septemous…6-3. Gaborik had a goal and Girardi had 2 assists. Sometimes you need to do what you need to do, and you never know, it may eventually reflect on the scoreboard.

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    after watching the replay 2 more times last night….

    my 3 stars:

    1, avery
    2, avery
    3, avery


  25. Boom Boom

    Yes, there is always some distortion in the standings over the year, but I don’t see it as a big deal or anything that takes much understanding to put into context, nor do I see why it would be a stick to beat Bettman with (there are plenty of other sticks out there to choose).

    You could argue it is more “dishonest” anyway to base standings on winning percentage, since you could (though not saying I would) present that as being predicated on the assumption that a teams will maintain the same percentage over games yet to be played. Under the points system, if a team has played two more games than another and has four more points, they are points/wins in the bank already.

    Your baseball analogy would only work if teams didn’t end up playing the same number of games in the end – like I said before, the standings don’t actually determine anything until that point anyway (other than All Star Game coaches, which I think _are_ based on winning percentage).

    If you want to argue that the Art Ross and Rocket Richard trophies should be awarded based on points/goals per game instead of basic totals, then feel free…

  26. Carp, Carl (He-Man) Hagelin is certainly not another Rico Fata or Enver Lisin…trust me on that ;)

    Avery is always a factor in a Ranger win. Last night, it was because he was kept off the ice late in the game ;)

    Derek Stepan is progressing into a star player. They grow up so fast. (Tear rolling down my cheek)

    Artem Anisimov is the most underrated forward on the Rangers and maybe the Eastern conference….Artie = BEASTMAN. His moves to the net are dominating….Getting better and better….and better….and better

  27. Nice piece on Girardi, Carp.

    I’ve never had a player frighten me like he does.

    And not only frighten in terms of what an injury would mean to the team, but for the players’ life. It’s remarkable.

    Gotta say, again Stralman was a scratch, and just why did the GM sign this player if the coach won’t use him?

    Girardi’s icetime is almost as big a concern as his shot-blocking. Torts should really curtail Girardi’s ice now while he has some breathing room.

  28. Great article on Girardi.

    Something I don’t understand about him is why he doesn’t wear a visor. IMO, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when a puck nails him in the face.

    IMO, the NHL should mandate that defenseman wear visors – take in any game at any time and you’ll see d-men blocking shots all over the place.

    Just seems negligent not to have visors mandatory….

  29. Somebody raised a good point on another board;

    “are the Rangers ever spreading their scoring out – they have the best winning percentage in the league and don’t have a single player in the top 25 overall scoring….”

    makes AA’s numbers (15 pts) look even better, because he didn’t play F/T first 10 games or so.

    And McD is only 2 points behind AA!

  30. Someone mentioned Chris Kreider and I thought it was time I checked him out a bit. WOW, am I impressed. 6’3″ 235 pound kid who has blazing speed. Can anyone point me to a good scouting analysis of this kid or a good article? I was just checking out the youtube video of him. Very impressive.

    Again, after years of terrible decision making; it appears as if the Rangers have really done an amazing job drafting and cultivating their young players. Maybe the salary cap was the best thing that ever happened to this organization?????


  31. Welcome Yev! I’ll have a bowl of jumbalaya. With bread.

    Thanks for linking, Marji. I knew you would.

    Nice to see Miami spreading his sunny cheer, as usual.

    Good morning, Sally!

  32. Thanks Carp! I have been posting here from time to time under my initials PJK. But, I saw how much everyone here loved the best sitcom ever on TV and I figured it was time for a name change. ;-)

  33. the rangers drafting became much better when sather hired Gordie clark to be the head scout. Gordie Clark was the guy who worked for the islanders at one time who drafted Chara, spezzer, louongo and others so he is a good talent evaluator.

