Rangers-Hurricanes in review


You know what? That was an imperfect game against a struggling team.

OK, given. But that’s a good, good win. That’s a tough game to be the road team, with the coaching change and the feelings of getting the popular coach fired, and the new coaches on the bench. And then a really quick goal by the home team and the place is all pumped up. It’s a tough game because there’s not much spark between these teams, and the Rangers had just beaten three pretty good rivals in a row.

And I thought the Rangers matched the intensity of the Canes out of the gate and even before the power play that began the momentum swing and the three-goal outburst, the Rangers dominated for stretches. Had the puck a lot. Pressured the Canes all over the ice. Forced the issue. And created chances again. And goals.


1) The Rangers were quite physical, which is a testament to their will, and a sign that last year’s “identity” is returning. And of course, leading the way, was the Captain. Then, late and with the lead, they started going down and blocking shots. More “identity” (special membership badge to John Mitchell). And, c’mon kids, a lot of that is on the coach, who has maybe taken a baby step backward this year in his dealings with the other humans, but who can flat-out coach.

2) I still can’t believe that there were some people here that felt this team was awful, had forgotten that this was what they were about last year, had thought that it was headed for a disaster, even. WTB?

3) That was some fluky goal late in the first by Carolina’s figure skater, Skinner. Yes, Brad Richards lost the draw. But Brandon Prust slid out and blocked the shot, it hopped up in the air and the D-man baseball batted it right to Skinner, who caught it with his glove and dropped it to his stick for a one-timer. Not much you can do to stop a goal like that.

4) All the analysts during and after the game missed it after the Marian Gaborik goal, but they were cracking up on the bench because Artem Anisimov almost blew a tire just before he made the pass across the slot to Gaborik. Which might also have helped freeze the defense and Cam Ward for a moment, too. I thought this was one of Anisimov’s better games.

5) Sean Avery keeps getting it done … with his limited opportunities. You can’t tell me he played this way last year. He didn’t. Pretty cool pass by Gaborik on No. 16’s goal, too.

6) When it got to 4-2, Johnny Mac had that same look on his face that he had as Devils coach last year.

7) The PP was quite good. Again. Even the times it didn’t score.

8) The third Carolina goal followed a series of icings, which pinned the Rangers deep … and we’ve seen that movie a few times this season.

9) The Rangers got two more goals from D men — Ryan McMonster and Michael Sauer … I love it when people who should know better say “they’re joining the rush.” Not the point. They’re active in the offensive zone, not just joining the rush. They’re involved in the play. And they’re free to be involved because A) the coaches encourage them to do it and B) the forwards are responsible enough to read and cover when a D-man moves up. And that was a really good breakout pass by Jeff Woywitka that started the Anisimov-to-Gaborik goal.

10) Brian Boyle was really good again. Physical. 10-3 on draws. And playing Papa Bear to the two kids on his wings who have sure helped light the fuse since they arrived.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Marian Gaborik.
3) Brian Boyle.


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  1. Watched extended highlights this morning. Another great win, done the Ranger way. Really felt for Mitchell and Stepan in those last 5 minutes, the one Step blocked was going like an Exocet missile.
    I thought Boyler would have done better in his little tussle being much bigger but he’s not there for his fists and winning all those draws and being a good babysitter is his job and he’s doing it well.

    Plus, when 14 of you get a point you knows it been a team effort.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! Looks like they’re playing with that swagger of one of the top teams in the league: “Sorry, Carolina…We know you have your issues, just got a new coach and all pumped up. But we’re here to get 2 points that belong to us and move on. Good luck with everytning”

    Dubinsky might be ready to come out of his scoreless slump. I just don’t think it’ll be easy to do it playing on the fourth line.
    LMAO @ # 6 !!!

  3. This game is gonna be very important in late March. Winning a classic “letdown” game, these two points are the two points the NYR never grabbed in years past. These games are the difference between grabbing a top seed in the playoffs, and backing in to the playoffs like the last few years.

    This team has taken on the personality of the coach. And for all the criticism Torts gets, I think he deserves a lot of credit for the team we are seeing on the ice right now.

  4. Figured they would have a let down, not this team.
    9) forwards are playing great D…even Gabby.

    Is Rupp still an everyday skater when he returns???

  5. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Rangers now have the best record in the entire National Hockey League on a percentage basis, dividing total points by games played (31/22). #1 !

    Why Pittsburgh, which has played four more games than the Rangers, while amassing just three more points, should be ranked above the Rangers in the standings, just shows how infantile this league is. Percentage math is a challenge to those who run the NHL in the 21st Century? They think its a challenge for the rest of us?

    And why has Pittsburgh played 26 games to 22 games played by the Rangers? Who gets let out of a cage to administer this league’s business, anyway? Disgraceful.

  6. 11 of 13. And when you step back and look they’ve had a lot of contributors, but have scored an average number of goals on the year. (Granted they’ve let up fewer goals than all but one team in the league) but my point is that they’re winning games convincingly. They aren’t holding on for 2-1 wins or getting a shootout point. People are saying they’re an ordinary group up front that looks better than they are because of the work ethic but I think they’re better than a year ago. This group doesn’t look like they’ll burn out or be too chewed up by the injury bug by mid March if they keep doing what they’re doing. And that’s the bigggest difference from a year ago

  7. Johnny a lot could happen by then. Rupp is still an important piece.by the time he comes back hopefully Dubinsky can earn back some top line minutes and Rupp can slide into his spot on the 4th line. Never know whatll happen with the performances of guys like mitchell and hagelin or even avery or feds. They’ll have to ccross that bridge when they come to it

  8. Smart move by Torts to play Biron, don’t ya think? A relatively small move to help prevent a let down against a struggling team.

  9. Solid game last night. As you said Carp, not an easy game especially after those 3 high intensity rival games before.

    Thought StepOn had his worst game for, well, the worst I’ve seen him play, and that says a lot since he was totally OK and not bad, just not as good as he’s been the last couple of games.

    Good for Hagelin to keep his point streak going and that the coach trusts him & Mitchell to be out there late, speaks volumes.

    Also good for Dahlén to get an assist, still 2 goals fewer then Avery, but it will come as soon as he starts going to the net a bit more as Ulf did.

    Oh, and a last thing which I know will stir things up here, but I thought MDZ was really solid throughout and has really improved his defensive game this year.

    Have a nice one!

  10. 11 of 13. And when you step back and look they’ve had a lot of contributors, but have scored an average number of goals on the year.


    If most of us were willing to concede that Anisimov and Dubi were good for at least 20 goals each (Dubi might have been 25+) that would probably add 3 or 4 goals a piece at this point and put the Rangers in the top 10 in goals scoring. I’m not necessarily complaining about either player since they still have value to the team in other areas, but there’s part of the reason their offensive totals are not as robust as you’d expect from their record. Also, the struggles of the PP earlier in the year suppress their totals, but hey 4 straight games with a PPG is good to see.

  11. And why has Pittsburgh played 26 games to 22 games played by the Rangers? Who gets let out of a cage to administer this league’s business, anyway? Disgraceful.


    I can only imagine the complaints from fans if the league had them play a heavier schedule in the first 2 months after having them criss-cross the Western Hemisphere in the first 3 weeks.

  12. One word: Hagelin! This kid is just terrific. This year’s Prust.

    Boyle has really taken to the role of papa bear. Hope he doesn’t have to have an awkward phone call for the unfortunate hit on Sasha Cohen.

    Gaborik = Beast.

    Artie Partie played his size last night which is a GREAT sign in my opInion.

    Prust looked back to form.

    Welcome aboard Mr. Mitchell who is one tough cookie. I had to think that if he wore a visor that would have been a much worse injury.

  13. Re #2

    You see the difference between you and me, Carp, is that since this team came out and looked terrible and heading for disaster at this point, I have been the first one to eat my words and say I was wrong about Turderella and be disgusted that I was wrong.

    You, on the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potentially solid playoff team here and that the pretty decent coach in charge might be implicit in what is happening.

  14. View from the cheap (well, comparatively cheap) seats:

    Do you know who I thought had a very good game? Woywitka! He was solid on defense, got the assist with a great breakout pass and made a move with the puck that had me saying “Where did he pull that move out of?”

    If you ask me (and even if you don’t) I think Gaborik is already the comeback player of the year. He is playing better than two years ago when he scored 42. His pass to Avery for the goal was a thing of beauty. And, you know what? He can get a little physical down low and in the corners. No, he isn’t Brandon Prust or even Ryan Callahan physical, but he’s no Zherdev either.

    I sat next to another Ranger fan and we both agree, when Staal comes back do not break up the Girardi-McDonagh pairing.

    After the Rangers got the lead I was never afraid that the Hurricanes would come back to tie or win the game. I’m usually on the edge of my seat – like against the Pittsburgh Crosbys on Tuesday – when the Rangers get a lead. They seem to take their foot off the gas and make it easier for the opponent to mount a comeback. But, in looking at the Carolina goals last night, none were the result of any sustained pressure. The third goal, I don’t know how that went in because when the guy took the shoot it looked really harmless.

    Anisimov and Dubinsky aren’t scoring, but Gaborik, Richards and Callahan are all on a pace for 30+ goals. How many 30 goal scorers did they have last season?

  15. stranger nation on

    No other team in the league can put out 4 lines which can score many different ways. Breaking up the (supposed) top 6 and putting dubi with aves and prust and moving boyle down to play 4th line center was the key also moving Feds up – an unheralded, consistent 2 way player. Would like to see even more PK time for others to give Cally some more rest, concerned about him breaking down given style of play, minutes, and shot blocking tendencies.

    MDZ has been most improved so far and given the circumstances with their #1 D man out, was one of the critical reasons for the team’s success. has finally stopped looking for the home run pass and has shown surprising toughness, which was a problem in pre-season as he was getting pushed around near the goal.

    Richards sets an awesome example for the youngsters. May not have the strongest shot, but he makes plays and is always looking for others – a great signing given the need for stick handling top line center.

    Torts willingness to mix up the lines and shift personnel shows flexibility. We killed him for mixing it up in games too much in beginning, but he had to see what players in game situations. Most on this blog were waiting for the removal of EC and WW from the line up and this has increased team toughness – now if only Boyle could fight – what was with that display last night?!?

    Rupp and others will provide more depth which will be needed as the season moves forward and takes its toll.

    WOW – what a stretch – where is ‘Firetorts’ these days?

  16. Regarding last night’s game – IMO, what cannot be underemphasized in the win is the fact that they did it with Biron in nets. I think most of us agree that the Rangers need to ensure the King doesn’t play 70+ games in order to be ready for the POs and barring injury to Biron (again) that won’t happen if the team regularly wins with the King on the bench.

