Rangers-Crosby, I mean, Penguins in review


This is as well as the Rangers have played in any three-game stretch this season, includng the seven-game winning streak … all against good Eastern teams. And I still don’t think they’ve nearly hit their stride, even at 10-2 in the last 12 and 7-0 in the last seven at home.

I thought the Penguins took it to them at times, and it was pretty clear which team had more skill. But the Rangers’ top players played better than the Pens’ top players, and their bottom guys didn’t play like bottom guys.


1) I said this during the game, and have said it many times the last two years: They’re better with an edge. They just are. So hats off to Sean Avery, who is indeed proving that he is better than some of the guys they kept over him when they made their cuts. A lot better. I’ll take a plate of crow.

2) That double-minor call on the first fracas is tough. It’s obviously Advantage: Penguins to be 4-on-4 against any team. That said, the minors allowed the players to exit the box during play and simultaneously and engage again. Good for Avery there.

3) Prust did that with Simmonds Sunday. Reminds me of one of my fave Jeff Beukeboom stories. In Florida, Bill Lindsay (a Matt Cooke type back then) elbowed, I think it was, Kevin Lowe. Knocked him silly. Lindsay got a penalty, a minor for elbowing. Near the end of the PP, Beuk went over and stood right outside the penalty box door, waiting for Lindsay to get out, and beat the crap out of him as soon as he hit the ice. Hahaha.

4) And good for Lundqvist, too, sticking up for himself against that Dick Vitale guy. He went after Skid Crosby last year, too. Vitale did elbow him in the mask before Lundqvist’s punch. I don’t think that should have been a power play for Dicky V’s team.

5) The Garden was loud. From the start. And spontaneously. More so than I can remember in a long time.

6) I don’t know if their play will flatten out at all, but right now, Carl Hagelin and John Mitchell sure look like what the Rangers needed, some lower-line guys who can skate and create and do a lot of things well. Kind of reminds me of when Michael Sauer and Ryan McDonagh showed up last year? They both are also better than some of the guys who began the season here. And could be the ticket to Hartford for some of those guys.

7) Michael Del Zotto had a Del Zaster of a shift when he set up Malkin, who was robbed by Lundqvist, and then whiffed on a shot in the other end. But before his shift ended, Del Zotto made the home run pass high off the glass that ended up in the Hagelin-to-Mitchell goal. And while Del Zotto struggled, the PP scored twice in a one-goal win. So, you know, there are two sides to this kid’s story.

8) This might have been Brad Richards’ best two-way game if he hadn’t just had a better one on Sunday vs. Philly. So far, so good with the $60 Million Man. And I don’t think this is as good as it gets with him, either. And Marian Gaborik was just dominant, more than Skid Crosby.

9) While the PP won the game, the first 1:22 of 5 on 3 was awful. So cute. Like they were trying to be the Harlem Globetrotters.

10) I was wondering on that piece of carcillo Cooke’s disallowed goal, if it might count because it went in off of Sauer. I think, once upon a time, it would have. But here’s the rule:

80.3 Disallowed Goal – When an attacking player causes the puck to enter the opponent’s goal by contacting the puck above the height of the crossbar, either directly or deflected off any player or official, the goal shall not be allowed. The determining factor is where the puck makes contact with the stick. If the puck makes contact with the stick below the level of the crossbar and enters the goal, this goal shall be allowed.

11) At 4-3, with 7:19 left, the Rangers on the ice were gassed, sticks on knees, bent over after an icing, and John Tortorella had already used his timeout. Lundqvist stalled by fixing a buckle. Then he made a remarkable play, lunging forward and poking the puck away from Malkin right in front, and in behind a wiped-out Del Zotto, as the Rangers could barely move. Might have been the play of the game. And then Malkin took a dumb slashing penalty to bail them out.

12) The ice looked awful. Advantage: Rangers.

13) And how about Brian Boyle going 11-4 on draws, Richards 13-3, and Brandon Dubinsky 11-5? The team was 40-17. Are these really the Rangers?

14) Saw three old-time Rangers last night: Tony Granato, Tie Domi and Anders Hedberg. Good stuff.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brad Richards.
2) Marian Gaborik.
3) Henrik Lundqvist.


AP photos, above.

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  1. We definitely had some brain farts during the game and the Pens certainly have talent no arguing that
    but we WON!!!!
    Love how we showed “big balls” that includes Hank swinging at that jackwagon and Avery going at it with Vitale.
    My concern at this point , Mr. Dubinsky….don’t see that fire in his game…maybe I am just not seeing the whole picture on TV…either way, great review Carp, awesome game I am a happy camper today!

  2. Great review as always Carp, and yes, the Rangers play better in those types of games….GREAT WIN! now wat can NN’s say about us? We beat 3 elite teams from our conference, 3 Cup contenders…..all durin the 7 game win streak it was “o lets see how they fare against the elite teams who they havent played yet”…..LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!

  3. Great Night for the Rangers and it showed that 87 is still from our World ! Carp i can really can Imagine that it makes Fun to meet all those Players and i Hope you didnt get a bloody nose from Tie Domi :)

  4. Great review, I think Gaborik deserved #1. With all that skill Pittsburg has, I thought Gaborik was the most skillful player on the ice.

    Got to love how Torts approaches the the refs. He wasn’t happy with some calls during first period, he approached them after first intermission, and CALMLY told them what he thought. He rarely complains. They listened, the calls after that were pretty fair. Had he been barking and cursing at them all game long, like some of other coaches do, I doubt it would work.

    Fire him anyway :-)

  5. GreginNH,
    I noticed the same thing with Dubi. he seemed defeated, and separate from the team when he was on the bench. while I agree that he needed to take a step back with playing time, I think it has gone on to long. they are going to need him, and having him embarassed on the 4th line is not for the better of the team.

  6. Great win for the team. I’m proud of this group.

    This hagelin kid is great. I’m probably getting ahead of myself but I’d love to see him in place of anisimov on that top line. His speed could really open up the ice for gaborik and step.

    On to the next one

  7. First,
    I said the same thin about Hagelin the other day. would be interesting to see his speed on that line. reality though is they really need to do better than AA or Hagelin on the left side. the Rangers are built for the regular season, not the playoffs. they are going to need more on the LW, and on D.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – see 1) above.

    AA has hands of stone. He could have 12 goals this year if he could finish.

    There is great chemistry on this team. I really like Prust/Avery/Dubi ‘s line.

    We have the gas line and the pad line….

  9. Eddie,
    I said during training camp that if the Rangers were keeping the 13 best forwards, Avery belonged on the team. I never said EC was better, or belonged on the team instead of Avery. so I have no crow to eat.

  10. Richards is answering the question.
    Don’t think Dubi is “embarassed” on 4th, good place to get a point against lesser skaters.
    AA has not showed up yet…will he?
    Hope MDZ was buying the first round.

  11. The Ranger stars have been playing like stars of late…fun to watch, despite anxious moments. Concur with all, but see some positive in the 5 on 3. I think they were forcing the Pens to move around and tired them out resulting in more late penalities by the Pens. After all, the Pens are the #2 penalty-killing team in the league at the moment, and were #1 last year.

  12. Hey, not only did MDZ struggle at times, so did Girardi. And AA seemed like a nervous grandfather handling a new born baby when he had the puck.

    What the hell?

    That said, wonderful game overall.

  13. The top two reasons conspiracy theorists have for Dubinsky’s poor play is A= Dubinsky feels a bit slighted about not being named Captain, let alone assistaint captain… B= Dubinsky got fat soon after signing his offseason contract. Personally I believe he’s just going through a little slump right now and will shirley be at the top of his game long before the playoffs start.

  14. Jonathan: That’s a 20+ game slump Dubi’s in – meaning for 1/4 of the season (the entire season to date) he’s been slumping.

    I don’t believe he belongs there indefinitely, but right now, given the way his mates are playing, that’s precisely where he belongs, IMO.

  15. I would love to see Hagelin get a shift or two on Gaborik’s left side. The guy’s got wheels and I think the 2 may create a little havoc together.

  16. I agree completely jim! I have no problem with Dubinsky being on the 3rd or 4th line until he starts playing better.

  17. BB: I’d like to see Hagelin on Richards’ line instead of Feds. Maybe Feds can bump AA down to the 3rd line – he works the corners as well, if not better, than AA and might actually pop in a chance or 2, something AA is having difficulty doing lately, it seems.

    That said, the BB/Hags/Mitch line right now is very effective (a goal in each of the 3 games they’ve been together) and probably should stay together as long as the Rangers keep winning.

  18. I saw 62 play in Albany, turned to my son and asked – ‘Who is that’? Because that kid can flat out skate. He used his speed several times, but especially in the third period, to help the team either generate turn overs or get a change when it was realy needed. Hagelin, if he continues to play the way he does, will I think be with the team for at least a good chunk of time. He is exciting to watch because the other teams D are surprised by his speed and lose the puck because of it.

    Great game – I think Gabby gets the 1st star – that pass to Callahan was something special – and he was really moving his feet well. And hats off to Aves – Carp, as I have said before, I prefer my crow fried!

  19. Woywitka and Eminger settled in nicely. They make very simple, but smart, plays. And both are physical when asked to be, too. As much as we’d like to see Strålman and his shot on that 5 on 3, it’s tough to insert him in right now.

  20. I am loving the way Gaby is skating right now, he is really taking the game to the opposition. Cally’s goal he skated right through their defense drawing all players to him leaving Cally open on the doorstep. Thats the sign of a great player, no low% shot into someones shins, and Cally had the smarts to get into position and be aware he might get a pass. All around good play and some grit to hold-off arguably the best team in the league. Fortress MSG again!!

  21. Didn’t get a chance to post after coming home from MSG last night so I have a few thoughts.

    -I’m very happy for John Mitchell. Wanted him to make team out of camp and is now proving why. He can shoot the puck, play physical and can skate. He’ll stay up while Deveaux goes down.
    -Brad Richards may look like he’s loafing at times, but man can he fire that wrister. He’s just a clutch player.
    -As bad as those late PP’s moved the puck and moved their feet, the first 2 were terrific. I think they got too caught up in don’t mess up and let a Staal SHG tie it.
    -Can we keep Gabby in bubble wrap because when healthy he is an elite talent.

    Lastly, and it wound up working to our favor at the end of game, Dean Morton might have done the worst job of officiating I’ve ever seen. Did he think he was getting paid by the penalties he called? It’s embarrassing to the League when in a marquee there is a ref on the ice who has no clue what he’s looking at. Some of the most needless soft calls I’ve ever seen for both teams. Feds was not a board – he (which should be a dive) got hit in the side and throw himself into the boards.The slash on Gabby to make it 5 on 3, I’ve seen players do that 1000 times in games not have it called. Forget how they could not give Vitale a goalie int. but then Hank defends himself (i thought we are protecting goalies) and gets the extra PIM. Should have been 4 to Vitale 2 to Hank and 2 to Eminger. Compare that game to the way Saturday’s game was reffed. I’ll take Saturdays game every time. LET THEM PLAY! I’m begging the NHL!

