Rangers-Flyers in review



1) I don’t believe most staged fights serve any purpose. But when two rival teams get together, or when there is an axe to grind, and two guys go at it right off the first draw, well, that does set a tone.

2) Brandon Prust is certainly willing, and more than tough, and he’s a very good fighter, But he’s not a heavyweight (duh) and he takes some shots, for sure, in his bouts. Man, how does he do that? And how about the honor of removing helmets before the fight? Awesome.

3) Sean Avery, as I’ve said before, makes a huge difference in games against arch-rivals from Philly, Newark and Uniondale.

4) Question for yesterday’s referees: How in Holy Hell do you go from the pansification, call every little ticky-tack tap or touch for the first 19 games, then let absolutely everything go? Not that I mind the game being called the way that first period went, and how it continued pretty much throughout … I wish it was that way all the time.

5) And correct call(s) as Ryan Callahan was tackled by Braydon Coburn, into Bobrovsky, on the part of the referee who didn’t wave it off, and on the part of the NHL video folks to disallow it because Callahan batted it in with his hand.

6) Did you just love the edge in Michael Del Zotto’s game?

7) Great game by Brad Richards, and all the guys (including Block Ness Monster Dan Girardi) who frustrated the heck out of Claude Giroux. And he was frustrated. This might have been the Rangers’ best start-to-finish game, especially defensively … and to repeat myself … they’ve always seemed to play better in games that have some growl.

8) The ice looked nice and bouncy, didn’t it? I’m sure B.U. and Cornell enjoyed it last night, too.

9) Did anybody mention the Winter Classic yet? Actually, the best part of this whole hype-and-sell fest is going to be hearing the mic’d up coaches and players on “24/7”. They must have gotten a couple of shows’ worth yesterday alone.

10) Braydon Coburn can play for my team any day.

11) Gotta like what you’ve seen from Carl Hagelin and John Mitchell so far, eh? Little better than the guys they’ve replaced?


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brandon Prust.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Brad Richards.


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  1. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Just saw a stat, don’t know if it is accurate or a “put on” job, but it said that when Prust fights in the first minute of a game, the Rangers have gone 7-0, in his time here. This makes me wonder if, at some point, McElrath could get a trial here, this season, just to add even more physicality?

  2. gotta say that Simmonds can take a shot too…Prust landed several right on the button, including an uppercut

    McIlrath is in juniors for the season, and he’s having a rough go from what i can tell. He’s had a rumored concussion and is currently awaiting ruling on suspension for a hit to the head.

  3. Biggest win of a short season. I get the Comcast feed out of Philly,and they played the injury card all game…sad.

    skill level goes up a notch with the whales up.

  4. Repost…

    “The King hasn’t held the throne too well in the playoffs. That’s the scouting report on him around the League. He doesn’t get it done when it counts.”

    Don’t know how much of the scouts’ opinions you share, HW, but I really don’t understand this.

    As ilb mentioned, you can debate whether the Olympic gold is comparable to a Cup win, but if the implication is that he underperforms/chokes or doesn’t have the mental strength to play well “when it counts”, is that (and was it one or two playoff titles in Sweden?) not evidence enough?

    The whole notion that a goalie (or any player) just isn’t a “winner” if he hasn’t led a mostly low seeded team to a deep playoff run is one that I struggle with.

    Secondly, if you’re just going off numbers, rather than what are presumably subjective scouting reports, I can’t see there’s overwhelming evidence there either.

    Which sample size is a more reliable indicator of a player’s ability? The 420+ regular season games or the 35 playoff games? Doesn’t take much at all over that few games to hurt his numbers.

    For example, if you exclude the three games in the sweep against the Devils in his rookie year (in which he was only established as the starter halfway through the year and clearly faded after the Olympics), his playoff numbers are 2.43/.915. Which is not a million miles away from his career regular season numbers of 2.31/.919.

    Or alternatively, do the improved playoff numbers of Brian Boucher and Michael Leighton, plus their proven ability to win Conference Final and Cup Final games, mean they are better at getting it done when it counts?

  5. Did nobody else get the memo? The Flyers’ injuries were the ONLY reason the Rangers could win that game. The memo must’ve only been Received On Demand then.

    It’s not like the Rangers have ever come close to playing well against the Flyers on any occasion before in the last couple of years.

    More seriously, the Flyers do seem to rely a hell of a lot on one veteran defenseman.

  6. I had a blast at the game yesterday…my first game at the renovated MSG. My bride-to-be got us tix for my b’day so she was going to only her second ever Rangers game.

    The previous one being a 2-0 shutout against the Isles last year.

    Adding to the fact she thinks Hank is hot, she figures she must be a good luck charm to him. Two games live…two 2-0 shutouts.

    I believer her other comment while watching videos of the players was “I thought all hockey players had no teeth and had their faces pushed in…when did they get so cute?”

    Yeah, married life is gonna change the way I watch hockey games. LOL

    Back to the game…the energy was incredible from the get-go. Easily the best game of the season so far and despite my nervousness going into these last two games, the Rangers have shown ALOT of determination and grit. Can’t say enough about how hard they played…and how guys like Girardi are getting serious kudos from knowledgeable fans at MSG.

    The two-game losing streak where they flat-out didn’t compete is by the wayside after these two performances (maybe they did just a hit a wall)…and now I’m DYIN’ to see if they can beat Cindy and the NHL’s Most Favorite Franchise on tuesday.

    As for the new MSG…I like alot of the changes, but it’s hard as hell to find your way around. I didn’t know that you could no longer just walk around the building. They got it cut off on either end so you gotta go up and over or down and under…kinda confusing.

    But, the MSG crew always had someone there letting us know where to go. So that helped out alot. The new bathrooms were a welcome sight.

    The best thing I saw? Those bar stool seats up high on the west balcony. If nobody else on this board has seen it, it’s above the VIP boxes and the view from them is incredible. With the concessions and beer right behind you, your “seat” is a bar stool overlooking the ice. I absolutely loved walking through this section (our seats were in 334) and am already planning to snag a couple of those seats for a game later this year.

    My biggest disappointment with the new MSG? I’ve been going to games live for over 20 years…and my tradition has ALWAYS been the footlong hot dog/knish combo. For me, it’s tradition

    Well…they don’t sell Knishes any more at MSG. No more Footlongs, either.

    And, if you’re gonna spend millions to renovate the Garden…how about renovating THE VENDORS?? While the one man behind the counter was quick and gracious and helpful, I got served by a 500 lb behemoth of a woman who took her sweet ass time lumbering from the counter to the hot dogs and making sure to have several conversations along the way while the line is filling up and the game is about to start.

    That being said, I had a GREAT time at the game. I’m glad that whole orange clad section up in the west balcony went home sad and unhappy.

    Oh, and the ovation the crowd gave Hagelin on his first goal…as I told my bride “See? The fans know how big a moment this is for that kid.”

    She’s hooked on hockey now. Gonna make the marriage alot easier to deal with.


  7. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Hagelin and Mitchell are here to stay..For now

    I actually thought our D and D coverage by the team was ther best I’ve seen this year

    Even our third pair never scared me for once

    We have the best goalie in the league and a real nice back up

    I agree that you keep the lineup as long as you win or play great, and then change it. After watching the RedWings – Bruins game, I was thinking every time I see the Red Wings it is the mostly the same forwards coming out on different lines. Works for them.

  8. Just like I said yesterday, Lundqvist was on his A game. His stops were smooth and fluid, without any kind of real drama in the process of making his saves. Shots hit him in the chest, or he kicks a rebound out to a safe area to be swept away by his D. The scouting report on him is to beat him high glove, but not yesterday. That glove was up and his positioning was spot on. Giroux tried and Hank took it away.

    Hagelin and Mitchell are a real step up from EC and Deveaux. They both battle hard and come up with the puck in the corners, and they have generated chances/points with Boyle in the past 2 games. EC has been a total non-factor, including shanking a couple opportunities from the side of the net when he gets PP time. This is a huge improvement

    Also, not only are the Rangers winning, they’re doing it in regulation.

  9. I’m of the firm belief that Lundqvist is more than just a goal tender for this team..he’s a lightning rod. And he saves reps and preserves the dignity of the team when he has a run like this one. Outstanding..( and no 1st star?)


    1st time viewers of brides to be?…you were probablly not around when I described tbw’s
    first hockey game in the old New Haven arena ( sat about 5000).
    She sat demurely beside me and my folks in a Ramblers game, and when it was ended she said that she didn;t understand the object of the game. I told her that it was to shoot the puck into your opponent’s net more than they shoot it to your own. She replied “Puck? what’s that.?”