    Biron is a solid goalie, but he’s not great, which is absolutely fine given his pay and the fact that he’s not expected to play 30+ games. If the team lost more often than they won with him in nets, you know that would make the coach think twice about sitting the King and last night’s game would have been one where the King would have played because of the days off between the previous and upcoming games.

    This way, the King gets a nice healthy rest between starts (4 days). Very important, IMO. Not to mention, of course, Biron is alledgedly a very well liked teammate so it’s nice for him to be able to contribute.

  17. I thought Carolina was lucky on Skinner’s goal because the refs could have called Eric Staal (aka that piece of Cooking Carcillo) for a Slash or Interference because he knocked the stick out of Dan Girardi’s hands.

  18. stranger nation re: ‘No other team in the league can put out 4 lines which can score many different ways’:

    Believe it or not, but the Leafs can (so far anyways), which is one of the biggest reasons they are doing so well this year.

  19. I thought the D had a strong game overall, from top to bottom – strong on the puck, in the corners and physical (plus scoring 2 of the 5 goals).

    The much maligned MDZ had another solid game – he continues to surprise me lately with his physical strength, especially in the corners. I think that may be as much his legs and anticipation as anything else, but for certain he’s come a long ways from looking small and weak as he so often did, especially last year. His offense is slowly but surely coming, but he continues to rush his passes when he’s made a move or 2 and gotten clearly either passed the center line or into the opposition’s end. It’s almost like he’s surprised he’s gotten into the open and thinking something bad has to happen next, he hurries his pass.

    Hopefully, as his confidence continues to build, he’ll slow things down accordingly and make his passes crisper.

    I watched him several times in his junior days and that’s one his skills that stood out, so it’s not like he’s always handled the puck like a grenade….

  20. Don’t forget, this wasn’t Biron’s best performance. He looked very unsteady for long stretches from period one…But he fought through it and the team helped.

    Jim, you’ve been here long enough I thought- it’s an inside joke with Miami. The more he bashes them, the more they win.

  21. Skinner’s goal was lucky but give the kid credit – he looks like a player (even when Boyler levelled him).

    The third goal was a big deflection off Feds stick, he looked like he was moving across to block it and diverted it through Biron’s pads with the end of his stick. Which evens out against McDonagh’s goal which took a favourable deflection too.

    Watching things back again – Gaby has the lightning quick release back. I think that is the key to his confidence, his shoulder is 100% again. His shot was in the back of the net before Ward had even turned his head to see where AA’s pass was going.

    Gaby now has 12 and Cally 10 – could we have a pair of 40 goalscorers on our hands?

  22. I think Biron took a groin injury. Maybe his groin is going to be a bit wonky for a couple days. I think that hurt. But he was shaky before so who knows.

  23. ilb: OOooh…I guess not long enough! Sorry MP! Keeping that bashing up dude!

    What do you think of the coach?

  24. Woywitka and Eminger deserve a lot of credit. Most of us, myself included, didn’t think they’d last, I couldn’t wait for them to sign Stralman. They simplified their game and became much more confident. Eminger has been physical, Woywitka seems to know how to compensate for his slow skating, and he made a terrific outlet pass to AA that led to Gaborik’s goal. There is no coincidence that Girardi and McD don’t have to play 30+ min. The third pair is on the ice for 10+ and do their job. Can’t ask for more.

    Something tells me AA felt relieved after the Ryan trade BC was over with…He had that jump from the get go and played without any anxiety…

  25. Carp, the best about #5 was Gabby actually whiffed on his first pass attempt to the point man…..then found Avery….i thought that was funny bc I was upset he whiffed then I saw Avery open and I yelled PASS TO AVERY….and he did …..i deserve credit for that as much as Pidtophile deserves credit for the GAS line lol

  26. Joekuh - Dubinsky: Road to #2! on

    Skinner was already on the way down when Boyle came to hit him. Hit looked worse than it actually was. Goals at the start and end of periods hurt, but a win’s a win. Bring on the new neutral zone trap!

  27. stranger nation on

    Jim – Loafs’ D is much more offensive minded than Rangers. Their front-line scoring is not an evenly distributed. Don’t bank on seeing Maple Loafs in PO April hockey just yet, big problems between the pipes. 7-7 record in month of Nov. includes 2 Buttman SO wins.

  28. 4generations 4 cups on

    Jeff Woywitka has done more in his #6 than Redden did. Its really sad to see that too, because all we wanted from Redden was this Woywitka-like style of play. Easy going, safe plays…

  29. Re: 40 (or more) goal scorers on the same team in the same year

    OTT Heatley/Alfredsson

    TB Lecavalier/St. Louis
    ATL Hossa/Kovalchuk

    OTT Heatley/Alfredsson

    WSH Ovechkin/Semin

    VAN Kesler/D. Sedin

    It would be great if Gaborik and Callahan could join that list, but I have a hard time seeing Callahan hitting 40.

  30. CT – i doubt Cally will get there, but he’s on pace for high 30’s and anything over 30 is where he should be given his linemates/minutes/pp time.

    Dubi’s obviously still struggling but nice pass to find McDonagh pinching for his goal.
    In fact some nice passes all around: Woywhatever>Anismov>Gaby, Gaby>Aves, Dubi>McD, Richie>Cally
    signs of chemistry i think.

  31. Another great thing about this recent streak is that they are winning in regulation–withhold all charity points, boys.

  32. Loafs’ D is much more offensive minded than Rangers.


    Someone should tell them that they should focus on defense. Teams that yield as many goals as they score are usually due for a “market correction” as the season runs on, it happened to Dallas last year and started to happen to them again this year (throw Edmonton into that category as well). Or even if it’s not within the same season, teams that don’t fix that problem will run into problems at some point down the road, can you say Tampa Bay?

  33. Bash them?! I’m just writing the truth about these clowns … the only way to batten down the defensive hatches and guarantee that we don’t give up goals at the end of periods is to call up Redden.

    Until then, enjoy this false little winning streak. They’ll lull you into false confidence and then BAM! go into a 14-game pointless streak that makes Columbus look like a contender. Amateur-hour is upon us.

  34. You can add Buffalo and Florida to that list too, CTB…In fact, most of us said in July, Bufallo reminded us NYR of 1997-2004 with all their dumb signings. I still think they will not make the PO.

  35. UK, biggest red flag for Cally is his shooting % is at all an time high (eclipsing his previous high set last year). However he’s also one pace for about 30 more shots than he’s ever taken so maybe even if his shot % starts to regress toward his career average he can hit a decent goal total simply by throwing more pucks on the net. And yeah, with a guy like Richards as his center there’s a distinct chance that could happen.

    Stranger, I’ll gladly take 110 or so goals from 3 players, no matter the distribution. Given how the Rangers have scored in aggregate over the last few seasons, that means the other 15 players only have to come up with another 130 goals (an average of around 8.7 per player) to be considered a decent offense. I mean even Dubinsky can score another 7.7 in 60 games, can’t he?

  36. Rangers beat Future Ranger Bobby Ryan’s Ducks in November in the skills comp. It’s the one where Joe M wet his pants on Gaborik’s goal.

  37. CT – i think that is probably down to where he is scoring from – he’s converting a lot of feeds on the doorstep and getting rebounds from infront. You could attribute it to Richards’ quality passing also (more passes tape to tape means more accurate shot at the end of it)

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Seeing how Richards has never eclipsed 30, I think 35 is a bit high of an expectation, no?

  39. ilb,

    It’s interesting to see how much Buffalo relies on Miller when he comes back from being Lucic’ed. Jhonas Brother Enroth is having a better season.

    Florida has a couple of things working against them. One is that Versteeg/Fleischmann/Weiss are not point per game players. Weiss has consistently been in the high 40’s with a couple of 60 point seasons thrown in. Versteeg’s best year was his rookie year with 53 on a loaded Chicago team. The other is that Theodore has had exactly one other season in his career where he’s had a save percentage of at least 92%, that was in his MVP/Vezina season in Montreal. Mean regression on both ends will hurt them, but maybe if Washington remains a Clutterbuck they’ll have a fighting chance the rest of the way.

  40. You’re right, CT. I am actually really on the fence about Weiss as he is an important piece of one of my Fantasy teams. I don’t know whether to trade him high or trust this to continue. Florida also is getting career years out of Campbell and Garrison.

  41. Yeah Doodie, he’s shooting at more than twice his career shooting %. Although the one thing that Richards has typically done well throughout his career is generate shots. But a nearly 20% shooting pct is unsustainable. Just like seeing Dubinsky at nearly 1/3 of his career shooting % is due for a rebound.

  42. The one guy that is performing very much in line with his career numbers is Gaborik. Stay healthy Gabby!

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    With the skill these rangers have, had the NHL switched to a 60 minutes of shootouts, we would be 13-0 over the last 13. Additionally, the former Attorney General would not have had face meet puck last night. I say All shootouts, all the time.

  44. UK,

    Point totals for Richards yes. He’s always been more of a 25G/50A type player rather than roughly a 1:1 goals to assist ratio. I don’t care if he does revert back to more of a playmaker than goal scorer as long as those goals come.

  45. Torts for Jack Adams award !
    Rangers for Presidents Trophy and Stanley Cup
    Hank for Hart & Vezina, Richards for Lady Byng, Gaby for Art Ross & Rocket Richard, Hagelin for Calder, Cally for Selke, Avery for Ted Lindsey …oh wait?!

  46. Gaby now has 12 and Cally 10 – could we have a pair of 40 goalscorers on our hands?

    and, ilb, Richards is close to (or in) double digits too…and, for all his passing and playmaker talk, he takes A LOT of shots….the 2-on-1 with Gabby last night i thought he was gonna pass for sure, instead he took a helluva shot and hit the post…..plus the wrister against Pitt and Montreal earlier in the season, and the slapper versus the Islanders….

  47. Hank for Hart & Vezina, Richards for Lady Byng, Gaby for Art Ross & Rocket Richard, Hagelin for Calder, Cally for Selke, Avery for Ted Lindsey


  48. Hagelin = This Year’s Prust……prust sayin’

    Hagelin skates so fast he can pass the puck to himself.

  49. as being one of the most pessimistic people on the blog here i can say i got nothing bad to say at the moment. in a typical letdown game they showed some guts heart and passion and if i am going to spend money on season tix this is the exact team i would love to watch.

    hagelin and mitchell have given this team a boost and torts has been spot on lately.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hags has serious wheels. Reminds me of a young Rick Middleton. In fact, that would be a great trade part deux.. Hags for Kenny hodge.

  51. not buying the arguments on Boyle’s supposedly great physical play – I think he’s had practically nothing to do with the success of Hagelin and Mitchell. I’ll give Boyle credit for winning faceoffs, but for a guy 6’7″ 250, he’s got the physical presence of a jockey. Also, his “performance” in that scuffle after the hit on Skinner was downright embarrassing. And his productivity rating of 44 minutes between points is abysmal and worse only than Brandon Prust.

