It’s Go Time!


Game 22. Start of a quick two-game Souteastern swing.

Ya boys on a three-game winning streak and 10-2 in their last 12.

Martin Biron starts in goal. We expect the same lineup, otherwise, with Erik Christensen and Anton Stralman prucha’d and Bel Biv Deveaux having been sent to Connecticut (AHL).

The Canes have a brand new coach in Kirk Muller, and an even newer assistant in one-time Ranger John MacLean as the NHL coaching carousel has begun spinning. The Rangers beat the Paul Maurice-guided Hurry-canes 5-1 on 11-11-11 (a game in which Brandon Dubinsky scored a goal!).

Also, in case you weren’t aware, and in case the telecast doesn’t get a chance to explain this: Marc Staal has another brother in addition to Jordan of the Penguins. Eric, captain of  the Hurry-canes,  is also the one who caused Marc’s concussion, and who has had a dreadful season so far. Just so you know.


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  1. The Carolina Hurricane coaching staff has a real Devil feel to it with Muller, Johnny Mac, and Dave Lewis. Where’s the little ball of hate in Pat Verbeek when they need him and he has a Hartford Whale connection as well, perfect fit.

  2. Does anyone remember the name of the Jersey site that used to be posted on this site? I think it was last year around the holidays.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. eddie eddie eddie on

    a great line that would have been…Paddy Verbeek/Esa T./THE AVERY…..annoying…nasty…and loads of skill

  4. That’s true Eddie. That would be one annoying line and probably would score 20+ goals as a line.

  5. eddie eddie eddie on

    low 60’s …no wind….golf/tennis weather…….my brutha, – yo ready fo my assen?

  6. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am on record…conference finals…..i might change it….i predict rangers/blackhawks…or rangers/sharks Final….rangers win in 7

  7. ilb and Tony (Three) BANJing.

    Hey, do you guys remember a couple of those asshats saying that Ryan trade was imminent? Another lesson to us all about who to believe and who to not believe.

  8. This Staal interview looks like a guy who is just happy to be doing a media scrum because it’s at least a sense of some hockey normalcy. Can’t imagine when he says a “bad day” what that means, not getting out of bed? Leaving the apartment?

  9. Winter Classic? The Rangers are involved with the Winter Classic? I was wondering when somebody was going to let us in on this news.

  10. Carp – I would say you could make WC references a drinking game, but you’d be creating alcoholics.

  11. eddie eddie eddie on

    where is that guy that was quantifying stawhll’s injury….he was 96.83544526364 sure that it was a pinched nerve…

  12. Where is everyone tonight? Other then Eddie bringing his usual ummm…different take on things, the lack of energy here kinda has me thinking of the lack of energy towards this one our boys will show.

  13. is there anyone on the canes we can fight in the first 4 minutes of the game to insure a victory?
    Harrison maybe?Sick em Pruster!

  14. nah screw that HW,im fired up,and ,worse comes to worse,ill start attacking you to pump things up!


    Lets Go Rangers!

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha, carputha…..the energy at the garden is heating up… is your view of things as you watch?

  16. >>Anyone know what Jeff Skinner used to do as a kid?

    Umm…umm…I’m not sure. I’ll wait for the MSG broadcast crew to tell us.

  17. Heya eddie!

    ugh, stupid cable is not showing the game. most annoying when i have to unplug and plug it back in!

  18. Id say Dubi needs your mojo the mostest there CTB,dude needs a hatty so Barry can start tearing into AA.

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – i was responding to HW’s thoughts as to what constitutes a bad day for brutha stawl…….myself,,,,i spin all of the time…but it aint from concussions :)

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    i be jammin on nyr radio…with my brutha, captain dave maloney……i love radio hockey…

  21. new drinking game,a shot of rum for every “give a 50k car for the holidays commercial!

    Carcillo housed by the 10 minute mark!

  22. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!! Beer-on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Crap that was fast!!!!!!!!!! Booooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. i’m glad we got the pp goal
    with that great pass by Richards
    but i’m still angry
    that MDZ
    skipped shooting
    on 3 occasions.

    if he’s not gonna bother drop him.
    (bad day, folks!)

  24. gee, so eric staal took the firing of coach
    worse than
    putting his brother’s career in

  25. i don’t understand why Torts
    doesn’t ever use Avery on the pk
    you would think his speed would help out

    i know that there’s the fear of a penalty
    but if he’s “playing” than why not?

