It’s Go Time!


Game 21 — or the “sort of” one-quarter pole.

Ya boys on a two-game winning streak and a run of six consecutive wins on Garden ice.

Cover your eyes, or ignore the next few lines:

Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins are here! Whoopeeeee! Everybody celebrate. Bring frankincense and myrrh to the Garden tonight. Hockey is saved.

The Skidder is 2-7-9 in four games since his return. He wears the same number that Donald Brashear wore as a Ranger.

Sorry, I just wanted to get you used to all of this, because there will only one way to escape this tonight. Turn off the TV and the radio. In fact, by the time this is posted, I’m sure you will have seen and heard about Skid on TV at least once already. By the way, a lot of the papers in town will have extra reporters here covering, well, you know who. So be warned about going to the newsstand tomorrow, too.

On the positive side, I got to chat with Penguins assistant coach Tony Granato, one of my all-time favorite Rangers and a guy who would have fit in perfectly with this current team. Or any team.

Same lineup for Rangers, meaning Anton Stralman and Erik Christensen are prucha’d. Bel Biv Deveaux serves the final game of his suspension. Henrik Lundqvist in goal.


Oh, by the way, I’ll be guesting with Kenny Albert or Dave Maloney on the radio between the first and second periods. So give us a listen. Maybe a RR or Boneheads shout-out coming.




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  1. Greeting’s ‘heads. Lots of work for us tonight. Get your mute finger warmed up.

    These 7:30 games throw my nightly schedules off – another reason to hate Cyntha Crosby.


    And where in holy hell is Linda?

  2. Crosby is back!
    Marc Staal has several brothers!
    the sun rises in the east!
    all this and more,coming up!

  3. AGrossRecord Crosby between Chris Kunitz and Pascal Dupuis. Malkin centers Steve Sullivan and James Neal. Jordan Staal with Matt Cooke and Tyler Kennedy

    Staal will be playing with Malkin by the 10 minute mark of the 1st…

  4. “The Skidder is 2-7-9 in four games since his return. He wears the same number that Donald Brashear wore as a Ranger.”

    Carp, I’m crying laughing!! Bwahaha!!

  5. I’m crushingly disappointed not to be getting all the pre-game slurping. Still don’t know if GameCenter will give me the MSG feed or Versus. Probably a close tie as to which will give the most *Crosby updates* anyway.

  6. ilb – awesome cap analysis in the last post. That’s really great news. I forgot to think about his reasonable cap hit and the cap space we are aboot to shed!

  7. Bobby V is THE WORST choice ever for the Red Sox. Egomaniaciac, National League manager with NO skills between himself and the players, spent the last decade + managing players he couldn’t communicate with. Oh, and Bobby V thinks that Lasers should be installed to determine fair.foul. What a MORON.

  8. If you didn’t know better, you might actually think that MSG is the official network of the Penguins. Sickening.

  9. dubinsky needs to skate less upright and more with his feet further apart

    guy looks like bambi on a frozen lake

  10. Good Action!

    Awesome backcheck gaborik. I was surprised.

    Stepan would have a goal already if he shot left.

    Keep it up Rangers!

  11. Yeah Joe…there are other good players who play this game…like James Neal for example. No wonder you had no time to talk about Neal since you and the rest of the league can’t shut up about Crosby

  12. Would like to see them tighten up defensively, but they look good on the attack. Got to love Hagelin’s speed

  13. Thanks, Spider! Well, they didn’t call it, but Kennedy was definitely looking to get Avery into a fight…..

  14. Nothing worse than trying to get cute when short handed…you’re walking a thin line. Hate that carcillo!

  15. carp, if you cant handle a pass in the pros then you shouldnt be earning a huge contract like he does.

    gomez was ripped
    redden was ripped
    drury was ripped
    so on and so forth

    i dont understand why this guy is invincible when it comes to criticism.

  16. Thanks for the completely anodyne *Crosby update* there, MSG. The guy must be relieved to finally tell his story about returning from a concussion.

  17. He’s not invincible, Tiki Jr. We’ve all said he’s been brutal this year. His one goal is unacceptable. But the constant harping and harping is quite pathetic. It’s almost as if you’re rooting against your team just do you can type one more anti-Dubinsky comment.

  18. ” Carp November 29th, 2011 at 7:58 pm
    shocking response there, Barry. You sound like Tiki, and like somebody told you Dubinsky was from Boston. ”


    Avery playing fantastic…this kid Hagelin has the potential to be a BIG team changer for us, and slant the team further in right direction…My new fave forward after I gave up on David Dubinsky

  19. Bad penalty for Prust, but good timing because Crosby had been out for a long shift.

    I think Lundqvist may be getting the first penalty here. Hope we’re not down 5 on 3. Vitale was crowding the crease.