    Boyle and Dubinsky have been the two worst Rangers this season

  52. >>Smart move by Torts to play Biron, don’t ya think?

    Oh PUH-leez! I’m sure you wouldn’t think so had the team lost.

  53. Vibz,

    You’re right, Richards does take a lot of shots. It’s just that he’s been on average a 9% shooter throughout his career and right now he’s shooting at over 18%. That won’t last throughout the whole season, but if instead of scoring goals he sets them up (maybe helping Dubinsky go from his current 3.3% to his average 9.6%) then hopefully all will remain well in Ranger-land.

  54. Boyle and Dubinsky have been the two worst Rangers this season


    Erik Christensen where have you gone?

  55. And surely there have been worse players that aren’t 2nd on the team in assists and play on the top PK unit.

  56. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Mc Monster +10
    MDZ +9
    Sauer +9

    Means something, doesn’t it? Those guys have been rocks this year….

  57. Erik Christensen is barely a footnote to the Rangers season. The only irritating aspect about him is that he hasn’t been placed on waivers yet.

    Dubinsky had four points in November. Wow!

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We want the cup…. We want the cup….

    Gary Bettman: ccccccaptain cccccccally ….. c c c c c c ome Ggggggget rtgethe ssssssssssstanley ccccccup

  59. “not buying the arguments on Boyle’s supposedly great physical play – I think he’s had practically nothing to do with the success of Hagelin and Mitchell. I’ll give Boyle credit for winning faceoffs, but for a guy 6’7” 250, he’s got the physical presence of a jockey.”

    Good point, Boyle is huge and isn’t very physical while being a terrible fighter if he ever drops the mitts. The announcers just salivate over his size but I doubt it intimidates anyone. He isn’t too far off from Chara’s height and weight, but there’s quite a difference in demeanor. But that’s just his game, more finesse based. Sort of like Mario Lemieux? : )

  60. NYR_FAN – While I never usually like the plus/minus stat, as they begin to hit double digits it does say something in general about the team’s 5 on 5 play. And quite honestly, forget the +/- the eyeball test stats says that Sauer, MDZ and certainly Mc Monster have been everything you’d want from a young defense core. Gotta give props to MDZ for battling back after rough sophomore and playing like he has something to prove.

  61. The plus minus sure means something. It means let’s get rid of MDZ now while its in plus column.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Jshim, I think that’s the first time Boyle and Lemieux were mentioned in the same sentence.

  63. Jshim:

    I think what you saw in the aftermath of the Skinner hit was proof that no one’s intimidated by Boyle and if anyone was, they certainly won’t be after that display.

  64. *Erik Christensen is barely a footnote to the Rangers season.*

    Yet somehow he has more points than Avery in the same amount of ice time per game

    *Dubinsky had four points in November. Wow!*

    C’mon, it was 5 points. Don’t sell him 20% short.

  65. I love the Boyle and Dubinsky criticisms. I didn’t realize they decided wins and losses on fantasy points. I’m pretty sure they actually play the games on the ice and therefore it’s about a lot more than points. Do they have fantasy points for John Mitchell’s willingness to throw his face against the puck to block a shot late in the game? Boyle’s size. he did throw the big hit on Skinner didn’t he? Boyle’s 53% on faceoffs doesn’t mean anything right? Or his 51 credited hits.

  66. As for Dubinsky, he’s 3rd on the team with 10 assists. Now I’m pretty sure I’ve read on this board that assists means you are top 6 player considering when MZA is brought up as a top 6 forward potential and his lack of goal production is discussed, people consistently turned to his assist totals and said they mattered. Guess, Dubi is doing enough. Truthfully, of course you want him to score more but his slump IS NOT affecting the rest of his game and that’s what matters. 51% on faceoffs, Plus player, 53 credited hits, a big pker. I’ll take it for now, still think he’ll have a hot streak at some point.

  67. CTBlueshirt:

    Yeah, 1 more point in 5 more games played including plenty of PP time. Guy is great, no doubt.

  68. Love the knocks on Boyle, It’s amazing how people judge hockey fights like they are boxing matches. Most fights are decided because one guy losses his balance on the skates and goes down. It’s very rare you see a true knockdown in an NHL fight and it’s not a way to judge someone’s toughness.

  69. Boyle starts less than 30% of his shifts in the offensive zone, meaning he’s being primarily used for defensive assignments. Yet at even strength he’s on the ice for more goals the Rangers score than they let up. He’s not scoring but he does a bang up job in his own end.

  70. apart from the sporadic assists, what you’re giving Boyle and Dubinsky credit for are the kind of thing you expect from third and fourth line players who never see power play or crunch time. Boyle and Dubinsky play every crucial shift for the Rangers and contribute nothing. Boyle and Dubinsky combined have 1 power play point.

  71. I’m not here to defend EC but he and Rupp are going to be important guys to hang around down the stretch for injury protection. The best part of this Rangers organization is that they have the depth they’ve never had before. If and when someone goes down with an injury, this is the NHL, they have legitimate NHL players to fill-in and won’t have to rely on guys who will be clearly over their heads and thats a good thing. So it’s on EC to stay in game shape and wait his turn.

  72. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    As of today, I think Lloyd Braun has officially overtaken eric as the #1 Negative Nancy of the blog…

  73. First off, yes, Dubi and Boyle are the 3rd and 4th line centers. As for the comment about playing crucial shifts you are correct again. Contribute nothing? Umm, if they play key defensive shifts and we are one of the best defensive teams in the League, wait a minute, I guess they are doing something right. Watch the games not the stat totals! This isn’t baseball. There are little things that happen on the ice that lead to wins.

  74. I know there’s no true center, but I’d love to see a line of Gabby, Stepan and Hagelin for like 2 minutes just to see what happens (Stepan at center)

  75. NYR_Fan:

    Hey, I’m happy with everyone else who’s been playing apart from Boyle and Dubinsky. It just bugs me that those two seem to get a free pass. Beyond that, I think the Rangers have been getting excellent work from all the forwards and d-men who play every night.

  76. There was a play in a Flyers game last week vs. MTL, where Claude Giroux danced with the puck ala Datsyuk for about 15 seconds then passed it off to a d-man who passed it across to the other d who shot it and was deflected in. Giroux made the entire play with his puck possession in the zone and got no point for it. You can’t just look at the stats.

  77. Boyle is everything the Rangers want/need him to be. Sorry. Stats are not nearly important to his contributions. Scratch him and put Christensen in his spot and see how effective that is. I guarantee you Christensen would have more points with Boyle’s minutes, but the Rangers would have more than five regulation losses.

    Manny, I believe in momentum. I just don’t believe in momentum carryover from one game of a playoff series to the next. It doesn’t exist. But there is momentum within games. All the time.

    Marji, hopefully Sunday.

    You’re right, LW. I will never acknowledge it. … I think.

    Yes, the difference in games played is due to the Rangers’ idiotic European vacation, which undoubtedly cost points early on … maybe their record would be even better with a normal schedule.

    Good morning, Sally!

  78. Lol @ you guys! You keep falling for the same troll who posts under two different names lately. But has posted under at least 6-7 different names before from his drop down menu. Just look at the style of posting ( he changes it, but eventually falls back- look at his posts during “Go Time” against the Pens), and, most importantly, the same content. DFT(B)T!!!

  79. JB…
    FYI, I fully expected Biron to play and would not doubt the decision to play him if we had lost. Biron needs to play on a regular basis for his sake as well as LQ’s. Given the pressure of the previous three games, regardless of the days off in between, it was an obvious decision. No Broadway Hat for you.

  80. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    There is no free pass…there is accountability….that’s what I love about this coach and team…

    Dubi is struggling offensively, so they bring up He-Man Hagelin. They move Dubi to Avery’s line. Boom. Case closed. You don’t play well, your minutes go down…

    Production that was lacking has been replenished.

  81. A pass? From whom? The coach? If you think the Coach is giving them a pass it’s because this coach, maybe his best attribute, always looks big picture. He doesn’t look at the scoresheet, he wants to know what they are contributing in all parts of the game. I think Torts would be more mad at a guy who scored 2 goals but left his man open in front for a goal and took 2 penalties over a guy who scored no points but played a smart sound hockey game. And good for him for that. It’s those things that sustain the winning. Points will come! It’s the overall game that you can control.

  82. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    I really like the Avery- Dubi-Prust line!

    Prust sayin’! Maybe, the best “4th line” in the NHL….

  83. If a lot off you guys feel that Dubinsky is doing everything BUT scoring goals then let me ask you’s this……….

    Whatever he is doing is it worth $4.2 million?

  84. Carp – Yup and I’ve seen worse. They are now giving assists to guys who forecheck the defense by throwing a hit behind net, the puck squirts out in front and the other forward buries it in the net. The forechecker who never touches the puck was given an assist. It happened in the Versus TB game the other day, forget who it was.

  85. Barry – It’s not worth 4.2 mil. You are right. I’ve said that myself, to be consistent. But, I have to respect the fact that he is not moping or sulking because of the slump and is instead trying to do all the little things to make up for it. Can’t say the same for a guy like Semin or Gomez or Kovalchuk. Not producing to their normal levels and salaries and playing brutal hockey everywhere else on ice.

  86. stranger nation on

    Boyle is playing well – just should be able to be more sturdy on his skates along the boards and needs some lessons from Nick Fotiu or Darren Langdon. Do not care if he scores, but need him to step up and lower the boom in a scrap every now and then. Last night’s fracas was embarrassing. Mitchell can take a punch – we know that after last night’s shot to ze head.

    Hags is 23 – older than Step, MDZ, and McD and same age as AA. Is Step only 21 – wow – what an upside. you can tell from the MSG show, he has the character. Kreider, Hags and Step – 1st line in 2014.

  87. Thank you. And that is the point I’ve been trying to make all along. And it’s not only about the money but when you make a certain amount of $$ then you are categorized as a particular type of player. And I have always felt that Dubinsky isnt that type of player.

  88. Kovalchuk is so laughably bad defensively. Once again, Devils PP has scored 10 goals this year and let up 6. I think I saw on a Devils site that the Devils PP has allowed more goals than the Devils PK.

  89. Carp:

    You really feel Boyle is a physical player? From what I see, he’s no more physical the Fedotenko who is 5 inches shorter and 50 lbs lighter. I don’t think Boyle strikes any fear into opposing players, nor do I think he’s capable of delivering a big hit when needed.