  26. Carp – Actually, you forgot about Jared Staal, who is still in the A, and is now actually with our old ECHL affiliate which was changed to the Hurricanes’ AHL affiliate, the Charlotte Checkers. Will MSG mention this?

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers have the best 4 lines in all of hockey….now that hags and the former attorney general are on the big club

  28. I’m joking BTW Observer, evidenced by my Richards jersey belonging to my plethora of Blueshirts.

  29. I was unsure about buying a Winter Classic jersey before. But now I’ve seen Boomer and Carton wearing them, I’ve ordered 500 of them.

  30. every time i hear the ‘canes tlusty’s
    name mentioned
    it makes me think that Sam is saying
    the Polish entree
    like halushki

  31. Frustrating period, neither goal Biron’s fault. Two faceoff losses = 2 goals, otherwise NYR was the better team that period.

  32. Hey, Isn’t Dubinsky starting to look like Ulf Dahlen? The broad legs when going behind the net and so on. But Ulf scored 29 his first Rangers season…

  33. we’re obviously jinxing the team. Let’s go back to ignoring the fact that they’ve finally been winning faceoffs

  34. Packers are playing the Giants this Sunday? What’s the over/under on that game? 30 points? LOL

  35. NYR
    who is that in the jersey?
    Upton or…?

    you know you just get the jersey
    not what’s in the jersey, too.

  36. Ok I only caught the last 9 minutes of that period.

    Looks like we should be dominating a little more. not enough checking dang it. Only saw Callahan throw a few checks nobody else!!!!!!

  37. Duguay isn’t going to wear a helmet in the WC Alumni game? He’d better watch out, with all those Philthy goons they have on their team…

  38. Funny how Dugay could say Stepan “gotta win that face-off” on the first Carolina goal, but kept his mouth shut when Richards lost his face-off on the second goal. You “gotta” love these “analysts”.

  39. Nasty, does your wife know I ban impersonators?

    Skinner: “Prusty, can you get me off the hook, for old time’s sake?”

    Prust: “Can’t do it, Jeffy.”

  40. To borrow from Carp… not enough nasty (not Nasty1) in this game for the Rangers. Avery needs to piss someone off.

  41. just looks like we’re so close
    but not making it all the way
    with our chances.

    hope that changes SOON!

  42. I hope Gartner scores a hatty. And maybe they can do a fastest skating skills comp..for old times sake

  43. Two lost faceoffs, both cleanly…Two goals. Got to like the first period though, they were a better team

  44. That 2nd half of PP was good old fashioned Straight Ahead PP, Shots with screens and deflections. McDiesel gets rewarded with the goal just after it ends.

  45. Nice to see Rangers PP looking a little more grunt and a lot less fancy. Shots to the net, screens, attempted deflections, rebounds etc.

  46. Yeah, second part of PP was simple, but it me, or does Marty looks a little unsettled tonight?

  47. I am just wondering how good McDonagh can get.

    If he grew little more, wow. at the Pronger level?

  48. Great job by AA on that one staying with the bouncy puck and getting it to Gabby (can we bubble wrap him?)

  49. We know he’s not my favorite, but when Avery is going, he can skate and has very good hands!

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    All i was saying……is give avery a chance…..all i was saying …was…give avery a chance

  51. jpg, not sticking yet, unfortunately! I had my first hot chocolate and rum of the season yesterday, which means I’m reading for sledding!


  52. I think Avery was on after AA made quick change. Either way, that was an impressive goal. Gotta give him credit where it’s due. He’s come back quieter and more focused.

  53. Biron…theres a car outside to take you to the airport..i’ll call ur wife and let her know what flight you’re on

  54. I hate ex-Debbies players……behind the bench, in the BC booth….on my team….anywhere!

  55. canbt blame that one on Beer-on. dseflection.

    I’ll take the blame for that one. I was drinking when I should’ve been paying attention.

  56. Alright 4-3 lead after 2. Captain obvious here, but NYR just gotta find way to have 1 more goal than Carolina, no matter 7-6, 6-5 etc., and head down to sunny Tampa.

  57. two more goals in the third period for the Rangers.

    they have to keep up their scoring average.

  58. She does now Carp, she does now.

    And why would any hope I get hit by a bus?? A bit harsh.

    I mean, I know a few people who can rightfully hope I get hit by a bus, but nobody on here. HAHA

  59. 3 goals in the period aside, I think Torts will be “reminding” the boys about their play in the defensive end during the between-periods break…..

