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  1. The logo is what kills it for me. It should have been an inverted heritage classic jersey with the shield as a patch.

    The back looks pretty sweet but the logo and the red stripes bother me

  2. I will say it for the 100th time….why wasn’t this Jersey just a reverse, or road version, of the Heritage Sweater!? That would have been SO awesome. Then I wouldn’t have cared about winning the game because the team would have looked good.

  3. Why oh why do their new jerseys (since Reebok took over) have the name patch!? The one thing that I loved about Ranger jerseys was the arc of the name and the fact that each letter was individually sewn. I guess it’s to save money?

  4. These are actually really nice. Having said that, I own the original Heritage sweater and like that one way better, so I won’t be buying one of these. Also, they looked good on the players and the only way to truly assess it is to see it as part of the whole uniform on the ice in action.

  5. Way too much being made of this…it’s a one game thing, and the Jersey is subdued, but classic after a fashion. All in all, not bad…I’ve seen many worse.

  6. Yeah, once you saw the 1920s logo, months ago, you could have imagined the jersey would look something like this. Nothing special. Nothing awful.

  7. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    It’s got that “old man” look to it. Something for the seniors to wear in Fort Lauderdale. Or Disney World.

  8. “the only way to truly assess it is to see it as part of the whole uniform on the ice in action.”

    good point,might look cool if the boys wear “leather” looking gloves,and Henrik has some “leather” looking pads,glove and blocker.

    im with Manny,they shoulda just made them cream coloured 85th anniversary jerseys.

  9. Actually, I’m kinda diggin’ these. To complete the old-time look, they should play the game without helmets.

    On second thought, save that idea for when we play Pittsburgh!

  10. Shelley and Dublowsky having a war of witlessness according to the twitter thingy!

    (Dublowsky used without permission of ORRsy)

    aha aha i like it!

  11. Dubinsky may have something there, re Shelley….like a rework of the old adage …… ” Tis better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s their uniforms, they’re too tight, they’ve shrunk! They’re [skating] like penguins! Forget this game!

  13. >>Shelley and Dublowsky having a war of witlessness according to the twitter thingy!

    I was sick and tired of all the political correctness from those hockey players. Everyone is supposed to be “a great player” and “a class act”. Screw that, tell us how you really feel about the guy.

  14. not a fan of em. i like the alternate jersey more. like someone above me said i woulda gone with the cream color of this one but the design of the alternate.

  15. and now i see a pic of the guys wearin em. i think the team looks doofy in it. i would love to see what other options they had….why didnt they just ask avery to help em out?

  16. Re Sat afternoon game Carp Couldn’t agree more; the best overall game I’ve seen in quite sometime. Re winter classic jersey, the logo is real lame and the cream background sucks. A little Oiler flavor. Would of been far better off using the 1975 John Fergerson tenure version when we had Ulf Nielsen, Andres Hedberg & Donnie Murdock

  17. I’m not crazy about the jersey or the game, since they’re playing it in Philthy…..

    So, Boudreau and Maurice got canned today – not surprised at all to hear it about either of them.

  18. Paul in sunrise on

    You get a free bowl of soup with each purchase.

    Carp I actually liked the fergison/jets style sweaters. Brings me back to my first.

    Now don’t have any. Free agency ruined the game. Lol.

  19. Jerseys. Well, at least they’re not the Islanders’ third jerseys. And at least we’re not discussing friggin’ Cam Fowler anymore, so I guess they served their purpose.

    On Boudreau – I’m dreadfully curious to see what Dale Hunter does to this team. He was always a scumbag player. But I think to the 2009 Penguins Bylsma. Hunter had some pretty talented players in London. Kane, Tavares, Kostitsyn, Perry, Kadri, and Nash to name a few. Also had current Caps Carlson and Wideman. Now the question is, can shove a cattle prod up Oveckin’s rear and get him to adjust his game.

  20. I think Dale Hunter will have to take the Caps back to the days when their goal was to score 7+ goals a game. Sure they will have some sloppy Defense but they will outscore people at least.

  21. ORR, the NHL agrees with you that the Winter Classic should have been in NYC first. Sadly, the Rangers Organization turned that opportunity down.