  22. Man, Carl Hagelin can skate! The speed and stick handling before the dish to Mitchell was a thing of beauty. Again, Glen Sather and the Rangers scouts have to be given their props. Look how much home grown talent is on this team. While I do not think they are good enough to win a cup (YET), I used to dream of this type of young, hungry team with homegrown talent! The dark days of bad trades and terrible free agent signings are hopefully behind us.

    As I say in my infrequent posts. Scott gomez for Ryan McMonster will turn out to be one of the best trades in Rangers history. Every game I watch Ryan he does something that makes me say, “how old is this kid”?????

    Even with their offensive and PP struggles, this team is fun to watch. They care, and they seem to give it their all. Plenty of teams with more talent then them, BUT, they just beat 3 of those teams in a row!

  23. I agree that BB, Hagelin and Mitchell are playing very well. But I would just like to see Hagelin and Gaborik for a few shifts.

    I feel that Fedetenko is a great compliment to Richiards. I really like them on the same line.

  24. On another note – good to see Slats kicking the tyres on Bobby Ryan – 3 yrs at $5m for a 30+ goalscoring LW/RW who is just coming into his prime is a great opportunity if the rumours are true. Apparently they want 2 young players (1D, 1F) plus at least one draft pick – we are quite well stocked on young players but i’m sure it would take more than Valentenko, Zucc and a 1st rounder – presumably we would have to include at least one player off the current roster (AA? Sauer? DZ?)

  25. Carp – great review today. Thanks for posting that rule because when it happened I had no clue why it wasn’t a goal. Sam and Joe didn’t assume that it was because Sauer-Pauer didn’t play the puck for a while either. So thanks.

    Hagelin = Beast? He looks like Duane Allman!

    Gaborik = BEAST. Wow.

    I know this probably won’t last but how great does this feel? Fewest games played in the NHL and we are only 3 points behind the leader in the East and 2 points behind the leader in the West. I’m walking on sunshine.

  26. I mean….when this team lost 2 in a row I think we all assumed the worst with the schedule. Instead we beat the Caps, Phlyers and Penguins. Awesome.

    I don’t see how Hagelin leaves. This team needs one thing…SHOTS ON NET. This kid produces them. He has 5+ shots last night. Those are Crosby numbers. He can also skate very fast which this team desperately needs AND he’s better than Wonky Groin, Christensen, Bel Biv Suspension, Newbury and the others. Even better than the ^hobbit wizard^

    Long live Hagelin

  27. UKR: Way more than that. For me, I’d consider Erixon, Dubi and AA for Ryan and maybe a mid-level prospect/3rd or 4th rounder.

    Anymore and I say no and turn my sights on Iginla…

  28. This whole Ryan thing makes no sense to me. Why would Anaheim trade one of their best players that just came off a dominate season as a line because of a bad start? Why would you play the season out and then got the high draft pick and add a 4th really good player to the team. Sounds to me like they are floating his name out to see if they can either rob another team blind or get another superstar in return.

  29. ukrange- we need to give ducks way more than that. better established players. look what we got for grabachev? a 3rd rounder. for ryan theywill want girardi or mcdonagh. duby is so bad right now they dont want him. i cant see sather parting with some of these guys after keeping with them so long. whybreak it up? it will cost a 1st, probably kreider if the want prospect, or a 1st, and girardi. hell no. make that a double hell no with cheese. maybe if staal was here we could trade a d. bad time for us to do that. mdz is a fowler but with no shot. dont they have visnovsky on the pp too? imagine getting rid of mcdonagh?and he turns out even better than he is now? saher would be asassinated. sauer power i could deal with.
    carp, bulldog, pass the grey poupon for my fried crow sandwich

  30. Who needs Ryan or Iginla? We have Hagelin.

    Iginla is a win now move so we have to give up minimal to get him. I don’t think Torts wants to make that kind of move and send that kind of message to this team.

  31. just think the trade value of some of the heros from last year is just shot right now. duby,boyle prust, AA even had 18g, 40 points, all are doing either lousy or theyre stagnant. only guys with value are basically untouchables. or almost. nobodys untouchable but stil, unless hes demanding a trade and the gm under the gun to make a deal, they could get more from other teams. and were aganinst the cap like we always are.

  32. Manny – Remember also he has one year left at 7 mil. Why give up assets for him for a season and a half? Doesn’t fall into Sather and Torts logic with this team.

  33. Oh man, Barry i have Counted Three comments from you and nothing about dubi :)
    that either He Played a fantastic Game or you running out of Arguments

  34. Grab – You can NEVER JUST look at point totals to determine a player’s value. This isn’t fantasy sports, it’s the actually game on the ice. To say Prust has lost value is one of the silliest statements I’ve ever heard. His value to this team is immeasurable. If Prust scored 0 goals this season, he’d be one of the most important players on the team. As for AA, he’s actually having by far his best season. He’s clicking on a line with Stepan and Gabby. Boyle, even though he’s not scoring, is a very good 2 way center and his work with Mitchell and Hagelin is excellent. Dubi is struggling to score but he is still doing the little things well. To say they are doing lousy is crazy.

  35. ooppss, forgot to change the name on my work PC

    great review, as always, Carp.

    So we have the best home record since early 90’s and have been winning some big games here all with Callahan as our young homegrown leader… A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

  36. More great points from HWirth. Prust is not to be judged on points. Here is why…when he scored goals last year, we all chuckled at it. Like, wow, this guy is doing his job and getting a little reward for it. Ha ha…Prust scored.

  37. Hey Carp, Vitale is JOE Vitale from Northeastern (Huskies represent!). Nice kid, plays hard. Penguins drafted him a few years ago. I was hoping he’d be on the Rangers because he’s skilled and will stick up for teammates even though he’s not that big of a guy.

    Still props to Lundqvist for hitting him back.

  38. Not to undermine anyone’s statement, but like I said yesterday. Islanders have talent too. That call in the third on Crosby is a prime example of the free pass he gets. He skates into 4 rangers, puts his hands up as if something gross touched him and he gets a call. The rangers stunned have a brain fart and allow the goal.

    Crosby is not a hockey player. Crosby likes puck shoots and scrimmages if that wasn’t already evident. Malkin has talent, but it’s most of the other pens that make that team successful aside from the refs.

    Most GROSSLY OVERATED player in the NHL’s history.

    “omg…look at his backhand. Crosby can score on the backhand!!! Yay for Sid the kid, and his 12 year old mustasche.

    In before the rangers got calls late in the period. Pens actually got called for there dirty ways.

  39. I was told that speaking of the Rangers $4.2 million dollar 4th line golden boy is pathetic.

    So now I am trying to speak about the positives of the team and not the (Del Zaster) negatives.

  40. Speaking of Gaborik…missing that empty netter was frustrating. Really frustrating. After banking one in off the wall a few games back he misses that wide open shot. Tsk tsk

  41. Barry

    can’t a kid have slow start for the first time in his young career? Dubi’s confidence is a bit shut right now with BRich on board and playing all those important minutes Dubi used to play…so i think Dubi is just trying to adjust to his new role where he isn’t the one who should be producing on regular bases anymore. Cut the kid some slack, would ya?

  42. Jonny, I know. I was just joking with the Dicky V. stuff.

    I’d like to see Hagelin on the first line for a bit, too, but the thing with Anisimov is he’s a defensive conscience for that line. Even when he’s not scoring, and he sure isn’t, he’s helping that line produce. I haven’t seen enough of Hagelin to know if he can do that. But they need somebody who plays both sides on that line.

    Good morning, Sally!

  43. and dont compare Dubi to Drury, Gomez and Reddens of the world… those were all established NHLers who made twice as much as Dubi, who came from outside and did nothing for this team.

  44. Mazz0 – Oh yeah Crosby is overrated. 9 assists in a week, 11 points in 5 games. That’s more than 2 points a game at a time when 100 pts. wins the scoring title. The Rangers would hate to have talent like that on their lineup. Crosby’s biggest problem is he’s too much Arod and not enough Jeter. He should learn to be like the Yankee Captain and never give an opinion on anything and let his game speak for itself.

  45. Crosby sucks. Gaborik should be the face of the NHL. He had such a good year last year.

    Overrated. Crosby. I think you can’t really overrate a player of his magnitude. Just stay away from comparing him to Gretzky and he probably can’t be overrated. Have you seen how good he has been since he’s been back? That is Lemieux-like

  46. Carp you have the Same opinion about a Player with Barry is so rarely like the easter or Christmas vacations falls on One Day :)

  47. >>I thought the Penguins took it to them at times…

    It’s quite okay for other teams to, um, “bring it” at times. The important thing is for the Rangers to bend and not break when that happens. So far, so good!

    [Heads Up!]

  48. Aside from the empty net miss, Gabby missed a few other wide open chances by shooting high and wide. He could have had 3 or 4 goals last night, and those misses could have been the difference between a W and a L. Sure, he played a dynamic game but he’s gotta bury those open net chances. He had better check the curve on his stick if that’s the problem. Richards was the #1 star last night IMO.

  49. The #1 star was HAGELIN. Because he’s young and dynamic and really made the most out of his TOI and holy crap did he impress me.

  50. Great review….actually saw the whole game so reading about it today made it that much better.

    One quick thought and I wanted some of your guys take on it. Lundqvist seemed shaky at first. At least to me. Seeing Keenan around made me think. How about the trick Keenan used to pull by replacing Hank cause he was a little shaky then throwing him back out there…just to keep him on his toes!! I know Hank overall had a (steady game didn’t want to say great) but what would you guys think of doing that??

    The other day I said the Rangers were a couple of players away from being contenders. Hagelin and Mitchell have been great surprises, but will they level off? (like Carp said) Or do they turn into the thing to take the Rangers to that next level? We still need help on “D” but hopefully when Staal returns he won’t need long to get into his groove.

  51. We have started to play some top teams, and while we were shaky last night at times, we did what was needed to win! I apologize they the team did what they needed. Get so wrapped up sometimes I say we as we help the team LOL

  52. Carp, I know you were joking around. I found it funny. Not too many Huskies in the NHL though so I have to defend them haha.

    Also, to touch on your point about Avery, how much of this has to do with him being sent down? He didn’t look anything like this in the last two years at all. It seems as if him being in Hartford for that short time has made him realize he needs to bring it in order to stay in the league. Plus he’s playing for another contract (this is his last contract year) so that probably helps too.

  53. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Carl Hagelin was outstanding last night. Creating many scoring chances and, man, can that kid skate. 6 shots on goal in less than 12 mins played…


    Now, get the ^wizard^ up here too. He scored and helped set up Voros for a goal last night!

    Nice review, Carp.

  54. Johnny D, Avery was one of the best players in the playoffs for the Rangers last season. And he played pretty well in the pre season too.