  60. Jimbo – Sloppy hockey. Taking advantage of a very soft Carolina defense. Gotta keep pushing them around.

  61. those are some brutal stats ddebened. explains a little about how this game is so close.

    you get those from

  62. “I got a business to run. I gotta kick assens sometimes to make it run right. We had a little argument, Erik Christensen and me, so I had to straighten him out.”

  63. lmao Nasty I’m sorry I didnt think that was really you. my apologies.

    In seriousness about Biron, does anyone remember the last time he actually had what could be considered a “bad game”?

  64. Just in & not sure what was/wasn’t covered here today, so pardon any redundancies…..

    On Ryan; was told what ANA supposedly asked for (2 off our ‘untouchable’ list, a TOP prospect, No. 1), which begs the question of just how serious they were about making a deal in the first place….

    A lot of the speculation here yesterday was very reasonable, soe of the guesses probably even too much for a player that’s hit a high of 71 points exactly once.

    As mjuch as I’d love to add a RH’d LW, When I heard the names today my reaction was “How dare they?”

    Another angle is, it could still happen pending how Ryan fares under Boudreau.
    Remember, the new coach is coming off a frustrating experience with another scoring wing.

    The theory it was some type of motivational tool for a struggling team is hard to swallow in light of Anaheim not pulling the trigger, because they’ve let one of their top players get the snot beat out of him in the rumor mill for what?

  65. Also, not on anyone’s radar.

    Mike Rupp skated today.

    Still think he’ll help this team, maybe quite a bit, if he gets back and can skate.

  66. StepON has really been fighting the puck in the first two, let’s hope he returns to his old self in the third

  67. Sam!!! SCREW Kirk Muller and the horse he rode in on!!!

    Our announcers are too damned nice!!

  68. Jimbo – You do understand these announcers work with these people and talk to them regularly for information. They are not going to go on air and bash every guy because they broadcast for Rangers. They are announcers not fans.

  69. I certainly understand that, HW – but *our* announcers are talking to *US*, and they should know that we don’t give a damn about Mary-O, Kirk Muller, Johnny Mac, and Skidley….

    Don’t knock them – just ignore them…..

  70. Here’s your depth Eddie

    thenyrangers New York Rangers
    14 of the #NYR 18 skaters tonight have at least one point, including 5 of the 6 defensemen…

  71. Hey James – did you know that the guy that invented HGH was a bass player in the band Tower of Power. No joke. It’s an odd fact.

  72. Forgot who it was that said the Rangers should acquire Kaberle, but all credit to him. He said Kaberle would produce goals from the Rangers blueline and he wasn’t wrong.

  73. Marty had a really bad game in Europe, and didn’t he lose a game to the Habs earlier this season? He didn’t look too good in that game…

  74. Looks like the Rangers arent going to lose these type of games this year.

    thats a notch up.

    That is awesome.

    poor Beer-on with a reverse guillotine. those hurt!

  75. I know this will create a firestorm on this board so I apologize in advance but.. Carolina won’t win too many games with this amount of Euros on the team. They look like the JFJ Leafs out of the lockout that never made the playoffs. Way too SOFT!

  76. >>>McDonagh had enough of Biron tonight :-)

    “Next time, I take your head off! Stop the fuggin’ puck!”

  77. Good job by Stewart there. Can’t let Boyle throw a big hit on your young stud. Notice Pitkanen and Kaberle really came to Skinner’s defense.

  78. Well even with his epic struggles, Dubinsky is still producing a point every other game and playing a decent all around game. And the team is playing well so do you like complaining for the sake of complaining?

  79. Atta boy Mitchell. Rammer will fix that up for ya! Players will take care of dinner for you in TB for that.

  80. Uhhh Stepan – Leave the shot blocking to the tough guys cause that’s not how you do it. But I appreciate the effort of the boys. This team comes to win! Can’t say that for all 30 NHL teams.

  81. Carp,

    Remember I’ve done you thjs service :)

    Pretty much the best young’uns across the board;
    Steph, McD, Kreider, 1.

    Same guy said last week Carlyle would go and Boudreau would enter, and I thought he was nuts!

    Most telling from what I’ve seen today; Kyper reporting (and he’s usually pretty “on”) that Murray assured Ryan he’s not on block AND Ryan’s supposed desire to be moved no longer an issue. First time I’d heard that.

  82. I think I actually saw Torts smile going off ice. Now you know this team is feeling good about themselves.

  83. Caps outshot 35-17 too. GMGM’s phone might be blowing up to see if he’s willing to deal players.

  84. “Only don’t tell me that you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and it makes me very angry….”

