Tortorella pre-game, short and not very sweet


I’ll put up the brief audio in a moment.

But suffice it to say, you knew it was going to be quick if anybody A) asked about Sidney Crosby or B) asked about Marc Staal … especially since there was really nothing much more to ask.

So it was short.

Unfortunately, I turned off the recorder when it was over, before Tortorella stopped and turned to the media and said, “Do we have to do these anymore?”

When Larry Brooks, who’s the chairperson for the New York Chapter of the Pro Hockey Writers Association, said, “Yes,” Tortorella said, “I wasn’t asking you Brooksie; I was asking everybody else.”

And when Brooks told him he has to be available pre-game, Tortorella asked him if he was the representative. Told that, yes, Brooks is, Tortorella sarcastically said, “Oh, you’re the representative.” And then he left the room.


Here’s the audio. The first question(s) are about Marc Staal. Then Stan Fischler asked how excited he was about tonight, with the inference that Sid the Skid was in town:



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  1. I like Brooks – he answers emails and writes pretty straight. Just cuz he works for the post – doesn’t necessarily mean he’s black-hearted.

  2. Since the Ranger mgmt hates the media so much with Torts and Sather maybe they could hire rex ryan to handle all press conferences for them. He talks to the press better than he coaches anyway.

  3. Apparently, English language needs some revision because “short” doesn’t truly describe the situation….

  4. Carp

    in all seriousness
    are the pre-game press conferences
    with Torts
    really needed?

    is there ever anything said that’s needed for a game report
    or couldn’t just be handed out via a pr rep?
    i’m not just thinking in Torts’ case
    but most coaches.

    the amount of useful information/quotes given are about
    equal to the amount of times an icing is nullified.

  5. yes i have heard the ryan rumors…whats it gonna take to get him on broadway? $5.1 million cap hit is a steal

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Would love to add Ryan. I just don’t see how they make that deal unless we are trading prospects and picks.

  7. ddebened – Erixon v. Del Zotto…both lefties. Both puck-movers. Both young, talented and unpolished(though MDZ is certainly looking a lot better now), both are known as world class passers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think both have a position on the Rangers. I think the key difference between the two is that Erixon is viewed as a more well-rounded player, while Del Zotto is considered a more physical player. In a nutshell, that’s my take on the two. I don’t think the Rangers see either as expendable. But if I were to pick one, it would probably be Del Zotto.

    Frankly, I think all trade talk stops if the Ducks are insistent upon getting one of the NHL defensemen not named Eminger, Woywitka or Stralman.

  8. Rangers would have to move a legit player to free up room for Bobby Ryan. That said, as much I like Dubi, I’d move him for Bobby Ryan. That kid is an absolute stud, I’d love to see him a Ranger

  9. Paul in sunrise on

    Sounds like made for HBO tv back and forth.

    Ryan would be great. But likely two young roster players plus picks and prospects. Think mike Richards type deal.

  10. I think this is a Versus game, too. Not in NY. But I saw Doc Emrick here. So maybe that’s why it’s a 7:30 start.

    jpg, some nights maybe those interviews are unnecessary. But a lot of nights we do need to ask some questions about the lineup or news that may have occurred between the practice the day before and gametime. Or something that we will see in the game that night.

    The coach also has the option of speaking after the morning skate or before the game.

    In this case, I think Torts knew there wasn’t any news, that he’d be asked about Skid (and Stahl) and came in itching for a reason to leave. And I don’t blame him. Nobody had an intelligent question for him.

  11. Good point, Paul. I’m sure Tortorella wouldn’t mind showing this prickly side for HBO. But this was mild, predictable and weak.

  12. strange then that he would bring up
    whether it was necessary to do them at all.

    i could see doing something especially if there’s
    the need to address lineup change.

    like i said, i don’t really notice it in the game coverage
    but more so in blog posts

    didn’t know if this was a recent thing — coach interviews
    pre-game every game or a new thing, just like the on the bench

  13. Paul in sunrise on

    Carp. Like every good story you start slow. Then there is a build up of tension until a climax. But these guys will climax early for sure.

  14. My Mom is making Ranger cookies with dried cranberries (red) coconut (white) and dried b lueberries (blue) hope it helps us win

  15. EJ Hradek is already making an excuse in case the Pens lose tonight…with two of their defensemen out.

    He also says the Rangers have only won the last two games because the Caps were disinterested and the Flyers didn’t have Pronger or Jagr.

    He also thinks a slew-foot is when a player “plays hard” because it was brought up that both Malkin and Crosby have done it.

    My brother caught this on NHL Live

    EJ…do us all a favor…get pecked to death by rabid ducks while wearing your little Criesby jersey.

    Rangers get no respect at all.

  16. I’ll be checking here for scores. I can’t listen/watch the Sidney show. Good he is healthy, but there are other players in the NHL to promote besides him.

  17. miked- AA would a small part of that deal…It’s only rumors, and I can’t get my head around the reason why they’d trade him. But if it’s true, Murray will have plenty of different offers to choose from. And Sather needs to be right there trying to make that deal.

  18. LOL, miked, it’ll take more than that…

    Manny, cap isn’t a problem at all. Ryan is signed through 2015 with $5.1M per. WW and EC combined account for $4.7M.

  19. Sorry, Buff…Hopefully after that round it’ll get better for you. Hang in there. I have an idea what are you going through.

  20. broadway hat looks like the grand central terminal hat,i may have thrown some quarters in that thing

  21. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bobby Ryan can be had for AA, WW, MZA and a conditional draft pick.

    Oh yeah, maybe we can get them to take that super prospect Dylan Mcilrath as well.

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