  55. Exactly, NYR. The one thing this team suffers hideously is SHOTS ON GOAL. Hagelin put up Crosby like numbers in that category last night.

  56. Much less negative stuff today than I expected, eh…Where is that Fan2011 troll from last night? He conveniently vanished after they scored 4 goals. Some trolls are still here though. Under different names, even with different ways they post. But at the end, it all comes out. Even the way they type their posts too.

  57. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    I really hope we’ve seen the last of EC as a Ranger. But, he’d look great in a Whale sweater…

  58. the rangers in reality have the best record in hockey(less games played), are young, and more reinforcements on the way and people pick this team apart….

    they are not contenders yet, but they are close. need at least 1 more bigtime forward. Is that Kreider or bobby ryan who they will have to trade multiple valuable chips for!!Who knows and no I am not saying Kreider is ready this moment.

    dubi is in a slump, 20 games relax. no he is not an elite player not close but when going well he is a good 2 way player who fits in well with this style.

    my concerns are injuries. they have had only 1 significant injury(Staal) and I am not sure if they lose a girardi, or callahan, etc. if they can compete. they are just not deep enough yet. hagelin looks to be here to stay and that is not good news for EC and Wolski….MDZ is 21, yep he made a terrible turnover last night right in front of his net so what. he is playing well and improving all the time.

  59. Again, I highly doubt that Anaheim is truly trading Ryan. I think it’s an attempt by Murray to light up a fire under their collective MZAs. But if they did, we have enough assets, picks and cap space to make that trade. If he is traded, he’ll go to EC, Murray will not want him in the West. AND THAT MAY change the whole EC balance. Btw, Iginla coming to EC changes that balance too, albeit short term.

  60. i trade for ryan he is 24, iginla who has been great is 34 so i tread lightly on those types of trades bigtime.

  61. Just look at the 5 on 3!!! Shoot the puck!! Can’t get goals passing the puck around.

    I thought Avery looked good last night, and deserved more time, but he’s not going to get it with this coach. Right now the more Avery looks good and keeps his mouth shut the better chance the Rangers might be able to include him in a package.

    It’s just not going to happen with the current coach.

  62. Do not underestimate Iginla. Even at 34 he is a big time player, true leader, a team first guy. And he can still dominate as a power forward. If added to a contender, he can tip the scales very fast. he won’t come cheap, and I’d be careful getting him that early in the season before they really know what they have here. Ryan is a different type of thing, he is for both long and short purposes.

  63. I will say it again….Trading for Iginla is a WIN NOW move and it isn’t the position the Rangers are in or the message that Torts wants to send to this team. They are not a RW away from a Cup. We can’t shed enough cap space to get Iginla on the team. NO

  64. yeah the 5 on 3 looked pretty bad as did the rest of the PP after they scored 2… but don’t forget that the Pen()s are numero uno in the league on PK.

  65. I understand that they are number 1 on PK, and they did take away the Richards one time they kept trying to do, but sometimes sit your a** in front of the net (a la Callahan and someone else) and shoot the puck from the point. Adam Graves made a career out of sitting in front of the net backing in rebounds!!!! Shoot the da** puck!!

  66. That’s exactly what I was yelling during the PP. “DON’T GIVE UP A SHORTY” And all those dumb penalties taken by the Penguins was so amazing and uncharacteristic of them. Just more minutes in which they don’t score.

  67. Plus shooting the puck from the point hopefully keeps the puck in deep and you won’t turn it over high in the offensive zone.

  68. If Del Zotto isnt comfortable shooting the puck from the point, especially on a 5-3, then he shouldn’t be out there.

    Girardi shoots more than he does.

  69. I was on the edge of my seat because they kept playing with it from D man to D man over to Richards. I said to my son, toying with the puck like that leads to a short handed goals. Especially against someone like Pitt.

  70. I would just rather them shoot it and loose it deep in the offensive zone, so everyone can get back. They started to just try and keep poessesion and not let Pitt. have any offense instead of trying to score on the PP. They backed up way to much at the end of the game, and just let Pitt. dictate at the end. I just would have liked to see them keep the play moving instead of trying to hold on to the lead. We all know that sitting back just gives them more of a chance to tie the game. And to do that against Pitt. is just stupid.

  71. One thing is for sure, most people wouldn’t give the Rangers any credit for there winning streak, but now they have beaten some top teams. What are they saying now?? Plus the Rangers have played less then most of the teams, and are almost in 1st place!!

  72. I would not change much with this team right now. Imagine how good they will be when Staal comes back (when not if, right??)

    As an aside, not sure if anyone mentioned this recently as I have been busy, but my bro said something funny when I told him that Boudreau got fired the other day. I texted him and told him and he responded, “Now he DEFINITELY cannot hear us.” I laughed hard.

    Hagelin is money. Great injection of speed, youth, energy, and some smarts. Mitchell and he play well together. Belle Biv Deveaux will be on the bus to the Whale shortly.

    Paging Dubinsky….are you there?

    Did anyone notice how bad Sid was in the faceoff circle? He lost almost every draw. I didn’t check the stats but I’d be shocked if he won more than 25%. Faceoffs are tough for a guy out 1 year and even tougher if you are just a whiny, crybaby wuss. Screw him.

    I like our mojo. LGR.

  73. Manny,
    whether you like it or not, the Rangers are a win now team. the second Richards signed they became that. the Rangers are going to need to add to what they have, and I think they will. the moves made this year, will to be to win this year.

  74. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    morning ILB and all!!

    great review! I remember #3 and that was awesome! Nothing about eminger’s game? I thought he played very well and even though there are two sides to michael busto and his play, I think eminger should be with sauer and busto with woywitka. I would change that if it is stralman instead of woywitka and busto should keep his PP time (uh ha ha ha PP time)

  75. New Newman,
    if, and when Rupp is healthy, and with the way Hagelin is playing, what you do is make a lot of Avery fans unhappy.

  76. bull dog – No flipping way. I just don’t think they are a win now team. It’s impossible. Torts is always talking about building, building, building. That is our thing. You don’t keep guys like Kreider and Mitchell and Hagelin and Miller and ^hobbit wizard^ waiting in the wings if you’re a win now team. Also, if we were a win now team NO ONE on this team would be off limits in a trade. Stepan would be moved with McBust for Ryan immediately.

    I am happy to finally disagree with you on something and I look forward to a fun and challenging debate.

  77. Manny,
    at some point you have to go for it. the reason you stockpile all those prospects is to move them when someone like Ryan becomes available. this is a win now team, that will making win now moves, in the not to distant future.

  78. bull dog,

    I agree that at some point you have to go for it. I just think I define “going for it” as building a core of a team that you feel comfortable with, then moving some of the extraneous pieces for upgrades and then making a run. I just don’t think the Rangers are going for 1 cup. They are going for several over a 5-10 year period.

  79. bull dog,

    I guess I could better explain it by saying this: Bobby Ryan fits the team more than $7M Iginla. Because Ryan will help BUILD and grow. Sure they could win now but it’s unlikely.

  80. Manny,
    I don’t disagree with that at all. they are being built to compete for many years to come. Ryan is 24, and would fit right in to that thinking. Iginla, I would stay away from. would you say Manny, right now the Rangers have a chance to do some damage this season? I think they are right there, and with a little help they could get over the top.

  81. bull dog,

    We are in agreement. I don’t expect the Rangers to have the best record in the league (as they basically do now based on games played) but I do expect some damage. This team barely made it last year and in similar fashion barely didn’t make it the year before. If we would try to finish 4th or 5th in the East I think we would be in good shape. I think Bobby Ryan might actually put them over the top. Could you imagine a top line of Artie – Stepan – Gaborik and a 2nd line of Callahan – Richards – Ryan ?

  82. here is where I think we disagree Manny,
    I think the Rangers right now are built to be a good regular season team, but in order to become a playoff threat, they are going to need more skill and are going to need more size and toughness.
    by the way, “Benny the Jet” is about to pickle the Beast.

  83. That sounds right, bull dog. I can agree with that. I just don’t think Iginla is the answer or the right move / message.

  84. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    He did took on all fighters (including parros) and held his own, chipped in a point or two, played hard, and worked hard. Not sure how that doesn’t warrant a call up again (never want injuries to happen to anyone) incase an injury happens.

    The real conundrum occurs when rupp gets back…who sits?

  85. Wicky,
    I think everybody knows the answer to that question. that is why when you hear Rupp is getting close, you will read a lot of Hagelin has slowed down and needs to go back down. or you will hear that Rupp is no good and should not have a spot. you will even hear some Dubi needs to sit stuff.

  86. for once i am proud of this team. i wake up today happy and proud that they showed some guts last night. the late goal at the end of the 2nd I THOUGHT WAS THE DEATHNAIL. in years past it would carry over and early in the 3rd it did but they hung tough even if the PP run by DEL ZASTER on the 5 on 3 was just awful.

    love the play of mitchell and hagelin. goodbye EC your heading on waivers soon.

    now it wouldnt be a normal post for me wihtout one concern and that is tomorrow vs carolina is what you call a typical let down game. 3 huge wins with lots of emotion i definitely see the rangers mailing in tom game. i cant see how they replicate the last three games.

  87. Haven’t we learned? When the team is going well the answer should be to change NOTHING. Rupp should go on LTIR or get traded. He just doesn’t fit unless, god forbid, Prust gets hurt. Until that sad day, he sits.

    Bel Biv Suspension will go back to Hartford. The size is nice but unless he replaces Mitchell I don’t see a fit right now, barring an injury. Or, alternatively, we could trade him and get not much in return.

    Christensen should stay away. Wonky Groin can go be wonky somewhere else. Give Hagelin a shot on the 1st line and if it looks good then trade Artie Partie for something substantial. Teams seem to like him.

  88. eric – put Biron in goal. That should save the let down effort by this team. Put Hagelin on the first line. Give him a reason to shine. Then tell Avery to do his best to get ejected. That should fire ’em up.

  89. Carp, when will we start back up with the “Avery in the lineup” win/loss record stat?

    Rangers should include that in their post-game notes. hehe

  90. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I’m trying to go back through the go time thread (which may be a mistake) and catch up at the same time…bleh!!

    I thought the avery “tackle” was total BS and still think intentional takedowns by guys in a fight should be a penalty, but kudos to him for answering the bell after they came out of the box and doing well in that fight!

    re eminger and talent.
    he really doesn’t have a lot and certainly doesn’t have as much talent as dubi (this is about the convo with barry last night) but that is kinda the point IMHO. I mean eminger plays with grit and determination and gives effort every time on the ice (you could make a clinic teaching tape on how to work a guy along the boards with him). He is a 5/6/7 D man on most teams, but on one as soft as ours on the blue line would not be out of place as a 4 depending on who the 5/6 are (i referenced that in an earlier post).

