It’s Go Time!


Game 20. Sort of the one-quarter mark of the season (I guess that would be at the 10:00 mark of the second period of the next game, technically).

First meeting of the season with the Flys, so let the blah-blah-blah-blah about the Winter Classic commence. I’m sure by the end of today we’ll be sick of hearing about it. I know I am already. Oooh. Oooh. They’re selling Winter Classic hats!

The Rangers finish their third back-to-backs of the season (1-0-1 in the second games so far). Since 2009-10, the Rangers are 22-8-3 in the second of back-to-back sets, including 10-3-1 at MSG.

Anyway, ya boys — winners of eight of their last 10 — are coming off a shining game in D.C. Friday, albeit one where the opponent and its goalie were pretty shoddy.

Same lineup for the Rangers today, which means Christensen and Stralman are prucha’d. Lundqvist in goal. Does it really matter who’s in goal for the Flyers? Does it ever matter?

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  1. eddie eddie eddie on

    i hope his head is ok…the NHL needs him…in fact, the world at large is a better place knowing crosby is A – O – K

  2. anybody have a link to the game? its blacked out on both msg and nhl network for me.

    so glad i am sending hundreds of $$$ a month to cablevision so that i never get to see my team!!!!!

  3. ORR,

    thanks, that link does work…but I just went to MSG standard def’ and its airing on that channel. thanks again for the link though….enjoy the game guys!!!

    and thanks for help as well rangerswede!!

  4. I Know its Crazy now but i have watched tv Series Kojak all Day Long with Telly Savalas, thats what you do when you stuck in Hospital :)

    Carp, can you remember him ?

  5. take it easy, Orr. dubinsky has intange-balls. and he earns his paycheck with his effort, not his shots sailing 8 ft wide

  6. maybe dubinsky used to fight richards so often because he felt that richards stole his talent?

  7. Hey Carp,

    In that 24/7 Preview the two teams talk about hating each other. Is that just a bunch of public relations b.s. or do they actually dislike each other as people? I always find it hard to believe, suspecting they go out for fancy dinners and swap portfolio tips off the ice. What’s your experience? Nowadays.

  8. Effort isn’t an achievement in and of itself. Dubi can try as hard as he wants — if he never accomplished something (a goal, or more even) his effort is meaningless. Unless the NHL has started giving out points for effort. Which might not surprise.

  9. Olga Folkyerself on

    tim kerr? i thought he was a ranger??

    He’s a Ranger like Lindros and Brashear were Rangers…

  10. next Prust fight, he’s gone.

    I remember Kojak very well, Buff. Good show. Who loves ya baby?

    Have they mentioned the Winter Classic yet? Or Skid?

  11. This is one of the better period of hockey I’ve seen so far this year. Happy to know the Rangers are in it.

  12. you are correct buff!

    bill tid-bits
    scott fraiser
    tim kennedy
    eric christensen
    sylvain lefebvre

  13. No intermission coverage on my feed tonight. Can someone post the highlights from the MSG 150 here please?

    Or is it absent when Trautwig is in the house?

  14. Cangialosi always screams “Shatt-scaaar!”

    But it probably drowns out Chico for another split second, so not all bad.

  15. This Flyers team is probably less detestable than most, but they always have space on the roster for a toolbox like Rinaldo.

  16. watching the game down here in Orlando already paying for cable /center ice and still had to pay for todays game separetley

  17. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey, you’re allowed to screen the goalie on the power play?

    You just can’t get all Avery about it…

  18. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    And just who is it that keeps handing out all those bloated contracts? I’ll give you a hint. His first name should be FIRE…

  19. I don’t understand Gaborik’s position between the circles on the power play. I’ve never seen him take a shot from there.

  20. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Whats the point of Gabby standing right in the middle of the slot on the PP….He has 4 guys around him he cant shoot from there

  21. Is it just me or is Joe Michelleti doing everything possible to jinx this game? If this were baseball he would be saying no-hitter of every other batter. Shut up Joe, theres 20 to play!

  22. good idea, take people away from their family’s on christmas day to watch and work for greedy millionaires and billionaires

  23. Wow, Devils have given up only 5 PP goals all year and none at home – while giving up 4 shorties including the Isles winner today

  24. All the many, many NBA broadcasts I’ve watched are just full of NHL clips and promos, so it’s only fair to reciprocate.

    Just like when FSN Pittsburgh talks about the Rangers all the time during Penguins games against somebody other than the Rangers.

  25. Swede

    No, but I mangled my shoulder playing Soccerpansyball this morning and need something to numb the pain.

    Tomorrow will be a “maintenance day”.

  26. Here is what I like about Brad ‘Beetle Bailey’ Ritchards: despite the contract for a player of greater skill he doesn’t seem to play with the weight of the contract as an anchor.

  27. k,what did i miss?TBW sez 2 Prust fights .draw vs Rinaldo edge to Prust vs Simmonds,she get it right?

  28. Woe, that’s a big piece of tape on Torts’ hand. I think he was trying to convince them to shoot on PP…went a bit too far.

  29. If LeBum had given Cleveland 14 years before ditching, I wouldnt dislike him so much. Iginla deserves success. Wish he was a Ranger.

  30. Next time they play and Bobrovsky is in the net, they need different plan. Bobrovsky was able to stop way too many of their dump ins

  31. Well, is it feasible that Mitchell’s and Hageiln’s $1.525M cap hit can easily replace EC’s and WW’s $4.7M?

  32. Mitchell & Hagelin > EC & Devaeux

    Well, is it feasible that Mitchell’s and Hageiln’s $1.525M cap hit can easily replace EC’s and WW’s $4.7M?

    yes and yes comrades!