    I ,in amazement, replied that small black disc that they skated with up the ice….then she fessed up…she wears glasses but didn’t want to let on, so she never saw the puck. ( TBW= the beautiful wife.) …celebrating our 56th anniversary in Feb.
    She now knows where and what the puck is.

  10. Joey from Staten island on

    Hey Mr. Sather…how bout a little backup toughness for Prusty….—–> trade Zuccarello for BIG John Scott (Blackhawks) ??? Also i now pro-claim for the very first time anywhere “Prince Carl Hagelin” …since we have a “King” already….we’ll have a “Prince” now !

  11. I am at a youth hockey tournament in DE this weekend. Chris Pronger was working the bench door for his son’s Squirt team as the Rangers were beating the Flyers at MSG. I know players don’t get much time with their families during the season but I’m more than a little surprised that the team’s captain doesn’t even watch the games while he’s hurt.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Solid skating + back checking + taking the body = Huge Win

    EC is gone baby gone. Wusskie is not the answer, ever.

    Do need to get some muscle (heavyweight) for these games.

    Hags is a skating dynamo. He is flying out there. Mitchell has been very good on side boards.

    Great win. Anytime you beat the filth is a great win.

  13. Bull dog- Prust fought for his team, not for Sauer and Avery. While I do not totally disagree with you on Avery from last night’s post, this was done for a totally different purpose. Laviolette sends out Rinaldo, of all people on opening faceoff to set the tone. Torts answers with Prust. The tone was set, and it wasn’t in Flyers’ favor. At the end, Shelley couldn’t find a dancing partner, and he was totally useless. Another reason not to waste a spot on a pure goon.

    Agree with Fran, Hank deserved number one star, we are just too used to him being stellar.

    The defensive game was very well crafted by coach and executed by the team. They seemed to never be out of position, and always had someone to back them up, if needed to. They frustrated the Flyers’ speed and skill by always having at least one forward high up upon entering of the zone and took away any possible plays. Very impressive. I also thought the first period in general was one of the better hockey I’ve seen all year long around the league.

  14. Hate is a strong word, Carp.

    But I dont really care for him. The guy skates like he has bricks in his shorts.

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The 3 games that skid has played have been hit free. The memo must gave gone our ” don’t even look at him” that said, I hope one of the rangers plows that ceam puff into the 3rd row.

    LW – I agree with you re Hank …he has been to 5 his whole career. Nearly stole game 7 three years ago. Nearly stole games 1 and 4 last year. Arguably, the best in thecworld right now. I predict CF this year….. Next year, the Cup.

  16. Lundqvist was great, no doubt. I thought he was, and had to be, better against Washington. Especially early. Even with the shutout, I didn’t think he was the best player in this particular game.

    but stars are always extremely subjective. I mean, the Broadway Borsalino went to the kid. And he wasn’t the best player, either.

  17. MDZ had a breakout game. He looked like a top four Dman throughout. Not just the physicality but the subtle outlet passes and a newfound ability to take the puck away against the wall instead of push, shove, push. Another thing: he brings enthusiasm to every game. Is he here to stay or will he take his usual two steps back.

    McD is becoming one of the best all around Dmen in the league. His offensive game is soaring: his willingness to take slappers and one timers every chance he gets, his skating through the neutral zone, his passing, his timely pinches. I foresee increasing pp time as his hockey sense and the accuracy of his shop make him an imperative.

    What to do with Wolski and Rupp. Can you go the whole season with Prust as your only fighter? Rupp has to play, if only in spots. Wolski had a big game just before he went down. Seven shots on goal. He looked great out there and may be too good to ignore imo. Who sits if he plays?

    Will the Rangers bundle some of their assets and make a play for Getzlaf or Ryan who are rumored to be available?

  18. Eddie – Actually St. Louis was very physical with him. That’s why he was whining after that game about the officiating. Backes even got into it with him in the corner. And Nick Foligno got into with him in Ottawa and Crosby threw ether a butt end of the stick or an elbow at him that went unpenalized and was talk of HNIC yesterday. So that’s really accurate. Do you want someone to catch with a big hit? Let’s see if puts himself in a bad spot. And I don’t care how much everyone hates Crosby and his whining, me included, I don’t condone cheap shots because someone easily could so same to Gabby.

  19. CJP amen on the filthy fans on that balcony….they shut up real quick and left in a hurry too…..i was in section 331 right near them and my whole section was yellin w them and makin fun of them after both goals….and cosigned that the atmosphere from the pregame warmups was awesome…..i felt a fight comin right off that faceoff and Prust didnt disappoint…..

  20. For all “the glass half empty” resident bloggers, just a small reminder- we played without our number 1 defenseman too…

    Rupp will play, he has his role on this team, and I believe he will prove he was a worthwhile signing. WW, and his $3.8M ($4M salary) cap hit will have to really work hard to get back into the lineup…

    I do not believe for a second that Getzlaf, and especially Ryan are available.

  21. And Barry Beck I dont kno why u dont agree wit Carp because I definitely saw an edge to Del Z’s game yesterday…..finished checks and played the body nicely and was definitely playin wit an edge in his own zone

  22. ILB:

    From ESPN Insider “Ducks considering major move?
    9:32AM ET
    Anaheim Ducks

    Collecting loss after loss after loss, the Anaheim Ducks may be ready for drastic action. And Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register suggests a move involving a major player — Ryan Getzlaf or Bobby Ryan — could be in the cards. The skaters themselves wouldn’t be surprised by such a deal.

    “Can you blame (management) entirely if they do?” Ryan said on Friday. “Probably not … We’re digging ourselves a deeper hole, and everybody is fed up with it. So we can’t blame them if they pull the trigger on something.”

    “Management has been unbelievably patient and loyal so far,” Teemu Selanne said. “I sure hope there are no panic moves, but I don’t know how long that he (GM Bob Murray) can be patient.”

    With the support of management, coach Randy Carlyle is presumably safe in his position. So, with only two victories in the last 17 contests, something has to give.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – I watched the Ottawa and Habs games vs Pittsburg and I saw quite a few players shy away from hitting him…. It happened the whole game both games…. That is what I saw…

  24. TWO comments for Carp:

    1) Henrik got the shutout so he deserves to be in the top 3. His breakway stop was key in the 1st.
    2) IMO, refs let things go because HBO was taping the game for the show. The game stayed nasty as the refs let them play. I’m sure the league and refs didn’t want the show to showcase the game to viewers as one big referee-fest.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – same for the 25 minutes or so of the isles pens game too…. No one finished a check on Lips.

  26. I say the Rangers miss Marc Staal as much as the Flyers miss Chris Pronger. The good thing is that Staal is 24, not 36 like Pronger who certainly has some good hockey left in him, but clearly is breaking down.

  27. Orange County Register sounds like a reliable source…Better than the one we find in Subway stands, that’s for sure. If I were an owner and Murray came to me with such a proposal, I’d tell him to go and take a careful look at Olga’s last name.

  28. Eddie3 – I know what you are saying. I’m not disagreeing. I think the pulling up on him is not just because it’s Cindy, it is a league wide thing everyone is doing because basically any decent hit now people want you suspended for life and the refs to call interference. That’s why KUDOS to Carp for comment about the refs. Being at the game, it was a 1000% better game because the refs were not staaling (get it!) the game with needless hooks and holds that don’t affect the play.

  29. Jeez, the Ducks are 2-15 in their last 17? I knew they weren’t doing that well, but I didn’t realize they were doing that bad.

    I don’t see how trading Getzlaf or Ryan will fix the problem. Getting a top three pick could!

  30. And you`re right Carp – MDZ did play with a snarl. He certainly got under the skin of that little weasel Briere.

    More importantly, as someone pointed out, he was strong on the puck. He also made a few nice little rushes.

    It`s coming, that`s for sure.

  31. Orr – Great point. Anaheim could be in similar position Flyers were when they got JVR. Pretty good core that’s won on off year getting a top talent to add to mix.

  32. ilb: I suspect that`s a beat writer musings, although such moves have occurred with other teams in the past.

    It would take a lot to get either one, however. Maybe Selanne would agree to be traded…

    I still say the Rangers should be in on any Jarome Iginla trade talks – those are coming, I think.

  33. iDoodie machetto on

    I was at the game with my father. Before the game he said “I hope there is a fight.” well, 4 seconds later, he got his wish. Interesting note, prust accumulated 3 penalties for 12 PIMs before 12 minutes had been played.

    I thought it was a great game for MDZ.

    I continue to strongly dislike Stepan on the PP point, as I did last year. It’s a SHG waiting to happen.

    Big fan of Hagelin and Mitchell. I said during the preseason that I would have liked to see Mitchell stick around as a 4th liner. I can’t wait for Hagelin to start seeing some more offensive minutes. Also, with his speed, he could become a real weapon on the PK.

    Can’t wait to see that on 24/7.