    Dubi on the other hand is more maddening and while very talented seems to be a euro head case type (ala jagr or kovy) who has a ton of talent, but only shows it occasionally. While dubi is not as talented offencively as either one of those players, he is more talented in the physical style od play department and just doesn’t do it.

    At 4.2 million dollars, and currently on what we would call the 4th line, he should be right in the middle of every “scrum” when he is on the ice like he is getting paid 4.2 mil to give face washes and that is it.

    On a talent level eminger and dubi are not even close, but neither are they on heart IMHO!

    Will over skill (and it usually costs less)!!

  91. At 4.2 million dollars, and currently on what we would call the 4th line, he should be right in the middle of every “scrum” when he is on the ice like he is getting paid 4.2 mil to give face washes and that is it.


    Great point, Wick! Spoken like a true hard-nosed player!

  92. Deveaux was waived because Torts does not like him. he was a great teammate, great passer, and took the the other teams stars off there game, Torts should be fired because of this.

  93. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    FWIW, I also thought the eminger hit at the blueline on the PK in the 3rd put the momentum back in our favor!!

  94. Yea Bel Biv Deveaux is a gem that Torts just can’t polish. I guess that’s why he has the resume he has had…

  95. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    sather and the rangers never make good moves, you know this!!!

  96. Deveaux sunk his own ship with that hit, forcing us to call up Haggy and Mitchy, who have not only outplayed him, but quite a few others on the current roster, albeit for just past 3 games. Hags and Mitch seem to already possess an attacking chemistry since they were line mates in Hartford. And certainly Hags speed is a welcome addition to our somewhat slug-footed club.

  97. *Great move by the Rangers not making a move n Leino*

    Say what? A late 20’s player that benefitted from weaker competition on a stacked team is getting exposed playing tougher minutes?

  98. Well, well put Zubov.

    Thanks for correcting my spelling error CT!

    I believe you were one of the people shouting that Carter and Leino were NOT good pickups. Kudos. How’s the new little Blueshirt doing?

  99. I think I just copied whatever you said Manny, just bolded it because I forgot the symbols you need to put it in italics.

    Yes, I was never a fan of Leino as a big FA catch.

    Carter I would have been fine with at the right price, except Columbus tried to deploy him as a set up guy for Nash and Carter is more of a goal scorer. I’d say Carter could command roughly the same package as Ryan if he were on the block. Somewhat less because of his massive contract, but he’s every bit the proven scorer than Ryan.

  100. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    OK, caught up
    wow, alot of anti russianites last night it seems!

    good thing everyone is Ukrainian around here!!

    great game by the team btw!!

    I love the idea of bobby ryan on this roster, the problem I have with it is team chemistry. While I do not think we will go 10-2 every 12 games this season (man, wouldn’t that be great though), team chemistry IMHO is something to be taken very seriously when moving a couple (most likely) roster players for another.

    While we seem to be playing quite well without dubi contributing in the goal column and it seems former teammates are not fond of him (avery when with dallas and shelly off the top of my pointed head), do others in the lockerroom (ie cally AA etc) have a more vested interest in him as a teammate? Same with say MDZ (although he has more goals than dubi…I think) who seems to be buds with boyle and prust. Do you trade erixon instead of MDZ if the ducks would do that? I wouldn’t, but would the organization?

    Just musing here with the trade for ryan hypotheticals, but I think I would still have to make the deal with the ducks (they might want both AA and Dubi, do you do it then to make roster decisions easier when rupp gets back?) for a talent like ryan and hope everyone holds the emotional line and the team continues to play great like it has been!

  101. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    thoughts on the ryan hypotheticals from the all knowing blogfather??

  102. Those 5 on 3 PP disasters don’t lay with MDZ – it lays with the 3 forwards who stood (STOOD) in a line almost from board to board deep in the Pittsburgh zone. The 2 pointmen were left with no choice but to pass the puck back and forth between them.

    To be fair, occasionally one of the 3 symmetrical forwards dropped back 20 or so feet to allow a pointman to pass to him, then after practicing passing the puck back and forth for several seconds, promptly re-engaged the symmetry.

    I guess it’s time to start practicing 5 on 3s!!!

  103. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    zubov (and ctb for that matter)
    I said he deserves another call up, not that he should play in place of hagelin or mitchell

    that being said in both the flyers and pens game, there isn’t a person on this board (except maybe LW, who doesn’t like physical play yet pines for washed up D men like it is his sustenance for life) who didn’t wish at some point we had a big guy that would go out there and just thump a flyer or pen.

    at least, most probably wanted that to happen

  104. Wicky,
    the Ducks are looking for an established NHL center, and an established NHL D man, plus a pick. so figure they would ask the Rangers for Stepan, and McD, and the Rangers counter with AA, and Sauer. don’t like the idea of trading Sauer, unless you can tell me Stall will be back. if you can get them to take MDZ, or Erixon, sign me up.

  105. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    FWIW, these wins really mean nothing against the top teams if we go out and lose to the canes or some cellar dweller routinely. Just saying not too high not too low with the emotions folks!!


  106. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    wow, from gross (you honestly have to feel a bit bad for the guy, elbow was an elbow, but not malicious)

    Andre Deveaux’s time with the Rangers (for this call-up at least) is not officially over but the big man has been placed on waivers by the Rangers, who have the option of sending him back to Connecticut (AHL) if he clears tomorrow. By the looks of it, Deveaux doesn’t expect to be around as he did not practice today and walked through the practice facility saying goodbye to a few teammates.

    When I asked him if he knew what the plans were for him, he said he didn’t, then lamented, “I guess I elbowed myself out of the league,” referring to the three-game suspension he just completed for his high elbow to the face of the Panthers’ Tomas Fleischmann last Wednesday at Florida.

  107. I think it has less to do with the elbow, and more to do with the guys that replaced him after the elbow.

  108. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    correct again. If they had not played so well, chances are he would be back in

  109. Carp,

    I love your reviews…always look forward to them the morning after games.

    As for various comments/thoughts:

    – I thought Hank battled the puck last night from the opening faceoff…his rebound control was a bit off and not limited to the one that resulted in the Malkin goal

    – When Rupp is ready to come back…where doe she fit? Perhaps to give Prust a game or two off? Seems like a spare part that they’re not missing right now, especially with Avery providing grit and not taking stupid penalties

    – When and if Staal returns this season and barring no additional injuries, I hope Torts doesn’t break up the Girardi-McD pairing. As Carp has argued for years, I think Girardi plays better away from Staal anyway, but I love the way the Girardi McD pairing is playing right now and if it ain’t broke…

    – You can always tell how loud MSG is going to be and what type of crowd its going to be by whether we vocally applaud early PK clears. Certainly wasn’t a playoff-type crowd last night but was nice to see the place full and attentive for all three periods last night.

    – Absolutely love Hagelin and think he definitely could deserve more minutes but I’d be hesitant to give him 1st line duties so early in his career. I think there is much to be said for “4th Line” expectations while still getting a semi-regular shift

    – Last thought for now…in re Ryan trade…of the players on the active roster, I think the only ones I can see giving up for anyone right now is either Dubi or Anisimov…and not because they’re slumping currently, but just because I think they are the type of young assets that other teams want but may not have as high an upside as others (e.g. Stepan and Hagelin)

  110. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP: Nice job on the air with Kenny last night. Interesting that I, being in California could hear you on the radio over the laptop while most Ranger fans in the NYC area could not due to that weak signal. Nice to hear the garden back to being a hostile place. Someone posted that they were in the team store, and some nob complained that they “don’t sell any Penguins stuff here.” Duh. Then someone else said they saw a guy in a Pens jersey with a reddened and swollen face being escorted out. Sounds like thinkgs are returning back to normal.

  111. Its a long season. His elbow incident aside, Devaux did enough to be recalled again. Injuries happen. For what he brings, there will be room on the team. EC and WW, is a different story.

  112. I split time between the blueseats and the west balcony last night and whlie the west balcony was pretty well behaved, the blueseats were not very inviting for Pens fans (the person I was with has the unfortunate affliction of being a Pens fan). It was nice to see the place get a little nasty (within reason), certainly the past couple of years the Pens fans have gotten a little too comfortable strutting around the Garden.

  113. I was in Binghamton with my 3 brothers 20+ years ago. Late night bar, obviously filled with college kids. In walks Tie Domi. Man, he was just a kid then. I had half a load on (or even 3/4) and I tried to pick a fight with him just to see. Thankfully, my brothers dragged me away before I got blasted. To his credit, I’m not even sure Tie noticed. Also, Binghamton was pretty run down back then, so he probably had his share of late night headaches. Not now, though, because his current girl is ridiculous

  114. It seems that Mr Miami Pimp has a very taut margin for acceptance for performance. “Bush League Win”. Indeed. Sort of reminds me of a day a lifetime ago when we first met our DI at boot camp…and we were already in shock.

    His first words were …..(” We DEMAND perfection……..and sometimes settle for a little bit less…
    ..but maybe not from you gum chewers”)We tried to meet his demand, and by gar before it was over we had….but barely.) Rangers are on their way, make your demands, but this is their moment of pride and the development of a masterful organization that STARTS at the top, and trickles down to the rawest recruit. The Red Wings have set the standard for excellence way back, when I was much younger, and they’ve not deviated from that
    position…and only now might one see some chinks in the armor from the winged wheelers. Time will tell.

  115. Good afternoon, Carp! Sorry I missed the game last night, although it’s probably why they did so well…

  116. In regards to the PP, they want to keep the puck low late in the game with the lead. You guys want them to shoot from the point thinking they won’t lose the puck in the high slot and give up a SH goal. What about when they routinely gave up SH goals by shooting from the point and having those shots get blocked out of the zone, which usually turns into a 2 on 1 or 2 on 2 chance?

    If anything, when they have the lead on the PP and they want chances, they should keep the puck deep in the zone and cycle in an overload like they would 5 on 5 and look for chances around the slot. Keep the 3rd guy higher so if the puck chips out, it’s a 2 on 3 now and the d-men don’t have to fight to get back.

    Not saying I wouldn’t want them to shoot from the point, but I had no issues with them trying to get it low instead of keeping it high. I’d rather the other team go almost 200 feet instead of 100-125 ft to get to the Rangers net.

  117. Barry – Avery was decent in the playoffs, but he didn’t play anywhere near this well at any point last season or the season before. He’s actually skating, not looking to get out of position when he does throw hits, and he’s much more effective with the puck than he was in previous years.

    I think his effort is shown in the sense that he has rarely been offsides this year. That was his thing for years is that everytime he was on the ice and we’d get an odd man rush, he’d find a way to kill it by being offside because he was cruising or just not paying attention. This year, he has helped create chances rather than be out of position. It’s like he’s finally focused on the game for once and is agitating as well.

    Torts knew what he was doing. Avery Lovers and Torts Haters might not want to admit that, but if it wasn’t a business move then he wouldn’t still be in the lineup.

