It’s Go Time!


Game 23. End of a two-game trip.

The Rangers play four of their next five at home, starting Monday against the Maple Leaves. The Lightnings come to MSG for a rematch Thursday.

Ya boys have won four in a row and are 11-2 in their last 13.

Expecting the same lineup tonight, with Henrik Lundqvist replacing Martin Biron in goal.

Derek Stepan, who took a shot off the ankle Thursday and didn’t practice Friday, declared that he will play tonight. That means Anton Stralman and Erik Christensen are prucha’d again. Marc Staal and Mike Rupp skated again today, but there is not even a guess of how much longer they’ll be out, especially Staal.

John Mitchell donned a face shield today after that close call in Carolina.

Matt Gilroy plays his first game against his former team.

All this garbage about Richards and Tortorella and Fedotenko returning to Tampa? They’ve all done it before. Dull.


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  1. Ha! liked that one ddeb!
    kicked tbw off the computer had to go rogue with the 4x4iphone for a bit!

  2. Rangers need to take advantage of their soft defense while not falling asleep when they go to 1-3-1 setup.

  3. seems like Marty St.Louis always score a beauty against the Rangers, and they really are beauties

  4. really hope Rangers dont fall asleep in the 1-3-1. we could easily put 4+ in if we dont fall asleep.

  5. Tony,
    you can have whatever you pleased, just don’t go from AriZona to MinusZona, everything above 1 is OK on constant base. You’re our lucky charm, stay this way, please!

  6. Ye, ilb. Giannone asked him about how does he feel being back and in his answer he included “i wont lie to you, it’s not just another game especially since i havent won here since ive been gone…”

  7. Gilroy and Moore are dying to score and St. Louis already looking at this upper right corner above Hank glove, while warming up. Just be careful, guys!

  8. Typically I’ll wear the color jersey the Rangers are wearing but I think for tonight I’ll wear my new blue Richards jersey.

  9. I hope guys can still skate after yesterday “friendly” reunion lunch together, without any hangover syndrome.

  10. Yeah,Carp, must be related to HBO thing too.Let’s see how long it takes before Torts tells them to shut this kaberle down

  11. Evening gang!

    Finally home after being out all day. And just in time, too.

    Ugh, Tampa announcers.

  12. Stepan screened him. I think Hank might have been yelling at him. You gotta get out of the way there.

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    Maloney, on radio, just said,”they need to get in hard” hhuuuhuh huhuhuh huhuhuhuhu

  14. you were sposed to come correct from the rip Eddie!,geez between you straight and CTB wear opposite colors,no wonder we are behind!

  15. Tampa definitely is easy to gain the zone against and it’s not difficult to pin them in their own end, but they’re top guys are damn scary in transition.

  16. Eh, bad goal is the difference in the period. I thought they did pretty well putting some pressure on off the rush and Tampa served them up some good chances off of giveaways. Is it strange to say that I’d like to see them get a PP to maybe finally cash a goal in?

  17. stuck with tb broadcast
    announcers aren’t too bad but would
    like to hear from Rangers perspective

    any suggestions as far as
    listening to Maloney online or watching MSG online?

  18. If Pidto describes Penguins-Hurricanes as “Game of the Night”, he should be forced to hold a live electrical cable between his teeth for 150 seconds.

  19. Dubi jersey was worn the other night vs Carolina, but I think Gaborik jersey has more wins for this year.

  20. Mark my words, these clowns will definitely lose tonight.

    Complete and utter amateur-hour in that first period. No-talent a$$clowns wouldn’t even beat the Brazilian team with this kind of third-world effort.

  21. Wow, CT! You must be feeding her Miracle-Gro! Put her in front of the TV set, we could use her help tonight….glad she’s doing well!

  22. i’m late getting on here
    so this may be a late comment
    just gotta say
    i LOVED Cally’s check on the tb guy which
    almost put him on the bench
    when the puck wasn’t leaving our zone.

    he seemed about as peeved as i was at that time.

