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Courtesy of the Rangers:

December 3, 2011 (Game 23, Away Game 14)
St. Pete Times Forum – Tampa, Florida

1st   2nd   3rd   OT   Final
New York Rangers               0      1        3       –      4
Tampa Bay Lightning         1      1        0       –      2

Team Notes:

–        The Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning, 4-2, tonight at St. Pete Times Forum to extend their winning streak to five games, and have won 12 of their last 14 contests.

–        New York improved to 15-5-3 (33 pts) on the season, including an 8-4-2 record on the road.  The Rangers have the fewest regulation losses in the NHL.

–        The Blueshirts’ 33 points through 23 games is their most since they recorded 34 points in 23 games (16-5-2) to begin the 1993-94 Stanley Cup Championship season.

–        The Rangers tallied three goals in the third period to comeback from a 2-1 deficit heading into the final frame.  It was New York’s first win of the season when trailing after two periods.

–        New York has out-scored their opponent, 49-28, in their last 14 games (12-2-0), including a 21-11 advantage during their current five-game winning streak.

–        The Rangers improved to 8-3-2 in their last 13 games against the Lightning.

–        The Blueshirts out-shot the Lightning, 36-26, and remain the only team in the NHL who are undefeated when out-shooting their opponents, posting an 8-0-0 mark in those contests.

–        The Rangers are now one win shy of 2,500 wins, having won 2,499 games all-time in franchise history.

Player Notes:

–        Derek Stepan notched the game-winning goal with 3:19 remaining in the third period after tallying the lone assist on the game-tying goal earlier in the third to earn first star honors.  He also registered four shots on goal and won eight of 12 faceoffs (67%) in 17:35 of ice time.  Stepan has recorded 14 points (five goals, nine assists) in the last 15 contests.

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 24 saves to improve to 11-4-3 overall, including a 6-3-2 mark on the road.  He has won each of his last four games, and is now 9-1-0 with a 1.89 GAA, .936 Sv% and one shutout in his last 10 games.  Lundqvist has started each of the last 25 games against Tampa Bay dating back to Nov. 10, 2005.

–        Brad Richards registered two points (one goal, one assist) in the contest to extend his point streak to five games (four goals, five assists over the span), and has tallied 17 points (nine goals, eight assists) in the last 15 games.  He also recorded four shots on goal in 20:21 of ice time, and led all skaters with 13 faceoff wins in 25 attempts (52%).  Tonight’s win was Richards’ first at Tampa Bay as a member of the opposing team.

–        Artem Anisimov tallied two points, including the game-tying goal at 6:16 of the third period and the primary assist on the game-winning goal, and led all skaters with five shots on goal.  He has tallied 11 points (two goals, nine assists) in the last 12 games, with five points (two goals, three assists) in the last five contests.

–        Ruslan Fedotenko notched the Rangers’ first goal of the game at 6:38 of the second period and logged 19:43 of ice time.  He has now tallied four points (three goals, one assist) in the last five games.

–        Ryan McDonagh recorded two assists, including one on the game-winning goal, and posted a plus-two rating in 27:53 of ice time.  He has now recorded six points (one goal, five assists) in the last six games.

–        Ryan Callahan tallied an assist, posted a plus-two rating and tied for the game-high with six hits in 21:19 of ice time.  He has now registered 16 points (eight goals, eight assists) in the last 15 games, with seven points (two goals, five assists) in the last five contests.

–        Dan Girardi led all skaters with four blocked shots and 28:29 of ice time, tied for the game-high with six hits and posted a plus-two rating in the contest.  Entering the game, Girardi led the NHL in average ice time (27:41), was tied for seventh in blocked shots (61) and ranked second on the team in hits (59).

Team Schedule:

–        The Rangers return to action on Monday, December 5, when they will face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in an Original Six matchup.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. I know it’s just a number but it would be neat to get franchise win 2500 against an Original 6 team in Toronto at home.

  2. Trade Staal to Edmonton (or whoever is guaranteed to both finish last and guaranteed to win the draft lottery) so we can draft Nail Yakupov…

    Lloyd – even an eternal optimist like you (ahem) might concede that the team won’t be winning 12 out of every 14 games for the whole season, so maybe the Staal for Eminger/Woywitka substitution would pay dividends at some point down the line? Just a thought.

  3. eddie eddie eddie on

    playoff match-up i want to see……Det vs StL……battle of the cocks…..Bab and hitch

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    if stall had been playing…..maybe they are 23-0-0…..if AVERY played more…..43-0-0 (in the same 23 games)….how is that for new math?

  5. My first Carping! I’m all weak in the knees, Repost:

    12 -2 in their last 14. Mostly against bottom feeders though. No Avery in the 3rd…very concerning. Shame we didn’t make an offer to Boudreau…

    ARE YOU PEOPLE FOR REAL?!?!?!? LOL What a bufugelin win! Shamwows for everyone!!

    Carp- Linda is baking Xmas cookies and she’s NOT sharing!!