  118. Great game last night against the Crosbys. Was as sickening to everybody else as it was to me how the goofs on Versus had to mention Cindy’s name whenever they could. I understand that he’s a great player and all that, but when Emrick refered to the Penguins as “Crosby’s team” I could have strangled him if he was within arms distance. I forgot the context, but it was something like “(player) shoots it in the zone for Crosby’s team.” UGH! That’s pathetic.

    As for the game itself Gaborik was great and Richards wasn’t far behind. Callahan was his usual self. I thought Sauer had a strong game also. Hagelin – how in the world did he not make the team out of camp? I mean, come on! They sent this guy down and kept Christensen on the roster?

    What do you think of the rumor that they are talking to the Ducks about Bobby Ryan? I say get him. If they were to add a guy of his caliber and with Staal maybe coming back soon they would look awfully tough.

  119. Great Post as usual Carp particularly thought 1. Was at the game and you’re right in that it was the loudest in quite a while. It appeared, however, that the Pens kept on shooting themselves in the foot. No where near one of our best games. I could see the smoke coming our of Torts ears with some of # 4’s snafus. Overall I see a far more balance team forming an identity. Kudos to the coach.

  120. Great points all around Johnny. That point about Avery not taking himself out of position to make a hit is a good one. That is a marked difference.

    And this whole team has been better with the offsides. Just much better game flow. That is a really good sign.

  121. “Crosby does have a pretty remarkable backhand Mazz0”

    Best backhand in the league = Marty St. Louis. No doubt, ft. Gwen Stefs.

  122. Well I guess if Latona thinks St. Louis has a better backhand then Crosby *is* overrated after all.

  123. Crosby is unquestionably the best offensive player in the league. But I will always stand by my statement that Pavel Datsyuk is the best all-around player.

  124. NYR_FAN "Step-on the GAS!" on

    Derek Stepan reminds me of a young Pavel Datsyuk (in terms of style of play), quite Datsyukian….Prust sayin’!

  125. I think Lidstrom is the smartest by a landslide, CTB. But I think Datsyuk’s deking ability pushes him over the top.

  126. Sorry to hear that Deveaux has been put on waivers – aside from the elbow, he did what was asked of him while he was on the ice, and didn’t shy away from anyone. I think that the team still needs a big, willing guy to take on the other team’s menacers.

    I wish they could keep him with the team.

  127. ive never seen so many prospects make the team from within. I’m sure the dutch going nuts over the “HAGUELIN”.

  128. Jimbo, I disagree…if I may? May I? why thank you kind sir. When Boogie man was here other teams jsut didn’t engage him. Goons are not effective unless there is equal opportunity goon on the other side. Byfuglien goons! We don’t need it..leaves a space for Haguelin or Paul Mitchell to continue styling hair on the big team. Now waive EC…ASAP! He is an Aasen.

  129. Well Datsyuk can win a few more games because of his awesome shoot out ability. Back when he was putting up 90-100 point seasons he was probably the best overall in the league, but he’s slipped a little in the past couple of seasons offensively. Lidstrom has declined a touch too, but it’s pretty close between a 70 point Datsyuk and a 50 point Lidstrom. They’re both fantastic though.

  130. Best player in the league? I still can’t look past Brodeur.

    I mean, he’s so wide I can’t look past him to see who the best player in the league is.

  131. One other thing I just remembered and I don’t have the stats on this, I am just throwing it out there….

    Since Avery has been back with the team, has Cally or Avery taken more questionable penalties? Not fights mind you, but 2 mins for interference or roughing or boarding?

    I say this not to bash Cally. That dude is the best captain we’ve had in a long while, he plays 100% every shift, every night. If I was having another kid (never…3 is enough) I might name him (or her) Cally. I am saying it to give Avery some more props. Like Manny Brown said above, its noticeable that Avery has been more focused.

    All that said, did Avery see more than 1 shift in the 3rd period?

    One other thing, 2 for 6 is refreshing on the PP. Do these guys watch the tape of the PP goals where they shot the puck around like a BB?

    I ask because in the 3rd (granted they were up and really looking to kill time on the PP and not make a mistake) on the PPs (esp the 5 on 3) the guys were tripods. In fact, at one point I saw Boyle, Dubi, and someone else (can’t remember who was to Fleury’s left) all standing about 7 feet apart from each other. They were basically being covered by 1 d-man. I mean do they realize that in 5 on 3s you have to spread out to separate the 3 defenders?

  132. Mister Delaware on

    “All that said, did Avery see more than 1 shift in the 3rd period?”

    We were on the PP alot and I’m sure Torts is cognizant that the refs tend to see everything Avery does and thinks about doing. With the lead, probably not a bad idea.

  133. Again, I think the idea in those PP’s was to not give up a shorty. Go scroll up and read what Johnny D said about it. He explained the coaching mindset pretty well.

  134. Agree about the PP Newman. I was saying that to my friends as we were watching it unfold (the West Balcony really gives a great birdseye view of the ice). No movement from either of the wingers. At least get one of the wingers rotating on the weak side to get the PK triangle to budge just a little bit. Also, I think they were playing it conservative and more killing the clock than trying to create a scoring chance but honestly there’s so little risk is giving up a 3 on 5 scoring chance against that they could have pressed it a bit more. I imagine they would have been more aggressive if the game was tied or obvioiusly if they were down.

  135. Crosby is good, but not the best imo. Yes he has one of the strongest backhands, but idk if that translates to the best backhand.

    My biggest problem with the guy is that if he gets treated like everyone else in the league. Maybe he stands out even less.

  136. Yeah a game where Avery already had two scraps and one where the refs had itchy whistle fingers is not worth the risk of putting him out there. He got a good charge out of the crowd and the team early on, but I think sending him out there in a 1 goal game is playing penalty roulette.

  137. Happy 176th Bday Samuel Clemens!
    “Suppose you were an idiot. And then suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

  138. >>>Jimbo, I disagree…if I may? May I? why thank you kind sir.

    Of course you may!

    I don’t think that Deveaux has anywhere near the reputation that Boogaard (RIP) had. He isn’t on the team to be an aggressor or to go out looking for trouble, but simply to “answer the bell” when goons on the other team are looking to mix it up – or to send out the ice to extract punishment to players who take liberties with our “skill” players.

    I don’t want our team to be like the Sabres, where they had nobody to answer the bell when Miller got his world rocked by Lucic….

  139. Joekuh - Dubinsky: Road to #2! on

    Loved the noise of the Garden last night, even on TV. Good review. Can we get the next game started already?!?!?

  140. As I said, even on the 5 on 3, you want the opponents to have to go 200 feet to get to your net instead of 100-125 if they block a shot from up top. Plus you have a 3rd guy higher in the slot who can come back and help the d-men focus on defending.

    I know it’s frustrating since you want them to attack and try to score another one, but even if they have the D shooting from the point, you could have a 2 on 2 with the Pens going only 125 feet to get to your net and maybe a shot off a screen goes in and now it’s a tie game.

    There were only 2 minutes left and they just wanted to eat clock and tire out the Pens a bit. If you keep those guys on the ice and keep cycling it low, they can’t get off the ice for a change either so even when the player is out of the box, the other 3 or 4 guys are exhausted.

    I hate safe hockey, but I think it was the right move there, especially with how explosive the Pens got in the 2nd half of the game.

  141. Ducks are not interested in the ones they already dumped: Emminger, Christensen or Voros. They’re not going to want Avery, or anyone they coulda had, free, on waivers.
    Nor would they want $, so Wolski is unlikely unless we take Jason Blake.
    They want PROVEN talent. Cally and McDonagh equivalents. They are weak at forward beyond top 5 forwards but have decent depth on D.

    If they take on Artie or more likely Dubi (who’d gel better with Getzlaf and Perry) you’d better believe they want someone(s) to help NOW. DelZotto potentially could help, but Anaheim has a lot of D-men and MDZ is still a risk. Krieder, JT Miller, and draft picks are not “now” but one of them could sweeten that risk. Erixon and/or Hagelin or even Zucc are a possible help NOW and at that point you would probably see someone else come this way too, like Sbisa or Brookbank.


    My bet is he goes nowhere, but if he did…Columbus…something around Carter for Ryan. Or some package to Carolina.

    BTW, Avery praised Dubinsky when in Dallas “…Brandon will be a great hockey player some day, that’s all I’m going to say” It was Vally he ripped on.

    the back story on Ryan…interesting

  142. HLundqvist30 Henrik Lundqvist
    @imseanavery just told me i’m like a dinosaur working the computer…#hecantstoplookinginthemirror
    3 minutes ago


  143. imseanavery Sean Avery
    @KateUpton since u couldn’t stop looking @HLundqvist30 last night now u can follow him…….#sorryhesmarried

  144. Now only if a restaurant franchise thought of it Tony’s way, which is thinking of Manny’s way thinking of Latona’s way thinking of mazz0’s way. Wouldn’t that be something.

  145. imseanavery Sean Avery
    @KateUpton since u couldn’t stop looking @HLundqvist30 last night now u can follow him…….#sorryhesmarried



  146. Really, Månnu? You’re a smart chap…you should know how to read Tweeter.

    It’s Avery jokingly telling Kate Upton to stop looking at and forget about Hank because he’s married.

  147. Oh! That is funny! I think part of me wants to not understand Twitter. Sometimes I get it but then there are so many @ symbols and then so many # symbols I get confused. I am neither smart nor a chap. I promise.

    Although I did learn to use a rice cooker and man these things are awesome. Put everything in and press start and fresh cooked food and you can eat out of it. Almost no dishes to clean up.

  148. You bet she is. She’s a randy little something or other [insert great one joke here]

    Too bad Wayne shut it down I think

  149. I think my favorite joke about Paulina Gretzky was “she let us see her great ones”

    that one was not too over the line and not too shabby

  150. Morg(stuck in a communist chocolate hellhole) on

    Wayne must be sooo proud
    when does her playboy shoot happen?

    oof,thank the Great One i had a son!

  151. bull dog line November 30th, 2011 at 2:06 pm
    the Ducks are looking for an established NHL center, and an established NHL D man, plus a pick. so figure they would ask the Rangers for Stepan, and McD, and the Rangers counter with AA, and Sauer. don’t like the idea of trading Sauer, unless you can tell me Stall will be back. if you can get them to take MDZ, or Erixon, sign me up.

    Billdog for whatever it’s worth this is an excerpt from Brooks’ article in the Post

    “It is believed the Rangers consider Ryan Callahan, Derek Stepan, Marc Staal (who has begun skating on his own), Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh and Michael Sauer to be untouchables within the organization regarding this particular scenario.”

    …MEANING Anisimov, Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Hagelin and dare I say Kreider are all fair game. Idk if I’d be cool with them trading Kreider.