  23. >>>he should be forced to hold a live electrical cable between his teeth for 150 seconds.

    No! One bare wire between his teeth, the other bare wire tied around his ‘nads…….

  24. Ok put on Gaborik, nearly killed myself doing so. When I was taking off the other jersey the fight strap got caught on the hood of my sweatshirt and while I was fussing around trying to get it off I nearly tripped on a pile of baby clothes.

  25. Sam: Pierre Shampoo will not return
    Joe: He was sick this morning…..tried to return…. shut up Joe no one really cares.

  26. Is it me, or does it look like a friendly preseason game between two teams that like each other?

  27. i HATE it when Sam makes a comment and then Joe agrees by making another comment that is like a question.

  28. Haha Winnipeg fans are booing KovaLOLchuk. Him leaving Atlanta is a reason why your city has a team.

  29. You seem to dislike the Rangers scoring now, Barry. It’s OK, it wasn’t put in by Dubinsky (goes without saying).

  30. I have a feeling the top two Tampa lines are going to get like 99% of the ice time the rest of the way.

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    tho it should be pointed out that jacobs might be the fastest player in the NFL….like gabby on skates

  32. “What’s that depressing horn-like sound coming from the crowd?”

    Assuming you’re watching the Devils game, Orr, it’s known as Chico.

  33. Only applies to Devils’ road games, of course. It would be factually inaccurate for any noise to come from a “crowd” otherwise.

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    sam : joe, it’s not ww’s groin

    joe M: while i am not a dr., and dont play one on TV, sports hernias are in the groin, aren’t they

  35. if we don’t score in the next minute
    are we going to be serviced with
    20 minutes of boredom?

  36. real boring game. the trap sure does take the air out of a hockey game.
    Gabby, Stepan, AA line seems to be playing selfish. Gabby with a few chances to move the puck, and stick handles into traffic. and AA make a great move but does not pass to Gabby wide open in slot.

  37. Spider
    i thought i listened to some other Rangers game
    on WFAN
    forgot about the 1050 ESPN change
    oh well…..listening to Maloney now.


  38. They need to try to get their top 2 lines out against Bergeron and Gilroy, they look shaky.

  39. jpg’s sister to Artie

    “Why didn’t you shoot that?”

    then he scored on the rebound


  40. ilb,
    feisty tonight, eh. was said in humor. by the way every time I get on AA case he scores, so I plan to do it a lot.

  41. You realize Avery is on Dubinsky’s line Barry. So implicitly you want to see more Dubinsky too.

  42. One thing about the MSG Network is that they hardly show replays of Ranger goals.

    Maybe they should look into that?

  43. MDZ is having the kind of game
    i would be having if the Rangers
    signed me as a free agent shortly
    after i ate thanksgiving dinner.

  44. Jimbo

    Yes he is!


    I also think picking Hedman over Duchene was a mistake. Hedman is still young but Duchene is a star!

  45. I don’t think Avery did anything wrong. he is a 4th liner. most 4th liners don’t play much when you are down by a goal or tied.

  46. Maybe tonight at the end of the hockey game, once the hockey game ends, they will have one of those breakaway competitions that they have after the hockey game ends.

  47. Lay off the Hedman stuff or we’ll get a visit from someone posting under his name, like fellow draft alumnus, John Trollvares.

  48. eddie eddie eddie on

    SO = great hockey……want to improve the game?….go 60 minutes of shootouts….

  49. needed to score on the power play. you know the Refs are going to have to even it up before the game ends. there will be a Tampa power play soon.
    2 of the 4th liners are Dubi and Prust. both of which have played 2nd and 3rd line minutes in the past.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dave maloney on the radio feed …”why is Avery glued to the bench…no penalties, no turnovers…”

  51. let’s face it in such a tight game Torts figured that
    an Avery Rules call would happen

    not saying i like it but…

  52. I wish all wins could have a stick salute, but I like how BB and Prust still manage to do their little dance :)

  53. Wow that’s what winning teams do. Another 3rd period where the Rangers have more fight and energy. Torts boot camp is unlike most coaches and it pays off.