  20. the PIT guy clearly interfered Hank first, not one time, two or three. No wonder he punched him…

  21. If the refs were protecting the goalies like they are supposed to, Hank wouldn’t have to Paul Bunyan someone

  22. don’t worry carp, you know fans…gabby should have been traded last year but now nobody every said that

  23. what has eminger done to hurt his team this season? the team leads the league in goals against, which is a partial testament to his play

    they are also towards the bottom in goals scored. which is a testament to dubinskys play

  24. 4generations 4 cups on

    Is this game really for real? Why did Hank get a penalty for sticking up for himself?

  25. if the rangers touched the penguins goalie the rangers would get called for interference. NHL and the refs blow chunks. It’s disgusting the nonsense that goes on.

  26. I’m telling you, Bettman called the refs and told them to give the pens 10-15 PP’s so the Skid can score his 3 points….

  27. whatever. im sorry everyone is so sensitive. ill lay off golden boy dubinsky.

    but not one person has convinced me of one good thing he’s done this season. and at this point hustle doesnt count. not for $4.2 million

  28. You’re right, tomg – they won’t allow us to treat the Pens goalie the same way that Hank gets treated…

  29. barry, I’ll say it again, then I will go back to ignoring you like Tiki. we all think he has sucked this year. Head to toe.

    But your single-subject harping is pathetic.

  30. Dan ohalloran is the same jerk that whistled the Puck dead as it slid under fleury in the 08 playoffs

  31. Barry- because the only reasonable way to convince you is to perform a brain transplant. I doubt anyone on the blog is capable.

  32. Sam, so surprised Neal can score. Someone tell him that the top line on Dallas last year (until trade deadline) was Richards with Neal and Eriksson.

  33. IBleedRangersBlue on

    “you know i think what changed the period was the rangers getting into penalty trouble” – Joe Michaletti… crap joe

  34. it’s bad enough it’s hard to beat the pens but when you have to beat the pens, nhl and the refs, well, good luck.

  35. I thought that was the greatest period of hockey till the refs screwed it up. Nothing ruins a great hockey game more than some BS calls.

    Docs slobberfest over Sidney kind of sucks too.

    Rangers can take this! love the hockey

  36. It’s really frustrating when somebody contributes nothing good but keeps appearing 25-30 times a game doing the same thing, eh Barry?

  37. I’ve enjoyed watching NHL on the Fly since Crosby went out. I couldn’t bear to watch it while he was playing, it was all Cindy all the time.

    Now that he is back, I can no longer watch it.

    If you ever thought something wasn’t right about the league annointing him, the penalty call against Gabby and the lack of calls (lundqvst) tells us that Cindy and the Pens are annointed.

    Al and Joe refused to say anything and now Ryan McD is being interviewed…on how it is to defend Cindy.

  38. It’s comforting to know that while I believe the NHL gives the Penguins every single break possible…

    A game like this comes along to solidify my belief.

    It’s disgusting how Pittsburgh is favored by the refs and the league on a regular basis. Every single fan of every other team in the league sees it.

    The hell with Cindy and his 6th grade peach fuzz he calls a moustache. Hope the next concussion leaves him a droolin fool

  39. Mostly against the Pens the games have been a bit one sided, and we have won by counter attacks it has seemed. I’m really impressed how the Rangers skating with the Pens. I don’t care that they are down 1-0. They are really playing with fire.

  40. Did the thread of Gabby’s sweater touch the threat of a Pen’s sweater? Is that the right call?

    Sorry, but we know it just as Philly fans know it. Crosby is back and the annointing by the league continues.

  41. On VS, I swear every other word is Crosby.

    Please think of my kindly when I finally put my fist through the tv.

  42. What a joke. Pens are given a free ride lol. They didn’t even win the cup in my book.

    I didn’t say they don’t have talent. So does the islanders.

  43. I’m no fan of Avery but if he concuss’s Cindy, I vote to give him the C and the key to the city.

  44. There was nothing that Lundqvst could do. The refs turned away so he threw a punch. He is known for his restraint, but it is far too upsetting for them to know how hard it is to beat the Refs and the Pens as a dual foe.

  45. RangersFan2011 on

    Aw, looks like the Penguins outclass us as usual — except when it comes to whining. If only I could become a fan of this awesome franchise! Looks like they’re headed for another well-deserved Cup for sure!