  34. i think Kreider is about 225 not 235. watched some of BU vs BC sat night. BC lost but out shot BU by a ton.

    kreider can really skate, they have him screening the goalie part of the time on the PP. the announcers were raving about him left and right. I actually thinks his talent translates even better to the NHL. the college game with limited hitting and his speed in some ways to me is on another level so he cannot take full advantage of it.

    he looks like the real deal, 10th in the nation in scoring(I think).

    the worries I have for the rangers are all injuryrelated. they lsoe a stepan, a AA, a CALLY a gaborik, there offense suffer big time. they need Dubi to get it going and they need 1 or 2 more 20 type goal guys or more to challenge for the cup.

    also obviously girardi go dwon that would kill. Staal saketed harder yesterday, if he comes back man there D is loaded. I actually like WOywitka more then Emminger believe it or not, he plays a simpler game and makes less miatakes even though he skates like Puriton…….

  35. I can’t wait to see Chris Kreider in a rangers uniform. I have a feeling this kid is going to be special. In 11 games this year Chris has 8 goals and 11 assists with a +4 rating. Chris has 3 PP goals, 1- SH goal and 1-GW.

  36. stuart a,
    I posted earlier on this thread basically the same thing. I believe in this team and think they can do well this season but if they get injuries like they have the past few years I feel the rangers will struggle.

  37. Great article, Carp. Dany G is as tough as they come! I wonder if he’s going to have to give up the “A” when Stawlh comes back.

  38. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, thanks for the write up! I’ve been so busy, I’ve been missing all of these games, and they keep winning. Maybe I should not watch for the rest of the season, lol?

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  39. billybleedsblue on

    Thanks for the article too Carpy, nice stuff. You should Trade Mark the BlockNess Monster thing. It’s pretty great, man. Ok, that’s my fix of hockey, thanks again. Hopefully soon I will be able to sneak in a game :D


  40. Stepan looked fine last night. In a span of weeks the dude went from a fledgling rookie to a bonafide upper line player. He’s probably the last guy on the team anyone should be complaining about.

  41. “Gotta say, again Stralman was a scratch, and just why did the GM sign this player if the coach won’t use him?”


    Have to say it’s not really a surprise to see Stalman get treated the way he has been, and though it was predictable Torotrella would marginalize him, I can’t say the coach is wrong. Stralman is barely an NHL player. He is a big defensive liability with pretty minimal offensive skills. The guy may have better numbers on paper than Eminger and Woywitka, but he can’t play D worth a crap. On that basis, he doesn’t belong in the lineup. To be honest, I hardly understood the point in signing him at all, but I guess that happened when there as a bit more uncertainty about the state of the defense. Either way he doesn’t belong on the roster.

  42. Carp – Great review. I didn’t see the game last night so it was awesome to be able to read this review before watching the game on replay.

    Stepan really did bury that shot. Wowzah. Keeping up with the game last night on my iPhone was interesting because everything was Anisimov and Stepan. I just assumed they had great games.

    Keep on winning!

  43. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Never before heard of a team’s winning percentage being referred to as “dishonest.” Can you run it by Yogi (?), he just might pick up on it and repeat it, deja vu all over again.

  44. Another Tony in AZ on

    Excellent piece on Girardi Carp as you are one of the better hockey writers around. I’ve had family visiting so haven’t been able to watch all the games-well,at least the last two games, seeming they’re like a month apart lately.Last night I had the game on and muted while entertaining and it seemed that every time I looked,there was #62 flying across the ice with purpose,proving that he should not be mentioned in the same breath as Lisin and Fata. I’m off to track down tickets to the Dec 20th game against the Coyotes-LGR!!

  45. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Buff, the reality of television rescheduling sports events is that, at times, baseball and hockey need to get out of the way of football Football is king now, the rest are court jesters.

  46. That is a great piece on Girardi, Carp. You think he would have a role on another team that plays a different style or is Girardi in the right place at the right time?

    He is one of the toughest people I have ever seen in professional sports. Pucks off the face, hernia’s, rib injuries and broken bones – nothing phases him. He’s a *team* first player and that is exactly what this team needs. I hope he never loses that “A” on his chest. Ever.

  47. Heh, reading over the Girardi article on ESPN.com. Didn’t know he and Deveaux are best friends from childhood. I wonder if he lobbied for the Rangers to sign Deveuax for the Wolf Pack in the offseason.