  33. let me jump over to rotter’s blog to see a picture of his t.v. with the ranger that got the broadway hat.

  34. I do not ever, ever, ever, ever want to see EC and WW in the lineup as long as we have Hagelin and Mitchell… please Torts and Slats…

  35. hagelin is not going down any time soon. dublowsky is better then MZA, sorry. even being the bricklayer dubi can kill penalties, cycle down low, and use his body.

    beat was h and philthy back to back, smile ranger fans….

    christensen should be looking at a apt. in COnnecticut or selling his abode in NY if he has 1…..

  36. stuart, i’d much rather have MZA’s offensive ability than dubinsky’s cycling

    btw, how many goals has dubinsky’s cycling crated this season?

  37. i meant know.

    mza is a nice little player… he is no marty st louis.

    if hagelin is here to stay move chirsty and wolski possibly down the road..

    i am not against giving the hobbit another chance but he is not as good as dubi, not even close. as maddening as dubi is…

  38. exactly, i dont no much.

    but i do no this, 1 goal in 20 games=$4.2 million and a spot on the 4th line with a LW who gets more ice time now than a player that is supposed to be more talented than him

  39. eddie eddie eddie on

    cant wait for the pens’ game…..i hope crosby is good to go….any word on how he slept last night?

  40. “cant wait for the pens’ game…..i hope crosby is good to go….any word on how he slept last night?”

    yeah, with eddie o spooning him

  41. Pidto is acting like there’s never been a fight off the opening faceoff before. And it was 0 seconds. It just took four seconds for the refs to blow the whistle

  42. eddie eddie eddie on

    i had the flyers feed on nhl channel….and keith jones was not his usual tool of a self…..pen’s announcer’s are the most objective in all of sports…cant wait till 4pm my time…..

    crosby’s mustache is looking great

  43. i just realized that theres a player on the whale named Jonathan Audy-Marchessault

    why dont the rangers call him up? then tortorella will really have his JAM!!!

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    my german shepherd has huge balls but they are not bigger than a building….impressive bag

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    i bet crosby’s stasche has easily grown a nano inch since last game……that is one manly upper lip

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    i just wrote dish network asking for them to add the crosby channel to their programming……24/7 updates on the skid….HEAVEN…..

  47. Had “Behind the Bench” on in the background and Pidto tried to take credit for the “GAS line” and Torts shot him down. Said he heard it two weeks ago. I bet he saw it here first, and it wasn’t me. It was a Bonehead. I forget who was first, though.

  48. eddie eddie eddie on

    the next time a building is demolished, notice what the hard hats are swinging to and fro….that aint no iron ball….

  49. *GREAT* game today – watched without participating on the blog, because I’m not at home.

    Well, it looks like bringing up the two kids lit a bit of a fire under the whole team – good moves!

  50. Philly was minus Pronger, van Riemsdyk and Jagr…and the Rangers made the most of it. Not sure if we would have manhandled them the same way if they were healthy, but an entertaining and satisfying victory…they’ll take it! Without Lundquist, they’re at the bottom of the heap!

  51. Blocked out down here in FL but we had to listen to the Center Ice talkers, and they offered the opinion that if it hadn’t been for Lundqvist the
    rangers didn’t have enough fire power to have won. Did too much passing the puck around instead of taking shots…someone said that the rangers out shot them…are you sure?

  52. Thx Lev – You’d think they’d find some other 2 minutes to cut due to time constraints.
    That was worth seeing again for sure.

  53. kreider whould be a late season addition this year!!!

    a fast, big, skilled forward, we can use him now……

  54. A ridiculous European vacation for training camp
    The first 7 games of the season on the road
    No Marc Staal – at all
    And yet…
    6-1-1 on home ice
    #1 in the league in goals against
    I know there are a lot of Torts haters out there
    But to me it is obvious that this team is well coached and Ryan Callahan is more than worthy of
    wearing the C.

  55. No! NYR needs to be patient with Kreider. The Yotes rushed Turris right out of college, and look where that got him. He’s still young, but they should have been patient with him, then maybe they wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in.

    He finishes his year in College, and goes to the Whale. If he tears it up, and NYR has a spot available, then he can get a look. If not, then he stays there, and competes in camp!

  56. Philly was minus Pronger, van Riemsdyk and Jagr – and it’s the ONLY reason the NYR won today!

    They’re still offensively impotent, and barely hang on in the physicality department, forcing Prust and his bad shoulder to go twice (Avery’s gloves must’ve been glued on).

    Great to see Hagelin doing what should have been obvious all along, but you guys are crazy as the coach if you think the Rangers can really compete with top teams, despite this weekends’ skewed results.

    Their offensive ‘scheme’ and power play are pathetic, Richards fluttering ‘drive’ that found twine not withstanding.

    And you’re also nuts for choosing to pick on Bill Pidto, who’s one of the best around (in contrast to the rest of the lame-ass MSG crew).

    BTW, almost forgot. From now on it’s m-ORR-on, whose almost as dumb as the other looney here (Olga?) who eats thanksgiving dinner from a can.

  57. Paul in sunrise on

    Nice to see kids contribute. Liked the Mitchell pick up last year. Hagelin can play. Just think about cap space if wolski was waived. Amazing what competent players can provide. Solid four line roll. Great stuff today.

    Kreider is ready though. He will join team when college season over. Same as Step. He is ready.