  34. Jim – I think in the pre-lockout day Jerome would be a Ranger already with the way the Flames season is going, but they have no cap space as it is. Who are they taking off the roster to create 7 mil of space, that’s the more difficult question to do that move.

  35. Orr – Just because I know it stirs it up. Or Cam Fowler 98g 12-39-51 22PIMs to Dylan’s 0 games, a concussion and suspensions in Juniors.

  36. eddie eddie eddie on

    Doodie – right on…nice give away by step in the 2nd period on the pp…led to a dangerous odd man rush….mdz has improved considerably…i am very happy and surprised….

  37. Eddie – See we don’t always disagree. I agree with you and Doddie about Stepan. I think McDonagh should be there as well with Del Zotto.

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    hags and the former attorney general are here to stay hopefully….ec and ww may be prucha’ed the rest of the season…rupp and devo provide heavyweight strength….but rupp’s knee clearly is not quite fight ready and wont be for sometime…

  39. Not at all, Jim. Barry Beck was a tough and rugged defenseman. He policed the play when he was on the ice.

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    hw – i also agreed with you last week when you wanted the former attorney general called up….*handshake*

  41. Eddie3 – Handshake as well. By the way, I’m a history buff and was embarrassed I didn’t know who he was. I was going to correct you by saying George (the guy who did the baseball steroid report) and would’ve felt really dumb considering one of my favorite movies is All the Presidents Men.

  42. iDoodie machetto on

    Btw, fowler has taken the next step and has been drawing comparisons to a young Scott Niedermayer. McIlrath Better become something special.

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    hw – its ok….the nixon administration is more modern day than history in the grand scheme…

  44. Disagree – Beck never lived up to the hype he came with when acquired. Talk about over-rated and that`s him.

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    barry beck seemingly separated his shoulder nearly after every check he threw….big shot, tho he never seemed to shoot enough…tough guy…definitely could throw some bombs

  46. If you want to reduce your level of disappointment with the Rangers’ prospects, Barry, I suggest either taking the MSG Network propaganda with a larger pinch of salt or admitting that next to nobody ever said Del Zotto was the next Leetch or that the roster contained six or seven future 35-goal scorers.

    Accepting a player you don’t like had a good game might become a touch easier then.

  47. Wow! A great win because it was against the gang from Broad St. and even more so because everyone showed up, including the fans who were rockin’ all night long.

    Frankly, I’m looking forward to the 24/7 shows as much as the game. Maybe we’ll get some insight how we go from bottom of the barrel to cream of the crop over a four game stretch. Anyone notice the HBO camera in Avery’s face while he jawed at Filthy?

    Our passing was smart, sharp and tape to tape Even better was neutral zone coverage. I’ll guess that our possession time in this game was the highest of the year because we owned the neutral zone most of the game.


    To beat Pittsburgh, playing smart is more important than being physical. They move the puck quickly and smartly in all zones which makes them harder to hit. I hope Avery and Dubinsky have a big game Tuesday.

  48. eddie eddie eddie on

    watergate was done in by the cover-up….had someone stood up at the beginning…Nixon never resigns…..the penn state fiasco is disgusting from start to finish …the crime and the cover-up equally abominable…

  49. Eddie3 – That’s what I think too. I hope the media sticks to it. Not too many Woodward and Bernstein’s out there anymore. More interested in which pro athlete the daughter of a now dead decent celebrity lawyer is dating is more important.

  50. Jim, Del Zotto will never be half the defenseman Beck was.

    Everybody jumped on the MDZ bandwagon after a few homerun passes to Gaborik. But once other teams picked it up his offensive game diminished. Cause Lord knows he misses the net a lot with his shot.

    He also gets beat often to loose pucks because he lacks any sort of speed and he’s very small to battle in front of the net.

    He’d be good on a roller hockey team though!

  51. Del ZOtto is 21, playing24 minutes a game on the blueline. he can play. sure he makes to many homerun passes but he is playing wel..

    the guy is 21…………….

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    the fact many other college coaches knew about sandusky and heard all of the rumors….and yet penn state officials claim ignorance??????……joe paterno had to know what was going on….i hope the civil suits put him in the poor house…

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    barry – your namesake wasnt half the player you pretend him to have been…the guy’s shoulder was made of paper creche

  54. I totally understand that, stuart. I am willing to give the guy a chance. I dont feel that he’s a lost cause (like Dubinsky) because he is still very young. But, like I said earlier, I feel that he’s another over hyped NYR prospect.

    See Pock, Thomas

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    barry beck – while i liked barry beck #5, i think given his size, he could have done more…that was a load of players we gave up for him if i remember correctly…

  56. Beck was a monster. MONSTER.

    The shoulder really did him in; he had to minimize it as best he could the last few years.

    He’s exactly the kid of d-man every team (including us) needs and never finds.

  57. Mitchell and Hagelin both look good but Mitchell will be the guy whose level dips first and will inevitably see the bench or the bus back to Hartford. Either Christensen or Wolski (or both) should be placed on waivers – neither one fits within this team’s identity, and, in the case of Wolski, the Rangers are losing a ton of cap space because of him. I don’t like Rupp, never have, and I think he’ll look like even more of a dog in this system than he did before he went down. Unfortunately, he’s probably going to have to get ice time and that’ll only be detrimental to the team. Rupp isn’t a fighter, isn’t a good skater and is basically just a lumbering oaf with a bloated contract. I’d hate to see the lineup disrupted but you know it’s going to happen if for no other reason than he just signed a contract.

    Also, I think Tortorella’s decision to put Dubinsky with Rupp and Avery is one of the best he’s made in a long time.

  58. By the way, HWirth, if Iginla is available, there is a way to accommodate hom under the cap….Start with 3.8M of WW hit and $900K for EC. Add a few dead wood pieces, we are good to go. I’d go after him hard, but maybe not that early in season.

  59. I was so enthralled by the Iginla rumors last year. Man, that dude could take this team’s scoring to another level…HOF’er, no doubt

  60. eddie eddie eddie on

    lloyd – i agree…THE PRUST, THE AVERY, AND THE DOOBIE looked great yesterday…even bulldog could admit that without reaching for his allergy meds…

  61. Mike Mcewen, Lucien Deblois, Pat Hickey, Bobby Sheehan, and Dean Turner were given up to get Barry Beck. Sheehan, who was older, was never heard from again. Turner was a Tough Dman, never made it to the NHL. Hickey,and Deblois ended up back with the Rangers, as did Mcewen, but first he won a few cups with the Islanders.

  62. thomas pock played 8 games for the rangers. del zotto has played in i would guess 140 + games and he is 21 years old.

    Del ZOtto is not thomas pock…barry beck you are 1 patient guy. stepan did not score a goal yesterday is he a disappointment? after all he is 21 and played about 100 games in the nHL….

    del zotto if traded today, would get the rangers a nice package… he is playing well and has a nice ceiling……………btw rangers have plenty of homegrown talent and more on the way.

  63. If the Rangers are going to be successful in the long run this season they are going to need Dubi to find his game. Dubi is going to have yo be put back on the top 2 lines soon. Hagalin, and Rupp will once again mean Avery to the press box. the Rangers are going to have to address scoring on the LW. they have none right now.

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    bulldog – if you calculate goals per minutes played, AVERY leads the team in that ratio….care to wager?

  65. leave Avery alone or I am going to have fight his battle. and I’m tired of fighting his battles.

  66. what is the wager? that Avery has 2 goals in limited minutes? 1 more and he will tie last years total.

  67. As far as homegrown talent, the Rangers are trying to build a team of young, American, all around, hard-working players

    I’m not sure that MZA or Hagelin will ever be able to gain the top-6 because of the Europansy factor…

  68. eddie eddie eddie on

    bulldog – last year was last year…..and the year before that was the year beforethat , and the year before that was the year before that…..

  69. Brooks also mentioned that Lundqvist was late for a team meeting in the last couple of days. Interesting that he didn’t get the Kovalchuk or Joel Ward treatment.

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    good thing the king isnt a Gman…he would need to be 10 minutes early so as not to be late

  71. Hagelin is another late round gem. More proof that the drafting and scouting in this organization has been better than the conventional wisdom would suggest…considering who we had playing yesterday (as compared to 10 years ago)…Hard to say that Slats hasn’t done anything….