  152. Hi Manny!

    Those rice-cookers are something, eh? Every Asian family has one of those doodads now – they are ubiquitous! ;-D

  153. Morg(stuck in a communist chocolate hellhole) on

    CCCP,i too am from the future,and let me tell you,i enjoyed the Infected Mushroom cds that you sent me tomorrow!

  154. I am not asian. Do I have to return it?

    Honestly. Rice Cookers are amazing. I have entered a whole new world of rice dishes. I use the rice cooker to actually sautee my onions and pepers and what not and then toast the rice and then put the water/stock mixture. DELICIOUS.

  155. Bulldog,

    Nice job surmising what could be reasonable for both sides regarding Ryan, and HWorth you asked what Ive’ been quizzing everyone I know on for days now.

    As exciting as the thought is of adding a Ryan to this group, why oh why are they moving him? All kinds of answers coming back, from conflicting stories of ANA having $$$ trouble to a feeling by some Ryan may be a beneficiary of playing with Getzlaf (when one a Top flight centerman) and an MVP to a few other things I won’t speculate on.

    Carp, I remember Beuk waiting outside the box. Riotous!

    and good job being fair to Del Zotto. He deserves it and, as we were saying today, he’s not such a throw-in anymore, is he? Cause at 26 mins a night and pretty steady, no stupid penalties, and the hope the offense will start to come back as he relaxes into this newfound maturity, he’s a solid asset again.

    I’ll say again. Girardi’s starting to malfunction, paying the price for massive minutes early.

    Girardi is WAY too valuable to screw with.

    If you can’t rest him (and your goalie) in the dog days of December while you’re 3pts from the conference lead (with 4! games in hand) when can you rest him?

  156. Rotter says we (The Rangers) are the *front runners* in an *imminent* Bobby Ryan trade. Should be finished by the week’s end.

  157. Apparently, NYR are frontrunners for Bobby Ryan… and deal could be done by end of the week (SNY)

    —-> The wombat tells the whole story ——->

  158. Ok let’s start guessing our package. I will guess this:

    Anisimov (which allows Hagelin to move to the 1st line where he dominates for years to come), Erixon, Mitchell and Krieder

  159. >>>I am not asian. Do I have to return it?

    Of course not, you silly guy! ;-D

    Sautee onions and peppers in it? You can do that? I thought they were strictly for making rice!?

    I’ll check it out, Morg – thanks! I must have skipped some posts along the line…

  160. Meant to say, they’d never scratch Girardi, obviously.

    But why the hell does Torts think Sather signed Stralman anyway?

    I’m sure he’s had his own little private Torturella sessions by now.

    Get his butt in there and give Danny (& McD, who won’t be used to these major minutes by January) some minutes off!

  161. Morg(stuck in a communist chocolate hellhole) on

    LMAO that the doorman from a hoity toity northcakalacka hotel took one look at Mike Rupp and decided he needed to explain how to use an elevator to him!

    aha aha!…I.. ah…meh..nevermind….

  162. I got really into making 1 pot meals (less cleanup) so I started experimenting with my rice cooker and it gets really hot. So I put it on “Cook” and just start piling in whatever I want. Then I make a Roux (oil and spices or bourbon and spices or flour and butter for the classic one) then I put in the rice for “toasting” purposes. This allows the rice to become flavored. THen I put tomatoes or softer veggies and water/stock in there (usually 1 to 3) and I get awesome stuff out. I am LAZY and I love food so this is a dream come true.

  163. Playing Devil’s advocate a bit here….but…

    God, the thought of Artie playing with Getzlaf….he could wind up better than Ryan….

  164. Ha! it’s true, *NYR* He could end up ridiculously good. But Getzlaf is STRUGGLING this year and if he didn’t have a mammoth of a contract (including his age) he might be the one on the trading block.

    Also, imagine this line

    Ryan – Richards – Callahan


  165. whos this clown john bourk reporting this. if not from dreger or mckenzie i dont buy it.

    step and mcdonagh better not be part of it

    take del zaster

  166. Wow!! Thank you, Manny! That sounds like a *great* idea – I cook quite a bit too, but I’ve never been one to make rice a lot. I usually get most of my rice from the Chinese takeout places.

    I make way more pasta than rice, probably due to my ethnic background – but I like rice.

    Sorry, Boneheads for the culinary digressions……

  167. Thanks, Morg – I read the article – not sure I comprehended it all, but I saw where the line came from.

    So, in the future, Switzerland becomes a communist chocolate hellhole – who would have thunk it? I thought they were highly capitalistic over there, with all the banks and such… ;-D

  168. I’d like to have Ryan, but I don’t want to do a major disruption to our lineup and lose some of the kids…..we may have something good building here…

  169. Morg(stuck in a communist chocolate hellhole) on

    oooh recipes,this is some gibberish i can dig,or is it jibberish?
    either way ill take 20 boneless chicken thighs throw in a large jar of cheap but tasty salsa,throw it in the crockpot on high for 3 hours,drain it(it gets all the fat outplus the salsa gets to thin in the cooking process),then add a small jar of some good tasty salsa,just like that you have some dang good taco filling,shred up some NYsharp cheddar and break out some soft corn tortillas..oh man,me likey!

  170. IF it’s true and it’s imminent you have to assume that Kreider is gone and perhaps Dubinsky as well. Though if it’s a numbers game with Anaheim I cant see Dubinsky’s contract which is about 1 mill less a year would be that tempting to them..

  171. I know, eric – I just don’t want to give up who I’m guessing that they would want – no Stepan, McDonut, Girardi, Cally (of course)……Kreider, Hagelin (maybe)…..you understand what I’m saying, right?

  172. Morg(stuck in a communist chocolate hellhole) on

    Jimbo i take in about 4000 cals a day,but im kinda(understatement) active,and large.

  173. My fear with Mats Zuccarello has always been that he wouldn’t fit in with the identity of this team an would eventually get dealt for less than his potential….he is quite possibly the most highly _skilled_ prospect the Rangers have had since Cherapanov. His game is not conducive to a grind, forecheck, hard-nosed style in the mold of the current Black & Blueshirts. He is too skilled, too much of a project, and too small to fit in with this team. I think he would put up gaudy stats playing 15-20 mins a night in the NHL on a decent team. He’s a real PP and shootout specialist.

    He would most certainly be included in any deal for Ryan, right?

  174. anyone know whats up with Orr?,Colton Orr i mean,hes out of the lineup for T.O for “personal reasons”is that code for sitting in a dark room wearing earplugs and raybans?
    man that sucks.

  175. Czechthemout!!! on

    The only way Kreider is in this deal is if Sather thinks for some reason he doesn’t sign here.

    Otherwise, there is no way Kreider is in this deal! And I don’t think Dubi is in it either. I bet we will see AA,Erixon,Mza,WW( for Cap reasons) to possibly MDZ instead of Erixon. Also maybe another piece like Thomas with a mid round pick coming back here.

    Got to say the thought of having wingers like Ryan,Kreider,Hagelin,Fasth,Cally,Gabby is pretty exciting!

  176. Heard today” If a Ryan deal went down and included Zuc, Zucarello could theoretically prove to be the most productive player in the deal five years from now.

    Also, Dubi crashing & banging with Geztlaf and Perry might regain his touch and hit 30 every year (this Dubi’s salary doesn’t jibe with Ducks looking to slice payroll).

    Kinda impossible to predict all this at this point.

    But once that word (imminent) gets out there, the fevered pitch can’t be far behind.

    And why is it anyone who puts themselves out there is a clown?

    Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire – though there’s all sorts of conflicting info (Philly’s in/out) misinfo, and BS too.

  177. Giving up on Zook bothers me, too – although he never may “pan out”…I see him as a possible “Ziggy Palffy” type, if that kind of player can survive in today’s NHL…

  178. Czechthemout!!! on


    So what! He is not the first to break his ankle and he won’t be the last. The key is that he didn’t blow out his knee. A bone break doesn’t slow down a player exceptvfor the current season.

  179. Morg, I fear that Colton Orr may be suffering from recurring post-concussion problems….he did get his bell rung last season, and it seems like once a heavyweight fighter gets a concussion, that spells the end of their usefulness as an enforcer…..

    I’m thinking that this was maybe the situation with Boogie – that he was having trouble adjusting to the fact that his carreer, such as it was structured, was essentially over. That’s just my idle speculation, though…

  180. mee too ORRsy,as much as i tryed to “get over” his leaving,he was one of my all time favorite Rangers.
    And it seems the NHL is eliminating HW enforcers almost”for their own good” as a way to avoid these guys becoming “basket cases” worried over their next big fight.

  181. i’m not saying a Ryan trade won’t happen. I’m saying that is sure sounds as if this Boruk fellow, whoever he is, is speculating and throwing a lot of crap against the wall hoping something will stick.

    how does/could this guy know? obviously, he doesn’t. that’s why he was all over the place with his speculation.

    as some of you said, there are some pretty reputable sources around, and you know who they are … and if it ain’t coming from them, don’t believe it.

  182. So sticking to the hypothetical world for a moment where Ryan is a Ranger. Are we to assume HIS production is going to go down if he plays the next 4 years with Richards as his center instead of Getzlaf? Of course there’s the chance that whoever would be departing from NY is going to flourish. But it’s not like you can trade guaranteed busts for a top player in this league. You have to give something to get it. plain and simple.

    Dubinsky has had a chance to flourish here. He’s gotten top 6 forward minutes for years as a center and some time as a LW playing with the likes of Shanny, Jagr and Gaborik. He’s still young but has always shown inconsistency. Not saying he wont overcome it at some point. Not saying he will. What he’s going through this year is his usual inconsistency with the weight of a big contract on his shoulders.

    Same goes for Zucc – do you see him playing first line LW/RW minutes here putting up 30+ goals a season and fitting in seamlessly with what the Rangers’ system has become? Can you see him being a better fit than Ryan who is still a kid himself?

  183. the thing is,whats more depressing for the goons,worrying about the next fight,or being unemployed.
    oh yea add Rypien to that list ORR.

  184. i would gladly drive zucc to anaheim if he is a center piece of a deal. zucc will be nothing in this league.

  185. Im saying it Carp,thats why im talking cooking ,time travel,enforcers,anything but “ill give up EC Brashears tennis ball walker and a bag of pucks for frickin Ryan”
    ugh.not gonna happen.

  186. Not sure how you’re so sure this guy is throwing crap, Carp.
    You can never really know (though afterwards it can be pieced it together)

    Here’s his own words, people can decide.
    But what I found interesting was he’s a Philly guy saying Flyers not involved.

    Boruk at CSN Philly:

    “I was tipped off to a potential Ryan trade a week ago, but now a decision to deal the Ducks’ high-scoring left winger, according to a source close to the situation, appears to be imminent. Anaheim GM Bob Murray has contacted a number of NHL general managers to gauge interest and talks were initiated a few weeks ago.”

  187. Morg, I also hated to see Orr leave the Rangers…..I loved having him in our lineup, since he was really a respected heavyweight enforcer. We had not had one of those for a long time.