  54. And mr. Richard made sure he gets his first win in Tampa. Oh, boy…this one had a feel of a friendly contest that’d likely go to overtime and the Rangers would lose in OT or SO. I gues I underestimated this team.

  55. Dubi did do a lot of nice things away from the puck
    problem is i think he’s forgotten how to
    head to the net and take shots and
    go for rebounds.

    we’ll see…

  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    it’s nice to know that the Rangers do not have to rely on Avery to score every game……

    we want to cup, we want the cup, we want the cup

  57. Big props to Del Zotto tonight. He was tremendous tonight. McDonagh is turning into an all-star calibre defenseman. Sauer was very good tonight. Rangers young D really picking it up.

    GAS line comes through again. Boyle’s line was excellent and I think that’s why Avery got lost on the bench. He was playing that line a lot.

  58. Probably scratch Avery next game and say he likes what Christensen’s been doing in the press box.

    I really hate John Tortorella

  59. Great game Great win Aves got his 5:23 Torts is such a Summers Eve Aves conforms to the team concept,plays by Torts rules SCORES GOALS and still gets no ice time JUST SAYIN

  60. Lev
    he felt that since tb was down by 2 goals
    and with only 25 seconds left
    and this not being a playoff series
    that it was stupid to call the timeout
    at this point in the game.

    felt it was just holding up the inevitable
    (and i think that tb didn’t even have the faceoff in our zone.
    wasn’t it called after we scored, so it was at center ice?)

  61. Lloyd

    You know i like Avery and always sand up for him but at this point it is NOT about Avery. This team is playing hell of a hockey. Just enjoy the game, man…

  62. eddie eddie eddie on

    cccp=brooklyn pimp, but if Aves were playing more, the wins would be more convincing….avery sayin

  63. “Hello Jacques-strap? The is Looie – we need you to crawl out from under your rock up there in Quebec and take this team over behind the bench again…”

  64. “Yes, Jacques-strap, of course you can reinstate the trap again – Tampa is doing it, but we’re the best at it……a goalie? We have Maaaaaarty – what do you mean he’s tending goal like a dead seal!? He’s our franchise!!”

  65. Give me a break people with the Avery stuff! It’s like you’d rather see Avery score and the Rangers lose. He didn’t play in the 3rd because the Boyle line was generating a ton of offense every time they were on the ice and went down to 3 lines trying to get offense. This was a no hitter game, no need for avery tonight. This was about needing offense and sorry but i’d rather the Gas line and Boyle’s line on the ice over Dubi, Avery and Prust.

  66. Avery should be playing over Stepan as first line center too I’m sure. Fire Torts? HAHA!! He should be the leading candidate for the Jack Adams. That’s how well he’s got this team playing. He’s uses 4 guys on D who haven’t played a full season of NHL games in their career playing great.

  67. Exactly, CCCP. Whatever your position on Torts/Avery, you’d have to be some kind of miserable to try and (still) make the case that either the coach is no good or Avery being benched (rightly or wrongly) is significantly hurting the team’s performance.

  68. The Rangers win, the Rangers win……the Rangers win.

    yap yap yap….:)

    Off for the nite…later all!

  69. Hwirth, he played Callahan in place of Avery, 4th line still got shifts. Can you not afford cable?

  70. ‘god’ love again? PUHLEASE.

    This team is winning, so quit yer whining and complaining and ENJOY.

  71. Lloyd – He played Cally over Avery??!!! And that’s you argument?? Yes, Avery is a better player than Cally! WHERE!! You should try watching the games yourself and maybe learn the sport instead being like a teenager in love with Justin Beiber.