  22. Good evening all! I like it. Won’t buy it, but I like it.

    Carp, I should very shortly have my very own iPad so I can keep up at work!!! Yee ha! Have barely been near a computer in forever…..kinda like olden days, when I was 25 :)

    Later all! TA!

  23. the jerseys look like straight jackets for the insane asylum of negative nancies and wayward pollyannas

  24. I don’t think the Rangers turned it down. I think the Yankees turned it down. The NHL wanted to play it in the old Stadium before the wrecking ball, and the Yankees said no. Then the Yankees came up with these college football bowls game, which would prevent the NHL from putting a rink there in the winter.

    The NHL didn’t want to have it at Shea or especially not Citi, and I don’t blame them.

  25. can anyone find this out.

    it seems every time i watch and east/west matchup not involving rangers the east seems to dominate.

    does anyone know the records east vs west excluding rangers. it seems east teams are racking up points

  26. Just saw the video of the Pacioretty-Letang hit… I don’t see how that is a penalty. The fact that he is shooting LOWERS his body, thus putting his head at shoulder level.

    What is Pacioretty supposed to do other than not hit him at all?

    I know they are making an effort to eliminate head-hunting, but I just don’t see this as an illegal hit.


  27. Luckily, for those of you in the MSG/Rangers territory, tomorrow’s game will be on MSG locally. But there will still be a Crosby love-in, I’m sure.

    Crest is ok. It’s different alright. I would rather see the more square-shaped crest on the front of a jersey. And for the record, I like Lady Liberty jersey.

  28. I like the Liberty jerseys too…had both, latest was white Leetch with the C …..the jersey isnt great but its not terrible either…..i wouda liked reverse heritage or even old white one with the shield in middle…..but its pretty irrelevant either way

  29. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere (but haven’t looked much), but what the Rangers are doing with the new jerseys is trying to give a classic feel using what I believe is the original logo as it was drawn back at their inception, somewhere around 1926.

    It totally sucks, and looks weird, anemic. But that’s the original shield, as it was drawn up.

    Why they couldn’t just go with the current shield, or the 70’s Ferguson era sweaters updated, is beyond me. Loved that look and their current shield is one of the best insignias in sports.

  30. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Eric are your tickets for the 12/8 game available? If so let me know my sister’s friend would like to take his grandson to a game while their up here thanks

  31. A question for a few select people here…Let’s analyze real quick. You don’t like the players or how they play. You don’t like the management, you don’t like MSG, you don’t like you coaches, now you don’t like the jersey. Why the HELL do you bother being a fan of this team? or for that matter take up space with your posts on this blog?

  32. James G – Hear hear on that one! Fire Sather! Fire Torts! Trade Dubi because he has 1 goal and who cares about the little things he does! We need to bring up guys from Hartford with 3 goals because we have no top 6 forwards! The Garden Sucks (even though my new 300 seats are beyond terrific! Better view of the ice with a TV in my seat)! Girardi is clearly over rated because he doesn’t make breakaway passes out of the zone on a regular basis! Stepan should be traded because the coach thinks he’s the best all around player on the team!

  33. It’s dead here now so I’ll probably repost this at another time but it came to mind earlier tonight watching the Versus stuff. For all the hatred of Sather, this is the FIRST Time the Rangers have had a plan and a system dating back PRIOR to the Cup Team. I’m going to throw out an unpopular thought, but had Game 7 1994 gone 3-2 the other way, we have a whole different thought process of Neil Smith. He did trade away borderline Hall of Famers and certainly consistent All-Stars in Tony Amonte and Doug Weight. Valuable guy in Todd Marchant. All for short term success. THANKFULLY We Can Die In Peace and it worked out perfectly.

  34. “a classic feel using what I believe is the original logo as it was drawn back at their inception, somewhere around 1926”

    “But that’s the original shield, as it was drawn up.”


    I’m still looking for even a SHRED of evidence of this. Why have there been no pictures of this “original shield” design from the 20’s posted anywhere to compare and contrast with this? I’d like this logo a lot more if I saw evidence that it is even slightly historically accurate.

    The Rangers are known for staying true to their diagonal writing uniforms. It would have been much cooler if they inverted the heritage jersey.

    Hate to admit, Philly got it right by staying true….and we botched it.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    I have not seen the suspension hit, but issue is the high sticking call when a player smacked in the face is at waist level. Should not be a penalty if player is bent down low, control of stick (lack of) should be limited to above waist or crossbar level.