    Guys taken in the 4th round or later….or signed as undrafted UFAs (by the Rangers):


  72. They need to pay more attention to 6th round from now on. A Pavel Datsyuk kind of player wouldn’t hurt….

  73. :::This blog moments after the NY Rangers win a Stanely Cup in a 6 game series against Detroit:::

    “Was really happy to see them win. But man they were lucky that the Wings didn’t get that tying goal in the second. The Rangers should consider themselves lucky to have won it all with mediocrity they have on this roster. Eminger was less than stellar this whole tournament and it’s obvious that Lundqvist is slowing down dramatically as he enters his 30s. Richards and Callahan are another year older next season as well. They have their work cut out for them this offseason. They’ll never repeat with guys playing as poorly away from the puck as Avery and Boyle did in the Cup finals. Can’t help but feel as though if Minnesota had squeezed by the Wings in the WCF they would have made short work of us. So whens the parade scheduled for?”…..

  74. Just stopping by to tell you guys that I am currently at a shopping mall in CT and there is a mentally handicapped person in their 40’s being pushed around in a wheelchair and for head protection he is wearing a FULL CAGE Bauer hockey helmet.

    I don’t mean to be offensive or rude. Just kind of amazing me right now.

  75. eddie eddie eddie on

    who is that guy Lundqvist?…he will never amount to anything……no better than steve weeks, i predict

  76. I see it’s been revealed that Torts cut his hand breaking up a dog fight.

    Typical. He only walks them five minutes a day and then totally stops them getting physical.

  77. Speaking of physical, lol…Where is Wicky? Guess which team leads the NHL in fights so far this season? You got it, NYR.

  78. if we put staal on ling term IR can we afford to fit bobby ryan in. i would give up some kids for ryan who certainly hasnt hit his prime and is only making 5 mil. not a terrible cap hit

  79. NYR_FAN: Yes, Sather has unearthed some late round gems. What`s his failed miserably at is drafting in the first round. MDZ and Staal is all he has to show for, despite something like 11 or 12 first round picks, including 1 as high as 6th overall.

    It`s the single biggest reason he`s had to hand out fat contracts to the likes of Gabbie and Richards (and Dreary and Gomez before them) – generally speaking you find the high-end skill via your first round picks and fill the rest of the roster with the later picks, trades and UFAs.

  80. Boom Boom-

    Prust has 7 fights in different 6 games. 4 were in the first period of 3 different games (2 were in yesterdays game)

    Rangers are 3-0 when Prust has fought in the 1st period. 5-1-1 in games he has fought.

    2pd 02:24 NYR @ LOS Kyle Clifford -OTL
    2pd 01:43 NYR @ EDM Andy Sutton -L
    1pd 01:55 NYR @ WIN Tanner Glass -W
    1pd 00:07 @ NYR SAN Ryane Clowe -W
    2pd 02:54 NYR @ NYI Matt Martin -W
    1pd 00:04 @ NYR PHI Zac Rinaldo -W
    1pd 11:26 @ NYR PHI Wayne Simmonds -W

  81. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Great game last night!!

    this is a telling statement… Brandon Prust, who captured third star honors, was assessed two fighting majors in the first period, including one 0:04 into the contest. The Rangers are now 9-2-0 when Prust is assessed a fighting major in the game’s opening five minutes since he joined the team on February 2, 2010.

    Pansification can SUCK IT!!!!

    also kudos to Prust for stopping dubi from getting a retaliation penalty after the elbow, smart

    The convo last night about hank being not as good in the playoffs I would attribute more to the players on D around him than hank himself. You need physical crease clearing guys in the playoffs (like it or not folks, the game plays differently and much tighter in the POs) and we have never had them for hank when he really needs them!

    If iggy is available, we can fit him in and I hope VV2 likes calgary!!

    actually, VV2 isn’t fair to version 1, at least he would fight anyone (usually not win, but courageous nonetheless).

    speaking of dubinsky, someone said it in the game thread, but talks a lot and rarely (i mean rarely backs it up)! Like it or not, he is way more similar to avery than many of you would like to admit.

    I miss the bahama bomba!! I would have liked to have seem him in the game last night.

    Like hagelin and mitchell as well, just not sure how they both stay in when rupp (definitely) comes back and would still rather see the bahama bomba in the line up as well. Maybe avery sits and mitchell?? I think rupp is a 3rd line not 4th line guy and the bomba could still be 4th line, good situation to have I ‘spose…course after the suspension the bomba may be done in the “world according to torts”

    I would like to see hags stay regardless at this point.

    no one complained about AMB?? Shocked, are you guys coming around??

    couldn’t agree more about coburn, guy is a stud!

  82. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    I’m here, Im here!!!!

  83. Speaking of highway robbery. The Flyers got Coburn from Atlanta for…wait for it…Alexei Zhitnik. I think Atlanta bought him out very soon too….And you wonder why Atlanta never won a single playoff game.

  84. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    highway robbery indeed!!

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    i think the rangers only need a bona fide heavyweight ala nick fotiu or tai domi…..rupp aint it imo…

  86. Noticed, bro…I was very surprised to see them lead the NHL in fights this morning, I’m sure you knew it already.

  87. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    eddie x 3
    rupp is a light heavyweight IMHO, but is also a regular player IMHO as well!!

    when you have prust with 7 and I think the bomba has 4, it is an easy way to lead, although I would rather see a few other guys with a few more and Prust with a few less over the course of the season.

  88. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    on another note, you know who is a very sneaky dirty player? meszaros.

  89. Jim, look at the Detroit blueprint for guidance. First round picks don’t mean everything when you can scout the later rounds better than everyone. Point is, you don’t necessarily need successful 1st round picks to win…

    We could have drafted Johan Franzen (3rd rd) ahead of Dubinsky (2nd rd) as well…Prust sayin’!

  90. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    love the mule!!

  91. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    When Lundqvist was picked in the late rounds of the draft do you think Sather was:

    A: Lucky
    B: Smart
    C: Excited that he was still available
    D: Snoozing when the pick was made.

  92. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    when is the winter classic jersey getting unveiled??

  93. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    in case you were wondering, dubi is a weasel!!

  94. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on

    is this thing on??

  95. “IMO, refs let things go because HBO was taping the game for the show. The game stayed nasty as the refs let them play. I’m sure the league and refs didn’t want the show to showcase the game to viewers as one big referee-fest.”

    I totally agree and I wouldn’t doubt Prust relished the chance to do what he did with the cameras rolling -looked like he even had a fresh hair cut for the occasion. :)

    Did it look like Rinaldo got the quick grab of Prust’s jersey while Prust was still taking his helmet off?

  96. Wicky©"the NHL should penalize and suspend players that place themselves in vulnerable positions along the boards" on


  97. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I have Anaheim ranked 29th of 30 in the NHL, and not that far above Columbus. So the time is ripe to make a deal with them. THEY know they are dead in the water.

  98. NYR_FAN: The Wings are an anomaly when it comes to building without high picks. And don`t discount the fact that they stunk for years and years and years before enjoying the amazing success they have in the past 15 years. One of the key components to them turning their franchise around and eventually winning a cup was Steve Yzerman, picked 4th overall in his draft year…

  99. Wicky’s screen name is too long and obscures his comment if driving an iPhone.

    I was going to complain, but then decided this was a good thing.

  100. I don’t think the Ducks are a Cup contender (sorry, Carp) and Ryan, Perry and Getzlaf certainly bear a large share of the responsibility for the bad start.

    But they are all still young, signed deals relatively recently and are one year removed from being a dominant line. Not saying it’s impossible, but I’d be surprised if the short term reaction is a decision that any one of the three is not part of their long term plans.

  101. It must get lonely for wicky, all by himself, with everyone else on the pansy side of the fence that he’s built.

  102. Good almost evening all! Hartnell, it’s been forever since I’ve time to be here!! :(

    Have thoroughly enjoyed the past two games, staged or not…:)

    Sad to say, I gotta run….hope to catch up soon…I miss this place!

    re: Sweet, told ya so, told ya so!!!! TA!

  103. Leetchhalloffame on

    NYR Fan – You forget that sadly the Jets have as many championships as the Rangers in the last 43 years.

  104. sather also drafted Cherapanov and Kreider in the first round. cherapanov would have been a star and Kreider is TBD.

    picking 12th or 18th is a lot harder then picking #1.

    cherapanov’s death has caused the rangers for years allready. he would be a star in the NHL….

  105. cherapanov, kreider, mcilrath, and Miller. jury out on 3 of the 4 1st rounders, the 1 had a tragic no fault of Sather outcome.

    mcdonagh, sauer, mdz, girardi, and stall. all drafted or UFA

    stepan, cally, dubi, AA, etc… drafted or UFA.

    henrik drafted..

    minors have many more drated guys, I say Sather getting a bad rap is mainly based on minimum 3 years ago or older actions…lately he has been pretty good on trades, picks, and signings…

    prust for jokinen…sure tyutin, korpikoski, or roszival trades in retrospect look bad butminor deals not end of the world bad moves…….

    hagelin 6th round…gomez for mcdonagh and others….you get arrested for that theft……

  106. Boom boom, ok maybe theyre not playin like it right now…..but yes they have a team that can contend

  107. eddie eddie eddie on

    a good move to showcase the nhl for HBO would be to go with no regular hockey…instead, 60 minutes of shootouts…..i can barely sit still as i type this….