  72. Oh, geez……….

    I was gonna drop Stepan for Moulson last night. Good thing I didnt cause Stepan had a goal tonight.

  73. Mickey – Seriously, this is the best this organization has been since BEFORE THE CUP! Sorry, but that core was not homegrown other than Leetch, Zubov and Kovalev. This core is getting better and better each game. And people here are worrying about Avery! Don’t waste your breath!

  74. Hwirth, yeah you’ve got to get ice time to Brandon Prust down 2-1 in the third. Good point.

  75. Moulson – 2 goals in less than 2 minutes

    Dubinsky – 1 goal in 23 games.

    Moulson > Dubinsky

    Trade everyone!

  76. You really have to be one pathetic “fan” and I use that term loosely to find anything to complain about with this hockey team right. Other than maybe the Bruins, they are the toughest team to beat in the NHL because of their work ethic. They are about 20 NHL teams that lose that game to TB 2-1 considering their system, 4 game win streak, FLA road trip and yet they never back down. That’s saying alot.

  77. I am absolutely in love with this team….despite the flaws, all of our success without our #1 dman….two 5 game win streaks in a month, wow! Awesome time to b a Rangers fan boys and girls….i really feel we will win a Cup within 3 to 5 years and honestly, u cant discount this year as us havin a shot….

  78. ILb – If Lloyd is a troll or pretends to be other people and is probably not a Rangers fan that’s just plain old sad.

  79. It’ll be interesting to see how those two teams look against each other next week. Bet you that game will have a bit more animosity. I’ll be there with my son.

  80. >>>LOL! Get your mind out of the gutter, Jimbo!!

    ORR, listen, I was channeling Beavis (or Butthead)….it wasn’t my fault…..they were speaking through me…

    They probably saw Step’s mom & sister……..

  81. HWirth, there are some people who would rather lose and see Avery. They couldn’t wait for the Rangers to fail when Avery was in Hartford. It’s mind-blowing.

  82. If you really can’t find total happiness with this team, you could be a fan of this…

    KatieStrangESPN Katie Strang
    #Isles announce goaltender Rick DiPietro out with a groin injury. Montoya will play the third

  83. Dave Gagner, Traded to Minnesota by NY Rangers with Jay Caufield for Jari Gronstrand and Paul Boutilier, October 8, 1987

    Dave Gagner, six 30 goal season post Rangers.

    Gronstrand and Boutilier, 3 goals combined as Rangers.

  84. Carp,

    So you’re saying Brandon Prust is a better offensive weapon in the third period down a goal?

  85. HWirth, I would agree with you, but I didn’t know about the team or the sport UNTIL the Cup year. I do know that I love watching this team grow and grow before our very eyes.

  86. Barry

    i don’t even remember Gronstrand and Boutilier
    even playing for the Rangers.

    that could have been a heckuva trivia question.

  87. Carp,

    Also can you please inform this nitwit that I’m not whatever other person he’s trying to claim I am. I know it must be a shock to his limited intellect that someone else doesn’t think the way he does, but I don’t see the point in having someone accuse me of using multiple names.

  88. The Rangers have a new favorite word and when HBO comes around they can be even more descriptive they won’t mind.

    AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    More balls: Anisimov on Stepan’s game after left ankle injury: “He has balls. He was going to play and he played a great game.”

  89. Actually, banging my head against the wall would be more fun that discussing this incessantly.


  90. HBO: Artie, would you care to elaborate more on these balls you speak of?

    Artie: These guys in this locker room have giants balls!

    HBO: Thanks Artie

  91. Just look at the definition of “troll”, HW. You’ll figure it out right away. Out of curiosity, I went back and looked at multiple posts. The similarities are striking. I don’t want to garbage the blog with the specifics, but just notice how no matter what happens with the team, the subject would be picked up, and he’ll be harping on the same subject, and no matter what you say, nothing will change his mind. He’s been here before under different names. Used to post mainly with no capital letters. Now uses capital letters. But if you go back to Caps game- he slipped, and posted two with no capital letter posts. Lol, I can post from two different IP addresses from my house right now. And from around 4-5 from work.