  48. Buff – Exactly what BBB said. January 1 is a Sunday. Even the college football games that are normally scheduled for New Year’s Day have been moved to January 2.

  49. injuries for the key forwards would hurt a lot since they do not have the depth on the front line of the flyers.

    girardi hurt with staal out would be a huge blow and of course henrik gets hurt all bets are off.

    if this team stays relatively healthy, staal comes back, they get 1 more forward somehow someway who can contribute and they are REAL GOOD.

  50. Also very excited….got Jan. 2 off work and will watching the Classic with Sally in NYC!!!!

  51. tomg – “the only thing that concerns me is injuries to key players. The past seasons when the rangers went into a mid season slump was primarily because of injuries to callahan and other players.”

    No doubt injuries are always a concern especially to someone like Cally. I want to point out though that the Rangers actually had a winning record when Cally got hurt mid-season.
    IMO others sensed the need to elevate their game and did so. Also, last years 6 game losing streak seemed to coincide with two things – the return from the All-Star break and believe it or not Cally’s return.
    5 of those loses were when play resumed with Cally back in the lineup. I don’t mean that as a knock on Cally, actually it may reflect how important his teammates view him.
    I also thought, for the Rangers the AS break was sort of like coming inside from doing hard work in the hot sun. You sit your butt in the recliner, AC on, crack open a beer, flip on the ball game -sometimes it’s tough to get your aasen back to work. Maybe the lesson to be learned is realizing what can be accomplished when everyone feels the need to ‘step up’ regardless of their role or who’s in the lineup.

  52. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Interesting how at this site, just two years ago, so many were down on Girardi and wanted him dumped. He was playing poorly and did take his time getting up to NHL speed. But experience, to go with his innate courage and considerable ability upside, have gotten him the recognition he deserves.

    He paid lots of dues to get to this point. If he had been five years older I, too, would have branded him a journeyman, and quit on him. But I just don’t like the idea of quitting on a kid with heart, too soon. It’s the 30+ year old journeymen I can’t stand because there is always a more talented kid they are blocking from advancement and they forestall and drag down the construction of a championship roster.

    Here’s to you, Dan G. – a highly capable leader of men in the trenches.

  53. Boom Boom, I definitely was anti Girardi. He was exposed last year when Staal was out. I’ve said it before, he is just outstanding this year. His improved play was noticable immediately. Looks like as Girardi has stepped it up, Dubinsky has stepped it down :(

  54. Lloyd Braun,

    I appreciate someone else at least acknowledging the Stralman situation.
    And there’s the old line about never messing with a winning streak, and I sure wouldn’t.

    But are you basing your assessment of Stralman on the one game and 10 minutes he played? Cause he looked pretty good. Nothing horrendous at least
    And we still aren’t what you’d call strong at the point or on the PP, Stralman’s supposed strength.

    I’m more so pointing out it’s a strange situation, where the team haggled with this guy for like 2 weeks to get him inked, he gets here, and barely gets a whiff.
    Torts said he needed time for conditioning, but that should’ve been taken care of by now.

    And Girardi is still logging major minutes, which was my overarching concern.

  55. Carp – Good review, I totally agree about Dubi. I thought there were a few times he had the puck along the boards with room to skate or better yet explode off the wall and drive to the net. Instead he just guarded the puck with his body in the same 5 foot patch of ice. The best way out of any funk is to be aggressive.

  56. Im pretty sure Stepan flubbed that shot lol….check the replay and how the puck entered the net softly……i coud b wrong but I felt like he almost missed it completely

  57. And, re: Stralman Larry Brooks had a zinger in Slap Shots today sayin the Rangers gave a 1 game, $900,000 contract…..i chuckled slightly

  58. Definitely wasn’t a full blast Vibz.

    Not sure if Step took a little off last second or just partially shanked it.

  59. Agreed Rod…..too me it looked like he just missed it I dont think he took some off…..couda been a dman gettin a piece too…..either way it still went in and thats all that matters

  60. Wow you Flying nonstop to Vegas in Order to Bet against the Rangers ?

    You deserve to get suspended from the remainder of the Day:)

    Carp its your turn now :)

  61. Johnny, are you talking to me? because you was obviously talking to somebody.

    Thanks all. Enjoyed writing about Girardi. One tough firetrucker.