  58. Paul in sunrise on

    Enjoy the win. All points are added the same. These are two you don’t have to give back. While there have been instances of smoke and mirrors. The last two games were good building blocks. Maybe best “pair” of season.

  59. No, it was banned Bob who had Hagelin traded for a 2nd round pick before the season started. Rod would never be so specific as to speculate on the name of a player, the return or the period of time.

  60. Rod is brainless on

    Rob –

    hahahahahah! You’re priceless. “The ONLY reason the NYR won today?” I’m not sure where you dreamt that one up, but you’re clearly detached from reality. Sure, the Rangers’ power play is still struggling. But the reason the Rangers won is simply because they skated circles around the Flyers. The Flyers had very few actual solid scoring chances because the Rangers did a great job neutralizing them and keeping the puck in the Philly zone. You can blame missing players all you want, but the fact of the matter is, Philly still had the vast majority of their team and they just plain stunk.

    You claim the Rangers are “offensively impotent” but today’s contest showed quite the opposite. If your team is such an offensive powerhouse, then surely having three players out shouldn’t completely negate such an amazing team, should it? By your own statements, you either admit that without three people, your entire team is offensively impotent or maybe, just maybe, the Rangers are better than you’re willing to give them credit for. But I suppose I shouldn’t expect fairness and honesty from someone from Philly, should I?

    And for the record, Sam Rosen is quite possibly the most honest, fair broadcaster in sports.

  61. Rod is brainless on

    Well just lovely, I wrote all that up and typo’ed Rod’s name. Guess that makes me semi-brainless as well.

  62. Prust, Danny G, Hank, Richards, McMoster, Avery , Cally, MDZ all played smart and tough, it’s a nice win. Flyers looked like they wanted to go Christmas shopping, worst I’ve seen them in a while. Nice

  63. I’ll be interesting to see how it plays out with Krieder at the end of the year. IIRC he’s said he wants to be NHL ready.
    He may not want to decide on forgoing his senior year with only a half dozen (or less) regular season games remaining for the Rangers. As much as the Rangers would like to start working with him, are they willing to promise him a roster spot on the verge of the playoffs? How does that affect his decision and negotiating leverage? It may not be as simple as us being really excited to see him in Blue ASAP.

  64. so Prust had to fight Avery’s battle. tell me again what it is Avery brings to this team. would not go with Rinaldi, and the one he should have gone with (simmonds) Prust had to take care of. maybe if Simmonds wasn’t looking Avery would have punched him. face to face, not so much.

  65. Avery should have gone with Simmonds, not Prust. if you are going to make claims after a pre season game then you have to respond. Simmonds responded to Prust, because Avery did not respond to Simmonds.

  66. Off the opening face off Simmonds stood there with his stick between Avery’s legs and Avery gave him a couple shots to the chest. It takes two to tango. I don’t recall every situation but it sounds like you’re on lookout for things to pick Avery apart. He’s been more disciplined, drew a penalty yesterday by going hard to the net and even seems to be playing better defensively. So why don’t you give it a rest for a little bit.

  67. Why would Avery fight guys like Simmonds when it’s much easier to look tough against non-fighters like Mike Mottau! But he is god and therefore is above it all.

  68. DDE – I have to agree with bull dog line here as well as you. Yes, Avery is playing the way the coach wants him to. No dumb penalties, stick to skating and moving his feet. I agree. However, watching this game seeing Dubi-Avery-Prust on the same line I said to the people next to me at the game that this line will require Prust to fight a whole bunch other people’s battles. Dubi talks alot and doesn’t back it up and we all know Avery is careful to who he actually answers the bell with.

  69. all he had to do was drop his gloves. Avery did not do it. do you think Simmonds would not have gone with Avery? Simmonds was a man about it and went with Prust. Avery just came off looking like a phony.

  70. As for the game, it was a great team win for the boys. Everyone is contributing and that’s when they play their best. Love the Mitchell and Hagelin combo. Mitchell is going to be here rest of season. He’s better than Deveaux, and healthier than Rupp for that second big tough grinder role to help out Prust.
    Del Zotto continues to prove me wrong as I love some of the stuff he did out there with the puck. Very happy for him. It was nice to see, other than Avery, everytime the Flyers pushed them they pushed back. In the past they would have turtled.

  71. Can we send Dubinsky to the AHL to find his game? ;)

    He-Man was impressive today!

    Avery would have turtled against Simmonds…no question. bull dog, are you saying Avery should have taken the beating instead of Prust winning the actual fight?

  72. Someone will get a really good coach in BB if he’s fired and the Caps will be the same overrated team led by a bunch of dogs.

  73. Shoot the Puck Barry Beck ….. I understand and usually want Avery to just draw the penalty but sometimes you have to actually stand up and drop the gloves. Otherwise, you are exactly what everyone else in the League thinks he is. A yapper that’s all bark and no bite.

  74. I didn’t even make the connection with the preseason BS. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less about all the soap opera crap. But I would guess if Avery’s claims were untrue Simmonds would be the one wanting to defend his honor.
    FWIW Simmonds has 4 inches on Avery.

  75. so. it works for him sometimes. if he drops the gloves that early theres a chance he looses ice time for the rest of the game

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bull dog – Avery has played good, smart, energetic, team first hockey. I know you break out in hives every time Avery hits the ice but you really need to give it a rest….you don’t strike me as a drama queen.

  77. The good news with this Avery stuff is Daryl Sutter THREW IN Prust with Rollie Pollie Ollie Jokinen for Chris Higgins and Ales Kotalik. Almost as dumb as Mtl taking Gomez off our hands AND giving us McDonagh.