  90. I recommend this video to everyone. Especially the Glen Sather and Kevin Lowe stuff.

    wyshynski On Anti-Bullying, and How Brian Burke’s Son Helped Mend His Relationship With Kevin Lowe http://t.co/JW9vGtOz

  91. How innovative! “Both” of them appeared immediately after I mentioned it was the same person! Bet you from two different IPs…Carp, if you want, I can post from at least 4 different IPs over the span of 5 min. Wanna try it?

  92. stranger nation on

    Dubi is in the top 30 in assists for Centers and not playing major PP minutes for time being. He will need to earn his PP time as the unit is clicking with Cally doing his Gravy impersonation.

    Someone mentioned Cally’s shooting % is up – hanging out near crease on PP will do that for ya. B Rich will help that % all year – 5v5 and PP.

    Dubi is holding back Aves – look what happened when he got to play with Gabby – ha!

  93. As far as Boyle goes, Carp is spot on. The guy does what the Rangers ask of him. Also keep in mind that he was drafted as a defenseman. So his skating is taking some time to develop.

  94. Forget for a second about the ’94 Rangers, the recent Wings dynasty, the recent Avs and Devils dynasties – how do you guys think this team stacks up against the one-hit-wonders of recent Cup-winning years – the Ducks, Lightning, Hawks, etc.?

  95. Barry, that is a very fair assessment.

    Lloyd, I don’t think his job is to strike fear. It’s to use his body to protect pucks down deep. It is to win faceoffs. To kill penalties. To check opponents’ top players. To cycle in the offensive zone. To protect third-period leads.

    Which of those hasn’t he done? And he has been pretty physical. He pretty much ran over Skinner.

  96. Even at around $2M a year, 22 goals in 174 games in his 2nd tour of duty with the Rangers isn’t great value either.

  97. and, with Boyle, he’s gone from a minor-leaguer to a legit NHLer in a year. And he’s still a work in progress. A late bloomer. I think he is going to be a very, very valuable player. Bet a lot of teams would love to have him.

  98. Carp – Speaking of running over Skinner, an instigator on Stewart? For what? Defending their star player? If that’s an instigator penalty then every coach in the League would take those two minutes and say “go kill it boys”

  99. I’m a little surprised there were no more “fireworks” at the game yesterday….Boyle wasn’t the only one who was physical with the figure skater….I think Carolina has serious issues with their identity….

  100. Oh I know, Carp. I was just teasing and trying to drive up traffic.

    Avery for Chandler Bing.

    Hagelin for 20+ Minutes a game.

    We are knocking Boyle? Are people insane? He was battling a puck in the corner and got jumped. He was lucky to get his gloves off in time to defend himself. Give the guy a break. At least he knocked down Oksana Baiul. He was really physical last night AND played a great game anchoring the kids. I think he also had one of the better records on faceoffs last night. SHEESH

  101. One more thing about intangibles: I know, people think they’re overrated … until you don’t have them.

    Look at how bad the makeup of those teams from 1998 through the lockout were. How little “intangibles” they had. the bad character, the leadership void, the lack of camaraderie or chemistry, the me-first garbage, and the flat-out doggishness.

    This team has loads of intangibles, including the players who aren’t scoring enough to make everybody happy. And Boyle has more good team/teammate traits than most. He’s been great for Hagelin and Mitchell.

  102. About the schedule….the past few seasons the Rangers have always played more games than other teams earlier in the season and everyone whined about how late in the season teams with games in hand were more likely to pass us in the standings because of having so many games so close together and because they were on hot streaks. Well this year the roles seem reversed and people arent happy again…..Should they have come back from Europe and played the next day, then fly out to the West Coast for 4-5 games, come back and play the next night? Would that have made you happier? Or would it just bring about whining about how they lost because they were so tired from all the traveling, so it really wasnt a fair game.

  103. HWirth, I think the league has a real issue — and has made it clear to the teams and players — that a guy shouldn’t have to fight somebody just because he delivered a hard, clean hit. Hence the instigator will be called in those situations.

  104. Carp – You mean traveling in separate car service limos on road games to NJ and Long Island didn’t help bond those pre lockout teams?

  105. Carp:

    I won’t deny that he’s good at cycling the puck in defensive scenarios but I still believe his physical play is suspect. In addition, he does get ice time in key offensive situations where I don’t feel his offensive skill set (especially this season) justifies his presence on the ice. Also, how can you say he ran over Skinner? Skinner was already falling to his knees when Boyle hit him. Plus the way he handled himself when challenged by Stewart was really poor.

  106. The game on Saturday will be interesting…Torts and Richards back in Tampa together….The first game after Tampa helped them to get in last season…Is there any doubt Torts will make sure they go in and only think about two points? It’ll be interesting nonetheless…

  107. Intangibles are key in any sport. But sometimes they just aint worth $4.2 million.

    Carp, the Rangers back in the late 90’s tried to by “intangible” type of players in the likes of Skrudland, Keane, etc. And how did that work out for them?

  108. Carp – Normally, I totally agree with that assessment, but this was their star player. I guess they are one of those good penalties that coaches will never mind.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This ranger team could be the greatest team ever to play any sport…. I predict they finish 74-5-3 thereby ending the season on a 64 game winning streak.

    Avery scores the cup wing goal and earns a 10 year $190 Million extension.

  110. Carp – I agree with you that it’s a situation that demands the instigator under the rules but honestly, if I was on Michelle Kwan’s team I would have jumped Boyle too. The other guys on the ice were looking at the puck. All they saw was Skinner go into the boards and down hard. They react to that as they should be able to. Hockey is a violent sport. Not nearly as violent as many other sports (e.g. boxing, UFC, WWE, etc.) and there is no reason to stop the players from policing themselves out there.

  111. Carp,

    It’s not even intangibles. Boyle in particular starts most of his shifts either in the neutral zone or in the defensive zone. At even strength he’s still on the ice for more goals scored than goals against. He’s 3rd amongst forwards on for PK time (Dubi is #1, followed by Cally). That’s without taking into regard whether he sticks up for his teammates or is a great guy in the lockerroom. If he chips in 25-30 points, primarily at even strength, that’s great too. The Rangers have more than $100M invested in guys that will score and create the rest of the time.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The thing about intangibles is I can’t seem to be able to wrap my fingers around them.

    Rangers have a new #1 line

    The Prust… The Avery…. The doobie

    One hits, one annoys, the other smokes on skates

  113. HWrith + Manny = Vibin’!

    Maybe you should join the bobsled squad that NYR and I have going. Cool Runnin’s Mon!

  114. Barry – what? I didn’t say anything about the minutes. I just think the instigator penalty should be removed ENTIRELY. I also believe he was tagged with 17 total minutes.

  115. In addition, he does get ice time in key offensive situations


    Boyle is 15th on the team in PP time per game. And he does not get shifts over Richards/Gabby/Cally/Stepan/Anisimov in key offensive situations.

  116. “When it got to 4-2, Johnny Mac had that same look on his face that he had as Devils coach last year.”
    This cracked me up.

  117. He didn’t get a game misconduct. He received a 10 minuet misconduct and left the game because it happened with less than 17:00 left to go in the 3rd.

  118. CTBlueshirt, who’s taking the faceoff a majority of the time when the Rangers need to defend a lead?

  119. eddie eddie eddie on

    the splendor of ec is so great that the rangers could trade ec to the ducks and the flames for ryan and jerome I. and those two teams split his services…

  120. Barry, you made my argument for me. When you don’t have those guys, it’s really, painfully obvious.

    When you do, they tend to be taken for granted.

    and the instigator is 2+5+10.

    There’s no such thing as a two-minute instigator penalty without the 5 and the 10.

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    speaking of michelle kwan…in the next SO, i would love to see Richards do a triple toe, double lutz, triple axle, flying sit-spin, triple saw cow, double toe, triple toe, quadruple axle then deposit the puck thru the five hole….

  122. I don’t understand why Skinner doesn’t drop the helmet, lace up some figure skates and do a jumpy thing instead of a spin-o-rama. That would be classic. I would laugh and the return to thinking the skillz competition is literally the dumbest idea ever in the history of organized sports.

  123. But if you’re talking about defensive zone face offs it’s usually either Boyle or Richards.

  124. OFF TOPIC:

    UEFA EURO 2012 finals draw live on ESPN News! Poland-Ukraine! I’m pissed they didn’t pick Odessa as one of the cities for tournament matches! Bastages! Lvov and Kyiv are gorgeous cities but Donetsk? Kharkov?? give me a break! Anyway… GO TEAM RUSSIA!

  125. Here’s a question for you guys … because I’m too lazy to look it up.

    If a guy gets a 2+5+10 with, say, nine minutes left in regulation, and the game goes through OT tied and they have one of those post-game breakaway contests after the hockey game concludes, can that penalized player then participate in the post-game breakaway contest after the hockey game concludes?

  126. What to eat.. What to eat..

    Watched the game this morning – as usual, your review is very accurate IMO, Carp.


  127. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – i do…3 to be exact…….but i am wearing a pink tu-tu, and a see through top….my nipples are very hard

  128. Carp – 84.4 Shootout – During regular-season games, if the game remains tied at the end of the five (5) minute overtime period, the teams will proceed to a shootout. The rules governing the shootout shall be the same as those listed under Rule 24 – Penalty Shot.
    The teams will not change ends for the shootout. The home team shall have the choice of shooting first or second. The teams shall alternate shots.
    Three (3) players from each team shall participate in the shootout and they shall proceed in such order as the Coach selects. All players are eligible to participate in the shootout unless they are serving a ten-minute misconduct or have been assessed a game misconduct or match penalty.

  129. AFAIK, Carp, if a player’s in the penalty box at the end of overtime, he is ineligible to participate in the skills competition.

  130. Thanks, HWirth. So, if they have time left on a major, they can participate, but not if they have time left on a misconduct/match.

  131. It’s a musical that was featured in a _great_ episode of Seinfeld!

    Also what I call my wife from time to time.

  132. Ahhh, intangibles – I think they exist when team chemistry exists (or it could be the other way around – without the intangibles, you likely won’t have that so often team chemistry every team desperately tries to find).

    Intangibles are also part of establishing a positive team identity. That, however, doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time because it requires a certain type of overall team personality, especially when the identity is so closely tied in to what the Rangers ID is: Hard working and selflessness.

    Such commitment, especially when it’s spread across the entire roster, requires a whole bunch of individuals brimming with certain character traits and void of others (namely me-first). You have to purposely go about acquiring these type of individuals and that includes via the draft, a process that doesn’t beget results overnight.

    Most of us welcomed the house-cleaning Sather orchestrated in the winter of 04, but it’s clear now that that was done in conjunction with a new team bulding philsophy shift – the high-paid mercenary route was a miserable expensive flop (that went on too long, but that’s a different story) and management recognized the need to develop from within AND pursue players with character.