    LMAO at Brooks: One game contract, $900G.

    You plan on merit on this team. That’s why they play the way they do. Nothing’s given.

  62. Whatever happened Vibz, Step sure got a kick out if it!

    Kid’s got an infectious smile, and I think he’s a big part of their chemistry.

    Just a happy kid and hey, why not?!

  63. 13) The MSG/Knicks people know that Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” is not about, you know, basketball, right?

    – I only had to see that commercial twice after a nice long NBA absence to remember how much I can’t stand basketball

  64. Carp,

    is that was Erik Christensen was doing the last two years, earning his ice?


    Cmon, they signed Stralman, lessen Danny Boy a little and bump everyone’s ice up, give Stralman a real chance on the 3rd pair at least a few games.

    We’re going to need the point play.

  65. vibz- I think you’re right but the puck looked like it was flopping, if he doesn’t slap it who knows it might have slid off his stick blade – huge goal though

  66. Rod, they tried to squeeze blood from a stone with Christensen and Woofski. But did you notice the upturn in play every time they got one of these non-conforming guys out of the lineup and replaced him with somebody more willing: Redden, Drury, Gomez, Woofski, Christensen?

    That’s the best compliment ever, Miami. Thank you.

  67. There were negotiating with Stralman while Eminger and, especially, Woywitka were struggling mightily on the ice. By the time he was signed and went through his conditioning, they settled nicely. Coincidence? Perhaps. But as of now- if ain’t broken….He’ll play, I’m sure.

  68. stranger nation on

    Read the Boogie piece last night and it is an amazing profile. You cannot talk about concussions without bringing in the fighting aspect. I am the first one to enjoy an exciting donnybrook, but the time has come to end the practice unfortunately.

    Girardi has gotten much better over the last two seasons. He has even limited his Peter the Penguin impersonation since the first 3 weeks. Has added some O to his game and played much smarter in his own zone moving the puck. Underrated break out passes as well.

    Challenge with Rangers style of play – basically PO Style – is once All star break is over, most teams begin to play a similar all out style negating the Rangers advantage. they are much more susceptible to injury playing this style (shot blocking especially).

    Dubi has to stop trying to be jagr jr. and start moving his legs in the O zone. the Cycle play can be effective, but he has the opportunity to play in front of the goal as well. It will be very challenging for him to score from behind the goal.

  69. Sure I noticed Carp. It’s why I wanted changes so bad.

    THEY were the ones not noticing!!! They were their lineup decisions.

    Stralman’s a little different in that he was signed as a FA during the season, and now when his conditioning is presumably acceptable, the team’s on a streak and shouldnt be disrupted.
    But 1 game isn’t much of a look…

    and a huge part of that streak is Girardi; if you cant ease up on him in December near the top of the standings, then when?

  70. On the first day of Christmas my Rangers gave to me- some stitches for Danny G!

    On the second day of Christmas my Rangers gave to me- A pine bench for Avery and some stitches for Danny G!

    On the third day of Christmas my Rangers gave me to- A process for Torts, A pine bench for Avery and some stitches for Danny G!

    On the fourth day of Christmas my Rangers gave to me- Mcdonagh=monster, A process for Torts, A pine bench for Avery and some stitches for Danny G!

    On the fifth day of Christmas my Rangers gave to me – Kate Upton for under Orr’s treeeeeeeeeeeee! Mcdonagh=monster, a process for Torts, A pine bench for Avery and some stitches for Danny G!

    ….to be continued

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – great article on #5. I hope you are able to write a similar piece on #16.

    Hire Sather!!!!!!

    Go Gmen… Go cardinals

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sean Avery is all bravery released from slavery…his game is savory, I view him favorably, he enables me, the rangers are insatiably, tremendously, phonetically, wonderfully, indubitably, kinetically….

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ec and ww should switch to D, as a pairing they could be the crease clearers we have been pining for…. Show me a more physical pair ….