  78. Olga Folkyerself on

    The trouble is, for every Prust and McDonagh Sather gets, he stuck us with a Gomez, a Jokinen, a Kotalik, and a Higgins.

  79. Could be one for Shanny there as Letang was destroyed by Pacrioetty. Wonder if Montreal police will want Pacrioretty arrested for that hit. Since you know Chara should have been arrested. Morons!

  80. Olga Folkyerself on

    Crosby said- glad it’s not me…
    Staal said- Bam! just like I did to my brother…
    Cooke said- Got him good! Wait, that’s our guy.

  81. Olga – Yes Sather has made some bad UFA signings but this organization, yes I know they haven’t made it out of the second round, has actually been one of the more consistent better franchises coming out of the lockout. He does deserve SOME credit for that and truthfully he doesn’t make the majority of the decisions anymore. They’ve brought in a really good staff in Gordie Clark, Kevin Maxwell, Jeff Groton and Doug Riesbrough to help out.

  82. SNY Rangers blog after the game, 5 comments

    SNY Islanders blog after their game, 100+ comments

    Whats wrong with that picture?

  83. PJ, alumni game?, stole my line…

    PJStockHNIC PJ Stock
    Wonder if the police are going to be brought in on this one…pacioretty on Letang.

  84. Barry – That’s because SNY sponsors the Islanderspointblank site which is basically the only place to get Isles coverage since they only have 1 beat writer unlike the NYR.

  85. I am saying Avery should have been a man about it. he accused Simmonds of using a slur to him. well today should have been the time to back it up. instead Prust had to.

  86. Olga Folkyerself on

    You lost me at “one of the more consistent better franchises coming out of the lockout”

    I find the Rangers depressingly below average. Sather deserves more blame than he does credit for his 11 years in NY. Bring on the next guy…

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – should be no long term problem for poon-tang as his brain is in his assen…. Now a shot to the butt tocks… That would be reason to worry.

  88. Olga – HUH? Depressingly below average compared to???? They’ve made the playoffs all but one year. Twice to the second round which is about the same for the Devils and Habs. The Leafs and Panthers have not made it once! The Isles are not even an NHL team anymore! The Canes have missed 4 of 5 times since their miracle CUP year.

    You have to be a little fair with the organization. They need to get better in the playoffs and should’ve done better in that Sabre series especially but you could be in a lot worse situations than the Rangers have been in coming out of the Lockout.

  89. Olga Folkyerself on

    I didn’t like to see Pitt win, but they sure shut up the Montreal Ole Ole crowd. And for that I thank them.

  90. bull dog

    Not outrageous to say that Avery usually picks his opponents carefully, but why should he have to “back up” anything to do with the pre-season incident?

    Pretty obvious what Simmonds said, whatever the NHL ruled, so it was hardly a baseless accusation. Whatever the rights snd wrongs of going public with it, I think Avery’s complaint was less about it being aimed at him than the general message, so why would he have to defend himself over it?

  91. Barry – Newsday is their only traveling beat writer. Daily News, Times and Post do not travel guys unless it’s a drive to the game. They pick up the AP story. There is no Daily News Islander blog or Post Islander blog. In comparison, the Rangers have Brooks, Gross, Carp, Zipay, Leonard and Jeff Klein or Botta (times).

  92. Olga Folkyerself on

    I am being fair by looking at Sather’s whole tenure in NY, not the selective part you are focusing on. You can’t just wipe out his four seasons in a row out of the playoffs and then evaluate his career in NY.

    Look at all the teams that stunk when Sather took over. How many went on to at least make the Stanley Cup Finals?

    Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Carolina, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Flyers and Canucks. I would consider it a success if the Rangers even made it to the final four once.

    Sather has had the team end up out of the playoffs as often as they have been in them and has never won two rounds in any post season he’s been in.

    That is depressingly below average in my book.

  93. did not call it a baseless accusation. but if you go public with that kind of stuff you need to stand up for yourself. as a Ranger fan I was very disappointed in Avery’s lack of action. win or lose the fight he needed to go with Simmonds. Prust realized that Simmonds had to answer so he challenged him. Simmonds was a man about it and answered.

  94. Comparing pre and post lockout is apples and oranges because it’s the best thing that ever happened to the Rangers. It actually forced the Rangers to stop taking everyone else’s bad contracts all season long and actually develop a plan which they have and it is actually working. There’s no question they were a joke of a franchise pre lockout top to bottom and I won’t get into why cause this whole board will hate me (let’s just say it’s hard to win road games as a team when certain elite members of the team are allowed to not travel on the team bus and pull up to road games in separate limos). This team is building and doing it the right way for the last 4 years and Sather along with oh god I’m saying it – Torts do deserve that credit. The have allowed Del Zotto to fall down and get back up. They are allowing Dubi, to some of this board’s dismay, to do same this year. They’ve developed a 21 year old stud in Stepan who is only beginning to show his brillance. Hagelin looks like a player. It’s very unfair to only point out the negative. Has Sather been perfect? Of course not. But, it’s not as exaggerated bad as people make it out to be. We could be the Isles of Leafs.

  95. Bull dog – We are in total agreement on this one. Avery is as usual all talk and no action which is why the League (meaning front office), opposing coaches, opposing players, media, refs, opposing fans and about 10% of his own fan base don’t respect him.

  96. HWirth,
    the Rangers are set up to be a real good team for a lot of years. young players on the roster, good prospects in junior and college. Sather and his staff deserve credit for that.

