Post-game interviews


Here are some post-game interviews, and John Tortorella’s press conference.

John Tortorella:


Brad Richards:


Marian Gaborik:


Henrik Lundqvist:


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  1. Miami,
    no, I would not trade Redden in any deal. he is 2 good a mentor for the young D on the Whale.

  2. Was BANJing, lol Repost:

    Oops, sorry bull dog…Orr noticed it, it’s a typo….

    Miami- yes, and run away. The issue is, Anaheim will want a pick included with any trade.

  3. LW, thank you for finding that comment in the last thread. firetorts must have jumped off a bridge by now.

    check out the last line of the Lundqvist interview where he talks about his confrontation with Dick Vitale.

  4. Lol, bull dog…very funny. I didn’t mean it, it was a typo. But you should know this place, it might stick…

  5. I think you give up the pick, ilb. it would not be an issue for me. depth would become an issue though. yes, you are getting a legit top line LW, but there would not be much behind him. I would still do it though.

  6. LW, further, I really enjoyed the part about this pending disaster that was sure to follow. What’s it now, 10-2? Seven in a row at home?

  7. I actually do think that a combo of Anisimov or Dubinsky + Del Zotto and a pick would get it done.

  8. Don’t look now kids, They’re back on a 3 game winning streak and took down Washington, Philly and Pittsburgh to do it. Definitely pushed the right buttons bringing up Mitchell and Hagelin. Kudos to Kenny Gernander. Hagelin is gonna work his way into top line minutes at the rate he’s going..

    PS- Manny LMFAO at the Dwayne Allman comment. I’m officially nicknaming Carl “the midnight rider”

  9. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Wolski, MZA, Christensen, Woywitka, Redden and a 5th. Deveaux if they try to hold out.

    If you want to flush the toilet, then go ahead. Don’t expect Ryan to float up in the bowl though…

  10. N.CountryNYRFan on

    DVR’d the game tonight and jut finished watching. Some thoughts:

    1. DelZaster= Turnover Monster. He was horrible tonight. He should not be playong the point on the power play. Play McD there instead or Girardi, even Emminger.

    2. 5 on 3 power play is horrible, to much standing around, plus see comment above.

    3. Gabby still flying!!! Except missed EN.

    4. Dubi = Invisible

    5. Carl Hagelin = Speed Demon, the kid can play!!!!!!

    6. Great Win!!!!!!!!!! Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. In seriousness they should try to get rid of Wolski and EC. They wont get anything in return for them but atleast attempt to unload the salary. There has to be at least one team out there willing to roll the dice, no?

  12. Mister Delaware on

    “If you want to flush the toilet, then go ahead. Don’t expect Ryan to float up in the bowl though…”

    So you think we’d need to give up Bell too? This is getting costly.

  13. that crappy 21 year old d man del zotto only played 27 minutes tonight.the assist to Gaborik was some very nice vision……

    yep he will never develop let him go and call up Redden!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I don’t see how Wolski, EC, or Deveaux gets back into the lineup, unless they need Deveaux for his toughness…these 2 last callups are playing great so far…..

  15. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Awww, Mister D, Was that trade proposal sarcasm? Sorry, I’ve been drinking Gin so I can’t really tell anymore…

    Sather: Not Bell! Anybody but Bell. Bell? Never! Mess! Who the heck is Bell?

  16. N.CountryNYRFan on

    during the powerplays in the 3rd Del Z seemed to lack confidence with the puck and flubbed a shot and just didn’t look comfortable out there. I must of missed the nice play to set up Gabby’s goal.

  17. Haha!! Guess not…

    Dubi is fine, he’s playing like a good 3rd liner. Not a liability. Problem is, he’s being paid like a goal scorer….and his production is unacceptable….

  18. I hate those dreads….I hated them sticking out from under a hockey helmet, and I hate them on TV….

  19. rangers won 40 of 57 faceoffs tonight. man the pens are horrible in the faceoff circle.

    dubi needs to get going if he does, look out. then they can bring up Kreider in Feb after the college season is over or 1 trade for a elite forwardd and you have a damn good team.

    they are not there yet but moving in the right direction big time. get staal and 1 more top end forward and you have a serious playoff contender………

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