  188. I hope Orr is ok too. I was introduced to him up in White Plains when he had his apartment in NY. Good guy aside from allegedly sleeping with my buddy’s gf lol. I just hope he’s doing alright. Especially after what we’ve seen over the last year

  189. Ryan’s the fit James.

    (Theoretically) even after Richards contract expires.

    Most don’t feel Zuc will light the lamp himself as much as rack of huge assist totals with the right compliments.

    On that score I can’t disagree it’s not possible.

  190. As with all trade rumors, I’ll believe it when I see it. Carp is right. When I see a Bob Mckenzie or Darren Dreger reporting wake me up. If ryan is scratched later tonight vs. MTL that would get my attention. Until then it’s all speculation and fun for places like this board. And with that being the case, I still think it’d take Del Zotto, Dubinsky, a Number 1 and a prospect.

  191. Wasn’t a Brad Richards to Boston and to New York trade imminent from like Christmas of 2010 until about 2:58pm on the day of the trade deadline? Don’t get your hopes up on something happening. Especially if you’re hoping it’ll happen overnight.

  192. This trade isn’t about cap space or money if they do it. They are trying to shake it up ala LA and PHI in offseason. Looking at that cap. They have a ton of UFA’s coming this offseason and will have plenty of money to either spend or not in offseason.

  193. Rod, seems to me everybody’s been speculating a Ryan trade for a few days now. It’s some pretty weak-assed speculation being tossed around there.

    Or, we could try this:

    Rangers Report has learned that the Ducks have been shopping Ryan, and that several teams are interested. The Rangers are believed to be one of them, and have the young players/prospects to get a trade done. A deal could happen within a week.

  194. As with all trade rumors, I’ll believe it when I see it. Carp is right. When I see a Bob Mckenzie or Darren Dreger reporting wake me up. If ryan is scratched later tonight vs. MTL that would get my attention. Until then it’s all speculation and fun for places like this board. And with that being the case, I still think it’d take Del Zotto, Dubinsky, a Number 1 and a prospect.


    well said Hwirth. I’d be able to live with that package. I could deal with Anisimov going instead of Dubinsky too. Don’t know if there are any other top 4 dmen on the roster I’d be cool with giving up though.

  195. I’d add this:

    If Boruk knows something that the big boys don’t know, then he’s getting it from Ryan or his agent or Anaheim. He ain’t getting it from New York or Sather, I guarantee you that.

    I say he’s tossing crap against the wall. Whoever he is.

  196. lmao Carp. Always right there to snap some people back into reality. Like I said- didnt we go through this last season with Richards? Guys Ryan is Richards part II

  197. Isn’t Boruk the guy with the cream colored suit, big hair and the mustache that says “very niiiiice!” ??

  198. Bob McKenzie ripping the tweets by not even naming person by name saying how imminent became end of week. Buffalo Nashville Philadelphia Toronto and Vancouver on his list.

  199. Carp: This is the downside of all the extra bloggers, tweeters etc. The Beat Writers, like yourself, hold to a higher standard. Bloggers or tweeters, if they get it wrong, have no one to answer to.

  200. LMAO! Here’s another “reputable” source:

    incarceratedbob Incarcerated Bob
    **UPDATED NHL RUMOR**Source: Bobby Ryan sweepstakes getting real hot (3 Front Runners At This Hour) Leafs / Rangers / Islanders : Sabres OUT

  201. breaking news

    for those who dont have center ice i am watching tsn coverage of bruins/leafs and

    fat boy mckenzie during 2nd intermission said this. there was a tweet out of phil tonight (boruk) that said a deal is imminent. mckenzie went on to say that there is no truth to this happening soon and that anaheim will due there homework here before makin a move.

    second he listed 5 teams where ryan could go buffalo nashville phil toronto and vancouver with the canucks being a team that could go all out.


  202. Interesting….
    NYP_Brooksie Larry Brooks
    My information is if Bobby Ryan is traded tonight he’s not coming to New York.

  203. Jimbo – we have some awesome late night talks around here. Rice is a good one. I like rice because of the incredibly low sodium content and rice’s ability to be really healthy (I use whole grain rice).

  204. I’ll respond to that Brooks tweet with we will know in 30 mins. If Ryan takes warmups he’s not being traded tonight. You wouldn’t risk injury blowing up a basically completed trade.

  205. HWirth, I don’t even consider myself a beat writer anymore. I’m not there every day, and it’s not my job to keep up with the other guys tweeting, etc. So I don’t even attempt it. And in this twitter world, where everybody is just too happy to share every little morsel they have with everybody else, why should anybody break their ass to get a story any more?

  206. Manny, do you use brown rice? I like white rice, but I’m not a fan of the brown and healthy kind..

  207. Once upon a time, if you had a good scoop you prayed nobody else would get it until it appeared in your story the next day.


    Now, if Andrew Gross gets something, he gives it right up, and within moments, Larry Brooks and Zip and Katie and Pat Leonard and I all have it. And with the widget, I don’t even have to know, don’t even have to be awake or off the golf course for it for it to be on my blog simultaneously.

    And that’s why I think tweeting is idiotic for reporters.

  208. I do use Brown Rice and Whole Wheat Pasta and high Fiber bread. That’s my thing. Brown rice is SUPER delicious. I promise. It’s grainy so you just have to play with that. Give it a nice fibery bean or something to work with or use something very silky in the sauce…like..um..butter or jalapeno’s or garlic? Maybe I am wrong. I just got used to it

  209. Carp – that’s true. It also seems to me like the print guys are not treated with the same respect they used to as well. Now the TV info. guys get the agent or pr person heads up first. That’s why I really can’t blame papers not traveling writers as much as in past. People throw out all their stuff on twitter too easily anyway. Why wait for the next day’s paper.

  210. Carp, Kenny Albert referred to you as a Ranger beat writer, though…..do beat writers make all the road trip games as well as every home game?

  211. Carp… That’s true. I’ve heard stories of writers like yourself writing on their lap tops phony rumors (this story is like 10 years old) to see if the guy from the other paper was stealing their stuff.

  212. Manny, my GF uses brown rice and WW bread, and she gets the higher protein pasta made by Barilla. Barilla Plus is what they call it.

    I’ve never liked WW bread or pasta, and I’ve tried her brown rice when she gets it with Chinese takeout, and I don’t care for it much – too much chewing for me!

    Funny that the Chinese, who “invented” rice (not really, but…) don’t use the brown rice themselves too often, unless they are especially health-conscious people.

  213. This from a Hall of Famer…

    helenenothelen Helene Elliott
    Bobby Ryan scheduled to be in Ducks’ lineup tonight vs. Habs…so he hasn’t been dealt to any of the 29 places rumored… not yet, anyway.

  214. That’s kinda awesome that you guys all have that comradery though Carp. do you guys email and text each other when one of you have that kind of info?

  215. Nice Hwirth. So now everyone has to watch the game and see if he gets benched or doesn’t come out after the first/second periods :)

  216. Well, as much as I respect Helene, and I do — and I know here since the late 1970s — Hall of Famer? Please.

    But her reporting is first-class.

  217. AWesome Morg!

    Good for your woman Jimbo! You will be healthy. You will!

    Correction Dr. Whole Wheat pasta RULEz

  218. *Mister Delaware* November 30th, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    If we get Ryan and keep Dubinsky, my face will explode with joy. LITERALLY.


    If we get Ryan my face will explose with joy.

  219. Mister Delaware on

    Am I the only one here who would rather see Kreider in the deal than Dubinsky? Probably, right?

    (We can look back on this and mock me in a few years.)

  220. You probably are The Dr. But in your defense, Krieder has potential and potential is so exciting to all of us. It’s like seeing that box under the Christmas tree and assuming it’s a big wad of cash or a rolex or something and it turns out to be argyle socks.

    Dubinsky, on the other hand, we all see as realizing his potential and that realization is lower than we expected. Thus, we are down on him.

    Personally, I love Luigi (Dubinsky). I love rooting for him and I love when he plays hard and he is on. It’s awesome. But I feel like Krieder is hyped as the future and I buy the hype…

  221. Mister Delaware on

    My head thinks/knows you’re right, but my heart is still with #17. Plus, the idea of adding Ryan to our big club without any subtractions (assuming Kreider is that big of a trade chip) drives me insane. That’s 7 legit-legit forwards and a really strong young D.

    (This is a carbon copy of the insanity I fell into after the Granderson to NY rumors started. All consuming when a player you love is rumored to be heading to your team.)

  222. Mister Delaware on

    “there is no way I would trade Kreider I feel that kid is going to be really good.”

    Sure, but Bobby Ryan *is* really good.

  223. Maybe the Wings will fold instead of switching conferences. They can’t be making money…they are in Detroit!

  224. Carp,

    I can’t speak to the track record of the Philly Dude, not familiar with him.

    As such, can’t say with any certainty “what he heard” carries any weight whatsoever.
    Time tells.

    I just dont like seeing people attacked as if everyone is always trying to pose as ‘in-the-know’ so they can be…I don’t know…some internet-hockey rumor Superhero?

    Cause I know what & who I know, and I’ve been slandered just for trying to (carefully) share.

    I see people here ragging on Rotter?

    He’s a KID who busts his ass posting links – LINKS – to others’ stories so Ranger fans can enjoy. WTF guys?

  225. the only way I would trade our blue chip prospects is if the person the rangers are trading for is a top 5 player in the league and Ryan isn’t close to being a top 5 player in the league. Also he isn’t doing anything special this year. I can’t stand Sather but there is one thing I trust Sather doing and that’s making trades. Sather seems to do well in that department. I doubt Sather would package Kreider.

  226. yes the key things with ryan is 24 proven 30 goal scorer and a manageable cap hit of 5.1. i think hes underpaid.

  227. Whole wheat pasta is best used in something like a pasta primavera. or a dish where you’re going to use some extra virgin olive oil. no sauce

  228. TOP 5 tomg!? Top 5!? So just a QUICK list of the guys you would trade a prospect for (by the way they are all unavailable)

    H. Sedin/D. Sedin
    P. Kane

    (Honorable Mentions: Toews, Suter, Stamkos, Giroux, Lupul)

  229. Rod – There is a certain level of superiority in this stuff and rightfully so. Guys like Bob McKenzie – Dreger – Scotty Morrison – Larry Brooks have the contacts and experience that their credibility is considerable higher than a blogger, even if he’s doing it for a legit outlet like a CSN or SNY. They are not as connected, period. Secondly, if Rotter throws random stuff out and it’s wrong no one cares. If one of the TSN guys do that, people will notice. Therefore, they will not report something without confirming or knowing from a reliable place.

  230. Manny – LOL Good one. You don’t think the Pens are shopping Cindy. Maybe we can get him for MZA and EC.

  231. It’s all speculation anyway. Sather probably called Murray to see what it would take to get Ryan and that’s where it ended.