  97. Bull dog – Wow! Agreeing twice in the same thread. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not saying Let’s raise a banner for the guy, but fair is fair. The over the top hatred I think comes from his own stupidity of ignoring the media and therefore the most rabid fan base in NYC, which is a big no-no.

  98. This was by far the best Saturday in a while. Awesome game to attend. Some of you never cease to amaze me though. Thanksgiving weekend afternoon home game against one of their biggest rivals they shut them out and win the game 9-2 in their last 11 games and ya’ll still find something to piss and moan about. SMH -_-

  99. Olga Folkyerself on

    Look at it this way. It takes four series wins in one year to win the Cup. For all of Sather’s years in NY put together, (or even just post-lockout) he has only won two playoff series. If you put all his seasons into one year, they still wouldn’t have made the semi-finals once.

    Just because they are not the Leafs or Isles doesn’t make Sather’s Rangers good.

  100. Olga – Other than the obvious in Pittsburgh and Probably Boston (although that changes in abt. 2 years when Chara and Thomas are probably too old or gone) what Eastern Conference! franchise would you rather have right now than ours? I say none.

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – I bet you have never fought anyone in your life aside from your sister…. I like how some if you are such tough guys sitting in your sofas… And spare me the “I have been on both sides of the glass BS” you tend to spew…

  102. Eddie,
    I would never call any player scared, or to chicken to fight. I have a lot of respect for the guys that drop the gloves. that includes Avery. but in this situation Avery came up small. he needed to go with Simmonds, its that simple. I would have been off the couch rooting for him if he had. any Ranger that drops the gloves I am rooting hard for.

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on


    Olga – don’t bother…. Sather is a moron and we both know it….he wasn’t able to field a good team even though he had daddy warbucks open the safe for him …

  104. Eddie3: Here we go with the personal nonsense (I don’t have a sister for one) and two Why would I fight someone if it didn’t involve hockey? In real life, that’s a crime.

    Eddie – What’s your last name? I want to look up your long lasted NHL career on HockeyDB cause last I check you are just as much the fan as I am and yes I can at least say I’ve spent multiple seasons in an NHL locker room daily. So yes, the stuff I “spew” I can at least say was taught to me by guys with Stanley Cups and Gold Medals around their hands and necks.

    Avery is a coward whether blinded by their love for him Rangers fans (the 90% that love him) like it or not because the rest of the League hates him and that’s just a fact. Notice on the 24/7 preview Hartnell made a nasty comment abt Dubi and Avery yet not Prust. Players respect those that stand up and answer the bell. That’s fact and I really don’t care if you want to hear it or not.

  105. Eddie – Oh yeah That Hall of Famer in Sather knows nothing about hockey! WOW! Real hockey knowledge there.

  106. Olga Folkyerself on

    Better you should ask is which GM I would rather have- as it is not the franchise, but the leadership that I am opposed to.

    Burke, Regier, Tallon, McPhee, Niewendyk, Lamorello, Bowman, Yzerman Shero…

  107. in some ways it was like Gausted and Lucic. Gausted did not like the way he reacted after Lucic ran over Miller. next time they faced them he challenged Lucic. Lucic is no slouch, but Gausted did what he had to do.

  108. Olga- That doesn’t even make sense? You are not opposed to the franchise only the GM? Did some fairy come in and draft the talent on this team? The black and white nature of this board amazes me. You either hate the guy or he’s beloved. No honest perspective. It’s either trade him/fire him or he’s the greatest player in the World.

  109. Bull dog – Dead on again. The Sabres were laughed at after that game by the Bruins and others around the League. Players from other teams were saying “We’d never let that happen to our goalie.” Hockey is a respect sport and sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  110. It is ok to not like a particular player and say something good about the guy or vice versa. I’m tired of Avery’s act but clearly he is a positive influence on this team and when he plays smart and uses his good skating skills he’s a good player to have around. Dubi is clearly overpaid at 4.2 mil and hasn’t scored but he made a great hustle play on the pk diving full length to chip the puck out that allowed for a much needed change. See how this works. It’s not always all or nothing.

  111. Orr – That’s actually the best defense I’ve heard for Avery not fighting. I’m serious. Simmonds laying out Avery might’ve sparked where had Prust lost the fight, it’s just another hockey fight by a guy that stands up when called.

  112. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t want to change franchises I root for, I want to replace the GM that has not produced in 11 years in NY. And that doesn’t make sense to you?

    You are defending Sather’s drafting too? I thought you just said that Sather doesn’t really make the decisions anymore? I’m not black and white concerning Sather. I want him gone. Then the Rangers will improve.

  113. Avery is to smart for him to get laid out. throw a few punches, fall to the ground. point made.

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – dubi kicked the carcillo out if Richards at least 3 times when he was a flyer. Aside from that, I don’t give a rat’s assen what carcillo has to say. You stand on your soapbox and preach and I find it annoying. Given the feeling is mutual….its all good… But I find you to be patronizing and condescending and truth be told, I am not alone when I say that…your serve…

  115. I don’t think Slats is behind the drafting, to be honest. An old grouch like him is probably Duck hunting while his scouts are taking care of business. All Slats does is give them the “okay” to announce who they want.

    Like Hugh Jessiman, everyone wants to kill Sather for drafting him, but it’s a fact that Tom Renney was the man behind the pick.