  108. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – right as to rupp…which is why i said they need a heavyweight….rupp aint it….

  109. eddie eddie eddie on

    imagine the closeup of ec as he contemplates which of his brilliant moves he will use……..soft music begins playing…candles are lit….yeah baby….bring it

  110. I dont see the need for a goon. You just read the stats for yourselves. The Rangers lead the league in fights. They aren’t near the basement in hitting either. They aren’t lacking physicality. What they lack- and this is what will kill them in the long run- is some consistent secondary scoring. As stated earlier, Dubinsky needs to start finding his game. Once he can start playing as a top 6 forward again then you can still make 2 lines using 6 out of 8 guys ( Boyle, Rupp, Feds, Avery, Prust, Hagelin and perhaps Mitchell or someone like Newbury) that can play tough and with enough skill to warrant more than 7 minutes a game.

  111. And to add to my anti goon argument- While I understand they don’t have a “heavyweight” and that none of us want to see Prust fight the wrong guy and get hurt one night- How often can you/should you play a guy like that with the way things are? I didnt see Jody Shelley making an impact last night. I haven’t seen anyone bigger than a guy like Rupp on a team that won it all in the past few years. Boston has Chara- but he’s hardly a goon. Lucic is skilled and not much bigger than the guys on our current roster either. Enforcers are becoming extinct. I mean no disrespect towards Derek Boogard or his memory. But if he was still with us and with this organization where would he have fit in this season that isn’t within 5 feet of the CT Whale?

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    James – I did not say we need a goon. I said we need a heavyweight. Someone that can play, is big, and doesn’t mind dropping them. That big stud blackhawk Jack Scott comes to mind.

  113. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Eddie x3
    I think the bahama bomba does an adequate job as a 4th liner and is a decent heavyweight!

    I am used to it

    that better?

  114. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I say Sather getting a “bad rap” is mainly based on his Record as Rangers GM.

    Out of Playoffs
    Out of Playoffs
    Out of Playoffs
    Out of Playoffs
    Out in First Round
    Out in Second Round
    Out in Second Round
    Out in First Round
    Out of Playoffs
    Out in First Round

    They’ve won two playoff rounds in 10 years. I think his bad rap is well deserved.

  115. Who says John Scott can play either, Eddie?

    Chicago don’t seem to think he’s worth being in the line-up half the time and they attracted scorn for dressing him in the playoffs last year just to stand in front of Luongo.

  116. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    my question is, how many “years” does a GM and/or coach get before he is not progressing or the organization is not going deeper into the playoffs?

    If we are using the argument about sather, couldn’t and shouldn’t we use the same “guidelines” with the coach?

    In all honesty, if you are going to gripe about sather all the time, you should be doing the same about torts.

    I don’t think sather has done that bad of a job at all post lockout (pre lockout is a bit of a different bird).

  117. wicky- Given it’s only been 2 games, but assuming Mitchell were to play like he has so far, you’d put Deveaux in over him?

  118. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Seriously, Sather peaked in his sixth year. He got to the second round of the playoffs. He has not progressed or gone any deeper since. In fact from there, he has regressed. He’s used 5 coaches, including himself. Either he is the one constant in all this or he picks lousy coaches too.

  119. Eddiex3- I understand what you’re saying but with all due respect Im skeptical about it. When Rupp comes back I’d like to see him slide into the middle of that line with Prust and Avery and hopefully have Dubinsky playing well enough to rejoin Richards and Callahan. That 4th line would be tough enough to make their impact felt in any divisional game or game against a physical team. Plus there’s enough skill there for them to actually contribute.

  120. dde, I was so busy laughing at some of that guy’s vids I figured i’d post one and let everyone listen to what they wanted…then I heard the WHY-SNEW-SKi and lost it…that channel is brilliant…he’ll get tons of hits constantly over time=youtube gold.

  121. wicky- You’ve been one to state that Torts needs to play 4 lines more. Do you think he (or would you) trust Deveaux in the last minute of the game like he did with Mitchell?

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    James – that looks interesting… Prust, Avery, and Rupp….

    GAS line

    19, 17, 24

    Boyle, fed, hags…

    This looks good…

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Izzy – the curious thing is why no other team has tried to pry The Sather away from the rangers. You know every owner in the league wants him.

  124. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Change of subject: Is there anyone that looks more stupid at a football game than the idiot that brings a giant D and a picket fence to the game? I get it- De-fense. It was cute once. 30 years ago.

  125. My thoughts are that Sather should have gone looong ago.

    But it’s pretty clear he’s not going anywhere until he feels like it, so it almost been redundant to even talk about it. Whatver his level of influence now, he’s not screwing things up as deeply or as frequently as before and on balance, has done an adequate job the last couple of years. That’s about as much credit as I’d offer and is about as much as we can expect, which almost feels like success in relative terms.

  126. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    LW- But if people in the Rangers Organization are reading this blog, then I want them to know that their fans think Sather Stinks and needs to go.

  127. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Regarding football idiots, I guess there is always the moron that puts up the JOHN 3:16 sign when field goals and extra points are kicked.

  128. Re Sather:

    If you stayed with a girl for 3 years and she never gave any you nookie, then she finally started showing you some lovins would you get rid of her at that point?

    (I know she’d never have made it past 2 months)

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Sather has the rarest of distinctions….. He was a great ranger player, great ranger coach, great ranger GM, and great President. MSG = Madison Sather Garden!!!!!!

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like the football morons that have no shirt – coat and it’s 20 below zero…..that takes serious talent.

  131. And Sather’s on his fifth coaching appointment (if you include his own stint behind the bench). I can’t see how any GM with little success can justifiably be allowed to repeatedly can his own coaching hires without losing his own job at some point.

    Think I’m right in saying that the only other current GMs on their fourth or more coaching hire are:
    Lamoriello (somewhere in triple figures by now, but some Cups in among there)
    McPhee (maybe onto the fifth soon, one Cup Final appearance 14 years ago – victim himself if another failure this year?)
    Bryan Murray (five coaches in five years, team from Cup finalist to heavy rebuild in that time – how he’s stayed too, I don’t know)

  132. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Actually Eddie, all it takes is too much beer.

    I guess the hockey moron equivalent is the cow bell ringer…

  133. eddie eddie eddie on

    All we are saying is….give THE SATHER a chance………you all need to show patience……if it continues like this for another 10-15 years…then ok…you have a point…till then…..remember….patience…..its a virtue…

  134. Thats a positive way of looking at it eddie

    Does that also apply to Dubinskys and Callahans 35 goals per season
    Del Zottos 60+points
    Sanguinettis Norris trophy
    Anisimovs 65+ points
    Montoyas Vezina

  135. On this Sather debate… I have to call out for Barry Beck for at least being consistent. If you are going to ridicule Sather than you should say that the core is over hyped and over rated. If you are going to show love for Hagelin, Dubi, Artie, Cally, Girardi, McDonagh, Del Zotto (all Sather picks or acquisitions) than you have to give Sather some credit otherwise it comes across pretty hypocritical. You can throw the playoff results out there too. Again, I’m going to blame just as much. They had guys that could’ve done better in those spots (hank – sorry he blew that 3 goal lead last yr. vs. the Caps, Shanny – Jagr etc.) as well. No one is saying to have Glen Sather night at the Garden but you have to be a little fair.

  136. eddie eddie eddie on

    when the doobie nets 50, we will all look back and say thank god (AVERY) we kept him……….some men see things as they are and ask why, others dream of things that never were and ask why not…

  137. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – nothing wrong with having THE SATHER night at the garden……honoring this great man is a marvelous gesture…..

    All rise as we pay tribute to the man that has brought you some of the greatest years in ranger history……

    ladies and gents……THE SATHER

  138. I’m never a fan of giving ALL the credit to the players when they win and then blaming the coaches and GM when they lose. It’s a shared deal. If I was giving him a grade (i’ll be like those stupid NFL postgame shows) Sather had an F at the lockout a C coming out and right now is probably around a B-/C+. Is it ideal? Of course not. But, it was also ridiculous on opening night to hear Fire Sather after their only home loss of the year in reg.

  139. My biggest beef with Sather is, besides the fact that he’s peed so much away in bad free agent signings and has over hyped half of the prospect throughout the years, that he has never drafted a capable offensively productive player.

    With the Rangers that is.

  140. This is for you Eddie. Proof I know I am not as smart as I think. I said on this board, I’d never hire Hitchcock ever.