    Obviously, you cannot do that overnight – I mean, the man wearing the C who epitomizes what it means being a Ranger now was drafted nearly 8 years ago. Tortorella came in nearly 3 years ago (and it’s clear Sather envisioned Tortorella’s style meshing with the philsophy).

    Tortorella, of course, has his own views on this, specifically on what type of players he wants and therefore, who should go, who should stay and who the team needs to pursue via the trade and UFA routes. More time is needed for that to occur (albeit not as much as the drafting route).

    So yes, without a doubt this team is enjoying certain intangibles that are helping it exude on a regular basis its identity, an identity that starts with the architect (who is responsible for acquiring the players that suit that identity) and hiring the coach (who also embraces that philsophy).

    It’s the architect’s job to get the players, it’s the coach’s job to ensure the players embrace that identity and display on the ice and it’s the players’ responsibility to play that way. Consistently. When all of this comes together, the intangibles fit and the chemistry is obvious.

    And we are now seeing it coming together, which is very nice to see. This, however, isn’t to say the team, as it’s constituted now, will win the cup – they are still, IMO, a player or 2 or 3 away. They are, as the coach recently implored, a work in progress…

  133. Carp, speaking of intangibles and when you don’t have those guys, it’s really painfully obvious, when Tikkanen left they dearly missed him. And if I’m correct they traded for Ian Laperriere.

    Well fore some reason they traded Laperriere and they didn’t have that agitator/pest for quite sometime and they really missed that element.

  134. oh it was a reference from that unfunny show… got ya :P

    Ukraine just drew first opponent – France… ouch.

    btw, Minsk is in Belarus not Ukraine ;)

  135. Oh jeez, Lappy was involved in one of the worst trades (non-Zubov category) of the post-Cup era.

    March 14, 1996: Traded to Los Angeles by NY Rangers with Ray Ferraro, Mattias Norstrom, Nathan LaFayette and NY Rangers’ 4th round choice (Sean Blanchard) in 1997 Entry Draft for Marty McSorley, Jari Kurri and Shane Churla, March 14, 1996.

  136. CARP:

    What do you think the Rangers are missing from completing the puzzle? A Ryan-like power forward? A stay-at-home defensemen with playoff experience? Wade Redden’s return from the amateur-hour league?

  137. Barry – Esa was traded to St. Louis in the Mike Keenan compensation swap.

    Lapy was acquired in that horrendous Ray Ferraro/try to recreate 1994 trade.

  138. Miami Pimp, allow me.

    I feel that this team is missing a bomber from the point on the PP and consistent offensive contribution from Dubinsky and Anisimov from becoming a serious contender for the Cup.

    And of course, Mark Staal.

  139. CTB – Recreate 94 as in bringing in all the old Oilers again like they did with Esa and Anderson in 94.

  140. Actually, Tikkanen left for St. Louis, the Rangers traded Matteau to St. Louis for Laperriere and then traded him to L.A. to recreate the 90′ Oilers.

    But Tikkanen returned for the playoff drive in 96-97 (the last time the Rangers made it to the Conf. Finals).

    After that they were missing that element.

  141. I’m going to throw one out there and see what people think. It seems to me that Rangers have put their team together and are built pretty similarly to the B’s of last year. They have top level backstop in Hank (Thomas). Short of Chara (pun not intended) they have a solid but not great blueline. The forwards are made up of mostly grinders who contribute from all 4 lines with a few stars thrown in (Richards + Gabby like Bergeron/Lucic?).

    Chara might be the one thing the B’s have we don’t have right now.

  142. stranger nation on

    Rangers are missing another year or two of experience for their young core. Pups playing well, but the real season starts after the All Star break and their will be growing pains for some, maybe not so much for others.

    If Staal comes back in Feb/March and they can get Kreider in March after college is over – could be more to the mix. Do not think there are any prime offensive Dmen, unless one of the two from Nash are available and they are 2 way players. Man – Shea Weber would sure look good in a Rangers Uni…

  143. I think they need another legit No. 1 line forward. Of course, every team could use a legit PP defenseman, whether that’s a shooter or a playmaker. Or a mean top-4 defenseman.

    Those are all very hard to get, and won’t come cheaply.

  144. If Stawl skates this year, where does he fit in? Do you break up Girardi and McBust? I might put Stahl with Sauer-Pauer and drop Del Zotto down with Mrs. Eminger/Woywhatever at least for the start. Then I might play McBust and Staol as the top pairing and put Girardi on a combo wtih Sauer-Pauer and use Girardi on the PP a bit more to make up the minutes he loses (wink wink).

  145. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Kreider is on the way….he’s top 6 or bust

    Also, Erixon is projected to be a solid top 4 D-man…

    Rangers are very close…

  146. Tikk’s transaction history:

    July 24, 1994: Traded to St. Louis by NY Rangers with Doug Lidster for Petr Nedved, July 24, 1994.

  147. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    “Chara might be the one thing the B’s have we don’t have right now.”

    Exactly, he was the one thing Vancouver didn’t have last year (or the rest of the league for that matter)

  148. We are similar to the B’s of last year…i think. The only question is… who will be our Horton come playoff time?

  149. CTB, that was the compensatory deal agreed upon for Iron Mike weasling his way out of New York to St. Louis (after trying to sign with Detroit during the Cup run).

  150. Carp, how come the Rangers don’t benefit from using a lefty and a righty on the opposite points to shoot off of the one-timer on the PP ala Leetch and Zubov used to?

    Meaning Del Zotto on the right point and Girardi on the left point?

  151. I don’t know, Barry. Speculation: Some coaches prefer to have guys play their natural side, even on the wings, because it’s better for work along the boards and keeping pucks in at the point. I don’t know if this is the reason.

    I personally would have left-shooters on the right, even up front, and vice versa.

  152. Exactly, he was the one thing Vancouver didn’t have last year (or the rest of the league for that matter)


    I’m gonna go with a goalie that didn’t completely carcillo the bed as a bigger factor.

  153. The Rangers could be a more dominant team if they were better in the corners and did a better job of cycling. I was at the game last night. I couldn’t even begin to count the times where a man was in the corner and was digging, then played the puck on… to nobody. Two guys hanging around the net while another was doing all the work.

    Where was the classic triangle of two guys on the boards and one in front? They did so many other things so well. When Hagelin drew that penalty, which the Rangers scored on the delayed call, he was all alone. If he had played the puck in either direction, it would have been turned over. That was the one continuous and glaring weakness that I noticed all night.

  154. Because Richards and Del Zotto get the majority of the time at the point on the PP. I suppose one of them could play the off-wing and I’d prefer it to be Richards since a forward and particularly a center is used to roaming on either side of the ice. You’ve got to cut Girardi’s minutes somewhere, so resting him and using him on the 2nd PP unit is where they’re doing it.

  155. And Callahan is usually on the off-wing on the PP (such as his goal last night) since Gaborik is the other wing and always plays on the off-wing.

  156. I thought Boyle-Mitchell-Hagelin and Prust-Dubi-Avery did a good job of cylcing last night.

  157. I always played off wing for that very reason. A little tougher to receive a hot pass, but opens up all manner of shot angles/options.

  158. CTB- The Boyle line was the most consistent, but they were still not doing it half of the time. Like I said, Hagelin was all alone when he drew that penalty. Wasn’t anybody within 15 ft of him in a Rangers uni.

    I give Hagelin credit though. At the beginning of the game, he was being moved off of the puck pretty regularly, but by the 3rd period, he was winning those battles most of the time.

  159. Hagelin’s penalty was more/less behind the net no?

    They might have been keeping the other forwards high because they were defending a 1 goal lead, which quickly turned into 2.

  160. And speaking of that delayed penalty, that was Tomas Kaberle. If we’re talking about players not worth the money. My head nearly exploded when Joe mentioned how the Canes GM had a sitdown with Kaberle about his play and then discussed a possible trade. Who in there right mind would trade for Kaberle at this point?

  161. Yup, behind the net. It may have been about keeping two men high to be conservative in that instance.

    I just noticed too many times where the puck was given away because there was only one man on the boards. It was a consistent theme most of the night. That will work against Carolina. Won’t against most anybody come April. That was also one of the things Montreal was schooling them on. Granted, some teams just don’t match up well no matter what you do, but I would be curious to be on the bench to hear if this is a purposeful strategy.

  162. And Gaborik for Kurtis Foster, which I think may have been an actual trade proposal last year.

  163. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    Morning ILB and all!!
    SO, mama and nasty show up on the game thread and of course….I’m not there!

    I absolutely think rupp is an everyday skater when he returns.

    Many will not want to hear this, but that shot of avery’s looked just like the shots he used to score on when he first go to the rangers and played with jagr. Wicked wrister from the slot/circle areas and on/in the net.

    I told some of you guys you were underrating AMB and his puck control and passing in his own zone. Some of you will just not give bottom pair d men and bottom line forwards any credit. Everyone has to be gretzky and leetch to some of you.

    Right now dubi is playing right where he belongs (except on the power play, I would rather see feds there, but I understand they are trying to get dubi going), the 4th line.

    Just musing, but if rupp comes back to a top 12 forward slot (which he should), perhaps it would be time to trade a 4.2 mil 4th liner and a d man for a stud d man…again, just musing for musings sake!

  164. Read over on Blueshirt banter that Stepan missed practice today and is hobbling around. Anybody concerned?? I knew I breathed a sigh of relief (aka Cally last year) when he came right back out after crawling part way to the bench, but I’ve been there done that myself 2 years ago when i skated a whole period after getting hit with a teammates slapper from the point and eventually wound up in a walking boot to heal a broken bone in my foot . . . . FOR 6 WEEKS.
    Not trying to be Chicken Little here, but 21 year old bones can heal quickly and that it’s nothing more than a bruise

  165. Wicky, Dubinsky does not belong on the 4th line. He’s supposed to be on one of the top 2 lines.

    And I for one have been saying that Eminger and Woywitka have been playing awesome this season so far.

  166. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    wick, that was a wicked shot by Aves (circa 2007). I didn’t think he still had it in him. I was wrong and I am glad I was wrong. Avery has been a contributing factor this season in a few big wins…

    And how about that (unsustainable) 25% shooting percentage?

  167. Carp: Totally concur the Rangers still need another top 6 forward. The good news is last year they needed 2 offensive centers – they sorta had one with the rookie Stepan but this year with his progress I think it’s safe to say he’s a top 2 centerman (and obviously, growing into the position). Add Richards to the mix and the Rangers have addressed what I thought was their most serious shortcoming organizationally quite well.

    IMO, part of what’s needed to become a legitimate cup contender is another winger, at this point to play with Richards and Callahan.