  116. You are not understanding my question? I’m not asking YOU to change franchises. I’m saying what other Eastern Conf. team right now has a better group of talent in their system (pitt and boston not included) than us? Meaning would you take Isles entire (draft picks and all) organization or ours? You can not tell me there is an Eastern Conference better set up than the NYR other than those 2 I mentioned. 3rd is not bad considering Boston has an old goalie and Chara is no youngster. Sather and his staff, they all get credit, Torts included as well, have set this team up to win. Now it’s up to the guys on the ice (especially the goalie) to take the next step in the playoffs. Because if you really want to be honest, the King hasn’t held the throne too well in the playoffs. That’s the scouting report on him around the League. He doesn’t get it done when it counts.

  117. HWirth,
    maybe Washington. but they are getting close to having to try something different. if they don’t win the cup in the next year or so, they may have to blow it up.

  118. Olga Folkyerself on

    You are not understanding what I’M saying. The GM is responsible for the success of the franchise. Sather has not had any success in NY at all. If (IF) Sather stays in NY, I will tell you 3 other teams that will win a Cup before NY. (Not even counting Boston and Pittsburgh)


    and I would ALMOST include the Maple Leafs…

  119. I want to add my 2 cents to the Sather discussion.

    1. When was the last time they drafted a offensive minded forward that is in the top 20 in points, assists or goals every season?

    2. Every time it seems as if the Rangers are going in the right direction as an organization, Sather always finds a way to stall the progress with a stupid signing or trade.

    3. Sather and the organization over-hype almost all of their draft picks and young players they acquire in trades.

    How is Ales Pisa doing these days?

  120. Eddie3 – You can find me however you want, I really don’t care. If you are accusing me of having an opinion on the sport I’ve been apart for a long time, you are right. You can call it preaching, I call it having an educated opinion.

    As for this patronizing thing. There are times I agree with people and there are time I’ve disagreed with that same person and you know what. That’s why it’s sports. Because it’s fun to have opinions about and they don’t really mean anything cause it’s just a game. You can call it patronizing – I think I’m trying to create debate and conversation where it is not all black and white.

    Cause according to this board, I don’t know what to do. I don’t hate Avery but he’s not favorite. Does that mean I can only post positive things and ignore the other. Or do I only post the negative and ignore the positive. Or maybe I look at fairly and not going over the top either way.

    Oh and by the way this condescending know it all is still waiting for that Blunden suspension but I know it’s a Rangers board so I have to either be a rose colored all the time Ranger fan or I hate everything abt the team even when winning fan. How about it’s a little of both with some fact to support it.

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – what exactly has sather done in his career except tell TGO, messier, kurri, Lowe, macT, et al “your turn” even you could have coached that team and won cups….sather hasn’t done squat as a ranger GM

  122. That’s a great serve, Eddie….Lefty kicker out wide on odd court.

    HWirth- saying “Dubi is clearly overpaid at 4.2 mil” qualifies for black and white, now, doesn’t it. And being in the locker room more then any of us doesn’t mean your hockey knowledge, and the knowledge of what is going on in the league sufficient to make everyone’s feel inferior to yours. You make very good hockey points more often than not, but I’d have to agree with eddie3- “condescending” does cross my mind oftentimes too. And about your knowledge in terms of what the scouting report on Hank around the league is- he won the Olympic gold. For a lot of players, it counts as much as anything.

  123. Wow – Sather has had no success? Playoffs all but one year out of the lockout. Wow. Lou in NJ? Fire him! Rutherford still in Carolina? Fire Him? I’ll use an Eddie line. It’s really easy to want to fire every GM and coach from your couch.

  124. ilb,
    in Europe maybe the gold medal means as much as the cup, but in North America, its the cup.

  125. On Sather- my opinion is simple. He’s been here too long and hasn’t done nearly enough. But at the moment, whether it’s to his credit or other people’s, the last thing I’d want is changes. This team is finally going in the direction we all wanted to, and they need stability, as opposed to someone new coming in and showing everybody that things should be done differently. Besides, who are you replacing him with? Be careful what you ask for.

  126. Olga Folkyerself on

    Barry! Nice post!

    1) Sather is never “bad” enough to draft any sure-fire talent. Rangers are always a perennial 7,8,9,10 placed team.

    2) Sather makes two stupid acquisitions for every good move he’s made

    3) That list is a hundred players long…

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw – it is your tone more than anything. I understand people have opinions but your posts are written as if, to me at least, as though you think it’s gospel. If you support your rants with facts then fine… But when you state things that are subjective in nature, then that high horse you are riding needs to slow down….

  128. Olga Folkyerself on

    HWirth. Yes! Sather has had no success in NY. If you consider playoffs “success” then that explains everything. I want a Cup. Sometime.

    Lou- 3 Cups = success
    Rutherford? Who mentioned him? 1 Cup = success (1 more than Sather, anyway)

  129. Ilb – If I am coming across that way, it’s certainly not my attention. I have a strong opinion and honestly would never belittle another hockey fan. I love talking this sport and I know I’m not always right. Heck, I said on this board that MDZ would be an insult to AHL defensemen and belongs in the ECHL and he’s had a very good bounce back season.

    As for the Hank thing, besides the personal connection I have to a local NHL scout (my brother in law) and I’m not saying anything else because he’d be mad I said that much on a message board. Torts brought it up himself on the recent Behind the Bench show.

    Just go look at his playoff stats. 35g 15-2 93GA 2.60 GAA .909 Sv% 3 SO

    Regular season Career GAA 2.31 .919 Sv %

    His numbers go way down in the postseason.