  85. Mickey- I think it was pretty….from a different angle, but it was. The played a wounded team with a new coach, the Carolina had a lot to prove. And the Rangers came in an showed them that they simply are a better team.

  86. Tony from AZ
    will appreciate this bit of
    kirk muller Trivia

    saw him at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    during the lockout season
    he was with 2 females (mother and wife?)
    ended up attending the book signing
    by Phil Lesh (ex-Grateful Dead)

  87. McDonagh being interviewed….”and Marty was letting in bad goals, so I whacked him to get his attention…..”

  88. Good to see the Rangers avoided a letdown tonight…especially after giving up a goal so early and then giving one up right at the end of the first.

    I’m really trying to temper my enthusiasm…but the Rangers right now look like a very good team that’s gonna be tough for anybody to play against. And that’s even with Dubinsky being a complete non-factor offensively and our best defenseman out for who knows how long.

    I like the mental toughness of this team. I like that all four lines can be a threat on the ice.

    And I am still wondering if they will get any respect around the NHL…they deserve it.

    Good win, boys.

  89. Gotta like Mitchell’s attitude after the game…that’s a hockey player. Forget baseball or basketball or soccer or even football (a week off all the time…only 16 games a year)…

    Hockey players = tough mf’s

    I’ll give credit to those MMA fighters, though. That shit’s brutal. lol

    Lineup looks good up and down, everybody contributing, Gaborik looking monster like…Our D has been superlative this year.

    It’s good to be a Rangers fan

  90. CJP

    would rather other teams not “respect”
    the Rangers
    and, as a result,
    don’t take ’em seriously.

    hopefully will lead to more wins for us.

  91. ilb, true, it was pretty from a different angle. They beat a team they should have beaten and that is what makes it pretty :)

  92. Second in my irregular series titled: *Stuff people posted after three winless games at the start of the season*

    (Once again, the contributor’s name has been obscured to preserve anonymity.)

    – – –

    fireto*ts October 16th, 2011 at 10:40 am

    “…this is the most thrown together pile of garbage in Ranger uniforms in years.”

    “…the f&^%$in coach is a JOKE and an embarrassment and clueless beyond clueless. and you torts-shills will have plenty to say about that, but the players arent playing for him and thats a FACT CLEAR ON THE ICE.”

  93. Cmon People! Iginla to Habs is tonight’s phony rumor from a guy who has no inside connections other than twitter followers.

  94. @MSGNetworks No longer watching ur coverage unless u finally show some Crosby, Boomer/Carton, backstory on Staal bros and Skinner childhood. + more Pidto!!! #NYR

  95. With 11 of 13 wins, I miss all the haters on this board. It gets too quiet. Can someone do us a favor and post something about how Torts can’t coach or Sather is an awful GM, so we have something to talk about.

  96. ilb

    sounded like a load of carcillo
    which is why i brought up about
    cap room and gomez

    haven’t paid a lot of attention to standings lately
    so close right now and it’s only december
    just enjoying our
    Team Concept
    and that’s about it

  97. Love what Craig Button said on On the Fly tonight about Caps. “Show me a player who quits on a coach and I’ll show you a quitter.” Great line. You listening Ovie and Semin.

  98. It is a load of carcillo, jpg…People who propose those fake trades need to have a clue that trades don’t just work like that in current CBA. Montreal is using almost $2M of Markov’s LTIR exception, and he started to skate. The moment he is fit to play, they need to go under. Even if they decide to waive Gomez, he needs to clear waivers, so the deal can not go through that soon anyway…

  99. HWirth,

    Torts is an awful coach! He doesn’t know his assen from a hole in the ground! My long dead grandmother could coach better than he does! Sather is a zombie vampire who deserves to be fired, then staked to make sure he stays fired!

    Does that work?

  100. Awaiting the start of the Sharks-Habs game…I hope the Sharks are good and hungry tonight!

  101. You are correct. The Rangers have been as bad as PHI, TOR, NYI, FLA, BUFF, OTT, WASH, MTL, WPG/ATL right? They should all group in the same light. Rangers been as bad as Isles no?

  102. You know in Washington it’s clearly McPhee and BB’s fault they haven’t won anything. Has nothing to do with dogs like ovie and semin.

  103. >>>Has nothing to do with dogs like ovie and semin.

    Or their substandard goaltending, or suspect defense……or the oft-injured Mike Green….

  104. I’m actually getting annoyed the different so called “experts” have not listed Torts in their 1st quarter Jack Adams trophy tracker updates. Clearly, getting scoring from all 4 lines and having a young d missing their best one finding ways to hold teams down doesn’t deserve a vote.