  36. Old doesn’t always mean good. But I dig the jersey. If its around or under $200 bucks, I might get me one with # 24 on it.

  37. Nothing like embarrassing yourself in front of a national TV audience for no reason…

    they always try to be too cute…

  38. Not from what I’ve heard, unfortunately.

    and Ive been asking since last year, non-stop.

    it’s F’d up.

  39. Carp- I like the jersey. It basically looks exactly how I thought it would. I mean listen, it could have been a lot worse. Would it have maybe been better if they did the exact jersey and just put “New York” down the front like the vintage jersey? maybe. But It’s definitely better than the generic one the Flyers came out with. And may I just say Thank God it isn’t black or sporting a circle logo or the lady liberty face.

    The jersey I was picturing when I was thinking of this design was the Rangers jersey from 1976-77.

  40. *After proving unpopular with the tradition bound Rangers fans, this style was only used for two seasons, the first without names on the back of the road jerseys as featured today, and, thanks to a new NHL rule requiring them, with names on the back for the 1977-78 season. Names were always worn on the home white jerseys of this style.*

  41. That bit about them being unpopular with fans was not entirely accurate.

    The switch back to the classic Rangers sweaters came with the new administration of Craig Patrick.

  42. Was used to trumpet the new Patrick administration, I meant to say.

    Anyhow, heard Iginla has submitted his list of teams he’ll wave his NMC for and we’re not on it.
    (Ill get into reasons I’ve been told IF he’s dealt elsewhere; until then, you never know…)

    All kinds of stuff flying on him, because he’ll be dealt soon, before Xmas for sure.
    Supposedly he’s said he doesnt want to be far from his young children and Calgary will remain home. Same time I’ve heard he grew up a Habs fan and would love to play there. Dallas, who drafted him, and with tons of cap space, supposedly also in hot pursuit.

    But every team in the league – or in contention in the league – will kick the tires, I’d imagine.

    Bed time for Bonzo.

  43. I’ve said it once and I’ll keep saying it. Jarome Iginla should not be a Ranger. I understand he’s still producing at the moment. But he’s 34 years old and a RW on a team that has nothing but RWs and Cs we can do better. Taking on his salary and converting him to LW as he pulls off the exit ramp on the prime parkway just doesn’t tempt me

  44. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    It wasn’t the jersey per that was so unpopular, it was everything that idiot GM John Ferguson did. He was worse than Sather. Fortunately Ferguson got canned after only two years.

  45. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    NHL take notice – NBA teams will not be required to play on THREE CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS more than THREE TIMES in this coming, abbrevated season. What kind of high-priced pothole product to bring to the pubic is this?

    It amazes me that when these labor and compensation issues are settled, the players union never bargains for reasonable schedule “Concessions” with ownership. Why are the players willing to put up with travel through time zones and scheduling like this? They cannot insist that no more than three games per week per team be scheduled? Why not? And what is so critically important about playing all these silly regular season games, back-to back-to back, when the playoffs are the entire show, anyway?

    Stats maintained for teams and players in this league will mean next to nothing. This should be called “The National Fatigue Factor League.” Who needs it?

  46. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    PAUL IN SUNRISE: Understanding your nostalgia for the time when you became a Ranger fan, maybe you don’t know this but John Ferguson’s mission here was to undermine and devastate the Rangers organization as a legitimate contender to, well, Montreal, for starters, his real organization of loyalty.

    The ludicrous mocking of the Rangers traditional uniform, which was in place under Ferguson – at Ferguson’s behest, is the most overt and revealing example of Ferguson’s dishonest and misrepresented agenda, here. Remember, he terminated Rod Gilbert’s career, when, at 36 Gilbert still had much left to contribute. Remember, he traded 23-year old Rick Middleton for 33 year-old Ken Hodge – because Middleton was beginning to look like star material.

    All this man wanted to do was demolish the Rangers as a viable contender. To bring him here in the first place, when he had no basic coaching aptitude, on top of his strictly dunce-palooka playing career, which is best remembered for his face-washing antics against Rod Gilbert, remains perhaps the worst error in judgment Rangers brass has ever made. On top of that he had the personality of the “special agent” who just raided and ransacked your home, if you get my drift.

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