  130. Folks, dont forget, Sather also has a 33-39-11 record as a Rangers head coach as well.

    His teams included, Messier, Leetch, Lindros, Bure, Holik, Kovalev and Rem Murray.

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – I had a great kicker in the add court as a righty in my heyday …- all that twisting explains my back issues..

  132. ILB – Thank you. That’s the point I am trying to make. Fire Sather! Fire Torts! Let’s bring back Smith, he won a CUP here! He also made some of the worst FA’s signing (he’s admitted to that on record OK Not my opinion) in 1997.

  133. And doing a little research, the most points scored by a player drafted by Sather as Rangers GM is from Marek Zidlicky with 290 pts in 525 games played. Of course not one of them points came with while wearing a Rangers sweater.

    And that list includes your golden boy stud, Brandon Dubinsky.

  134. I never said anything about a FA goalie signing. Ever.

    You guys just inventing stuff now?

    and don’t faint Olga, but you’re dead right.

    Glen Sather set the franchise record for playoff futilty for Christ’s sake.

    What was it, 8 years of hockey hell? (and he did it largely before there was a salary cap, with Cablevision’s unlimited budget at his disposal.)

    You guys must have some good dope.

    Where you have to give Sather credit is, as I was told again today, that the GM no longer yearns to be a lion (haha, that line still makes me laugh), but instead is happy listening to his staff and making stealth-like deals.

    And you have to give him some credit because once he did get prospects he’s liked, he has stood firm and not given them up when it would have been easy to do so, and those prospects largely make up the team today, and on balance, they’re pretty damn good.

    But he’s got work to do.

  135. Olga Folkyerself on

    ilb- I remember going to see the Binghamton Rangers when LaForest was there. He never got to NY though, as far as I know.

  136. Barry Beck – If you are referring to me with that Dubinsky comment. I’ve said about 100 times on this board he might be the most overpaid player in the NHL at 4.2 mil. So he ain’t my golden boy. Again, it’s the black and white thing. He’s my golden boy stud because I said he made a nice hustle play on the PK. You are right. He sucks! He should’ve slid and not only cleared the puck but score with it at the same time. Heck I got shot down because I said they should try to package him in a deal to get a PP QB.

  137. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rod- you really didn’t get the Full Can Thanksgiving joke?

    I was wishing everyone a Happy Mother Full Can Thanksgiving.

    (Try saying it real fast)

  138. Olga- So now you’re judging Sather based on other teams that _you predict_ will win a Cup before the Rangers. You need to make like your Thanksgiving dinner and can it.

  139. “Now that Rod agrees with me, I have to rethink my position…”

    Olga, thats like me looking for an excuse to rip Dubinsky after he scores a goal.

    Oh wait, thats only happened once this season.

  140. If you want to blame someone on the 8 years, blame Neil Smith too considering he made some horrific signings, trades, and drafts.

    As for the point total thing for his picks, can we let Stepan, AA, Dubi, Cally, Giardi (does he get credit for finding him?), Staal, Hagelin, Del Zotto etc. play a little before we throw that one out. Again, I’m not saying let’s put a banner in the “transformed” MSG for him but the exaggerated hatred towards him is a little unfair. Do I think he’s done a great job? Of course not! Do I chant Fire Sather on opening night because of 1 stinken loss (the only home loss of the year in reg.)? Of course not as well!

  141. Olga Folkyerself on

    No, I was trying to respond to HWirths question about which franchises I would take ahead of the Rangers.

    I didn’t really want to answer so I tried to side step it.

  142. In that case Shoot the Puck Barry Beck (one of my favorite MSG screams) – In that case my apologies.

  143. HWirth, again with the exception of Staal, all those guys you mentioned were/are over hyped.

    And Girardi doesn’t count because he was a FA signing.

  144. that’s pretty good Olga. Yeah, missed it entirely.

    Ill try and bottom line it, as I see it at least.

    It should have NEVER taken Sather so long – and $O much – to reshape this franchise.

    He has to win a cup, or at a minimum THIS group has to become perennial contenders for it to have been worth it.

    It’s Year 11, for those keeping score at home – and we still have a few major holes.

  145. Olga Folkyerself on

    Didn’t Niel Smith win a Cup in NY? I remember that name from somewhere… The only thing he has in common with Sather is that he made some bad trades too.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers would have won 2 or 3 cups when slats was a ranger player had he been given more minutes. Why do you think wade redden wanted #6,,,,he was paying tribute to the single greatest ranger ever to wear the sweater…slats sather…

  147. I got an interesting question for you guys that someone asked me at the game. I’ll think you guys will like it.

    I clarify this with you have be too young to remember 1974-75 because it will change ur opinion.

    But would rather be a Ranger fan with 1 cup in your lifetime in 94 but not much else since or a Flyers with no Cups but playoffs almost every year with a couple of finals appearances but no CUP?

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    hw – any ranger fan that remembers the 7 game semis in 73-74 season will tell you that THAT franchise is the most vile, disgusting, and hated team in all of sports…as a G man fan…my collective hatred of the cowboys, eagles, and foreskins can only compare…..but the fliers are a bunch of tools,,,,

  149. Before I forget, want to throw in a plug for a guy I’m not crazy about, MDZ.

    He’s doing what he has to do, not be a defensive liablity.
    He’s working hard, he’s been physical, he’s played it safe and mostly smart.

    Too bad he’s had to sacrifice some offense to do it, but he’d have been banished if he started being a minus night after night.

    Hopefully his offense will start to ramp up a bit.

    Good job though. With Staal out Del Zotto was someone they couldn’t have afforded to carry back there.