  74. Hey boneheads, guess who made the 10 foot pass to Artie that got the Rangers out of their zone and movij up ice on the Stepan Artie tyin goal? ……..Danny G …the exact kinda pass Schoenfeld mentioned in that ESPN article

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Monday night get ready to hear over and over…

    “ranger goal # 16, Sean Averrrrrrry, assisted by #16 Sean Avery, and number 16, Sean Avery…time of the goal 0:01 of the first period.. That is goal number 4 on the year.. Avery, from Avery and Avery..

  76. Man, I need to hire some of you guys to write my stuff. Especially E3 and James G. And CTB to be my fact-checker.

    As I mentioned to CTB, the pay is $0.

    James, come back, one year.

  77. unnecessary reaction by Henrik though. of all the hundreds of times that his teammates blocking shots have saved him over the past couple seasons, it is inevitable that occasionally it will backfire and one will go in off a deflection or screen of his own teammate. he should not get all demonstrative and show up a teammate when it does happen. look how many goals Girardi has saved compared to how few he has caused by a screen or deflection. same for any teammate

  78. On the last day of Christmas, some one gave to me, a night alone at warren with Avery!!

    Ha, sorry, couldn’t resist….just decorated my tree and broke an ornament, as per usual.

  79. The other concern I had with Girardi was with the pairing, fearing McDonagh has never played so many minutes at so high a level for this long, and the effect it could have down the road.

    But I was thinkin of McD coming off his final year in college where he played 43 games.

    Last year between Htfd and NY he actually played 78 games.

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – if you are offering $10 to assist you…my counter offer is $4 and not a nickel less

  81. “jason pierre paul george john and ringo”

    lol Eddie. Ironic since he’s the only one preaching “get back to where ya once belonged!”


    sorry, I had to.

  82. Tom Coughlin….If you took his hat off and put a pair on glasses on him he’d look like John Muckler’s twin brother….what’s that tell you New York?

  83. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    You know how much I luv this team?((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((this much))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and more! Carp really liked your review & enjoyed your story on Danny boy! Also thank you all for the humorous reading the past few days unfortunely i’ve been sick & all the laughing is causing me to choke my brains.But please don’t let that stop youse keep it going!

  84. Great article Carp. Danny might be the toughest player the Rangers have had, at least since I started watching in 93.

    I get the feelings that no matter how many times they return, winning in Tampa for Torts, Richards and Feds is pretty darn special.


    Rangers are THE team to beat right now.

    Fanboys from other teams aren’t even trying to make up excuses for the Rangers beating them because the Rangers are straight WINNING.

    nice article on Girardi, carp. good looks on not mentioning the Norris just yet ;) definitely planted the seed with the “big names/top draft picks/points” allstar snub tho! sneaky!

  86. No medical. No dental. No vision. No pension. No 401K. No vacations. No paid days off. No holidays. No sick days.

    On the other hand, you’re very unlikely to be laid off.

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – an offer I cannot refuse…will Tom Hagen bring the contract over? I am at Woltz studios…

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – on a more serious note, if lady luck smiles my way, my brutha from anutha and I will be at the flyers game 12/23/11, which btw is the 32nd anniversary of the Bruins rangers fan gets whacked on the head with his own shoe game…

    If so, we will stop by and I will say yo yo

  89. It is also Festivus that day! I’ll bring the aluminum pole. Definitely stop by during warmups … and remind me as we get closer.

  90. That was a nice compliment Carp thank you. I reviewed your benefits up above…and from what I can tell it’d be similar to what I have now except I wouldn’t be paying into a 401k. I like it. sign me up!

    As for Festivus- For the first time in a decade there won’t be a Rangers GM at dinner so that we can tell him how he’s disappointed us over the last year

  91. Rod:

    here’s a response about 8 hours after your message to me (sorry).

    as far as I Stralman, I’ve seen a pretty fair amount of him in the past and never thought he was anything special. I actually remember a game he played while with Toronto where he gave the puck away 5 or 6 times in a period and was benched. he’s always looked like a very poor defensive defenseman, I don’t think his offensive upside is sufficient to offset his defensive weaknesses. to me, Anton Stralman is the kind of guy who’ll play on a third D pairing on bottom rung teams and can hardly be expected to crack the lineup any place else. bottom line: he’s a 20-point defenseman with a poor defensive game; guys like that are a dime-a-dozen in the NHL and aren’t going to earn Tortorella’s confidence ever.