  105. Ranger are worse that the Isles! John Taveres is the second coming of John the Baptist, heralding the the return of Jesus, aka Sidney “Dreamy” Crosby!

  106. Yeah, me and Muck were texting each other today about when we might get together.

    Was it OK when Jagr quit on several coaches, or when Messier quit on Neilson?

    OK, iBob. Iginla to Montreal. Yawn.

  107. Ilb – I wouldn’t touch Ovie. They can have him! Guys like him don’t win. More interested in his own ice time and points than team wins.

  108. Carp – I love Messier. My favorite all time player but he does deserve to be knocked for that. I know it worked out for the BEST! but wasn’t the highest point of his career.

  109. Carp, I’m still waiting for them to announce the acquisition of Bobby Sheehan – what could be taking them so long? ;-)

  110. HWirth- I’d have to disagree on that one. You add Ovechkin to this current roster, even without Staal back, with Torts coaching, you have an instant Cup favorite.

  111. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    HW- What if I make it easier for you? How about Sather just gets a team to the finals? Wait! I’ll do better than that. What if he just gets to the Final four teams in the playoffs? That’s just winning two series in the same year. Sather hasn’t even done that in the last 10 years.

    Now how many teams are left on your list for the last 10 years?

    Don’t forget the New York Rangers….

  112. Richards is overpaid! So is Lundqvist, who ALWAYS lets in a bad goal! And don’t get me started on that dog, Dubinsky. Overpaid, arrogant and non existent on the ice!

  113. ilb, not the way that Ovie has been playing so far this season – he’s really looks like he’s lost his game.

  114. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jimbo, I loved watching Bobby Sheehan. Such a one-hit wonder. Ray Sheppard was another. Even Verbeek didn’t last long with all those goals. Walt Poddubny (RIP) had two 40 goal seasons and gone…

  115. Yeah. Sather should never have come out of the lockout and said we are building it from scratch with the youth of the team and instead continued to try to buy player after player to try to win quick. Clearly, he should’ve traded Cally for another hot forward at the time for a one year run. Dubi too. Heck who needs Staal when we could get a vet D like a Kaberle. He has tried to build a winning team with youth and that takes time to develop and clearly right now they are beginning to reap the benefits. They are not pulling a 94 anymore and throwing all their chips into one season and praying it works out cause had June 14 gone the other way, we’d be talking a whole lot different of Neil Smith. They are trying to build something like Detroit where it is consistent sustained winning.

  116. Yes, Olga! I really liked Sheehan – he always looked like he had been out on a bender the night before a game – because he probably was!

    Walt Poddubny (RIP)…another one of my fave players! He sure could score – no toughness at all, but he could put the puck in the net….

  117. Jimbo- you really think he is going to be that bad all season? He’ll explode soon. Too much talent. Just imagine him on the left with BR and Callahan. Leave the GAS line intact. How many teams have 4 number D-men to shut that line up down. Add Hank to that mix.

  118. I don’t know, ilb – I wish we could get him, but he seems so “lost” on the ice lately that I’m wondering what is eating at him – or if he is having some substance/mental health issues. Physically, he seems healthy….

  119. We should trash the whole thing, the entire franchise and become Devils fans. They are sure to rise around once Marty finally rids the world of Sean Avery!

  120. Good evening all! Before I get carp’d…

    I think of John MacLean as being a former Devil still, not a Ranger.

    This team makes me so happy.

    Did someone not tell Torts that we won?

    It goes with saying…..but I will….Sweet 16!

  121. You may have just gone too far, Mickey – NO WAY do we become Debs fans – I’ll take up watching professional tiddlywinks before I become a Debbies fan….

    I’m waiting for the announcement that the Debs are moving to Las Vegas and that the Fishsticks are moving to Kansas City – in *Kansas*, not Missouri….. ;-)

  122. Blogmama – That’s the best part of Torts. He’s not going to pat them on the back because they beat a struggling Carolina team. As he said, when asked about the 11 of 13 wins, he’s looking at Tampa on Saturday. That’s the right attitude. The identity of this team is a lunch pale group, taking it one game at a time. Not one that gets giddy when they win and miserable when they lose. That’s what the Caps are going through. Big highs and Huge Lows!

  123. Jimbo!! Been nuts busy…happily, but have barely breathed on the computer much less used it…..tomorrow though, I become an iPad owner, so I can keep up more regularly! Yay!

  124. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    But Smith DID win. He also went to the semifinals once more in 97. So saying IF he didn’t win is a worthless argument.