    EJHradek_NHL EJ Hradek
    The Blues improve to 7-1-2 under Ken Hitchcock with a 2-1 win in Columbus. G Brian Elliott turns in another strong performance.

  141. eddie eddie eddie on

    life goes by so fast, you only want to do what you think is right, close your eyes and its past, story of my life, story of my life la la la la la……story of my life …i went down to my old neighborhood, the faces have all changed, no one there i wanted to talk to, the pool hall that i loved as a kid is now a 7-11…..

    went downtown to look for a job, I had no training or experience to speak of, i looked at the holes in my jeans…and i turned and walked out la la la la la la

  142. Barry – Cherepanov aside, because who knows what would have been – could’ve been great or another soft Russian, it’s a fair comment. Saguneutti over Giroux. The 04 draft. McIllrath over Fowler. On the other hand, they have a plan for better or worse. They seem to like these hard nose, speedy, grinding Team USA forwards. Let’s see if it works out. Right now it’s too early to tell.

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    i ask you…..what is the better cock in the NHL?…Bab’s cock?….or hitch’s cock?

  144. How is it unfair to blame the goalie? He did give up the goals, no? He wasn’t the same goalie that also blew a 3-1 playoff lead to the Caps earlier? So it’s never Hank’s fault. Sather and Torts weren’t in goal. I understand the team around him wasn’t exactly what he had on Team Sweden when they won Gold but the great ones should find a way to at least steal one once. And again, it’s not black and white. It’s not ALL his fault but he does deserve some of the blame.

  145. Of the many things he is guilty of, not sure overhyping prospects can be thrown at Sather. He’d actually have to say something in public for a start.

    And he’s implicitly admitted failure (or misjudgement) on enough of them pretty quickly (Montoya, Sanguinetti, Korpikoski, Grachev etc.) rather than hang on to them and pretend he’s stocked the organisation with good picks every time. Not a good reflection of his work, but not overhyping either.

  146. Eddie – LOL – I’ll have you know he’s playing in Charlotte and has 6 assists and is a -4 in 16g. Just as good no?

  147. If players like Kreider, Thomas, Bourque, etc. dont pan out-then what?

    Wait for the next batch of hyped prospects?

    Grachev, Korpikoski, Falardeau, Dawes…….

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    we will all rue the day we got rid of Lisin…..could go down as the greatest pure scorer the game has ever seen

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – exactly..that is my point…….stats mean little…its the big picture i care about…

  150. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I agree with LW’s last post

    I also think our D is not built for the playoff style. It is also the same reason for opposing teams 3rd/4th liners always seeming to score on us.

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – i guarantee you…had THE SATHER been in the nets that game 4….we would have seen a game 5….

  152. Eddie – You know I am not saying that either. Considering his nickname is The King, you don’t think other team’s fan look and go, “what exactly have you done”? If he’s going to be our franchise, The MAN the whole deal he then deserves to held to a higher standard.

  153. LW3H, he may take blame for those players not panning out but he does it after he trades them for a “better” prospect.

    Bouchard, Sjostrom, Lisin…….

  154. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – D is over rated…..we have discussed this before……you putt for show and drive for dough….O wins championships….

  155. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    so I ask again, how long is a tenure supposed to last for a GM and what is the criteria that we use for the decision to retain or get rid of said GM? And what are the parameters for the coach as well?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but renney’s teams never missed the playoffs (right??), yet he was fired. Torts’ teams missed the playoffs once and he is still employed, so what is the coach criteria and should torts be looking over his shoulder??

  156. Barry – If this Team USA – speed – grind – outwork the other team doesn’t pan out (not sure how you wanna judge – A CUP? Conference Finals?) then clearly Sather, Schoney, Torts, Clark, Groton etc. will all be gone. They have a plan that they are sticking to which is what we fans have begged for a very long time. There are many teams in the NHL with absolutely no plan and system.

  157. eddie eddie eddie on

    HW – i am agreeing with you……if i called myself the KING, i would be tossing out 4 shutouts in that Cap series….

  158. That’s all I’m saying, HW. Not fair to say “the goalie blew it” when it’s on the whole team.

    Particularly if he’s about the only reason a series is competitive enough to be in position to blow a 3-1 lead in the first place…

  159. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – sorry my brutha….but come playoff time…its all about games that are 11-8…..O wins cups

  160. HWirth, how bout if the team stays competitive and makes it to the conference finals at least once???

    They haven’t been there since 97 for crying out loud!

  161. eddie eddie eddie on

    ron lowe and john muckler…2 of the greatest leaders ever to coach the rangers….and john muckler’s wife, marlo thomas was a babe back in the day

  162. LW – I understand what your saying, but isn’t Hank supposed to be one of the elites? I could also bring up salary into this but isn’t really impt. Shouldn’t Hank 1 time find a way to just say I’m going to carry us thru no matter what. I’m sorry to say this to our fan base, but there is a goalie across the River that would find a way 1 time in 3 games after being up 3-1. Again I’ll take Hank over about 97% of the other goalies in the League but I am not going to over rate him as well since we are talking about not over rating our own talent.

  163. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – how else do you explain all of those cups that the caps have won last 6 years or so….D is for show….O gets you the dough

  164. Barry – I agree with you. With Richards, Gabby, the kids supposed to be getting better, maybe Staal back by playoffs, and supposedly one of the 3-5 best goalies in the NHL this year or next they should find a way. Hell, TB did with a very mediocre team other than Stamkos and St. Louis.

  165. Barry – They were up 3-0 in Game 4 with less than 20 mins. left. He needs to find a way in that one. I’m sorry. I love Hank. Heck, I wear his jersey to the game but I am going to be honest. He needed to find a way in that one.

  166. Think about it. Did TB have a great team around Roloson last year? Not really! Stamkos and St. Louis and not much else. Yet, Roloson fins a way to beat Pittsburgh and Washington.

  167. I just think you’re holding any goalie to a ridiculously high standard by saying he should “find a way” as if performing in a vacuum, rather than being part of an overmatched team for the most part of his playoff career.

    Maybe that judgement would be fairer at the end of his career, but it seems over critical at this point.

    Is Michal Neuvirth better or more “clutch” (a nebulous concept at the best of times) because he held the 3-1 lead last year?

  168. Barry – They did lose a 5-3 game in Game 6 at MSG in 09. He gave up 5 goals on 20 shots and actually got pulled for Valiquette including ones to Poti and Jurcina not exactly Ovie and Backstrom.

  169. LW – So we shouldn’t hold Hank to high standards? Ok, well now we agree. He’s only an above average goalie and not one of the best in the NHL. Good, because I always thought that if he didn’t play in NY he wouldn’t get the hype he does.

  170. Well for my money Tim Thomas is the guy I’d want in net every time.

    Thomas: 43g 26-17 5so .935 Sv % 2.06 GAA
    Hank 35g 15-20 3so .909 Sv % 2.60 GAA

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – that is 11 more than the rangers should have given up…sorry…the kang is to blame….I am with HW on this one

  172. And how many goals did the Rangers score in the first 3 games in 09′?

    BTW, St. Louis, Stamkos and Lecavalier last season were much better then what the Rangers have had in about 15 seasons.

  173. Not saying this was the case last year or in ’09, but as a concept, if a goalie gets beaten by three shots he couldn’t be expected to stop, “finding a way” to win is meaningless.

    Equally, if a goal is a screened slap shot from the hash marks in the top corner, I don’t care whether Poti, Jurcina or Gretzky scored it.

    That’s why I think just labelling events as a goalie blowing a lead or series without any context is a gross oversimplification.

  174. eddie eddie eddie on

    you want a tom potty on the point, you need a tom potty on the point……you show me tom potty on the point…and i show you a team that makes a deep cup run…

  175. eddie eddie eddie on

    even wicky would agree with having a crease clearing, big booming shot D man like tom potty on your team….

  176. No, of course he should be held to high standards. I’m not pretending he’s stolen a series or two. He hasn’t. It’s just a impossibly high standard to _expect_ a goalie to overcome being on the poorer team.

    Yes, Tim Thomas’ numbers and play have been unreal. No argument. Hardly means anyone a notch below that is a failure.

  177. eddie eddie eddie on

    hw – how many gold medals has tim thomas won?…..cups are wayyyyyy over rated…they play the game to win gold every 4 years…all that other nonsense is meaningless….

  178. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you want Thomas, you better get him soon. He’s already 37… Hank’s 29. You think Boston would trade?

  179. eddie eddie eddie on

    some men say tom potty is soft, i dream of tom potty and say he never was, and ask why not?

  180. If I’m not mistaken the Rangers have earned the most points per games played in the league.
    So yeah, Torts should be looking over his shoulder.

    eddie- don’t be bustin my pruts

  181. Had we be having this discussion a year ago, of course Tim Thomas would have had a playoff record of 10-8, worse GAA and SV% and nothing better than early round upsets on there. And I’d have argued it was unfair to blame him disproportionately for those defeats too.