  92. Well it’s 10pm on Sunday night…Isn’t it about time for some twitter troll to start a rumor about the Rangers being in trade talks for Shea Weber?

  93. Anyone watching Boardwalk Empire??? Tonight’s episode was even more batcarcillo than normal! My jaw dropped like 3 or 4 times!

  94. Just discovered I have Seinfeld on demand. I heart Comcast right now. Watching “the face painter”

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – if i get in….let’s hook up…. Love to shake your hand…. Maybe Lloyd will have a beer with us too…

  96. Let me mark down that some Boneheads are going.. I’ll talk to you about it in the upcoming weeks.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – you should keep that on the QT… One never knows you reads this stuff…

    Latona – sounds good

  98. Lloyd,

    “I don’t think his offensive upside is sufficient to offset his defensive weaknesses. to me”

    I’d ordinarily say that’s the defining line, for any player – his overall plus vs. minus.

    Few things though; one, my own eyes. Stralman didn’t look bad at all the one night he got in. Before the Rangers signed him, I had friends telling me of how Rick Nash loved him in Columbus, how their powerplay hadn’t been the same since he was out, how he was their best defenseman for extended stretches.

    Check youtube on him. The guy luvs throwing big hip checks, and I’d sure like to see that lost art added to the arsenal of our still somewhat soft d-core.

    Points-wise he hit 34 as a rookie, still had upside, which, at this point I’d have some faith in the scouting department, they saw something in him they liked.

    As I said, I think it’s been a combination of factors why he hasn’t been back in.

    But my overriding concern is the health of the teams’ top d-men, and while we’re enjoying some serious success is just the time to start spotting him in and giving people a breather.

  99. ORR,

    At this rate, they’ll blow a one goal game the next game, lose the subsequent game without a lead, and then win the following game with a one goal comeback. If we follow that pattern, though, they’d only have two more losses for the rest of the year.

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    rod – one thing is for sure and that is the TOI for the rangers D. Girardi will be dead come April at this pace. I think # 18 should be shut down till next season. Otherwise, one jarring collision and he is done done

  101. Eddie- I agree. I think they know they have to be careful with him and they’ll shut him down by the all star break. But they’re going to have to find someone who is capable of absorbing some of those minutes. They’ll be players for another Dman rental for sure.

  102. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – short answer is to play ec and ww on the backline…they hit, can clear the crease, both tremendous shot blockers, they move the puck, and are ok on the attack

  103. CABER!!!!!!

    Ok, I have done nothing all day and I’m going to attempt to be a responsible adult this week, so time for bed. See you all for the game tomorrow!

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    ec and sauer should go against top lines…..ec’s nickname is the glove…if it dont fit, you must acquit

  105. Well I think obviously Sauer (who is a quiet monster, night in/night out) /MDZ has to get top minutes, and basically give Eminger/Stralman and Girardi/McD about equal mins, say 17 instead of 27-30.

    Not every night, here & there. Spot them.

    I’m sure everyone wants to beat Toronto tonight, but there’s never a good time.

    But there’s also only so much the body can endure.

  106. Vinny Prospal to date- 6 goals 14 assists. Could probably have him back for a mid round pick. Make the call Slats!

    * tongue in cheek *

  107. Wotswitchya?

    What 2 games did Girardi miss last year? (^big wuss^)
    Didn’t Eminger pair with Staal?

  108. depends how the games and special teams are going. There are strenuous minutes and really strenuous minutes.

    In a busy week, if the Rangers play 3-4 games, saving DG and even McD 10 mins in 3 of the 4 games is like a half hour of ice, meaning about 10 less shots Girardi will put his face in front of.

    Just look at Carp’s story today. You have a pretty rugged guy like Boyle saying OMG when he talks about Girardi welts.

    it’s a fine line. Err on the side of caution, at least while we’re winning.

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