  46. Czechthemout!!! on

    Neal and Niskanen were aquired from the Stars for the great Alex Goligoski. LOL!!

    That’s why when some of you start putting packages together of AA,Stepan,Mcd and Kreider” just to start” for Ryan it sounds hilarious!

    Two Stupid penalties and of course no calls on the Pens is the difference in the game.

    Hagelin so far has been the best forward on the ice.

  47. Barry ! The whole thing is a Head Problem… He is a good Player but His Self Confidence is down, its easy to explain. There’ s a Lot of pressure on him to produce and He is simple convulsed !

  48. Didn’t know that the girly way of doing things was punching people and the manly thing was to ignore it….. Now I’ve learned something!

  49. I liked the way they played during the first. Penalties aside. It’s a different looking team, folks.

  50. I’m the least “homer” of any of the people here and even I can admit that Gaborik call was f’ing soft

  51. Bylsma’s a good coach, but surely double shifting your best player occasionally and somehow coming up with the genius scheme of occasionally icing a forward line including two of your three best forwards is something even an amoeba could think up, so maybe the praise on TV could be dialled down slightly.

  52. Yea. The heck with Bobby Ryan. I will take 4 minutes a game of Hagelin and Mitchell!!

    just kidding.

  53. Hagelin has a degree in Sports Management!? If he’s injured he can still be useful! Move over Rammer!

  54. screw the nhl, refs, pens and the she girl crosby. The rangers are starting to look like a real contender.

  55. Hagelin and Mitchell >>>>> EC and Wolski.

    See how amazing things are when Dubinsky is our only example of “dead weight?”

  56. Don LaGreca isnt Making the Play-by-Play on the Audio any more ? He was One of those nhllive Guys from the beginning!

  57. Joni Mitchell for 2-1.

    For poorer or Richards. 3-1.

    [Yean, I’m late. I’m having problem accessing the blog. I’m ditching Cablevision after the season.]

  58. RangersFan2011 on

    I simply don’t understand all the whining about Pittsburgh and the calls — they clearly got ripped off of that goal there. Jobbed by the replay refs. Take off those tin-foil Rangers hats people.

  59. I was hoping against hope that they would get out of the period without getting scored on… :-(

  60. Callahan and Richards both made oopsies on that play. I’ll give them a pass for their goals, but the team better come out well in the third!

  61. RangersFan2011 on

    Barely looked like the stick was high, Barry. Point is, if it was all so “fixed” for the Pens, they’d have given them that goal regardless, right? By the way, awesome goal right there before the period ended. Another awesome play by that Pittsburgh team.

  62. The rangers have a real issue playing to the whistle. Other than that, good period. 3rd is gonna be a good one

  63. Fan2011- your team was thoroughly outplayed and outclassed over the first two periods. And the goal was disallowed by the book.

  64. OMG, what a dirty phucking team Pittsburgh is.

    And OMG, can Pierre McGuire take that Penguin penis out of his mouth please? This guy’s man-crush on all things Pittsburgh is sickening and totally unprofessional. Gawd, I’m glad he left Canada for Versus. Good flippin’ riddance.

  65. BTW, Cooke’s stick was clearly way too high. What I didn’t have clear was the rule – the idiot versus’ dudes made it sound like provided it didn’t hit another Penguin but hit a Rangers on the way to the net, it counted.

    Guess Penguin licked McGuire isn’t quite the expert he pretends to be.


  66. When a puck is struck with a high stick and subsequently comes into the possession and control of a player from the offending team

    The Rangers never had possession

  67. And Canes loose 3-1, so both new coaches loose their first game. For Muller it will be his first two games after Thursday

  68. No – it’s because you reminded us of the Rangers blowing a 3 goal lead against these nobs previously (thanks, I’d forgotten about that) AND you got all over Cally AND you said ‘that changes everything’, which I think referred to a perceived momentum change after the nobs scored.

    Sorry if I over-reacted, but dammit, I just loath the Penguins.

  69. Bad rebound control on that last goal by Hank, regardless Pens suck, and Malkin still looks like cro magnon man.

  70. RangersFan2011 on

    I’m with you ORR — the tin-foil hat brigade that comes out to whine about every call Pittsburgh supposedly gets is amazing.

  71. 1) I always sarcastically remind everyone of blown leads when we verse the Craps, Habs, or Pens.

    2) I don’t care if it’s Cally, Avery, Hagelin, or Hank, a dumb penalty is a dumb penalty, and he’s been doing it too much.