  232. True Blue Mike,
    I agree. I trust Sather when it comes to trades. Sather is a shrewd person when comes to making trades.

  233. 2-0 Avs vs. the Would You Please Retire Before You Ruin Your Legacy Marty. Big game for AVS. No Home Wins. Could save Sacco’s job.

  234. Listen, the most important thing to realize now is NYR have their best chance to obtain a high skill RHd wing, with not one but two big time talents on the block.

    Hard to envision similar talents coming available this season.

    If Sather wants his PP to advance past its usual 27th ranking, short or long term, this is his best shot.

    Rotter doesn’t report. He post links to others reports, then editorializes a bit. Does a great job.

  235. >>>Good for your woman Jimbo! You will be healthy. You will!

    Yeah, Manny – but who says that I follow in her footsteps and “instructions”? I don’t, generally…as good as it might be for me!

  236. Dubinsky and Hagelin and Bourque for Ryan? Anaheim needs the depth behind their first line they have nobody.

  237. Man, Lidstrom is good. He remained directly in front of the net for the entire last minute of the game, and at the EXACT right moment, glides out, gets the puck, passes it to Datsyuk, game over.

  238. Hagelin could be a part of the deal. Maybe that’s why he was brought up to begin with. Like an audition.

    True Blue, I don’t think that’s enough for Ryan. I sure as hell wouldn’t take that deal if the roles were reversed.

  239. >>>3-0 martyyyyyyyyyy

    Great news!! I went away from the TV/computer for a few minutes, and this is what happens – excellent!

  240. I’m rooting for a Ducks “revival” tonight against the Habs……don’t like those smurfs up there…

  241. Really, Deb? “Colorado did most of the shooting and most of the scoring.”

    Colorado did ALL the scoring.

    Trade her! Except they really need to.

  242. Bobby Ryan’s from South Jersey just across the river from Philly maybe Boruk and a Ryan family member share the same dentist or something.

  243. wont cry if Dubinsky is gone. I think out of the forwards that are rumored id give these guys up in this particular order: Christensen, Wolski, MZA, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Stepan. Defensemen: MDZ, MDZ, MDZ, MDZ, MDZ, Sauer :(:(:(:(:(. Prospects: no one for a very long time………….Kreider.

  244. now i know why the ducks suck they take more dumb penalties then even the rangers in neutral zone or offensive zone.

  245. I agree, Rod. Adam Rotter seems like a good kid, busts his ass, puts together a pretty decent blog despite limited access, if any, to the team. Posts lots of stuff, photos, links. Some of it might be unreliable, like this Philly guy.

    And, yes, I tend to discredit people I don’t know — having been around, you know, since Gordie Howe was playing — and people who show up suddenly out of nowhere claiming to have some incredible source for info, especially if their info reads like speculation, like this Philly guy.

  246. Just watching Ryan in the first period against the Habs and PK Slewfoot. Don’t think he’s getting traded tonight. Or imminently.

  247. Mister Delaware on

    So Carp, what are your non-insider info thoughts on Ryan? Happen or not and what package would you be comfortable with (on our behalf)?

  248. Habs personal refs must travel with the team…..3 Ducks penalties in a row, giving the Habs a 5 on 3….but Ducks tie the game…

  249. all this complaining about the refs and the calls that other teams get…you guys do realize we ended up with 6 powerplays yesterday and Pens ended up with 4?

  250. and the last 8 minutes or so pretty much were of us on the PP including most of it on the 5-3…could have been a totally different ending.

  251. I know, eric – I have no confidence whatsoever in Varlamov or the Avs defense…..that’s why I wanted the Avs to score about 6 or 7 goals in this game..

  252. With all the talk of prospects and talented players and what not. RNH now has 11-16-27. I think you can pretty much etch his name on the Calder now.

  253. Yes, Lev – we understand that…but yesterday’s game wasn’t the “norm”, where the Pens get tons of PP chances for phantom fouls.

    I don’t think that anybody who has followed hockey for more than a few years will refute the fact that the Habs get *tons* of calls in their favor, especially when they play at home – the crowd makes the calls, and the refs just go along with them…

  254. Dreger’s basically saying a trade of Ryan could happen, only because he’s such a hot commodity, but that Anaheim’s not shopping him, just listening, and that he might or might not be traded. Not imminent. Could fire Carlyle if it’s just a case of shaking things up. But Anaheim isn’t trying to get rid of Ryan or his contract, and it would take a star player-plus to get him. In other words, not just young players and/or prospects.

    Also said Feaster says Iginla is not being shopped. But that he expects Iginla could be dealt by the deadline, and that several teams — including Dallas and L.A. would definitely be interested, and that Iginla has a full no-move, so he’d have to agree.

  255. Thanks Carp for that heads up. Sounds about right to me. Still think it doesn’t seem logical to break up the best line in hockey last year because of a bad start when at worst they can add talent to it if this keeps up with a top pick.

  256. Say what u will about the Philly dude, but he’s been good for traffic!

    I really think this next few days/weeks are critical for this entire Ranger program.

    We’re talking adding one. Of the final pieces, and one of the most important.

  257. >>>Oh, and Dreger also said Rangers Report rules!

    Well, he’s right! But funny that the subject came up!

  258. Mister Delaware on

    “what is it that you want to hear, Mr. D?”

    I want to hear that Anaheim isn’t interested in guys making decent NHL salaries, but looking for a team willing to ante up in prospects and picks and that we’re leveraging our depth to be that team. For Iginla, I don’t do it. For a 24 year old Ryan, absolutely. And if we can do quantity over quality (Kreider), even more awesome. But even if it does mean Kreider, I’m ok with it.

    (And that’s said as someone living in Boston and hearing about his awesomeness from non-Ranger sources on a regular basis. I’d rather bet on Ryan than on Kreider some day being as good or better than Ryan.)

  259. Oh crap. Injury prone! Trade for him and then immediately put him on LTIR to clear up that minimal cap space for the next 15 years.

  260. Another brutal SHG allowed by Devils. 5-1. Love it. Heck of a signing that Kovalchuk. Why would Parise ever resign there? Maybe save the in season trade and try to find off season space for Parise?

  261. Mister Delaware on

    “Best part…no bleu cheese on the buff chick pizza….”

    Best part of this date … no hooking up afterwards.

    Best part of this beer … its non-alcoholic.

    Best part of this game … getting to see Eric Christensen play.

    I imagine you see what I’m getting at here.

  262. James – I happen to agree on both Parise (was just throwing it out there) and Iginla. The cross river thing never works out (Driver, Holik, Gomez etc). Iginla makes no sense to give up an asset for a year and a half player and 7 mil.

  263. Wow!! This has turned out to be a *great* game against the Debbies! 6-1, and it could have been 8 or 9….

    I wonder how long it will be before that old Bastid Lemaire comes back yet another time to lead the charge to a first-round playoff exit? ;-D

  264. What’s sad is that Driver worked out the best outa all those guys. Parise will get a mega deal like Richards and we wont be able to afford another one of those. It would be bad business even if we could.

    Iginla just doesn’t make any sense in NY. Unless they wanna give him up for Wolski and Christensen and get another team involved that’ll take Redden.

  265. Also on Parise- do you realize that aside from Stevens, the Devils have either stripped the C from, or traded away every captain they’ve had since 1991? Except for Neidermayer who fled out west for a big pay day.

  266. I agree that Iginla makes absolutely no sense. Bobby Ryan, on the other hand, would be a very smart play. It would appear that one of Anisimov/Dubinsky, Del Zotto/Erixon a 1st rounder gets it done.

  267. If the Rangers are in win-now mode, I don’t see why Jarome Iglina shouldn’t be a guy to go after in a trade. He’s a proven leader and winner. Sniper. HOF’er. He’s got a another got few years left. I’m just not sure how much he would cost. At least a 1st round pick and a top prospect….plus an NHL regular

    I personally think the Rangers might be 2 players away from being an elite team. Is Iggy the answer. I don’t know. Is Ryan?

    What do you think Sather is thinking? Is Torts willing to trade core guys like Dubi, AA, & MDZ? Those the real questions…answer those first…

  268. Robinson!? Not as long as Lemaire is still alive! Robinson is young enough that he can get another turn within the next few years!! Elmer Lamoriello will coax Jacques-strap out of retirement once more….

  269. Well, if we can’t snag Parise, I hope that he gets signed by a west-coast team…..Habs lose badly tonight, too…. 4-1, and I think they had like 1 shot on goal in the 3rd period…

  270. How about Johnny Maclean? He also made the trip across the river………and so did Pat Verbeek!

  271. NYR FAN

    Iginla plays RW which means 3 out of your 4 best offensive players would be on different lines. The Rangers need someone to play on the LW and thats where Ryan makes much more sense.

    Especially since he is only 24 and has a very favorable contract at 5.1 mil for 3 more years after this one…

    If I had the choice, I’d rather go for Shea Weber but if you can make a deal for Ryan centered around Dubinsky and Del Zotto or Erixon then that’s a great move

  272. Yeah, C3 – another nice trip to the bank for Kovy…..he’s really earning that dough from the Debbies!

    Maybe he’s really the NYR “secret weapon” – he’s doing all he can to bankrupt and demoralize the owner and the teams 12 fans……

  273. TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    Bruce Boudreau replaces Randy Carlyle as head coach of the Anaheim Ducks, as per team release.

    WOW!! So much for that Ryan trade now. Didn’t take BB long to get back in NHL. Great move by Ducks. He is a really good coach.

  274. Holy Cow!!! I’ve never heard of a coach being hired within a couple of days of getting fired!! I didn’t think it was even possible, contractually – wasn’t Boudreau still under contract with the Capitols?

  275. I thought this was a spoof, until I went to the actual story via the link! I suspected ORR of being behind this somehow! ;-D

  276. Jimbo – I guess this means the Caps no longer have to pay BB. I am surprised it was THIS quick but I knew he wouldn’t be out long.

  277. Bigger question I’d love to know…. Has an NHL coach every coached 2 different teams in the same season??

  278. An amazing happening! I wonder if Ducks and Caps management made this deal before the first firing!?

    I’ve never heard of one coach coaching two different teams in the same season, and I’ve been around for a long time!

  279. Can’t make this stuff up, ORR – although I initially thought that *you* had something to do with this!

  280. I always thought that Italics were the Ukrainian word for short Italians.

    Now to get beyond the sillies…….
    I watched Zubinsky rather closely the other night and to me it looks like he’s a very powerful and fast skater, and I wonder about the coaching working with him more to harness some scoring capability with that power. As for that nonsense of playing patty cake bakers man with the puck with a 5 on 3…just more of the same wackiness that has dogged this team since Renney days………they won’t stop in front of the net, they pass themselves slap happy but wait til the very last to unload on the net, when they should have been bombarding it all thru the penalty time…it’s a never ending song for this team,and all of the above centers around COACHING!

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