  182. LW – Again it’s not black and white. Never called Hank a failure. I said he’s one of 3 to 5 best goalies in the League. Just want to know if we want Sather fired for playoff failure where does Hank fall into that considering he’s expected to be an elite goalie and hasn’t exactly stood on his head at .900 save% in playoffs.

  183. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga today’s 37 is yesterday’s 37…time never started and it never stops…its just a collection of moments

  184. eddie eddie eddie on

    dde – those prusts of yours are iron clad….they cannot be stopped, you can only hope to contain them…

  185. Under this theory players would love to play for you guys. When we win, it’s on us. When we lose, blame the GM and Coach.

  186. OK so if Hank is better than 97% of the other goalies in the league – which guys make up that other 3 percent? Ward? Thomas? Luongo? I’m just curious. Because I honestly don’t know what goalie anyone would take over this guy long term. I’d sooner make the argument that if you put certain teams dmen in front of Lundqivst then you’d probably get the results you’re looking for before I argued that we could do better.

    And as far as his playoffs are concerned- let’s be real. The guy played his heart out in 09 to the point that he was crying when they lost game 7. He literally stole 3 games against a potent Washington offense while the Rangers couldn’t solve a rookie goalie for 6 straight games. I’ll be the first to admit he had had some bad playoff games. But let’s call a spade a spade. It’s the under performance of certain key forwards on this team that have been the issue in the playoffs. If keeping every game 1-0 or 2-1 through 60-80 minutes of playoff hockey doesn’t define “finding a way” there’s definitely a need in your heads to just find something to criticize him for

  187. eddie eddie eddie on

    trade THE SATHER and THE KANG for lou and marty…..then sit back and get ready to kiss the cup

  188. Olga – We know you hate Sather, which is fine. Do the players deserve some of the blame for their playoff failures or is it all Sather’s fault? Real question, Is it all Sather’s fault that Gomez turned into an absolute dog after getting his big $$? He was a past champion and really good player at one point. Redden is all Sather’s fault, can’t argue there. Paying a guy double his value when no one was trying to outbid you was silly.

  189. eddie eddie eddie on

    sorry james…great goalies don’t need a team…..5 on 0, and if you are elite….you steal that series….

  190. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you have one of the 3-5 best goalies in the league, look elsewhere for the teams failures.

  191. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – dont you be lookin at THE SATHA….you be turning that head and be blamin some utha body

  192. I’d still take Thomas over him even if he’s 37. I think Fluery is as good if not better (and before everyone goes nuts – he played great last when Malkin and Crosby were out and held that team together). I’d like to see Pekke Rinne with any talent around him. Other than their 2 d, they don’t even have better talent than us. I think Hank and Luongo are an interesting debate. I like Hank’s makeup better but I think some non-NYR fans would disagree. After that, forget it. Price – eh. Ward – eh. Like I said between 3 and 5.

  193. eddie eddie eddie on

    The Price is always right at Montgomery ward….bada-bing…i will be at the holiday inn on rt 9 all week

  194. Olga Folkyerself on

    No it is not all Sather’s fault. But a lot of it is. Gomez stats for the Rangers look a lot like his stats for the Devils. Sather was just dumb enough to hand $7 million to a 15 goal scorer. I could go on down the line with Drury, Naslund, Zherdev, Kotalik, Brashear, Frolov, Ozolinish and on and on and on…. He couldn’t make the playoffs with an $80 million dollar payroll. I bet Dolan was on his knees thanking God when the Cap was put in. That meant he would only spend $50-60 mil for an eighth place team.

  195. OK Hwirth. So you’re a fan of Thomas. That’s fine. But just say that instead of inventing ways to criticize Lundqvist. Thomas has a lot more talent in front of him and has laid down some stinkers in his career. He can be magnificent at times but as far as comparing their playoff records let me just show you a couple other playoff stats as it pertains to these two teams:

    Bergeron 47 games 10 goals 26 assists

    Lucic 54 games 15 goals 17 assists

    Kregci 52 games 19 goals 25 assits

    Marchand- 25 games 11 goals 8 assists

    Savard 25 games 8 goals 14 assists


    Gaborik 5 games 1 goal 1 assist

    Callahan 17 games 4 goals 2 assists

    Dubinsky 22 games 7 goals 8 assists

    Shanahan 20 games 6 goals 6 assists

    Jagr 23 games 10 goals 17 assists

    Those are the top forwards for each team for the majority of the playoffs Thomas and Lundqivst have played in their careers. Just sayin..

  196. James G – How is giving up 5 goals on 20 shots in an elimination game inventing something? Or giving up a 3 goal 3rd period lead.

    Wait a second. Boston’s guys are better than Jagr and Shanny? HUH? First ballot Hall of Famers over Savard (who wasn’t there last year) and Krajeci. And yes I already said Jagr and Shanny deserve some blame too. That was my point to begin with in defending Sather. The players have not exactly done their part either in the playoffs before we ONLY blame Sather for the consistent early losses.

  197. Olga Folkyerself on

    There are a lot of reasons for the Rangers failures in the past ten years. But the FIRST move I would make is to get rid of the guy most responsible for all those failures. Players, coaches have come and gone, with frequent regularity. They have paid their penalty for failure. Sather has run this team the whole time. He’s won nothing. It’s his turn to pay for his failures.

  198. Olga – You just made my night. That’s all I was looking for. It’s not all Sather fault. The players have not held up their end of the bargain either. That’s why I defended Barry Beck when he calls the prospects over rated. If you don’t like Sather and think he’s the worst thing in the World than you can’t be giddy over the core of this team that he put together.

  199. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – patience my brutha…i mentioned earlier…give it another 10-15 years…if we havent improved by then….perhaps, then, we point the finger at THE SATHA

  200. Olga Folkyerself on

    No, I’m not giddy over the core of this years team yet. They haven’t won anything important yet. They need to make the playoffs and at least win a few rounds before I get “giddy” with them.

    eddie I’ve got 10-15 years to wait. Does Sather?

  201. Olga- That’s fair. That’s all I was saying. People are going crazy, me included by the way, over the core of this team. I really think all signs are pointed towards finally being a serious contender. But if you are taking a wait a see approach because you don’t trust Sather that’s fair too. I just didn’t like all this love towards the kids and hearing consistent fire sather chants in MSG, on message boards (here included when being serious – i know some of it is gibberish stuff) and everywhere else. Gotta credit where credit is due.

  202. Bodies are about to start flying out west.

    Anaheim(6-12) trails Toronto 3-1 after two; Calgary has been carefully orchestrating the touchy Iginla PR angle in the media for weeks, and Columbus lost again.

    It’s interesting because if these teams unload major players, it could alter the balance of power in either conference.

  203. When you’re talking about what those “first ballot hofers” have done for us in the playoffs then Yes. ABSOLUTELY. I’m not even talking about the Sather discussion you guys are having. I’m talking about Lundqvist. First of all, it was a team effort in blowing that 3 goal lead last spring. So let’s not get crazy. Something like doesn’t happen if the team in front of you is doing their job. But yes, he’s had bad playoff outings. The deciding game against Buffalo a few years back comes to mind. and yes letting up the 5 goals in the deciding game. kinda like Thomas did a few years back when the Canadiens eliminated the Bruins in the first round. Or last year when TB lit him up for 5 to force games 7. Should I bring up letting up 10 goals and losing 3 straight to be ousted by Philly 2 years ago? Point being he’s great. He was filthy in the Cup run last year- but he isn’t perfect and pound for pound I honestly wouldn’t take him over Lundqvist in the playoffs.

  204. Loving this Sportsnet intermission show, Bryan Murray is my new hero in the NHL. Spoke out sarcastically against Crosby and the Pens for an unpenalized Crosby either butt end or elbow to the head of Foligno by saying “I thought the Pens were the biggest advocated for no hits to the head, Guess now I know we need to be tougher against them.”

    Truth finally from an NHL GM. Those GM meetings are ONLY and ALWAYS about what’s best for MY TEAM and any GM that says “It’s for the good of the game” is a flat out liar.

  205. The same way, how come no one in Montreal wants Pacrieotty arrested today for his hit on Letang. It was violent and vicious. Where are they now? Only when the opponent does it, it’s a problem. I wish guys in the NHL would be more honest. They are ONLY worried about THEIR OWN players safety.

  206. I really hope Girardi and McDonagh go at Crosby all night long and finish their checks. Then the NHL’s children, the Penguins, can cry and complain about how the league is getting too dangerous but say the Crosby play is just hockey. Love how that works!
    I take nothing away from Crosby’s talent but he’d be better served shutting up once in a while. He and Sather should switch. Sather needs to be more open with the media and fans and Cindy needs to just shut up and play the game.