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    jamesG – boo drow would be given aves 20 + and they would be 12-2 in the last 14…torts aint cutting it…sorry

  7. LW3H:

    Fair point, but I don’t think Staal makes the team maybe more than a couple of wins better provided the other 4 D-Men continue to play the way they have been. Even last year I thought Girardi was every bit the equal of Girardi and this season it looks like Girardi, McDonagh and Sauer are all more than capable of being top notch defensemen. Not to take anything away from Staal, but I’m not seeing the holes in this team defensively that I’ve seen in previous seasons. I’d be more excited about Staal if he was a bigger offensive force than the guys in his place but he really isn’t.

  8. Not really sure nor do I care what the deal is with Avery. But the bottom line i weather or not the coach likes him, he DEFINITELY doesn’t trust him. But he does provide a spark when he’s on (which he was the last couple games but was NOT tonight)…It could get a little rocky when Rupp comes back. Personally I think Torts is going to stick him right in Avery’s spot. I just can’t believe that people want to hate on this team or go as far as to hope theyre unsuccessful if Aves isn’t there. Herb Brooks is probably rolling over in his grave.

  9. James G:

    Amazing how you concluded Avery didn’t provide a spark when he played only 5 minutes and didn’t see the ice in period 3 but then again, there were also people here claiming Avery turned the puck over a bunch of times. Lots of liars on this forum who act like they’re on the MSG payroll.

    Anyway, it’s a lock Avery gets scratched when Rupp comes back, at least for the first few games until Tortorella realizes Rupp is as big of a waste of a roster spot as Christensen is, particularly with the present make-up of this team.

  10. My God, some of you just have to invent issues. Get rid of Staal. Why, because Jeff Woywitka has been solid? I mean makes sense I guess afterall, he WAS traded in a package for Pronger once maybe he’s just peaking…Or maybe we should hold onto our 24 year old home grown all star dman just a LIL longer ay?

  11. yes, I’ve been saying all along to trade Marc Staal. that’s been my point since the day they drafted him, before even. told his parents it was a mistake to have a boy and name him Marc.

    christ, do you people even read or just automatically adopt whatever the pro-Ranger viewpoint is

  12. Hey Lloyd- wanna know what I concluded? They won the game and for the 12th time out of the last 14 that they’ve played. I’m not one of you people all caught up in the notes scribbled in the margin. My TEAM won. the TEAM won. the RANGERS won the game. Idc how they did it. Don’t care if it was Avery Rupp Wolski Christensen or Sandy McCarthy on that 4th line tonight. 2 points in the bank.

  13. actually I didn’t even know you were the one who initiated the conversation about him. All I know is every time I come here after a win, someone somehow finds some problem that needs to be criticized instead of just enjoying a win. Oh but I’m sorry. that must be my MSG blinders. Im completely brain washed. And to think. I was almost happy after the team I’ve been rooting for over the last 18 years won a game tonight!

  14. James – You are wasting your time trying to have a hockey conversation with someone who thinks Avery should’ve been on the ice over Cally in the 3rd and thinks Staal isn’t important to the team. You’d have better luck discussing this sport with the wall in your living room.

  15. I’m always happy when the team wins, I just don’t like the coach

    Anyway, I’ll be at the Garden on Monday, in my season seat, wearing my Avery jersey. ;-)

  16. HWirth:

    Please stop lying. I didn’t see the sense in benching Avery in the 3rd. I didn’t say Avery should replace Callahan. If you genuinely believe Brandon Prust gives you a better chance of equalizing down 2-1 in the 3rd, I’ll just consider you one of the Rosen-Micheletti brand of company men on this forum. But please cut the b.s.

  17. James – Don’t keep this up cause next we will have the Torts and Sather haters correcting you too. It’s amazing to me that anyone could find a single complaint about what might be one of 3-5 most complete organizations in the NHL right now! Homegrown talent, Depth, Winning Attitude, A #1 goaltender, health for the most part, clutch, smart players like Richards and Stepan (and yes we can start using that word with him), a coach with a distinct mindset and plan.

    Why enjoy it, right?!

  18. Lloyd – YAWN!! Please wear your Avery jersey. You wasted your money on it cause he won’t be here next year and guess who will. The Jack Adams Winner Coach Torts.

  19. The saddest part of this Avery stuff and it’s not just Lloyd. The beat writers have been getting tweets about it tonight as well, is the player himself DOES NOT CARE!! Avery knows his role and has done it well and is very happy actually right now. They brought him back (thank the goalie and Richards for that) and he’s come back humbled. Notice, he doesn’t run his mouth as much on the bench or at least no more or less than anyone else. He hasn’t whined and cried to the officials as much (he’s worse than Crosby with that – just look at his whining after the Isles game) and has contributed when needed.

    Wait? What’s that? He’s being a team player and acting like everyone else and not getting treated differently? Wait, maybe that’s why the team is winning.