  92. Ilb -If that’s what they wanna waste time doing, seriously I have some household chores my wife and I could have him do instead. I can’t see posting on a site regularly about a team I don’t root for just to start trouble. Might be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. People can call me a know it all and all that but I promise it comes from a passion of hockey and this team not to purposely insult people.

  93. Hammerhead – give it time. It’s a 12 game night. Might be behind, but I know they are usually pretty good with that stuff when I’m at NYR home games and wanna see highlights when I get home.

  94. Since it came from you, Lloyd, I’ll take it as a compliment. “You’re angry, Jupiter, therefore you’re wrong”

  95. Have to start to question the knowledge of what I once thought was one of the smartest fan bases in hockey?

    NYDNRangers Pat Leonard
    If you’re asking me about why Sean Avery didn’t get a shift in the 3rd period, you’re missing that the guys on the ice scored three goals

  96. Sorry, Barry. I was writing … yep, big ups for the Gronstrand/Boutilier mention … another of dreadful trades … not as bad as Middleton, but up there with Ridley/Miller; DiMaio/Knuble; Kurri et al/Norstrom. And one that would have been awful if it hadn’t led to Messier: Sandstrom/Granato for Nichols.

  97. Oh look. Gee, instead that what I said.

    NYDNRangers Pat Leonard
    Tortorella said Boyle line was #NYR’s best in 3rd period. Richards and Stepan lines played well all night. Not the night to read into Avery

  98. Im still peeved about Gartner for Anderson. Even though I saw Anderson walk out of the Pioneer on Columbus Ave about 3 winters ago.

    Probably the only person within 20 blocks that would have recognized him.

  99. MickeyM – Coach really needs to start to concede to the Justin Beiber, I mean Avery, fans and treat him like he’s more important than the team and winning. Cause, clearly he’s just doing an awful job winning 14 out of 16 games without their best defensemen.

  100. I, as a fan of Avery, was hoping that he would get a shift or 2 early in the 3rd to spark his team. But he didnt because Tortorella went with what he felt was better and worked his top 2 lines for the victory.

    What are ya gonna do?

  101. eddie eddie eddie on

    I am very happy with the win…but had Avery played more earlier, they would have clinched this after 2

  102. also, you’re delusional if you think this team would be markedly better with Marc Staal in the lineup. the guys who are playing in his place are giving you everything you’d get from Staal, nor is Staal a dynamic blue line guy who’d make any significant difference offensively. I’d like to see Staal back in the lineup, but the lack of him really hasn’t been that big of a deal.

  103. HW, I know, he does. Once certain player is SOOOOOOOOOO much more important that the entire team.

  104. Lol…

    Dallas is another team that will start sliding south pretty soon. Can’t go too long in this league if your GA is more than GF

  105. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – seriously, The Aves has something like 3 or 4 hundred lifetime goals vs the leaves,…he owns toronto

  106. Barry, that one was all on Iron Mike. And while Anderson sure helped win the Cup, I believe Gartner would have helped win it, too.

  107. Lloyd Braun December 3rd, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    also, you’re delusional if you think this team would be markedly better with Marc Staal in the lineup. the guys who are playing in his place are giving you everything you’d get from Staal, nor is Staal a dynamic blue line guy who’d make any significant difference offensively. I’d like to see Staal back in the lineup, but the lack of him really hasn’t been that big of a deal.

    OK, My jaw actually dropped at how asinine this statement is. Would you share what you are smoking with the rest of the class?

  108. Hey look at that. Isles put back in their real goalie and hang on for win. Good for Montoya. Kept fighting after coming up bust for us. Even if it’s for the AHL team on the Island, feel good for the guy. Just don’t beat us.