  207. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather is still the reason for the Rangers showing for the last decade. He’s not the only reason, He’s just the main reason. So FIRE SATHER. and yell it loud at MSG.

    Look at this years team. Closely. Do you think they match up to Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit. Washington? I don’t. I’m watching teams like Toronto, St Louis, Tampa, Buffalo Minnesota passing them up in the standings. They are not a serious contender. I expect them to burn themselves out again just trying to make the playoffs. And if they do make it, one and done.

  208. Olga,

    Let’s not make a habit of this, but you’re right again.

    However, the Rangers’ program is approaching its’ tipping point.
    The right deal now makes them a very serious contender.
    Or, should they make a smaller move this year, the additions of Krieder and maybe McIlrath next year could just about complete this puzzle (which has taken forever!).

    People who get paid to watch these guys keep telling me they may be the best of the young bunch. I’m real skeptical about that but that’s what they say.

  209. eddie eddie eddie on

    OLGA – no way…..this ranger team is ready for a deep cup run……after crushing the pens in the CF, its on to chicago, and lets win there…peace sign

  210. eddie eddie eddie on

    george w bush…..only the greatest leader the world, make that the entire universe, has ever seen

  211. Let’s just agree that Sather and his people have a knack for finding serviceable NHL players. Since becoming the GM, however, he absolutely hasn’t a clue how to draft a superstar. I don’t think this is the end of the world if you’re capable of signing and/or trading for those superstars. He did land Jagr and he’s still got Gaborik. On the other hand, he’s authored some of the worst contracts in the history of free agency.

  212. Olga – Forget the Western Conf. teams – yes they do have more talent but the good news is they don’t effect us in the playoffs. And truth is, the East because of the easier travel to get there always has an advantage in the Finals.

    As for the East, other than Boston, Pittsburgh and maybe Phily, I honestly don’t see any team with more talent than us. Wash is a mess. Tor is hot right now but Bozak? McArthur? Really? No. Florida is also playing well but they are a bunch of castoffs. TB? Now with that D and Rollie in net. Debs and Isles? Not even close. Ott? No. Car? Certainly no. WPG? Uhh no. Mtl? Not really although when healthy they can be dangerous. Buff? They have good young talent coming as well, but not yet.

    I’d say it’s a tossup between us and Flyers at 3-4, which is just abt. what the playoff seedings will be 1 Pitt 2 Bos 3 Southeast by default but less pts. NYR and PHI prob. 4 – 5 and battling in the 1st round.

  213. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – you just tied me up in a knot on that one trying to count it on my fingers…..someone untie me

  214. Olga Folkyerself on

    Monday morning feels so bad,
    Ev’rybody seems to nag me
    Coming tuesday I feel better,
    Even my old man looks good,
    Wednesday just don’t go,
    Thursday goes too slow,
    I’ve got Friday on my mind

  215. eddie eddie eddie on

    the ducks have to be the gayest name in all of sports….nothing wrong with being gay…just sayin….

  216. rod, loved your running commentary yesterday….that one post with that last line filled with zingers was hysterical re: can at thanksgiving etc ….


  217. eddie eddie eddie on

    mickey – when you look at crosby and that stasche that any 11 year old pre-pubescent boy would be proud of…how can you not fall for him…

  218. eddie eddie eddie on

    mickey – Re crosby..ask your friend if he/she thinks crosby is more likely a morning pooper…or a late afternoon pooper….i bet he is totally an AM deuce dropper….

  219. Sather can keep writing all the bad paychecks he wants, but there is a slot above him on the Rangers org chart. You know the guy that allowed two of the most famous franchises in their respective sports to become laughingstocks for the better part of the past decade?

  220. Olga Folkyerself on

    Blue Monday how I hate blue Monday!
    Gotta work like a slave all day.
    Here come Tuesday
    Oh, hard Tuesday
    I’m so tired, got no time to play
    Here come Wednesday
    I’m beat to my socks
    My girl calls, gotta tell her that I’m out
    Cause Thursday is a hard working day,
    And Friday I get my pay

    Saturday morning
    oh Saturday morning
    All my tiredness is gone away
    Got my money and my honey
    And I’m out on the stand to play

    Sunday morning my head is bad.
    But it’s worth it for the time that I had
    But I got to get my rest
    because Monday is a mess.

  221. Dolan? Kill him all you want for allowing Sather to continue – for years – despite all evidence to the contrary that he shouldn’t.

    But there are worst things than owners who hand over their checkbook and get the heck out of the way.

    Did you like nabbing Brad Richards? Cause that wasn’t exactly cheap (though it’s nickels and dimes to the Dolans).

  222. Olga Folkyerself on

    CTB- true enough but he can’t be fired. Maybe if he goes broke…

    Sather however, is the hockey guru. Dolan’s a dope but Sather is criminally negligent.

  223. eddie eddie eddie on

    what a dream i had
    pressed in organdy
    clothed in crinoline
    of smokey burgundy
    softer than the rain

    it doesnt have a day in it but pretty nevertheless…

  224. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Again, it is nice to compare the goalies, but if you look at the d corps in front of thomas and flower and then hank, you can see why those two have had more success than hank. again, style of play in the playoffs is much different and the officials let more things “go” if you will. The rules are more lax and even pre lockout esque in some regards. Both boston and the pens have far far more physical D in your face D than the play doh we have.

  225. eddie, it’s a she and she’s an Aussie, so….. Yeah. She keeps defending him and I’m all ‘he’s cooke carcillo hartnell !!!’ I finally gave up. Sigh.

  226. eddie eddie eddie on

    be responsible, respectable, stable, but gullible
    sound the caring, help the helpless, but always remain, ultimately selfish

  227. “Instead of being my deliverance, she had a strange resemblance to a cat named Frankenstein.”

    We tight yet Olga?

  228. eddie eddie eddie on

    rod – are you a rock and a roller?…welcome aboard mate,,,,we call ourselves THE SATHERS, and we play live

  229. eddie eddie eddie on

    uh oh…the ambien is kicking in faster than i thought…i will soon be incomprehensible,,,,so to warn you

  230. eddie eddie eddie on

    we said our goodbyes, the night before, love was in our eyes the night before…were you telling lies the night before…when i held you near you treated me so sincere, we said our goodbyes the night before…now today i find, you treat me like you did the night before…

  231. eddie eddie eddie on

    nobody in the world can do what you do, so i am telling you this time you better stop, for i have got another girl, thru thick and thin she will always be my friend….i dont want to say that i been unhappy with you….i dont take what i dont want…

  232. eddie eddie eddie on

    im fixin a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering….where it will go…… I am feeling a crack that ran thru the door and kept my mind from wandering…..painting my room in a colorful way……it really doesn’t matter if Im wrong Im right, where i belong Im right……

  233. eddie eddie eddie on

    wednesday morning at 5 clock as the day begins, silently closing her bedroom door hoping it would say more…..

  234. eddie eddie eddie on

    we never thought for ourself……friday morning at nine o’clock she is far away….she…… what did she do that was wrong?

  235. SO I’ll probably have to repost this in the new thread tomorrow but let me just throw it out there for you guys- mind you I rarely do these things…Hypothetically…Bobby Ryan is available…it would take Dubinsky, a first rounder and 2 of the following:

    Kreider, Hagelin, Thomas, Bourque, Zuccarello

    Maybe for cap reasons Wolski becomes a throw in with all of this…Would you bite?

  236. And to keep it honest Brookbank would be the other roster player coming over from Anaheim with a decent prospect like Brittain

  237. I’m thinking it will take more than Dublowsky, to be honest. That’s including two of those five players you mentioned, as well as the 1st round pick.

    Bobby Ryan is awesome. Dublowsky, he’s a 3rd liner, and he’s not replacing Ryan’s production. We’ll probably have to throw in another roster player.

    Would be awesome to have him on NYR though.

    Time for some sleep!

  238. I don’t know. I personally think it’d be an overpay on our part but it would take an overpay to get him. Kreider is the only untouchable for me out of that list. Dubinsky MZA Hagelin Bourque plus a draft pick for Ryan and a good Dman? Ryan = 24 year old star LW. idk. Again, I usually don’t debate these things but it’s better than discussing Sather’s tenure for the zillionth time.

  239. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I do that deal in a heartbeat!!

    night aasens!

    FWIW, I would trade dubi, a 2nd rounder and mza… for iggy (or some other sort of deal for him)

  240. Have any of y’all ever wondered why the Rangers let John D wander away to St Loo?

    Wouldn’t you feel a bit more comfy knowing that he was at the helm rather than um, ah, Mr Sather?

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