  20. Lloyd – I’m not telling you my seat cause quite honestly, I don’t need to meet you. I don’t care! You are not someone I care to talk hockey to. You are going to come explain the greatness of Avery to me with your little 16 jersey on. YAWN! Sorry Eddie for this but it is true (and it’s not being a know it all, it just is) usually during the intermissions I’m in the press box talking to the different scouts, including my brother in law that I’ve known for a longtime. I’d rather do that than ever talk avery with you.

  21. ^lloyd^

    If nothing else, what about the long term benefit of Staal being able to play in any situation and absorbing some of Girardi’s and McD’s minutes.
    Do you think they might be fresher towards the end of the season if they didn’t have to play 25-30 minutes a night?

  22. eddie eddie eddie on

    Lloyd is simply saying that even though the rangers won, it would have been an easier win had Avery played more in the 3rd,,,,and it just isnt me who agrees….Don and Dave on the radio feed were saying the same thing…..and please tell me you all respect Maloney’s opinion

  23. Listen, they’ll be careful with Staal but Torts is Torts. If he’s ready to play he’s going to go in there and play 18 mins a night at least and he’ll be paired where he can be at his best

  24. Whale win, 6-3

    Deveaux with 2 goals

    the other goal scorers:

    aaannd…….Aaron Voros!

  25. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – voros is a pure goal scorer….50 might be a stretch if he gets called up, but i see him getting 40 easily enough

  26. eddie – I thought there was something wrong with your initial 3 stars post. For some reason I’m expecting another revision.

  27. GALAHAD: I have seen the Grail! I have seen it – here in this castle!

    + DINGO: No! Oh, no! Bad … bad Zoot!

    + GALAHAD: What is it?

    + DINGO: Bad, wicked, naughty Zoot! She has been setting fire to our beacon, which I have just remembered – is grail-shaped … It is not the first time we’ve had this problem.

    + GALAHAD: It’s not the real Grail?

    DINGO: Wicked wicked Zoot … she is a bad person and she must pay the penalty. And here in Castle Anthrax, we have but one punishment … you must tie her down on a bed … and spank her. Come!

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    DINGO: You must spank her well and after you have spanked her you may deal with her as you like and then … spank me.

    AMAZING: And spank me!

    STUNNER: And me.

    LOVELY: And me.

    DINGO: Yes, yes, you must give us all a good spanking!

    GIRLS: A spanking. A spanking. There is going to be a spanking tonight.

    DINGO: And after the spanking … the oral sex.

    GALAHAD: Oh, dear! Well, I…

    GIRLS: The oral sex … The oral sex.

    GALAHAD: Well, I suppose I could stay a BIT longer.

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – good point…

    new and improved 3 stars:

    1. avery
    2. avery
    3. tie – avery/McD

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – seriously…..when you say goal scorer…..its names like TGO, Hull brothers (minus Dennis), messier, gordie howe, avery, and voros are on most top 7 lists…

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    if stalhwahl for ryan falls thru…..then stauell for odouya….just to hear joe m. say his name

  31. I just spent 90 minutes building my Avery shrine and my Torts voodoo doll. Great end to a long day!

    Time for bed though.

    Live long and Avery!!!

  32. It was just a matter of time before Torts started limiting Avery’s time. The more he plays the more he disproves what Torts thinks of him. Dam does that make sense. It’s sad though, because Avery’s been a team player and gives the team an edge. Poor coach and his freeken ego.

  33. There are some straaaange folks contributing? to this blog lately………verrrry strange.

    Eddie etc

    If you’re not careful, you will be designated the Bard of Boneheadville…battle of the cocks indeed…now THAT was funny.

    oh, and btw……shortly after our discourse on Gilroy, the Bolts put out a notice that he’d been elevated to the number one power play team……seems that they noticed his latent mediocrity and decided that they could use that on their PP.( And this is no b/s.)

  34. Yup. That ego maniac bastard. Him and his poison leadership that’s brought us that 15-5-3 record need to get out of Avery’s way!

  35. so…..Avery rules. Torts sucks. Rangers won. Still amateur hour. Trolls. Refreshrefreshrefresh. does that pretty much cover it all?

  36. Lev you forgot to throw a Seinfeld reference in. Otherwise, you’re just about up to speed.

  37. Gotta love btw…No pictures or highlights of the game. No mention of their win streak. Go to the news headlines section and find the Rangers win on page 3…Title: “Stephan scores tiebreaker as Rangers beat TB” lmao

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    James – spot on. NHL channel’s coverage of the rangers is totally ADISMAL. There some games, the highlights of some games are 4 times before ranger clips.

  39. lmfao. gotta love this quote from Brooks’ article this morning though:

    tepan followed with the winner at 16:41 by drilling the puck home from 10 feet off a scramble after Anisimov had put one off bodies and/or the near post from the right side. Brad Richards sealed it with an empty-netter after the Rangers killed a late power play.

    “[Stepan], he has [gonads] you know,” said Anisimov, holding his hands together in front of him in a universally understood manner. “He’s got game, you know. That winning goal was huge.”

    Read more:

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