    When Sather’s team wins like Detroit does, I’ll be impressed.

  125. I’m deliberately taking it too far, Jimbo. Want to see what trolls come from it and bash me, lol.

  126. HW, I don’t disagree….was Prust being sarcastic :) I like that he sees what needs to be done and that he’s not going to go all Yahoo over a 5-3 win….but still :)

  127. Is it a good sign or a bad sign that the Rangers keep falling in the Power Rankings, of multiple news outlets, despite their continued winning?

    Hey Mama! You’re back!

  128. Yes, Smith *did* win! He put together a team that had one Cup, thankfully…..I would have loved a couple more, but they’ll never take that one away from us!

  129. Mickey, I only read a very few posts and saw how you started, and am LMAO!!!!

    Jimbo, indeed. Good call. Thanks go to mama’s mama :)

    So, how about this Hagelin kid huh?!

  130. Jimbo – I don’t disagree, we all know that. But, had that night gone the other way, all NYR fans would have said for years was “how could you get rid of Amonte and Weight for nothing” They won on June 14 so no one says it.

  131. YAY for Mama’s Mama!!!!

    Both callups have given the team a shot in the arm, Mama – like a much-needed B12 shot!

  132. Slatso – You are right. Sather sucks. Let’s fire him and bring a smart hockey guy like Garth Snow or maybe John Ferguson Jr. They clearly know what they are doing. Always easy to want to hate the GM and coach because there is a guarantee the next one will be any better. Not quite.

  133. HW, excellent :)

    Manny!!! I was hoping there would be no NBA season so, for a few brief months, there would be nothing but hockey…..Believe it or not (Carp may or may not believe or remember) but I had to push my former editors to put the Rangers on Page 1 in ’94 because they did not get how historic it was. Yet the other, um, sports or teams always get that position.

    Don’t get me started :)

  134. That is true, HW – I absolutely *hated* losing Amonte at the time – I hadn’t felt so strongly about Weight yet because he hadn’t really done much yet, but I certainly regretted losing him later on.

    But it was what was needed to get us just the right mix of players – and if we didn’t do it then, I don’t know that they would have ever gotten as close as they did that year, even up until today.

  135. Eddie3 – Do I have to eat crow on Avery if this continues if I DID say that even though I thought he got sent down for the right reasons and I defended that move, I DID also say that when he behaves and just plays the game, he’s a good player?

  136. Oh wow. That’s sad. I was JUST complaining about Hockey getting a bum rap in the sports world. ESPN should pick up 24/7 on some censored basis. It would be good for the game.

    Hagelin = This Year’s Prust

  137. E3, best post I’ve seen from you in a while :)

    Jimbo, no carcillo, she rules :)

    We’re not dissing Amonte are we???

  138. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Again, your sarcastic attempt to argue your point is flawed. Ferguson or Snow were as unsuccessful as Sather. And since Sather has been trying in NY for 11 years, I think he’s had enough chances.

    It sort of proves my point. When you don’t win anything, especially for that long, you’re not too good.

  139. Hwirth – People LOVE potential. Again, it’s why people love Krieder and want to trade Dubinsky.

  140. Glad to make you laugh and to see you, Mama!

    Jimbo, all part of my eviiiiil plan to take over the Blog. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  141. Manny, I can’t speak for all parts of hockey country and the coverage, but I’ve always hated my own city’s attitude toward it (one person excluded, obviously). Seriously, a minor Giant/Jet/Yankee/Knick/Met etc. breaks a pinky toe it’s major news…..a hockey concussion….oh heck, I said don’t get me started………

    HW, how do you like your crow? :)

  142. >>>We’re not dissing Amonte are we???

    *Not a chance* – not from the Jimbo keyboard, anyway. I hated losing him, but if moving him helped us to get that Cup (and it did!), then I accept the fact that he played most of his best years somewhere else.

  143. I know, mama. And I *love* baseball. I mean *love*. I know that’s not a popular opinion here but it’s true. But it’s pathetic the coverage that hockey gets. pathetic. The radio guys don’t even know who Marion Gaborik IS.

    Mike Francesa in an interview with Micheletti, no joke.

    “Hey Joe: who’s a good player on the Rangers”
    Second Question
    “Hey Joe: who’s a good player in the NHL”

  144. Aha!! Mickey tips her hand and spills the beans! She’s got *evil* plans!!

    No wonder she dumped Wicky and me…….it’s all part of the evil-ness……

  145. Jimbo, I hear ya, but I soooooo loved him. I know this sport means players come and go, and you just get used to it, but back in the day…..let’s just say, when I was 26, when Beezer got traded that almost meant the end of my Rangerness. I can’t wait to see him in the alumni game!!!