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    stall needs to lay low and get healthy…we are doing great…no need to rush him back…

    serious question…..what is making all of you happier?…..the recent play of our broadway blue?…. or the fact that crosby is back?

  110. Eddie happens to right about that Aves comment. He does seem to play well against him hometown team.

  111. Carp – Why would Staal do anything for this team? It’s not like he’s an All-Star defensemen. Not like he plays 24 to 27 mins a night. Who needs him! In fact, maybe they could Avery on defense. That would surely increase his ice time!

  112. Staal would not be a difference maker to this team as presently constructed. The performances from his replacements have been excellent, particularly McDonagh and Girardi. You’re not getting a huge boost offensively from Staal either. Obviously I’d rather see Staal out there than Eminger or Woywitka, but to act like the Rangers would be dramatically better than they are right now if they had him isn’t really honest.

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    hw – aves could play 1st pair D, tho, i like him more on LW……he has that booming shot from the pt, we are missing,…..maybe we should move him back…

  114. Oh, I totally know that. Gartner was my favorite player.

    The only thing I remember Anderson contributing was a stick to his nose while sitting on his keister to draw a PP in the finals.

  115. so a team plays more than a quarter of a season without its best defenseman … oh, never mind.

    i’m going back to ignoring.

  116. Staal is a wuss…I’ve seen kids running around happy with a little pinched nerve. Let alone simple sinusitis.

  117. Heres a question for ya Carp, while I watch the Isles telecast.

    Who takes over for Sam when he decides to retire?

  118. Anderson: Got his nose ripped open, scored a huge tap-in SHG, enjoyed the Cup longer than anybody on the ice because he knew it would be his last, joined Keenan in St.L., and has never stopped coming to the Garden as an alumni (what did he play, eight or 10 regular-season games?).

  119. Staal is crap, get rid of him. Hell get rid of the entire team and just play Avery everywhere. He’s GOD, he can do it all!

  120. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers – blackhawks will play for the cup…….any takers on Avery getting the Cup winning goal?

  121. Don’t think he’ll be retiring any time soon. But when he does, there’s Kenny Albert and Howie Rose on the MSG payroll. I’d go with one of those. Worrying about the current direction, though. Maybe they’ll give it to Carton the Cockroach.

  122. Like I said, I saw him @ the Pioneer on Columbus Ave. So I assume he lives on the UWS like Messier does.

  123. Carp – You are right about Anderson. He might be the only alumni at the Garden as much as Gilbert and Rod works for the team.

  124. Trade Staal to Edmonton so we can draft Nail Yakupov…

    Lloyd – even an eternal optimist like you (ahem) might concede that the team won’t be winning 12 out of every 14 games for the whole season, so maybe the Staal for Eminger/Woywitka substitution would pay dividends at some point down the line? Just a thought.

  125. 12 -2 in their last 14. Mostly against bottom feeders though. No Avery in the 3rd…very concerning. Shame we didn’t make an offer to Boudreau…

    ARE YOU PEOPLE FOR REAL?!?!?!? LOL What a bufugelin win! Shamwows for everyone!!

    Carp- Linda is baking Xmas cookies and she’s NOT sharing!!

  126. LW3H:

    Fair point, but I don’t think Staal makes the team maybe more than a couple of wins better provided the other 4 D-Men continue to play the way they have been. Even last year I thought Girardi was every bit the equal of Girardi and this season it looks like Girardi, McDonagh and Sauer are all more than capable of being top notch defensemen. Not to take anything away from Staal, but I’m not seeing the holes in this team defensively that I’ve seen in previous seasons. I’d be more excited about Staal if he was a bigger offensive force than the guys in his place but he really isn’t.

  127. Regarding Sauer- took him with the 2nd round pick we got from Toronto for Leetch. Used the other one to move up in the first round that year to get Staal…wonder how those people that “quit” being Rangers fans when they traded Leetchy feel about that trade now.

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