    It’s nice to think that Chris Kreider is the answer and perhaps he is, but when? Not this spring certainly, but next year? Likely not, but that’s not a certainty, either. If the Rangers honestly believe otherwise, then they shouldn’t go the trade route to address that hole – the team, including the big 3 veterans (Gabbie, Richards and the King) are young enough to believe they’ll still be effective next year and the year after (at least).

    Instead, they should use their assets to address another significant hole: Bruising top 4 defenseman, which they are obviously hoping McIlarth will be. Will he be ready next year? Another question mark, but it’s less likely, IMO, compared to Kreider.

    It sure would be interesting to know what Sather and company are thinking, especially with regards to the perceived effectiveness of those big 3. Did Sather sign Richards with the thinking that the club needed at least 1 more season (after this one) and perhaps another after that before challenging?

    Were they expecting what we are seeing right now? Will what we’re seeing right now continue throughout the season?

    With how competitive the NHL is now and the fact that teams are sometimes advancing deep in the POs regardless of where they finish in the regular season, it’s possible that if the team is playing better than expected and continues to do so, Sather will be motivated to make a move sooner rather than later.

    If so, given his dubious track record when it comes to such moves, I hope he’s very careful and doesn’t succumb to the pressure and make a bad trade. It seems to me most of successful trades lately have come without that pressure. It’s one thing to be trading when the team sucks; it’s another when the right move could result in a deep PO run….

  168. If anything, they need an offensive defenseman, badly.

    And please, dont tell me that Del Zotto is that guy.

  169. Barry: Not bruising enough, which isn’t to say he’s not good nor ineffective. He’s not Jeff Beukaboom….

  170. And yeah, one of the other holes is offensive defenseman. So is power-forward, but that’s what the organization, I’m sure, is envisioning Kreider will become (and power forwards don’t have to fight to be a power forward, either, although that certainly helps).

  171. I loved Beukaboom, loved him! But I don’t know if you can get away with that style of play in today’s passive, Euro, Bettman era NHL.

  172. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    not sure at this point to be quite honest, tough decision for sure. Not sure at this point if anyone really deserves to “sit” (I don’t think anyone does). That is why I mentioned the trade musing earlier to “solve” the problem (or the 2 roster forwards for one stud forward option like some discussed with a “possible” ryan trade).

    That being said, rupp doesn’t appear to be close according to woywitka—> of coming back, so things may change a lot by then.

  173. Sidney Crosby and Marc Staal both got their brains scrambled because they were Europansies…oh wait.

  174. Rupp has been phased out of this team by Hagelin and Mitchell. Barring an injury I say put the guy on LTIR and remove the cap hit and move on. We took a flyer and it didn’t work. That’s happened before _see_ Frolov

  175. Manny,
    Rupp is going to play when he comes back. who he plays for is the question. my guess would be that either Mitchell, or Hagelin goes back down. if they stay, then he will replace Avery. and yes I know that Avery is playing well, but Rupp is built for the playoffs. the Rangers do not have anybody with his combo of size or style.

  176. CTBlueshirt, just because players weren’t penalized doesn’t mean the hits were legal.

    See; Crosby slewfoot on Callahan

    Manny, unfortunately Rupp is signed through 13-14.

  177. Manny- I’m going to slightly disagree with you there. I think Rupp will stay with the team the rest of the year as 12th/13th forward. You’d be nieve to think they will go the next 50+ games with the (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!) pretty much luck they have had with injuries this year. He will be a nice guy to put back in lineup at that time. I’m always in favor of having vets to add in when your plan is to make a serious run for the CUP.

  178. Bull Dog – I think he’ll rotate with Mitchell as the 12th/13th forward. Plus, having EC as the 14th fwd with Woywitka as the extra D when Staal comes back is really good depth. And that’s not including if they make a trade to upgrade.

  179. Rupp and his 43 playoff game experience including a Stanley Cup Clinching goal. We talked about intangibles before. He’s a keeper.

  180. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I agree will bill dug lone, rupp was not signed to be a “spare part”. Frolov was signed to a one year deal to “see how it goes” if you will (think stralman). but rupp was signed to a 3 year deal and I really think is viewed like feds is by the organization (even though feds is on a one year deal I think), which is a player that is very versatile and can be used on any of the four lines if necessary and will be a regular player.

    He had a “wonky” knee (obviously) and was not up to the playing standard that he will be when he comes back and will be a much better player when he gets back.

  181. Other than Brad Richards and Feds, EC and Rupp are the only other two players that have gone though significant playoff runs and that experience will become very important come playoff time. It’s key to have guys who have done it before to guide the ship and keep it steady when the intensity of the spring season happens.

  182. I think it’s a great idea to keep Rupp around as that vet the has playoff experience.

    But who’s to say that when he comes back he automatically bumps someone from the lineup? Especially with the way the team has played.

  183. Jim

    The one who identifies as Miami Pimp, has a regular job assigning every slight imperfection in performance as “bush league”.

    It saves explanation and seems to provide an austere and all knowing viewpoint, and that one phrase covers every eventuality. It’s really difficult to take this pattern seriously.

  184. It seems to me that people are forgetting that a good majority of this team has some playoff experience. Albeit not deep into the playoffs but a lot of these guys have been on the team for a few seasons now.

  185. Need to start building a bunch of ‘Black Aces’ like ’94. Rupp, EC, Woywitka or Emminger (when Staal oepfully is backTHIS season) is a fair start. Nothing more than depth players who will fill out the practice squad when the older guys like Gabby, BRich, and Foto a blow when they need a day off. Actually, bring up Voros (who truly can’t play up to Ranger standards now) to fill that role, would be great for the team, or at least his buddies BRich and Aves.

  186. I’m indifferent on Rupp as a whole, but I’d put him very low on the list of reasons why the Devils and Pens won the Cup with him on the team.

  187. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I think it is a good think at this point that we have to go “wow, who the hell do we take out of the line up to put so and so back in”.

    Not only that, but there is no need at this point to rush him back, so when he does come back, he will be 100% effective!

  188. Maybe he’s a good luck charm. Kind of like Robert Horry?

    Sorry in advance for the NBA reference…….

  189. I guess we will find out on Rupp in a few weeks. I think he will be in the top 12. my guess is Hagelin gets whaled.

  190. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    he is one of those guys who is invaluable during the playoffs. He is underrated by many in the regular season (kind of like s certain style of d man that people seem to think we do not need) but when the style of play changes (and it does) and the way the game is called by the officials (and it is) in the playoffs, invaluable!!

  191. Ulfie – You are dead on with that. People forget Lidster? Played 34 reg season games for 2 assists. Then in ONLY 9 playoff games scored 2 of the bigger goals of the playoffs.

  192. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I think mitchell goes before hags at this point, although as of now, both deserve to stay

  193. Wicky,
    you are exactly right. the style changes come play off time, and Rupp fits that style.

  194. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    both rupp and prust are intended to be in the lineup at the same time, not one or the other IMHO!

  195. Is it possible for Slats to sit tight on this team until there is more certainty on what is going to happen with Staal this season? Would never want to get ahead of myself and guarantee a playoff berth, massive injuries aside, but if we think that way, we should deal from strength and not be suckered into any deal that would negatively impact a team that on current trends has the core and depth to compete late into May for at least a few years.

  196. Before everyone gets crazy over Hagelin. He’s coming off a college schedule where they play twice a week basically on weekends and now will be asked to play the daily grind of the NHL schedule. There’s a good chance the schedule might catch up to him and he’ll go through a wall where he doesn’t have the same legs he has now. That’s where having the depth of Rupp will be important.

  197. or, for those who don’t like to even think about the NBA, Eric Hinske, who won World Series with the Red Sox, Phillies and Yankees in consecutive seasons (07-08-09).

  198. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    he could do that, but like I said a good problem to have and I think we have a couple of good roster assets to move along with d depth to improve our team with a top six forward and top 4 d man

  199. Ah, see I thought Rupp was on the 09 Pens, he wasn’t. He only won with the Devils in 2003.

    Wicky, you’ve seen my feelings on why this team hasn’t succeeded in the playoffs the past couple of times they’ve been in it. They’ve scored less than 2 goals per game in their previous 2 series. That’s been more of an indictment on the teams skill rather than it’s grit. They were plenty gritty last year, but fell well short of the Caps in terms of talent. And don’t even get me started on the 08-09 team.

  200. Barry – You say a lot of guys on this team have playoff experience because they’ve been in playoffs all but once out of lockout. According to some on the board, Rangers have done NOTHING and therefore those games don’t count.

  201. Or David Justice who played in the playoffs every single season of his career except for one.

    Boy, was he a great Met!

  202. I happen to agree on Rupp. If you watched the Devils, and especially the Pens, you would’ve immediately noticed that Rupp wasn’t the same effective player this year. His skating and cycling wasn’t the same. The knee makes sense. I think when he comes back he will, hopefully, be able to show why he was signed. Very underrated support player and a great team guy. I’m certain he will be a regular sooner than later.

  203. Hinske wasn’t on the Phils Carp.

    He played in 3 straight WS, winning with Boston and NY and losing with TB.

  204. It’s the same old thing in hockey, if you are going to look at the point totals to determine a player’s value you are being nieve about this sport. The Devils most important line in their heyday was that crashline. Not exactly nhl powerhouse scorers.

  205. HWirth, it’s still experience. You need to start somewhere.

    CTBlueshirt, you are correct. But he was a Met briefly when he was traded there by the Skanks for Ventura…………not Jessie.

  206. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    I understand what you are saying, but there is a HUGE difference between gritty and physical intimidating/physically dominating type players.

    We have a good amount of grit (no arguing there, feds is gritty, but not physically intimidating/dominating player for example)

    for instance on D, i would say OPG is gritty, but not physically dominating/intimidating in the aspect of say a beuke did or how kronwall in detroit hits or a big nasty guy like pronger or chara.

    that is the kind of presence we need in the playoffs that we do not have that would get us far into the playoffs

    that is the only true difference between us and the bruins last year…SCORING INCLUDED!!

  207. The Devils most important line was the blueline with the two Scotts and later on guys like Rafalski.

  208. If you think it’s all about skill, this player scored 17 g in 77 games in the regular season (a pretty good year) but in the playoffs scored 12 goals in 22 games.

    That guy was Fedotenko for the Lightning in 04.

  209. The Devils most important line was that chubby pale bastardo that sat between the pipes blocking the puck!

  210. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    You do have to score one more goal than the other team (I know you are aware of that), the thing is you can have this fancy regular season high scoring team (and you still have to make it into the playoffs so you do have to win in the regular season), but you have to intimidate and dominate physically in the playoffs and that is every bit as important if not more important in a long playoff run. See the caps and bruins respectively!

  211. wicky,

    Then what about the Blackhawks the year before? Did they have some grit and physical players? Sure, but they also had Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, et al.

    And the Pens the year before that and the Wings before them?