    (fyi, my first cat, in the now long tradition, was named Beezer).

  146. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jimbo- you’re right on the beam. No one wants to replace a Cup win with speculation. It’s like putting the 94 win back in jeopardy.

    It’s like Tommy Devito getting whacked in Goodfellas. “He’s gone. And there is nothing we could do about it.”

  147. Evening, all. Missed the game for practice, but off tomorrow, so I’ll be here for a good portion of the night!

  148. Mickey, argh! I admit, I had to go look up Galadria. Did anybody else get that or is it prust me?

  149. Francesa is a total tool – if it doesn’t come out of his own mouth, it is unworthy of mentioning, and it probably shouldn’t exist……his word is *THE LORD’S* word on any topic…

  150. Hi Guys i am sorry for missing the Game but you have an idea for a Nice Spot After the game in the Area around the Garden where i can meet a Lot of Rangers Fan for a good postgame Discussion ?

    In the meantime i scroll through the Whole comments Section to re-live the Game :)

  151. Manny,

    They don’t know who MARION Gaborik is because he doesn’t exist. They also don’t know who MARIAN Gaborik is.

    I’m really angry, though. I forgot about the Yahoo! league, and tried to post changed for the NSH-VAN game at 9:59, and the clock changed to 10:00 just as I submitted! They didn’t go through! I’m gonna lose a lot of points – Schneider, who I wanted to take out, has a .400% tonight, and I’m missing two points from Daniel Sedin!

  152. Argh! I always spell his name wrong. Blergh. Sorry Slovaks!

    Oh no Latona! You’re 30 point lead is evaporating to 29 as we speak! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh

    Francesa is *the worst* I never knew how much I liked Mad Dog until he left.

  153. Manny, that’s why we all have to have our small underworld here :)

    Latona, I had the best grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch yesterday….belated points? Enjoy your late night catch up posts….

  154. Ah, Tommy DeVito – “so, I’m funny to you? Some kind of clown? How am I funny? HOW!?”

  155. Watching Hagelin and Mitchell makes it clear that Christensen and Wolski have no place on this team.

  156. Ding, ding, ding Jimbo. And yes, I am diabolically evil and dumping you and wicky was ALLLL part of my plan for domination. MWAHAHAHAHA

  157. Buff, I had no idea you were in city!!!! WTB?

    If you’re still nearby, any bar near MSG will do, but I’d suggest Blarney Rock, go to 32nd off 7th from MSG…have fun!

  158. jessespector Jesse Spector
    Brent Sutter always has the look of a 1970s Eastern European puppet dictator who just got bad news from Moscow.


  159. Watching Hagelin makes it clear that he should be playing 20+ minutes a night. Get that kid on the PP

  160. And Sather, err Sauron made me do it, Jimbo! I’m sorry, but I must be against the hobbit wizard and his trying to take away my masters ring

  161. ^long live the hobbit wizard for he is Lord of the Rink^

    One rink to rule them all and in the end bind them

  162. Mama, I know! I know! The editor in me is weeping! And I’m mentally getting berated by my newswriting prof…

  163. One rink to rule them all and in the end bind them

    ewww. That is almost as bad as Rod’s analogy earlier..

  164. Mama,

    Lunch points for you!


    I’m going to let Mickey’s great injustice slide this time. I appreciate the support, however!


    Why do you have to be so mean and hurtful?

  165. I didst not mean to hurt your feeeeeelings, Latona. Was only, as the kids say, ‘joshin’ you. I must plead forgiveness… perhaps in the form of cookies?

  166. Amen, ORR. WE agree! I also ate B&J’s for dinner tonight and then Mac & Cheese for desert.

    If I was a LOTR character I would want to be Aragorn

  167. >>>Jimbo! You MUST watch the LOTR trilogy! It’s awesomsesauce

    It’s so out of my “range” Mickey – I’m not much for fictional stuff – I enjoy history much more than fiction.

  168. I had a buffalo burger for dinner!

    If I was a LOTR character, I’d want to be Legolas. With his amazingly accurate shot, I’d never have to worry aboot pregnancy.

    I watched the trilogy a few weeks ago. It was my first time watching the extended version. They’re all aboot four hours each! Still awesome though!

    Mickey, I don’t know who She-Ra or the big cats are, but I know Butch Goring is Skeletor.