    3) Yeah, that second goal does change everything.

  72. How and when did they score? Who should we trade/fire for it? Missed it thanks to GämeCenter…

  73. Me too, Latona – Oy!! Now they’re showing highlights of Mario Lemieux!!! Why are our own guys torturing us, fer…….

  74. Hagelin is the best. He might look like Duane Allman but he plays like….someone good at hockey. Also, my wife thinks he’s “hot.”

  75. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m not one to just blindly yell “shoot!” but with two guys in front, someones gotta put it in front.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you put two guys in front on a 5 on 3 and then don’t get them the puck, it becomes a 3 on 3 and easier to block shots.

  77. I hate Dupiss more than Crosby.

    Still shocked to learn Staal has a brother.

    Despicable how much NBC’s team wants the Pens to win. Unprofessional.

  78. Arghhh… nice win!

    But what was AA doing the last minute??

    Thanks for the Pens for taking stupid penalties at the end.

    Good night!

  79. Olga, it was a good win, but they peaked way too early! Giving up those goals to the Pens made it a nerve-wracker for sure….

  80. Fantastic win tonight…although the Rangers REALLY got figure out what is wrong with the team-wide brain fart that goes through them when they have a 5-on-3.

    Anisimov…I don’t know. Kid looks lost out there to me, playing as if the game is a scrimmage at times.


    Wonder how little credit the Rangers will get for this one.

    I’m goin’ to sleep with a big smile on my face (The Nyquil and Scotch may also have something to do with it)

  81. Maybe they should move AA off that line. He’s constantly bumbling the puck and wasting good chances.

    I think he’s regressed this year as well. Not very good with the puck.

  82. Hey. That was awesome. Hope you guys are happy. You should be. Until Thursday and the Hurricanes and a coach on the brink!

  83. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jimbo- it FELT good. They weren’t at their best, the PP should have put it away, but They beat ’em, Crosby and all. Many games, they never peak at all.

  84. Come on people. The ONLY reason the Rangers won that game was the injuries to Letang and Michalek. They showed again that they cannot even begin to compete with the better teams in the conference.

    (Just doing Rod’s job for him…)

  85. What?! AA has one bad game. He’s looked very good all year. Insanity on here.

    Man, that 3rd period PP action almost turned this into a game the Rangers deserved to lose.

    That said, eat it Cindy (and Dupiss).

  86. Del Zotto is growing up into an NHL D-man. yea he still needs work, but I cant believe the improvement.

    these Rangers will makle some noises this year.

    great game.

    McDonagh? the owner of my company is a hockey ploayer from Montreal. and a corworker.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow

  87. Chris..Anisimov has shown flashes of brilliance, but, and I hate to say this, he plays like a typical Russian with skill…he disappears for way too long, and tonight he didn’t just disappear, he shit the bed, a phantom shitter you might say.

  88. Smalls- bet you are a Don Cherry’s biggest fan. Typical Russian with skills? Like Datsyuk and Larionov? And watch your language.

  89. Chris,
    Not sure what games you’ve been watching, but Anisimov hasn’t looked right all year. He’s not doing nearly enough on the first line, and doesn’t seem to be ready for the puck. You notice when Stepan and Gaborik are out there because they are making things happen and creating chances. AA has been invisible way more times than not.

  90. Matt L, Though I didn’t see tonight’s games, I thought AA has had some good games, like the one the GAS line had all of the scoring including assists. He even wore the Broadway hat

  91. The Rangers definitely deserved this win tonight. Best win of this young season, I might say.

    Lots to be happy about right now as a Rangers fan. I’m just wondering how all the “experts” are gonna spin this win and explain how the Rangers got lucky for one reason or another.

    Let’s give Torts props for giving it to the refs prior to the second period. Yes, the Pens took a couple of dumb penalties in the third…but how often to the refs conveniently look the other way when it’s a Penguin? I think Torts was sensing another usual preferential treatment for the NHL’s most favored franchise.

    HOW DOES GABORIK MISS AN EMPTY NET??? That’s mind boggling to me. LOL!

    G’night all…great win tonight.

  92. Got to tell you, with all the Crosbys, Malkins, Staalls and other high skill players tonight, the one with the most skills was Gaborik. By far.

  93. It feels great now, Olga – it wasn’t feeling too good in the beginning of the 3rd period – but hey, we’ll take it! A win is a win!

  94. Gabby could have had a couple more, too – that deflected shot right in front of Fleury, and the ENG that he just missed on…..