    Yes, you need physical players to survive a war of attrition, but the bigger deficit the Rangers have had in comparison with most of the Cup winners has been in terms of skill.

  212. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    will over skill, hockey sin’t baseball folks (and thankfully so)

  213. Anything can happen in the playoffs. Did anyone think that David Freese was going to have as many RBI’s in the playoffs this season as he did???

  214. And in that same playoff season. St. Louis, you know a skill guy, scored 9 after 38 in the regular season. Lecavalier also 9 when 32 in regular season.

  215. If you think it’s all about skill, this player scored 17 g in 77 games in the regular season (a pretty good year) but in the playoffs scored 12 goals in 22 games.

    That guy was Fedotenko for the Lightning in 04.


    Brad Richards, 7 GWG in 2004.

  216. Wicky, You are dead on with this! Funny, I knew someone would say the Blackhawks.

    David Bolland, a nice solid 3rd line center, 8 goals in the playoffs. 1 more than Toews, 5 more than Hossa.

  217. Toews

    The non-goalie Conn Smythe winners since the lockout.

  218. CTB – Seriously? Gotta do better than that. The media, half of whom, haven’t watched 2 games before the playoffs vote on that nonsense.

  219. Sean Bergenheim, last season; 80 GP, 14 G

    Playoffs; 16 GP, 9 G

    Enough with this conversation.

  220. GWG? Really. Gee, I score a goal at 3-1 to make it 4-1 and then they score 2 late goals and now I get credited with the GWG. That’s a reliable one.

  221. Now I am WAY behind but I will just say this: I see absolutely NO reason to keep Rupper on this squad. Trade him or move him somewhere for something, anything. Bel Biv Deveaux is a better option. Rupp can’t fight, he’s older and he’s injury prone. Not worth it.

    If Hagelin gets sent down for Rupp I will probably swallow a couple extra baby aspirin’s or something that screams “call for help.”

  222. The bottom line to this conversation is exactly what Wicky is talking about. Hockey ain’t baseball and if you are serious abt a long term run in the playoffs guys like Rupp and even god forbid EC will come in handy in the playoffs, vet guys who’ve been there before because in the 20+ games it takes to win the CUP there will be injuries or the need for fresh legs. That’s the point of this.

  223. Yeah, I’m pretty happy that someone scored a 4th goal to win the game. Would’ve been nice in Game 4 against the Caps last April if someone could have scored a 4th goal in regulation and knotted the series at 2-2.

  224. the skill guys need the space created by the bigger more physical players.
    94 Rangers,
    Anderson instead of Gartner because Anderson was meaner, and would do whatever it took to win.
    Matteau, and Noonan, instead of Amonte, because Matteau and Noonans bigger more physical bodies wear down big Dmen, and can hold up physically against big teams.

  225. Manny – I hate to break it to you, you and I are usually on the same page, but there is a better chance Hagelin runs out of gas from the grind of the NHL schedule as there is he moves up into the top 2 lines this year. It’s what happens to young players. Hell, MDZ had a season long hitting of the wall last year.

  226. Bull Dog Line – That’s the best example. Smith risked the entire future of this organization and would have been killed w/o the CUP for it, but he knew he needed those guys to get them over the hump. Anderson scored huge SHG to win a game.

  227. That is simplifying it, HW…But his tying goal in Europe, and the goal against Montreal were pretty clutch, considering the situation. He certainly doesn’t disappear in high pressure times, does he?

  228. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    You people all think you’re experts…

    Manny could be 110% correct for all we know…

    Hagelin could end the year with more goals than Avery and Dubi (OMG, did he really say that?)

  229. Yea. You’re right about that HWirth. I guess that was a right here, right now kind of analysis on my part. I just don’t think RUPP fits and I would rather see Boyle play like a big guy or perhaps Bel Biv Whaled get back up here and take some fighting majors.

    Rupp’s job was to take the fighting load off of Prust. That is why he was signed. I don’t want to hear anything about his “skill” or whatever. His best skill is apparently Tweeting. He literally took 0 fights away from Prust and then immediately got injured.

  230. Ilb – Not saying that at all. In fact, I think Richards is very clutch. But that stat is very easily manipulated. A 4-1 becomes 4-2 with 10 seconds left on a cheap goal, and now the GWG is changed. It’s not the most reliable of stats.

  231. HWirth, exactly. Baseball doesnt require veteran leadership or prescence in the playoffs.

    David Justice
    Jack Morris
    Keith Hernandez
    David Eckstein
    Curt Schilling

  232. Hagelin CERTAINLY will end the season with more POINTS than Avery. Maybe more than Dubi if he doesn’t pick it up.

  233. There is no reliable stat, HW….But you’re contradicting yourself because a goal scored at 2-2 with 10 seconds left becomes a crucial goal, reflected in that stat….How does one tell?

  234. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The GWG should be the goal which gives the winning team a permanent lead in the game. But our beloved NHL gets the GWG stat backwards, to go with awarding pluses and debiting minuses on empty-net goals. What else is new, besides the fact that there is nothing to prevent someone from compiling a REAL GWG stat, for our purpose, here.

  235. I think if you score a goal to make it 5 to nothing, and the team wins 5 to 4, that 5th goal was important. or even win 5 to 3, that 5th goal is important.

  236. Ilb – That’s my point. You brought GWG. How is that a that 2-2 goal with 10 seconds left the same GWG as the 4-1 g when the final score becomes 4-3.

  237. But how can you compare the impact of that 5-0 goal (it was a tack on at the time) to if that goal was scored at 4-4 and the game ended 5-4.

  238. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Think of where this team would be now, had Hags started the season here, which everyone except Rangers brass should have happened. You’re talking an extra three or four points for the team to this point in the season. Hags vs, E.C. in training camp – Like Babe Ruth vs. Woody Allen for the Yankees RF job – a coin flip competition. lol.

  239. Boom Boom.. The one thing about that with Hagelin is that he might have needed that AHL experience to learn to adjust to the NHL game. There is a monumental jump between College hockey and the NHL.

  240. BOOM BOOM,
    Gabby score the 1st goal of the game in which the Rangers never give up the lead, and win 8 to 7. Gabby goal is the game winner? I understand were you are coming from, but to much can happen in a game after a go ahead goal is scored.

  241. Because that goal happens to be the one to win the game. And if a player shows the ability to replicate that with two-three different teams, it’s hard to believe that the stat is completely worthless.

  242. UK Ranger…you mentioned the Exocet missile and it reminded me that Hedy Lamarr, a Hollywood beauty who also was an inventor and developed the Blue Tooth
    signal interception of radar guided torpedoes and missiles for the allies, but it was ignored by the Navy….
    …but it worked.She was once known as the most beautiful woman in Europe…and nowadays they would have said “the world” I believe it…..she was a stunner.
    She just passed away recently. RIP.

  243. Wicky©Is staal out for the season yet?? on

    They do not have to be mutually exclusive and you need both and no one is arguing that, but you are simply overrating offencive players and stats in the playoffs and absolutely underrating physicality and intimidation in the playoff grind.

    Again, a perfect example is the bruins last year. Our teams were extremely similar except for one major difference, physical intimidation (not talking a heavyweight fighter either), especially on the blueline (and not just chara). Just look at the mcquaid response earlier this year in that scrum we all talked about here. It’s not just that one instance though, they play that way all the time!

  244. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    I tend to think the “physicality and intimidation in the playoff grind” carried much more weight in the year 1994 than it does in today’s faster, bigger, and more skilled NHL. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still a factor. Just much less than it once was…and you need more talent than you once did…

    The catalysts last year to me: Boston had A+, exceptional goaltending, Chara’s talent, and key veteran leadership (Recchi was awesome in the playoffs).

  245. Wicky… Want a good one. The player who was 2nd in goals during playoffs was also second in PIMs.. Marchand 11g and 40 PIMs.

  246. LOL, I was just going to post:” So was Brad Marchant, NYR”. Goes to show that everyone has to elevate their game. For that- you need the right players…

  247. One thing is constant- you need the goaltending…..Just ask Philadelphia, Vancouver, Caps, and on and on…

  248. Ilb – That’s for sure. Let’s see if Hank can find a higher level than he’s shown so far in the playoffs. I know I know but I’m going there. Yes we didn’t score enough, but it would not be the end of the World if his .909 save % jumps to .930 in playoffs and 2.6 GAA became 2.2.

  249. Yeah well skill helped out the Pens (in 09 and early 90s), the Hawks, the Wings (in the 2000’s and the 90’s), the Avs, the Oilers, the Islanders, etc.

  250. But yes, you do get teams that win on hard defense and goaltending like the Bruins last year, the Devils in 95 and 03 (2000 they were one of the higher scoring teams in the league and the A Line was great of them) and the Habs in 86 and 93.

  251. It also wouldn’t hurt if the Rangers could average 3 goals a game in the playoffs like most of the Cup champs since the lockout have been able to do.

  252. Ilb2001- Improved defense and hopefully not having to win in March at a breakneck pace to get in and instead having a cushion to maybe sit Hank for 2 -3 games down the stretch and get him more mentally rested.

  253. Speaking of goaltending. The seemingly brilliant patchwork done by Yzerman in Tampa last year worked somewhat. It seems to backfire this year. I suspect that by the deadline there will be a couple of important players to be had from their line up.

  254. HW- I think we’ll know by the end of December whether it is still a dogfight or they will make the PO comfortably. There are 14 games to play this month. So far, so good. 1-0.

  255. Ilb – That’s a good one. For all the credit and love Yzerman got last year, he has nothing there while everyone, including his own fan base, bashes Sather who has actually put together a system that is set to win for the long haul.

  256. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    You guys remember Grachev?
    Feel bad for the guy…

    “Evgeny Grachev (eye) has been placed on injured reserve by St. Louis. He was struck in the face by a deflected puck during a drill at practice on Monday”

    that’s why we have John Mitchell

  257. back to the line up for a second, and I know I am going to get ridiculed, but I also think when Healthy Wolski is going back into the line up. they need skill on the left wing, and Wolski has it. now I would not stick with him for a long time, I’m just saying that they need to find out if he can help.
    I can’t stay and defend myself, I am taking the mrs. out. 22 years married today.

  258. And before the skill people yell Stamkos. St Louis is old. Stamkos is about to become Rick Nash. A talented player with nothing around him. No young goalie, No young d except hedman (and he’s hasn’t turned into superstar people thought yet), little young talent.

  259. Congrats Bull Dog. And I won’t ridicule you cause it’s not crazy. He’s a big cap number at 3.8 and they need to decide once and for all with him before using that 3.8 at the deadline.