  150. Eddie – I totally agree with that angle. Let’s throw that part out of it for this.. Just keep it strictly to team success.

    Would you rather have the 1 CUP and not much else? Or consistent success and contending but never get to the promise land?

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    as a younger eddie eddie eddie, i felt bad cheering after barry ashbee nearly lost his eye in game 6 from a shot at the point…..but that lasted but for a minute…

  152. eddie eddie eddie on

    hw – i am happy, albeit miserable at times, being a ranger fan,,,but i know no other way…i live out west now and my wife chides me for not being a sharks fan….but i couldnt root for any other team… grandfather watched them win the cup in 1940… roots run deep…

  153. Olga Folkyerself on

    I do not want the flyers to win anything. But Let me ask this: Would you rather watch Sather’s Rangers since the blackout or the Chicago Black Hawks? Especially after April every year.

    Once old man Wirtz died, they have done alright.

  154. HW, I’d much rather be a NYR fan in that span. I am quite happy with the direction of the team. They are entertaining and homegrowing at the same time…and I liked the Gabby signings and Richards signings. They are really building something special me thinks. Dealing with the loss of Staal has allowed MDZ to get back in there (i admittedly had given up on him) and also made McD shine. We get Staal back and the D is super solid…altho, PP QB not solved.

  155. Obviously, the Blackhawks. They have a great core including two of my favorite defensemen in Keith and Seabrook but that doesn’t mean to go fire Sather. And yes, Mr. Wirtz death, as awful as it is to say, helped that team.

  156. “he might be the most overpaid player in the NHL at 4.2 mil.”

    Dubi’s got 308 games left on his contract, I think 20 games in is a little early to say something like that, but maybe we should have a game to game barometer reading anyway.

  157. Eddie3 – I agree with you on that. Don’t switch. It’s like these people I know that moved to the DC area for business in the late 90’s when a lot of tech companies moved there and are now Caps fans. Doesn’t compute for me. Although, at least SJ of the new post-TGO era teams has probably the best Arena. It’s usually loud. The upper deck isn’t mile away like most of the Arena. So you should go and enjoy w/o rooting for one of the great chokers in Thornton.

  158. By the way, great Prust quote on postgame show. “I felt it was a great way to start the season series”

  159. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wirtz ruined a good original six franchise. They booed him in Chicago during the moment of silence after his death. it’s a good example of how a team under a terrible management can turn around once the leadership changes for the better. Dolan is a non-factor in the Rangers operations. Sather is the HMFIC. I’m not saying Sather has to die, but he needs to go.

  160. Olga Folkyerself on

    Eddie, why not root for Chicago as your western team? There is no conflict unless the Rangers meet Chicago in the Finals.

  161. Olga – My bigger issue with Sather that every fan has every right to hate Sather for is he has completely disrespected us, the fans. His refusal to talk to the NY press, including his own broadcasting network in MSG is a slap in the face to fans, myself included who pay thousands of dollars a yr to support that team. That’s one thing I promise I will NEVER defend him for. While we agree to disagree abt. personnel stuff, if you were to tell me thats one of the reasons for your dislike of him. I got no issues with that.

  162. Considering Ray Shero did a HNIC intermission interview during a game his team did not participate in and our GM hasn’t talked to the fans ONCE this year about his reasoning for moves, his feelings on the prospects, his thoughts on certain picks etc.

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – those black bruthas from chitown are my favorite western team…. We have much in common it seems…

    Hire sather!!!!!!!

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hw -,we get up to the tank on occasion…. I usually go to games that I have no choice but to root for the sharks given their opponent ie fliers,pens, Habs, nj etc etc

  165. HWirth,

    You’re dead-on too. I could tell you exactly when that kind of cemented itself.

    It was on, of all places, the Mike & MadDog show one day.

    Those two clowns never lifted a finger to cover hockey, God knows, but they know a failing franchise when they see one. And they used to get Sather for semi-regular spots.
    Previously, they had Neil Smith all the time.

    But one day, when things were just in a shambles, they put it to Sather for an explanation, and I’ll never forget hearing him squealing, “This is an interrogation.”
    And he never went back, or went to outside media after that.
    It also dovetails with what Cablevision wants, which is to completely control the coverage.

    Truth is, Sather had no respect for M&M or many of the beat writers, some of whom were converts from covering other sports.

    And he couldn’t afford the exposure anymore. Things were such a mess, he just went underground and has stayed there.

    And I’d agree, especially the season ticket holders, they pay big bucks and have a right to know from the top where the team is headed.

  166. Olga Folkyerself on

    HWirth- It’s been a nice debate with you. Yes, Sather does not make himself available for comments or questions. That is part of it. But all I see is that he has not produced for NY to my satisfaction. I don’t see this year as enough improvement (SO FAR). Eleven years is a long time to run a NHL franchise with no appreciable results, especially in New York. He’s had his chances and has come up wanting. I grew tired of him 3 years ago, and nothing has really changed for me. I like the franchise and have since 1973-74 season. But I’ve seen enough. For a number of reasons, and the future of the Rangers Sather has got to go.

  167. Eddie3 This is going to sound really bad and probably have everyone say know-it-all but I’ve never sat in the actual seats in that arena only the press box the 4-5 times i’ve been there. I know the fans are into the games but are they a knowledgable crowd to be around or have no clue what’s going on?

  168. Olga Folkyerself on

    Eddie- Hawks are ahead of LA 2-1 with 3:30 left in the third.

    Hire Sather? You scare me sometimes…

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