  95. agree with Carp, the Rangers play better when the game is nasty. AA needs to move off the top line, not skilled enough to play with Gabby and Stepan. Avery set the tone, like I said throw a few punches fall down, point made. need to move Dubi back up. they are going to need him to fight his way out. 4th line is not the place to do it.

  96. >>>McDonagh? the owner of my company is a hockey ploayer from Montreal. and a corworker.

    Don’t get your aasen fired for Christmas, tomb!!! ;-D

  97. Not such a thrilling win; they lost all momentum with the last second goal in the 2nd,
    and it woulda been hang on for your life if not for all the PPs, which they couldnt convert.
    Whatever. Nothing’s ever easy.

    Girardi’s getting tired from all the work.

    Gotta ask on Ryan; why is Anaheim apparently willing to move him?

  98. AA had a tough period, and I agree he shouldn’t be on the first line long term. But let’s not call him having a horrible season, please. He is third on the team in scoring and leads ( now tied ) the team in assists

  99. I thought he did fine Orr.
    message was sent early by him. that all he needed to do against Simmonds.

  100. A random extract from a comment I found on the Game in Review post after the loss to the Islanders put the Rangers to 0-1-2 (I’ll anonymise the name of the poster.):

    fi*etorts October 16th, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    “Ad the difference between me and you carp, is that if this team came out and looked great, i would be the first one to eat my words and say i was wrong about turderella, and be happy i was wrong. You,n the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potential Ranger disaster here, and that the clueless coach “in charge” might be implicit in what is happening, or more accurately what is not happening.”

  101. Keenan just called Gaborik the best player on the ice tonight and specifically said over Crosby.

    I agree.

  102. “Got to tell you, with all the Crosbys, Malkins, Staalls and other high skill players tonight, the one with the most skills was Gaborik. By far.”

    What’s really funny ilb, is that Hagelin played under 12 mins and +led all skaters+ with 6 SHOTS!


  103. ilb,
    you cannot have watched AA this season and think he has played well. don’t care what the stats say. it was more than a tough period, it was a tough game.

  104. I watched it, bull dog. You and I, apparently, see different angles. You look at him as an offensive threat, I look at him as a two-way player. Second line center. Fits the bill in my book.

  105. problem with your second line center theory is that he is probably the 4th best center on the team,ilb. 2 way center must be code for checker. if you are on the top 2 lines you better be an offensive threat.

  106. People crap on Dubinsky here all the time, atleast he can hold onto the puck for more than 2 seconds.

  107. Smalls,
    there are certain guys off limits for criticism. AA being 1 of them. also Prust, who played like crap for the 15 games, is off limits.

  108. Bill dog, it’ll be a never ending debate. You can deny the stats all you want, but being third on the team in scoring, and first in assists qualifies for offensive threat in anyone’s book who watches, plays and manages hockey.

  109. And I’ll criticize AA any time he isn’t playing well, as I have. But there is a reason his name comes up in any trade that Sather is trying to accomplish. Apparently people who manage hockey teams do not consider hom a fourth line center. I can bet you if Ryan trade ever becomes a reality, his name will come up again. And, yes, if you want my opinion, I’d gladly include him in the trade, but not Stepan. Doesn’t mean I consider him a fourth line center.

  110. I’m not that impressed with Anisimov, either. Still looks like a 3rd line player, albeit a more responsible one. I think he’s the Ranger who’s getting the Dubinsky-overrating treatment this year.

  111. how long did AA manage to hold on to the 2nd line center job that was handed to him? not very. probably lost that role because he was playing great.

  112. Hilarious comments!! the team showing home dominance (winning at home been a problem), young kids flying everywhere, beating top teams and you negative nits are finding the tiniest of faults??? HAHAHAAHAHA! You guys must eat Zantac out of Pez dispensers if you are so negative in your real lives! OMG!! ROFL!!

    LGR! LGR! the team is fun to happy that we are on an uptick and not like our europansy brethren mired in debt and ready for collapse.

  113. Oops, sorry bull dog…Orr noticed it, it’s a typo….

    Miami- yes, and run away. The issue is, Anaheim will want a pick included with any trade.

  114. yeah bob what was I thinking Rangers 61-0 the rest of the way and a cakewalk to the cup you’re right bro

  115. I wont get fired. my gf saved his wives kid at out r last company christmas party 4 years ago. Im golden. I think thats how I got this job.

    but these Rangers have me excited. I jus tasked the same girl to go to this years xmas party this weekend. Ive only seen her 10 times since then. I think its a christ,mas miracle.

    If she survives this cancer Im gonna marry her

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