  260. I wouldn’t really blame Yzerman for anything. Their messy ownership situation left that franchise in tatters before he came in. Yes they were “fortunate” to get Stamkos. I think it’s too early to tell on Hedman, but man would Duchene and Stamkos be an awesome 1-2 center combo.

  261. CTB- probably Brewer, who would attract some interest. VL, who I wouldn’t touch because of his contract. Ryan Malone has been dangled a few times before. But I also suspect St Louis will be offered if they really go south. And I can bet you that Torts will make sure Sather is all over this one.

  262. I’d give Yzerman at least another year or two before whether we can say he’s done a good job or not. It took how many years of lottery picks to build teams like the Pens and Hawks? Plus I have a feeling that assuming that Tampa can maintain a competitive payroll, players will want to come there because of Yzerman in the front office and Stamkos on the ice. Can’t say the same about Columbus.

  263. … and while i somewhat agree with the notion that you need to find out what you have in Woofski before you kick him to the curb, I’d kick him to the curb. Along with the other softie. And then let the guys who want to battle battle it out to see who gets to battle.

  264. Carp, just give me a copy of your press credentials. I think the World’s Most Renovated Arena is a better place to do fact checking.

  265. I think the idea would be to see whether his poor play was related to sports hernia. But I suspect that he will have to look like TGO to stay in the line up.

  266. Carp – I think he’ll be given the chance, then when he fails, he’ll be whaled and his 3.8 mil will become a nice amount of change to add or upgrade on defense or maybe LW.

  267. Imma justa gonna enda alla mya wordsa witha vowela

    That’s how the Italians speak right?

  268. HW, I’d only give him a chance if there’s an injury that opens a lineup spot. I wouldn’t put him in for any of the current 12 forwards. And I wouldn’t put him in ahead of Rupp, if both are healthy together.

  269. Would you tape him to Rupp with a bunch of hockey tape and force him to go along the boards when Rupp goes there?

  270. Since eddie3 left for his classes this place’s been lacking some serious gibberish…It’s all hockey and hockey…What’s wrong with us?

  271. Speaking of games, I’ll be there on 8th (with my son) and 13th (CCCP as my date, don’t start). Both times will be happy to meet pregame. The beer is on RR. Email me if you want to meet ilb2001@nyp.org

  272. I plan on being there for all of the next four (at least) at home. And, yes, all the free beer you can drink, courtesy of RR. Of course you have to locate free beer before RR will provide it.

  273. The RR captain will provide the free beer, Carp. He has to contribute somehow…Don’t you all worry, I will annoy you enough with charities once it gets closer to holidays.

  274. They do have baby changing tables in the media room for little CT? If not I’ll just find whatever desk Chico and those clowns from the Pens sit.

  275. My Doctor was so busy Today with other patients She didnt Pay any attention to me at all
    She always Send her Assistant who got Some Blood in me but i am finished now and schedule
    To leave Hospital wednesday or thursday for saturdays Game in Buffalo

  276. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    bull dog
    congrats to you both on boyle years!!

    ILB and CCCP sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I…do they allow two Ukrainians in for the same game??

  277. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    have fun and hugs to the mrs (not cccp)

    good luck bro

  278. Love watching Marty getting pulled again. When will that franchise finally tell the old man it’s time to move on. They’ve done nothing to show any look to the future. If I’m Parise, I don’t even consider staying. They have no plan.

  279. Can we be the bruins on 7 and who will be our Horton? How about Boyle lol I have been on him for two years…….. Late bloomer, does what the team want, good team guy, every team would take him yada yada yada…… Well let’s see what we can get for him he’s Willie Huber on offense doesn’t finish his checks, can’t skate, no hands, and is about the worst skater in the league and I haven’t seen him stick up for anybody since he is such a good team guy. I wouldn’t bench him but I would trade him.
    Do agree we need a top line forward and it won’t come cheap, but throw the draft choices out there because we just piss them away anyhow

  280. Olga Folkyerself on

    The rest of the family is in hibernation until the next game. Except for Slatsko. He’s guarding the blog from rabid pro-Satherites.

  281. i know it’s got nothing to do with it, but Im glad that the two teams Boogaard played on are doing so well when they really werent expected to.

  282. Czechthemout!!! on

    Just a thought but can you imagine if either Hagelin or Kreider played center? The Rangers might be able to ice the fastest line in NHL history with

    Hagelin- Kreider-Gabby wow!!!!!! Try to match up with that line!

  283. WOW what a save by Harding from Minnesota on Kovalchuckles. And Kovalchuckles proceeded to say carcillo and cooke in Russian which made me, a Russian, LOL.

  284. holy carp thank every god out there that Chico isnt our play by play guy. his middle name should just be homer.

  285. It is SO great to see the Debbies playing this way – I hope it continues on and on and on…..

  286. hey Carp
    if you’re still paying any attention
    in regards to

    i had it covered. what do i win?

    jpg December 1st, 2011 at 8:21 pm
    looked like Artie tripped and threw Ward off
    before Gabby took the shot

  287. >>>ever swear

    EVEN swear……I’m just as bad as he is – but I’m not making a million dollars a minute!!

  288. Czechthemout!!! on

    Good point Carp. I remember that line. Loved watching the ice shark Pavelich play! Retired way too early. Never understood why. Mcclanahan was ok but very soft . Hedberg was stud. Great Ranger. Very consistent.

    But I think these three guys have them beat with their speed. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see Kreider play but boy can fly! Can’t wait to see him in blue later this season. Oh and before the ” let him develop in Hartford” brigade start preaching, there is no way that he doesn’t start here as soon as BC gets eliminated or wins the National Championship!

  289. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    BLACK HAWKS in red jersey with the Tomahawk “C” on the front would be the best jersey around. I am amazed they have never done that in Chicago. It looks so much more impressive than the caricature broken-nose face they have always used.

  290. Olga Folkyerself on

    Isles tie it again at 4. I’m gonna have to get out the fat red whiffle bat and get the Hawks attention.

  291. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Czech – If there is one organization and one GM who can forestall a young stud’s NHL debut, it is this one. Hopefully we will see Kreider up here before the world comes to an end in December of next year. But since the world is coming to an end, why not bring him up sooner, rather than later, right Slats?

  292. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago is a little lax in their own end tonight. 4 goals should have been plenty against the fishies. Looks like it will take five.

  293. Dan Shea – “When Hagelin drew that penalty, which the Rangers scored on the delayed call, he was all alone. If he had played the puck in either direction, it would have been turned over.”

    I think you were at the game and may not have had the benefit of a replay, but Boyle was on the boards just above the goal line. He was easily the first one to the puck when it trickled away from Hagelin who was being held up (delayed penalty) on the end boards. Boyle sent the puck to Sauer at the point who scored.

  294. For all those complaining about the lack of coverage hockey gets, you should want more players in the league with the talent and marketability of Sidney Crosby. Make no mistake, he puts butts in the seats, at home and more importantly, on the road, and he drives up national TV ratings. There’s a reason why the two Penguins-Red Wings Cup Finals series were the highest rated Cup Finals since the 1994 Rangers.

  295. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t put your fingers in God’s eyes. Do like the Stooges and him him just above the eyes.

    Nyuk, Nyuk Nyuk.

  296. Mickey,

    I didn’t know Rue McClanahan played hockey either. No wonder the Golden Girls was such a hit!

  297. Anyone else just see Craig Button’s breakdown of the 2nd and 3rd Red Wing goals tonight?

    Detroit is the best team in the league when they’re firing on all cylinders, IMO. They were making a smart hockey play with every single stride they took on the analysis! I will always look to them as the model, premier franchise in the NHL. When you have some of the best players in the world in Lidstrom, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg, it makes life less difficult, but nonetheless, they all know how to play hockey extremely well. Great management, just great everything!

    Why didn’t I become a Red Wings fan? Alas, I trod the pathetic path of the NYR.

  298. Doing OK, Latona! – Damn! Jagr just scored……..2 goals in this game…….he’s amazing..

  299. Ducks couldn’t hold the lead… 3-3 in OT, and Philthy gets a 4 minute PP in the OT…jeez!

  300. Hey do you guys remember Marian Hossa? Haven’t had that name come up in convo in a long time..

  301. No, James – I wouldn’t do that deal – but Jagr still can bring it…..he almost had the hattie tonight (just barely missed a third goal), and I think he was on the ice when they won in OT….he had at least 7 shots on goal, too….

  302. Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson on

    Mr. President, if I may speak freely, the Russkie talks big, but frankly, we think he’s short of know how. I mean, you just can’t expect a bunch of ignorant peons to understand a machine like some of our boys. And that’s not meant as an insult, Mr. Ambassador, I mean, you take your average Russkie, we all know how much guts he’s got. Hell, lookit look at all them them Nazis killed off and they still wouldn’t quit.

  303. Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson on

    If the pilot’s good, see, I mean if he’s reeeally sharp, he can barrel that baby in so low… oh you oughta see it sometime. It’s a sight. A big plane like a ’52… varrrooom! Its jet exhaust… frying chickens in the barnyard!

  304. Lanton- I was just laughing to myself this morning because I was talking about going to see us play the Wings at MSG in March. I was thinking back to when I was at the Joe a few years back and we lost in OT. Hossa had that goal and I realized it’d been a while since I heard his name. I knew he was injured at some point last year but it seemed like there was a lot of hype around him when he was in the East and then when he signed with Detroit and he just kinda faded away. he’s got 24 points in 25 games for Chicago though. Solid year so far just not a lot of mention of him.

    Jimbo- totally joking about Jags. I’ll always appreciate him for what he did for us. Or At least hate him less than I did before his days in NY. Knew he’d be productive if/when he returned just sucks that hes with a division rival

  305. It sure does suck, James – I wish we would have signed him for just one year – I think he would have been a good teammate for some of the new kids on this year’s team. Obviously Sather didn’t want him back, but I would have just loved to see him working with Gabby, Stepan, Hagelin, etc….

  306. That whole things got screwed up. Because of Gomez’s contract. Jags wanted to be the highest paid player on the team (no surprise there). He had 2 really good post seasons in a row for us and despite only scoring 25 goals his last season (and stinking up the PP both those years) with the team he put up 167 points in his last two seasons. Has Gomer put up 167 points in his career since Jags’ last game as a Ranger? lol Idk how he woulda fit in with what they’ve done to this point but having his talent would NOT have hurt. Not for the right price anyhow. Although they probably never would have signed Gaby

  307. I get what you’re saying – but I’m just talking about this past off-season, when Jags was looking to come back to the NHL for one final season – knowing that the Pens or the Flys were looking to get him, I would have liked to see Glen pick him up for this season only to work with the kids on the team. He’s doing wonders for Giroux with Philly, maybe he could have done a similar job for us.

  308. I want him on the team WITH Gabby – those 2 would be wild on a line together, maybe with Stepan as the center….

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