  169. *COOKIES!?* You offer my friend Latona cookies for a simple joshing insult, while you tear the hearts out of Wicky and me and don’t even offer us a Tic-Tac? :-O

  170. It’s all good, Mick. It’s all good.

    Oddly enough, I’m not a cookie person. For exposing Latona’s cookie complex, you get a lunch point!

  171. It’s a Latona pre-game tradition to go over to the Roy Rogers across from MSG and get a Double R Bar Burger. I’m not a burger person (I don’t dislike them in the least, but I am a hot dog aficionado), but I can’t resist those. Delicious!

  172. There’s still a Roy Rogers franchise in existence in the city? I thought they all closed down!?

  173. Jimbo, I will buy you Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake from Steak n Shake. and the burger and fries… if you ever venture to the midwest. That’s better than cookies.

  174. Latona – ROY ROGERS? We have to talk about this. My grandfather forced me to drink Roy Rogers and used to take me there or Arby’s a lot. I haven’t had it in YEARS. So good.

  175. Also I love hot dogs but have tried to cut out Nitrates/Nitrites from my diet and have taken a liking to the Applegate farms Hot Dogs. Very delicious and healthy!

  176. I encountered a large group of Norwegian women wearing pink jackets there. They then went to a Rangers game and rooted for Frodo.

  177. Good game. Son loved his first Rangers game.

    My observations:

    Gaborik needs to add about 1/2 to the length of his stick. Whiffed on more than one pass. Same thing with a couple of shots. He is also, pound for pound, the most efficient player on the Rangers. One minute, doesn’t seem to be doing much, next minute he scores.

    Callahan, Anisimov, Hagelin, and Prust were the most obvious players on the ice. Always moving and getting in the middle of things. If Gaborik had the motor these guys have, he would score 80 goals.

    Horrible on face-offs, and that cost them on the first goal.

    You could hear the shot go off of Mitchell’s face… and I wasn’t that close to the ice. OUCH!!

    Avery definitely made himself known. Good to see him make an actual difference.

    Hagelin started off the game a little over-active, had some fantastic shifts in the third.

    Lots of needless icings by the Rangers. Also, very poor support along the boards in the corners. If they shore up that alone, they will go a long way to maintaining puck possession. Too many times a puck was thrown along the wall and there was nobody there to receive it.

  178. Mickey is on fire!!!! Latona, she deserves 100 points! Thanks for my points. I have 700 now, right?

    When did everyone start posting things in bold????

    Roy’s? That exists? It’s a mama tradition to get a drippy gyro from the vendor outside GCS before her train. Yum. 500 points!

  179. Wow, Mickey – will that food be part of the spell? I’ll have to be sure to wear a crucifix, some garlic, and wolfbane when I meet up with you – and bring a few mirrors with me, too…..

    And maybe a wooden stake…….and a hammer….and a sunlamp…..

  180. Roy Rogers is excellent. I used to really enjoy KRR rotisserie chicken, Jimbo; sadly, I believe they cease to exist in the US. I guess I have an affinity for restaurant franchises that have to do with a Roger.

    Boiled Sabretts with Sabrett brown mustard are my weakness. Especially from this hot dog joint on Route 46 here in Jersey. Hank’s Frank’s, it’s called. BEST. SABRETTS. EVER. And it’s all they sell! That dude is sitting on a gold mine.

    I like some cookies, Mickey. Mostly homemade or bakery-grade, although I also enjoy Pepperidge Farm’s Milanos.

  181. But they are soooooooooooooooooooooooo good, Jimbo. I swear. One of the best parts of living out here.

    And I am not a vampire!! Or a succubus!

  182. >>>taken a liking to the Applegate farms Hot Dogs

    I’ve always had a “thing” for Christina Applegate – and it has nothing to do with hot dogs, I’ll tell you that! ;-P

  183. Chazz: We’re gonna skate to one song, and one song only: “Lady Hump” by the Black Eyed Peas. What you gonna do with all that junk / All that junk inside your trunk? / I’m gonna get you, get you drunk / Get you drunk off my lady humps / My humps, my humps / My lovely lady humps.
    Jimmy: [disgusted] I’m not skating to anything with references to lady humps. I don’t even know what that means.
    Chazz: No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative.
    Jimmy: No, it’s not. It’s gross.
    Chazz: It gets the people going.

  184. Blogmama i am Not from NYC but i am in a Hospital now where my Doctor told me that She will Be in NY the First two Weeks in January and i Want to give her good advices .. :)

    I should Be fit by March to Travel myself when they have that Huge homestand:)

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